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What are your favorite btob group interactions? I know about btobap and now I have witnessed gotob show me more beauty.

btoapink is my personal favourite…. they trained together and they are really like real brothers and sisters changsub and chorong are known to be the best friends of best friends i can go on about them forever ilhoon and bomi cohost weekly idol together and they are so cute and they are really good friends minhyuk and chorong are best friends too bomi and eunkwang minhyuk are the best hayoung is close with changsub nayoung and ilhoon are family friends lol namjoo is the only girl in sungjae’s 95line and they argue so much lmao and hyunsik is the only one who remember and congratulates everyone in apink on their birthday lmao 

every time they get together its just a chaotic super noisy out of control mess and i liveeeeeeeeeeeee for that

honorable mention 

  • btobeast/btohighlight (do i even have to explain this lol)
  • btob1a4 (simply the best this post will never end if i have to say some of my fave moments of them just look them up the best sandeul are btob’s fave and they wont stop arguing funny and pure af also changsub and jinyoung are best friends)
  • btosuju (minhyuk and eunkwang are ryeo-line and he invented all of them to go watch world cup in the suju dorm…. heechul and eunkwang are close too uwu)
  • btoboyfriend (sungjae’s 95line 😭👌🏻 “we see each other 8 days in a week” “they are the friends that i can call and meet up with anytime”)
  • btoinfinite (do you know changsub and hoya are bffl)
  • btoivxx (hyukyeon coparenting the 10 chaotic kids with minhyuk eunkwang, changsub wont stop putting booger on ken, ilhoon and ravi the bestie)
  • btobangtan (ilhoon and namjoon were in the same fashion club in high school 😂 taehyung and sungjae’s toilet friendship, angel jimin who is the #1 angel eunkwang fan)
  • btosf9 (eunkwang and his 189cm son rowoon)
  • btoblockb (P.O. whose eyes gleamed upon meeting eunkwang and keep saying he wanna befriend him)
  • btomx (have you watch that monsta x show where btob guested 1 ep…. funniest…. they are all so close but peniel & minhyuk? eunkwang and shownu? minhyuk & minhyuk?💯)
  • gotob (peniel always introduce bambam as his son and he said he raised him since he was a baby in which bambam said i am still a baby how cute is that, have you seen peniel helping jackson to wear his namtag in isac most pure most wholesome, mark and peniel who are best of friends, eunkwang and jj projects, changsub and eunkwang are always spotted eating with jackson, yugeoum who has been adopted by eunkwang)
  • btomamamoo’s collaboration are always gift from gods (also changsub and solar are coffee friends)
  • btoredvelvet (red carpet had red velv5t shooketh & just watch that bbyu @ amusment park wgm ep… dumb meets dumber…. i love btorv )
  • bto9muse (chorong apparently introduced changsub to 9muses and they become friends and you can see them taking selfies together in isac)

Please give me some pointers on little demon fashion!
Asked by 秋花さん

Some points to note are— As expected, the most basic would be that a demon’s favorite color is black— And preferably, the more items the better♡ Because if you go with the simply-coordinated outfits that are the trend now, you’ll just end up all dressed in black♪ That’s why winter is the perfect season for little demon fashion♡ Tights and boots are definitely perfect!

What sort of loungewear do you wear at home?
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Sorry, this— Is it alright for me to say this? Somehow it’s a bit— I feel like Ruby-chan or Yocchan will get mad at me for this— but well since you asked I’ll just reveal the answer♪ Just as everyone imagined!! Sweatsuits and jerseys!♡♡ I still love wearing my middle school’s jersey even now~♪

To the book-loving Hanamaru-chan, just how many books do you have in your room?
Asked by 紫鮫さん

Ah— what should I do, I never really counted them before— I don’t know zura… Hmm, maybe, I have 2 large bookshelves and 3 smaller paperback-size bookshelves so— around that much♡ Ever since childhood, I would always go to Numazu’s bookshop on my off days and buy entire paper-bags filled with books— I remember being filled with joy over it!

Since you like reading, do you talk about books with your fellow book-lover Hanamaru-chan?
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Maru-chan and I actually have rather different taste in books— As one can tell, she prefers comparatively serious literary fiction, while I like books written by female authors. Things written from a female perspective. But— At the very least I talk about books with her more than I do with my little sister Ruby, so occasionally it feels almost as though Maru-chan is my real sister instead— Well if I say that, Ruby would certainly get mad♡

When you paint, what sort of things do you mostly paint?
Asked by ともちさん

From the start— What I painted was mostly sceneries, and occasionally images of still life— But after coming to Uchiura, I’ve started painting portraits a bit. Compared to Tokyo where I’ve lived all my life, Uchiura is filled with overwhelmingly beautiful sceneries such as the sea, mountains, forests and Mt. Fuji— So even I find it strange that I’ve switched to painting portraits instead♡ Now— I want to paint everyone’s smiles.

I want to know the level of Chika’s talent in table-tennis♪
Asked by かっちゃん!さん

Needless to say, I’m at the level of the Olympic athlete Mizutani— or at least that’s what I would like to say, but that’s obviously a bit impossible— Tehehe♡ But I can smash quite well! Lately I’ve managed to beat Kanan-chan all the time!! Without trouble!! Plus when we were kids, I always lost to the older Kanan-chan. I’m definitely the champion of table-tennis in Uchiura♡

Are there any stars or constellations you like?
Asked by 燃え上がれ、俺の小宇宙よ!さん

I like the winter constellations, because the sky is clear and you can see the stars quite well— And though it might be overly common, I like the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations♡ Back in elementary school— When I first found them during the early moths of the winter constellation, I was moved by how those two were easy to find— and came to like stars because of that. It tells us the position of the North Star even when out at sea, isn’t that role romantic?

