i know i skipped a scene but i couldnt think of anything

Bts react to you being sick

Yes this is my personal imagine, as i have explained here im starting off with it because ive been sick for fifteen hundread years and i just wanna be taken care off, lollolol,so here’s my debut i guess. i hope it offers you a scope of my writing and how i would portray each member please tell me if you like it, or if you have any comments (IT WOULD MEAM THE WORLD TO ME) and hit me up for more Requestsss im readyyy!! Thanks in advance for all the support, i am literally s excited to wriTE IT ALLLLL

  • Seokjin

Low-key freak out, does a bad job of hiding it, starts  nervously Pickering with you instead. ‘I TOLD you to take a jacket!’ *huffs* Tries not to hover, but cant help it, starts on that chicken broth IMMINENTLY, has to feed you himself. Scary mama bear. Loses his shit whenever one of the guys teases you, ‘Jungkook if you don’t put her down this instant…’*glare* although he himself cant stop the teasing ‘You just want a kiss to make you feel better, don’t you? *smooches you as you laugh and try to push him away* ‘I am sick, you dork!’

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  • Rapmon:

Monie wouldn’t really know what to d He’d pull you against his chest while simultaneously reaching for his phone. “Do you have a fever? are you feeling dizzy?” Instantly cancels all daily activities to be with you. Insist on dragging you along when you refuse to go so you won’t get in the way. Wouldn’t stop trying to self-diagnose you. Unsatisfied when you tell him you just need some rest. “just get in the car babe, for me? i know a really good doctor close by” keeps your hand his at all times.

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  • Suga:

Being the most observant member, he would probably notice that you are tired before you do. Instantly picking-up on your depleted energy levels. "Are you feeling okay baby?” He’d ask while running a palm along your side. You’d sigh, realizing that you are leaning at little heavily on him, you borrow closer into his warmth. That would be all he needed to see before he pulls you to a couch and runs for some Aspirin. He’d keep-up a quiet light discussion to intimately keep tabs on you without making a big deal out of it. Keeps a hand on your hip, a few fingers just under the hem of your shirt to measure your body temp. Takes you to a pharmacy before you even realize where you’re going, insists you at least drape his jacket on your solders when the cold air hits you, cuts off any protests with a kiss. 

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  • JHope:

Hobi would f r e a k out. He would baby you with everything. Asks Jin hyung what to do, unconsciously gets super quiet and sulky without realizing it, chin on your shoulder. Scandalized once you call him out snaps instantly out of it, jumping up and exploding into a silly dance to make you feel better, not stopping until you crack a smile. *100 watt smile on*  He would calm down at the sound of your laughter, keeping up a light overly dramatic attitude acting like a kid until you’re clutching your sides from laughing. Gets super clingy and touchy, starts off any conversation with ‘Y/N is sick, BTW’. Won’t stop no matter how embarrassed you get. Pats your back as you hide your face in his shirt.‘Laughter is the best medicine after all’. *Nodes *

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  • Jimin:

Next to Suga, this mochi will be the most aware of it and definitely the most attentive. He won’t be softer than usual because he’s Park Jimin and it doesn’t get softer than that. He’d know how to take good care of you, being the caretaker of Bangtan, it comes naturally to him. I also feel like he’d be the one of the most mature about it, Calmly tucking you to bed and putting the kettle on. He’d keep an overall serene and healing air, that would calm you down like palms on a burn. Already big on PDA this sneaky fluff ball would abuse the situation to the extreme, caging you in his arms and clinging to your waist. He’d let you pat him and spoon him more willingly though, knowing that it makes you feel better. Shamelessly nuzzling up to your chest and neck, leaving sloppy kisses as you giggle ‘Sweetheart, you smell just so good!’ 

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  • Taehyung:

Tae would be a lost puppy i’m afraid. He is very sensitive though, so i feel like he might mistake your sudden calm for distance. Consequently getting hurt. He’d try to get a read on you discreetly, reaching for stuff around you or stretching to test whether you flinch or pull away. He would keep dancing around it, pulling on your shirtsleeve, gaze unable to meet yours , until he can’t stand it and has to know. ‘What’s wrong?’ he’d ask roughly, voice dropping. once you throw your arms around him though, he would instantly know, despite your muffled "nothing". Melting into your touch, he’d wrap your thighs around, as he heads for the bathroom. ‘Let’s find a thermometer yeah?’ Get ready to be showered with affection once everything settles down tho.

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  • Jungkook:

Jungkook would unconsciously pick up on it, offering his physical support more than often but it might take him a bit to realize. Being one to value personal space. He’d chalk up your quietness to something mundane, and try not to get in your way instead. It wouldn’t really hit him, until later in the day when you wont’t finish your food and stay silent through dinner discussions, thinking back to how out of it you seemed the entire day, his worry takes root. He would stew in silent turmoil, stamping out his uneasiness as best he could. He’d think carefully about what to do, opting out of teasing you. He’d gently rub your thigh, knowingly. You’d hold out as long you could before giving in and slumping down against him, with a heavy sigh. He ducks down catching your eyes before you think to look away. Understanding glints in his , and your sigh turns into a groan. You could never keep anything from those doe eyes. He leans in pressing his lips to ur forehead and a twin pair of callused palms descend on your neck and upper arms eliciting a myriad of emotions, not stopping until you’re halfway sat on his lap. He run his fingers at the nape of ur neck “Is your throat acting up again? Im pretty sure we still have some medicine left from last time”. Mmmm is all you can muster in an effort not to moan under his heavenly menstruation. 

