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take this burden - part 22

Jian Yi and Zhengxi.

[ leave a trace - CHVRCHES ]


Jian Yi liked to think about their first time.

Zhengxi did too.

But they rarely talked about it.

Jian Yi had spent so many years desperately wanting his best friend.

Not just sexually, necessarily.

He just…wanted him.

After awhile, being friends wasn’t enough.

And, after a while, after being turned down so very many times- it was time to move on.

No one but Jian Yi knows the extent of the…troubles he had with his first boyfriend.

Not even Zhengxi.

But he knew enough to understand why Jian Yi was so immediately protective of Mo Guan Shan.

Zhengxi came to feel the same way almost immediately.

When Jian Yi was 17 years old he met a man that seemed to be pretty decent boyfriend material.

People like that often do.

He realized he was wrong quickly, swallowed his pride and told Zhengxi.

The next day he chose to bail his best friend out of jail and didn’t bother to visit the other man in the hospital.

Having had plenty of time alone with nothing to do but think, the first thing Zhengxi did when they stepped back into the sunshine was embrace Jian Yi.

The first thing he said was ‘I’m sorry.’

The second thing he did was hold Jian Yi’s face in his hands and kiss him until a police officer told them to clear out.

The second thing he said was ‘I love you.’

Things moved slowly between them.

Agonizingly slowly.

He Tian thought he was suffering on day four.
Oh, please.

It took the two of them a year.

It was an agreement they’d made.

Jian Yi was terrified that Zhengxi was doing this out of guilt, or just to make him happy.

Zhengxi couldn’t stand the thought of irrevocably destroying their friendship, or push him too far too fast.

It was all hand holding and relatively innocent kisses for the first little while.

That graduated to small displays of public affection and a bit more contact.

They’d both taken to masturbating before meeting up.

Four months passed at a snail’s pace.

They’d moved on to careful hand jobs.

Six months in they moved in together, staying in separate rooms.

Eight progressively painful months passed.

They got very, very, drunk and Jian Yi gave Zhengxi a sloppy blowjob.

Zhengxi lasted all of four seconds.

Ten months, Jian Yi convinced (begged) him to finger him.

By the time the slowest year the world had ever seen was over, they’d both reached a level of desperation akin to insanity.

12 months doesn’t sound too bad, right?

52 weeks?

365 days?

8,760 hours?

525,600 minutes?

31,536,000 seconds?!

It was torture.

They planned to make an evening if it.

Zhengxi had the day off work.

He made all of Jian Yi’s favorite foods, picked out some romantic music.

He’d even lit candles.

He made sure they had plenty of lube and condoms.

He even got everything together for a bubble bath after it was all over.

Jian Yi came home from work, kicked his boots off and closed himself in the bathroom.

Before Zhengxi could process this fully, Jian Yi was back, stark naked, drying his hair.

He dropped the towel and made a beeline for Zhengxi.

He grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the living room.

‘What are you-’

‘Take your clothes off.’ Jian Yi demanded.

Even when he tried to argue that the food would get cold he had already started undressing.

When he was done, Jian Yi shoved him onto the couch and straddled his lap and kissed him deeply.

Jian Yi kissed down his jaw, sucking gently at the side of his neck, gently running his tongue over the sharp collarbone.

‘Jian Yi, I…’ he gestured towards the rapidly cooling food on the table half heartedly.

‘I can see that. Thank you. But as of right now, I’ve waited years to feel you inside me and I refuse to wait a fucking second longer.

‘G-give me the lube, I’ll get you ready.’ Zhengxi whispered, holding his hand out for the small bottle in the other man’s hand.

Jian Yi shook his head.

‘Took care of it in the shower.’ He explained, popping the cap open to pour a liberal amount into his palm before reaching down and spreading it over Zhengxi’s, already painful, erection.

He wasted no time sitting up on his knees, lining them up, and sinking down on him one inch at a time.

The wet, hot, pressure that engulfed him was so overwhelming he thought he was going to black out.

He didn’t take his eyes off Jian Yi’s face for a second.

The pain he tried to hide was heartbreaking but he clearly had prepared himself.

Before Zhengxi could tell him to take it slow, he had taken it all in.

Zhengxi stroked his back as he took several deep breaths.

