i know i shouldn't be posting this but i need to

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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

So I got some bad news today. Health stuff wise. This is personal stuff that’ll likely have a big impact on my writing, but ultimately it’s still personal so I’m going to put it under a read more. I apologise in advance to people phone-browsing.

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katherinemansfields replied to your post

you knoooow how much i hate this guy. he’s shit and especially to you

yeah i know you’ve been saying this for YEARS but last night i finally realized that i just need to completely disassociate myself from him. the latest thing that happened (and the reason i suddenly remembered this Q party thing) is that he agreed to sell his VR to one of Q’s friends and had already arranged the drop-off time and everything… and then he texted them and was like hey actually i found someone who will buy it for $5 more so i’m gonna sell it to them. and when Q texted him being like, dude what are you doing, he said that changing terms like that was implicit in any deal unless you obtained a promise otherwise. like ???? 

anyways the point is: you were right, and i was wrong. i don’t think he does it on purpose but it honestly doesn’t matter anymore. i just need to not interact with him ever for my own sanity. like, yesterday i literally logged on, saw his profile pic in my hangouts sidebar, and then felt super angry and that’s just not… healthy lol sooo

trykster-maraca  asked:

Give me the poofy 80s Stephanie, you heathen. How garish are the leg warmers? Does she wear a fanny pack? How many smiley faces are on her person. The masses need to know.

I’m being attacked, and to answer your questions in order:

1. I am allergic to drawing in colour but they would be this awful obnoxious neon green -cough-gametheorygreen-cough-

2. She did not have one originally but u know what just for you she will have one that’s secretly full of bandaids and lollipops and like one tea bag in case of emergency.

3. No smiley faces she is a Serious Young Woman who takes school and work Very Seriously and smiley face clothing is Childish and Undignified for a future science major! (aka smiley face socks all day).

stay [egobang]

in which danny is little spoon and i am dying inside
just a late-night floofy drabble! 

ao3 cross post: link

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Just had to give a friend a stern talking to because she was shaming people who were so upset about The Walking Dead last night.

She said that we need to check our priorities and that it’s just a tv show.

I had to let her know that if someone wants to be upset about a tv show or a character, then they can and there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you completely unaware of reality and your own life. It’s something that we enjoy and it helps us escape our day to day lives for just an hour a week. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And to make people feel like they’re doing something wrong with their life is completely unacceptable. I understand that she doesn’t give a fuck, but a lot of people do, including me, so posting that just offended me as a person who loves The Walking Dead and loved Glenn and Abraham and I feel I was perfectly justified to be upset and to even cry when they died.

We’ve been with these characters for so long that we “know” them. They were integral parts of the show. To have them go out, and so brutally, is going to be heartbreaking no matter what.

To shame people and tell them to calm down and that it’s just a tv show is just rude.

I haven’t talked down to her about anything she likes, so don’t talk down to me about what I like.

New Blog! Neurodivergent Deals

Neurodivergent Deals is a blog dedicated to sharing discounts, promotions, and freebies that are relevant to neurodivergent people. It will post things like deals on stim toys and stim jewelry, price cuts on mobile apps for organization, and discounts on self-care items. I’ll also post, upon request, deals related to followers’ autistic special interests.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like deals on, please comment on this post or send an ask requesting it! 

I (the mod) am autistic, and was originally planning on making this blog autism-specific, but when I saw people tagging the post that inspired it all (this deal on spinner rings) with things like ‘adhd’ and ‘trich’, I decided to expand it. I don’t fully understand what kinds of things non-autistic ND people will need, so please do tell me what kinds of deals to look for!

Well, I need to call it quits on Inktober #30 because guess what, gotta wake up and get to the post office. Might be finished tomorrow along with #31?

Orchid mustelid bat dragon?!?! Bic ballpoint pen on smooth bristol, and then who knows what…

just a quick note on criticism: criticism in general is okay. it’s good to be aware of what’s going wrong (or not perfectly) and it’s good to constantly be working to improve. there is no such thing as perfection. there’s always room for improvement. blind following of “perfection” is never good. with that said, however, criticism that is founded from a prejudiced and ignorant background isn’t constructive at all. hate in any forms is never constructive. it does no good.

it’s possible to find a happy medium between blind following and blind hatred. let’s try our best to always work towards living in that happy medium :)

Hi guys!

If school has started for any of you, I hope it’s going well!

For me, it hasn’t. Which is the reason I decided I needed to write this post.

I realize I haven’t been as active on here, and I have a lot of messages I still need to answer. 

I’m not ignoring you. I’m not loosing interest in phan. And I’m not leaving.

School for some reason has been 99% more stressful this year than any other…and right now I don’t know why. Even the smallest levels of stress are causing me to crack and my thoughts have been rather dark as of late. 

I’m fine though, I just need to keep my head above water and work towards a better day. I’m hoping that day will be soon (and for anyone feeling the same as myself, it’ll be soon for you as well!)  ^^ 

I just wanted to let you know this is why I’ve been less active recently. I’m hoping that will change once I start feeling better and can get a grip on everything in my life.

Again, I’m not leaving. I’m not even taking a break. I’m just letting you know why I might be a tad bit behind with reblogging/posting/or responding to stuff. (Probably a few reblogs a day and if I have an open day on the weekend I’ll reply to you all ya’ll lovely people cx) 

I hope you stick around and give me your patience while I figure everything out <3

I love every single one of you, and I can’t wait to be back in full swing very soon :)


[filling my gf void with theories]

[A/N:  So, uh, I saw @renmorris‘ really interesting theory on the aftermath of Stan and Bill’s mindscape clash [http://renmorris.tumblr.com/post/139392423103/theoryau-idea] and I felt inspired to write something.  In my defense, I had too many emotions following the finale and need to get it out somehow.

…Getting it posted now so I can hopefully forget about it until tomorrow and work on my actual work, damn it.  Warning for weird shifting tenses.]  

The unearthly shrieks and screams of demons still echoed distantly, but the sky had turned bright Oregon blue and when a gust of warm wind blows past with a faint aroma of pine sap, Stanford knows that the fight is over. 

Cool relief soothed his aching body, every nerve burning from Bill’s torture, but then Ford sees the slumped figure in the middle of the clearing, head still held upwards and arms slack at his sides, and.

At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered but his brother.

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@ Danganronpa Fandom

I don’t really mean to lump all of us together like this since I know there are some people willing to listen and see look at things from a fresher perspective, but I needed to capture some attention. 

TL;DR - Step 1) Stop tagging character hate in the actual character tags, Step 2) Try to stop blindly hating characters and realise that even his voice actor has implied there is more to his character, & Step 3) Don’t forget that Junko Enoshima exists in the DR universe and is the reason why the Tragedy/killing games happened.

This isn’t an awfully long post imo, but I’ll put a read more for reblog purposes.

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i need a while to process my thoughts on it since it’s still early in the day, but oh wow!!! i can’t wait for the second part or to see what the french script will be for this one, i don’t even know how they could improve the dialogue but i am so down for this story arc