Does Starbright have any other horses as friends?

Asked by 鈴生昴さん

Right now, it’s alone in its stable— so while it’s sad, it doesn’t have any other horses as friends, but it seems like it’s friends with the cats and penguins raised on the island. Hehe— Isn’t it amazing, for it to have penguins as friends— Living in a hotel is also interesting in that aspect. So Cute♪ I’m certain it’ll make friends with the sea lions and dolphins while living here too♡♡

If you were to keep a pet, what would it be?
Asked by ハマチャさん

I’m absolutely terrified of dogs so— maybe a cat? Ah, but then if it got mad and lashed out with its claws with a snarl that would be scary too… What should I pick. Something smaller— I know, a rabbit might be great♡ It doesn’t bark or bite, and doesn’t scratch— I want to sleep together with a fluffy and kind rabbit♪ ♪♡☆

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

A lot of people are trying to get into musical theatre but they don’t know where to start or what shows are out there. So, I’d like to start something. Reblog this post and add three of your favorite musicals and check out what everyone else has said before you, you might find a new show or two!

I’ll start, my three are:

  • Next to Normal
  • Ragtime
  • Sunday in the Park with George
demigod jin

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  • i wasn’t gonna start this au yet but y’all know i’ve been having a rough day and i should probably be taking more me time but i wanna write so i figured if i was gonna write well maybe i should do something i really excited about…
  • for everyone who has never read percy jackson, first of all, i demand that you read it because that series did a lot for me and it’s still one of my favorite book series and my happy places??
  • and secondly lemme help with the main idea
  • basically one of your parents is one of the greek gods, being a child of zeus, poseidon, or hades is really rare, monsters hunt you because you’re a half-blood, and lastly camp half-blood is a place where all the greek half-bloods can go and be protected from the monsters and all??     
  • so believe it or not, for this au, that’s right, you’re a demigod surprise!! i’m not gonna say who your godly parent is because that’s no fun, but here’s a list if you wanna read up on them and decide! tell me who it is when you come to a decision omg
  • anyway,,,
  • jin,,, i hate to be stereotypical but jin is the son of aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty
  • ever since jin was a small boy he was dripping with good looks and people became constantly enamored with how good looking he was
  • his dad was a well known fashion designer back home, and so from a young age, jin was also dressed in the most popular and stylish of fashions
  • like imagine baby jin rocking some like scarves and suspenders and beanies and baby converse omg
  • and as a toddler he had the fake glasses and all??
  • because jin’s father is a well known fashion designer, aphrodite was immediately attracted to him
  • a lot of the gods have flings and they’re like wow you’re attractive, but as soon as the kid is born they kinda roll
  • partly from necessity too but like
  • aphrodite really really truly loved jin’s father and she wanted to settle down with baby jin and his father but zeus was like oh no you don’t you’re leaving that mortal right away if we can’t be with those we love, then neither can you
  • and so she tried her best to stay and visit when she could but by the time jin was like two, she was completely out of his life
  • jin’s dad did his best to raise his baby boy, he did, but he was always so overwhelmed and caught up in his work that most of the time, jin was cared for by his dad’s secretaries
  • and when he got old enough, jin really kept to himself
  • everyone was always intimidated by jin because wow the face of a god from such a young age, and child of the famous designer
  • that not many people, especially people his age, ever really took the time to talk to jin or get to know him for who he really was
  • all people seemed to care about was that jin was a pretty face
  • so a lot of people got the impression that jin was self absorbed and conceited but he really learned from an early age that the only thing people seemed to care about was his looks
  • okay but jin gets to camp half blood pretty late
  • i think the average age was around like twelve for rolling up in the camp but jin was fourteen
  • one of his dad’s older secretaries was actually one of aphrodite’s handmaidens and she always worked behind the scenes to make sure that no monsters harmed jin
  • but one day as jin was walking home from his preppy elite rich person school, some crazy demented hag monster lady came at him with a cane that looked much more like a sword when jin took the time to look and soon he was running for it down the streets of new york city
  • luckily the secretary was on her way to pick him up and she packed jin into her car and sped off
  • she had to quickly explain to jin what a half-blood was and what was chasing them and the entire world of the greek gods and goddesses was real and thriving
  • jin handled it pretty calmly at first??
  • he seemed pretty collected as the drove towards camp, because after a bit the monster stopped chasing them
  • when they finally reached the border of camp, jin hugged the secretary and kissed her head
  • “you know i always considered you my mom”
  • and she’s cheering up because she loved jin like her son but this is what’s best for him and she hugs him really tight before ushering him off
  • another key part of camp half blood is getting claimed by your godly parent
  • i read the books in fourth grade and so i might forget some of the details but from what i remember your parent claims you by flashing their emblem above your head or something?
  • it takes jin under a week to get claimed because his mom is like omg my fave son is here!!
  • she makes it really dramatic too because who would aphrodite be if she wasn’t a drama queen?
  • like it’s the friday night capture the flag game…
  • jin is standing with all the hermes kids because that’s where all the unclaimed kdis stay??
  • and chiron (the centaur dude who runs the camp) is dividing up the teams
  • and he’s about to call out aphrodite when there’s this flashing light
  • jin is just kinda standing there obliviously because capture the flag isn’t really his thing, he doesn’t like running around with his dagger and trying to slash people?? he much rather help some of the apollo kids tend to wounds and all??
  • so he doesn’t even realize the light is coming from above his head and everyone is staring at him
  • and he kinda defense mechanism “look i know i’m pretty but-”
  • “spoken like a true son of aphrodite”
  • and he’s like wait wha- OH OH OH
  • and he gets all blushy and everyone is cheering at the aphrodite cabin swarms him and pulls him into a group hug
  • fast forward a few years now
  • jin is the head of the aphrodite cabin
  • he’s like super blessed by aphrodite like not only is he super beautiful, but he’s realized he has the gift of charmspeak, which is basically like his voice is so potent that just by speaking, he can get people to do whatever he wants
  • his charmspeak isn’t the most powerful in the world, but he can still get yoongi, hoseok, namjoon, jimin, and tae to do whatever he wants
  • only jungkook is invincible to his power
  • jin is like a camp legend tbh
  • so obviously you know about him
  • but you’ve never really talked to him, not really
  • all of that changes
  • aphrodite is the goddess of love, need i remind you, and she’s gonna set jin up with you no matter what it takes
  • it’s the friday capture the game
  • finally jin found a part he can play
  • he stands in the buffer zone of the playing arena which is like basically the forest and he helps fix and adjust armor for people who need it
  • you’ve been running around in enemy territory and someone done bludgeoned you with the butt of their sword and your breastplate is dented and it actually hurts quite a bit
  • before the moron can hurt you again, you race off to the neutral zone, hoping someone can help you out
  • wow guess who’s standing there, it’s jin!!
  • you hurry over to him and start trying to pull the breast plate off but something hurts, badly
  • you wince and examine your arm only to realize there’s a pretty nasty gash and you’re like when did this-
  • jin clucks like a mother hen and without thinking grabs your arm to examine the wound
  • you try to jerk away but he gives you this look “there there, it’s okay, you’re not gonna be problematic are you?”
  • you kinda freeze and stare at him and it seems like suddenly you’re in a fog and you can’t get out of it?? like you’re in this dreamlike state and you don’t know where it came from but you feel like you’re out of body
  • but then you snap out of it and kinda-
  • “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy”
