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How Dan and Phil probably broke 93#

Both: *adopts a baby together*

Dan: Aww, she’s so cute! What should we name her?

Phil: Susan.

Touhou characters as kids you knew in middle school
  • Marisa: The cool girl who knows how to skateboard. Taught you a bunch of swear words once and so basically she's god. Spends recess frying bugs with a magnifying glass.
  • Sakuya: Gets an A+ on every piece of work she submits, answers every question in class, and kisses up to the teacher. Probably addicted to praise.
  • Satori: Has a Neopets account, never stops talking about said Neopets account, has 5 mini plush toys dangling from her bag. Always looks over your shoulder at your work.
  • Sanae: Already knows what anime is. Jumps around making action noises at recess pretending to swing a sword. Runs like Naruto in the hallway. Has anime openings saved to her MP3 player.
  • Aya: The annoying girl who runs everywhere, screams in your ear for fun, and takes pictures of literally everything with her flip phone. Has insane gossip, though.
  • Patchouli: The quiet kid who spends the entire day in the back of the room reading Harry Potter. Came into school in pajamas one day. Nobody even knows her name.
  • Cirno: "I know you are but what am I?" "Stop hitting yourself!" "Hey, spell ICUP." "Ha, in your face!" "Shut up, idiot!"
  • Remilia: Claims to be a member of a vampire clan, wears entirely black clothes, black lipstick, and spiked accessories. Calls her strawberry milk blood. Obsessed with Twilight.
  • Eiki: Whenever you do something wrong, runs up to the teacher screaming. Wins every class president election. Catchphrase: 'I'm teeelliiiing!'
  • Yuugi: Tallest kid in the class, plays every sport there is. Always challenging people to arm wrestle, never loses. Will never refuse a dare.
  • Miko: The popular girl who acts like she's better than everybody else because she knows she is. Has expensive clothes and make-up, is worshiped by literally everybody. Your popularity is judged by how well you know her.
  • Kagerou: Spends class doodling anime wolves. Probably has a deviantart. Pretends to be a wolf at recess. Will be drawing furry porn in 2 years.
  • Mokou: Emo, has not smiled in public in 3 years. If you sit next to her you can hear Linkin Park playing at max volume from her earphones.
  • Medicine: She looked lonely so you sat next to her one day. She admitted that she fantasizes about killing people. You do not sit next to her anymore.
  • Reimu: The kid who actually yells out loud when the whole class is talking because she's trying to work. Punches people at recess. Interrupts conversations to tell people to shut up.

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Could I request some Hogwarts!AU prompts?


Originally posted by harrypotterhogwart-blog

  • I fell over your suitcase on the train and broke my nose and you’re determined to make it up to me au
  • I was just minding my own business in the library when your idiotic prank accidentally hit me I swear to god you’re dead to me au
  • Teacher/Teacher au
  • Yes I did find a loophole in the spell that prevents electronics from working on school grounds and yes I started a secret muggle club and if you shut your mouth about it I’ll let you join even though you know nothing about electronics au
  • My favorite trope; Time-turner gone wrong au
  • Prefects fighting over getting to be Head girl/boy au
  • Study-partners au
  • Breaking house stereotypes otp, like; Nice Slytherin/Lazy Ravenclaw, Rude Hufflepuff/Careful Gryffindor au (Honestly, people are not 4 types c’mon)
  • Hey, looks like we’ll spend the next months in detentions together au
  • Are you… playing any other sport than quidditch at HOGWARTS?! this is an o u t r a g e au
  • Will you PLEASE wear your school uniform or I’ll be forced to put it on you! au
  • Partners-in-pranks au
  • I’m gonna find the giant squid and you WILL help me au
  • You’re failing this class and the teacher got me to mentor you au
  • Alternatively: You’re skipping and failing all your classes and your concerned Head-of-house got me to be your personal coach, and by Merlin you’re not failing under my supervision! au
  • I have a crush on you but you’re in another house and we have no connections whatsoever so how the hell do I approach you au
  • I see you being badass in DA meetings all the time and holy hell it’s hot au
  • You’re staying here during Christmas too, huh? au
  • Top-of-the-class rivals au
  • We see each other at the library all the time but never really talk but you read really good books and your face is so cute when you concentrate and I think I have a crush on you au
  • I have a Honeydukes secret trading business and you keep asking for more candy listen buddy I think you have a problem au
  • Honestly just a Genius!A finding loopholes and making businesses at Hogwarts and never being caught and Prefect!B obsessed with exposing them au
  • Exploring the very dangerous woods au
  • I’m a muggleborn and I’ve never stopped being in awe of magic even after all these years and you think it’s adorable au
  • I’m better than you at quidditch and I’ll prove it au

Hope these do! I actually really like some of these, maybe I’ll write something? Who knows!

I Stayed Up All Night

Thanks to @thelonesomepeanut for requesting this from a while back. The idea was from these headcanons.

Warnings: My usual swearing, alcohol consumption, a grumpy Daddy Darry, slight arguing, and FLUFF

**Also the reader is NOT a Curtis sister**

Darry had called the bar 7 times. You know that because every time the bartender answered the phone, he’d use a certain tone—a calm and collected one. A tone that ensured you were going to you were in deep shit when you got home. If you went home.

You’re out at your best friend’s bachelorette party. And you’re having the time of your life. No boyfriend to worry about. No work tomorrow. Everything’s great! The alcohol in your system bubbles and twists. But it’s a good feeling. One you don’t feel often.

You raise your next shot to your lips. It burns going down your throat and it makes your eyes water a bit. Five seconds later, it’s like a shot of adrenaline.

The night carried on, but you have no memory of it. “Ma’am,” you hear a man’s voice say. “The bar is closing.” 

“What time is it?”

You finally open your eyes to see the bartender from last night. “Almost 6 AM.”

“Six? In the morning?!” He nods and picks up the broom from the nearby wall. “Shit!” You stand up abruptly, which makes your head twirl and your stomach flip. 

“Miss! It’s not the best idea to drive home.”

You roll your eyes and slowly say, “I came here with a group of my friends. I was planning to run home.”

He shakes his head. “Can’t have you runnin’ in those heels, Miss. And it seems you’re still a bit tipsy.” You giggle, then look down at your feet. The wedges weren’t exactly practical for an early morning dash home. 

