i know i say he bottoms but this will kill him t t


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,812

Description: In the midst of your loneliness due to Taehyung’s absence, you decide that you need a distraction, which somehow manifests itself as going over to his apartment and stealing a t-shirt or two… or three… 

Anonymous Requested: Being in a relationship with Taehyung, and stealing all of his t-shirts while he’s busy with bts’ latest comeback + smut


You watched with a prominent downward quirk of your lips as Taehyung ran around the apartment, quickly stuffing clothes into a duffel bag as he scurried in every direction to gather his things before he had to head off to the dorms. It was time for a comeback, and all of the members agreed that it would be much easier on everyone to just stay at the dorms together during the busy hype of the first couple of weeks. This cut down the annoyances of people showing up to schedules at different times, or getting caught in traffic, so you completely understood the point of it… You just wished it didn’t mean having to stay back at your apartment all alone.

At this point in your relationship with Taehyung, you probably should have been used to the notion of him having to leave for a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months, every once in a while… but just because you were used to it, didn’t mean you had to like it.

You fell back against the mattress, your mind heavy with thoughts, and you weren’t exactly trying your hardest to mask the disdain you had for him leaving, so it wasn’t surprising when you felt the slight sink of someone taking the spot next to you on the bed. You opened your eyes, a concerned looking Taehyung coming into view.

“Please don’t pout. You know I don’t want to leave.” He reached forward, lightly pinching at your bottom lip that was sticking out.

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Sentiments Mean Nothing

A/N: Welllll, first Harry Styles fic because, honestly, I’ve been a hardcore fan of his and the boys since literally 2011 and his solo career has been hitting me right in the heart, my baby’s doing so well, I’m such a proud mother. So, have this. This is, by far, the longest shot I’ve written on this blog so let’s hope it doesn’t get too boring and you enjoy it as much as I did writing it x.

Warning(s): Swearing, very slight Daddy kink at the end, suggestive sexual nature throughout

Word count: 4,261

Pairing(s): Harry Styles x Reader / Harry Styles x OC (Original Character)

Originally posted by hotsauceharry

          You know, it wasn’t so much that she and Harry hated each other, per se, rather it was just that they had both developed a sort of, mutual dislike towards one another that, quite frankly, neither of them knew where it stemmed from. The pair had done nothing wrong to each other to deserve the hostility, but it was there and they both never really knew why. It was very much like an ancient feud between them.

Very Montague vs. Capulet-esque.

However, considering that they’d only had the pleasure of knowing of the other’s existence for about 2 years, the use of the word, ‘ancient’, seems invalid. Nevertheless, from the moment they first met, there seemed to have been an already established tension between the two personalities and needless to say, neither of them cared for the personality of the other.

See, he was a private person, an introvert, you could say; despite being a household name around the world, and preferred to keep himself to himself regarding personal matters but being quite the socialite when it came to public appearances.

She, on the other hand, she was… loud, in Harry’s books. An outgoing and excitable character that wore her heart on her sleeve within the comfort of her inner circle in contrast to the shy, non-talkative woman he had met through a mutual friend during a party.

With him being the one to instigate the conversations the whole time with a drink in his hand and a wide, fake-looking smile that looked practiced for situations like these, she found him pretentious and over-bearing. Talking to her as if she was a little girl who was too immature to talk to strangers.

And with her barely opening her mouth to answer his questions, nodding her head up and down or shaking it from side to side instead as an indicator of her feelings to avoid awkward stutters and embarrassing herself, all the while sipping from her glass and avoiding the glint in his eyes as he talked to her, he found her dismissive and arrogant. As if she didn’t have the time to converse with someone like him.

Despite their feelings towards each other, though, they had wound up spending extended amounts of time together over the course of the 2 years seeing as she had managed to pick up the job of his fashion stylist ever since the band went on a hiatus and he launched his solo career.

Although, the former cold-shoulders and silent treatments as they went on with their own tasks for the day started to dissolve. Their prejudices were still upheld, just shown in a slightly different manner as they became more accepting and comfortable towards their mutual distaste for one another.

During the first year, scornful glances and tight smiles were shared as they conversed briefly as to what Harry would be wearing for his next TV appearance. This was to be replaced during the second year with extra touchy-feely advances to tease and sarcastic remarks followed by cheesy pet-names to piss each other off were exchanged as she took Harry’s new measurements.

“You should buy me dinner 'fore you get on your knees, sweetheart.” A dirty, but snide, comment was normal from Harry and she had honestly been expecting it from the moment she had started to measure his inseam.

“’S a good thing you pay for dinner then, i'n’t it? Tha’ way you can get on your knees for me.” She spoke in rebuttal before leaning back into a squatting position and standing back up. Her heels adding a good three inches to her height but still not nearly as tall as the 5'11" man in front of her.

She pivoted on her heel to place the measuring tape back in its rightful place before recording the numbers into her little journal of everything important she needed to know about Harry in order to fit him perfectly to his tailor-made, brand-name outfits.

She heard him step off the mini platform at the centre of the room and stalk behind her, his warmth radiating from his body to hers.

Why does he always stand so close, for fuck sake, it’s like he has no spacial awareness.” It was times like these where she thought to herself if there would be any chance in the world, where she could find a genuine bubble she could permanently place Harry in to avoid the close contact every minute, she would.

“Tell me again why we need t’ do these fitting things every six months? Seriously, ’m a grown man, my body doesn’t change tha’ much in tha’ time period.” Harry starting to fiddle with her pen she just used to write with as his minty breath fanned over the right side of her face.

“It does with your irregular fucking diet plans, Styles. Would it kill you t’ stick t’ one regime?” She spun around and leant against the grand table with her arms folded, looking up at the, now short-haired, tattooed man as he shifted to put his hands on the edge of the intricate furniture either side of her body.

“Mm, I think ’s jus’ 'cause you wanna try your hand at seducing me during these sessions.” His voice lowered down to a sultry, deep tone in an attempt to fluster his stylist but she, as always, stands her ground.

“If I wanted t’ seduce you, baby, I would’ve done it by now,” She leant up slightly, the endearing term fell from her mouth without hesitance while their breaths mixed between their parted lips as she continued. “And besides, size 10 feet? Not tha’ impressive.” She smirked subtly as she saw his face fall. He knew what she was indirectly referring to and, judging by the way he reacted, she knew she had hit a nerve in which she also gathered he would to try prove her wrong.

But before he could, however, she slipped out from underneath him and started walking towards the entrance to exit the room, her heels clicking against the expensive marble floors, not bothering to close the chrome door and yelling a, “make sure t’ lock the door when you leave!” to a rigid Harry who let out a sigh and rubbed his ring-clad hands over his face to let out some frustration towards the woman who was trapped in between him and the mahogany table not even thirty seconds ago, before slamming his hand on it and purposely leaving the door wide open in spite.


Was the only word from the judgmental, but somehow always right, fashion stylist that Harry heard as he did a twirl in his new suit. Having quite the admiration towards the look, if he does say so himself, after inspecting it in the mirror.

“Whyy?” He drew out the word to emphasise his annoyance with the constant change of outfits. He might as well be a marathon runner, he’s breaking a sweat from changing his bloody clothes.

“Because, honey, the shirt doesn’t match the suit at all. That’s why I told yeh t’ wear black, not white, bu’ look who didn’t listen yet again.” She stood there behind him with her pen held in between her front teeth and one arm around her torso to keep her other elbow resting on top, catching his eye through the mirror.

He scans her choice of clothing today and, as per usual, she’s wearing the most stylish and trendy pieces that she matches so well with her heels. Harry’s never really understood how she so effortlessly throws together a look ready for the runway everyday when she comes into work but still manages to keep it light and casual as if it was the first thing she found in her closet earlier in the morning.

He trailed his eyes up her body, tanned and fit, may he add, to her subtly made up face which was glowing. He assumed it was from the highlighter she applied, because why else would he describe her as 'glowing’? That’s disgusting. He doesn’t like her. Not one bit.

“Have you quite finished staring at me, or do I need t’ get the camera for yeh so it’ll last longer?” She allowed the tease to be projected as she approached him, standing on the tiny platform, meaning their bodies were now pressed against each others’ closely before she shrugged off his suit jacket and started unbuttoning his dress shirt.

“'Ey, 'ey, 'ey. You normally need t’ get me drunk first before we can 'ave some fun, darlin’.” He smirked down at her, watching as she aggressively rolled her sparkling eyes at his comment. She continued to pull the shirt off of him and stepped down to grab the black shirt she had wanted him to wear in the first place.

As she turned around, she couldn’t help but notice a slight change in his physical appearance. His back muscles seemed more prominent. His thighs looked even more full than they already were when she last took a good look at them. His arms were bulkier. His torso now adorned with evident bumps of abdominal muscles. Even his cute, little bum seemed rounder and plumper which made her stifle a giggle.

“Awe, babe, have you been working out?” She had to bite her bottom lip to stop her bursting out into laughter when she caught him standing up a bit straighter, looking proud that his work was noticeable.

“Nice t’ know you were checking me out back there. Like wha’ yeh see, angel?” The pet-names were used as a kind of second nature to the pair of them now, but they were far from endearments. No, on the contrary, they were always laced with slight undertones of incivility and cheek. They were both familiar with them by now.

“Oh, most definitely. You been working out jus’ for me? I know ’m the only one you strip down for lately.” She referenced to the multiple outfit decisions they had to endure with every appearance he made in public, which people would be surprised as to how often that is, and she had to make sure that he was not seen repeating a look. God forbid he wore the same trousers twice.

She slowly made her way towards the, still shirtless, male stood in the middle of the high-ceiling-ed chamber, decorated with mirrors, as she ran her hands up and down his back before rubbing at his shoulders. Harry’s head fell back at the sensation of the soothing motions on his shoulders, he had been meaning to go to a masseuse to get the knots out of his joints for a while now. He closed his eyes and let out a content sigh, completely forgetting that she would be the last person on Earth he would want to touch him like this a few days ago but he allowed the action.

“Yeh know I was filming 'Dunkirk’, sweetie, don’t flatter yourself.” He retorted as he pulled her round to his front by her waist and leant his body against hers, his frame towering over her smaller one.

“’S a shame, really. And here I was, about t’ let you have your way with me only if you had jus’ admitted this is all for me.” She fake-pouted as she taunted him, something she has perfected over the years, with her hands resting against his naked chest. There was something about the way her clothed, soft chest was pressed into his bare, hard one that made the both of them lose control of the situation at hand temporarily as they focused on each other in that moment.

“Don’t tempt me, baby.” His voice switched to a low whisper, a threat almost.

“I don’t have to.” She replied with confidence, her eyes flickering to his raspberry-coloured lips that looked so inviting.

It was strange for the both of them, being in this position they’d never thought they’d see themselves in, but here they are. Through all the slight sexual tension covered up by distasteful remarks about each other over the years, clouded by the decision subconsciously made that they had a repulsion towards one another, they had failed to realise that attraction could’ve easily been confused with said repulsion, convincing themselves that it was a fact neither of them liked the other and that was final. Perhaps too afraid to confess and deal with the consequences of their feelings.

Just as they begun to come to terms with the compromising position they were in, and even more conflicting emotions fluttering around the space, the door was pushed open and two flailing bodies broke apart at lightning speed. Harry quickly finding his black shirt and fumbling with the buttons as the flustered stylist violently grabbed her journal and pretended to write in it whilst holding the pen upside down.

Not another word was spoken between the two of them as they complete the fitting session, everyone coming to a conclusion that the black shirt was indefinitely better than the white, much to Harry’s dismay, and their day was done.

The two parted and went their separate ways, however, the mental image of the other never left their minds for the rest of the week until they had to face the music at the next session.

          Harry was fucked.

Royally fucked.

So fucked, in fact, that he decided to wallow in self-pity at how fucked he was then he went out and fucked a random girl whilst thinking of fucking his attractive stylist he had now realised he had already fucked things over with.

If that doesn’t scream, “fucked”, I don’t know what does.

Though what he didn’t know, was that said stylist was also feeling the same way about him and was completely distraught over the idea that she might like Harry Styles. The same Harry that would make her want to rather die than converse with him for more than ten minutes. The same Harry that would tempt her to spit in his food whenever it got delivered during the fittings. The same Harry that would force her to socialise with large groups of people she didn’t know when he knew it made her uncomfortable.

But it was also the same Harry that, when he held her in his arms that other day, made her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And it was the same Harry with pink, soft lips that she wanted to kiss so desperately whilst, at the same time, tugging on his curly locks.

Though, more importantly, he was her Harry. He had always been her Harry to tease, to taunt, to tantalise, and to mess with until he’d get all riled up and sometimes push her against the wall (which she didn’t necessarily mind). But now, she wanted to describe him as being her Harry in a different way, and that scared the shit out of her.

She didn’t know what the fuck to do anymore, it’s like her life lost all purpose if she couldn’t make fun of the Cheshire-raised lad, and now all she wanted to do was tell him about her family and cuddle. She had actually begun to suspect she had developed some sort of illness and hoped it would go away like a common cold.