  • jin’s eyebrows furrow and he purses his lips and you think he might be mad??
  • but then he starts with the wind shield wiper laugh and soon you’re giggling too??
  • it takes him like seven hours to catch his breath but when he does he introduces himself and you repeat the gesture and you kinda,,, kinda don’t wanna go back into the game now??
  • jin won’t let you either because he thinks you’re cute and he doesn’t wanna miss up in this,,, completely random,,, not staged by his mother,,, chance to meet you,,,
  • so he’s like yah i think you should sit out for a little bit these wounds look really serious
  • he knows that the apollo kids are supposed to handle this kind of thing but he needs an excuse-
  • he grabs some gauze and he dabs your wound with like his shirt or something because he’s dumb,,,
  • and then he wraps your wound but he does such a crappy job of it that the bandages are like five feet thick?? like it’s like there is a balloon on your arm or something…
  • and when he gets your breast plate off he doesn’t actually know what to do about it so he kinda just awkwardly sets it down on the ground
  • it’s my own headcanon that there are some old rusty high school bleachers in the middle of the woods for spectators and people who don’t wanna play and jin just kinda invites you over
  • you two chill on the bottom bleachers and you don’t ever go back into the game because jin is telling you some quality greek puns and you’re in hysterics over them
  • and even after the game ends you two decide that it’ll be fun to hang out
  • there’s like a wild camp bonfire after the game and instead of hanging with your cabin you plop down next to jin
  • the apollo kids are leading with some music and you kinda notice jin humming along and you realize like he has a really really pretty singing voice?
  • you find yourself tuning everyone out and just listening to him instead…
  • but then some of his friends stumble over and they look at you and they get these wicked smirks and they’re like ;)))
  • and jin snaps out of his trance and he starts stammering because yoongi and jungkook are very much interested in who you are
  • because jin never really talks to people outside bangtan or his cabin so they’re like wiggling their eyebrows
  • and jin is like omg nO stOp leaVE
  • and you’re all embarrassed too because maybe they walked over when you were casually leaning against jin’s shoulder…
  • you kinda excuse yourself and you’re like my cabin is calling my nAME
  • but the next day
  • you see jin at the dining hall and you wave and he waves back and after that he shyly comes over and asks if you wanna go to the arts and crafts cabin after breakfast
  • which you do
  • the crafts cabin never has a lot of people in it because everyone rather by climbing the lava rock wall or sparring but nah, jin likes the crafts cabin
  • he brings you in and he’s like
  • “see that huge tapestry?”
  • you nod
  • it really is huge
  • it’s a dark purple with gold embroidery around the edges and the picture on the  tapestry looks like a goddess up near the top holding a long red string in her hands…
  • down below is a boy sewn in holding one end of the string but the rest isn’t finished…
  • jin kinda gets all shy “that’s mine”
  • and you’re like !!!
  • because it’s usually the athena kids that make tapestries but this is probably one of the most intricate and detailed ones you’ve ever seen
  • you go over to inspect it and you’re like wow what aren’t you good at??
  • you two stay in the crafts cabin and he teaches you how to use the loom and you have to share the stool and he has to guide your hands with his hands and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck… amazing
  • the next day you suggest you guys hang out again but you’re like i get to pick what we do…
  • you take jin down to the sparring area and he’s like have you seen me,,, i don’t know how to hold my dagger, let alone use it
  • and you’re like nah it’ll be fine
  • you’re wrong
  • jin has a lot of potential, because he’s broad-shouldered and definitely built for defense
  • but boy lacks confidence and training because people always assume aphrodite kids don’t want to fight at all
  • so you’re like lemme help
  • so you show him how to set his shoulders and how to stand and where to put his weight
  • you teach him how to jab and slice and block and all of those things i learned from wind waker…
  • he’s really clumsy you realize??
  • like when he walks and talks he’s so graceful and godly and poised
  • but seeing him fight he’s like a chicken with its head cut off and you think it’s so so funny like honey…
  • he gets all defensive and red in the face and he tries to show you some rad moves and he ends up tripping and falling and scuffing his knees up and you’re like baby omg what it this
  • you have to go up to the infirmary cabin after that and hoseok is there, being his smiley son of apollo self…
  • he fixes jins knees up while making really exaggerated winks and smiles at you two
  • jin is like hoseok please
  • and hoseok is like hoseok yes
  • you kinda smile but you’re all blushy and shy and you kinda just give him a look but jin is too busy scolding hoseok to notice
  • you two do get a lot closer from that and you try your hardest to bring him out of his comfort zone and all the boys note that he’s so much more smiley and confident in his entire self, not just his looks
  • he i forget what i was gonna say
  • he gets much better at fighting though and you’re like so proud because you made this happen??
  • all the aphrodite kids ship you so so hard and whenever any of them see you they’re like hey honorary sister/brother in law and you’re like nO WAIT WHAT
  • and jin is like haha
  • i dont know what theyre talking about
  • haha
  • hahahaha
  • and he gets all red and his hands get all clammy and he’s like s/o to my mom for making me fall heads over heels in love,,,
  • and you’re like what was that jin
  • and he gets all !! nothing
  • and you’re kinda suspicious but whatever
  • you two flirt and get close and all but neither of you wanna convince because demigod things you know…
  • one day you’re chilling in your cabin and chiron is like yo i need you for a bit
  • and he drags you to the main cabin and he takes you upstairs and whatever and that’s where the oracle is??
  • and basically you get this long drawn out prophecy about appeasing hera’s wrath or something??
  • and you’re kinda in a daze or whatever
  • because you have never been on a quest before?? it’s always been a low key dream of yours? but you were like nah i would never ever be chosen because i am a small insignificant bean but-
  • but nah you’re being chosen?? right here right now??
  • you can;t focus for the rest of the day?/ all you can think about is packing for your quest and who to bring on your-
  • one answer is obvious to you and you’re like oh
  • oh
  • jin
  • jin is the only one you can think about bringing
  • usually a quest is three but it could be two…
  • and you’re all flustered and shy and your heart is racing because you can’t even begin to think about facing the dangers of the mortal world with jin
  • gotta protect him from ugly monsters
  • wouldn’t that be the dream?
  • you don’t wanna tell him right away though because you know he loves being at camp… and you don’t want him to risk his life for your dream
  • but the entire camp gets wind of your quest
  • and jungkook is the one to break it to jin and he’s like pal… buddy… guess what, guess who’s going on a quest
  • and jin is like omg my lill bean congrats!!
  • and jungkook is like lmao um no
  • it’s your loVER
  • and jin just pales and he takes a deep breath because that’s dangerous and risky and you will be unsafe and he will not have this??
  • without thinking about it twice, he runs to your cabin and barges in even though that’s not really allowed
  • you’re packing a small bag of everything you might need and jin just kinda stands there awkwardly
  • “were you gonna tell me?”
  • you stare up at him and you nod a bit and you open your mouth to speak but jin is rambling now
  • “look i know i’m not the best fighter and i’m not that tough or brave or resourceful or talented or whatever!but i’m going to protect you no  matter what, so you don’t have a say, you’re going to take me!!”
  • you smile and inhale sharply
  • you run into his arms and bury your face in his chest “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy… remember??”
  • you two hug super tight and it’s really gentle and sweet and then someone walks in and suddenly it’s a lil awkward…
  • but yes, jin does go on your quest with yoU!! the two of you go together
  • and yes, he’s there to protect you every step of the way
  • from spiders, angry killer dandelions, furies, and crazy goddesses too!!
  • and if you ever get hurt, he’s there to kiss your boo boos better because he loves you
  • tbh from olympus, aphrodite is collecting bets because you two got together on your own…
NDRV3 Teacher/School AU