“Fine, take me home.” He puts the broom against the wall again and gets keys from his pocket. He drives you all the way home, and on your way out he gives you a little piece of paper with his name and phone number written on it. “Thank you, Jared.” He smiles and drives off.

You open the door and Darry looks up at you from his chair. You slur, “Darry—”

“Shut it. I don’t want to hear excuses. You’re drunk. And—”

“I’m not drunk, you ass. Tipsy.”

He huffs out a breath. “What was that?”


“Baby, you spelled it wrong.” His voice sounds gentle and soft. Then his eyebrows furrow, and you know it’s going to be a good argument. “I stayed up all night. Waiting for you to come back home. And—”

“Why should you be concerned about me or what I do? I just live here. I’m not your girlfriend. I’m not your sister so there’s no reason for you to worry.”

“I worry about you because that’s my job. I’m your protector.”

“You are not.”

“Grumpkin, listen. I don’t like fighting like this. It’s not fun for me. I’m tired and you probably are too.”

“I am not. I can handle my drinks, and I want another one. So if you’d excuse me…” 

You start to walk off towards the kitchen, but Darry grabs your arm. “If you can tell me how many drinks you had last night, I’ll let you have the whole bottle.”

You try and count but you can’t remember. He grins. “That’s what I thought.” 

“I had too many,” you say softly.

He sighs, the grin still plastered on his face. “I know you did. Are you hungry, my queen?”

“Yes, my lord.”

That’s something the two of you do. He calls you his queen, and you call him your lord. You think it’s cute. Darry makes you a quick sandwich, just the way you like it. While you’re eating it, he picks you up and carries you to his bedroom.

“Darry, are you goin’ to work?”

“No, my love. I already called the boss and told him I was sick.”

You squint your eyes at him. “You don’t look sick to me.”

Darry rolls his eyes and kisses you on the forehead. “I’m sick in the head. You are too, Missy.”

“Do we need to get some medicine?”

He makes a face. “No, we just need sleep, baby girl.”

He closes his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep. Just as his breathing begins to level, you ask, “Darry? Are you awake?”

“I am now.”

You cuddle up closer to him, your head on his chest. “Why do you worry so much about me? I mean, you have Soda and Pony to worry about. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about me.”

“It’s because I think I’m in love with you.”

Call us maybe

Levi sighs, adjusts her ponytail a little higher over her undercut. She restocks the coffee filters. She wipes the counter down with disinfectant. Again. “For shit’s sake,” she mutters under her breath.

The parade happening downtown has taken all their business away. And while Levi knows it’s smart for Hange to take their break while it’s slow, it leaves her bored. Cranky. Wishing she was literally anywhere else. Levi sighs again and resigns to picking at her nails.

The bell above the door chimes and Levi, for the first time since she started this job three weeks ago, finds herself anticipating an interaction with a customer. “Hi, welcome to Maria’s. How may I-” Levi narrowly avoids sputtering when she looks up.

This woman is gorgeous. Sun-kissed skin. Large, turquoise eyes. Long, brown hair. Long, brown legs. Levi licks her lips, tongue suddenly like sandpaper, throat faring no better. Christ, those legs go on for miles, accentuated beautifully by those high waisted shorts.

Then she smiles and Levi’s face starts to burn. “What can I…” The woman’s head tilts to the side and Levi wants to melt into the floor. She’s so stunning. Levi needs an adult. Where the actual fuck is Hange when you need them? Oh god, is Shitty Glasses really her go-to adult? Levi shakes her head. “What can I get you?”

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The Magicians (show) sentence starters

season 1, part 3 of 3
episodes 10 through 13
86 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, drug mention, sexual themes, violence
[other parts: 1 - 2]