Although, she figured this was not the case the next time she saw him, in all his 5'11" glory, at a party very much like the one they first met at two years ago. Sipping on her alcoholic beverage, she observed him from far away as he mingled, as he always does so flawlessly, with people she had never seen before in her life. The very mere fact that he was in her presence not even ten feet away made her stomach tighten with new feelings she never thought she would associate with the musician and she hated herself for it.

Turning her body away from him towards the bar, she asked for another drink, slipping the rectangular note of currency towards the bartender as he fixed her up yet another glass. She knew she had most likely needed to have stopped drinking so heavily around the 'two hours ago’ mark, but right now, she really couldn’t care less, she just wanted to forget about Harry and if getting her stomach pumped for the first time means achieving her goal then fuck it.

Her motive was short-lived, however, since the charming man that was swimming her mind plopped himself on the stool next to her and gave her a sly smirk.

“Wha’ do we 'ave here?” He questioned, mainly to himself, as he observed the obviously intoxicated woman in front of him.

She rolled her eyes, hopping off the high stool, only to fall face first into Harry’s crotch which made him jerk back at the impact and let out a slight groan before cupping her cheeks and lifting her head up to inspect how far gone she really is.

“Heloooo, handsummm!” She tried her best to imitate a wolf-whistle seeing as she couldn’t actually whistle so instead made a sort of high-pitched, 'whi-woo’, as she trailed her index finger down the curve of his cheek and smiling drunkenly, “I misst yeww…” The slur in her words concerned him, not knowing how much she’s had to drink and she clearly could not stand up without support.

“’M gonna take yeh home, okay, baby girl? You’re alrigh’.” He scooped her up into his arms without any struggle and started to manoeuvre his way out of the clammy air of the bar to the nippy, fresh air of the London streets. He set her down on her feet for a second, leaning her against him to keep her balance, as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, knowing that even though his place was only a rough 20 minute walk from the party location, the chilly air would get to her more easily than it would him, she’d always been sensitive to the cold, and at this time of night, it certainly didn’t make the air more humid.

After a solid few minutes of walking to his abode, they finally reached the welcoming front door of his mansion, him fiddling in his pocket to find the right set of keys before twisting the lock and pushing the door open. A gust of warm, fruit-scented air hit the both of them as he stepped inside, laying her down on his extended white sofa in the living room before closing the door.

“Mmm, are yeh gon’ sex me up noww, Daddy?” Her sudden words making him choke on his own spit, as he cautiously walked towards the tiny figure resting on his comfortable seating area.

“No, no, ’m not, baby, not right now, yeh need t’ rest. I’ll get yeh some water and some Advil t’ take then we can go t’ bed, okay?” He spoke in a soft, calming tone that made her suddenly relaxed, only finding the strength in her to nod before he stroked her hair back from her face and made his way to the well-presented, expensive kitchen with more room than he needed.

As a matter of fact, all the rooms in this place were more than he needed, if he was honest, but he just didn’t know what else to use his money on.

Approaching the worn-out female sprawled across his sofa with a glass of fresh water and two pills in his other hand, he set down the glass on the side table whilst reaching his hand out to tilt her head up slightly and sit her up enough so she could swallow comfortably. He pried open her mouth by holding her jaw and placed the pills on the top of her tongue that had traces of alcohol left on it, bringing the liquid up to her lips and telling her to swallow gently. She obeyed and took the medication before slumping back onto the cushiony surface as he sighed, soaking in her beauty, even in this state of mind.

He watched as she closed her eyes and got comfortable, taking it as his cue to leave her to sleep, so kissed her forehead with care, and started to prepare to deal with whatever shit storm that was bound to happen, in the morning. Well, that was until he heard a small whine coming from her calling out for him.

“Harryy?… Stay wit’ meh? I wan’ cuddles.” She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling gently at the sight. She was just so adorable, how could he say no?

“’M right here, poppet, ’m not going anywhere.” He answered her before carefully laying down beside the inebriated girl he had grown fond of these past couple of weeks and tangled their limbs together, letting her rest her head against his chest and wrap herself around him in an attempt to snuggle and use him as her own personal pillow and blanket.

As he listened to her breathing become regular and so quiet he had to strain to listen to it, he knew she had fallen asleep so pressed another tender kiss to the crown of her head and whispered to her in her unconscious state.

“I’d never leave you.”

And it was in that sweet moment that Harry now realised that she had a hold on him, and he intended on not letting go.

          Harsh rays of bright sunlight beamed through white, sheer curtains and hit her face as she stirred from her slumber. It was a Saturday morning and she was definitely not in the comfort of her own home so thought the worst and groaned inwardly in shame at herself for letting herself get so wasted. The first thing she did was just look down at her, what she expected to be, naked body, but instead found herself and the mystery man fully clothed. Confusion overtook her features and something she noticed right away was that her 'pillow’ was breathing and they’re not supposed to do that, right? Or was she still tripping from the after effects of the amounts of alcohol she consumed last night?

A wave of pain radiated throughout her head as she groaned, bringing a palm to her forehead in an unsuccessful attempt to soothe it slightly. Her movements unnoticeably woke up her 'pillow’ and startled her when the familiar deep, raspy, and, dare she say, sexy morning voice sounded from underneath her.

Oh, fuck me, not Harry. Anyone but Harry.” She thought to herself, although not truly meaning it since she found herself absentmindedly wanting the situation to have been more… wild.

“Well, good mornin’, sunshine.” He chuckled lightly at her facial expression following the pet-name he had chosen.

“Wha’ the fuck happened last night?” She asked half-heartedly.

Part of her didn’t really care what happened whilst the other part dreaded what his answer would be.

“You really don’t remember?” His voice was thick with an emotion she couldn’t quite pin-point but she did know that she felt guilty after hearing it, sensing that he was a little disappointed.

She merely shook her head and bit her lip, titling her head up to read his clouded eyes, they always gave away whatever he was thinking, she detected this within the first few months of knowing him.

“It doesn’t matter, now can you get off of me, you’re starting t’ feel like a deadweight. I honestly can’t feel my legs.” His whole demeanour changed in a split second and she was a little surprised but what did she expect, really? He’s just the same old Harry, though she’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt a little.

“I’m not getting up 'til you tell me exactly wha’ happened, Harry.” She was adamant. She was always the type of person to get answers out of whoever she wanted, he was starting to wonder why she wasn’t a fucking lawyer or something.

“Listen, nothin’ happe-.” He was cut off by her swollen lips pressed against his.

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, he was bloody flat-lining on the inside but he quickly reciprocated the sudden, but passionate, kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist with her hands coming up to caress his cheeks. Her legs ended up either side of his torso and she pulled away just before he had the chance to poke his tongue in her mouth, just to tease, like normal.

“D'yeh want something t’ happen?…” She questioned him inquisitively, not 100% sure that he shared the same feelings that she had pent up inside of her for, what felt like, decades.

He responded by flipping her so she laid on her back instead and hovered over her, leaning down to peck her lips once more before moving down to her neck and pressing open-mouthed kisses along the skin.

“All ’ve been thinkin’ 'bout for ages, darlin’. Let Daddy make yeh feel good.” He smirked into her skin once he felt her gasp quietly and visibly tense at his words.

“I called you, 'Daddy’, last night, didn’t I?” Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment once she heard him chuckle and answer with a muffled, “you did”.

“And it definitely won’t be the last time.” He commented in a sultry voice before raising his head to make eye contact with her and leaning down to connect his lips with hers another time.

He made a promise, and he was damn hell-bent on making sure he kept it.

Best Friends C.H

Originally posted by popecalum

warning: smutty content ;)

word count: 2400+

summary: Best Friend!Calum finds out y/n has never had meaningful sex so he offers to help her out where feelings are admitted and closeted crushes are revealed.

requested?: yes, I hope you liked it @skinnylukes I kinda changed it around a bit and made it so their feelings were brought out at the start instead of the end, I hope you don’t mind :) I’m really sorry for my mini hiatus, school has been killing me and I just started and tbh I was really struggling to even start writing any of my requests because of lack of inspiration. But I’m back now and I’m going to uploading another smut this week to make up for my hiatus! enjoy ;)

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Calum looked shocked as I told him and I was embarrassed to admit what I had. I shouldn’t have been embarrassed, Calum is my best friend after all but I am, maybe because we don’t usually talk about my sex life. It’s always Calum’s, probably because I enjoy making fun of Calum being a fuckboy than talking about my sex life.

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You’re My First - Clay Jensen Smut

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader gives her first blowjob to Clay who is also receiving his first? And/or leading to loosing their virginity

WARNINGS: Smut, swearing

“What do you want to watch princess?”

“I don’t care, you can pick whatever.” I’m laid up with Clay in his room as he surfs the guide. It’s a Saturday night and I rather be with my boyfriend than home alone. Granted we are alone right now, being that his parents are out at some function, but at least we are alone together. I trace circle on his clothed chest as his eyes are focused on the TV, finding something to watch. I can tell that he is pretending to be into the TV so that he doesn’t need to focus on my hand against him. I snuggle more into him as he sucks his teeth.

“There are no good movies on babe” he says, throwing the remote down as the TV stopped on Full House. 

“Then we don’t watch TV, we can do something else anyway” I say, as I slide my hand under his shirt. He looks a little nervous as he looks down at my hand. 

“Like what?” He sounded a little nervous, but flirty at the same time. I move my leg across his torso and put my lips up to his ear. 

“Anything.” I pur. He looks down at me, his eyes on mine. His eyes flicker down to my lips and I know he wants nothing more than to feel my lips on his. As if he read my mind, he pulled my face up to his, pressing his lips onto mine. The kiss was nice and slow. It’s like our lips were made for each other. His tongue grazed my bottom lip as he asked for an entrance. I didn’t allow him in to tease him and he squeezed my thigh making me yelp. When I opened my mouth he stuck his tongue in, softly wrestling with mine. I rolled on top of him and sat on his lap, never breaking our kiss. The kiss suddenly went from slow and sweet to more rougher and needy. Clay’s hands were on my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. When I started to slowly move my hips against his, Clay suddenly withdrew from me.

“What’s wrong, why’d you stop” I pant as he avoided my eyes. When he didn’t say anything, I got worried.

“Did I do something?” I ask. His eyes found mine again and quickly shook his head.

“No no no, god no. It’s just I’m getting a little um..a little-”

“Horny” I smirk, looking down between us and seeing him semi-hard. He looked embarrassed and nodded his head. A giggle at his nervous state.

“So what babe.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m rushing you.” He said looking down.

“Last time I checked, we are both virgins. And what if I’m ready.” His eyes widen and he swallowed hard. 

“A-are you sure, cause I’m not rushing at all trust me, I can wa-” I stop him from rambling on by crushing my lips on his. 

“Clay, I love you and I’m ready. I mean if your not that’s fi-”

“No! I am, it’s just we don’t have to. It won’t make me love you any less if we don’t.” I smile at his cuteness and press my forehead against his. 

“I’m ready Clay.” I pull on his shirt so that our lips collide again. Feeling his body against mine made me loose the fear in the moment and only made me want him more. I pull away to take my shirt off as he took off his. He stared at my bra and looked away when he noticed I saw. I pulled his faced back towards me and smiled.

“I’m all yours Clay.” With that, his mood lightened up as his hands cup both of my breast squeezing. I threw my head back as I felt his lips on my neck, sucking lightly. 

“Your so beautiful y/n.” He unclasped my bra and I suddenly felt so exposed and nervous. He can tell I felt weird by my face.

“Don’t be shy about your body, you look amazing.” I smiled and loosened up as his lips went to my breast. His lips attacked one of my nipples, while softly massaging the other. I bit my lip to keep me from moaning as his sucking got more harsh, making my core wet. I started to hump back and forth on his now rock hard member, making him groan against my breast making me moan. The friction beneath us was killing me and I want nothing more than to take everything off. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down as far as I could without moving off his lap. 

“Clay can I try something?” I pant as his sucking went from my breast to my neck, surely leaving like 10 bruises. 

“What is it babe?” He said, not breaking his series of kisses. 

“I-I um want to please you..” I felt his kissing stop as he stayed there, probably waiting for me to finish, or just not knowing what to say. Probably both. 

“You know..please you down there.” I felt so shy asking him, but I really wanted to make him feel good like he does to me. I just want to do it in a more intimate way. 

“U-um I don’t know y/n, you don’t need t-”

“I want to.” He looks at a lost for words, debating on what to say. When we takes to long, I just take matters into my own hands. I slide off of him, sliding his pants all the way down, along with his underwear. When I did, his dick sprung all the way up, smacking again his stomach. I positioned myself so that I was in between his legs with my butt in the air, looking up at him. 

“Y/n stop you don’t hav-” I quiet him by slowly taking his entire member into my mouth, almost gagging. I come back up, licking his tip while pumping him with my hand. 

“Oh my-” Clay’s eyes were shut tight as he threw his body back. I flattened my tongue against the side of his shaft before taking him in my mouth again, pumping in and out faster. 

“Fuck babe, that feels good” He’s a moaning mess above me as he looks down at me sucking him. His eyes are glued to mine as I look up at him through my eyelashes, pumping my hand faster. He’s a groaning mess as he continues to do a string of curses. Unaware of what he’s doing, Clay starts thrusting into my mouth, making me even more wet. He grabs my ponytail and that was my motivation to go faster. I take all of him in my mouth, not caring that I was gagging, as I started picking up my speed. I start to moan with him still inside me and that threw him over the edge. 

