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Playing Wii

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

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Words: 776

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The last few days at the Institute had been terribly boring. Nothing had happened, the city was calm and there was no sign of demons. It didn’t happen much so you had been told to enjoy those little moments but it was hard to do such thing when it was so dull. Izzy and Clary had gone shopping, Jace was training and Alec was probably training too or at the library being a nerd as usual. It wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon when you came up with an idea.

“Where were you? I’ve been looking for you all around the Institute”, Alec said walking into your room hours later.

“Shopping” you smiled widely.

“I didn’t know you had gone with Izzy and Clary” he commented.

“Oh no, no that kind of shopping” you chuckled. “I bought a Wii!” You told him excited.

You had a lot of money from your heritage and you never knew how to spend the money since everything was given to you by the Institute. But finally you had found a perfect investment. You used to play Wii at your cousins’ place when you were little, before your parents told you about the ShadowWorld and your life changed.

It had been a long time since that moment but you still loved these games as much as Jace loved his looks. Probably you were a little rusty since it had been a long time since the last time you played, but you were probably still good.

“A what?” Alec frowned confused.

“You gotta be kidding me” you laughed but his face didn’t change. “Are you seriously telling me you don’t know what the Wii is?” You asked. He thought for a few moments but finally he shook his head. “X-Box? PlayStation? Nintendo DS?” All the time he just shook his head. “Oh my God, you’ve been living here in New York for how long? And you don’t know anything about videogames! That has to change. Now” you told him and took his hand.

You had convinced the head of the Institute to place the video console in one of the computer rooms with the condition of stop playing whenever the room was needed. And of course, after making you promise that playing wouldn’t interfere with your duties as a Shadowhunter. You didn’t have a problem with that. Fighting demons was much funnier than every single videogame in the world.

When you two arrived at the computer room you closed the door and started explaining Alec how the console worked. The only game you had bought was Wii Sports because you weren’t able to choose one so you would just wait for Simon to come to the Institute to decide since he would probably know some good games.

“Ok…so I move this and my…well, that thing that is supposed to look like me moves at the same time?” Alec asked when you finished explaining how to play tennis.

“That’s right, Lightwood” you smiled at him. “Are you ready?” You asked.

“I guess so” he shrugged.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you” you chuckled.

Alec rolled his eyes with his eyes fixed on the screen while you started the game. Of course he missed many times, giving you so many victories to brag about.

“Once again”, he said after the third time.

“Really? I’ve kicked your ass three times in a row. Have some dignity Alec” you teased him. He narrowed his eyes at you.

“Now” he commanded.

You laughed and shrugged before starting the game again. This time, Alec was agiler, like he knew what he was doing all of sudden instead of moving the console like he was killing flies.

“Ready?” You heard him say.

“For what?” You laughed.            

“This” he said.

Suddenly his game became fierce and fast, almost impossible to follow, like he had been playing his whole life. It was impossible for you to catch the balls and before you could realise it, you had lost.

“What was that!?” You exclaimed. He turned to look at you with a huge smirk on his face.

“As you said…I’ve been living in New York for too long. Did you really believe I didn’t know what the Wii was?” He asked.

“You cheated!” You exclaimed making him laugh.

“No, I didn’t. You were just too innocent” he smiled cocky. “Let me introduce to the three times winner of the Institute Championship of Wii Sports” he added.

“You’re kidding right?” You asked.

“Jace has one in his room” he laughed out loud. “But hey, you’ll improve” he winked at you before he walked out of the room, leaving you completely speechless.


***Netflix and chillin with Juice 👄🍆***

“So what’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t know. It’s just way too fucking slow. It takes like 30 minutes to start the damn thing up and everytime you click to go somewhere else it just loads and loads forever before freezing up and crashing. Then I restart just for it to do the same shit.”

Juice chuckled at the frustration in your voice while you grumbled.

“It’s not funny. I know you’re busy with all this club shit and I didn’t want to bother you but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it and I can’t afford a new laptop right now.”

He nodded and looked back down at the screen, a smile on his face.

“I don’t mind. I love working on computers and trying to fix them. It takes my mind off of all the club shit. And besides, I’ll always be here to help you.”

You returned his smile and leaned into him, bumping your shoulder against his.

“I guess that’s the benefit of being best friends with the intelligence officer huh?”

You both laughed and Juice nodded. It was true, you were his best friend and he would do anything for you. That was mainly because he had feelings for you but he wasn’t about to tell you that. He always swore he’d never do anything until you made the first move, never wanting to ruin the friendship.

“Well I gotta go shopping for some groceries so I’ll leave it with you and pick it up whenever you fix it, if you can. Just call me and let me know.”

“Got it. I should have it done by tonight. I’ll just drop it off by your house if I do.”

“Ok Juicy.”


You were scrolling through the action movies on Netflix when you heard the rumble of a Harley coming down your street. You checked your phone and saw a missed call from Juice, probably him telling you that he was on his way over. You stood up from the couch and made your way over to the door, unlocking it and opening it up, seeing Juice pull into your driveway. He shut off the bike and hopped off of it, taking off his helmet and placing it to hang from the left handlebar. He looked up at the door and smiled as he saw you there, walking the rest of the way up the driveway and to your front door, walking in as you stepped aside to give him room.

You locked the door behind him and then turned around, Juice slipping his backpack off of his shoulders and placing it down onto your counter. He unzipped it and pulled your laptop out, placing it gently onto the marble.

“I fixed it. Good as new. I made copies of all your pictures and stored them for you here so it doesn’t take up too much memory on the hard drive.”

He held up a new USB in your favorite color and placed that down beside your laptop.

“Plus I updated all your apps and software, got you the latest stuff. And I threw in a couple extra little gadgets for you to try out.”

You smiled widely, thankful for having a friend as helpful and giving as him. He was always going out of his way to help you with whatever you needed and he never ever expected anything in return. On the contrary, he always rejected whenever you tried to pay him back, be it in money or gifts of your own. You’d run out of ideas and ways to pay him back, him not accepting anything that had any monetary value. A smirk graced your lips as you thought of one last gift you hadn’t tried yet.

“Thank you Juice. I really appreciate you always helping me out like this. You’re always there to lend that hand.”

He nodded and smiled sweetly at you, his eyes twinkling.

“You’re welcome.”

You nodded your head along with him and took a step forward, gently placing your hand on his shoulder as you got closer.

“But you never let me repay you. You never let me give you anything to say thank you. To uh, compensate you for your troubles.”

He swallowed around a suddenly dry throat as your hand slid down on his shoulder to his chest, trailing over his tummy. You let your nails rake over him ever so gently, a shiver going though his body. You got all the way down his tummy at stopped at the hem of his shirt, slipping your hands underneath.

“You’ve already done me so many favors. Fixed my car, my air conditioner, my stove, now my laptop. It’s only fair that I repay you. Somehow.”