Very slowly, the muscles around him began to relax.

Jian Yi lifted himself up on shaking arms before sinking down again.

‘Jian Yi, oh my god.’ Zhengxi’s voice was rough and strained.

He did it three more times.

Zhengxi shook with the effort of not flipping them over and fucking him the way he imagined several times a day.

Stay still.

Let him get used to it.

‘Ok.’ Jian Yi whispered.

‘I’m ready.’

‘What…what should I do?’ Zhengxi asked lamely.

Thankfully, Jian Yi understood.

‘I want you on top.’

They carefully maneuvered themselves so Jian Yi was flat on his back, Zhengxi between his legs.

‘Are you ready?’

Jian Yi nodded, skin bright red from the roots of his hair to the head of his cock.

‘I’ve been waiting for a very, very, long time to say this.’ Jian Yi informed him quietly, pulling the other man down by the back of his neck.

‘Fuck me, Zhengxi.’

He did not need to be asked twice.
As gently as he could, he began to move
his hips.

Jian Yi wrapped a leg around his waist, tilting his hips up with a soft, contented, sigh.

After several whispered pleas, Jian Yi froze, catching his attention.

‘Zhengxi. Fuck. me. harder.’ He growled, sending shivers down Zhengxi’s spine.

When you think of someone, there’s always a few pictures that pop into your head.

Images of them burned into your memory.

Maybe they were laughing, or smiling, or doing something stupid.

There’s always a picture or two that stick.

Months before that memorable night, Zhengxi had been experimenting.

Using instructions from the internet, (where all the most reliable instructions come from) he’d found his prostate.

It had been an uncommonly difficult feat and he didn’t do it often because the angle killed his shoulder, but he when he did it was more than a noteworthy experience.

Trying to use his vague knowledge to find Jian Yi’s was awkward and likely confusing, but the look on Jian Yi’s face.

The utter shock as his back arched and fingernails dug into Zhengxi’s shoulders as he came…

That was rarely far from his mind.

Zhengxi didn’t last much longer.

They cleaned up.

The atmosphere in the room was different than it had ever been.

The tension had eased.

The elephant in the room had found someone new to frustrate.

They ate dinner, talked about their respective days, washed dishes together, and made their way back to the bedroom.

There was no uncertainty this time.

No doubts or fear that either one of them didn’t want it.

Zhengxi spoiled Jian Yi just as he’d always imagined.

He held him closely as he fingered him for god knows how long, teaching them both about Jian Yi and.

He swallowed his embarrassment, starting with tiny licks and kisses around that tight, twitching, ring of muscle, and ended with his Zhengxi fucking his boyfriend with his tongue until he begged for his cock.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms only when the sun began to rise, grateful they’d taken the next day off work.

A night to forget Part 1/5

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until somethign tears them apart.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

Living in New York was beyond stressful. It seemed like every other week there was an attack. And the last one? Aliens!? When people move here it is hard to adjust at first, even with earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, in the same city. As luck would have it one of them happened to be Y/N’s neighbor.  Captain America, was currently taking out his trash when she walked upstairs with her laundry basket under one arm, her keys in the other hand and a coffee cup clutched between her teeth threatening to spill all over her freshly laundered clothes.

“Well hello neighbor, need any help there?” He asked looking at her with slight smile on his face.

“Nph fanks, Imph fineph” She mumbled into her cup

He laughed and took the basket out of her hands. Y/N unlocked the door and placed her coffee and keys on the kitchen table. Steve handed her the laundry basket and she placed it on the counter. She turned around he was standing in the doorway and it was the first time she had stopped to look at him. His frame was so large that he almost took up the entire door way. He was extremely handsome and had an amazing smile.

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elusive, or the one where cas is a birder

The only time Dean can get outside of his head these days is when he’s running. Alone. Nothing but the sound of his own footsteps. He doesn’t want to drown out the endless noise of humanity – he has to escape it. He feels like a character in a Joshua Ferris novel. The only one Dean has actually read.

Dean has read all the books that have ever been written about walking or running or escaping.

Every day he drives for one hour and seven minutes, one way, to get something he can’t get in a city, quaint as this particular one may seem. The silence makes the air heavy but at the same time lifts weight from his shoulders so he can relax again.