“Fuck! y/n I’m about t-” He doesn’t know what to do with his hands as he releases inside of my mouth. I swallow what’s left as he pulls me up to him, kissing me passionately, still panting.

“Sorry that I did that, I should have told you I was…you know.” I smirk at what he was trying to say, “That’s okay, I liked it.”

Clay turns us over and starts peppering kisses down my neck. He kisses all the way to my stomach as he pulls my underwear off. He comes back to my lips, smashing his with mine, his hands roaming all over my naked body. He stops and looks at me.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked genuinely. 

“More sure than anything.” I smiled. He pulled off of me and got something from his desk draw. When he came back, he hovered back over me, pulling on a condom. When he started having trouble pushing it on, I held in my giggle, stopping his hands. 

“Let me help.” I unraveled it, slowly pushing it on his member, making sure to lightly squeeze him in the process, making him groan. I wanted this, his body on mine.

“I’ll be gentle” he breathed, his voice soft, “Just tell me if it hurts.” I pulled his face closer to me, making that as a sign for him to go. He starts to slowly push into me, giving me this stretching and ripping feeling throughout my body. I try to adjust to him as he continues pushing in slowly. I squeeze my eyes shut, gasping into his mouth as I grabbed his arms tightly. I whimpered as I just waited for the pain to go away. He pulled away from my lips as he looked at me.

“Is this okay?” he pants, looking at my face for any bad reaction. I nod my head, wanting him to keep going. 

“Yes baby, keep going.” I try to focus on the pleasure, even though I can still very much feel the pain. I was slightly tense and as if Clay sensed that, he started dropping kisses against my jawline, making me more relaxed. I started grinding my hips up against his and wrapped my legs around his back. He started thrusting a little faster, his eyes shut as he started groaning. I moan, tilting my head back into the pillows. As his speed picked up, the pain slowly subsided, giving me nothing but pleasure. I felt his weight on me, his body against mine and I realized just how much he meant to me. 

“Fuck princess, you feel amazing” he moans into my neck. I tighten my grip around my neck, moaning into his ear. 

“Baby f-faster please” I whimper. He did just that, his thrust getting deeper and deeper. His body slap against mine and all I can hear are our loud moans and the headboard against the wall. He picked up his speed even more making me dig my nails into his back, surely leaving a mark. 

“Fuck baby!” He screams, drilling into me. My breast are jumping up and down as I scream louder, the pleasure becoming overpowering.

“Clay! oh my god!” The faster his thrust got, the more I felt my stomach clench up. My body started to stiffen as he kept pushing in and out of me, on and on. 

“Come for me baby” he whispers and I let go.

“Fuck Clay!” My body went limp as I exploded. He kept pumping through my orgasm as I squeeze around him and in the same second, he screamed out my name, releasing himself. With both of us still panting and breathing heavily, I open my eyes to see Clay staring back at me. He slides off of me, laying his head on my bare chest. I run my hands threw his hair, kissing it after.

“That was amazing babe” I breath out, earning a nod from him.

“If that was amazing, wait till next time.”

A/N - This was my first Clay smut!!! Hope you liked it, I did!! 

The GQ Aftermath (Tom Holland smut)

post GQ photo release, you can’t keep your hands off him but if he’s not willing to be good, then he’s got to work for it. 

this is smut. it’s also my first smut so please be gentle with me lol. hope you enjoy

pairing: tom x (fem) reader

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Hamilton Gym AU

A mess of beautiful tiny headcanons that Sid and I bounced around with each other that somehow spiraled into a gym centered universe. Thanks to this post for bringing @thomasjeffer-sin and I together. 

  • Jefferson wears basketball shorts and tank tops with his arm holes cut all the way down the side.
  • Totally buys them that way, even though they’re somehow more expensive than tank tops with more fabric on them because #fashion
  • Plus it shows off his arms while also giving everyone in the gym a peak at his abs
    • Not like he doesn’t take strategic breaks to wipe his sweaty face with said shirt to reveal his abs but he’s not gonna admit to it.
  • He will admit to being addicted to Instagram and snapchat—but only because there’s photographic evidence of copious gym selfies
  • One photo pre-work out and then another photo post-work out because he enjoys seeing his tanks stained with sweat to prove just how hard he pushed himself
    • also another photo to show a smoothie w/ pre-work out in the mix
  • Sometimes he has those track shorts and everyone is just like *eyes emoji* dem thighs tho
  • He just wants everyone to know that he’s got a hot body under all of his fancy colored suits
  • He’s half there for attention and half there because he’s super strict with himself about his body and staying in shape because maybe he’s insecure about himself otherwise
  • Madison acts like his hype man but DANG. He’s always around Madison and ALWAYS comparing himself to Madison. Like Madison is just like naturally built??? To hold so much muscle??? They went to the gym together once and Jefferson was just floundering trying to keep up.
  • Madison probably has his bad days with his health stuff but when he does go to the gym Jefferson is blown away like can you not?? How can you have this much stamina but also need to have low activity days. But even on days he doesn’t work out Madison sometimes tags along to spot him.
  • Lafayette and Jefferson would start going to the gym together out of convenience. Like one day they show up at the same time and they normally don’t talk outside of the gym but they’re both there so they might as well. And then they’re going to the gym together purposefully, spotting each other, giving each other work out tips. And then they’re joking around outside of the gym. And in whatever gym-centric universe this is that’s how they became buds.
  • Can we talk about Lafayette being a good spotter… Of beautiful guys around like gym like wowie Jefferson did you see that guy’s ASS?
    • And Jefferson is like “Oh my God, no” and then quietly follows said person with his eyes in the gym mirrors because #denial
    • The muscular men they watch together. The muscular men they become together.
  • Also you know Laf gives Jefferson shit about the open-side tanks he wears. Teases him relentlessly about them.
  • They come to an Understanding at the gym and they can be gym rat buddies.
  • Hamilton can’t handle them. Like once they get really buddy-buddy, like so friendly it overlaps into office life, he’s just like ??? When? How?
  • Thomas also probably has a literal forehead sweat band with some dumb text on it but then the next day he offers Lafayette one and he accepts it even though he’s made fun of him for it, too
  • And Lafayette probably encourages him with cheat days. Fucking mac and cheese.
    • (HERE’S WHERE I DIED Sid killed me with that one RIP)
  • He makes ^ that a slogan on a custom take top (ft. deep arm holes) for Jefferson. It’s bright neon yellow.
  • Lafayette gets his own tank top and it probably says Guns & Ships on it to point out all those arm days (and cheesy Hamilton reference…)
  • Hercules probably has a HUNK-ules shirt 
    • He’s also a beast at the gym no one tries to compete with his deadweights 
    • And also I feel like he’s the Originator of the headbands.
  • John is probably just a cardio and light weights guy? Maybe a swimmer?
    • Swimmer John 100% I can get behind swimmer John very much. Much shoulders.
    • Another thing that works: Boxer!John
    • Boxer and Swimmer John Laurens
  • So Alex starts feeling Left Out by his friends like why the fuck do you all go to the gym?? 
  • Alex doesn’t get why everyone is just gyming it up for some reason. He can’t wrap his head around it. He’s much more content to not get involved in that until he’s texting people for plans to hang out and everyone is at the gym and he’s alone in his room like #why
  • John tries to invite him down to the pool to swim with him “Come on! It’s relaxing! You need to learn to unwind!”
    • But Ham probably doesn’t enjoy swimming if its in bodies of water taller than him. He needs to be able to touch the bottom and doesn’t find doing laps in a giant pool and nearly drowning relaxing. Sweating is not relaxing. Sitting and reading is relaxing. How is picking up heavy things relaxing? How does John even hold his breath for that long? (Heh. Well u see…)
    • John is like “there are lots of positives to going to the gym…” and Alex is like “I get the whole health thing, but I’m still not convinced” and John starts telling him about how attractive everyone is at the gym and Alex just says “Can I borrow a sweatband?”  
  • Meanwhile Burr’d be so chill about the gym as opposed to the other guys
    • He slowly works his way up to hard stuff. Lifts way less than he can actually lift just to make sure he doesn’t push too hard too fast. Eventually works his way up to what the other boys are lifting but has far fewer complaints about soreness. Makes sure to do a bunch of stretching before he does anything. And his cool-down routine is like half of his gym visit. Really into yoga and shit.
  • YOGA BURR!!!! (Alex will call him Yogi Burr the little shit)
    • He wears leggings and soft cotton shirts and he’s beautiful. So centered. So handsome.
    • Burr’s tank top would say…. Reppin’ Sexy
    • Uses that upper body strength to do poses like this
    • Also: Burr being a beginner’s yoga instructor to make extra money
  • All the Schuyler sisters probably do yoga along with Burr—at least Eliza
    • Eliza and Burr yoga friendship!!!
    • They have their little yoga mats and they sit by each other in class and they work on their flexibility together.
    • Peggy could be a swimmer too I don’t see her as much of a yoga person for long because she needs to be moving.
  • And then one day the boys finally drag Alexander to the gym and insist he tries yoga 
  • Hamilton probably can’t even touch his toes and either way spends the entire time watching Burr
    • his arms his legs his ass his abs when his shirt rides up…
  • Burr’s face is so calm yet serious, he’s focusing so hard and is in the ZONE it’s like he doesn’t even realize he’s making it impossible for others to focus
  • T A L K LESS M E D I T A T E MORE !!! (aka Burr’s new tank top)
  • Burr probably kicks Ham out because Ham can’t sit still or stay quiet and he will not have his Space ruined
  • also side note: all of the Schuyler sisters’ yoga gear is the color of their respective dresses.
    • They all have WERK shirts
  • After the yoga fiasco, Ham goes into the main gym and he is Intimidated but catches sight of someone lifting their shirt to wipe their face (u know that move) and holy hell those glistening abs and then the guy drops the shirt and it’s Jefferson and Hamilton almost runs out–he CANNOT
  • Imagine: Hamilton agreeing to swim with John to hide an unfortunate boner. (For Burr. For Jefferson. For Both.
    • John totally catches on, too. “Alex, why don’t you try a back stroke? Your face would be out of the water the whole time so it’d be nearly impossible to drown.” “Enough, John.”
  • Bonus:
    • Lafayette probably has one of those at home pull up bars that go on the door
    • Laf leaves it up when he knows Hamilton is coming over just to get at him and Hamilton’s like MAN take a BREAK.
    • He probably lifts Hamilton up just so he can reach it but there’s no way he can actually pull himself up
    • Alex would just hang on it for as long as he could like “I can handle this. I’m getting ready. I’m about to do it.” And Laf is like “I’m not judging you. You can hop down if you want.” And Ham’s arms and hands are burning and he’s like “No I’m gonna do it.” Then John comes up from behind him and pokes his sides and Hamilton is forced to drop because John is a dirty side poker.
Meant to Be - Part Three: Awake

All Parts

Pairing: jamilton (Hamilton x Jefferson)

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open @bestfluteninja @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses @theinevitablesense @boiugotsmehalpless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @aceplaysbass @ilesserpanda @kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment

Word Count: 2071

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, STRONG TRIGGER WARNING: description of suicide attempt

A/N: buckle up y’all

The reply was immediate.


Alexander felt a strange rush of emotions at the sight of the familiar handwriting. All his hatred for Thomas bubbled up, and constricted his airway. At the same time, he felt a fluttering in his stomach. This was the boy that he was in love with.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,074

A/N: Anon requested ; Shawn’s about to go on tour and y/n is sad so before he leaves he gives her Leo so he can protect her and its super sentimental and sweet and symbolic. I hope this is alright!


I wake up to the sun bleeding through the blinds, leaving rainbow reflections on the wall. I turn over to see Shawn’s bare back, his hair messy. He’s leaving to go on tour again today, a day I’ve been dreading for weeks now. We’ve basically spent every day together, trying to make up for lost time in advance. I hate it when he goes away for so long. I’m always so happy to see him pursue his passion and his love for music but it hurts so much to be separated for so long. I trace my finger lightly down Shawn’s spine, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He groans as he turns over to face me. He rubs his eyes lazily before placing his hand under my chin, his thumb gliding along my bottom lip. “Good morning, beautiful.” He croaks, his voice so deep, as it always is when he first wakes up. “Not a good morning.” I say to him, pouting playfully. “I know… Hey-” he says lifting my chin up so our eyes meet again. I try to smile but Shawn sees right through me, knowing how I really feel. “2 months, then I’ll be home for a little while and I won’t let you leave my side. I promise, baby.” He says, trying to comfort me.

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Let me help you (m)

Originally posted by fcktaekook

genre: smut

word count: 2,3k

“What the hell is this?” You were sitting infront of your TV, playing one of your favorite video games, too busy to focus on the person in your room. The game needed your full attention now so you couldn’t turn around to see what he meant. “I can’t look. What is it?” “Hmm I don’t know, otherwise I wouldn’t ask.”

Your rolled your eyes. “Don’t act like an idiot. Just try to describe it”, you scoffed.

For a short moment he said nothing, only the screams and curses from your enemies in the game were heard.


“Go away shithead”, you cursed and pressed the buttons furiously to kill the zombie which tried to attack you when Taehyung´s next words made you stop everything immediately.