He looked down at you with lust filled eyes, goosebumps on his skin as your nails raked over his abs directly now. You alternated smoothing your hands over his skin and scratching at it lightly, loving the feel of his muscles rippling under your touch.

“You gonna let me pay you back Juice?”

He swallowed again and nodded, his hands coming to grip your hips.

“Yeah. Yeah, you can pay me back.”

You looked up at him through your lashes and grinned mischievously, leaning up to press your lips against his. He met you halfway and put his mouth against yours, his grip on your hips tightening. Pulling your hand out from under his shirt, you gripped his kutte and began walking towards the couch, leading him by his leather. When the two of you made it to the sofa, you placed him with his back to it and pushed him back to sit down before sinking to your knees in front of him. You pressed a kiss to his still clothed thigh, your hands already working on his belt to undo it.

“You don’t have to do this you know. I don’t mind helping you out.”

“I know. I just want to. Have for a while now if we’re being honest with each other.”

You blushed under his gaze and unzipped his cargos, pulling them open. He reached down to place his hand on your shoulder, his fingertips gently tracing up and down your skin. You reached into his boxers and gripped him softly in your hand, a low almost barely audible groan in the back of Juice’s throat. Pulling him from the confines of his boxers, you found yourself staring at him completely exposed, thick and throbbing in your hand. Much thicker than you had expected.

He chuckled as he watched your reaction, a bit of a cocky grin finding its way into his face.

“Like it?”

You bit your lip and nodded, making eye contact again as you leaned forward, licking a long and slow strip up his entire length. He shuddered by kept his eyes on you, not wanting to miss a single second. He’d imagined this scene far too many time to miss a single detail of the real thing. You did it once more except this time you wrapped your lips around him as you reached the tip, your tongue swirling around him inside of your mouth.


You took his curse as encouragement and sank your mouth father into him, your hand wrapping around him and stroking him as you slowly took more and more until you had taken all of him in your mouth that you could. You removed your hand from his shaft and stuck it back into his boxers, gently massaging his balls and earning a hiss.

“Jesus Y/N.”

You smiled around him, bringing to feel a little cocky yourself. Pulling your mouth away, you took your hand and began to stroke him again, catching your breath.

“That feel good?”

He chuckled breathlessly and nodded before reaching down and placing his hands under your arms, pulling you to stand before he pulled you onto the couch with him. You kneeled on the cushion beside him and leaned over into his lap, taking him into your mouth again. He placed one hand in your hair to push it out of your face while the other came to rest on your waist, his fingers slipping into the elastic band of your shorts as well as your panties and pulling them both to slide down over your ass. You moaned around him as you felt the cool air against your glistening warmth, his finger slipping between your lips and rubbing against you back and forth, spreading your wetness before slipping a finger into you.

You moaned again and this time let him slip from your mouth as you felt him slide a second finger into you. With his other hand, he pulled you to sit up, your knees and his other arm supporting you as he gripped the top of your tank top and looked up at you. You nodded, giving him permission and he wasted no time pulling the fabric down, exposing your right breast to his hungry eyes which he quickly attached his mouth to as you threw your head back.

Never had you been so thankful for a slow computer.

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Peter is a Liar!

Ok so I already posted a theory about this but I missed off some points/I’ve thought about it more now.
So I think Peter is lying about knowing Mary killed Jessica. To me when Peter was talking, it all seemed very vague and like he was just saying it to try and convince Spencer that Mary was bad news and she should stay away.

My reasons for doubting Peter are:

1. He didn’t go into any detail as to how he knew Mary killed Jessica, he just said it then tried to move on from it.

2. Spencer mentioned something about the fact that they were twins so was he sure (maybe implying it wasn’t Jessica who died) (or maybe hinting at Twincer being a thing??)

3. There was no flashback, we heard Peter’s very vague story about Mary killing Jessica but we didn’t see a flashback to when he found out. (Maybe because he didn’t)

4. Charlotte confessed to burying Jessica and there was an A Text saying “I buried your mom just like I watched her bury you” however Peter said that Mary buried Jessica in their backyard.

So I think that Peter had his suspicions that it was Mary who killed Jessica but I don’t think he knows for sure. I think he just told Spencer it was true in order to convince her to stop looking for Mary and to stay away from her. I do think he’s convinced himself he’s right because he knows Mary has mental health problems and was jealous that Veronica and Peter were raising Spencer as their own and Mary had been forgotten again (just how she’s felt her whole life).

I’m also not 100% saying that Mary didn’t do it because she could have but I don’t think Peter knows for definite. Because it raises many questions, like, why didn’t he report Mary to the police? Why would he be protecting Mary? Why would he hide her crimes then try to find her so he could keep her away from Spencer? Surely if he knew she killed her sister he would have reported it to the police, wouldn’t that have been the easiest way to keep her away from Spencer? So why wouldn’t he? Maybe because he doesn’t know!!

I don’t know what happened but what I do know is that Peter’s story doesn’t add up!

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Bellarke Prompt - Pregnancy - "This is your fault"

+bellarke prompt: clarke is pregnant and bellamy is overprotective about her and the baby and she thinks it’s cute but also really annoying

+bellarke prompt: bellamy and clarke babysitting octavia and lincoln’s baby

“Uncle Bell! Uncle Bell! Uncle Bell! Can we have mac n’ cheese? Pleeeasssseee.”

Bellamy looked down at Anya, the little spitfire that she was, and noticed the scrunch of her nose that was a move straight out of Octavia’s book. He wondered if Anya had picked that one up watching her mom or it was just genetic, unconscious. When Bellamy didn’t answer right away, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot, and the questioning look she gave was all Lincoln. Bellamy couldn’t help the chuckle that rippled out of him.

“Uncle Bell,” she pleaded. Bellamy didn’t know how such a little human could be so persuasive, but it was too hard to resist the big, doe eyes and the pouty lips.

“Don’t be such a complainer, Anya,” Clarke teased, reaching behind her and lifting her up off the ground. Anya squealed with delight, sweet childish laughter flowing through the air. Clarke let out a huff, though, and Bellamy reached forward with a worried gaze, ripping Anya from her arms.

“Are you ok? Clarke?” he questioned.

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Ok i saw your headcanon about belle running away to find her mother and i'm just imagining maurice reaction to the reason why she ran

Maurice’s arms had never been so tight around his daughter.  Tears streamed from his eyes, running down his cheeks and falling on young Belle’s shoulders. She had been missing for almost a day, found by some of their neighbors from the city.  He was relieved, scared, still worried sick.

I can’t lose her too

“Don’t you ever do that again,” Maurice whispered fiercely.  “Never, do you understand me?”

Belle wrapped her small arms around her father in an attempt to calm him, but he barely felt them; he was shaking far too much to feel anything else.  