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You’re body’s so loosed up that you barely register the effortless lift, his arms and he’s suddenly skipping from room to room, asking the hyungs and collecting things. ‘Remember what was it called? Something that sounds like a Pokemon?’ Finally at he end of the impromptu treasure hunt, he’d sit you in his lap, back to his chest, as you two sort out the mess his haul. Where did a fully functional hot water bag come from? And why does it feel so good against the back of your neck. After a bit of experimentation. And Jk’s protective instinct you would end up more burrito than human, sort of cocoon filled with all manners comforting gadgets with kookie holding it together. Cuddles Cuddles Cuddlesssssss

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lmao sorry i couldnt wit the laundry mountain on the last one


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WHATADO Everybody, Its your boi Nemo back at it again with another Fanfiction. I thought about doing a Tyler Joseph fanfiction but I wasn’t in the mood for making a smut, so I made a fluff! Sorry if its kind of long, but other wise, I hope you enjoy it :)

Type: Fluff

Warning: !Cute Tyler!, Storms

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1.7k (1,728 words)


So without further a do, P-P-P-P-PLAY IT:

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3.15 recap

my brother jessy @decaheda‘s taking the night off from the recap biz so imma try to fill her very funny shoes. previously on the flop:

  • so the ep opens on clarke and some less important people arguing over what to do next and clarke’s like “lets find a nightblood” and everyone’s like “bitch where” and clarke’s like “yeah thats fair”
  • also jasper’s suspiciously chill bc that doesnt give anything away 
  • so clarke goes off to have a moment with lexa.rar and imma be real i cried it was sad everything sucks 
  • alie and roan watched the promo and got queerbaited just like me cause they showed up for the lexa mention right on time
  • roan’s there for the flame and clarke and i both lose years off our already short queer lives when he makes a grab for it
  • roan jacks the flame
  • clarke jacks roan
  • so clarke and the other less important people bring roan back to arkadia where he makes eye contact with raven for .08 seconds and for some reason the heterodonalds are shipping that
  • so clarke comes up with a plan
  • “we just need to take this really fragile chip that holds whats left of my soulmate, walk into polis which is full of thousands of chipped zombies who are gonna try to kill us, climb the tower, abduct ontari, unchip ontari, put the flame in ontari, and defeat alie”
  • roans like “yeah that checks out” so off they go
  • on the outskirts of polis roan goes “so imma need that flame” and clarke’s like “ha. hard pass” and roan’s like “no seriously, give it” and clarke’s like "im seriously not gonna give it” and they argue til clarke decides she’d rather get gagged and dragged in as a prisoner than let lexa out of her sight
  • bellamy’s like “do you really trust the sketchy king of the sketchy clan” and clarke’s like “i would literally die for this chip” so off they go
  • back to home base for the sky slugs
  • jasper’s being nice you know that means
  • he’s been taken over by a genocidal ai that has a better grasp on human decency than the average straight white man
  • he stabs monty but its okay cause he had sex with a girl in the last ep so he survives the wound
  • back to Polis
  • lexa died 8 days ago and its an abandoned gray disaster as dismal as this show’s ratings
  • roan’s like “yo” and jaha’s like “yoooooo!!!”
  • jaha’s like “gimme that flame yo” roan’s like “im literally only here cause of the lexa mentions in the promo” and clarke’s gagged so its muffled but you can hear her say “same”
  • it kinda sounds like “thame”
  • either way
  • we’re all here for the same reason
  • jaha’s feelin a little yikes about that but so’s roan cause he’s like “i dont like what im sensin, gimme heda or im out”
  • back in arkadia monty’s alive and raven’s doing sciencey things and devon bostick’s mindlessly pawing at the door practicing for his ftwd audition 
  • over in polis the blakes are angsting from their hideout while miller and bryan talk about how theyre gonna survive this and grow old together
  • who’s gonna tell them
  • back to clarke and roan 
  • clarke gets kidnapped and roan gets shot. honestly couldnt tell you if he’s dead or alive. probably dead, im guessing their guest star budget’s gonna be a little tight next season considering their show budget’s gonna be like, 8 dollars
  • so clarke gets dragged into the throne room and i deadass teared up a bit cause i bet clarke cant walk into that room without remembering the time lexa swore fealty
  • abby stabs her in the bobbies. you literally cant make this shit up.
  • damaged earth cleavage aside, clarke still wont take the chip so abby’s like “love is weakness lets fuck up her friends instead”
  • good to know that theme’s still alive and well
  • unlike your minorities
  • unlike your show
  • honestly couldnt tell you what happened in the scene after that, bellamy and pike were in the same scene and i fast forwarded til it was over
  • uhhhhh back in arkadia things happened i think. 
  • so skipping ahead a bit the new plan is murphy and bellamy go up the elevator to help clarke and defeat alie. pike’s the little engine that could working the elevator pulley thing and octavia’s just like holy shit indra can we kill him
  • indra’s like “no :/ the dead cant help us”
  • lexa’s like “first of all, bitch,” 
  • so they do get up the tower eventually but just in time for jaha to give ontari permanent brain damage so she cant take the flame
  • nothing ever goes right in this show what were we expecting honestly
  • clarke’s like “its over we’re fucked :/” 
  • ~*~ to be continued ~*~