“It’s small and silver. Oh, and on top of it is a black button.”


No, no, no. As fast as you could you pressed pause, trying to stop his curious head from setting it on.

“Wait Tae, don’t press the-

You couldn’t finish your sentence when his thumb pushed the black button down. You stood in front of your bed where he was lying with your vibrator in his hand, observing the little thing which was now demonstrating what it can do. You couldn’t speak nor move, too embarrassed about this situation.

“Tae, I can-

“I didn’t know you had sex toys.” He grinned to himself. “Why didn´t you tell me. I´m hurt Y/N.”

You were surprised. You thought he would make fun of you for having something like that. But that didn´t change the fact that he still wants to know that I own sex toys.

“Well, actually it’s the only thing I have. The girls and I bought it for fun.”

“And you have tried it, right?” He looked at you with an expression you couldn’t read.

You blushed but tried to fix your color when you saw the cocky smirk plastered on his face. You played with the hem of your skirt, unsure of telling him the truth or not. Of course, you have tried it but for some reason it didn’t feel as amazing as Ellie told you how great it feels. Plus, you didn´t get the kick to use other toys as well.

“Y-yes, but it wasn’t that good”. Damn it, why did you stutter. “I didn’t even have an orgasm with it so nothing speci-”

“Wait, you haven’t had an orgasm?” He sat up to look at you full of wonder and in the next moment full of irritation. “Let me help you then. Let me make you cum with it.”

You nearly chocked on your own spit and when your lips parted in shock he only smirked at you again. Did Kim Taehyung really suggested to help you to get an orgasm with your own fucking vibrator? You were speechless. Impressed but speechless.

You looked at his face trying to find anything which shows that he is only joking but you couldn’t find anything. You gulped when he smirked at you wider, knowing that you only waited for the moment where he would tell that it was a joke, but it wasn´t. He just moved the still vibrating toy in front of his face, waiting for an answer.

“Don’t look like you saw a ghost. You said it wasn’t satisfying. Fortunately, I am here and can help you feeling good.”

You felt like your eyes were falling out of your head any moment. Was he serious? He said it like he was inviting you to go to the cinema with him. This is insane. But the thought of it made you excited, somehow. There is nothing wrong with it and you wouldn’t attend hell as well wouldn’t you? You took some deep breaths, breaking your head with thoughts full of pros and cons which would bring you if you accept his offer or not.

“And?” Taehyung looked at you expectantly. “What do you say?”

What do I say you ask?

“Let’s do it!”

“Relax princess. I’m not going to eat you.” He bit his bottom lip. “At least not yet.”

You gasped. “Taehyung.” He laughed as he took your wrists in his hands to place them on your belly to stop you from hitting him.

“I’m just joking with you. Now come on. Don’t be so shy and let me get rid of your panties.”

You were sure your face had the same color as a tomato and you were sure as well that his gaze wasn’t helping at all to calm down your nerves. Your body was already on fire only because of his little touches and the fact that he will see your most intimate body part. Not only that, it will be even better. He is going to make you cum with a vibrator. Great isn’t it.

“Can’t you do it through the panties?”, you asked shyly, looking to the side so he couldn´t see your face.

“I can, but I don’t want to, plus it will feel much more better if it comes directly in touch with your clit.”

You blushed even harder. He was more excited than you were. You took a few breaths before nodding your head, signalizing him to take your panties off. He smirked before pulling the material down your legs and tossing it behind him, not caring where it landed.

His hands were immediately on your knees, trying to stop you from closing them. He pushed your legs apart and you couldn’t stop the little gasp which left your mouth. His eyes were glued on your exposed core. His gaze made you insecure and the only thing you wanted was him either to do what he wanted to do in the first place or to stop this whole act.

“Stop staring you idiot.” You tried to cover yourself with your hands. “You act like you didn’t see a pussy before.”

He frowned at your action, annoyed that you tried for the second time to hide yourself from him. “I’m not staring.” He patted your knee, demanding you to remove your hands. “Stop it now and let me start.”

You rolled your eyes. He isn’t the one who is lying almost naked in bed with his friend in front of him to pleasure him. You took your hands away, looking at Taehyung as he made himself comfortable between your legs when he took the vibrator to turn it on. You gulped when the buzzing sound made its way to your ear.

Only now you were aware of this whole situation. Your head felt dizzy and you just wanted to stop before it started. This was wrong. He was your friend. Not your boyfriend or fuck buddy. Your best friend for god’s sake.

You couldn’t speak nor do something to stop him when you felt his fingers on your pussy, touching it to part your lips to get a better access to your clit. You gasped when you felt his thumb on your clit, rubbing the little nub before pressing the toy slightly on it. You gasped again but louder. The vibration sent a wave of pleasure through your whole body. You arched your back and grabbed the blanket underneath you when you felt how he put more pressure against your clit.

“F-fuck, Taehyung.” You moaned when he started to move the small silver toy a bit, trying to find the right spot which would make you see stars when you cum. The pleasure you have got was insane, you would never have thought that it would feel so amazing. Taehyung definitely knew how to use it.

“Fuck.” He cursed. In between whines and moans you looked up at him. He was biting his lip, both hands between your legs and eyes glued on your core.

“Tae”, you moaned when you felt his thumb on your slit, sliding back and forth against your wet folds.

“Look at you.” He growled, pressing the vibrator hard against your sensitive nub. “You are so fucking wet, and you didn´t even cum. Fuck.”

You moaned at his words. When he always talked to you like this you would have only rolled your eyes or ignored it, but in your current state it was different. They had such an effect on you, making you probably wetter than you are.

Your legs were already shaking and you had a hard time to keep them open, when the pleasure was too good to concentrate on something else. He noticed your struggle and pushed your right leg down, preventing you from closing them because of your jerkily movements. You searched for his hand, which was holding your leg down, to squeeze it as the pressure on your clit was too much to handle. There would probably be marks on it, both his hand and your leg, but you couldn´t care less. “Shit, T-tae.” You panted. Sweat was coated over your forehead and neck. “What is it baby girl? Are you close? Do you need to cum?” You nodded and a broken moan left your lips. The pleasure was too much, it hurted already but you didn´t want to stop. You needed to cum, no you wanted to cum.

“Cum for me Y/N. Let me see and feel how your juices will coat my fingers when I press them against your hole when you cum.” You whimpered and nearly screamed when your orgasm hit you like a truck or better, like electricity. The only thing you noticed was how he took the vibrator away from you, turning it off to put his words into action when you felt his fore and middle finger between your folds, pushing your juices out to rub the liquid with slow circles on your clit. You whimpered at the feeling and tried to push his hand away. “Stop please.” He looked at you, the lust in his eyes clearly visible as he took his hand away to lick his fingers clean. You bit your lips at the sight. He looked so hot doing it, especially when he started to moan. Taehyung took his fingers out of his mouth and licked his lips. “I have always imagined how you taste, but I have never thought that you would taste this good.” Your reddened. Just when you wanted to sit up straight, his growl made your heart beat stop for a short moment.

“Fuck it.”

Taehyung was moving hurriedly to lay in between your still spread legs, his face only a few inches away from your core. You couldn´t react quickly enough, still too washed-out from the activity a few minutes ago, when you felt his hot and wet tongue on your folds, licking and kissing every inch he can reach. You arched your back for the second time this day because of two similar feelings. Pleasure and Joy. When he started to circle your clit with the tip of his tongue you lost it. Everything in your body screamed for a release. You were still too sensitive and his mouth wasn´t helping at all for you to calm down. You let out a shaky moan when he pushed your legs wider apart, as he entered his tongue in your wet core, trying to get every last drop of your juices. “God.” You moaned out when he started to rub your clit at the same time as he devoured your pussy like it´s the only think he needs to be alive.

You moved your hips in the same rhythm as he tongue fucked you. He hold you by your hips, trying to stop you from moving when his face got up to look at you. Your cum from before was plastered on his lips and chin, even on his right cheek. You whimpered at the loss. “Stop moving babe, or else I will stop.” You wanted to complain when he squeezed your flesh where he hold you down, stopping you from doing so. “Should I stop?” Taehyung´s gaze made feel you small so you only nodded. Pleased with your answer, his head disappeared between your thighs again.  You pushed your warmth into his face at the feeling of soft kisses on your core, feeling his low chuckle vibrating against it. Your fingers were tangled in his hair when he sucked your clit with such roughness, you thought you would pass out.  “F-fuck, fuck T-tae. I´m cumming. Please.” You whined. “Can I c-cum?” You could feel that he was nodding and feeling nothing but the tight coil in the pit of your stomach, you came undone, you had no choice but to give into it. Letting the waves of pleasure wash over you as you moaned his name loudly, body tense after holding it back for so long. He continued to lick you until your high passed. You moaned slightly at the touch and pushed his head slightly away, too weak to use more strength. He got up and came closer to you while licking his lips clean. With tired and weak eyes, you looked at him as he observed every inch of your face if you are alright. You smiled weakly at him and he smiled back when he suddenly moved forward to kiss you on the lips. He moved his lips slowly and when he entered your mouth you could taste yourself. You already felt yourself again growing hot and bothered when he started to suck and bite on your bottom lip again and again. Just when you wanted to unzip his pants to do him a favor, he leaned back on his knees.

“Next time baby girl.” You panted and looked at him confused, not knowing why he wanted to do this another time. He chuckled and signalized you to look at the clock on the wall behind him. You gulped. Shit. In less than fifteen minutes is starting your shedule for cheerleading you forgot about. As fast as you could you jumped out of your bed to take any clothe you found on the floor to take it on to leave the house without getting too late to practice. Behind you, you could hear Taehyung laughing. This shithead knew you had practice. Before you left your room, you turned around to see a still laughing Taehyung in your bed.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung!”  

powerbloggerjung  asked:

what are your thoughts about Head of Department for Magical Beasts Newt Scamander and HOD for DMLE Percival Graves where they headbutt a lot on many issues esp. on Creatures Law & Newt always flinging his safety away just to rescue a creature when Graves explicitly tells him not to do it? Do you think there will be romance btwn them? Or theyre too busy huffing & puffing @ each other to notice the attraction?


My thoughts are that I love this idea so fucking much. 

More under the cut, ‘cause it ended up hella long.

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Time for some trouble // Montgomery de la Cruz

Hey, so this is my first one shot I ever wrote. I want to say that english is not my native language. Feel free to mention out my mistakes so I can learn from them. But only constructive criticism. 

The party was on a full swing and Y/n was sipping on her drink, watching the boys play beer pong. Montgomery was winning and Y/N couldn´t suppress a smile. She always liked him, but he was a troublemaker with anger issues and she doesn´t want to get involved into some trouble.

Montgomery was now screaming, celebrating his win. She clapped her hands together which unintentionally earned her the attention of her crush.
Montgomery was clearly drunk, what she noticed when he stumbled his way towards her. “Hey Y/N, did you see me winning?” He asked grinning like an idiot; placing his hands on the table she was sitting on, leaning towards her. “Yes I did, Monty.” She could smell the alcohol coming from him. “Do I get a reward?” He smirked and Y/N raised an eyebrow. Her left hand wandered from the table to his neck, pulling him closer. “What do you have in mind?” She whispered into his ear, playing with his drunken mind. Montgomery´s hands went immediately to her waist, leaning onto her. “God baby.” He whispered and buried his head into her neck, plastering kisses on her soft skin, while she bites her bottom lip smirking. “Montgomery! Stop flirting, I want revenge!” some jock shouted and Y/N let out a small sigh. Montgomery lifted his head and looked into her e/c eyes, grabbing her drink from her hand and drinking it at once. She rolled her eyes and shocks her head, smiling slightly at him. “Don´t go away.” He mumbled at her before stumbling towards the other jocks. She sighed and got up anyway, wanting to get another drink. A hand grabbed her wrist and when she turned around she looked at a frowning Montgomery. “I thought I told you to not go away.” He slurred and she laughed slightly. “I wanted to get another drink, I will be right back, don’t worry.” Monty nodded and let go of her wrist.