“I’m sorry, Papa,” she whispered, her voice small and quiet.  Innocent.  Brave.  

“Why on earth did you run off like that?”

“I wanted to go find Maman,” Belle answered matter-of-factly.  


Maurice pulled away and sat down.  His tears weren’t going away; in fact, they seemed to be getting worse.  “Oh Belle,” he whispered, turning away from her.  “My little girl…”

“I thought if I could find her, maybe we could go and live with her,” Belle continued.  “We could be happy.  And I wanna meet her.  You said once that I looked like her.”

Maurice could only shake his head, fearful that Belle would hear the grief in his voice.

Belle was silent, waiting for him to answer.  Finally, as steadily as he could—which was not very steady—he said “You do look like her.”

“I really, really want to meet her, Papa,” Belle pleaded.  “Please.  Let’s go see her.”

“We can’t, Belle,” Maurice answered, his own voice taking on the same pleading tone as his daughter’s.  “We can never see her, no matter how hard we look.”  How he wished she’d talk about something else, anything else, if only it would distract him from her face, lined with sweat, tears in her eyes, spots lining her forehead, infected, dying

“Do you know where she is?” asked Belle.

quickly, before it takes her too

There was pain, physical pain in his chest when he nodded.

“Then why can’t we go?” she argued.  “You miss her; you draw her all the time!  But I’m tired of just seeing pictures, Papa; I want us to be a happy family, so why can’t we just go see h—?”

Because she’s d—!”  

No. Maurice clapped a hand over his mouth, terrified of what he’d been about to say.  He couldn’t stand to see her amber eyes go wide like that, she was the only light he had left in the world, to see her break would undo him…


He couldn’t look at her, he got up and walked into his bedroom, trembling, trying to hold it together, unable to.  And how could he?  She had been asking about her mother for days now, and Maurice had been able to deflect her pursuit of the truth somewhat, but his daughter had always been so headstrong in her questions.  It was a marvel that he hadn’t seen her flight coming.


She was standing in the threshold, her traveling cloak still secured in place by her scarf.  Her eyes were ablaze with concern, sadness, and pain, and she approached him with soft, quiet feet.  In seconds she was sitting on the bed next to him.

“I’m sorry,” Belle whispered, “for scaring you…”

And her face was wet when he reached up to caress her cheek.  “Oh, Belle,” he said, because he couldn’t say anything else.

“Papa…” she cried, throwing herself into her father’s arms.  “I’m so sorry…!”

It could have been minutes, hours, days that they held each other like that, but neither one of them cared.  They were both in the arms of the person they loved more than anything else in the world.

And for now, that was enough.

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 2)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,476

Misha x Reader

Warnings: light angst

Notes: yes, I know I’m leaving you all on a cliffhanger, but I couldn’t help myself. Writing for this story has come really easily to me so don’t be surprised if I try to drag this out as much as I can! Thank you all for the amazing response I got to part one, I hope part two is just as good!

Beta: @teamfreewill-imagine

Texts are in italics

Your name: submit What is this?


You didn’t know if it was the fall or the fact that he was standing right there in front of you, but you could feel your head spinning.

“Misha.” Your heart was racing and you found yourself at a loss for words. “I, oh wow, what are you doing here?”

He smiled weakly. “I’m in town for the convention.”

The convention. Of course. It had completely slipped your mind that it was this weekend, and you had never considered the fact that Misha might be there. You plastered a smile on your face.

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hey, new army here! i wish to know more about the boys' background before bts. like i remeber someone mentioning one of the guys was raised in a farm?? someone struggled with depression etc.

hmm ok its like 1am so i might be missing some info but here’s some background:


  • moved to seoul from busan
  • from 2013 interview: “I danced popping since 8th grade and gained interest in this kind of career after watching Rain sunbaenim’s performances. After that, I moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after my dance teacher suggested I audition for an entertainment company.”
  • has one younger brother
  • was the last one to join bts and i remember in an interview he mentioned that the other members had seen his audition tape and laughed (?? i htink thats whats he said) and suga clarified that jimin was less refined before but that they wouldnt be bts without him (lol nice save suga)
  • only trained for 1 year before debut
  • fun fact: was going have the stage name Baby G but stuck with Jimin thank god


  • from busan too
  • has an older brother who draws bts fanart (he had a instagram account where he posted them but i heard he deleted? someone correct me if im wrong lol)
  • apparently all 3 big companies wanted to recruit him after he placed really high in a singing competition
  • from same interview: “In 7th grade I learned b-boying in a club with some friends and hyungs. Afterwards, I went to the Mnet <Superstar K2> auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff.”
  • Jungkook chose bighit bc he heard Namjoon rapping
  • so he moved to seoul really young and debuted when he was only 16 
  • isnt one to show his struggles but namjoon talked recently about how he cried while telling the members how hard it is for him to see their struggle. such a pure maknae
  • considered the stage name Seagull, who the fuck knows why lmao


  • from daegu
  • went to watch his friend audition for bighit but one of the recruiters told him to do an audition as well
  • played the saxophone
  • bighit kept him hidden until debut, idk why…. like they uploaded videos pre-debut on their youtube channel and v was never in them… 
  • was raised by his grandmother who owned a farm. 
  • said if he wasnt casted he would’ve been a farmer and/or a saxophonist. He even won prizes with his saxophone playing.

rap monster:

  • apparently has a really high IQ and did well in school
  • but convinced his parents to let him pursue music 
  • was an underground rapper with the stage name Runch Randa
  • even has a track with zico from back in like 2009 called Fuck Cockroaches lmao im not joking
  • Bang PD could tell rapmon was talented af and created bts because of him
  • had to learn how to dance and hated it at first lmao his company dance teachers gave him the ironic nickname “Dance Prodigy”


  • from daegu
  • underground rapper before bts by the name of Gloss
  • came 2nd in a rapping competition before joining bighit
  • came into the company expecting to be producing and rapping, not dancing or becoming a kpop idol
  • From an interview in 2013: “I chose to rap after listening to “Fly” by Epik High sunbaenims. I had some basic Midi gear that was essential in music-making before entering the company. They were things that I had bought as a lyricist after saving up enough money by walking around for two hours every day and skipping dinner every day.”
  • holy shit i have so much to say about yoongis past struggles during his trainee days. he reveals a lot about it in his mixtape
  • here’s a post about it
  • http://bang-tan.tumblr.com/post/148989741569/agust-d


  • from gwacheon (MY HOME TOWN)
  • one of the first members of bts
  • had no previous dance training  
  • went to an all boys school but still got gifts on valentines lmao like how???
  • update from comments: Jin was street casted by BH and previously SM tried to cast him as well but he ran away. He didn’t have any previous singing or dancing knowledge. he worked hard learning singing and dancing. 
  • in his solo song Awake, he talks about how he knows how talented all the other members are compared to him and he knows that he will never reach their level, but he still wants to strive for it.  Also, in a concert, he talks about a time in his past when he heard other moms bragging about their sons and their accomplishments while his mother just listened and stayed silent.  That motivated him to want to do something to make his mother proud of him.