In which all the NDRV3 kids are faculty at a high school of some kind

• Kaede is the music teacher. Possibly also Band Director/Orchestra Director/Choir Director. If she’s involved in choir, she insists on playing piano with the students. Every time.

• Angie is the art teacher, obviously.

• Maki is…I wanna say guidance councilor? She’s good with small kids so she either teaches the youngest grade or is a guidance councilor

• Kokichi is that one history teacher who is WAAAYYYY too invested. His favorite units are the ones about empires and conquering. He also really likes the one day when he gets to talk about European Piracy.

• Amami is that one substitute everyone loves because you walk in and just KNOW you’re not doing ANYTHING that day

• Shinguji is an English teacher and he loves the mythology unit (I’m not sure if that’s a standard unit for most schools but it came up in two separate years for me so *shrug emoticon* )

• Himiko is a science teacher. I kind of want to say Chemistry.

• Saihara is an English teacher that loves mystery novels (especially Murder Mysteries).

• Gonta is the biology teacher HANDS DOWN I’m not sure if he would love the dissection unit or would have to do his best not to cry. Either way he’s really nice to the kids who Do Not want to deal with dissection and has an alternate assignment avaliable

• Tenko is the intense gym teacher who actually makes you do sports

• Hoshi is the other gym teacher who doesn’t care what you’re doing so long as you’re doing SOMETHING other than homework or messing around. If you’re not doing something he’ll come whoop your ass into shape though. Beware the small man.