  • “Where the hell am I?”
  • “Why do you ruin everything in my life?”
  • “_____. Honey, what are you on?”
  • “_____, honey, maybe you and I should go upstairs and rest.”
  • “Thanks for having me. I’m extremely happy finally to meet you face-to-face.”
  • “I am danked as shit right now, girl.”
  • “Jesus, it’s like the TARDIS in here. What kind of magic are these people using?”
  • “I can’t believe I gave up tickets to Hamilton for this.”
  • “We should get started. We have a lot of spells to get through.”
  • “Oh my god… You’re really not gonna let that go, are you?”
  • “I don’t see the point in talking about it. We don’t agree on it, and we’re never going to.”
  • “Okay, I don’t need that patronizing tone.”
  • “I think we’re done talking. This conversation has worn me out entirely.”
  • “I can’t imagine what you must be thinking of me right now.”
  • “I don’t know what you think _____ and I were, but the truth is that we weren’t anything.”
  • “You’re complicated. You need somebody who gets that about you.”
  • “Don’t take this the wrong way, _____, but shut the fuck up, okay?”
  • “_____, I… I needed you. You broke my heart.”
  • “Life is a unicorn shitting rainbows of candy.”
  • “Maybe you should pay better attention when we’re having sex.”
  • “How am I supposed to get better if you don’t tell me when I’m doing it wrong?”
  • “Well, there goes the mood.”
  • “I don’t think we’re supposed to like people for what they’re good at. I think that’s something we make up to torture ourselves.”
  • “You’re not bad at sex. Okay, I’m just bad at asking for what I want. It’s embarrassing.”
  • “I… I don’t think that’s a very good plan.”
  • “That’s a monumentally shitty plan.”
  • “No way in Hell we’re doing that fucking spell again.”
  • “Well, I hate to say I told you so, but… you know what? Actually, I don’t. I don’t. I don’t hate that.”
  • “_____, please, just calm down. I can’t understand you.”
  • “_____, where are you gonna go? We can find a way to help you.”
  • “I was wondering when you were gonna show up.”
  • “I think that’s an insanely stupid idea. You don’t go just fight someone stronger on his turf.”
  • “She bleeds so easily, poor little thing.”
  • “Giving a shit about someone that you give a shit about doesn’t just evaporate the second that they fuck up.”
  • “It’s _____; he’s fireproof. He’s like cockroaches; he’ll survive the nuclear winter.”
  • “I’ve done things that would make you hide under a blankie.”
  • “I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna do it. I said I didn’t like it.”
  • “Well, I’m not going anywhere. I mean, this is my house.”
  • “Feelings are bullshit.”
  • “You know I love you. I love you so much. Like, so much. You know that, right?”
  • “Why aren’t we friends anymore, _____?”
  • “You don’t care about me.”
  • “I hate everything. I hate air right now.”
  • “Okay. You’re hungover. I don’t think you meant that like it sounded.”
  • “I just… I feel like sometimes you don’t hear yourself.”
  • “It’s okay. We’re gonna do whatever we can. I promise.”
  • “Well, that sucked ass.”
  • “I’m sensing more skepticism than faith here.”
  • “Seriously, what the fuck is going on with you people?”
  • “Are you seriously mad at me right now?”
  • “What the fuck did I just walk into?”
  • “Everything is about to change… Eveything. Finally.”
  • “If you stop worrying about forever, there’s plenty of shit that can get you through the next hour.”
  • “I bet you say that to all the girls you slept with three minutes ago.”
  • “People don’t get to be mad at me because I had sex with them.”
  • “You don’t get to shame me.”
  • “I made a mistake, and you aimed a weapon.”
  • “I’m glad it hurt. It should hurt.”
  • “Look, that doesn’t make up for what I did to you, which was stupid and vindictive and really dangerous. I’m so sorry, _____.”
  • “I really fucking missed you.”
  • “You’re taking this a lot better than I would have.”
  • “You don’t believe me. Shit, I wouldn’t either.”
  • “_____, he’s gone. Why are you torturing yourself?”
  • “Of all the people in the world who don’t understand, somehow you top the list.”
  • “Come with me if you want to live… I’ve always wanted to say that. But seriously, um, we should go.”
  • “Look, you were supposed to be here. You were supposed to be a part of this.”
  • “You’re one of the few people I actually respect.”
  • “We were expecting something amazing. And it was amazing… just more the shitty kind.”
  • “Have you brought me little cakes?”
  • “What is no sooner broken than spoken?”
  • “Hey, are you following us? It’s totally cool if you are.”
  • “_____, I know you probably think it’s your fault, but it’s not.”
  • “You’re not supposed to be here yet.”
  • “If you survive, see to it that I get a proper temple in my honor. Granite statue, good likeness, mind the chin.”
  • “That hurts my brain.”
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”
  • “I am miserable. My life, it doesn’t work. Nothing’s ever fixed that.”
  • “Is it okay if I hate that you’re getting married?”
  • “I think you’re the only person that I can stand.”
  • “I think you’re being kind of a whiny bitch.”
  • “Is that semen?”
  • “Please, dont—Please don’t touch me. Please—”
  • “I loved _____. But there’s something black inside him I failed to see.”
  • “I know you don’t want to hear it, but I love you.”
  • “You’re not as good as I hoped, _____. But you’re better than I know.”
  • “I can give you the greatest pleasure of your life.”


You can bind for whatever reason you want! To get more comfortable or just for fun. 

Saying only a group of people can bind is saying only men can wear suits and only girls can wear dresses. You wear whatever you want.

If anyone say wearing a binder while not a transboy is transphobic, I’m going to call THEM transphobic. Saying transboys are the only ones who can bind, is saying only short girls can wear heels - but I am a guy and I wear heels, so saying that, is speaking against my gender identity. So HAH take that angry internet users. 


and ya, here’s a random Moritz on the go. I call this masterpiece “When the calendar says fall but the weather says BURN” 

Thanks for the ask!

- Addam


Superman vs Muhammad Ali

Baby- Part 9 (Reader’s POV)

A story of true love- all types of true love. The Impala helps narrate this Dean x reader story about fighting the Darkness and finding the light.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Summary of Part 9- The reader attempts to save Dean from Amara.

Word Count: 1500ish

Warnings: Canon divergence, season 11 spoilers, angst

A/N: One more part!

You knew why Dean hadn’t answered your calls.

He had listened to your messages, heard your warnings, and he was ignoring you because it didn’t change a damn thing.

Dean was still going to fight Amara, because that was what he felt he had to do.

And he wasn’t answering your calls, because he didn’t want to say goodbye.

Well, you weren’t going to let this end that way.

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why the signs smacked u in the face

Aries: Because they cleaned up the entire kitchen and u invited urself in the damn kitchen and FUCKED EVERYTHING UP

Taurus: Because They had their chores done, netflix loaded, ice cream with a spoon in the bucket, pillows fluffed, favorite sweatpants clean and smelling nice, and as soon as they sat down to enjoy their free time you need them to do something 4u

Gemini: Because your PERSIST on stating these completely false facts, even when they have PROOF that you’re like boy u have another thing coming 


Leo: Bitch I was talking. NOT U. 

Virgo: Because they literally know everything about life like they took a class the guidance counselor was their bff they read all the text books and guides why are you trying to preach to them like they DONT ALREADY KNOW

Libra: Haha im not even mad :) Like its fine :) :) seriously like :) :) :) :) stop:) apo:)logi:):)zin:)g

Scorpio: Because it’s their life and they need to make those mistakes on their own to learn their own lesson so they needed u to stop preaching to them and shut the fuck up so they can continue to summon spirits from their spell book

Sagittarius: Did u just *eye twitches* disagree with my theory??? *tells the whole world what a fucking idiot you are*

Capricorn: U didn’t even know they were mad until their hand just miraculously appeared out of nowhere and then onto your face 



Draco Malfoy Imagine - Personal For Mya

could i have a draco imagine where Im in a fist fight with granger and he pulls me out (I win against granger btw XD) and then he helps treat my busted lip or something? thank you my name is mya xxxxx


“Why do you have to be such a know it all Granger?” You shouted at the bushy haired girl

“Well, Mya, if you knew what you were talking about, then I wouldn’t have to correct you” she stated simply

You and Granger were assigned to work together for your Defense Against the Dark Arts report, and you hated it. Firstly, she treated you like a dumb Slytherin. Secondly, she corrected every word you wrote on the parchment. You were getting fed up with her.

“Just shut the bloody hell up, Granger! YOU don’t know what your talking about. Stop treating me like I’m a first year! I am way more skilled than you in magic and I can write this report so much better!!” You screamed at her.