Y/N had two more drinks and the boys were still playing. She was bored to say the least, she wanted to talk to her friends and have some fun, but most of them were making out with their boyfriend or girlfriend, so she sated alone still watching Montgomery playing. Y/N closed her eyes throwing her head back, as she felt someone sitting beside her. When she looked to her left she was greeted by a smirking Bryce. She was never a fan of him, the way he treated girls and looked at them made her feel sick. “Hello little Miss Y/N, are you enjoying yourself?” He said still smirking and she rolled her eyes at him. “Oh come on, don’t be like that. I just want to keep you some company.” He added resting his hand on her knee. “Then take your hand off of me.” Y/N snapped and he lifted his hands in defense. He got up, walking away mumbling something to himself. “Y/N look, I won again.” Montgomery shouted earning her attention and she smiled nodding at him. She thought it was cute how excited he was for winning such a stupid game. He stumbled back toward her and holds his gaze. He rested his hand on her waist, stepping between her legs and pulled her into him, while her hands rested on his chest. “Where were we?” He asked smirking down to her. “Monty.” She warned him and pushed him away a little bit. “But you are so beautiful, Y/N/N.” she laughed at his childishness and stroked his cheek in a loving manner. “You are drunk.” She mumbled as he rested his forehead on her shoulder. “And? You are still beautiful.” His strong muscular arms warped around her, hugging her and she would be lying when she says that she doesn´t enjoy it. “Can I drink from your cup?” He asked into her neck and she could feel him smiling. “No, I think you had enough.” She whispered rubbing his back. “You´re not my mom, Y/N/N. give me your cup.” Y/N pushed him away from her and drowned the whole cup. He rolled his eyes and went to get himself a drink.
A few minutes later he was back with two new cups smiling from ear to ear. “Why are you smiling like an idiot? Oh wait, you are an idiot.” She slurred giggling about her lame joke, the alcohol kicking in. He frowned at her when he handed her a cup and toke a sip from his own drink. “Well, I was smiling because I got to spend time with the most beautiful girl at this party, but then you called me an idiot.” He said pouting, which earned a laugh from her. “You´re such a flirt, Montgomery.” She mumbled and took a sip from her drink. “Only for you.” He countered smirking at her and placed himself between her legs again. Placing his cup on the table and runs his hands up and down her thighs. Y/N looked into his eyes; it amazed her every time how they sparkle even in this dimmed light.  “I want to kiss you so bad right now.” He whispered and lowered his head a little more. “I repeat you are drunk.” She whispered back but smiled. “So? I always wanted to kiss you and you know that.” Their lips were almost touching and she could feel his breath against her lips. “I know, but I don’t think it would be a good idea.” Y/N could feel his one hand wandering to her neck and her eyes shut. “Yeah Monty get some.” Someone shouted and Y/N instantly pulled away. Montgomery sighed, resting his forehead against her shoulder plastering small kisses on her exposed skin. He continues to plaster kisses on her collarbone moving to her neck and Y/N needed to suppress a moan, when he found her sweet spot. Her hands were tucking at his hair and he moaned against her neck. “I swear, Monty, when you leave a hickey I will kill you.” Y/N whispered and could feel him smirk against her neck. “Too late, baby.” He said and she pushed him away, a hand went to her neck. “You didn´t, did you?” her mouth was hanging open while he smirked. “If you would have let me kiss you, I didn´t needed to.” He pointed out smirking and took a sip of his drink. “Asshole.” She mumbled and hit his chest playfully, which earned her a laugh from him. “Hey Y/N, let´s dance.” Said Jessica, who obviously decided to stop eating Justin´s face. She pulled Y/N from the table toward other people, who were ´dancing´ and Y/N turned around shooting Montgomery a wide grin, while he throws his head back groaning.

The party had died down and most people already went home. Y/N strolled through the house looking for her friend, who promised her she would drive her home. She passed the couch and laughed when she saw Montgomery passed out on the couch, snuggling into a pillow. “Hey Y/N, ready to drive home?” Y/F/N said coming into view smiling. Y/N´s gaze moved back to Monty and she bit her bottom lip. “Yeah, but we should bring him home too.” She said and pointed at Montgomery. Y/F/N nodded and together they pulled him onto his feet’s. They both laughed when he groaned and pulled him towards Y/F/N´s car.
Y/N sat in the backseat next to Montgomery who had his head on her shoulder, still sleeping. “Where does he live?” asked Y/F/N who sat in the front next to her boyfriend, who shrugged his shoulders. “I really don´t know.” Y/N mumbled, “Just drive me home, he can sleep at my house.” She added and rested her head against the headrest.

Y/F/N´s boyfriend helped bring Monty into her bedroom, while Y/N stayed with her friend still a little bit drunk. Y/N said goodbye to her friend and her boyfriend. She walked upstairs into her bedroom, giggling to herself as she saw him lying on her bed. She placed a bucket on his side of the bed, if he needs to throw up. Her whole room smelled like beer, he probably spilled beer over him, because he was so drunk. She woke him and made him sit up in bed. He was barely awake not really working with her. “Come on Monty.” She mumbled and tried to pull his shirt over his head. Finally Y/N managed to pull it over his head and he plopped down again. She giggled at his actions and moved to his belt, opening it and pulled down his jeans. Y/N could feel a blush creep up her cheeks as she saw him half undressed on her bed. She pulled the covers over him and changed into her pajamas, climbing under the covers. Y/N felt her heart beats a million times faster when Montgomery turned around and pulled her into his chest.
She always thought how it would be like to lay in the same bed with Montgomery, but that´s not how she imagined it.
With a small smile she sunk into a rest full sleep.

At eight am Y/N was awakened, when Montgomery throw her off him. She frowned half awake, but when she heard him throw up in the bucket next to him she was wide awake. She sat straight in her bed, rubbing her eyes and waited for him to finish. She thought he was finished but then there was another groan to hear and he throws up again and she began to rub his back in small circles.
After that he was finished and she handed him a tissue to wipe his mouth. He throws the used tissue into the bucket and fell back into the sheets still drunk and still sleepy.
Y/N got up, washed out the bucket in her bathroom and placed it next to him again, before making her way downstairs. Once she was awake she couldn´t fall asleep again. Downstairs she throws their clothes from the party into the washing machine. After that she lay down on the couch and turned on the TV, half heartily watching ´The Lion King`, her favorite Disney movie. She was whispering most of the lines and whisper-sing the songs.

One and a half hours later she decided that she wanted to watch another Disney movie, this time her choice fell on `Tangled´. Y/N giggled at the TV when Montgomery made his way downstairs. “Y/N/N?” She heard his voice rang through the house and sat up instantly. He walked into the living room, eying her sleepy figure with a smirk. “Are you feeling better?” Y/N asked him as he settles down next to her. He was still in his boxers and she couldn´t suppress a smile. “Do you mind if I take a shower?” He asked his eyes glued to the TV. “No, of course not.” Y/N answered and got up. He followed her upstairs and she showed him the bathroom. “Your house is beautiful. I like the photo of you as Minnie Mouse.” Her back was facing him but she knows he was smirking. She kneeled in front of her dresser going through it and pulled out sweatpants and an old shirt, handing them to him. “From your boyfriend?” He asked with a frown and she laughed. “What would you do if they were from my boyfriend?” Y/N asked smirking, but he was smirking too. “Well, then he wouldn´t be so pleased that you have a hickey from me on your neck.” He smirked down at her and started to lean in, trapping her between him and her dresser. “Touché, they are from my big brother, he forgot them the last time he visited us.” She explained smiling up at him, while he was biting his lips. “Go; take a shower, you´re smelling.” She said seriously, escaping from his trap and walked to her door. “And brush your teeth, please. The yellow toothbrush is yours.” Y/N added turning around in her doorway smirking at him.

Montgomery walked down the stairs while Y/N was making breakfast, humming a Disney song to herself, while munching on some blueberries. “What are you cooking?” he asked her, sitting down at the kitchen island; smiling at her. “Eggs, Bacon, toast and blueberry pancakes.” She mumbled concentrating on flipping a pancake and throwing a blueberry in her mouth. “Well, when you eat all the blueberries then are just normal pancakes.” He smirked and she raised an eyebrow at him. “Shut up, you´re always so cocky.” Y/N shook her head smiling. “It´s self-defense. You used my drunken state and undressed me.” Montgomery winked at her and she let out a laugh. “That’s why I ordered a shirt saying: ´I undressed Montgomery de la Cruz and I liked it´.” She countered smirking and he laughed at her statement. “When you liked it so much why don´t you do it again?” Y/N turned toward him and put her hands on her hips, thinking of a good answer. “Oh my god, the great Y/N is speechless.” he laughed at her and she frowned pouting. “Shut up, Asshole.” She mumbled and turned her attention back to the cooking.

“That’s was delicious.” Montgomery said smiling at her. “I know, because I´m fantastic.” He rolled his eyes at her, but smiled anyway. “Why are you doing this?” He asked this time more serious. “What do you mean?” She asked, looking at him confused. “Taking care of me, washing my clothes, making breakfast. Why are you doing this for me?” She shrugged her shoulders, biting her lips. “You´re an asshole and cocky as fuck, but I still like you, that´s why.” She looked down at her hands, which were resting on her lap, avoiding his gaze. “Thank you.” Y/N was surprised to ever hear these words from his mouth, but smiled at him and nodded. “So you like me, huh?” She snored and shook her head. “Way to ruin the moment.” She mumbled, standing up to put the dishes in the sink. Y/N turned around when she felt his hands on her waist. Her gaze landed on a smiling Monty, her hands playing with the hem of his shirt. “I like you too.” He whispered and leaned in, their lips almost touching. “Really?” she asked, biting her lips brushing her nose against his. “Really.” He stated and leaned in but she pushed him back. “Ok, repeat after me: Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N is the smartest and most beautiful girl at Liberty High.” She stated smirking at him. “I wouldn´t go this far.” He smirked back. “Okay your choice, but you will miss something.” She whispered into his ear, pressing her body against him. Y/N pushed past him, bumping his shoulder. He grabbed her wrist pulling her back into his chest finally connecting their lips together. His hands going to her ass almost instantly, while she bites his bottom lip. He moaned and squeezed her butt. She breaks the kiss and smirked at him. “Your parents are away?” he whispered, his breath ghosting over her lips. “For the rest of the weekend.” She stated biting her bottom lip. “Perfect.” He throws her over his shoulder making his way upstairs, while she giggles.

Maybe it´s time to get into some trouble.

Jughead & Reader: Secrets

Summary: As Sheriff Keller’s daughter, you have a lot of rules you have to live by and having Kevin as your protective older brother doesn’t exactly make things easier. Because of this you hid your relationship with Jughead but one night they both found out the truth.


Listen to: Summer Skin - Death Cab For Cutie

“I really don’t think that’s what Rosebud meant,” you said to Jughead as you walked down the street together, hand in hand. You had just finished watching Citizen Kane at the drive-in. Because of how long the movie was, mostly everyone left before the end. That gave you and Jughead the opportunity to talk over the movie to point out details to one another.

Jughead rolled his eyes. “It’s just something that he liked as a child, representing his childhood.”

“But you’re missing the point!” You laughed. “Rosebud symbolizes his childhood and how it shaped him into the man he was when he died.”

“I disagree.” He shook his head. 

“You’re wrong. Just say you’re wrong.” You laughed. 

“Fine. I’m wrong.” He laughed and kissed you. You stood on your tip toes and kissed him back happily, loving the little “arguments” the two of you had almost daily. 

You slowly pulled away but kept your arms wrapped around each other. “I wish you didn’t have to leave,” you said to him. 

Jughead glanced at your house and saw your father’s truck in the driveway. “I could sneak in through the back door,” he suggested. “And I could sneak into your room and I could stay the night.”

“And we can argue about Citizen Kane again.” You smirked.

“Exactly.” He laughed and kissed you. “Come on. Just this once?”

“You’re a bad influence, Jones. What would my father, the sheriff of the town, say?” You grabbed his hand and led him towards your house. 

“He’ll never find out.” He smiled. 

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I Love Clichés

Summary: Based on this ask vvv

Anonymous said: A NYE fic where the reader and Bucky get shit faced drunk and end up sleeping together and wake up on New Years like … wait… wut? And they’re all confused and shit.

Word Count: 1.2K

Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve, Sam

Warnings: Kinda smutty (idk), kissing, cursing, drinking, cliches, bad writing, ash having a computer, ash writing, idfk reader beware, lol. 

A/N: I had to force myself to write something. Here it is. I apologize. 

Originally posted by seabasschino

You couldn’t decide whether the room was spinning or if you had fell asleep on a carousel, but you definitely weren’t anticipating just how dizzy you were when you tried to sit up. The sun beaming in through your curtains felt like lasers burning your retinas, searing into you foggy, throbbing brain, and you groaned as you threw off your duvet, swinging your feet to the ground.

Wait. Why am I naked?

A familiar groan rumbles behind, sending your grasping for something to conceal your decency, as Bucky sits up against your headboard. You couldn’t choose where to look first, from his bare, sculpted chest, to his bulging arms flexing as he propped up his head, the man was flawless.

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The T-Room

Co Author: BUDDY!!! WHO ELSE OTHER THAN MY BEST FRIEND AND AN AMAZING AUTHOR?!?! Buddy you’re amazing and thank you for everything without you this fic would’ve gone nowhere!!!!

Markiplier, Ethan, Tyler

Summary: Ethan is a hacker for a strict corporation. If you screw up, you’re sent to the infamous ’T-Room’. Everyone who goes in comes out different. Quiet, obedient. Changed. No one knows what happens in there…and today, Ethan makes a huge mistake. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! HOLY SHIT THIS IS LONG! 4825 WORDS!! LOOOOOONG FIC! Also Buddy is amazing and made this 1000% better. 

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My pic and fic-list, because I’m in this fandom for around 2 years.

A (sort of) fairytale // M // Magic //
The summer after senior year starts normally enough, with the gang spending their final months before college together at the Martin family’s lake house.

And I thought I had problems
// E // AU // Vers //

Stiles deals with nefarious soul-sucking witch spells, Scott’s inability to be a fully functioning adult, Danny’s incessant need to make everything about sex, and finding out that his mate is Derek Hale. Tuesdays suck.

John Hughes did not direct my life // E // AU //
Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Chasing the horizon
// E // AU //
Stiles nearly laughs and for a moment, he sits there trying to think of anything to say.
“It’s been a good year,” he croaks at long last.