  • from gwangju
  • danced before joining bts
  • from the same 2013 interview:  “I got a lot of prizes in Gwangju for my dancing. I won an underground dance battle and even performed at a festival. (V: I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me “J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?” That’s how famous he was.”

link to the quoted interview: http://bts-trans.tumblr.com/tagged/130718/page/2

hopefully that helped answer ur answer?


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Genre: smut

Featuring: Jooheon x reader

Request: Jooheon scenario, inspired by Lee Hi’s “Official” - I highly suggest listening to it cause it’s a bomb ass song lol

Y’all already know what this request did to me since it was of my boy Jooheon, so you know this i gonna turn out good haha | didn’t proof read sorry for any mistakes lol

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I wish the signs knew that all we just want someone who can deal with us and love us for us. -Aries

I wish you knew you matter… You’re always here for everyone but you don’t let others help them because you think they don’t matter as much… You pretend you’re fine and happy when you’re hurting deep down; please let me help you.  -Leo

I wish you would learn to love yourself like you love others. -Aquarius


I wish you would stop caring what other people think about you and focus on yourself. -Gemini

I wish you gave people closure. -Leo

I wish you knew how to trust and be more open minded. You made me feel safe and we shared a lot of laughs together. I miss you. -Libra


It’s okay to admit you’re hurt sometimes, you don’t have to move on from everything so quickly. -Taurus

Please take things slowly, and don’t forget to enjoy the finer things in life. Remember to take care of yourself and don’t push yourself too hard! -Libra

Stop asking me if i wanna “420 blaze it hahaha” I’m so afraid my mom will find out -Aquarius


I wish you could see how much you’re loved. -Leo

I want you to know that you were enough and I really did love you. -Libra

I wish you wouldn’t withdraw and hide when you feel like things are getting too hard. You’re empathetic, so you know how much it hurts. I wish you knew how to stand and fight for what you love. -Pisces


Stop trying to please everybody else before yourself, worry about your own well-being sometimes! -Taurus

You are a beautiful, arrogant son of a bitch. but I really want you to let your walls down a little. I know the arrogance is a puffed up facade, I know you’re insecure. but I’m not running. Tell me about yourself- your TRUE self. -Virgo

I wish you were more humble and less arrogant. -Sagittarius


I wish you learned to realize when some subjects are better left unsaid. -Gemini

I wish you would learn to stop being so emotionally empty. -Leo

I hope you know that it’s okay to let go of someone who’s left you. It’s okay to miss them, but it’s okay to move on as well. -Libra


I wish you knew how much your words can hurt. -Taurus

I wish you would give yourself more credit. -Leo

Get ur shit together its ok to be selfish sometimes dammit. -Sincerely a Libra


I wish you would realise that not everyone that cares about you is pretending or doing so to get something out of it themselves. -Taurus

I wish you would realize you can’t control other people, and that being forgiving is not a weakness. -Cancer

I wish you would learn how to communicate your feelings and desires. - Virgo


I wish you weren’t so scared of commitment. -Virgo

I wish you knew (or cared) about how rude you can be sometimes. -Aquarius

I wish you were less cocky and more respectful. -Pisces


There are people that care about you, it’s alright to open up; please don’t let yourself go through all this alone. I love you and I wish you’d let me into that beautiful mind of yours. -Aries

Grey areas exist, not everything is right or wrong and not everybody sees things the same way as you or is affected by things the same way. -Taurus

I wish you weren’t so stubborn geez. -Sagittarius


Please stop being so excited over christmas. i love u and i know it’s comin up soon, i’m excited too. but hoe, i’ve been pickin candy canes off ur d*ck since june and i’m all christmassed out. -Gemini

I wish you wouldn’t beat yourselves up all the time and that trying is enough.         -Sagittarius

I wish we would learn to accept our own feelings and not be scared of them.   -Aquarius


I wish you stopped bottling things up and let someone else help you. -Cancer

I wish you would stop being so sensitive. -Leo

I wish you wouldn’t let people walk over you so much. -Scorpio


Shy//Theo Raeken Imagine

(Gifs are not mine so credit to owner)

Pairing: Reader/Theo

Word Count: 2273

Warnings: Theo is kind of a cocky jerk in the beginning, but he gets adorable I promise!

Request: Hey! You did a great job of Transformed which was my request so please could you write (another) Theo imagine? Where the reader is quite shy so when Theo finds out she has never made a move on a guy, he basically teases her about it? So she gets super frustrated, she decides to go over to Theo’s house and Theo has no idea why she’s there. So she makes a move on him to make a point but when she turns to leave, he grabs her wrist and basically tells her to not go? You can take it from there 😊

Plot: Reader is a part of Scott’s pack, and when Theo arrives in Beacon Hills, he becomes infatuated by her, and finds lots of enjoyment in messing with her.

A/N: Thank you so much for another request! I hope you don’t mind, but I changed it to her walking in on Theo at the school gym/weight room place because I couldn’t really find  a way to get her to follow him back to his house without it not making sense, or just seeming creepy. Besides that little change, I hope you still enjoy! Also, i just made up that guy Alex to help the plot along. If you guys like this imagine, please feel free to check out my Masterlist, and send in some requests!



Theo Raeken. You never thought you’d hear that name again.

When he had first moved away in 4th grade, that was the last you ever heard or saw of him, but now he’s back. You haven’t seen him yet, but you hope he doesn’t recognize you. Last night when Theo showed up out of no where during the fight, you were already at the high school with Lydia, waiting for the rest of your friends to show up for senior scribe. Before the pack, Scott and Stiles were your only friends, and you weren’t exactly the best looking tween, but puberty just so happened to work it’s wonders on you. Though you definitely look better than you did, you’re so shy that your looks would get you nowhere.You’re popular because of your friends, but you’re basically know as the pretty quiet one, and because of that, no one really approaches you. The pack are the only people that you’re truly open and yourself around, so when it comes to meeting other people, a bunch of anxiety bottles up inside you, and you get extremely nervous. Being reunited with Theo was most likely not going to be one of the highlights of your week. Stiles, Scott, and you were never really in the popular group, but back in 4th grade, Theo was all the way at the top. Almost all your friends that were girls at the time had that stereotypical elementary school crush on Theo, but you never felt the same. Theo knew this, and of course in a 4th graders mindset, he automatically thought teasing you would get you to like him. Being teased by Theo all throughout the 4th grade was not one of your happy elementary school memories. You can remember the complete and utter joy you felt the day you were told he was moving away. Scott and Stiles remember your little bit of history with Theo, but of course they don’t think anything of it. It was 4th grade! He probably doesn’t even remember you.