• Keebo/Kiibo is the computer/graphics/coding teacher. If it involves technology he’ll probably be teaching it. He’s kinda awkward and has a bit of trouble explaining how to do the more simple stuff because it’s second nature to him now.

• Tsumugi is…I want to say Home Ec? Every school calls it something else but that one Life Skills Class you get. Idk I imagined her teaching people how to sew and I’m rolling with it.

• Iruma is the OTHER technology computer/robotics/mechanics teacher. She’s in charge of all the stuff that involves building. Sometimes she has to drag Kiibo/Keebo in to help kids code the robots.

• I REALLY WANNA SAY TOUJO IS A JANITOR but I’m just gonna say she helps Tsumugi with the home Ec stuff but Moreso the laundry/cooking parts

• Momota is the astronomy/earth science/earth&space/etc teacher. He really likes space. His final is literally all the unit tests put together he didn’t change a single problem.

winchester67x  asked:

I missed out on reading some really good books though out high school. So I was wondering what are some book that everyone should read at least once? You know the MUST HAVE read books

I missed out on some of those in high school, too… and I haven’t caught up with all of them in the (many) years since high school. Yesterday I mentioned my Top 10 recommended books, but I wouldn’t say all of those are MUST READ books. (I mean, I think they are, but it would be a little short-sighted to categorize all my favorite books as “must reads.”) I think books everyone should read are those that are widely discussed and can help you connect with other readers; books that are consistently referred to in other books. So I’ll give you a list of 10 I think are must reads, but I really hope my followers will chime in and add to this list. 

In no particular order (off the top of my head): 

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Don Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes
Hamlet - William Shakespeare
Their Eyes Were Watching God - Zora Neale Hurston
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck
The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy
1984 - George Orwell

Ugh, so hard to keep this list at 10. Help me out here, followers! 

your favorite ghost by augustbird

“My hair,” Bucky says, running his fingers through his now mid-length hair. “Will you cut it like you remember it?”

Steve touches the scissors. “I’ve never cut hair–we could go to a hairdresser tomorrow morning–”

“Please,” Bucky says.




Okay, now I can get in some more thoughts here!

First off, I wanted to give a huge


to everyone that’s been reading, favoriting, commenting and sharing DOFP! I’m honestly overwhelmed by the reception it’s gotten from so many people! I seriously can’t say thanks enough! I was waffling at first on whether I wanted to start on such a long fan project, but your responses have made it totally worth it, and I’m really glad that I was able to finish it!

Have Questions?

I’ll keep on trying to answer everything that’s in the inbox, and can hopefully answer some questions that may not have been in the comic itself. If I don’t answer it, my apologies, I know I can’t get to everyone!

…YIKES OKAY that is SO MANY responses just from this last post!! So again, I apologize now if it takes me awhile or if I don’t respond to everyone!

What’s next?

First off, I am going to need a long break, since I’ve been drawing on this near nonstop since…oh heck, the end of March it looks like. So yeah, I am going to need some time to relax! Part of that is that I’ll be heading home for the holidays next week, so I’ll be away from my computer for about 10 days or so. I’ll be back on at the start of the new year, though!

After that? Well there’s a whole bunch of possibilities…of course, Skybox is going to continue on as always! Skybox still has a long ways left to go, so keep a look out for that every Tuesday!

Otherwise, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is coming out next month and I’m sure as heck gonna play it, so I’ll probably be jumping back on the KH art train. There’s some Steven Universe art I’d like to catch up on, too. I’d honestly like to take some time to work on practice/improvement for areas I feel like I’ve been lacking artistically, but that’s tough to motivate myself to do on my own, so if I could think of a way to make it fun…maybe some kind of regular livestreaming deal? What would sound good to people on that front?

Whatever is next, I hope that you’ll stick around for it!

Next for DOFP specifically?

In case you’re curious, no, I’m not planning a direct, long sequel for DOFP. It’s pretty much set to end there! However, there may be some shorter one-offs or follow-ups as hinted at in that last sketch page. Orrrr possibly a Chara origins comic? That’ll depend entirely on my free time and my inspiration/motivation for such!

If anyone has art or VA versions though, I will of course continue to post those!

I know that some people have asked about a print version of DOFP, and my main issue with that is the cost of printing, since at over 300 pages it’s going to be very difficult to print. If I can find a way to offset that cost (possibly a small kickstarter?) then maybe I’ll consider attempting a print version. I am also considering putting the entire thing together into a PDF that people would be free to download, perhaps with some extra cover art, so that people can print it out on their own if they want. Either way, there’s at least some possibilities for the future!

And that’s it! I’m open right now for any comments, questions, suggestions or more for the stuff mentioned above. Again, thank you all SO SO MUCH for reading and enjoying this story! I hope the new year treats all of you with kindness and care!


Hello everyone! I started my studyblr last year and I recently reached 500 followers, so I wanted to do a giveaway to say thank you! I know I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be last semester, but I am going to really try and post more this time around. I am really excited about everything in this giveaway and I am so happy that I can give this away to one of you. Everything you will receive is in the photos and is listed below. This giveaway will END ON JAN 31ST. Good luck! :-)

Included in the giveaway

  • 12 month happy planner and a pack of happy planner stickers (IT’S SO PRETTY, I BOUGHT MYSELF THE SAME ONE heheh)
  • A ruled journal from target
  • compilation of sticky notes and stickers
  • a pencil pouch, bow paper clips, a gem pen, and some samples of my favorite washi tapes <3