Gravity’s got nothing on you
// E // AU // Vers //
“Three weeks,” Derek says.
“Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.
“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested.

Call it a wild card
// T // AU //
“Are you done fanboying, or should I give you a few more minutes?” Erica asks, the smirk and her words clearly directed at Stiles, who’s still standing and gaping, but Derek can’t help but feel there’s a jibe at him hidden in there somewhere, too.

Reach out // E // AU //
In Which Stiles Falls in Love Twice…with the same person

Cupboard love
// G // AU //
He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

Keys and Christmas lights
// M // AU //
Stiles’ fingers clenched in Derek’s hair, holding him with desperation as he stormed his lips. Derek reacted with a shameless murmur of appreciation, letting Stiles to slowly take control over his body.

Sense of home
// E //
Home can be a place, but it can also be a person.

Living with lycanthropy
// E // AU //
Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother’s legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can’t seem to get Stiles’ attention the regular way - so naturally, he accidentally initiates a prank war.

Our lives are changing lanes
// E // AU //
There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is gorgeous, built like a god with a face like thunder. Stiles wants to lick that solid jaw line. Hold the fuck on, says his cop brain, because the dude’s got kids hanging all over him; one’s on his back, skinny legs looped around his waist, and another two hanging off one arm, toes barely brushing the ground. There’s a tubby toddler clinging to his leg like a koala, and he’s got a baby tucked into the crook of the one arm that doesn’t have kids hanging off it. Stiles’ mouth drops open.

And If I Die Before I Wake // E //
When Stiles wakes up on his eighteenth birthday from a chaste dream about Derek Hale he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. But when he wakes up the next few days to the same dream, he knows something is going on. And he’s going to get to the bottom of it. Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern. More than three is just torture.

Out of his league
// E // AU // Bottom!stiles
Derek’s going to be the best ballplayer ever, if Stiles doesn’t kill him first. Or vice versa.

Why don’t you say so?
// T // AU
Talia Hale has a plan. Derek will go to the Winter Formal and he will ask the Stilinski boy to dance, and they will finally get their heads out of their asses and her son will stop moping around the house in his underwear..

// M // Crack
Or, Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.

Spook: a ghostly love story in three parts
// T // AU
Derek is fifteen when he dies. He’s been fifteen for six years when he meets Stiles.
And then suddenly… suddenly things start looking up.

I do, do you?
// E
Stiles and Derek wake up hung over and married in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be so bad if the year before their relationship hadn’t fallen apart.

Navigating this space between us
// E
Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest.

Glossy double cover spread
// E
When Derek finds out exactly how Stiles has been able to afford the tuition for his fancy private college, he becomes a touch…obsessed.

The sweetest of words
// E //

Five or so years after the show. Stiles is in college, and finds himself getting stalked by a succubus. Derek’s determined that the best way to thwart her is to prove that he and Stiles are madly in love. It’s not really as much of an act as either seems to think.

Celebrity crush
// E // AU
Stiles wasn’t expecting to meet his favourite actor when Scott helped him land an internship on the set of Jackson’s new film, and he certainly wasn’t expecting Derek to fall in love with him. Not that Stiles was complaining.

Game on
// T // AU
Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by.

Daddy do’s
// G // AU //
Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.

Brilliant & ridiculous
// M
All Derek wanted was for the woman to leave him alone and ring up his groceries. How that led to her thinking Stiles is his boyfriend is something he blames on Stiles and his inability to stay out of trouble for five minutes.

No homo
// E // AU //
Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

Alpha complex
// E // AU // PWP //
“Hold still,” Stiles says, hand clamping down on the back of Derek’s neck to keep him from turning and it’s laughable, really – the thought that that would be enough to hold him.

Finger bangin
// E // AU // PWP
Stiles starts bringing drumsticks to Pack gatherings, sitting himself on the edge of the group to tap out maddening rhythms on his knees as the werewolves train.

A road that’s built to last
// E // AU //
Stiles is driving the Trans-Canada highway, all the way from Toronto to Vancouver. He’s always been told that it’s a bad idea to pick up hitchhikers, but, somehow, he’s still got someone riding shotgun with him, and he’s starting to think it might be one of the best decisions he’s made in a long time.

Fly a little faster
// T //
Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

But then what…
// E // AU
Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favour, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douche-canoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He’s someone Stiles totally hates. Totally.

All the wonders that remain
// E // AU // WIP
The one where Stiles is an average dude whose soulmate just happens to be movie star Derek Hale, and he only finds out after pictures of Derek’s soulmark - their soulmark -go viral.

Love is a force of nature
// E // AU // PWP
When Derek’s father sat him down for the sex talk when Derek was thirteen, he’d explained that werewolves felt things more intensely than humans when they found their mate.

Say hello to the brushfire
// E // AU
The night before Stiles turns eighteen, Derek Hale spills coffee on him. Things get weirder (and more awesome) from there.

I might be a fool
// E // AU
The thing about Stiles, though, is that for him, turned on and angry are not mutually exclusive feelings. He may be painfully hard but that doesn’t mean he’s not also ready to strangle Derek for having the audacity to act like this is something that’s happening to him, not something that is almost entirely his fault.

With metal on our tongues 
// E // AU
Double-oh agents are a piece of work; Stiles knew that before he became MI6’s new quartermaster. It’s cool, he survived Lydia in college, he can deal with stubborn, reckless, trigger-happy operatives. Derek Hale, though, is definitely trying to live up to his predecessor’s legacy and make Stiles’ life more difficult.

Come on, tear me apart
// E
“Why were you thinking about my tattoo, Stiles?” He asks, making Stiles swallow and lick his lips nervously, only to be more confused when Derek follows the movement with his eyes.

How to turn a bad boy into a fanboy
// T // AU
Stiles owns a comic books store and Laura’s son is a huge fan of Spiderman. It was only a matter of time before Derek stepped foot in there.

Not every tuesday
// E
// AU
Every Tuesday morning at ten, like clockwork, Derek Hale would come into Stiles’ shop and get his stubble trimmed. Every Tuesday at lunch, Lydia would tell him how jealous she was that she couldn’t make it to work before him, getting stuck with perms. Every Tuesday evening, Stiles rushed home and into the shower to get the hair off of him, and to rub one out thinking about jawline and beard burn on his thighs.

Muffins as a declaration of intent
// E

“Top or bottom?” Stiles asks, off to Derek’s right.
“Bottom,” Derek says automatically, not really looking at him. “Wait, what?”

What’s up Pinocchio?
// E // Crack
Stiles knows his dick, okay? He knows it well. He knows how long it is, how thick it is - measuring is a normal thing for a curious teenager, it really is - but somehow, that’s not true anymore.

Accidentally in love
// M
// AU
Derek has spent his summer vacation crushing on the Sheriff’s son Stiles Stilinski, mostly from afar, but then when school starts suddenly Stiles is sitting next to him in Chemistry and inviting him around to his place after school.

Normal again
// T
// AU // Gif-fic
Stiles awakens in a psychiatric hospital. Is it another Alpha mind trick or have the last few years of Stiles life all been a dream created to deal with his mother’s death?

I wish I had a river
// T
// AU
Derek is the editor of a successful publishing firm, and is horrible to all his employees, including Stiles. On Christmas Eve night, he gets visited by three spirits and has to take a look at his life.

This Time With Feeling // E // AU
“Derek Hale, if you refuse to learn from your past…then you will be doomed to repeat it.” In which Derek is turned into a 16-year-old and has to stay with Stiles until they figure out how to turn him back.

I Wanna Take a Ride On Your // E // PWP // Vers
Stiles is…endowed. Derek…likes it.

Biology Is Not Power // E // PWP
Biology is not related to power. That’s the first lesson everyone learns in their Sexuality and Humanity class in high school. Like, the very first thing. First words in the book and everything. 

- works I have some sort of sentiment :)

Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™ ft. Adrian Rodriguez

So @queergirlwriting​, I finally finished his chapter. Hopefully, I did him justice and he had fun on his field trip.


Everyone loves Alex Danvers, but Maggie’s not alone.

Read it here or on AO3


       Adrian clocked Officer Maggie Sawyer as a Little Shit™ from about ten minutes after she rescued him from bad T and worse decisions that could have gotten a little brown kid killed. Adrian came from a great family, really, his parents were amazing and supportive and so much that other kids didn’t get, but transitioning was expensive, transitioning was hard in a heteronormative society, and by the time Maggie found him he was already out of sorts because no insurance didn’t just mean no T, it meant no puberty inhibitors, if he could even find a doctor supportive of trans health. Maybe it was the smirk on her lips after he was knocked on his ass or those big understanding eyes or that teasing smile, but Officer Sawyer was safe and that wasn’t something every brown kid could count on, straight or not.

       As amazing as Maggie was when they met, she was still a Little Shit™ because she took him out for ice cream after the clinic and totally popped the bottom of the cone to smear Adrian’s face in chocolate.

       Adrian had a family. But Maggie joined it, the queer big sister he needed at the most important time of his life. She’d meet him after school to talk about the Queer Alliance club, take him to lunch on the weekends, basically be the big sister he didn’t have. They talked girls, Adrian’s crushes and Maggie’s.

       Maggie played jokes and she teased, but she didn’t relax around many people. Adrian noticed her girlfriends weren’t often among those people.

       For such an Established Gay™, Adrian’s adoptive big sister had shit taste in women.

     Until Agent Hot Ass.

     Oh my God, Adrian could not believe how much Maggie talked about the Fed who stole her crime scene. In hindsight, that probably didn’t help matters with the deteriorating state of Mag’s relationship with what’s-her-name, but the blonde wasn’t good enough for his big sis anyway. She talked about her over the empanadas he cooked to celebrate her not dying after being kidnapped. Her big eyes glittered while talking about how much fun she had being tied up in the warehouse, filed under things Adrian never wanted to know about his sister, and being rescued by Supergirl and that really annoying Fed who’s also a doctor–Did you know she’s really smart, Ade? She’s like a genius or something, because the med staff at her top secret James Bond base didn’t say a word when she patched me up.

         She’s really good at pool, Ade. Which was weird, because he’d played pool with Maggie, she was great. And then Maggie explained, I mean, I’m letting her win, you know, the Feds get their feelings hurt so easily. Right.

     Maggie had some bad nights sometimes. Sometimes he’d get a call from the bartender at Maggie’s favorite bar, and he’d swing by to give her a lift home in her cruiser (not that anyone on the force knew that) or just grab an uber if she brought her bike. Megan, she was nice. Megan slipped him photos of his favorite cop and her new bff “just grabbin’ beers, kid.”

     Then things got weird, and Maggie got quiet about Danvers. She didn’t talk about her as much. She looked sad when she did. Then Maggie got drunk, and Maggie talks so much more about herself when she’s drunk.      Alex came out to me, Ade. First. Because of me.     And Adrian smiled. But then Maggie confessed I can’t do that to her, I can’t destroy her, I destroy everything good.

     Okay first of all, bullshit, you didn’t destroy me, Mags, you helped me be a better me. Second of all, Adrian couldn’t exactly blame this fed for a sudden gay awakening because, and he could say this as an objective straight man, Maggie was hot . Of course  Maggie made her question her sexuality, Maggie was a cop who drove a motorcycle, wore leather jackets, and carried handcuffs hellooooo.

     Maggie was being stupid. Clearly she had feelings for this woman.

     Those photos Megan took? Adrian may have printed off extras and hung around Maggie’s apartment. On the cereal box Maggie had to jump to reach. Behind her toothpaste in her medicine cabinet. He even slipped one into “that” drawer in her nightstand (without looking, thank you, he did not need to be scarred for life). Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™, but Adrian took notes any time he got the chance.

     Maggie yelled at him for it.

     Adrian knows damn well that Maggie put one of those photos in her wallet.

     She’ll never admit it, but that’s fine.

     A few days later she and the fed were friends again. She wasn’t as talkative as before, but she wasn’t quiet like she had been after Danvers kissed her.

     And then she called him to tell him she got shot, but not to worry. What the fuck, Maggie?? Adrian was all set to come over and check for himself that she wasn’t dead but Actually, Ade, I’m not going to be home, I have to go talk to someone.

     Adrian had a feeling he knew who she was going to see.

     Judging by the mile-wide smile that met him for brunch, The Dimples™ seemingly multiplying, he was right and it went well.

     Seeing Maggie begin to open up, and so quickly, was awesome. It gave him hope, because be real, Maggie, you’re a damn cactus, and meeting      Alex     meant meeting a dorky, unsure, but totally beautiful woman who had heart eyes for his queer mom. It was great!

     Even better?

     Watching Maggie screw with the Alex and her friends.

     Hiding the last box of potstickers in a container of vegan yogurt (Kara), that time she tricked Alex into trying that one absolutely gross flavor of vegan ice cream so that her ice cream would remain untouched on sister nights, and watching Maggie crush that nerdy dude in video games online week after week while giving him “tips” over the phone was Adrian’s absolute favorite.

     These two were golden. Like, relationship goals.

     Which is why, when he heard about that photo shoot James did, and what happened with Alex, Adrian may have talked to James about getting some perfectly work safe thank you candids of the couple to make two collages. One for each of them, complete with glitter hearts and a couple sets of googly eyes (Kara was REALLY helpful). Those collages may or may not have found their way to Maggie’s desk at the precinct and Alex’s lab.