“Mya, dear, you probably couldn’t block the simplest spell” she laughed at you

That’s it. Your blood was boiling. She dared to insult you? A pureblood wizard. She was in for a rude awaking. You were not going to take her crap.

“What’s wrong, Mya? Cat got your tongue?” She mocked you

Without missing a beat you pulled your arm back and hit her in the face. She looked at you as blood trailed down her chin.

Without warning she charged at you and grabbed your ponytail. She started scratching your face and you soon felt blood drip down your chin. Throwing her off of you, you didn’t even notice people gathering around the two of you.

Granger ran towards you again, but this time you were prepared. You moved to the side quick and tripped her, causing her to fall against the stone sidwalk. Pinning her to the ground, you slapped her across the face and threatened,

“If you ever touch or talk to me that way again, you will end up in the hospital wing.”

Before you were able to tell her anything else, someone put their arms around you and started pulling you up. Turning around, you saw your fellow Slytherin, Draco Malfoy.

“Let’s go before you get in trouble, Mya” he whispered in your ear

“Okay” you grumbled

As you were walking away with Draco, you looked back and saw Harry and Ron rush to Hermione’s side. Rolling your eyes, you continued to let Draco lead you up to the prefects bathroom.

Once you two got in there Draco got a healing potion and told you to sit on the counter.

“You do realize that the filthy mudblood with probably tell the teachers, right?” Draco gave you a worried look.

“I really don’t care she deserved it”

Sighing Draco walked over to you and stood in between your legs. He put some of the medicine on a cloth and gentle dabbed your cut.

Your injuries were nothing compared to Grangers. You only had a small but deep cut from her finger nail, just above your chin.

“There, that should do it.” Draco put the healing medicine away and came back and stood by you. “You know you have a really good punch right” he said half laughing

“Oh I know” you joked “Why do you think Grangers face was all messed up.”

“Why did you even get in that fight anyways?”

“She was being a bitch to me. You know I don’t let people push me around.”

“Mya, Mya, Mya I didn’t think you had it in you” by this point both of you were full on laughing. “Want to go back to the commons?” Draco asked you

“Sure” you said smiling


“Mya will pass me that quill” Draco said as he pointed to the quill that was on the desk you were sitting by.

“Oh sure” you stopped reading and got up and gave it to him. Both of you decided to go up to his room and study. Considering you two were good friends, it wasn’t awkward for either of you.

Looking at the clock, you saw it was 10:34.

“Hey, Draco it’s getting pretty late, I think I’m going to go to sleep.” You started to gather up your stuff with sleepy eyes.

“Oh, okay, well sweet dreams, Mya" He then leaned down and kissed right above where your cut used to be.

“Goodnight, Draco” you whispered and then left for your dorm, blushing.


I’m sorry for wait, but it’s up! 


