i know i still owe you sterek


Hey guys.

 The last few weeks have been sorta… weird for me. 
I know over 80% of my followers i owe to Teen Wolf and Sterek. You all have motivated me and helped me grow into the artist i am today, and I am so grateful for it. I’ve made so many friends, and it’s brought me a lot of joy! I wouldn’t want to have spent these 2 years in any other community. 

  Alas, I just don’t have it in me anymore. the last dozen drawings pertaining to Teen Wolf have been more or less, forced. I still love Teen Wolf and it’s characters, but I feel like I’ve explored almost all I can. I’ve slowly lost a lot of the inspiration I once had. This doesn’t mean I’ll never draw Teen Wolf again, but it definitely won’t be as frequent… I’m sorry for those who have just followed me,and those who have followed me from the very beginning. 

  Truthfully, from here on out, it will probably be lots of original art and random fanart.