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what your favorite woy s2 episode says about you
  • The Wanders: You probably love Wander and wanna see development for him or you love seeing more serious, sad stuff
  • My Fair Hatey: You're a sucker for everyone working together and/or really love musicals and know all the songs
  • The Eye on the Skullship: You REALLY love the watchdogs and would 100% adopt them all. they are your children
  • The Funk: you love death glare
  • The Big Day: you love skeleton dance
  • The Greater Hater/ The End of the Galaxy/ The Battle Royale: You like plot development or just really love dominator
  • The Fremergency Fronfract: you love skeleton dance and/or the chuck e cheese palette is literally your aesthetic
  • The Black Cube of Darkness: You can probably relate to the black cube of darkness and like the message of the ep!
  • The Cartoon: You either love nostalgic cartoons or find the animation jokes hilarious (also hey-ey-ey-eyater)
  • The Good Bad Guy: You really love Major Threat/ Jeff and always choose minor characters as your favs
  • The Boy Wander: You probably love Weird Al or find wander's hero persona hilarious
  • The Night Out: You love sylava and think girls are pretty great
  • Any others: ????????? cryptid??? you probably adore wander over yonder and/or didn't wanna be mainstream

its really interesting to me when the demon inside of izzy says “always the favorite child” to alec. generally from what we saw before of the possession demon, it pulls out your darkest and meanest thoughts about a person (like what raj said to lydia) so we can generally accept that this is something izzy has thought before. which makes it doubly interesting, given that every lightwood family interaction we’ve seen so far has clearly prioritized jace and max over alec and izzy. as well as the fact that izzy knows for a fact that alec would never be the favorite child in her parents eyes after he came out. we saw izzy talk about her mother repeatedly and how she is scorned by her, and this scene also felt, to me, as a way for izzy to lash out and say, “i dont have to do the emotional labor for everyone else. i can be angry and furious.” which i really loved. its really cool to see the envy within that dynamic when we’ve always seen them as one of the most loving and stable sibling relationships. 

Ok so. This man right here. Is amazing! I’ve always loved ice skating. Ever sense I was a little girl, I’ve always loved watching the Olympics and all the competitions.

Yuzuru Hanyu by far is my favorite. And I love him and support his choices.


I need to say something. Everyone who has been posting hurtful comments and ridiculing the anime community about the new anime Yuri on Ice. Just stop. Its not that serious. No one is saying Yuzuru is the main character from the show. No one is saying that they are the “ same person ” We just see similarities. I’m tired of seeing the hate about this. Its a show. A show that people really love. And to be honest. I love it. With a passion. And I love Yuzuru. I can love both.

So lets get this straight. People in the anime community Love the show and don’t mean harm. We know that they Are Not the same person. Let us have our fun and calm down. We mean no disrespect with what we post nor do we want to be talked about for sharing post.


First and foremost, I just have to say thank you to everyone who poured out their love and support the past couple of days. It means so much to me that so many strangers love me enough to express it. Among my tears of sadness this week I cried tears of happiness too :)

Now, on to what is perhaps my most favorite outfit of all time! I feel so cute in this ensemble, and its actually an incredibly simple outfit! I think on the next go I’ll change up the tights, but overall this is a winner in my book! 

I took a ton of pictures in this set, so I’ll post the rest on the next update. For my american fans, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If there are other holidays tomorrow that I don’t know about, I hope you enjoy them as well. I really do love you all!

A Tales of Sleeping Prince
梅林太郎 featuring AISHA
A Tales of Sleeping Prince

I just want to make a post for Georgi. 

I know everyone is making fun of his costumes and appearances during the program ( well, I do that also ) but all jokes aside. I just want to share that I’m so touched and his music made me cry. It is my favorite music in the China Free Program. ( aside from Yuri on Ice ofc. )

I mean he really loves his ex-girlfriend to the point that he dedicated his whole season theme for her but then that bitch! *cough* ( excuse me for the word )

I don’t know how to words my feelings in this song but the feels… omg. my poor baby. T^T Someone give him a girlfriend! I’m still teary-eyed every time I listen to this. somebody halp! TT^TT

Here are the lyrics. It’s not the official so there may be some miss because I just wrote what I hear. Hop on the feels trains ya’ll!

A Tale of Sleeping Prince

Tell me now, it’s dark
There is no star in the sky.
Where are you?
Why are you leaving me?
(Let me hear you say)
(Let me hear you now)

Show me your heart,
I see the brightest sky.
I’ll give you my heart,
Let me be the one.

I’ll always be
Be there for you.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming.
You’re not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll save you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll kiss you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll save you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll kiss you now.

I’ll always be
Be there for you.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming.
You’re not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

You always made me strong.
I’m not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming
Through the dark.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

[Wake me up]


Hello everyone, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of drama on the Skam fandom and I feel super stressed because of it. First, as a quite old fan I’m not used to all these people and I’m not used to all the drama but I saw it coming, it was inevitable. Second, why the hell do you think that because people want Even back that already means they are fetizishing??? Ok, Even is my favorite character and I love him, it’s natural that I want to see him and it’s natural that I want him and Isak together, so please respect that. Third, a lot of people came to the skam fandom because of Evak and it’s not a secret for anyone and really, I don’t know if you heard about the word “shipper” but yeah surprise! They f*cking ship, they want their ship to kiss, to hold hands, to make love and all that stuff, and they do it with every “m/m w/w w/m” couples, so please don’t start drama against these people. Fourth, I am a pan girl who’s got a lot of straight friends watching skam because of Evak and you know what? they fell in love with Isak and with his story, they’re actually learning about the hardships of being a gay person and that’s incredible, so I see this as a chance because all of you are learning about this!!! And finally, I’m not saying that what some people do isn’t wrong, and I’m against it too but there are ways of saying things without hurting and without starting drama, we’re known for being unproblematic and I hope we stay that way, thank you.