Pairing: Dean x reader
Song: Poison and Wine - the Civil Wars
Request: hi can you do a dean x reader like song poison and wine pleaes
Words: 1829
Warnings: swearing, negative personal image, crying, shaking, nightmare.
A/N: I cried about twice when writing this… it was emotional, okay?! Enjoy and feed back :) x
Set in: I’m feeling around season 5 Dean here.
“You’ve been keeping things from me again, Dean.” you stood in the door way of the bedroom you and Dean shared, your face blank.
“What is it this time, y/n?” Dean was quick to snap at you, his voice dripping with venom.
“You’ve been getting drunk again” you spoke a little more timidly. It scared you when Dean was angry - not that he would lash out at you, but that he would decide - no, realise - he was better off without you. You tried your best not to show that when you were around him, though.
“So? Most people get drunk sometimes” he grunted.
“Well, it’s different with you. We both know it. It’s only making things worse for you. Always has, always will.” your voice was quieter. Although you’d seen Dean get drunk more times than you’d had hot dinners, it still upset you to see him in a drunken state.
“You don’t understand.” It was clear to see that Dean was attempting to hold in his frustration. He tightened his grip on the bottle of whiskey in his hand
“I do understand, Dean. I’ve carried as much weight as you have in my life, but I don’t drink to try and forget it. Good thing, too.” you understood why those words could sound spiteful, so you were careful to ensure you sounded unbiased about the matter.
“I can do what I want, y/n! Stop tryin'a control my life, will you?” Dean raised his voice, finally turning to look at you.
“I’m not trying to control your life, I just want to make your life better. Do you not want me to do that?” you were pleading with one side of you not to lose it, but that side wasn’t listening.
Dean said nothing, just stared down his bottle.
“Sometimes I think you prefer alcohol over me” you commented, more to yourself than anyone else. You turned around to leave, already giving up. You knew you would get nowhere.
Your breath caught, and tears instantly filled your eyes. This was a nightmare. So much for not losing it.
You whipped back round. “What did you call me?”
Dean laughed bitterly to himself and shook his head.
“What did you call me, Dean?” you repeated, wondering whether he’d stick to his previous statement.
“If I say it again will you leave me alone?”
“This is my room too, Dean” you muttered as you left, dragging your hand across your face in order to expel the tears falling there.
You slept in the spare bedroom that night. You couldn’t bear to face Dean after what he had said, even if he had been drunk. The mattress felt cold and unloving, and the sheets felt thin and unaccommodating, but you would rather that than endure the awkwardness and hurt of being beside Dean. The walls were bare, the white wash fading slightly into a colour that seemed dirtier. It was a stark contrast to the walls of the room you and Dean slept in - you had covered them entirely with photographs - pictures of you and Dean, Sam, Ellen and Jo, Bobby… anything that meant anything to Dean was there. He’d loved the surprise of walking in and feeling surrounded by all the people he thought he’d lost, and the people he was afraid of losing. You pictured him lying in the dark, unable to see those smiling faces, and thought it served him right for pushing away the one person who was always trying to make sure he’d never have to feel pain if he didn’t have to.
At around 2am, Dean rose from his slumber and made his way through the bunker to fetch a glass of water. He encountered Sam on his way, who was still up and reading an ancient, thick, dusty book.
“Hey, is y/n still up, too?” Dean interrogated Sam as soon as he laid eyes upon him, wondering what you could possibly be doing this time of night. He was at the stage of drunkenness where he was all too aware that he had been in a stupor and was desperately trying to scramble out of the hole he’d jumped into with a bottle you had to have a license to purchase, so things would make sense again.
“Nope. She settled down a few hours ago” Sam shrugged, knowing she wasn’t in her usual bed yet not wanting to cause more conflict.
“Where is she then?”
There was a pregnant pause. Sam desperately searched for the right thing to say.
“Do you really think she’d want to sleep in your bed after what you said to her earlier?” he made the decision to try and spell out the error of Dean’s ways for him.
“How do you know what I said to her?” the older Winchester brother’s eyes narrowed a little.
“You think I wouldn’t ask what’s wrong if I see my brother’s girlfriend, who also happens to be my best friend, crying her eyes out as I walk past the guest bedroom?” Sam sounded extremely irritable.
“Keep out of our business, Sam” Dean proposed as he passed his brother.
“Leave her alone, by the way. I don’t know if she can take seeing you right now” Sam called after Dean.
“Shut up, Sam. I’ll do what I want.”
“You know what she said to me when she was crying?”
Dean turned back round to face his brother, crossing his arms. His face held expectancy, as if he was in a hurry.
“She said ‘alcohol is ugly. Everyone knows that. He prefers alcohol to me, so think about how ugly I must be to him.’” Sam stated.
Dean’s face contorted with worry, then. “She said that? Oh, God, I fucked up so bad” he talked to himself more than to Sam right then, rushing to the corridor of the bunker and discovering the spare room door shut all the way, unlike its usual state of being ajar.
He winced as he creaked the door open slowly, and slipped into the room, almost pitch black, the exception being the crack in the doorway providing light. It provided just enough light for Dean to travel from the end of the room to the bed, and seat himself on the space beside you.
Dean could make out your sleeping face and its features at a stretch, but he didn’t have to see it in full light to know it was beautiful.
He leaned his head back, banging it against the headboard a couple of times in resignation.
As he sat there beside you, he’d never felt more painfully sober and aware in his life.
You were in a cage. A cage, of all things, and a small one, at that. A cage that stood in a room, solitary. A demon was creeping towards you, knife in hand, and grin on face. You’d never thought a smile so resentful could exist, let alone seen one.
“Dean?” your voice rang out in the spacious area. “Dean?!”
The demon moved fast, growing closer and closer to you. The demon was almost upon you when he came to a halt.
“You know he doesn’t really love you, right?” he cocked his head and his eyes flashed black, his voice echoing round the walls all the while.
“Dean?” you asked again, begging yourself to ignore the demon’s vicious words.
“He’ll never really love you.” the demon smiled even wider.
All of a sudden, your vision was occupied with hundreds upon hundreds of demons, each identical to the lone demon that had trapped you in the cage. They all spoke at once, but you could hear all too clearly what they were saying.
“He’ll never really love you.”
“He’ll never really love you.”
“He’ll never really love you.”
“Dean? Dean, I need you. Dean?!”
Dean jolted at the sound of your voice. He fumbled around for the switch that would turn the lamp on the bedside table on. He found it after a few seconds (although, judging by how much he hated seeing you scared, it seemed more like a few days), and hoisted you into his arms.
He recognised you were sleep talking, but you soon awoke.
“Baby, I’m here, it’s okay, it’s okay. It was just a nightmare. It’s okay.” he rocked you back and forth gently, stroking your hair and kissing your head once or twice. He hummed to you for a bit to calm you.
You breathed deeply, still shaken from your nightmare.
Dean spotted that your hand was shaking and clasped it in his, his arms never ceasing to be safely protecting your body by residing around it.
“I love you, sweetheart” Dean muttered into your hair, his lips pressed to your head.
A long silence.
“I’m sorry, I was really out of it today. I didn’t know what I was doing. As you obviously know, when I get drunk my behaviour doesn’t usually change. Well, not too much, at least. This time, though… it took me over. I drank even more than usual, and when you said… when you advised against me getting drunk earlier, I felt so ashamed. I thought I’d let you down, and I didn’t think you’d want to be around someone who lets you down over and over again - ya know, with me drinking a lot. So, I made sure you kept your distance the only way I could: by pushing you away myself. If I had tried to convince you, you would never have budged, I knew that for a fact. It was stupid, I know, but I am stupid. And I love you. I’m stupid and I love you - pretty good summary of that whole thing, huh?”
You let out an almost inaudible laugh.
“Princess, I didn’t mean it when I said you were a bitch” Dean lowered his head and kissed your cheek. “And when you said you think I prefer alcohol over you… I will never prefer the thing that pushes me into the hole to the person that jumps in with me and pulls me out of it. Even if you’d seen me in the hole and left me there, I’d still think you more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen, and the fact that I was down in the dark wouldn’t mean a damn thing, because I don’t care whether I see or not if I’m guaranteed not to see you.”
“Alright, John Green” you teased.
“What? Who’s that?” Dean sounded thoroughly confused.
“You know that film I made you watch called ‘the Fault in Our Stars’? He wrote the book of it” you informed him. “You know… the one you cried in?” you tilted your head round to face Dean.
He scoffed. “What are you talking about? I didn’t cry.” He made a face.
“You totally cried, tough guy” you giggled.
“I was crying ‘cause you were crying” he grumbled in complaint.
“Of course you were.”

You know, I deleted this, because I was just going to ignore it, but the more I sit here the more this festers in my mind.

They are not ‘both correct’. Yes, in a general sense the name can be spelled with either a C or a K, but they are not both correct for Victor Nikiforov.

My name is Allison. I have seen it spelled Alison, Allyson, Alyson, Allision, etc, etc. These are are valid spellings in a general sense. Only one is correct for my name though and that is Allison.

And yes, people spell it wrong constantly and I ignore it, because they don’t know better, but to willingly misspell my name after I tell you the correct spelling?

That’s rude and disrespectful.

The spelling of a person’s name is not an opinion.

Every piece of canon information says Victor Nikiforov. There is no canon material with a K, because that is the incorrect spelling.

You are willfully ignoring canon for your own aesthetic.

Safety First

Anon Request: Adam and the reader are both virgins and have been dating for some time and they both help the brothers on hunts, only for them to get sacrificed because of them being virgins. Dean and Sam both lock them in the motel room until they have sex with each other.