i’m doing this post mostly just to let my feelings out but i also want to point out how presh the members are with Luhan when he came back from his break :) and as always,its gon be PHOTOS HEAVY AND FUCKING LONG LIKE LITERALLY so just keep it in mind before u read this ,or just ignore it , i warned u already OTL

as u all know, recently Luhan just took a break and couldn’t attend one of the concerts because of his exhaustion. he was seen going to the hospital for check up and look visibly tired these days. before that he got heat stroke during one of the concert, and had to took a train to shorten his flight time. turn out he’s exhausted,physically and mentally. im not surprised w all the schedules from all over the place, and they barely get to rest or sleep. then luhan is scared of height, he shakes even when he ride the elevator so imagine having to be up high several times a day on top of being tired. then turn out he had to take sleeping pills in order to fly because it got worse,so he had to take a train and got permission to shorten his flight. that’s heartbreaking ;____; i didnt think it was that bad, but sometimes i wonder how he deal w all the flights when he’s scared of height and well i got my not so pleasant answer. he had no choice tho, he got rlly weak and it must be pretty bad that he had to take a break and was rarely seen in public during those days,he could barely even open his eyes or walk at the airport jfc

but u know what,thats just the tip of the iceberg. and im talking bout luhan specifically here, i know bout the other member’s injuries and exhaustion too but mention everything would be rlly long and this post is bout luhan so. he was constantly tired even back then,it just got worse then till he couldnt go on anymore. for the 1st time ever, he admitted that he’s sick,that he cant go on and has to take a break. for a guy that always say he’s fine,that he got better and dont worry and never say he’s tired or sick or complain and still carry out all of his schedules, that rlly says sth. and fans found these pics, he had needle marks,most likely IV drips to keep him going from months ago

not to mention there’s scar,bruises and scratch on his knees and arms and god knows where. even when i saw him 4 months ago, he looked rlly tired that i didnt even want to approach or say anything cuz he just look like he didnt want to be bother and want to be in peace. and he’s known to have weak immune system ever since, always get sick here and there. back in Happy Camp recording in June, he was coughing on the side but he still did everything as normal. on top of that,he’s constanly being bothered by sasaeng who harassed him,stalked him and just added onto the burden he already had. when he had his filming for his movie, they cursed at him to get attention, threw papers w phone numbers at him,knocked on his hotel’s door, digged up his trashcan, and even put a camera in his room. luhan is a selfless guy, he always care bout others before him. he was worried bout his filming cuz its his 1st movie and he works w seniors, he had to think for the filming crew, he was afraid the fans gon bother them and delayed the filming which will result in shorter scenes for him since he has limited time frame to film. he got a lot on his mind already ,and his body is exhausted.

but u know whats amazing bout him,he carried out all the schedules including solo schedules. he participated everything w the members. he performed everything till the end at all the concerts he’s been to. when he didnt have strength to stand, he sat down and kept singing. tho he’s scared of heights, he still fly all over the place and try his best to show his gratitude to the fans. e usually smile, wave, talk a lil or bow at the airport, but when he didnt do it and didnt say a word, fans know that sth must have happened. and what rlly tugs at my heart is that he never once complain or let fans know if he’s feeling unwell or uncomfortable. he always smile, always wave and always say thank you, i love you ,sorry and be happy,be healthy. i want to scold him for saying that cause its like default for him. he doesnt have to apologize for being sick, he doesnt wish for his health but for ours. but that’s just luhan for you :) 

and what makes me sad are the ppl who doubted him,some of his fans are included. i know whatever happened make u paranoid, but its unfair to doubt luhan who did solo schedule for several time already and he always come back. then why do u suspect him and spread rumors and being unnecessarily dramatic when he always come back w the members? why dont u worry bout his health instead. idk him personally and i cant say anything for sure, but if u love him then at least have some faith in him. if u love him then u should know what he has done and who he is. the least u can do is trust him, why do u call urself his fan when u doubt his actions? trust is a 2 bladed knife and u just have to take the risk.but i just want to point out that its not fair for him, and not fair for others when u freak out and start to imagine things then scare them which lead into a mess of crying and complaining and suspicious fans.pls just dont, this fandom has enough of that. if the photos of him coming back dont say anything, then i have nothing left to say.i ll take the risk in trusting him, so its up to you

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