     Because Adrian was happy for them.

     And because Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit™.

     And Adrian is her favorite. (After Alex).

❝ You save me since forever ❞

Plot: Your ex has kidnapped you and your boyfriend Taehyung could’t do anything but watch your torture. 

Words count: 1,4k+

Genre: Angst/ Fluffy in the end. 

For this cutie @rajwah12345, I hope you like it. 
N.B. I made this before me and Illi put rules, but i felt uncomfortable to write it. So if you have this kind of request, I’ll think if accept them or not. It depends on my feelings at the moment. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Your head explodes, at least it’s the sensation you feel. Do you feel sick and when you open your eyes the only thing you see is a high ceiling. The smell is nauseating, you can’t get where you are and your hands are tied behind your back.  

You look around and panic begins to make its way inside you, but it’s only when you can glimpse a figure not far from you that panic fades into fear, which one is primal and frightening that leaves no way out.  

You start screaming, not even think if it’s the right thing or not, but this causes only the reaction of the man in black. Immediately you feel a sharp pain in the chest, at the point where he kicked you without hesitation. You can’t breathe, it’s hard when a kick takes your breath away, you start gasping and resting your forehead on the cold floor while you’re trying not to throw up because of suddenly pain.  

“You stupid bitch, who told you to scream?”  

That voice, unfortunately, you recognize it but can’t say anything since you’ve to get back from the kick yet. A new pain overcomes you when he pulls your head back violently, clutching your hair with strength how much to make you feel like your skin is sore.  

“Ple.. Please.. Nu… Nuhan… ” You plead with a broken voice, relishing the metallic taste of blood in your mouth

“What bitch? It was so easy, you know? Now your boyfriend will live the show firsthand. ”  

“Leave him alone, please.”  

“Hurt you is a fun, the person I want to really hurt is him.”  

His smirk scares you and he lets you go, but without the balance you slam your face against the floor, adding more pain to what you already do.  

You spit the blood gathered in your mouth and with painful effort you put yourself on the side, even if the pain of the hands tied almost kills you.  

He holds your phone and you want to do something, but you don’t have the slightest chance. Your breath becomes heavily when his foot rests on your shoulder, pushes you and making you finish with your back against the floor. Now his foot is on your neck and if only he would he could choke you off really easy.  

You hear the phone ring, he puts on speakerphone, and you pray fervently that he doesn’t answer or is busy with practice or any type of show. You pray but in the end no one will listen.  


“Sorry, I’m not your babe.”  

Frost, despite being a phone call, immediately upon you and you can imagine Taehyung’s look in hearing a voice different from your own.  


“I said shut up bitch!”  

He hushes you up by giving an aggressive kick on your face, takes your breath away and provokes you another wave of pain while you can hear the heartbreaking scream on the other side of the phone.  


“Do you think I’m scared, kid?”  

“I swear to you that if… I swear I’ll kill you. I find you and kill you. ”  

“You can’t even tie your shoes alone and you think you can do something?”  

You hear their voices distorted, the pain is so intense that he momentarily knocked you out. You try to get up, he moves away to talk to the phone, in a vain attempt to get the seat. You want to run, but it’s even hard for you to breathe, running away would be impossible.  

“So, I say we could switch the camera kid. Enjoy the show. ”  

And here comes the moment that you feared most. He’s approaching you and girds your hair in a tight grip, rends you a shout load of pain.  You try to struggle but he strikes more his tight on your hair, pulling you up so much that you lose the balance and you’re about to fall backward when he upholds, smirking with malice.  

“Let her. GOD… I SAID, LET HER GO, FUCK. ”  


“I think these bruises are too few? What do you say, kid? ”  

He doesn’t finish the sentence that makes you fall on your knees, uploading with strength and giving you a kick right between your ribs that makes you believe you never feel so much pain in your life. You open your eyes wide due to the pain, almost falling forward but he grabs you again to the hair while as an echo you hear your boyfriend who screams without, however, being able to do anything.  

“N-Nuhan.. Please.. Please.. ”  

“Tell me, kid.”  

“Let her go. I’ll do anything you want, but let her go … You.. you’re killing her.. ”  

“That’s what I want.”  

His answer doesn’t touch you, you don’t care about dying but everything is preferable to what you’re coping with. Your gaze alights on your cell phone, placed on a small table nearby, and you can see even in a blurry, Taehyung’s look. He’s in pain and you hate that more than everything else. You smile to him, you don’t want it all go away with watching you bloodied. You want him to remember your smile, that was the first thing he falls in love with.  

“I love you Tae” You mime with your lips and another kick arrives, making you fall to the ground, totally passed out.   


A muffled light caressing your eyes and allows you to wake up. You’re in a room with lighter walls, a constant buzzing sound in your ears but don’t you worry. You see a room dryer in the corner and you can, finally, figure out that you’re in a hospital room.  

Your body is totally sore, there’s not a single part of it that doesn’t hurt. You can’t move your leg and the heaviness of it tells you that it’s in a cast. Even breathing is painful and you feel a tight bandage around your chest, which causes an annoying itch along with sorrow.  


Your voice is unrecognizable but you don’t think much about it, you just survived to the torture, you can also look like a seal while you talk that no one can say something disgusted to you and you don’t care about it.

No one will respond and you come to close your eyes again, looking for that little bit of peace that was coming before.  

When you hear someone enter the room keep your eyes closed, curious to hear what they’re saying. You recognize Namjoon’s voice, veiled of concern, and that of Taehyung which has a tone that you’ve never heard before.  

“Tae is over.. Now she’s here and saves. ”  

“He better stay in that jail cell for his entire life.”  

“Calm down.”  

“Calm down? Hyung, look at her! He tortured her in front my eyes and I.. I couldn’t do anything! ”  

“You risked making the situation worse. You did well to use GPS.. With your trick police was able to go where she held hostage ”  

“I could do something.”  

His hand caressing your cheek gently and you feel it trembling, so you open your eyes and chain them in his. You look at each other for an instant that seems infinite and instantly his lips are on yours. You ignore the pang of pain that that simple and sweet touch causes you, starting to kiss him slowly. His bottom lip slowly caresses your upper lip and without realizing your tongues touch just, provoking in both shivers throughout the body.  

“Maybe it’s better if I leave … ”  

Namjoon murmurs but you’re too busy to kiss Taehyung to listen to it. He left the room and you keep going and you feel his hand on your face and his fingers caressing your hair. Your sigh makes him slide away and he leans his forehead against yours, letting your breath bump into his soft lips.  

“Thank you for saving me..”  

“I coul– ”  

“Stop.. You saved my life, Tae. ”  

“It was the police.”  

“Police came because of you. It’s the umpteenth time that you do. ”  


“Save me.”  

“When I would have done that …?”  

“You do this every day. You save me since forever, Kim Taehyung. ”  

Star Kisses. [James T. Kirk Oneshot.]

A/N: I’m not going to lie, I intended this to be a 500 word thing, but woop it ended up being over 2,000 yikes.
I hope you guys like it, it’s actually my first official piece for Kirk. :) I’m kinda excited.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated, as is feedback!

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Title: Star Kisses.
Pairing: Captain James T. Kirk x Female!Reader.
Words: 2319.
Rating: T.

“Here,” Kirk urged and sat a shot glass in front of you. It was full, to the very brim and a few drops of it landed on his fingers and landed silently on the bar table in front of you, “it’s on me.” The smile he gave you was charming enough to make your heart flutter inside of your chest.

“Thank you, Captain.” You replied and gazed down at the light brown liquid in the shot glass.

The smile on his face faltered ever so slightly at the name you had chosen to call him, his hand bringing his drink to his full lips so he could take a drink. Jim chuckled behind the glass before setting it down once again, this time, with a small ‘pat’ as it made contact with the oak counter. “You know, you don’t need to call me Captain right now. We’re not on duty.” Emphasizing his words, he nodded his head and looked at you.

This was very correct, but earlier this evening, you still found yourself surrounded by people like Pavel, Scotty, Leonard, Spock and Uhura, all of whom had already left, leaving you alone with the Captain. And as right as he was, you couldn’t find it in yourself to call him by anything else. He was your Captain, and you had forever called him that since you met him nearly three years ago. Prior to that, you had heard things about him while at Starfleet Academy, but you didn’t have the glorious opportunity of meeting him until you were assigned to the Enterprise, under the Science division. You had been working rather closely with Leonard, and in turn, Captain Kirk, since your time aboard, and had heard things from Leonard himself.

Pushing back what he had told you, that being “Jim is a womanizer, I wouldn’t think about getting too close”, you picked your shot up, and downed it. The alcohol burned at your throat as it slid down, and for a second, you scrunched your face up and sighed. It wasn’t an awful taste, but it was stronger than you had anticipated. The rush of drinking it lit up your senses momentarily as you were tugged back into reality by the drawl of his deep voice.

“You can call me Jim.”  He swallowed another drink, but you hadn’t even noticed that he picked up his glass again and was now waving it, signaling the bartender that he wanted another. His jaw clenched, the muscles there contracting in front of your eyes. The lighting that bounced off his skin was giving the appearance of godliness, illuminating his sharp features, the curve of his mouth, which curled mischievously on the sides, and the arch of his thick eyebrows. He continued. “Or if you want, James. I guess whichever you like better.”

“Kirk,” You said rather hastily and clutched the shot glass tightly in your hands.

“That works too.” As if he needed to be any more visually attractive, he turned in his seat to give you a smile that you were positive you’d never seen from anyone before. Whether it was made up of cockiness and slight drunkenness, or perhaps happiness, you couldn’t tell. But, it was the kind of smile that started at the edges of his mouth, to the edges around his bright eyes. It was a full on grin, and not one out of politeness. “As long as it’s not Captain.” He mumbled, watching with careful eyes as the bartender picked up his now empty glass and replaced it with a full one. Kirk gazed at you from his peripherals and slid the glass towards you and slurred to the bartender, “Can I get another one?” He was leaning forward in his seat, his ribcage rubbing against the edge of the counter.

A minute later, Kirk was drink in hand again and let his attention dwindle back to you. Lifting his glass, he knocked it towards you and whispered, “I’d like to make a toast. Well, more like a friendly gesture.” His mouth shut and he pursed his lips, his blue eyes fluttering as he tried to stay sane.

You chuckled quietly, watching him compose himself enough to actually speak clearly. You’d never seen him in such a state, and though you were sure a lot of other crew members might have, you still found it heart-wrenching that he appeared to trust you enough to see him like this. Not composed, to the point where speaking was a problem, and loose enough to actually have a good time without having to worry about the lives that were usually at stake on the Enterprise. His hair was slightly disheveled, and rather than lying to the left, parted neatly, it was rather messy, a few pieces scattered as if he pushed his hand through it multiple times this evening. This, you didn’t doubt. He was in civilian clothing, as were you, wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a black t-shirt under a vintage leather jacket. Kirk, undoubtedly, looked amazing. And the way he moved, made you wonder if this was something he was aware of, or if he had enough to drink to be cockier than he usually was.

Nodding in agreement, you raised your glass so it paralleled his. “I for one, never realized how pretty you are,” He started rather confidently, “Wait, wait.” kirk squeezed his eyes shut, “I lie. I did realized… Realize how pretty you were, I was just too much of a baby to say anything to you, plus,” He leaned forward and momentarily, his glass rubbed against your own, “Bones would kill me if I tried to get with you. He’s like your dad or something, it’s kind of scary.” Kirk hiccuped, “I swear, this is no-not the alcohol talking. (Name)… I am very, very interested in you.”

“Isn’t that a conflict of interest, sir?” You asked and held your glass tightly. You were positive if the grip on it wasn’t so rough, it would slide out of your grip and explode on the floor. His words, and the brave tone of voice he had used, made your face burst with heat. Starting in the middle of your cheeks, to expand and sweep up to the tip of your ears. You weren’t sure if you were red, but if Kirk did mention, you could always blame it on the alcohol. “I’m one of your crew members… You’re the Captain. You’re directly above me. I don’t think it’s appro-”

“I don’t think the way you’re avoiding this is appropriate.” He suddenly said, sharply and clearly enough for you to understand, “You- you…” Kirk’s brows furrowed together, “don’t think I notice you staring? Or, or the way you get nervous around me?” You rested your glass back onto the counter. “I usually don’t know what I’m doing, I like to wing it, and I don’t like rules,” He explained to you, “But, I dunno. I kinda wanna see what it’s like to know what I’m doing.”

“We’d be fraternizing, sir.” His baby blue eyes shot up at that word.

“Well, technically, yeah.” Kirk gave you a sly grin, his voice rocketing inside of your ear, “But, I can bend the ruuuules just a little.” You knew this to be true, in some senses. But in others, not so much. What he’d call ‘bending the rules’ was actually flat out breaking them, sometimes with absolutely barbaric outcomes, sometimes, without any.

For a brief second, that felt like five minutes, you heavily considered this. The outcome, the entirety of the situation. Condensation lifted itself onto your chilled glass, dripping down onto the coaster that protected the oak counters from damage.

