i know i skipped a few kisses but i had to

Do you remember it was mid-November when you first took me by surprise, a chance to get to know you and boy I was through, you were destined to be the apple of my eye.

Do you remember it was late December when I told you I loved you for the first time, too scared to speak the words aloud although my mind would shout, I knew you had to be mine.

Because I remember mid-November just like it happened today and in my mind you forever stay, those first few days on replay, my heart you caught with no delay.

Yes I remember late December and I hope you do as well, for as we talked off with my heart you walked and soaring down I surely fell.

I hope you reminisce about our first kiss and how being close to you made my heart skip overwhelmed with sweet bliss.

I hope when you lay down to sleep, you can still feel my fingers outline those three simple words because they are yours forever to keep.
I will always take the leap, for you my sweet.

—  @another–mystery