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A message to those who think running 5K is impossible.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the community talk about running a 5K like it’s some sort of impossible feat only the fittest of the fit can achieve and I want to talk about that for a moment.

Here’s what I have to say about it: If you can walk. You can do it.

I’m not saying you should, or that you’ll be able to do it right away or that it’s some sort of obligation. No. 

All I’m saying is, you can. 

There’s a phrase I love that goes “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and it can be applied to running your first 5K.

It might seem like an impossible feat right now. Something you can only dream of because “not everyone is cut out to be a runner” and you’re one of those people who would only run to save their own lives, right?

Well, let me tell you something… you’ve probably already walked 5 kilometers.

Are you a mall rat? You’d be surprised how much you can walk just by going from store to store. Download a step counter if you don’t believe me.

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Have you visited and explored a new city? Chances are you walked way more than 5 kilometers.

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Do you have a dog that enjoys long walks? Your pooch has probably made you walk 5K already.

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Do you play Pokémon GO? Guess what? You’ve definitely walked 5K because that’s what it takes to hatch a yellow egg. And maybe you’ve even walked 10K!

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Isn’t that amazing?

“It’s different” You say. “I as walking. I was taking my time”

Fair enough, let me ask you something…

What makes you think you can’t do that when running a 5K? 

I promise you this. Unless it’s an obstacle course or one of those zombie runs (which are fun as hell) no one is going to chase you. No one is going to hurry you and make you run faster than you want to run.

In fact, no one’s going to make you run. You can walk if you want.

You can stop, take a break, get up again and keep walking.

The goal for most people isn’t to get there before everyone else. The goal for most people is just to finish the race and, dammit, you can finish it.

I know it because you’ve already done it, and you can do it again.

So what’s so intimidating about running 5K again?

What’s so impossible about it?

Let me tell you about my first 5K.

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Lost and Found (Carl Grimes Imagine) Part 3

Summary: Y/N tries to adjust to a life in Alexandria, but she pisses off Rick in the process and reveals another secret to Carl.