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,226

Warnings: 18+, implied torture, smut

Part 2


“About time.” You smile weakly at Adam as he hurries to undo your restraints. It felt like months since you had last seen him, and being away from him was probably the worst thing about being captured. Whenever the demons would come back to torture you you’d retreat into your mind, dreaming of the day you’d be back in the arms of the man you loved.

After meeting the Winchesters on a hunt almost a year ago you decided to team up with them. As time went on you and the youngest brother, Adam, got very close. Not long after the two of you started dating you’d gone on a solo hunt to take down a lone demon. Everything was going well until their hellhound showed up. Since that day the demon had kept you as entertainment, slicing you up and healing you as he wished, passing the time until all hallows eve, when he would be able to conduct some sort of spell. He’d never imagined that the Winchesters would find you, you could tell that from the look on his face as Sam drove the demon knife into his chest. Sam and Dean were now hurrying around the building, making sure that there were no others, while Adam took care of you.

His eyes watered as he looked over your bloodied body, “I’m so sorry.” Adam helped you off of the platform you’d been tied to and carried you out to the car. You wanted to speak, to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but you couldn’t find any more strength. As he slid into the car with you you closed your eyes, resting your head against his chest and falling asleep in his arms.


Your eyelids felt heavy, your body was stiff and your throat dry. It must have been at least two days since you’d been awake. As your forced your eyes to open you found yourself in your room in the bunker. Lifting yourself off of the bed was a struggle as you tried to stretch out your limbs. Everything hurt, but it was bearable. You wandered down the hall to the kitchen, leaning on the walls for support. Despite the pain you couldn’t help but wonder why you were able to move around so well. You could have sworn the demon had caused more damage than this. “Y/N!” Adam called as you entered the kitchen, “What are you doing up?” His voice was filled with worry as he hurried to your side, guiding you to a nearby chair.

“You know me better than that, Adam.” You grin at him. He let out a sigh, you’d never been a co-operative patient.

Sam walked over to you with a glass of water, sitting down next to you, “Sorry to bring it up so soon, Y/N, but do you know what the demon wanted?”

You groaned, “What do they ever want?” As you started to drink the water you took a moment to actually think back to it, “Actually,” you started, setting the glass back down and staring at the water, “He may have said something about needing my, ah, blood for a spell.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but you didn’t want to admit the fact it was virgin blood in front of your boyfriend.

“Weird.” Sam muttered, “I don’t understand what kind of spell he’d need your blood for. I mean, unless there’s something in particular about your blood we don’t know about?”

You shrugged, “Like you said, it’s weird.”


A few more weeks had passed and the four of you were on a hunt together about an hour north of Dallas. Your wounds were now completely healed and you were able to move about with ease. Although, with the summer heat you found yourself spending most of the morning laying around on the bed under the fan. When you did have to leave the motel you wore denim shorts and a black singlet with your hair in a high pony-tail. “Fuck, man. Why couldn’t we at least have a job at the beach? Just once! Is that too much to ask?”

Dean laughed, “Sure. Next time we can go after some mermaids!” He joked as he slid into the Impala.

“Hey,” You growled, sitting in the back seat behind him, “Mermaids are real man! We’ve been through his!”

He rolled his eyes, the Impala roaring to life as he turned the key. “Whatever you say, man. Let’s just hurry up and find out what we’re dealing with here before we worry about anything else.”


“Got it!” Sam explained from the table. Everyone’s attention was on him right away, waiting for him to continue, “I should have seen it right away.” He turned the book to use and pointed to it, “Dragons.”

You let out a half laugh, “Oh come on. Dragons aren’t real.”

Dean looked at you with a serious expression, “Yeah they are. We’ve had to deal with them before.”

“Oh, so dragons can be real but mermaids can’t?” You grumbled, folding your arms over your chest.

Sam elbowed Dean before he could argue, “At least we know what they are after now.” He set the book back down at the table.

A grin formed on Dean’s face, “All we gotta do is find ourselves some virgins and we can lure the son of a bitch straight to us.”

Your eyes went wide and you swallowed hard, “I-I’m gonna take a shower. It’s too damn hot.” You said quickly, fleeing to the bathroom. Your breathing was unsteady as you sat down against the door. Why did it have to be virgins?

“I wonder what that was all about.” Adam stared at the door, worry filling him.

Dean shrugged, “Like she said, it’s friggin boiling in here.”

Sam’s face dropped as he started to piece it all together, “Adam,” he started, eyes glued to the bathroom door, “You and Y/N…have you guys, you know…”

Adam’s face went bright red, “W-Where did that come from?!”

“That’s a sure-fire ‘no’!” Dean laughed.

“S-Shut up!” Adam shouted, face burning.

“Both of you be quite!” Sam growled, his hand running down his face before he mumbled, “I can’t believe I didn’t realise it sooner.”

Dean looked at Sam in confusion, “What the hell are you on about, man?”

“When Y/N was taken by the demon. He wanted her blood for a spell, remember?” Sam looked at Dean and it started to sink in, “Now, I could be wrong, but considering what we’re dealing with here, we don’t want to take any chances.”

“God dammit. We have to get her out of here.” Dean growled.

Adam looked away awkwardly, “M-Maybe I should. You two can stay here and take care of the dragon.”

“Don’t be stupid, Adam. We’ll already be short one hunter, we’re gonna need you.” Dean rolled his eyes, “We’ll send her off on a bus first thing in the morning.”

After holding his breath for a moment Adam spoke up, “I’d be just as helpful as Y/N.”

With a slightly confused look Dean stared at Adam, “Yeah. That’s why you have to take her-Oooooh.” Realisation hit again and Dean held his lips in a tight line so could hold back his laughter.

The scarlet on Adam’s cheeks seemed to darken, “L-Look…I-I just haven’t had the chance…Y-you can’t just rush it!”

Dean couldn’t hold it in, he burst into laughter. “Such a precious little thing!”

Sam hit Dean over the back of the head, giving him one of his bitch faces, “Look, the fact still remains that now both of you can’t be here, and we can’t take it out on our own. So we’re going to need to work out a compromise.”