Charlie says he’s crazy, because he runs and runs and runs and runs until he can’t anymore, until he hits his knees in the dirt – she will joke, later, about what he’s been doing to get his knees bruised like that (and sometimes scraped bloody or worse). He drags himself against a tree and eats an energy bar or something, rehydrates. And then he runs some more.

He’s been running since the day after the last time he wrote. He’s not sure how he knew the words were gone so soon after they left, but he knew, just like he knew he had to pay penance to get them back.

He puts his phone on silent so he doesn’t have to listen to it counting out the miles, but a marathon on blacktop would be a stroll in the park. His doctor keeps warning that he’s going to do irreparable damage to his left knee if he keeps it up. His body went from a little soft to pretty good for his age to best shape he’s ever been in to wired together with nothing but muscle over the last year.

But still, he runs.

Mile eight. He’s on a new trail, but can guess the distance pretty well from the way his body feels.

One foot in front of the other.

Over and over again.

It was maybe in a Scott Jurek book that he read, Not all pain is significant.

It’s so strange to see another person – here, in his place, among his juniper and oak, cacti and wildflowers – that he doesn’t even comprehend it at first.

An apparition, he thinks. Like an oasis in the desert. And fuck, a good-looking apparition at that. Dean congratulates his subconscious for having great taste. This thought seems like something he would’ve joked to himself about before, not now.

The lovely mirage raises his hand, just a little bit, a slow “stop.” As Dean slows, then stops all forward momentum all together, just trotting in place to keep the potassium from settling in his calves, he realizes that this guy in the middle of his little forest is standing here with his eyes closed.

“Are you… ok?” Dean asks.

“Keep your voice down.”

Dean feels like an idiot but stage whispers all the same, “What are you doing?”


“Your eyes are closed.”

“Stop moving your feet and listen.”

“It’s the middle of nowhere, dude. There’s nothing to hear.”

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Mile High Club

Prompt by @ilovethefoodlover

“Babe do you not want me to come?” Jai asked you over the phone.
“Of course I want you there Jai. I just wonder if there is a way to figure how to not have any paparazzi scoping out my high school graduation and harassing my classmates.” You sighed into the phone mentally exhausted. You knew dating Jai would come with some consequences especially with your eleven-year age gap but you had no idea it would be as bad as it has been. You were constantly harassed online so much so you had to set your personal Facebook and Instagram pages as private. You were tempted to take them down all together but your family and friends talked you out of it. They did not want the internet bullies to think that they have won.  
“Will you be ready for the getaway trip I have planned as part of your graduation gift?” Jai asked hoping to lift your spirits.
“Yes I am. You still didn’t tell me what to pack.”
“I told you to pack warm and think tropics. I definitely want to see you in a two-piece bikini.”
You smiled at the thought. You could not wait for whatever vacation Jai had in store for you both. Lord knows you both needed a getaway. You frowned as a Google alert popped up on your lap top. Your cousin had showed you how to have alerts whenever your name came up on the World Wide Web.
“Babe are you alright?”
You sighed into the phone as you read the latest headline on you and Jai’s relationship.
“My God they are comparing us to Tyga and Kylie Jenner.” You wanted to cry. You were not a minor when you met Jai. You had turned eighteen months before you laid eyes on him.
“Who is Tyga and Kylie?”
“They are not important.”
“Then why are you getting so worked up. You need to stop those Google alerts before they drive you insane.”
You sighed, shut your laptop and laid across your bed.
“Babe listen to me. It will be alright. Do not stress yourself. You are graduating and on your way to college. You have your whole life in front of you and you have me so don’t let outsiders ruin our relationship.”
Jai was right. He was always right. That was one of the many qualities you loved about him. He was protective of you and always took the time to make you feel better.
“I will be flying in Friday morning. Our flight leaves that evening. You sure your parents are ok with you going on vacation with me?”
“Yes Jai. I’m an adult and I will be out the house as soon as we get back from vacation.”
You heard a smile in Jai’s voice.
“So we will have our own space when I come to visit you instead of me sleeping in hotel rooms?”
You chuckled.
“Yes I will have my very own place.” Heat rose to your cheeks as you thought of the different ways you both were going to christen your new apartment.
“I got to go babe. I will see you Friday.”
You hated that he had to get off the phone as you enjoyed talking to him.
“See you Friday.”