I hope I don’t get a lot of hate for this, it’s just my opinion.

(if i made a grammar mistake sorry english it’s not my first language)


Screenshots from CHRISTMAS EDITION | Higher Or Lower #4! :D

I guess here comes the Christmas videos from Sean everyone, I love it! :D 

He asked in this video what our favorite Christmas movie is and honestly I’d say The Grinch both the animated movie and the Jim Carrey movie.

Originally posted by daystilchristmas

Originally posted by diablito666

I know a lot of people hate the Jim Carrey version and I can see why and some of those people are probably cringing at me saying that in this post but I love the How The Grinch Stole Christmas story and I love those movies so much. I haven’t watched them yet this year though and I really need to get on that and watch them. xD 
What are your favorite Christmas movies everyone? I’d love to hear your answers to that question. :) 


I loved that Sean referenced this in this video! This is one of my favorite vines ever it’s so funny. Haha! :D 

Heartbroken End (Sad)

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: sadnezzzzzzz, this might be a bit short

A/N: I’m sorry I know I said I’d post this on Friday but I went to my friends house that day and then I had a party to go to the next and I’ve just been busy, I’m really really sorry guys. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling and let ya read :) enjoy.

You stared at him with wide eyes as you open your mouth to say something but nothing seemed to be coming out. You didn’t have to look around to know that nearly everyone in the restaurant had their eyes on you, waiting for your answer to Bucky’s proposal. It was so sudden. One moment you two are laughing, having dinner with each other then as if he flipped a light switch, he was proposing. Right in front of you. Bucky was asking you to marry him. Sure you were having a great time with him as he was slowly gaining your trust back but did you really want to marry him?

Feeling overwhelmed, being put on the spot like that, your eyes gloss over with tears and you fan yourself. “Can I - can we go talk outside? It’s really crammed in here.”

It takes Bucky a second before he nods and stands up with you. You grab your things, ignoring everyone’s gaze on you as you both make your way outside. once you hear the restaurant door close, you turn to Bucky.

You wanted to say something - anything but your mind was blank and it seemed as if your mouth couldn’t produce any words. Bucky braced himself for the worst. He licked his lips, deciding to speak first.

“I know that you saying yes is a long shot but Y/N, I love you. So much that it’s nearly hard to breathe when you’re not around. When we’re apart, I find myself thinking about how much better things would be if you were there.” he then took a baby step forward. “I love you Y/N.”

He stared at you, waiting for your response and it took your all to say what you were feeling.

“I love you too.” you spoke, causing him to smile a bit. “But you cheated Bucky. If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done that. Maybe we can try again years from now but at this moment, no. I put my all into our relationship and for you to throw four years of us away for two weeks with some girl you met at a bar means that I wasn’t shit to you. Did you even think for a second about me and how I’d feel?”

Bucky was at a loss for words but I continued, saying everything I wanted to say for the past four months.

“No. You didn’t. If you were really sorry and if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have done it. Even so, you would have at least told me what you did after the first time it happened and you would have never done it again. Instead you kept it from me, made Steve keep it from me, you had it go on for two weeks because what? There was never a right time to tell me? Well let me tell you something, Bucky, there is never a right time to tell anyone something like that!”

By now your voice had risen to the point where you were yelling and tears were falling from your eyes.

“I know, okay? I know.” Bucky whimpered. Seeing you cry felt like someone had stabbed his heart over and over again. But instead of dying, he stayed alive, feeling the pain himself. “It was stupid of me, I’m an idiot, I don’t know what was going through my head when it happened. I hate myself for what I did to you. You didn’t deserve that. No one does.”

You look out on the street, watching some cars pass by. A breeze flows through your hair, pushing it behind you and you pull your coat tighter towards your body.

You think back to all the happy moments you had with Bucky before your lip quivers and your eyes fill with tears yet again.

“Why?” your voice cracks. “Why did you do it? Why did you have to ruin everything? I gave you my all! I-I…” you stop speaking, having nothing else to say as you let out a sob.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I really am.” Bucky wiped his cheeks. “If I could go back in time and redo everything, I would. There is no excuse in the world that I can say to you to make you forgive me. I fucked up and I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”

You lick your lips and shake your head. “You were my whole life, all of my love was for you and only you.”

“All my love was for you too.” he spoke and you smile. Not a happy smile though, a smile filled with hurt, betrayal and pain.

“No it wasn’t.” you say softly and Bucky frowned. “No. I will not marry you. You left me heartbroken, Bucky. It’s gonna take more than four months for me to forgive you for what you did.”

He stayed quiet. Bucky was crying. He shoved the ring in his pocket and tucked away his hair that had fallen out of the bun he put it in earlier. You pull out 40 bucks and outstretch your hand to Bucky.

“Here, for dinner.” you say.

Bucky shakes his head, gently pushing your hand away from him. “I don’t need it. I have Tony’s credit card, remember?”

You mutter out an ‘oh yeah’ and put your money away before an awkward silence settled upon you two. It broke your heart to see Bucky so sad but what he did to you was horrible.

“I’m willing to be friends with you though.” you say, causing him to look up at you. “I don’t want you completely out of my life. These past four months with you, hanging out and such were great.”

You try and lighten the mood. Bucky gives you a small smile. “I think I just need some time before we start hanging out again.”

“I understand.” you say. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I am.” he responds as his hand slip into his pockets. “I will always love you, Y/N. Never forget that.”

You watched Bucky walk back into the restaurant and before you got emotional again, you called Natasha to come pick you up. She was there in no time.

