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Hey wondering if you could please rec some ace safe sh blogs? They can be so hard to find. Thanks for reading

Okay so this isn’t everyone but here are some people who I see being friendly and positive towards aro/aces and who I find trustworthy in that aspect. Lots of them are multifandom blogs but they all post Shadowhunters content. Some I’ve been following for months while others I started following literally today. Most of these ppl are my mutuals but not everyone and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone and also feel free to tell me if you don’t want your url up here for some reason and I’ll delete it. Anyway here we go:

First of all: @matthewbane (you can trust Sara, follow her pls)

Also: @katy-l-wood || @intangibel || @andrewminyardy || @pretteedizzeed || @grayacejace || @mammafairchild || @nightfallgoddess || @courageincombat || @arosendes || @aleclightwouldyounot || @sapphicalexandra || @sapphiclydia || @thisissirius || @sadlyamundane || @wolfpupmaia || @bismoaking || @queerlightwoods || @doctorlightwood || @clizzyiscanon

Again I feel like I forgot someone so I’m really sorry about that but anyway anyone’s welcome to add their url to this if you’re a Shadowhunters blog that is safe for ALL aro/aces (which by the way involves not being an ace exclusionist and not reblogging any of the subtly aphobic posts made by discoursers), it would be very much appreciated by lots of people <3



(Where I’m heading who knows; my heart will stay the same. Eraser, Ed Sheeran )

Any time that Lexie had good news, April knew it was probably best that she brace herself for the worst. It wasn’t her best friend’s fault that she had a terrible, terrible habit of jinxing most things. Lexie had the worst luck out of anyone and everyone that April knew. The girl could never catch a break; having survived a nasty car accident, ruptured appendix, a semi-plane crash, and exes with surprise kids lurking off in the dark corners waiting to ambush at exactly the worst time imaginable, April was stunned she’d managed to evade being struck by lightning. Or death itself.

So when Lexie came bursting through the door to their apartment, grin stretched over her face so wide that it threatened to split her lips, April had half the mind to go ahead and dial emergency services for when the inevitable came knocking.

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Favorite LGBT Characters From YA Lit 
↳ Jesper Fahey / Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

“…I have other skills that bring me more pleasure and profit than this. Lots of other skills.” 

Wylan coughed. Flirting with him might actually be more fun than annoying him, but it was a close call.

@peskylilcritter @meabhair I’m aware we don’t really know each other but I thought you’d like to see a continuation of @suzukiblu‘s upbringing swap!AU. I dunno who else would be interested. I just vaguely recall who liked the last part I wrote.

Anyway, here’s part 2! For those interested that haven’t read part one, here it is.

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From Xena episode “Them Bones, Them Bones” master script

Gabrielle: “but I can tell you this Xena… You’re the only constant in my life… And unless you know something I don’t, I’m not going anywhere. So I’m going to say the most selfish thing I’ve ever said to you: that baby’s my baby too.”

Get it Dadrielle!

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 followers whoever you would like to get to know better. (But like Yikes twenty omg i want to know everyone but i also feel attention-seeking tagging people. thank to @lawlietismyfavorite for tagging me! (aka she’s the one to blame if this post is Garbage clogging your dash) 