You’re talking to Lydia at her locker, when you see Scott and Stiles walking up to you both with Theo standing behind them.

“Lydia, hurry up we have to go!” You whisper yell, quickly glancing at the distance between you guys. As soon as Stiles told you Theo was back in town, you updating Lydia on everything you could possibly tell her about Theo, which unsurprisingly, isn’t that much. Lydia looks up and nods, shutting her locker, and beginning to walk away with you by her side.

“Y/N, Lydia, wait up!” Scott yells after you two, clearly not sensing the problem at hand. You both slowly turn around and are faced with the three guys. “Theo this is Y/N, and Lydia. Y/N and Lydia, this is Theo.”

“I know who they are Scott, I did used to live in this town remember.” Theo says, your eyes widening at his voice, since you didn’t expect it to be that deep.

Theo’s eyes meet yours, and a smirk begins to form on his face. “Nice to see you again Y/N. You too Lydia.”

“Theo! What a pleasant surprise! What are you doing back?” Lydia asks with apparent uneasiness in her voice.

“Well my parents and missed Beacon Hills, so they decided to move back here.” Theo says, the smirk not leaving his face for a second.

“Look guys I know this is going to take some getting used too, but Theo helped save my life last night. We at least have to give him a chance.” Scott says, finally acknowledging you and Lydia’s discomfort.

“Ok fine. We will. Y/N and I have to get to class, we’ll see you all at lunch.” Lydia smiles, hooking your arm into hers and walking away. You feel Theo’s eyes burning into your back, and sneak a quick glance behind you to confirm the fact that he is staring at you. Well there goes your plan of being unnoticed.

“I don’t want to be one to judge, but I feel like Theo has gotten increasingly creepy over the years.” Lydia whispers, just incase anyone with supernatural hearing is near you guys.

“I know, it’s like that smirk is permanently glued to his face. I won’t lie though, he has gotten pretty attractive.” You reply shrugging your shoulders slightly.

“Oh yeah, I totally agree. But before we say anything else, I say we take some time to learn more about him. He seems pretty mysterious.” Lydia finishes, leading the way into your classroom. You both take a seat at your desks in the front of the room, and see Theo walking into the classroom. Theo walks up to your teacher and hands him a slip signaling that he’s in this class. You and Lydia look at each other with wide eyes, before looking at Theo. Not realizing he was already looking right at you, the two of you match gazes, and he smirks while going to sit down in the seat next to you.

“So Y/N, we haven’t really gotten a chance to speak to each other yet. How have you been since I last saw you in 4th grade?” He asks you smugly, as if he already knows the answer.

You hide your face, blushing slightly, since the only guy attention you’re used to getting is from Scott and Stiles. “I’ve been been fine Theo, how about you?” You answer, deciding polite conversation is the best way to go about this situation.

“Oh same. Nothing’s really happened to me since I left. Although it seems different things could be said about you. You look completely different!” Theo says back, knowing that he’s making you nervous.

“Well yeah obviously, it was 4th grade! You look really different too!” You awkwardly laugh, praying for this conversation to be over with already. Your prayers are answered when Alex, the boy who sits behind you, taps you on your shoulder. You two normally make slight conversation about your homework and class work, but talking to Theo you didn’t even notice him come in.

“Hey Y/N. Would you mind showing me the homework? I was a little confused and just want to see if I did it right.” Alex smiles at you.

“Sure!” You smile back, reaching into your bag and getting it out. “Just let me know if you have any questions.” Alex is one of the few people besides the pack you ever speak too. He isn’t popular, but he isn’t unpopular either. He’s just that semi attractive guy who’s always nice to everyone. Ever since he was assigned the seat behind you, he’s been nothing but kind to you, not judging you by your shyness.

He returns your paper to you and sighs. “Thanks, but I still don’t think I get it that much. You seem to know what you’re doing, maybe you can help me out sometime?” Alex says, hope clear in his eyes. You blush automatically, since no one has ever asked for your help outside of school besides the pack.

“Um, yeah sure!” You smile nervously, trying to keep your cool.

“Great, We can exchange numbers and set something up that works for the both of us.” He says handing you his phone.

The teacher walks in as soon as you switch back phones, and you try to turn around quickly with the intention of hiding your flushed cheeks. When you turn around, you see Theo staring at you with his signature smirk. When your eyes meet, he raises an eyebrow at you, and you just ignore it and start to pay attention to the teacher.

The class period went by pretty fast, and before you knew it the bell was ringing. You normally walk with Lydia, but today she said something about having to meet Stiles at the library because she has a free period and you have a class. Lydia is already out the door while you’re still packing up your books. You feel someone’s presence next to you, and you look up to see Theo.

“So, what was that all about?” He asks, walking beside you as you start to make your way out of the classroom.

“What?” You respond confused.

“You know, that guy who was clearly flirting with you, making your heart race 10x faster than it should? Someone asking you to help him study should not be leading you into having a slight heart attack.”

You roll your eyes and sigh. “Well i’m sorry I don’t have any experience with this stuff Theo!”

“What do you mean?” He asks, now with him being the confused one.

“What do you mean what do I mean?” You ask slightly nervous, just now realizing what you actually revealed to him.

“You’ve never had any experience with a guy before?” He says with complete and utter shock written all over his face.

“No.” You say getting more self conscious every time a little bit of shock is added to Theo’s face.

“Awe how adorable! You haven’t had any relationship experience! Have you even kissed someone?” He laughs. When you don’t answer he starts to laugh even harder.

“Look Theo if you’re gonna be a jerk, why don’t you just leave me alone?” You say annoyed, walking away from the boy in hysterics standing next you.

“Y/N, wait!” Theo yelled after you, still laughing, but trying to calm down.

You ignore his calls and continue to walk away. It can’t be that uncommon for someone your age to not have had their first kiss yet. It isn’t your fault that you’re shy. You’re sick of being treated as that pretty shy girl. Theo’s taunting helped you realize that you don’t want to be treated that way anymore. Deciding that you don’t want to let Theo’s teasing get the best of you, you turn around and walk back to where you left him. You see him walking down the hallway and begin to follow him. Staying a few steps back so that he doesn’t hear you, you stealthily follow Theo to the weight room. He walks in, and you hide in the door frame.

Looking through the little window of the door, you see Theo beginning to take off his shirt, and you quickly blush and look down. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Seeing Theo strip off his shirt must’ve increased your heart beat, because Theo looked up, sensing something. He looked around, but didn’t see anything, so decided just to drop it. You let out a sigh of relief and continue to watch. You didn’t really have a plan in mind when you chose to follow him, so now you don’t know what to do. You’re about to leave, but then you stop and think for a second. All of your life you’ve been extremely shy. Sure, you had Scott and Stiles, and because of them you also have the rest of the pack. But you wanna fend for yourself! You want people to feel like they can talk to you, and develop relationships with you! Not just see you as that shy girl who’s friends with Scott McCall. Today with Theo was the boiling point. Enough is enough.