“So.. What did you say?” a smile took place on her lips as you got into her car. You bite the inside of your cheek to keep you from crying but it was no use. You let out a loud sob and Natasha stopped smiling, taking you into her arms over the car console.

You cry in her arms, deciding to tell her what happened later. When you calmed down, she put the car in drive and took you home. You wouldn’t be seeing Bucky for a long time afterwards.

A/N: HERE IT IIISSSSSSSS. Heartbroken is over! I hope you all liked it :)


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Have some random Haikyuu!! headcanons out of nowhere! i don’t even know what I’m doing anymore tbh, like, I’m literally spending my free time writing Haikyuu!! hcs when I should be writing an essay. (this anime will be the end of me)

  • Bokuto’s favorite movie is Alvin and the chipmunks, but he can never watch it on his own without crying, so the other members of Fukurodani have to watch it with him
  • When I say the rest of Fukurodani I mean Akaashi because everyone else makes up excuses on why they can’t go
  • Iwaizumi probably can’t drink at all, he’s a total lightweight and is definitely a clingy drunk. Oikawa doesn’t mind though, actually he thinks it’s the funniest most adorable thing ever (he also takes a lot of pictures, but Iwa-chan doesn’t need to know that)
  • Fukunaga is the best at throwing Halloween parties, they’re always super detailed and just overall great. No one really know it’s him who plans them tho, not even the rest of the volleyball team
  • Terushima likes to go ghost hunting with the rest of Johzenji even though none of them ever want to go. Imagine one day Terushima trying to convince Daishou to go on a date with him and Daishou says yes, but instead of taking him on a date Teru takes him to an abandoned house in the middle of the night
  • Asahi has nearly blinded himself by spraying deodorant into his eye. He thought he was for real gonna die and started crying and breaking down, until Daichi and Suga finally decided to bring him to the hospital
  • Kuroo likes to eat nutela straight from the jar, he’ll just dip his spoon in and take a giant glop of it. One time Yaku slapped the spoon out of his hand and what did Kuroo do? He stuck his hand in the jar is what he did (Yaku has never been more disappointed with his children) 
  • Futakuchi once got so tired of waiting for his video to load that, in a fit of rage and frustration, he smashed the laptop on the ground then threw it out an open window. The worst part is that it wasn’t even his laptop, it was Aone’s
  • Yaku usually never misses school, so when he doesn’t show up for a week rumors start going around that he died, and some people actually believe it especially Lev. Everyone freaks out when he comes back the following week. (he went on some rich person vacation w/ his family and didn’t bother telling anyone) 
  • Hanamaki once tried to convince a drunk Matsukawa to wear a dress, it worked and thus Drag Queen Matsun was born. Matsun saw the pictures the next day and instead of getting angry he’s like “damn I look good~”
  • Hanamaki breathes a heavy sigh of relief,and he agrees, Matsun looks amazing
  • Kuroo is also a drag queen and a pretty good one too. It all started when Kenma asked him to wear a dress which then escalated to Yaku doing his makeup, Kai doing his hair, and Yamamoto and Fukunaga 
  • The captains dress up in drag and have a competition, no one wins because they all end up cheating and Oikawa sabotages Kuroo (who he had an alliance with) by pushing him off the stage durring his dance number
  • Matsun was the judge
Can you not

Okay so last night (11/13) this guy comes in. He’s not really a regular but comes in often enough that everyone knows him or heard stories about this guy. Basically he’ll come in with like two carts overflowing with stuff, returns it (waaaay past the return period by the way) and rebuys it all. No one knows why. One of the last times I did this, it took me THREE HOURS. He always wants me to do it and says I’m his favorite cashier then tries tobe my friend while I’m doing all this crap. I hate him so much I can’t even be civil anymore. I don’t even bother trying to hide my hatred. But the best part? He comes in right before we close without fail.

I am so tired lately, just studying or playing. BUT HERE I AM! The theme is about: Dancing in the RFA party. AND SORRY. I know it’s really short, but I will do my best to write more and more ;uuu; 


  • Me gustas tu - GFriend
  • Yoosung was so surprised seeing you dance one of his favorite songs. “She is so cute. Wait… MY PHONE. RECORD THIS”. This boy couldn’t stop looking at you and would make sure to tell everyone you’re his girlfriend. 
  •  And yes, you could see him singing, he was so into it he stopped caring about Seven and Zen. When the song ended, he would run to give you a hug and say you should teach him the choreography. 


  • Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet
  • Seven knows every song of Red Velvet. And you learned the choreography after he made you watch the video so many times. This would be REALLY funny. 
  • This song… MC! LET ME DANCE TOO” and he would just dance some parts of the song. Even Jumin would be laughing. LIKE???? Some guests would ask you if it was a comedy show. 


  • Lion Heart - Girls’ Generation 
  • Zen would also go and dance with you, but more seriously. He knew about this even before you asked his help to learn the choreography HOW? 
  • Zen would love to dance with you since it’s two things he really love. During the dance, he would also say some tips or when to smile more   without anyone else noticing. Let’s not forget he would show the video for all his coworkers. 


  • Like a Cat - AOA
  • We all know why you chose this song. Cat and sexy. Jumin would just ask for every cameraman to record you from every single angle. Even V! JUMIN, JUST CALM DOWN.
  • And he would look at you as if ready to take you to a room at any moment. Please, just wait the song end But at the same time he would look at every man because you’re his and only he can watch you like this. 


  • Something - Girl’s Day
  • Saeran would look at you with that “I don’t believe you’re doing this” face. And he would become really jealous.
  • It would stop when he saw you dancing while looking at him. The song isn’t that bad… The skirt is really good too… He would try listening to more songs like this one later it’s a secret