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“Shit, shit, shit!” Dylan cursed to himself.

He deleted the tweet as fast as he could, but it was not fast enough. It’s never fast enough with the internet. Once it’s out there, it’s lost forever.

His mentions blew up instantly. And this time even the usual “fuck me daddy” were nowhere to be seen. But that was not the worst part.

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(It’s long for a drabble but I will call it that. I will start with the new chapters the soonest possible!)

“Hello everybody and welcome to yet another episode of ‘Cooking fast and fresh with West’!” Misha exclaimed with a big smile at the camera.

“I am Misha and this is West and today we are really happy to have two guests with us” he turned to look at you as you balanced Maison on your hip, the camera moved back so that you were obvious as well.

“You probably already know both. One is my absolutely adorable daughter, Maison. Say hi!” you took her hand and waved it at the camera. You both chuckled as she visibly frowned at the camera with a small pout.

“And the other is, might I say, the most beautiful woman in the world that I am lucky to call my best friend for years now” he threw a hand around your shoulders, a wide grin on his face “(Y/n)”

“Hey everyone!” you smiled, setting Maison on top of the counter and waving at the camera.

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Lucky Stars

Word Count: 3228

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Warnings: Super wrong astronomy. Probably won’t bother you unless you study astronomy.

Summary: Bucky takes an interest in an art project that you’ve been working on, and you’re more than happy to share it with him. 

Note: So my main fic that I’ve been working on has become really angsty and I still have some dark bits to get through. So when I got inspiration for this fluffy one shot, I went with it.

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biusagi-deactivated20140708  asked:

Like I have all the things Whedon did wrong with Steve and Thor my like I can't fully write it out, so can you like give some examples of Whedon's horrible choices with Thor and Steve and the avengers itself?

hmm hmmm well disclaimer it’s been almost a year since I’ve watched this film in its entirety while sober, I mean besides the 6 minutes I just watched in target, so my memory of it is a little warped. on the flip side of that I’ve seen this movie TOO MANY TIMES to be any type of objective about it??? so I avoid talking about the avengers in general since I have SO MANY OPINIONS.

so keep that in mind. and oh god this got long I don’t even know if I answered your question bUT HERE GOES

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Win a Date With Avatar Korra

Words:  2329

Pairings:  Makorra

Summary:  Bolin enters himself and Mako in a contest to win a date with Korra.  (un)Fortunately Mako wins.

A/N:  For be-the-peaf prompt “Legend”


“Come on bro you should sign up too!”  Bolin said as he typed away on his laptop.  


“I’m not going to sign up for a stupid contest to win a date with a reclusive girl.  For all you know she’s incredibly weird,” Mako said as he scrolled through news stories on his phone.  “Honestly Bo I can’t believe you even want to enter-”

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Piece Of Me: SlaveSnake’s Experience

Ok you guys, here is the super post of my Vegas experience, here you can find all the useful stuff I compiled in case that you’re going to Piece Of Me, or if you can’t make it you can know what is over there.

First of all I want to make clear that this will be a summary of all POM related I found in Vegas, all the pics and videos are mine (hence the quality) and you can use them as you please, if you use them tell me, I’ll love to see what you’ve done with them. Also, english is not my first language so don’t kill me if I wrote something the wrong way. I went to the show on the 19th of august.

Ok so I flew to Vegas with my boyfriend (we will call it SlaveTiger) after a trip I planned since last year. We bought our concert and plane tickets on march to travel on august and we bought tickets for the show of the 19th because that show was a tuesday and weekend tickets are more expensive. I’ll get into more details of the tickets and seats later on.

So, we flew to Vegas and the first thing I saw from the airplane window was a huge Piece Of Me billboard. It is right next to the entrance of the airport so you see it if you get in or out of it. Great location B-Team!

We stayed at the strip, at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. We chose to stay at Harrah’s because it’s cheaper than Planet Hollywood and its right in the middle of the strip, so we could walk one day half the strip and another day the other half. 

On our way to the hotel I kept telling SlaveTiger to take pictures of the road because Britney’s face is just everywhere. I saw it on several billboards, on top of taxicabs and even on a mobile billboard. I also saw people wearing the Work Bitch cap everywhere during the entire trip.

