i know i spelled mobility wrong sorry

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Hi! I saw someone post that kyungsoo wrote "i wanna be janggu" what is janggu? And where is it from? Is it from a show or something? Do you have the link?

hi anon! jjanggu is one of jongin’s dogs. he has three, the other two are jjangah and monggu. i cant link u anything bc im on mobile sorry about that. if you want to know what they look like, search them up there should be plenty of info abt them. as for videos, they appeared in exo showtime ep 2. have a nice day!

Boy howdy!

There are definitely some new faces following this blog and it completely slipped my mind to say hello! 







blast, for some reason it wouldnt let me properly greet everyone. 

anyhoo, time to get the basic pleasantries out of the way- Im jake english and its absotively nice to meet all of you!