i know i'm a dumbass

any1 else with adhd feel dumb all the time? like ur brain is full of cotton? like ur not that smart, ur just a really good bullshitter?

Say cheese~! ✌

Legends say that if Gray Fullbuster says the word iced, shell, or death in the same sentence Natsu Dragneel will appear and proceed to beat him up

scorbus or drastoria for @flurishandblotts

“A lifetime of troubles, but how could I not love you?”

The Mad King: *burns alive rickard stark and strangles brandon stark*

Daenerys Targaryen: I’m not my father

Daenerys Targaryen:

  • Portugal: *only smug around his little bro* how does it feel to be in…last place?
  • Spain:
  • Spain:
  • Spain: Fan-fucking-tastic!! Yes!!! I just wish I didn't get those five points! Holy shit yeah!! I lost!! Suck it!!!
  • Spain: *happy dance*
  • Portugal: ……
  • Spain: and uh yeah congratulations…
  • Spain: *more dancing*

If you’re playing Bard, you’re expected to play Mage’s Ballad when the healers have no MP, PERIOD.
No, you’re not allowed to tell them that they are lame and don’t know how to play their class when they just raised all the DPS of the party. You included. Twice. In less than 2mn. Because none cares to avoid any AOE or do any mechanic of the fight.

I got a bag of organic potato chips from Whole Foods today to see if I’d react to them the way I do other potato chips, and I fully only intended to eat a handful and monitor for a sulfite reaction but somewhere along the line my brain translated that as “keep eating them” and the whole bag is gone.

Welp. At least if I get sick tonight/tomorrow I’ll know exactly why.

722. Harry and Ginny only named their children after loved ones who passed away. When they had Lily Luna, they adopted a feminine form of Moony, Remus’ Marauder nickname, for her middle name.

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starving decreases serotonin levels which can be temp cure for anxiety until levels return to normal and then you have to eat less to get th same effect so no it’s not just a mental thing that happens because you’re Sad

also 10 yrs of therapy and multiple medications haven’t helped except for the ones that completely numb my brain so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