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Mercy76 Week Day 1 - Firsts❤

Hello everyone! I’m so excited that it is FINALLY Mercy76 week! Me and everyone in the Mercy76 family have been preparing for this week for a while now and are super excited to share our work with all of you!

Before we jump into this week, I just wanted to let everyone know that absolutely NO HATE will be tolerated towards me, my fellow participants, or our works this week. Any hate will be dealt with accordingly, which will most likely end with you getting blocked. I want to keep this week as fun as possible and I know everyone else participating wants to as well! So even if this ship isn’t your thing, please be considerate of other’s thoughts and interests :)

Today’s theme is “Firsts”, so I chose to share this fanfiction I wrote about Jack and Angela’s first date. This fic was written a while back, and is uploaded on fanfiction.net, so some people may have already read it. Hope you guys enjoy! I look forward to seeing everyone else’s participation!

First Date- Mercy76

“I don’t know Jack…” Angela frowned, looking at the paintball gun in her hand. “C'mon Angel,” Jack smiled, “You’ll have fun. I know you will.”

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If I Were in a Wizard Duel…

I know I’ve already uploaded this here, but in light of the LGBT Fanders Meetup today I thought I’d post it again! As a pan trans girl I cannot put into words how much Thomas has helped me with his kind words and loving aura. From his very serious YouTube videos to his Vines he’s helped me to cheer up more times than I can count, and I think the same goes for many.

So thank you @thatsthat24, for everything you do every day.

Crossember Challenge Day 3 - UNDERSWAP

As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

I know I’m a few days late, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I had to make this. My guess is that Cross’ll use Papyrus against Sans. And since Underswap Paps uses orange magic (I think that’s canon?) and you have to keep moving to avoid damage, I just fell in love with the though of poor Sans having to run for his life…waiting for a chance to attack ;)

Challenge by @byutak, Underverse and Cross by @jakei95, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

Here’s a still so you can see Cross and Paps in the back:

  • ショートドラマ『梶井の科学DEクッキング!?』
  • ドラマ
  • 文豪ストレイドッグス キャラクターソングミニアルバム 其ノ参

Not sure if this was already uploaded but eh who knows later I really might take it down. If anyone wants to translate this, please feel free to do so. 

Sooooooooo here it is! XD @rusaruka again said ‘all the above’ from this post so one of it includes this: 

‘ - Upload the ‘Soup Track’ from the Port Mafia mini drama cd? ‘

Let’s just uh yeah XD Imma call it the ‘Soup track’. 

A friend of mine who came from Japan and stay over for few weeks to do some errands here roughly translated this with me but I don’t quite understand this that this that.

Roughly the breakdown is: 

- Chuya doesn’t like silence over the dining table it seems (which kinda surprises me hahah but so cute <33) 

- Akutagawa is a tsundere patootie that needs to be protected 

- Kaji needs to stay away from food.

- Chuya is a giant ‘FOOD PROTECTOR’ and ‘DON’T TOUCH THE DAMN SOUP’ commando  XD it’s so funny listening to him 

- Akutagawa does get happy hearing ‘Dazai’ (I HEAR SENPAI’S NAME RING RING moment) 

- Chuya is quite a tease in a way XD lol of lol 

- A lot of angry cute Chuya. ANGRY PETITE MAFIA I MEAN. Lots of it XD 


- Overall: Port Mafia family is such loveable dorks, seriously. 

Well anyway XD Enjoy! 


Loose translations made by: 

miramisaki and dark-disgrace

Go check out their translations while listening to the track!  



(even after all these years I can never get out of kagepro hell)


<< Cover  < Previous - Page 22-25 -  > Chapter 2

SURPRISE! the last 4 pages for chapter 1 :3 boi, this was hard, but here you go anyway! about the second chapter, i have already the cover (i’ll upload it later…) but the pages are still in progress so i don’t know when will i finish the next two. until then, please be patient, i’m not a machine, who can draw all day.

thank you! :3

Comic/Art by @miyako47

Asylumtale belongs to@furgemancs

Undertale belongs to TobyFox

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more yooran content because i’m trash


part 4 of hwarang scans~- yeowool ^^ 

Sketch talks

I’ve got really great requests for chibis already, so thank ya’ll! Some things got requested more than once, others I’ll mash up with others… I’ll upload them on my youtube account (because god knows how I completely forgot that existed) and the idea is to show you guys a bit of my process :))

It isn’t much of a big deal, really, but I definitely love to make “goofy color keys” to pick colors like this one:

I love how cheesy they look!? hahahahha anyways, thank you all who requested, I’ll make the most I can on this weekend :))


(Insp.) I’m sorry but awkward!Arthur just pushes all my buttons plus it’s funnier if you think Uther already knows and loves Arthur anyway and then has to listen to Arthur compare himself to linguini or something

merlin art tag

Yuri!!! On ICE - (Ep 9 BGM) Reunion Piano Cover
  • Yuri!!! On ICE - (Ep 9 BGM) Reunion Piano Cover
  • Yuri!!! On ICE
  • Yuri!!! On ICE

I know someone already uploaded the video but I decided to upload the audio version here anyway because I just have to

Also this sounds exactly the same as the original and I c ri 

MP3 version: https://soundcloud.com/blacchaosvort…

Original song by Matsushiba Taku
Arrangement/transcription by Blackchaosvortex


Hey loves! I have had this blog for almost a year now and i hit 20K a couple of days ago so i decided to host my first ever faves. I am really excited about this because i love discovering new blogs and checking out all the beautiful blogs out there and i have always wanted to host my own faves.


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  • I will be choosing 20-30 blogs
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That’s all for now, I can’t wait to discover all your beautiful blogs,good luck xx