i know i spelled mobility wrong sorry

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okay so i'm kinda confused. (sorry about spelling names wrong - i'm doing this on the mobile app) Sana's brother is Elias, and Sana likes Yosef, and Evan and Mikal were together a couple years ago, and Elias, Yousef and Mikal are all friends and that's how Evan knows Sana…right? or am i getting this all mixed up?

It is okay. It is easy to get confused. But I don’t think Even and Mikael were together. That would be really bad to write Even like that, seeing he was with Sonja for 4 years.

And to me it looks like Even were friends with all of the boys. Including Elias (Sana’s brother) and that is the reason Even and Sana know each other as Even been in Sana’s and Elias’ home.

Boy howdy!

There are definitely some new faces following this blog and it completely slipped my mind to say hello! 







blast, for some reason it wouldnt let me properly greet everyone. 

anyhoo, time to get the basic pleasantries out of the way- Im jake english and its absotively nice to meet all of you!