“Dean, you son of a bitch! You open this door right now!” You scream, banging on the motel door. After leaving the shower to grab some clean clothes you’d found Adam sitting on the bed with a nervous look on his face. Before asking him what was wrong you wanted to find some clothes, however when you went to grab some from your bag you realised your bag was missing. When you looked to Adam he muttered ‘It was their idea.’, which lead you to your current state.

“No way, princess!” You could just imagine the grin on Dean’s face as he spoke, “Long as you two stay pure you’re not coming out. We need you on this hunt and the longer the two of you take the longer the dragon terrorises the town. So I suggest you get busy.”

A loud growl ripped from your chest as you gave the door one last bang, “When I get out of here you’re dead, Dean!” After a short pause you added, “You too, Sam! You can’t fain innocence this time!”

With a huff you turned around and looked at Adam, his face had turned from awkward nervous to scared nervous. You couldn’t stay mad after seeing his face and you smiled at him, hoping that you could show him you had calmed down. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled as you laid down on the bed next to him, his fingers stroking through your hair.

“It’s fine.” You sighed, resting your head on his torso, “I just wish we did this without the pressure.”

You could feel Adam stiffen under you, “Y-You mean we’re actually going to?”

With a small giggled you looked up at him, “Well, I’d never say no to sleeping with you. Truth is, I’ve been wanting to for a while now.” Your fingers started to trail patterns on his chest as you stared into his eyes.

Both of your minds set, you simply had to take of the towel you had wrapped around you before you were fully exposed to Adam. Your nerves seemed to drift away as he smiled at you, “You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

A light blush covered your cheeks as you lay back on the bed, watching as Adam undressed himself. Your eyes scanned over him, taking in every inch, “Not too bad yourself.” You grin at him.

He slowly lowered himself onto the bed, propping himself so he was leaning over you, “Just let me know if you want to stop.” His eyes were locked with yours as you nodded, unable to speak as his hands started to run down your body.

A small whimper escaped your lips as his fingers started to rub your entrance. His lips met yours in a passionate kiss as he slipped a finger into you, pumping slowly. You moaned into the kiss, your fingers twisting in his short hair as he continued to finger you. When he broke the kiss you stared up into his eyes, lightly nibbling on your lower lip. He leaned back and started to line himself up with your entrance, rubbing his head against your folds slightly. “Adam.” You moan as he starts to slowly push in. Your teeth clench and you hold back a small scream as he moves. There was a mixture of pain and pleasure as he pushed into you, stretching your walls to his size.

Once he was fully in he stopped, letting you adjust. The feeling of your around him was already sending him mad. His imagination had nothing on the reality. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispered into your ear as his lips started to run along your jaw and down your neck.

“I-I love you too, Adam.” You say in a slight moan as he started to move. Your hands moved to the sheets and your gripped them tightly, “Fuck.” You groaned, your breathing already starting to pick up as he thrusted into you.

His hands gripped onto your hips as he picked up his pace, already feeling his release close. “Y/N, I…” He let out a low groan, “I-I’m sorry. I can’t.”

You nodded and whisper, “It’s alright, hun.” Even though you were nowhere near your finish you were happy that you’d been able to still have your first time with Adam, besides, there was plenty of time in the future to try again. Adam pulled out and you reached for his cock, jerking him off as he came, his cum landing on your chest.

Breathlessly Adam smiled down at you as he calmed down from his release. You reached up and pulled his face down to yours, kissing him lovingly. “Would you two just hurry up already?!” Dean shouted from the other side of the door, causing both of you to jump.

After a moment you looked at each other and started laughing, “Guess we should probably get moving then.” Adam finally sighed, rolling off of you and starting to collect his clothes.

You stayed on the bed with your lips pursed in a pout, “I need some clothes.” When you looked down at the bed you were shocked, but soon calmed down when you remembered your sex ed classes from years ago, “We might want to change the sheets, too.” There was a small amount of blood staining the sheets between your legs.

Adam looked horrified, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine, hun. Means I’m safe to come on the hunt.” You smile, climbing out of the bed and wrapping your arms around him, “And the sooner we finish this hunt, the sooner we can get some more practice in.”

Part 2

***Heads up! Part Two in the works, yay!

Okay this was inspired by that post that’s been going around about a barista confessing that he spells names wrong on cups sometimes just to see the reaction. I absolutely cannot find that post, otherwise I would link it, so…

ps. This evolved into way more than I thought it would? Also I haven’t done much editing to it, so I hope it’s not error-ridden? Omg what did I do?

Bucky the Smitten Barista.Docx

The first time it happened, Steve felt pity for the guy who made his drink. S-s-t-e-e-f was scribbled in black marker on the cup handed over to him. The barista responsible just watched Steve with a smile on his face. Steve smiled back wordlessly, took a sip of his drink, and left. Despite either being hard of hearing or somehow severely under-educated, the barista was still smiling kindly. It made the utter butchering of what Steve thought was an easy name no big deal.


The second time it happened, Steve became skeptical.

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And All That Jazz

He’s humming.

His jacket has a More Than Large Hole in the right pocket, (thank god he didn’t put his phone in that side) it’s raining, and his shoes slip and slide along the sidewalk with ease.

Dean huffs out a breath, and with amusement, stares at the fog drifting in the air as he moves past him.

The ground, littered with fossilized gum pieces, stands shiny against the greying outside world. Underneath a shop awning, Dean untangles himself from the crowd of people wearing long black coats. 

Umbrellas reflecting rain almost poke him in the god damn face, and Wow. Why did I ever think it was a grand idea to move to New York? What the hell was going thro—-

Shoulders collide, and it sort of hurts.

“Sorry, sorry, I,” the man wipes Dean’s shoulder from the new wetness that has happened there. 

That’s a first. Who apologizes for bumping into someone here?

“Oh, no problem man. Don’t worry about it,” Dean tells the man, “really.”

The man, in a tan coat instead of black, dark hair mussed from the rain, smiles softly to himself. He nods.

He’s walking away, the coat belt swaying slightly in the wind.

Dean picks up his humming.


Going into the heated coffee shop was probably the best decision he’s made today. 

It’s bright, insanely warm, and full of the sound of people in conversation. 

