i know i shoudn't but

After the oikawa-in-glasses chapters I refuse to accept he doesn’t know how to dress…. Just…. Those socks?? And everything is blue/red/white?? Everyone else looks normal for heavens sake! That tshirt is so bad too… But its funny and I can see him wear it! Just not with those pants ;;;; And the god awful socks

faith-in-you-forever  asked:

Dear Carrie ;) Firstly, you are my biggest inspiration and you are amazing :) Secondly, I love your video, "to my 16 year old self", I really relate to the advice you give and I find that truly inspirational. Now my question is, what do you do to make yourself fell better when you feel down about yourself? I tend to always feel terrible even though I know I shoudn't. Thank you so much <3 <3


The best people go through self loathing sessions. I know some seriously talented, beautiful people, all of whom, at one time or another I’ve had to be their shoulder to cry on while they listed all the things they thought were wrong about themselves. When I feel crap about myself I start listing in my head all the things I’ve done in my life that I’m proud of. From silly things to big things. Give yourself a little pep talk in your head and don’t be afraid to be big headed. Inflate your own ego for a while just to make yourself feel better. As long as it’s in your own head and you’re not sat on a train boasting your greatness to the passengers through a loudhailer, it’s allowed! I also find putting on music and dancing in my PJ’s makes me feel good. Also, reach out! Talk to the people you love and who love you. Nothing feels like more of a relief than when you timidly explain how you feel and someone who you’d never have expected to says “OMG ME TOO!”. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone. 

Hope you start feeling better soon! :)