The first thing on our schedule was to visit Madame Tussaud’s Museum to take selfies with Britney (obviously my idea). We bought the tickets online like a month before the trip. If you buy them online they are cheaper, and there is an option to buy them on a nighttime schedule, which is even cheaper.

Ok, let me tell you about the wax figure. On the internet it looks kind of wacky, but in real person it looks just like her. Her hair and dress were on point, she looks really skinny and short. I’m taller than her, so we could date, you know, if she’s ok with that.

The figure has its own “spot” so Britney is not sharing pictures with any other celebrities, and she is standing on a small staircase. To take this picture I stood on the same stair as her. She’s in the first room with celebrities like JT, Will Smith, LiLo and Jlo. She’s not with Madge, Gaga, Riri or Bey, they are in a separate room. Fun fact: Jessica Simpson is at the gift shop, not inside the museum, which is kind of funny.

The next day we went to the casino on Planet Hollywood. On the façade of the building is a huge screen that says “Britney: Piece Of Me”, which most of you have probably seen, but what you haven’t seen is that next to it is a huge projection which features the shows inside of Planet Hollywood, so there are shots of Piece Of Me and of Britney’s videos playing all the time. There is also a huge picture of Britney on the other side that can be seen through the other part of the strip.

Inside of the casino there is also a huge Britney banner, and the elevators have different pictures of the POM photoshoot on them. There are a lot of screens inside of the casino and they play her songs and music videos all the time. That night they mostly played pop divas and catchy songs like Happy and Blurred Lines, but after every one or two songs there was a Britney song or a Britney remix, which was AMAZING. Planet Hollywood is really devoted to her.

That night we didn’t visit Britney’s theater; we only played in the casino. Since it was friday right before the concert so we saw a group of girls dressed as Britney’s iconic music videos which was really cool.

The next thing I wanted to do was visit Britney’s store. I highly recommend not buying her products the day of the concert. Things get crazy in there and you don’t want to carry your beloved booklet through the whole concert or the after party, it could be easily ruined. So the store and the theater are right in front of each other, between them is a bar called Halo, and if you got standing tickets to the concert you have to stay in line around the bar, I’ll show it to you later on.

The theater is always closed, unless there is a concert, in that case it opens 2 hours before the show and closes after it finishes. There is space for VIP check in and even when the theatre is closed you can see the inside of if through glass doors which display the name of celebrities who I guess have performed at Planet Hollywood. There is also a huge billboard with Brit on it on top of the doors.

Ok, Britney’s store. The day I went there were two guys in charge of the store. They only play Britney’s songs inside of the store (obviously) and there are a couple of screens that play her music videos. Both guys sang along to Britney’s songs, which is cool and didn’t make me feel like a creep for using my advanced lip-syncing abilities in public.

TBH all the products in there can be bought at store.britneyspears.com, which was kind of a bummer because I thought there were more things to buy, but it is fair, since not all of us can go all the way to Vegas to purchase her products. All of her main albums are there, but there are no singles or special editions, so if you are looking for Britney music this probably isn’t the right place. (I’m still looking for a place where I can buy The Singles Collection Boxset for a reasonable price).

The store is beautifully designed and everything is well displayed and well lit. That day I bought my Work Bitch cap and the Booklet, which is just BEAUTIFUL, I love it from cover to cover. The booklet is sturdier than I expected, it is printed in ultra high quality and the pages have glossy and matte textures. Oh and another thing, everything you buy comes in a black bag that says Britney on gold letters. I wish I didn’t had to carry mine around, because it’s definitely worth to keep it.

The next day I used my new cap all day long and people really seemed to like it. Strangers kept complimenting it. I got the one that is uncensored because I don’t need permission to make my own decisions.

And here comes the main event. The concert.

So we arrived 2,5 hours before the show because I wanted to see everything inside the waiting area of the theater, but you don’t have to do this if you have seats, you can get there right before the show starts. If you are in the Gold Circle Pit or in any other standing section you MUST be there early. Standing sections must stay in line before the show to guarantee that you’ll have a good spot in the pit. Like I told you before, there is a line that goes all the way around the Halo bar (the bar is basically a large circle counter), that is the standing sections line. Here’s the view from the Halo Bar:

Once the line has started to move they don’t stop to check you or your belongings at any time. You go quickly through a metal detector without taking anything from your pockets (and apparently it didn’t went off the whole time we were there) then they take a picture of you and your friends against the PH background in like 0.01 seconds (there is no time for more than 1 picture) and then you’re finally in the theater’s waiting area.

