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i saw a person say that jyj's performances, unlike tvxq's, don't seem like they're actually a group but more like it's 3 soloists coming together for a collab & that jyj, unlike tvxq, seems to still haven't completely moved on from the breakup/past as they keep on mentioning tvxq or related stuff anytime they have comebacks or w/e and seem to have smthng "missing" in their perfs and usually i dont let these kind of things get to me but i feel like maybe i've been too biased to see this before...

Man, this gets rehashed every time a TVXQ2 stan gets bored and look. Everything’s up for interpretation but here’s some facts:

JYJ don’t mention homin.

One time, Jaejoong and Yunho shared a network and a time-slot and an exploitative jackass journalist ASKED. Jaejoong answered in a deceptively cordial, condescendingly-dismissive tone. (And of course the fandom was like, “YUNJAE IS REAL.”)

Then one time, because he and Yunho were promoting movies at the same time, Yoochun was ALSO EXPLICITLY ASKED how he feels about TVXQ and literally said (in two succinct lines) he used to hate Yunho and Changmin but is over it now. That’s it. That’s the extent of it.

They don’t ~use TVXQ to promote shit. They don’t mention TVXQ. They don’t need to. They avoid them like the literal plague (same goes for Yunho and Changmin because at the end of last year, all five were scheduled to appear at the same event and Yunho and Changmin peaced out and NGL I lit several candles in gratitude).

IDK why the two groups need to be compared in 2015. Yunho and Changmin BREATHE each other. They’re true partners. FFS, Changmin wears Yunho’s old outfits when Yunho’s not around. ON STAGE. IN PUBLIC. They’re a duo, a team, they ARE TVXQ. They’ve described their relationship as more than friends. More than family. They’ve been each other’s everything for twelve years. This shines through in every performance. 

But JYJ were given almost a hundred songs for their last album and independently selected the same three. They named their dumb band Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu. They tattooed each other’s names on their bodies. They get matching stupidly expensive cars once a year. They get dragged to each other’s family events. They’ve cried staring at each other at every single concert during their last comeback.

If you’re judging their performances on how in sync their choreography is, boy, have I got news for you. Two of them can’t fucking dance. If you’re judging their solidarity as a group by how often they perform together instead of by how frequently (always) they send support for each other’s solo activities, like… IDK what to tell you.

Ideally, you should WANT soloists. You should want individuals. You should want all five of them to grow because listen, those two and those three–they’re growing together, not growing apart.

Jaejoong has moved on. Yunho has moved on. Yoochun has moved on. Junsu has moved on. Changmin has most definitely fucking moved on.

The only people who haven’t are the fans.

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