You push open the doors of the weight room, walk straight up to Theo, and plant a kiss right onto his lips. Theo’s too shocked to kiss back at first, but he eventually starts kissing you back, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you closer. Knowing you’re not too sure what to do, Theo takes both of your arms and wraps them around his neck, before putting his hands back in the same position on your waist. The kiss starts to intensify, and you feel your nervousness start to creep up more and more. Before you know it, you pull away from Theo and immediately turn around with the intention of going anywhere but this room. Theo grabs your wrist, causing your body to halt to a stop.

“Y/N, wait.” He says, pulling you back towards him. He grabs both of your hands in his, and sighs. “Look, i’m sorry. I know I hurt your feelings before, but I truly didn’t mean too. I was just genuinely shocked that a girl as beautiful as you didn’t have guys falling at her feet. I know this is going to sound stupid, especially since it was such a long time ago, but the reason I teased you in 4th grade was the same reason every 4th grade guy teases a girl. I liked you. In fact, when my parents told me we were moving, I practically begged them to stay because I didn’t want to leave you. I don’t know how they’ve stuck with me all these years, but I still have feelings for you Y/N. I know I don’t deserve it, but it’d mean so much to me if you’d give me the honor of letting me be your first boyfriend.”

You stare at Theo with wide eyes. “No one’s ever said anything that heartfelt to me before.” You pause, and look down. “But you don’t wanna be with me. I’m just that shy girl who happens to be best friends with Scott McCall and the rest of his group.”

“That’s not true Y/N. You’re so much more than that. I can help you conquer your shyness. All you have to do is let me in.” You look up and are met with Theo’s hopeful eyes. Speechless, all you do in return is nod. Theo smiles a genuine smile at you instead of his smirk, and leans in placing another kiss on your lips.

The Road of Thallen fans Pt. 3 (Spoilers if you haven’t watched up to Episode 20.)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the gifs and pictures.

I couldn’t find gifs for Episode 18 so I’m gonna skip that one. If I happen to have missed some cute Thallen moments *Swoon*, please let me know. :)


Episode 17:

The fans:


Episode 19:

The fans:

Further into the episode (1):

Ok, so we now know that Eddie was being framed. Let’s look how it evolved.

The fans:

Further into the episode (2):

The fans:

Further into the episode (3):

 The fans:

Further into the episode (4):

The fans:

Episode 20:

 The fans:

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Extra scene (Whoever made this gif, you are the most amazing person in the world):

The fans:


tampa bay con

i’ve now seen the full video

i am overwhelmed

so! more favourite moments:

  • ‘you know, i’m not flying around the world to do Duck Patrol conventions, so.’
  • billie doing a sexy ‘yeahhh’ when david mentioned the tux. same, bill. same.
  • billie saying ‘but then i am a grown up’ - i don’t know why but i found that so funny and endearing lol. ‘grown up.’ adorable.
  • when that woman said about watching fans’ reactions as they walked away from meeting them <3 <3 and dave getting totally emotional about it
  • tennant campaigning for the doctor and rose in star wars…and when the moderator dude is like, ‘yeah ok but come on what characters would you really play,’ and david’s just… ‘why can’t we just be the doctor and rose?????’ 
  • them gushing about each other and then bill being like ‘is that really gross’ lol yes, you two are sickening 
  • still can’t get over how david talked about his hair when asked what he would change bahaha
  • david defending tentoo like a boss
  • also i missed it last night but after ‘depends how good of a copy he was i s’pose’ he even says ‘maybe some aspects were improved’ lol yes tennant we know tentoo has better moves in the bedroom, you’ve told us seven thousand times (keep telling us pls)
  • like he legit looks heartbroken when she says tentoo is less of a man and he basically fakes laughter when she says their relationship’s a sham gOD lmao i love this man
  • david forgetting that the tardis coral thing was a deleted scene
  • in the end billie wanting the deeply domestic adventures after all??? lol she’s flighty af :D
  • billie breaking his heart again when she chooses DC ‘just. to screw. you’  amazing
  • david sitting up so straight when the question of billie’s fave doctor comes up lmao

least fave moment (disclaimer: the following is said with affection!!):

  • david talking about his love for peanut butter, what even are you
  • david promoting his soya milk agenda. again, what are you
  • most of my disagreements with tennant are food/drink-related tbh
  • like the ‘cereal is the best food ever’ shit he spouted last time
  • why do you have such bad taste dave
  • although tbf the ‘it gives me a reaction!!’ thing re: milk sounded personal lol so….ok i guess i can let you off on the soya preference if it’s your only option
  • also what kind of reaction does regular milk give you anyway o.O
  • :D

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you. are. so. pretty. and. lovely. and. smart. and. worthy. and. darling. and. daring. and. adorable. and. cute. and. magnificent. and. precious. and. the. actual. best. i love you. stay strong, stay safe, stay sweet.❤️❤️❤️

[not about art but]
this message is so precious i dont deserve this! who sent it..i haven’t been open on this blog about my personal life. but some of u may know for me these have been dark days. i had to put my life on hold after being sexually assaulted multiple times at my college… everyday the pain is overwhelming. im afraid all the time. i just miss being in class,studying art, researching nazi-fighting lesbian surrealists and the beauty of misshapen cats in old folk paintings and medieval marginalia monsters. im not where i thought id be in my life right now, but it’s ok. im grateful i can still share moving images w/my followers here! I just want any survivors who follow me to know you aren’t suffering alone, none of this is your fault, and you will have peace in your heart one day. be gentle with yourself. be patient with yourself. our lives aren’t over..



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Hey ^~^ Can you write a scenario about Chanyeol when you're you're his girlfriend and on the Show Roommate with him and you're going camping with them? After that you're going with them to bungee jumping even if you're terrible afraid of heights but you're doing it anyway because they all did it? Can you do it a bit fluffy? Thank you very much ^~^

This is really cute, of course I’m going to make it super fluffy since Chanyeol is such a cutie already~
Also I based  this loosely on the camping episode, but changed a few things up!~

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Solangelo, 29

  1. “I thought you were dead.”

After a year of recovery, Will was pretty sure that Nico was ready to start try to use his underworld magic again, baby steps only, but the idea of being able to use his powers again made Nico incredibly happy. 

What Nico had forgotten was how to aim, so to speak. His first real jump landed him across camp, about fifteen feet above Thalia’s Tree.  Nico tried to grab onto different branches as he went down, but he was going to fast, and he was already delirious from the shadow travel. He ended up hitting the ground back first, the last thing he saw before passing out was the broken branches that broke his fall. 