To me the waiting area looks a lot more like a bar than a theater, which is good since that’s the concept they were going for. Once you’re in the middle of this area you will find two gift shops behind you (one on each side) 5 Britney outfits around you, two large cocktail bars in front of you and the doors of the theater right next to the bars. Here is a panoramic view:

On this picture you can’t tell but the place gets very crowded.

The gift shops have everything you can find at Britney’s shop, so if you follow my advice you shouldn’t buy things there unless you can’t go to the store another day. It gets really crowded, and your stuff might get lost (or stolen) in the crowd or in the concert. Selfie in front of the store:

The 5 outfits are: Work Bitch’s silver bikini, Oops’ red catsuit, Toxic’s stewardess outfit, Circus’ ringleader jacket and the dress Britney wore on Star Search when she was a child.

On the cocktail bars you can buy lots of kinds of drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic. I highly recommend getting drunk buying a large drink because it comes with a POM glass. Its costs $24 if you get it with alcohol (shame on me) and it helps you to loosen up before the concert. There are also tv screens on this area, and you can see what is happening inside the theater incase you have to get out to go to the restroom or something (don’t get out once the show has started).


A HUGE error I found here is that they don’t play Britney’s music, so you don’t get hyped up before the concert. I bet you that if they played it in the waiting area people will be chanting Brit’s name even before she gets in there. Instead the play regular pop music, the one you can hear at a club.

When it is time you get in line to get to your seats. Like I told you before, we bought our concert tickets on march, so we got great seats. We bought the tickets at the row 103, section B, seats 13 and 14, which in my opinion is the best you can get without paying VIP or Meet and Greet and without standing up in the Gold Circle Pit. These seats are right behind the people from the Meet and Greet and right in front of the stage, so if you can get these ones, DO IT. Pic for reference:

I recorded this tiny video so you guy can see that from anyplace of the theater you can see her up close. (Keep in mind that this was recorded with a gro pro with a really wide angle so you can see all the stage.)


The seats come with a cupholder, so that’s a plus, and they are nice and cushioned (I think? I was dancing almost the whole time). Since we were seating right behind the guys that came from the meet and greet I asked a guy from stwizerland and a girl who was seating next to him how was it and they told me that “Britney is incredibly sweet, she was wearing lots of stage makeup and hair and she looked gorgeous” they also told me that they had like 10 seconds to see her, that Felicia guided them through the whole tour and that she was also really, really sweet.

While you wait for the show two large screens on each side of the stage show live twits with the hashtag #PieceOfMe so if you have access to internet you can see your photo on the screens. Once there are 30 minutes left for the show a countdown behings on these screens, and you feel like you’re are about to be brought up to heaven.

And then, the show begins. Once the beat begins everybody goes CRAZAY (or was that just me?) And guys, let me tell you, I couldn’t believe how pretty she looked. Britney was a blonde skinny bombshell, she danced her ass off, hair flipped and everything. She was on fire. No YouTube video can capture the show. If you can go, then do it, its definetly worth it.

TBH I’m not sure if she lip-synched or not and sincerely I don’t care. She danced a lot, and I was singing way too hard and dancing my ass off to care if she was hitting the notes.

I didn’t wanted to see anything from the third leg before the show, so the new outfits were a huge surprise.


Ps. The guy they chose for Freakshow was really hot, he danced a lot and knew the lyrics.

The new opening outfit is just amazing. And since SlaveTiger and I are such good people we recorded the whole concert for you guys. The thing is that I edited it in After Effects so that it can have a reasonable size for youtube (it is a very large file) and when I try to render it the sound skips. I’m trying to solve it and I will upload it when I find a way to fix it.