He comes here every time he’s stuck on an article. Being a journalist sometimes needs new surroundings for thought.

Dean opens his laptop, sitting at the tall table next to the window. His coffee, steaming slowly and steadily, is engulfed by his freezing fingertips.

Tiny raindrops stick to the glass, running slowly down and colliding with each other. Dean realizes he’s distracted and turns back to his computer. A sigh makes itself known.

He promised himself that he would finish the article before the jazz concert at the bar tonight. Some relief after this pain-in-the-ass story, he thought. Coffee creeps down his throat, both warming and energizing him.  

Here goes nothing.


The bag slides off his shoulders with ease, crashing to the floor in the sound of a metallic clang as his keys come in contact with it. Dean huffs out a sigh of relief, slugging his coat (still lightly wet) off his shoulders.

He has thirty minutes until he goes to the jazz concert.

Dean never gets sick of the saxophone, and he drops the needle on the record gently and confidently. He finds his foot tapping against the hardwood, and then he’s dancing.

Pretending he’s holding a girl against his chest, Dean twirls her. Their feet move along each other perfectly to the time of the beat.

He’s laughing as he bring her to him again, and then he stops.

“Be right there, hold on a second!” His response to the knocking on his door was taken directly from his ass. Dean removes the needle from the spinning record and goes to answer it.

“If you don’t turn that down, I swear to go—”

“Sorry, Zac. I got uh,” he nervously laughs, “carried away, is all. Won’t happen again." 

Zac eyes him suspiciously. “Alright. Make sure, okay? At least play something better than Sinatra, Winchester.”


Showers are godsent, tapping on the white tiles, make sure to tell God he did one thing right. He knocks the shampoo bottle over seconds after that.


Smoke hits him in a dense cloud when Dean exits his apartment building. Coughing, he makes his way along the sidewalk.

Buzzing lights shine against the dark sky. Blue, red, green and yellow paint the fog (or smoke? Who can tell the difference anymore?) in the cold air.

Dean stumbles into the bar, hurriedly trying to escape the frost of the night. 

He sits at his usual spot, the bartender nodding towards his general direction upon Dean entering the scene. He pours Dean his drink, and goes to tend to the other men tapping their hands along the countertop.

He looks towards the red curtain illuminated by a fading golden light, awaiting the music to follow. Dean smiles, happy he made it. He truly feels content here, now. 

He sips his drink as the band emerges from the curtain, walking towards their respective instruments. 

The lights come on, and they begin immediately filling the room with noise. 

Dean’s eyes flutter closed, as instinct, reveling in how it makes him feel. 

One of these mornings,

You’re going to rise up singing 

He opens them, and locks eyes with the bass player. He’s seen that man before.

Dean registers that the gentleman plucking a bass and moving slowly to the beat is the same one who bumped into him this morning.

Dark haired, blue eyed, mystery man smiles at him, acknowledging. 

But ‘til that morning

He blushes, looks back down at his instrument. Dean swallows. 

There’s nothing that can harm you

They finish the song, and the lead makes a joke about singing the song “Summertime” just as winter starts. Dean finds bassist, bumping-into man staring at him again. 

The crowd cheers and laughs.

Dean winks in his direction.


Their set is amazing, making Dean wanting to get up at every song and just dance in front of everyone, (did he have too much to drink?) but luckily, did not. 

Dark haired bassist abandons his instrument and hops off the stage unceremoniously. Dean clutches his drink in his fingers as he realizes the man is walking toward him.


“Yes. Hello,” the bass player smiles at Dean. “I’m Castiel." 

Dean grins and looks up at the man.

"Dean. Well now I know you’re good at three things,” he laughs. “Bumping into people’s shoulders, apologizing, and playing some damn good bass.”

Castiel’s cheeks turn pink. 

“Oh, thank you. I try.”

“Y’know I’ve been coming to this bar every Friday for jazz night, and,” Castiel places his elbow on the corner of the bar, staring at Dean through his lashes. “I’ve never heard somethin’ as good as that. You really know what you’re doin’.” Dean says, trying not to stutter or slur.

“Why, thank you, Dean. You’re not so bad at making eyes at me from fifteen feet away.” Castiel quips. Dean breaks out into a stupid giggle fest, which Castiel joins seconds afer.

“Wanna go get coffee later? I’d bet my left arm it’s gonna rain tomorrow,” Dean’s looking into his stunning eyes. “Nice place to warm up, if you ask me.”

“I’d love to, Dean. That sounds perfect.” The bassist blushes again, running his hands into his already slicked back hair.

The crowd riles up all of a sudden, getting clearly excited. Castiel turns to find the band returning to the stage. He holds up a finger to Dean, and rushes to join his fellow bandmates.

“You were such a lovely audience, we’ve decided to play one more,” the lead says through the microphone. He looks at the others on stage, then counts to 3 quietly.

The piano starts, and the others chine in soon after.

all of me, why not take all of me

Dean finds his eyes glued to Castiel, plucking happily to the rhythm. 

cant you see

im no good without you

Castiel’s piercing eyes find Dean’s, and he doesn’t stop staring.


take my lips 

i want to know them

Breath warm against his face, Castiel backs Dean into the brick wall on the outside of the bar.

Red hot lips attack Dean’s own, moving so hungrily. Dean’s tongue finds its way into the other’s mouth, meeting in a burst of warmth.

take my eyes

ill never use them

Freezing hands come up to stoke Castiel’s cheekbones, gently. Dean breaks away, seeing his breath cloud the air in front of them.

In the chilling air, Castiel laughs, and Dean does joins him.


“You spelled ‘their’ wrong in this article, Dean,” Castiel chimes from the kitchen table, “how did you even do that?”

Dean mumbles around his toothbrush. “Shut up. ‘s tired” Cas hums.

He closes the laptop and gets up to drop the needle on the record player, surrounding the apartment in piano not long after.

“I love this song,” Dean says, coming out from the bathroom.

“I know.”

Castiel’s hands grasp Dean’s and he sways them to the music.

He leans in, close, breath agaisnt his ear. “You know why?”

Dean huffs out a laugh.

“‘Course I do.”

He spins Castiel, then brings him close to his chest.  

so why not

Cas kisses the tip of Dean’s nose.

take all of me?