Word Count: 1473

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“Dad, I-” Carl started, but Rick put up his had to silence him.
“No, I don’t want to hear any of your excuses. I know where you were. Daryl saw you two climb over the wall. I just want to know why? Why would you both put yourselves at unnecessary risk? Especially you Y/N. You just got here and you’re already trying to escape. If you want to leave so badly, I have no problem putting you back outside the gates.” He said sternly. I took in a sharp breath, scared that he was actually considering making me go back out there. Before I could defend myself, Carl cut in.
“No, dad. It was my idea. I wanted to take Y/N around the perimeter so she could get to know the terrain for when she starts going on runs. I thought we could handle anything we would face out there.” Carl finished and my mouth was agape. Why would he take the wrap for me? Did he not want me to get kicked out?
“I thought you were smarter than this Carl. You know you should never go outside the walls without one of us there for backup. You almost died a few months ago and I’ll be damned if I let you get hurt again. I don’t want you going anywhere near the gate or the walls anymore, do you understand?” Rick’s mouth was in a hard line as he exited the room with a cooing Judith in his arms. Carl sighed deeply and turned to me. He smiled slightly and I mouthed ‘why’? He put his finger up to his mouth in a shushing motion as he led me upstairs to his room. He led me in and I took as seat on the bed as he shut the door behind us.
“Why did you do that? It was all my idea and I put you in danger. You should be pissed at me.” I whispered loudly. He just stared at me blankly.
“I know that you have been through a lot and I didn’t think you should have to deal with my dad on top of all of it.” He half-smiled as he took a seat next to me.
“I really owe you Carl.” I sighed.
“We will call it even if you play video games with me. I don’t really have anyone to play with.” He picked up a controller and handed it to me. I reveled in the feeling of holding one in my hands again. I hadn’t seen anything like it in so long. Not even a working TV.
“You’re on Grimes.” I chuckled as we both took a seat on the floor in front of the TV.
The next day, I was officially given my job. I was to teach combat classes with Maggie and Glenn to the residents of Alexandria who didn’t have any experience with walkers. Carl had told Michonne of my knife skills he saw outside the walls and she assigned me the job, even though I didn’t think I was as good as Glenn or Maggie. As a few of the residents showed up in the courtyard for the class, I saw Carl take a seat to the side, no doubt to watch me.
“Welcome back guys,” Maggie started, “this is our newest teacher, Y/N. I know she is younger than a lot of you, but I am told she has some skills so you better watch out.” She chuckled as she assigned me two students while she and Glenn each took four.
“Hey guys.” I smiled trying to be polite and not show that I didn’t want to be here.
“The first thing I am going to teach you is how to block a walker. If one sneaks up on you, offensive combat won’t help you much.” I looked around trying to think of a way to demonstrate my move, then I saw Carl.
“Hey Carl, can you come over here?” I yelled across the yard to him. He nodded and walked over to us.
“Can you be my walker in this demonstration?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure. Where do you want me?” He lifted his arms slightly and I grabbed his waist and moved him so he was attacking me from the side.
I looked at him to signal I was ready and he walked towards me semi-slowly, lunging at me with his mouth. I put my arm at the base of his neck and grabbed his shoulder, flipping him over me and onto the ground. He looked surprised to say the least. My “students” clapped and giggled at Carl’s expense as I helped him up.
“You alright?” I smirked and he dusted off his backside sending me a playful ‘haha’. Carl stayed and watched until the class was over. As I picked up my water bottle, he approached me.
“I knew you could fight, but you’re like a damn black belt.” He chuckled lowly.
“Yeah, I guess I was a ninja in another life.” I threw my arms up and made a ‘hiya’ sound and he laughed as we began our walk back to our house. “So what is your job around here?” I asked, wondering why he had time to wait around for me after my class.
“I watch Judith mostly and I have guard duty in the tower every two days.” He pointed to the tower in the middle of the settlement. We arrived back at the house just in time for Michonne to tell us that dinner was ready. We ate up in Carl’s room and played more video games. I am starting to feel like a kid again, even though I am nearly twenty-one now. Maybe I am recapturing all of my teen years that I lost to the apocalypse. Rick and Michonne had both gone to sleep as it was now midnight. Carl and I still in a heated video game match that I was definitely winning. I was one goal away from winning the game when Judith started to cry. Carl got up without a word and went to retrieve her from her crib so Rick and Michonne wouldn’t wake up. He brought her back into his room with a bottle in hand. I watched him sit on the bed with her and softly speak to her and she drifted off to sleep again with the bottle in her mouth.
I hadn’t realized I was staring when we locked eyes and he smiled at me.
“What are you staring at?” He chuckled.
“Oh, me? Uh, nothing.” I panicked, trying to look anywhere, but at him.
“You want to hold her?” He whispered nodding to a sleeping Judith in his arms.
“I don’t want to wake her.” I whispered back. He shook his head as if to reassure me that I won’t. I stood up slowly and sat down on the bed next to him. He handed her to me, and sure enough her eyes opened slowly, looking up at me. My eyes widened and I looked at Carl for help. I had never really been around babies before so I had no clue what to do. When she started to whine, I panicked more.
“Relax.” Carl whispered in my ear as he moved closer to us. “She probably has gas, just lift her and put her over your shoulder.” He guided my hands softly showing me how. “Now pat her back lightly.” He smiled at me as he watched me warily do as he said.
“Carl, I have no idea what I am doing.” I whispered sharply as I continued to do as he said.
“Well from where I am sitting, you look like a pro. She has already calmed down.” He laughed softly. I listened closely and he was right, she wasn’t making any noise. I breathed a sigh of relief as I laid her back down in my arms. Within seconds she was asleep again.
“Want to know a secret?” I whispered softly to Carl. He nodded and offered me a smile. “I have always wanted to be a mom,” I said as I smiled down at the sleeping baby in my arms, “Pretty shocking considering I never even held a baby until tonight, huh?” I sighed.
“I think you’d be a great mom.” Carl’s arm brushed mine softly, causing me to look up at him.
“Thanks Carl,” I felt heat rising to my cheeks as our eyes met. Before I could say anything, Carl leaned in and kissed me. I had never kissed anyone before, but something took over me when our lips touched. When he finally pulled away, his forehead was resting on mine and he was looking down at his sister in my lap.
“Maybe we should put her back to bed?” He questioned in a low, rough tone. I nodded, not being able to speak.