He started to come to staring at a familiar white cleaning, he heard Will’s voice – confident and in control, a way it only got when he was working – faintly over the ringing in his ears. 

“Will!” He heard Kayla yell. 

“Nico,” Will came over. “Don’t move. Can you speak?” 

Nico tried to choke out yes, but it came out a whisper. 

“Ok, don’t move, you’re in the infirmary, you fell pretty hard. I’m going to give you some mild sedatives and pain killers, they might put you to sleep for a little while, so we can get you patched up.” Nico closed his eyes and went back to sleep. 

When he woke up, he tried to move, but felt so drugged up, he decided to just stay where he was. He looked around – his left leg was in a cast the went up over his thigh and elevated, his right arm was in about the same shape. 

“Will?” His voice was a little bit better, “Can I have water?” He didn’t know where actually was, but he trusted that he was there. About thirty seconds later, Will showed up in his line of sight with a cup of ice chips. 

“Only these for right now.” Will put on in Nico’s mouth. “You had a pretty rough fall, you broke your arm in three places, and you cracked your femur. You probably won’t be walking, let alone training for a while.” 

Nico just nodded, this was going to suck. 

“But the good news is, you didn’t seem to have faded at all after the jump, so once you’re healed we can work on it more.” 

Nico swallowed the ice chip, “You can drop your stoic doctor act, I’m fine now.” As cool as it was to watch WIll work, because he basically turned into a different human, after a while Nico started to miss the goofball. 

As soon as he was given the green light to break just a little, Will threw his arms around Nico. “I thought you were dead.” 

Nico put his good arm on his friend’s back. “Well, I’m not, you got me all patched up.” 

Will pulled away and tried to casually wipe the few tears from his eyes. “Yeah, I know. You’re gonna be ok.” 

Nico tried to move over  on the bed just a bit, and patted the empty space he had made, “Come on, you’ve had a long day, you need some sleep. And I’m still doped up on pain meds so I’m gonna go down any minute.” 

Will laughed and got into the bed, “I’m glad you’re not dead.” 

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I have this idea I would like to see written. It's Caroline's birthday and her friends surprise her in the morning in bed (it's a tradition) but this time Klaus is there and he gets annoyed. I just want to see frustrated 1000 year old hybrid having to put up with Caroline and her friends cos he loves her.

The sound of shuffling, whispered voices and the ripping of cardboard woke Caroline up on the morning of her birthday. She smiled excitedly to herself as she used her vampire hearing to pry on her two best friends and flatmates as they stuck candles into the chocolate cake (she was fairly sure her sense of scent was the strongest of them all) and light them carefully. They were in their final year of college and sharing an apartment of their own just off campus, yet time hadn’t changed some of their childhood traditions.

Snuggling down into her bed, she sighed contently as Klaus tightened his grip on her subsciously in his sleep. His arm around her waist held her to his front, allowing his body heat penetrate through both his tank top and her sleep shirt (one of his old henleys) into her bones to keep warm in a way a vampire shouldn’t be able to feel.

Closing her eyes lightly, Caroline made sure her features were blank as she feigned sleep (being a drama major helped) just as the door handle rattled and the door was flung open with a loud exclamation of, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Shooting upright in bed, she gasped (albeit dramatically) before beaming at Elena and Bonnie as they came to her side of the bed with the cake in the latter’s hands. The candles flickered to cast shadows over their faces in the dim room.

Clapping happily, she shuffled forwards causing Klaus’ arm to slip off her body and onto the bed. She felt him stir at the actions (clearly having tried to ignore everything beforehand) and twist onto his front to bury his face into her pillow with a groan. “For fuck’s sake…” he muttered indignantly, causing her to bite down on her bottom lip as a wide grin threatened to break out.

“Pay no attention him,” Caroline told her friends, dismissing him with a wave as she got onto her knees to hug Elena. “Thanks, guys!”

“Make a wish!” Bonnie insisted, holding the cake out in front of the blonde.

Closing her eyes, Caroline did as she was told. Her lips moved silently as she wished long and hard for the same thing as she did every year (well, since growing up and realising wishes never got her material items). Finally happy with it, she opened her eyes once again to blow out the candles in one, long breath and to the background of cheering from her friends.

Hugging Bonnie in thanks when she passed the cake to Elena, she practically bounced on her knees from anticipated excitement of what else they had planned for the day. Her and Klaus had gone out the night before to a lovely dinner and bar for some drinks before coming back to ‘celebrate’ in the way only they could. So for the rest of the day it was going to be shopping, lunch and a cocktail bar in the evening with her girl friends.

“We’re making breakfast,” Elena informed her, and she could see her friend’s eyes avert naturally over her shoulder before coming back to her without a single change in her features. “Chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream!”

They had been together just under a year (Caroline had accepted his date for her birthday the previous year which had finally started their relationship) and her friends, though always supportive, were only just coming around to being neutral towards him. Not that she couldn’t say the same for him about them, but they were definitely better at it than the hybrid.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Caroline told them happily, waiting until they shut the door behind them when they left to reach out and gently rub Klaus’ leg through the covers. “You can come out now; they’re gone.”

A low moan met her words as he turned his face out of her pillow. “I locked the door last night,” he grumbled to her pointedly.

“I unlocked it earlier when I got you to get dressed,” she informed him, settling back onto her backside and twisting to face him. His bleary eyed glare was still dark enough to tell her he wasn’t happy with that act either. “Its traditional!”

Klaus rolled his eyes and shifted onto his side with a curious look. “What did you wish for?”

“I can’t tell you that!” she gasped in mock outrage, eyes wide and mouth open as she slapped him lightly on his hip.

“Of course not,” he replied dryly before he licked his lips as a sly smirk pulled at them. “I mean, its not like you don’t have everything you’d want right here,” he added, running a hand over the space in the bed in front of him.

“Oh, is that so?” she asked sceptically, arching a brow. “You’re hiding a puppy under there?” Pulling up the covers, she giggled at his unimpressed reaction. “Oh, that’s right; you’re the puppy!”

Caroline,” he growled, narrowing his eyes and shaking his head.

My puppy,” Caroline altered gleefully, laughing out loud when he merely huffed and laid his head back down on her pillow.“Ok, ok; my wolf.”

“Better,” he said, answer muffled but she could still hear his disdain.

Sighing happily, she let it go as she tenderly threaded her fingers through his hair in a soothing manner, pushing it through his soft sleep-ruffled curls repeatedly. “Gonna come and have some breakfast?”

“Not if I have to put up with you and your friends’ incessant chattering,” Klaus told her offhandedly before seeming to retract on his words when he added, “But for you, I will.”