Name: What’s a name? 
Nicknames: I don’t have many that aren’t knight-related. Roomie calls me potato and I’ve never really figured out the origin story for that. Hunk and I have extensive names for each other, and I’ve yet to write them all down into one paragraph (fun fact, that’s why our main brotp tag is too many inside jokes). But. My three favorite nicknames are Knight/Kaniggit, Potato, or Gingiesnap. 
Height: 5′4 or 5′5? I’m not really sure? Somewhere in-between that I believe 
Orientation: Somewhere on the ace spectrum between indifferent and entirely sex repulsed. Romantic orientation is a dark laugh in a dark room and an awkward silence immediately after. Gender is somewhere between female and is gender even a real thing my body feels like a plastic case and my Me as a Person Entity is just a puff of stagnant closet (ha) air. (Aka: who the fuck even knows anymore) 
Ethnicity: Mostly German, but I feel like if I don’t mention the potential for Irish or Scottish in me I’d be offending my *cough* grandfather and the Red Hair that burns brightly on my fragile head
Favorite Fruit: Ummm it really depends on my mood tbh. I crave apples sometimes. Cantaloupe is pretty good.  DO TOMATOES AND AVOCADOS COUNT BECAUSE IF SO THOSE TWO ARE MY FAVORITES NOW AND FOREVER
Favorite season: Really anything but summer. Preferably winter + snow, but I like the in-between of fall and spring where im not MELTING TO A GODDAMN CRISP
Favorite Book: Fortunately, i have an answer at the moment because i feel like nothing I’ve read since quite touched met the same way. East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I’ve been meaning to re-read it but I’ve never gotten around to it. (As an English major i get to read a shitton of literature and most of it doesn’t enthrall me, but I also feel bad that my favorite book is my favorite atm simply because it stuck by me like peanut butter in your mouth.) (Also though The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Beautiful.) (Also anything by Sylvia Plath.) 
Favorite Flower: All flowers are lovely flowers except tulips. Rot in hell, tulips.  
Favorite scent:  ….. I really like smelling things ajfojsdfoajfdjf i have too many favorite scents fuck ummmmmmmm mostly lately I’ve been drawn towards things that smell spicy but like spicy soft like cinnamon or oafjaodjf idk 
Average Sleep Hours: weekdays 5-7, weekends anywhere from 5 to 12
Cat or Dog person: Both? I like the aesthetic of both animals for different reasons tbh….. I don’t know if i could decide between them as general concepts. Like. If you had to give me a Pug or a Siamese cat, I’d chose the Siamese cat, but if a husky was involved, I wouldn’t even look at what the cat was. 
Favorite Fictional Character: ajdjffjaodj NOT HUMBERT HUMBERT THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE 
Number of Blankets you sleep with: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3 to 4, sometimes five. Sometimes just the sheet tho? It really just depends. I prefer to sleep in cold rooms for Maximum Burrowing but lately the heating system back at college has been Lackluster and I don’t always get to be in the temperature I want, so sometimes lately literally just a sheet (WHICH GREATLY VEXES ME) because anything more and i wake up feeling like season 1 will graham 
Ideal Trip: ….. Anywhere with my friends. Preferably involving the ocean BECAUSE I LOVE THE OCEAN JUST PLOP ME RIGHT ON DOWN AND I WILL STARE AT IT FOREVER AND MAYBE CRY A LITTLE. I should probably take this question more seriously because I might get to travel and go to places I never dreamed of, but my requirements really are simple. Good food. Good friends. Hopefully an Entire Ocean 
Blog created: Sometime in 2014, maaaaybe late 2013? This was the time, however, where I didn’t do much because i was still in la la land thinking Sherlock was decent, Supernatural was interesting, and Pinterest was THE place to be. (May no one ever come across my account. I weep at the thought if it still existing. May God have mercy on all of the poor souls that followed me) 
Number of followers: 239

Tagging @everybodyknows-everybodydies @farie-wand-tardis @thescribesapprentice @sad-senpai-noises @ennead13x @one-two-many-lives anddddddddddddddd @purrence because you’ve been fairly present in my notifications lately, y’all can do it if you want

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hey just wanted to let you know that last person that said cglre is pedophilia is posting shit about you on their blog

I’m aware but thank u for telling me. I asked him to delete the post as it is false but he told me no.
I do try to check sources but I’m only human and make mistakes. I always read descriptions & follow banners but his blog said nothing about not letting Cglre interact. I deleted it when he asked as well. I don’t wanna just reblog cute stims like glitter & slime, as most stims are body stims, so I feel it’s important to reblog those. The ones I do reblog the OP’s don’t seem to have a problem with it. His so called PSA is a bunch of lies and false information based on a mistake that was partially his fault. (Again his blog never said Cglre can’t interact. Not only did I delete his post when asked though I’ve apologized as well. Cuz I know how to be a decent human being)

I might be hallucinating, but does anyone ever happen to feel like there’s a liminal space going through?

Like just feeling liminality.

You are sitting alone proper and quiet reading a book and then… All the sounds come off as odd or far away, and the lightning is clearly not what it is supposed to be???

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I don't care how "accommodating" Rajah is Kala is obviously not happy in their relationship and that means way more than whatever effort he puts into it.

lol I know. I didn’t say Kala has to be with Rajan, but if you read the post again and it asks ‘why settle’. All my reasons are reasons for settling, that’s all. Love is important but sometimes you have to accept that ‘true love’ is not always a good enough reason to make certain important choices, which, for the record, is the whole point of their storyline. 

send me some questions or opinions or whatever you want

“Laurent dropped the cloak from his shoulders….” (Prince’s Gambit, p. 222)
“He almost didn’t notice when Laurent drew a cloth from his cloak” (Prince’s Gambit, p. 224). 

okay I know that the tent must have been padded and the ice was wrapped in cloth but it’s more fun to imagine laurent dropping his cloak dramatically, obi-wan-kenobi-before-duel style, and the huge block of ice he’s somehow managed to smuggle naturally in a pocket loudly making itself known. laurent’s life is hard, y’all. 