The show went really fast for me, I couldn’t believe when it was finished and I would love to see it again someday. Before we walked out of the theater I picked up some of the confetti. On the Everytime number flower petals fall down and on the final number paper poker chips that say Britney are thrown. (Crumbled ‘cause is kept stuffing them in my jeans)

After you go out of the theater everything gets hectic. There are lots of people trying to get out of the theater so its crazy. I walked next to the wall on the right side and I saw Felicia, she was giving out the pictures to the guys from the meet and greet. The only way to get in there is if you were in the meet and greet, so of course, I lied and got past security and that’s how I got this picture:

Felicia is the sweetest, for real guys.

After you walk out of the theater doors you will probably find a sea of people trying to buy the pictures they took against the PH background. They cost $40 so please, if you want it pay in cash, that way the line can move faster. Of course we got ours.

Finally you’ll get out of the theater, and it’s your choice to go to the official after party at Planet Hollywood’s club. We didn’t went there because SlaveTiger and I were just exhausted (we went to the Grand Canyon the day before to shoot the second part of I’m Not A Girl and we had a long week ahead of us).

The rest of the trip was really cool, one day a french guy stopped us outside of Caesar’s Palace to ask us where was Britney’s show, so holler at you if you read this! Like I told you before Brit is just everywhere in Vegas, so no matter what you do you’ll probably see her face. The last thing I was from the plane was the same billboard I saw when I got to Vegas, and if you fly on Copa Airlines now you can play Britney Jean on the screens in front of your seats.


So that was my trip to Vegas! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this and find this useful.

 See ya!

- Banana

Meryl and Maks Night Cap July 26th, 2014

Ok, I’m gonna have to make this brief, I typed out the whole recap and for some reason the internets has eaten it.

So, go to trocoloca for the best recap of the actual Sway event and dancing.  I wasn’t there for that, so she’s your best source.  Essentially the show was awesome, the dancing was great, Maks and Peta had a lot of passion, but NOT MERYL level passion, all is well.  

There is currently a huge after-party going on for Sway as well as here on Tumblr.  I think I’m the only person left who isn’t drunk, and after having to re-type this I might just join you all!!  There are hundreds of pictures and videos rolling in and I’m sure we’ll be analyzing them for days to see bracelets or rings or find the Davis’ or Meryl’s friends in the crowds, but overall, everyone, including Maks looks so happy with the success of Sway today and I am so hopeful that this will lead to great things in the future for DWM.

Ok, now for info and speculation.  Take the anon stuff with a grain of salt.  maggiemae2104 gets a lot more free with the info when she gets drunk.  She let us know tonight that she has a friend, who is also a friend of our very own Meryl Davis.  This friend was personally invited by Maks, to attend Sway and the after party (along with 5 other of Meryl’s friends).  This is backed up by maksmeryl18.  She attended Sway today with a friend.  her friend said that she thought she say Brooke (the big, sexy russian friend) two rows ahead.  Cindy thought it wasn’t her.  When they got up to leave, Cindy’s friend yelled out “Brooke” and the girl in question turned at the sound of her name.  So, needless to say, everyone is over the moon!  Maggie says she has more info, but she’s not telling until the morning.

An anonymous source contacted jmeridith with details about the show.  This source also says that the Davis’ were there, with another couple, and were seated behind her.  She was in Row N.  She says the Davis’ were not seated with the Chmerkovskiy’s.  This source also says if you look at Teddy’s IG photo, the Chmerkovskiy’s were seated on the right side in the mezzanine level, the Davis’ on the same level on the left.

I hear chatter of a second source confirming the Davis’ were there, but I was not able to track it down, maybe someone could fill me in.

Speaking of Teddy’s IG photo, Meryl “liked” it!  I know that doesn’t seem very exciting in light of the fact that 6 of her friends and her parent (hopefully) were at Sway tonight, but it’s still something!  She also liked Serge’s photo of SYTYCD, and a photo of the Tower bridge in London, which just happened to include a groom dip/kissing his bride (sort of reminiscent of the week 2 “you’re sage” dig/kiss).  She and Maks were also on SM within 20 mins of each other, fitting in with a quick call of “good luck” before his show.  

Ok, that is the best I can do for a second round tonight.  I’m not sure if there will even be anyone left to read this when I’m done, you may have all passed out!  So, ladies, be careful, don’t FALL off the ship.  In the words of Sir Alex, “GO HOME, YOU’RE DRUNK!”