“If ya don’t say something, I’m taking it as a no, and I’m going to leave and cry my eyes out tonight.” Kirk joked, though deep down, you wondered if he was being serious. It was obvious that he two things when drunk. Emotional, and macho. Depending on the situation, these two things worked together beautifully, but as of right now, they were messing with your mind. “I mean, Uhura and Spock… They fra…” He had to pause and think of the word, “Fraternize, don’t they? By definition of the word, I mean. They have a personal relationship, which is what you’re implying would happen if we did, say…” You looked at him, watching as his mouth moved before taking a swig of the drink in his hand, “Kiss tonight.”

Kirk had leaned forward, only about a foot away from your face. One foot was on the floor steadying him so he didn’t stumble right on top of you. You could see the close up details of his face, the mischievous playfulness that rested behind his eyes. The two of you looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like eternity before he finally spoke, “I know you want to. I can see it.”

This was undoubtedly true.

And the fact that you wanted nothing more than to kiss him right then and there, was also undoubtedly true.

“Is it still considered fraternizing if we do it off duty?” He intrigued, setting his glass down on the counter.

“Nothing’ll change the fact that you are the Captain of the Enterprise and I-”

“Bones was right,” Kirk chuckled and grasped the back of your head slowly. His fingers expanded, tangling into the depths of your hair, causing a shudder to break out down your spine at the sudden amount of affection he was giving you. “You’re such a goody two-shoes…” Kirk raised his hand and lightly pushed his thumb against your lips. It took all you had not to peep your tongue out,  “You like to follow the rules because they give you structure, I don’t blame you,” He replaced his finger, with his mouth, it only being  a few inches away from kissing yours, his breath dancing on your face and the vague taste of his lips lingering on yours overpowered you as he mumbled delicately, “but, you need to learn how to break a rule every once and awhile. Let me give you some structure. I’ve been told I’m good at that.”

“Who told you that?” You laughed quietly, biting down on your bottom lip.

“Uhm,” Kirk shut his eyes and puffed quietly, leaning his forehead against yours. “T-That doesn’t matter right now. Some girl, I think. First year at the Academy. Then again, she coulda been talking about something else.” Kirk had raised his eyebrows suggestively, opening his eyes in the process, “If you let me kiss yo-”

“You talk a lot.” You informed him, your right hand reaching forward to rest on his thigh as if to remind him you were only a few inches away from him, “I knew you did before, but this is a little extensive.”

“That, I have also been told. Actually, by Bones like three hours ago—”

“Let me talk, then.” Kirk popped his mouth shut at your sudden assertion and nodded. “Let’s say… I let you kiss me… We are off duty, after all…” He licked his mouth slowly, tantalizing you, “Then what?”

He smirked, ever so slightly, but enough for you to take notice, “I’d kiss you again. And again, and probably again…” He was inching closer and closer to you, the hand that was once on his thigh now resting on his side. The fabric of his leather jacket played at your fingertips as he craned his head down, his lips barely grazing against yours. It was minimal contact, but it was still enough to make your entire body light up. Starting at your lips, your senses came alive. There was a small beating at the base of your skull, like a headache, but oddly enough, it felt soothed when Kirk began brushing his fingers through your hair. Your mouth yearned for more when he push for a deeper, harder kiss.

There was something inexplicably wild about what was happening, his free hand raising to cup your jawline, subsequently making your eyes flutter shut at the feeling. For a minute, Kirk seemed to overpower you, his hands keeping you from moving, and yours bracing yourself against his body as he stood up from his seat. He ran the hand in your hair forward and grasped the other side of your jawline to cup your entire face, his mouth rapid against yours without necessarily pulling away. He tasted like everything he had to drink this evening. A bit of Cranberry vodka, a bit of a Bud Light Classic. Simultaneously, Kirk tasted sweet, bitter and warm. To contradict this, he felt physically soft. You had expected otherwise. You’d expected for the muscles of his torso to be hard, unmoving under your fingertips, and from between the fabric of his shirt. But, it wasn’t. Kirk was literally melting against you, his entire body, from head to toe, as if he needed to be near you. His mouth was melding against yours, assuring both of you were pleased by the pressure of the kiss.

It was a secure sensation. A structured action.

Pulling away from each other was the hardest thing to do. Kirk had stayed true to his words, and when his lips ceased contact with your own, even for a breath, he was diving in for another peck. The small, almost chaste kisses left you wanting much more.

You lifted your shoulders and breathed in heavily, his hands now resting on your forearms. It was chilly now, that you weren’t embraced by his warmth, but his fingers kept some parts of your skin warm. “Jim…”

“I knew I’d get you to call me by my name.” He chuckled cutely, running his hands up and down your arms, “I like how you say it… I like how it sounds. It’s like… The stars are calling my name.”

“That’s cheesy.” You whispered lightly, bumping your nose against his.

“But, it’s true.”

BTS reaction/scenario to you coming to bed in just their t-shirt and underwear

A/N: this was again requested like twice so i kinda combined them :-) hope you like them!!


Once Jin saw you come into the bedroom, he’d look up from his phone, his own body clad in just his boxers and a shirt, and at first he would be in awe of how cute you looked in his tee, but then he’d have to try to keep his jaw from hitting the floor once he saw your lower half, adorned with silky pink panties, with little pieces of candy dotted all over it, ribbons holding together the seams as you waltzed over to him, oblivious to his staring. Your arms stretching above your head, causing his shirt to ride up even more on you, closing your eyes in content as you began to clamber on top of the bed. The silky sheets would run under your bare thighs as you say next to Jin on the bed, finally turning to look at him for the first time since you’d entered the room.

“You ready for sl-are you okay Jin?” You were caught off guard, jin’s face was glazed over with what looked like confusion, and he was staring at your thighs. You brought a hand up to his shoulder, catching his attention.

“What?” He’d ask, still switching his gaze between you and your thighs.

“I said are you ready for sleep?” Your question would be left hanging in the air as he suddenly bent his head down to kiss the tips of your thighs, causing your body to heat up as you struggled to ask him what he was doing, as his mouth began to move dangerously close to your underwear that was becoming more and more wet every second.

“J-Jin?“ You’d ask, cheeks flushing a light pink.

"Shhhh. We’ll sleep later, I want to try something new right now.”

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his lips would open a little as he saw you walk into your shared bedroom in his large white tee, but his eyes would bulge as you turned around in front of him, so that your behind was facing him as you reached up to put your hair in a ponytail. Your underwear colored a light pastel blue exposing some of yourself as it held you up nicely, completely visible unbeknownst to you. You’d be talking about something until you finally turned around when he wasn’t responding to your question, prompting you to call his attention from where it was fixated on your ass.

“Yah, namjoon, aren’t you listening to me?"You’d pout, turning around now that you were done and walking closer to the bed, before you’d stop as you realized namjoon was now getting up to approach you. Once he would reach you, his hands would come up from your shoulders, and smooth down your body until they reached your bottom, so he could cup the skin with his two cold hands as you gasped into his chest.

"N-namjoon?” You’d question, looking up to see him biting his lips as he looked down on you.

“I heard what you said, y/n, but, how about we do something funner than just talking?”

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when he tossed you his shirt at first, he didn’t think that you would look as good as you did in it, and he would be mentally fighting himself to stay away from you as you laid down on the couch next to him, softly drifting to sleep on his lap as a movie played softly in the background. His top would expose the bottom of your tummy and the very beginning of your black laced underwear, his fingers would be itching to touch the skin that would be left out in the cool air.
He would try so hard to focus on the movie and ignore how nice your body felt against him until he lost all his willpower when you shifted lightly, pressing your head into his stomach as you closed your eyes and let out a soft sleepy moan. Immediately, his fingers would reach down as they began to trace circles on the tops of your stomach, moving ever so slowly as he inched his way to your thighs, and then closer to your clothed slit, your breath still even as he continued, but he would stop suddenly, clenching his fingers away from you and draping his head behind the couch as he chanted to himself to keep it together. Eventually bringing himself back to his senses as he picked his head up and opened his eyes, almost throwing you off of him when he saw you looking up, curiously. Your stomach still exposed.

“Why’d you stop?

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“Hey, don’t you think this is a little short?” You would ask jimin, catching glimpses of you behind as you walked back to the bedroom from the mirror behind you, to find him seated on the floor of your shared bedroom arranging his CD’s inside of his cases. 

“No, I think you look perfect.” He’d smile at you, causing you to roll your eyes at his statement but turn around to go fix the bedsheets so you could both lay down. You began to grab the ends of the covers when you would hear jimin take in a sharp dress from behind you. You’d turn around, confused, to see a look in jimins eyes you knew too well, his stare directed at your exposed bum. Wickedly, an idea flashed in your eyes as you turned back around to continue folding the sheets.

“Ah, I’m so glad you didn’t think this was too short.” You’d began, leaning over even more as you smoothed down one side of the bed, causing jimin to shift from his seat on the floor.

“I have to run to the store later for breakfast tomorrow, maybe I could go with this on?” You’d ask him, shaking your ass a little in the air, as, unbeknownst to you, Jimin began to walk closer to you, until his hands came up and grabbed the sides of your hips brashly, a yelp coming out since you didn’t hear him walk up to you. You felt him pull you closer to his jeans, the air hitting your back that was exposed lightly as you felt his body curve against your as he leaned over to whisper in your ear, your teasing forgotten as he began some of his own. 

Thank god for his shirt.

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“Bye guys!” Taehyung would call out to the rest of the boys as he waved them off, movie night coming to an end. You had excused yourself earlier to go change into pajamas as the boys began to file out. Instead of your normal choice of pajamas, you decided to wear one of Taehyungs old shirts with just underwear, figuring if the boys were gone, there was no reason for you not to.

“Taehyung?” You would call, wondering where he was as you walked outside, feeling the breeze swirl under the baggy shirt and at your exposed bum.
Suddenly you’d hear a gasp, turning around to find him standing in the hallway, his fingers gripping his jeans as he stared directly at your ass, as you were caught mid step.

“T-tae?” You’d call at him, beginning to turn around slowly before he placed up a hand, your curiosity causing you to still.

“Stay there.“ Your mind would go blank from his sudden gruff voice as his eyes grew darker, his feet beginning to make their way towards you slowly as he licked his lips.

"If you were gonna change into this, I would’ve made the boys leave earlier.”

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“When I said change into anything, I didn’t mean that.” He would whisper to himself once his eyes caught you coming out of the bathroom, your body adorned with his large white t shirt, but his gaze instead focusing on the small portion of your ass visible from the lack of bottoms. Jungkook wouldn’t be sure whether or not you had actually done it on purpose, or whether it was an accident, but when you entered the bedroom again, a small smile on your face, your eyes would meet his, and his usual happy disposition gone, his face a little sweater than usual.

“Ahh, jungkook-ie, you okay?” You asked him loudly, causing his eyes to snap back up to yours.

“Are you sick?” You would ask worriedly, rushing towards him as you placed a hand on his clammy forehead, as he held his breath, unknowingly to you.

“No-no, I’m fine, y/n, I just..” He would look up at the ceiling fan, trying to avert your gaze as his mouth began to move before he could stop it.

“C-can you put on some shorts please? It’s distracting me.” He would mumble, burying his face in his hands as he realized what he had said, your mouth open in surprise before you brought a hand up to stifle your giggling.

“Yah! Why are you laughing at me?” He would ask, offended, as he kept his head down.

“I’m not! Jungkook really, just, I’ll go change, there seems to be a circus tent in your zipper though, you might want to take care of that.”
Skipping out hurriedly, you would hold your hand to your mouth as jungkook’s scram of frustration filled up the room.

“I hate you.”

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“I don’t care.” Yoongi would mumble to you, your mouth turning into a frown as you held up one of your pajama combo’s. Previous excitement on what to wear killed by his disinterest in your options for the night. Angrily, you would slam the pajamas down, Yoongi not even looking up from his computer as you marched inside of the bathroom.

“Freaking Yoongi.” You would whisper, beginning to strip so that you could put on your pajamas, before your eyes spotted a stray shirt of his lying on the floor, and that’s when an idea would make its way into your head.

“This’ll show him.” You internally would say, abandoning your previous outfit so that you could put on his shirt, knowing that it would expose your butt to him, as you clicked the door shut, emerging changed from the bathroom.

“Ahh, I picked my outfit Yoongi, want to see?” You asked him, positioning yourself in front of the TV, as his eyes continued to scan down his computer screen.

“Ah, what? Sure, what did you-” when his eyes would shoot up, he would almost choke as you held yourself in front of him, staring at yourself through the television reflection as you leaned forward, your entire backside on display for him as you coyly looked back, tuning around very slowly as his eyes struggled to follow your ass as t turned away from his view.

“You like it?” You would ask softly, a bit more restrained as the initial bravery wore off, and your cheeks were dusted a deep pink from his sudden interest.

“Yeah, I-I uh like it a lot.” He would mumble as he shoved his laptop onto the side table.

“Want to come model it for me a little bit more?” He would smirk, suddenly relaxed on the bed as he raised an eyebrow at you.

“It worked.“ You would whisper to yourself softly.

"What?” Yoongi Would ask as you snapped your head up to him.  

“N-nothing!” You would tell too quickly at him, causing him to smirk but not question you.

“Okay, well, how about we start with the back view again?”

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Strong themes, violence, and explicit scenes will come up in future chapters. 

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