Laughing silently, Caroline shook her head at his flippant response. “I know, but its ok. Stay here and sleep for now,” she insisted, leaning over to tuck her face into the crook of his neck and pepper a few kisses. “I love you,” she whispered across his smooth skin, moving until she rested against him comfortably.

“I love you,” he replied without missing a beat, making her smile at his usual answer. He would never tell her he loved her ‘too’, but rather repeat her words back to her.

When she had finally asked him why he did that, one lazy morning in bed, he had merely shrugged and told her that saying ‘I love you too’ felt as if it was in comparison to her love for him, as if it was an afterthought added on after her first declaration of love, as if adding a 'too’ simply wouldn’t mean the same thing. It was enough to melt her heart at the small yet meaningful habit of her previously self-destructive boyfriend who, not long ago (in relative to his long life), believed love to be a weakness. Instead, all he needed was for someone to love him unconditionally the way she has learnt he did her.

“Sweetheart?” Klaus’ voice broke through her reminiscing, snapping her out of the light daydream (and almost dozing away) she had fallen into.

Sitting up straight, she reluctantly pulled herself away from him. “Right, breakfast,” she reminded herself, throwing the covers off her legs and hopping out of bed.

“Caroline?” he called as she padded over to the door. He had pushed himself up onto his elbows with a ghost of a smile playing on his lips when she stopped to look at him. “Happy birthday, love.”

Reciprocating his smile, she added her own charm to it with a full grin. “Thanks, babe,” she replied, blowing him a kiss and seeing him collapse back onto her bed just as she left the room.

Change (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) PART 18


(yes I finally made a master page- technical genius..I suck at tumblr, you’d never know i’ve been on here for years) 


We’d been back at the apartment a week now, settling back in to our relaxed LA life. But of course a week since tour, also meant a week since Jack. I was okay. I missed him but I didn’t NEED him…yet.  Bella and I had been hanging out with girls so much more and it turned out listening to them and their wise, independent womanly ways was good for me. Andrea and Jenn had introduced me to Arden and Lauren and I was beginning to feel like I had made proper friends in them.  Of course, I rang Sydney to tell her what happened, but she never really knew Jack, so I got the distinct impression she didn’t really understand. She was excited about college and rightly so. 

 “Bella, I cant believe you’re leaving” I said

“you know, you COULD come with me? Dad said you could come home” she replied

“I don’t think there’s anything for me at home. Besides, if I don’t stay here, where are you going to stay over Christmas break?!” she laughed

“true HUNNAAAY. We need to keep this gal pad. Don’t do any more decorating without me, I know how much you love my décor”

I laughed at her. I was going to miss this little weirdo. She really had made me have fun this summer, without her I wouldn’t be half as strong as I am and I was worried that would all crumble when she left.

“you’re going to be fine! I KNOW it!”

She was right. I was ready. If I went home now, I would want to stay and in the long run that wasn’t what I wanted.  I needed to thank her, so I came up with a plan. A party.

 “Hey, Andrea. I need to arrange a going away party for Bella. Wanna help?” I said down the phone

“oh, girl you are talking to the right person. I’ll get Jc on it. He’ll let us have it at theirs. Don’t you worry about a thing. It’s a surprise right?”

“yeah, so ill look after Bella, you look after the partaaaay”

“ok babe, see ya tomorrow at say 9?”

“Perfect, you’re a STAR!” I said and hung up.

I liked keeping Bella busy, because really, I wasn’t keeping her busy. I was keeping me busy. And me being busy meant no thinking about Jack AND no thinking about Jack meant a happy Ava. So, busy it is!

 “So Bella, I think we should go for dinner on your last night? You leave Sunday morning, so you can go and say your goodbyes to Nash and whoever and then we can go for dinner? How does that sound?” I asked

“Yeah, sounds good.” She replied, although I got the impression dinner wasn’t good enough.

 It was the next day and  Bella and I were getting ready for “dinner”. She slipped on her newest pair of urban outfitters denim shorts, the cool 90’s ones, with a peplum lace crop top.

“ooooh you look nice!” I said

I pulled on some shorts and a coral, floral cami and threw a thin sweater over the top. 

“Hot to trot?!” Bella said

“CHECK” we answered in unison.

 While Bella was in the bathroom, I gave Andrea a quick call. “Okay, is everything ready?”

“Yep, it looks good. Everyones here too.. minus the YEEET crew or whatever theyre called”

“Thanks Andrea” I said sincerely.

“No problem, I got my girlys back!” she said and hung up.

 After dinner, we hopped in the Jeep and made our way to Jc’s house.

“wait, where are you going? Home is that way”

“you didn’t think I’d let you go home without a proper send off?” I said as we pulled in to the driveway.

“SHUTUP! A PARTY!” She ran through the door and Andrea shouted


The room was filled with screams and everyone cheering and raising their cups. The party was in full swing. I looked across and saw Bella chatting to her friends, she was loving it. I thought back to the first party we went to when we got here. Bella looked just as happy then. It dawned on me the only thing missing….was Jack.

 Jack’s POV

“Dude, come on. You have to move on at some point.  I heard they’re having a part at Jc and Kian’s. She’s having fun, so you should too” Sammy said to me from the balcony.

“I dno, man. I’m not sure I want to”

“Look, Kylie is having a party. That’s way better than any party o2l will throw! Come on MAAAAN, do it for me?”

“ok fine. Get the guys on it. We’ll go.”

“Yo Nash! Johnson! He said yes!”

I heard cheers from the other room and laughed, “You know you could’ve gone without me?”

“Nah, we wouldn’t leave a brother behind” He said slapping me on the back.

I guess I would have to move on at some point, I couldn’t mope around forever and it had been a week. I guess she wants nothing to do with me. But what if she doesn’t?  What then? I needed to know.

 We turned up at the party. A bonfire was lit on the beach and there was a group of drunk girls sitting on some logs while some guys played soccer on the beach. “Now, this is what I’m talking about” Sam said as we walked over. I fell behind with the hope I’d go unnoticed.

A very drunk Kylie stumbled over and draped herself over me.

“Oh my god, Jack. You’re heeeere! I was hoping you’d come!”

“oh right?” I said, I don’t think it was possible to sound any more disinterested than I did in that moment. “cool”

“I heard you got rid of that loser girlfriend of yours, well thank god for that” she laughed to her friends. I peeled her off me and walked away. “don’t talk about her, you don’t know her”

“oooooooh” she said.

“dude, I’m sorry about Kylie” Nash said as he sat down next to me “ how you doing?”

“to be honest man, I just wanna go home. Ava’s leaving and I’m sat here doing nothing about this situation, it just seems so wrong!”

 I looked around at everyone having fun. Sammy flirting with anything with a pulse, Johnson surrounded by a group of giggling girls and Nash on his phone, probably texting Bella. Then there was me and the only thing missing was..Ava.