Why Disney May Not Make Finn-Poe A Reality - And Why They SHOULD!

I read recently that Disney is NOT making Finn and Poe happen. That evidently, the “StormPilot” is nothing more than a mere fantasy or fanfiction hot topic in the Star Wars fan universe. Why? I do not know the solid grounds for that, but I do have a theory that based on the many various articles that I have read - and let me assure that is A LOT - it has to do with the question that a gay couple in Star Wars may not be a suitable “family friendly” film plotline. 

Let me just begin my posting in support for StormPilot by saying, to Disney, that…. It is 2016! LGBT is a HUGE film and television topic! Modern Family, The Fosters, New Normal, Ellen… just because it is a LGBT storyline doesn’t make it unsuitable for children. Gay and lesbian couples are now able to adopt children and are now starting families together. Seeing a gay couple on the big or small screen isn’t going to make a child go insane or in need of a life-long therapist. In fact, I actually saw a video of a little elementary school age girl who was playing with Finn and Poe action figures/dolls and re-enacting the reunion scene between them in the movie. Twist? She ended it with the two kissing and was smiling over it. If that isn’t proof that LGBT couples are NOT damaging to a child’s mental health, I don’t know what is. 

Also, in these days, LGBT is MUCH less of a taboo topic in comparison to the 80′s and 70′s. Now, LGBT marriage has been legalized in every state of America. This isn’t 1990 where gays and lesbians are keeping a low key about their sexual orientation under fear of being bashed. It is majorly popular, and quite frankly, people love it. Especially in entertainment. (Ever hear of a thing called Yaoi, girls?)

Children of straight parents are ALWAYS seeing hetero couples on screen. How often are children of LGBT couples seeing people “like mommy/mommy or daddy/daddy” on screen? Relatively, not much. It was only in 2014 that Disney actually made the choice to show a lesbian couple on the “family friendly” show Good Luck Charlie. A Disney first. While there was controversy among a few bigoted people, Disney decided to be bold and do it anyway - with a lot of praise and support from the audience and fans. Even a few celebs tweeted and posted their support of it. 

Why is it so different for Star Wars?

Oh, yes. Because of the HUGE and GIANT fanbase and fear of “losing profit” from those who disapprove (because suddenly a gay couple isn’t good for “the children”). Let me remind you that Star Wars only made a $1 billion dollar grossing in less than TWO WEEKS. A box office success that only beat out films like Avatar, The Avengers, Jurassic World and even Harry Potter! Yet, Disney is afraid of losing profit from those who will boycott it due to a thing we all know as homophobia. 

Now, I am not saying that a “bromance” isn’t a good thing. It is. I love seeing two goofballs have a good brotherly on-screen chemistry. (One of my personal favorites are Mike and Harvey from Suits. God, I love them and their movie quotes!) It is a real treat for us fans. 

But, I see the major potential here for Star Wars to go even MORE down in history! If they were to go through with making Finn-Poe a real, actual on screen couple they will be the first major Disney franchise to actually have an LGBT couple. Also, a Star Wars first! And GOD FORBID that Star Wars become an even BIGGER legend than before! -_-

So, maybe, I am wrong. Maybe fear of losing profit and boycotts are not the reason as to why Disney will not make Finn-Poe a couple. Maybe this is just another long vent from a strong passionate fan about a hit entertainment series. Maybe, they really just don’t want Finn and Poe to become a couple. They just want a strict, platonic yet loving brotherly friendship. And it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that. (FanFiction and the Finn-Poe tumblr pages are ALWAYS going be sticking around for the fans fantasies.)

I am just saying that if the reasons stated above are the reason why Disney will not make StormPilot a fan reality, then… that’s just a real shame. Because, they’d be losing out on a lot of success and praise due to backing down in fear from a few bigoted idiots. And if we stuck to that kind of action and thinking, then we wouldn’t have the LGBT success that we can say that we have today. Now would we?

Romance Scholar Problems:

(A guide in Disney gifs)

You find an article about reading romance critically:

But the comments are full of ass-hats claiming that romance is to lit what fast food is to cuisine, and is undeserving of any kind of consideration:

The ensuing disgust: 

…violent rage:

… and ultimate heartache of feeling like you’re fighting up hill:

What do do:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Remember that they are fucking idiots.
  • Go pour a BIG drink.
  • And get back to your research

You know, as far as I can see, the average politically active millennial puts a hell of a lot more thought into their vote than members of older generations who just keep on supporting the same political parties election after election out of a sort of inertia. And at least millennials who don’t take an interest have the decency to stay home, rather than foul up the system with Tory votes because they haven’t clued in to the fact that Stephen Harper is not Bob Stanfield and this isn’t 1968.