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Money Makes the World Go Round || Jimin


Summary:  Jimin has always been out of your league. Meeting his intimidatingly rich parents didn’t help with your understanding of the fact you two were from completely different worlds. 

Word Count: 1,913 why are my Jimin scenarios always breaking 2k jfc bias wrecker calm down homie

A/N: Thank you very much for the scenario, Anon, I hope you enjoyed it! xx Requests are still open! I write for groups ALONGSIDE BTS too, my dears! 

You frowned, patting down your dress as you stared at yourself in the mirror. It was a feeble attempt at trying to erase the nonexistent creases in the slimming maroon coloured dress you had chosen for yourself. You leaned closer to the mirror and checked your makeup was as perfect as it could be.

“Jagiya, are you ready to go?” You heard from behind you, watching from the mirror as your boyfriend’s head appeared from behind your bedroom door. Your lips curved into a sheepish smile as you nodded in response, backing away from the dresser but never once breaking your gaze away from your reflection.

Jimin quirked his brow at your curious behaviour, swinging open the door as he watched you continued to walk backwards. He opened his arms and let you blindly walk into them, his hands draping themselves around your waist. You jumped at his presence being much closer than you anticipated, “Oh my - Jimin, Jesus…”

“Is everything okay? You went space cadet on me…” He mumbled, burying his lips into your hair as he spoke. You let out a shaky sigh and shook your head. “We can reschedule the dinner if you want? My parents won’t mind-”

“No!” You almost yelled, spinning around to face him with widened eyes and a flustered expression. “I- Then I’m already making a bad impression, I can’t have that…” You exhaled, running a hand through your [H/C] hair, making Jimin shake his head.

You had been secretly dating Jimin for 3 years, a slow and steady relationship to contrast against his demanding idol lifestyle. He was a celebrity, you were as normal as any girl could get - it was a cliché that was never meant to work but somehow did. You didn’t know how you had gotten someone like Jimin, but it happened, and you were forever thankful for that. You learnt that together you could take on almost any uphill battle together, that nothing could ever stop you from loving him. You parents had met him almost as soon as you started dating and had fallen in love with his charming self. You felt that nothing could go wrong in this relationship; things were settling nicely on Cloud 9 for once.

That was until the proposition of meeting his parents arose.

The Parks were a well off family - no, that was an understatement - The Parks were an incredibly wealthy family with a good quarter of the businesses in Seoul to their family name. Jimin always kept that part of his family background a secret to most people; he believed it was more his parent’s money, not his. You understood his reasoning, especially when your boyfriend was one who wanted to be loved and appreciated for who he was.

So when he told you his parents wanted to meet you a few months ago, you couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

You weren’t the most affluent person in the world, that was for sure. You worked throughout most of your High School days to help your parents pay for the bills and when you left for University you worked multiple jobs in order to pay for the debt your education would inevitably give you. You were an Average Joe, a middle class working girl who had somehow snagged the heart of a rich chaebol kid-turned-humble idol.

With knowing that, you couldn’t help but feel like his parents would gladly judge you wholeheartedly - regardless of what Jimin said to make try and improve your impression of them.

“[Y/N], you’ll be fine. I bet my parents will love you, and if they don’t, who the heck cares because I love you and that’s what should matter the most…” Jimin said as he broke your train of thought, cupping your chin lightly and making you look at him. You met his gaze and felt your nerves melt away - he had that incredible calming aura that had such an impact on you.

“I- yeah… Okay.” You nodded, a brief smile flashing across your features. Jimin grinned, quickly pressing a kiss to your lips.

“Good, then let’s go meet my parents.”

When you and Jimin pulled up into the very front of his family home, you couldn’t help but let your jaw drop and the sheer size of the house in front of you. The house - no, mansion - was a behemoth of a building, painted entirely white with a fountain in the front lawn. The whole perimeter was blocked off by a black iron fence and from where you sat in the circular driveway you could see several security cameras nestled in different corners. As the couple stepped out of the car, a man in a red vest quickly nabbed Jimin’s car keys and proceeded to go and park his car. You continued to gape at your boyfriend.

“Your house is so big that you have a valet?” You hiss at him in disbelief, an embarrassed blush creeping up his neck from underneath his button up shirt.

“My parents always liked having the finer things in life here in Seoul House…” He mumbled, walking up to meet you and clasping your hands together. You blinked.

“Did you just say ‘Seoul House’? Do you have more houses throughout the country?”

“I mean, there’s our place in Busan, that’s the one I actually grew up in… You’d like that one; it’s very quaint and cute like you…” He responded, bopping your nose before continuing with a sigh. “But yeah, they have their own investment properties in other cities… They’re properties, not mine.”

You gulped. Jimin entwined your fingers together, sending you a reassuring squeeze as he pressed another quick kiss to your cheek before he led you up to the entrance being held open by the doorman.

Everything in Jimin’s home could only be described as elegant and grandeur, with every surface and item sparkling in such an unnatural manner.

And that included his parents.

Mr and Mrs Park were, without a doubt, the type of rich tycoons who took no stick from anyone who was below them.

They had greeted their beloved son warmly, but low and behold when it came to your first introductions, they were anything but loving and warm. You had bowed a full 90 degrees, thanking them for letting you into their home in an attempt to be as charming as you could.

They were unfazed.

This didn’t help your growing nerves at all. But you took the ignorance and remained silent by Jimin, who would occasionally send you loving looks in an attempt to calm your nerves again.

By dinner, your first impression had gone from bad to worse thanks to the incessant tag team prying Jimin’s parents had decided to dish out, even with Jimin attempting to steer the situation away from your economic status.

“So [Y/N], where are you from?”
“Here in Seoul.”

“How many in your family?”

“Uh, my parents, myself and my younger siblings.”

“What do your parents do for a living?”

“Our family owns a restaurant in Myeongdong, but my mum works part time as a teacher.”

“The restaurant is really good Mum, we should go sometime-”

“What about university?”

“Yes, I attend Yonsei-”

“But not Seoul National?”

“I-No-but Yonsei-”

“Dad, Yonsei is just as good as-”

“What do you study?”

“I’m about to finish my BA in Language Studies, I’m planning to be a translator-”

“But you don’t study Business?”
“I, well, yes, because my strength is in languages and-”

“You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t study business, girl, don’t you know that?”

“Well Mr Park I-”

“Dad honestly-”

“Do you work?”

“Yes; I work part time at my parent’s restaurant and at a music store near campus-”

“They mustn’t pay very well. You should’ve opted to do Business, and then you could’ve worked in a well established TNC and earned much more money.”

“I-I mean, money-”

“Is everything, my dear, there is no doubt about that since-”

Then, as if her interrogation wasn’t enough, Jimin’s parents chanted in unison; “Money makes the world go round.”
And it was at that point you snapped. Just, snapped.

“I’m going to the ladies room, sorry.” You said over the top of the Park parent’s little chant, wiping your mouth with your napkin and quickly dashing out of the dining hall, leaving Jimin and his parents alone.

You found your way to the bathroom thanks to the help of one of the maids, locked the door and proceeded to try and calm your breathing and uncertainty.

They hated you, and it hurt that you couldn’t find it in yourself to find the good in them.

Jimin sighed, running a hand through his hair angrily which made his mum tut. “Jimin-ah, don’t do that to your nice hair.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll stop when you stop harassing my girlfriend.” He snapped back, catching both his parents off guard.

“Park Jimin, you don’t snap at your mother like that-”

“Oh, that’s real rich coming from the Interrogation Committee over there.” Jimin sassed through his now messed fringe of hair. “Mum, Dad, I have been dating [Y/N] for 3 years now-”

“When you could’ve been dating one of our associate’s daughters-”

“And I am madly in love with her! I don’t care that you don’t like her, or disapprove of the fact that she isn’t as wealthy or as well off as we are, but that doesn’t give you the right to make her feel so inferior. She has worked as twice as hard as the two of you combined to get where she is right now, and instead of acknowledging that you disregard her. I actually thought you’d at least appreciate her dedication to things, but I was wrong, wasn’t I?” He scoffed.

Jimin’s father took a sharp intake of breath. “Jimin-ah, we’re just looking out for you-”

“I don’t need to be looked out for. I’m a grown man, and I can make my own decisions and trust in the fact that [Y/N] loves me for me and nothing else. I’m not as insecure as you are; I know the person I date isn’t after me for money unlike you.” Jimin stated with a firm tone of finality in his voice. His father flinched, slightly regretting telling his son about the many gold digging girlfriends he had had before he met his now wife.

The room fell into silence and Jimin stood up from the table, food practically untouched. “[Y/N] and I are going, we hope you have a good evening, we won’t see you for Christmas.” He announced before bowing slightly and turning to find you.

You were midway down the stairs when Jimin had run up to, sweeping you into a long kiss - the type that made your lungs scream for air. When you pulled apart, you were met with his loving gaze, distracting you as he led you back out the front door towards his car.

“What about the dinner-?”

“My parents aren’t allowed to dine with someone as precious as you until they can appreciate you in all your divine glory, Jagiya…” He said, interlocking your fingers again. “And besides, that dress is too nice to waste in a dump like this. We’re going out for a real dinner.”


“You know it baby.”

“I love you, really.” You chirped, kissing his cheek as he guided you into the passenger seat. 

“I know you do, and I love you too.”

This is Fan Fic Writers Appreciation Day and so, I just wanted to make a small post about some of my favourite writers on here. Everyone who contributes anything to this fandom deserves so much praise for taking the time- and perhaps more importantly, having the courage- to share with us all the beautiful things they create. 

fuchswrites is a goddess. She has this natural, easy gift of comedy and whenever I see something new by her, I know I am going to light up like a Christmas tree. She honestly makes me feel like someone is giving me a puppy every time I read something by her. I will never not grin like a dork as I finish anything she writes. 

ask-ichigo-and-rukia doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of credit she deserves. She doesn’t post many fics, but her headcanons and AUs are beautiful. She spends so much time just leaving all these little mini fics in my inbox and they never fail to make my day. I will sometimes just sit on tumblr refrshing my inbox as she sends me stuff bit by bit. She can make me squeal and howl like a baby at the same time and she’s amazing.

shiftsideways makes me so happy. Clara, just, gah, it’s not even just her fics, IT’S HER FREAKING TAGS. She just builds these little mini scenarios out of everything and anything and it. Makes. My. Day. She is such a talented writer and is one of the writers in this fandom who I want to award the leather jacket of coolness to. (That’s a thing, right?)

halekingsourwolf creates works of beauty. I don’t know another writer in this fandom who can break me entirely and then somehow put me all back together again. Bless Rachel and her fierce loyalty to protecting all things Derek Hale. Everything she does is magic. 

deleted-scenes was one of the first writers in this fandom who I came across and went, “yes, this is why I am here.” In the beginning, I read a hell of a lot of canon fics. AUs were awesome and I adored them, but they weren’t quite real enough for me (yet), and then I came across Hot Nerd Alert and I was a goner. Her fics have a kind of earthly beauty to them that I can’t get enough of, and I am so happy she writes for this fandom. 

hoechlinslapsdylansbutt is someone I just adore. Her fics are always so sweet and cute, not to mention her love for bottom!Derek. I remember the first time I came across a fic of hers; it was a kid!fic headcanon about how Derek and Stiles met, and I just sat there after reading it, staring at the screen thinking, “this person has ruined me forever”. She’s beautiful and kind and I love her.

stilesbansheequeen is a wonderful writer and every fic I see of hers is a dream of some kind. Funny and original, I just love when I see something new from her. I’m always just amazed at how she can turn the smallest scene into something so glorious. Her fic I’m Too Hot (hot damn) will forever my favourite wedding fic, and it isn’t even Stiles and Derek’s own wedding- that’s skill. 

queerlyalex actually has the ability to make my lip wobble, or make weird, inhuman sounds. When I read something by Alex I am always in awe. They actually made me cry once. Ugly, ugly tears. I think I am still broken. *glares*

crossroadswrite is someone I found only recently, but they are GLORIOUS. I have never finished a fic by them that I haven’t gone, “WHAT BEAUTY IS THIS I HOLD IN MY HAND?!?!” straight after. They are so incredible and a gift to this fandom that I am so pleased keeps on giving. I’ve not read all of their stuff yet, but I could quite happily spend an entire day doing so. 

I follow so many awesome and beautiful writers on here and a03 (tons of who I have failed to mention because the list would take me days to make, but every reblog I have ever made on here, or every comment I have ever left on a03, is all because each and every one of you have never once failed to make my day better with something you have put out there. Even on my worst days, you have all made me smile.) 

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