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This is Fan Fic Writers Appreciation Day and so, I just wanted to make a small post about some of my favourite writers on here. Everyone who contributes anything to this fandom deserves so much praise for taking the time- and perhaps more importantly, having the courage- to share with us all the beautiful things they create. 

fuchswrites is a goddess. She has this natural, easy gift of comedy and whenever I see something new by her, I know I am going to light up like a Christmas tree. She honestly makes me feel like someone is giving me a puppy every time I read something by her. I will never not grin like a dork as I finish anything she writes. 

ask-ichigo-and-rukia doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of credit she deserves. She doesn’t post many fics, but her headcanons and AUs are beautiful. She spends so much time just leaving all these little mini fics in my inbox and they never fail to make my day. I will sometimes just sit on tumblr refrshing my inbox as she sends me stuff bit by bit. She can make me squeal and howl like a baby at the same time and she’s amazing.

shiftsideways makes me so happy. Clara, just, gah, it’s not even just her fics, IT’S HER FREAKING TAGS. She just builds these little mini scenarios out of everything and anything and it. Makes. My. Day. She is such a talented writer and is one of the writers in this fandom who I want to award the leather jacket of coolness to. (That’s a thing, right?)

halekingsourwolf creates works of beauty. I don’t know another writer in this fandom who can break me entirely and then somehow put me all back together again. Bless Rachel and her fierce loyalty to protecting all things Derek Hale. Everything she does is magic. 

deleted-scenes was one of the first writers in this fandom who I came across and went, “yes, this is why I am here.” In the beginning, I read a hell of a lot of canon fics. AUs were awesome and I adored them, but they weren’t quite real enough for me (yet), and then I came across Hot Nerd Alert and I was a goner. Her fics have a kind of earthly beauty to them that I can’t get enough of, and I am so happy she writes for this fandom. 

hoechlinslapsdylansbutt is someone I just adore. Her fics are always so sweet and cute, not to mention her love for bottom!Derek. I remember the first time I came across a fic of hers; it was a kid!fic headcanon about how Derek and Stiles met, and I just sat there after reading it, staring at the screen thinking, “this person has ruined me forever”. She’s beautiful and kind and I love her.

stilesbansheequeen is a wonderful writer and every fic I see of hers is a dream of some kind. Funny and original, I just love when I see something new from her. I’m always just amazed at how she can turn the smallest scene into something so glorious. Her fic I’m Too Hot (hot damn) will forever my favourite wedding fic, and it isn’t even Stiles and Derek’s own wedding- that’s skill. 

queerlyalex actually has the ability to make my lip wobble, or make weird, inhuman sounds. When I read something by Alex I am always in awe. They actually made me cry once. Ugly, ugly tears. I think I am still broken. *glares*

crossroadswrite is someone I found only recently, but they are GLORIOUS. I have never finished a fic by them that I haven’t gone, “WHAT BEAUTY IS THIS I HOLD IN MY HAND?!?!” straight after. They are so incredible and a gift to this fandom that I am so pleased keeps on giving. I’ve not read all of their stuff yet, but I could quite happily spend an entire day doing so. 

I follow so many awesome and beautiful writers on here and a03 (tons of who I have failed to mention because the list would take me days to make, but every reblog I have ever made on here, or every comment I have ever left on a03, is all because each and every one of you have never once failed to make my day better with something you have put out there. Even on my worst days, you have all made me smile.) 

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