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التمثيل كان رد على سؤال ايه معنى الحياة؟ ايه دورنا فيها؟ الرد كان…قيمتها في الفن

PDP Introductions: Kasumi Nakasu [EN Translation]

Here’s my attempt at translating Kasumi’s introduction in Dengeki Online! As always, please let me know if you find errors.

This is mainly an SIF-style dialogue. Kasumi says everything in the dialogue, addressing the reader, an older student at the school. The rest of the article is her introduction from the PDP website (see here for my translation of that).

(…if the images are weirdly sized, blame tumblr.)

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What are you? Coward or killer?
           Coward. Any day.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if this isn't something this blog usually posts but I don't know where to turn and I really need help! I've been basically held prisoner by my family all my life and was forced into home school and then I had to drop out. Im not even allowed to leave my hose often. I'm now 20 years old and I'm trying to leave this abuse. I have a GED and no job experiance at all and I'm so scared I won't get hired. I REALLY need tips if anyone has any! Anything will help! Thanks!

I have a GED and that never affected my ability to find work. Your chances are better if you have open availability and seem to be flexible. You’re more likely to be considered over someone who can’t work time or that time. Submit an application everywhere that you can.

If anyone knows of a program that can help anon out of this situation please post in the notes or a reblog. There has to be something that can help them get a place to live and maybe help find a job. -Abby


I’ve been on a pencil sketching spree bc I realized I spend so much time doing digital art that I am losing my touch with traditional….
tho every sketch here was digitally altered LOL

in any case, I’m opening up requests for fandoms I’m invested in! (x)
drop me a note if you’re interested :>

Portuguese coloquial expressions!
  • Attention everyone who's learning Portuguese!!!
  • Today I'll talk about an expression that is widely used in Brazil (not sure about Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries, though), which is "sei lá".
  • What does it mean?: "Sei lá" means that you don't know something (or that you are too lazy to give a proper reply). An English equivalent to it would be "I dunno".
  • When is it used?: it's used when someone asks a question, that you don't know the answer to. It's often accompanied by a shrug.
  • Example->
  • A: Onde está o meu celular? *where is my cellphone?*
  • B: Sei lá. *I dunno*
  • When will I see this expression in everyday speech?: well, friend, you'll see it all the time! Basically every time you/another person in a coloquial situation doesn't know the answer for a question. And let's agree on something, it's much easier to say "sei lá" than "eu não sei".
  • Notes: be careful with your tone of voice while speaking! If you don't say it with your normal tone of voice, people might thing you don't care at all about what they're asking you.
  • Also, saying "sei lá" can get a bit addictive.
  • Any questions? (I promise I won't answer with "sei lá!)

include polyamory in your lgbtq+ posts you cowards

Mera pal pal ang ang bhar diya,
Tune jaan pe junoon sa kar diya,
Mera hai kya jo main haar doon,
Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon.