i know i left out one of cecil's songs but yeah

The Sale Creek Goat Man

Goat Man. Not exactly the most intimidating of names, but it’s a popular urban legend. Creepy ass half goat half men who roam the forests, out to murder your ass with an ax. Just an urban legend though according to most.

However, there was a Goat Man here. Or Goat Men. They’ll probably be long gone by the time I post this, so take what you will from my experience. Anyone who has a rational explanation for what the fuck I saw, you’re welcome to share.

The sightings started up a month or two ago, and I kept an eye on it all. I run a blog on the weird shit in the US. Haunted houses, aliens, and every sort of cryptid that crawls, swims, or flies. If there’s a story, I’ll be chasing it. So of course when I heard there was a legit Goat Man walking the forest, I knew I had to have a camping trip.

I dug out my cameras, dusted off my old tent, invited my friends Cecil and Roxanne, and we set off for a weekend of fun chasing a Goat Man.

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do you have any drarry recs?

thank you for this ask!!!! as it so happens, yes, i do. i’m a bit frustrated, because i feel like a lot of my favorites aren’t here, but i guess i can work more on this list later. i hope you enjoy them as much as me.

bolded with an asterisk are my favorites. super favorites are bolded with an asterisk and capslocked. not all of them have warnings, only some. i spared you guys the darkest, most fucked up ones, since i know they’re not for everyone. also: the majority of these would probably be rated R/NC-17. total of recs: 79.

fics under the cut. this is pretty big. last updated: march 15th

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Reigniting the Oracle - Chapter Three

>>Chapter One<<        >>Chapter Two<

Hey, guys! Saber here :D

As usual, I want to thank you guys first for your awesome messages and support. Every one of you mean so much to me and I’m really grateful to have you all. And fanart? That’s incredible! It really gives me a lot encouragement to draw more and write the next chapters.<33

Anyways, chapter three is finally here!
I hope you enjoy.<3


     Hurtling towards a pirate ship from five hundred feet in the air while screaming lyrics of Leo’s favorite song wasn’t the way Nico planned to die.

    Shadow travel had left Nico disoriented. The effort of keeping his eyelids open was more like lifting a hundred pound weight over his shoulders. If Will didn’t start yelling, who knows what would have happened. Nico snapped to his senses. He immediately regretted it.

    A few minutes ago, when both of his feet were on solid ground, Nico had explained to Lou Ellen and Cecil how he and Will planned to infiltrate the nearest pirate ship and find a cannon so they could open fire on the Hydra. Surprisingly, their questmates agreed pretty wholeheartedly. It didn’t seem any like of them were very enthusiastic about battling an eight-headed, venom-spitting, bib-wearing beast on an empty stomach.

    Cecil had brought up a point about the cannons: why didn’t they just use greek fire again instead? As it turns out, they’d lost the rest of the explosive fire during their crash into the ocean. It seemed like the fates were really on their side during this quest.

    After some persuasion, Cecil and Lou Ellen agreed to lead the Hydra to the edge of the cliff where it would be easiest to target it from the pirate ship. While they kept the Hydra busy, Nico and Will had made a plan to board the nearest ship by shadow-traveling. Nico was still a bit confused by Will’s easy acceptance of another shadow-traveling experience. Maybe he was finally seeing straight through that thick head of his and saw that there was really no other option but to trust Nico on this one.

    Before he and Will ran off, Cecil had tossed Nico the pirate coat with a cheery, “good luck cap'n!” That somehow spread more warmth through Nico’s chilled bones than popping a cube of ambrosia into his mouth.

    The dusty, oversized coat probably the reason why they were in this mess in the first place, but he was oddly attached to the old ratty thingy. Nico settled on slipping the pirate coat on over his dirty Camp Half-Blood tee before he and Will melted into the shadows. The coat always reminded him of the games he used to play with Bianca when they were kids. Reflecting on Bianca usually left Nico feeling a little more bitter than sweet, but the memories where Nico would charge in and save the day when playing Pirates left him with only fond memories. The pirate coat filled Nico with a strange sense of security, and the sea salt smell that clung to it… It reminded him of someone. 

    Nico had run through his options over and over, countless times. Anything but shadow-travel sounded appealing. Nico didn’t enjoy it any more than Will did, especially in his weakened state. Nico was so desperate for another way, that it actually crossed his mind to Iris-messaging Percy Jackson and ask him to summon Blackjack to fly them to one of the ships. Nico shuddered. He wanted to stay out of Zeus and Poseidon’s territory as much as possible. They were on a quest to retrieve the Oracle after all, which was Apollo’s business. Apollo was on bad terms with the other Gods, so going into their territory again wasn’t a great idea.

    At the same time Cecil and Lou Ellen bursted from the bushes to attract the Hydra’s attention, Nico and Will had rushed into the shadows. Admittedly, shadow-traveling again wasn’t one of the brightest ideas.

    Nico had a bad history with shadow traveling hundreds of feet, even miles into the air when he wasn’t sure on a set land mass where he wanted to reappear. This happened while he, Reyna, and Coach Hedge were on their way to deliver the Athena Parthenos. Nico had shadow-traveled them right above an active volcano and almost got everyone killed. Talk about embarrassing. The goal was to impress himself, not Will of course, and actually teleport soundly onto the ship’s deck.

    Too bad his subconscious was too boggled to let that happen.


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I never played the games and I saw yesterday that Otoya's father is actually Shining (yeah I'm very late in the news), I'm shocked lmao do you know if the games have other important info the anime didn't show?

Oh my, where do I even start… Tbh, the anime is the tip of the iceberg of what Utapri has to offer, plot-wise. Really, the games have lots of content and potential even if Broccol doesn’t explore it but lol what can we do. I highly suggest you to look up some reviews of the game routes so that you can get the most of it, details etc, it’s really interesting. Overall, I’ll just throw the basics under the Read More ^^

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The Curse - Solangelo

Thanks to everyone who read Brains! I didn’t really expect that people would actually like it so much. So, this is a little longer than Brains and I hope you all enjoy it :)

The Curse

It was supposed to be a normal day. It should have been the same as yesterday, same as last week and same as tomorrow. Nico had the whole normal day planned out in his head - wake up, eat, spend time with Will, maybe go down the Underworld if his father had ‘chores’ for him and finally, spend more time with Will.

In private. Possibly, in the middle of the forest where no one could see them…

However, his sweet, funny and definitely secret boyfriend had other plans because when he woke up that morning -afternoon, whichever it was, he knew his plans for a normal day were… inconvenienced.

Nico yawned and then blinked a few times before looking out the window, wondering if he missed breakfast. 

“Is it morning or afternoon?

Did I miss eating cereal with a spoon?”

His hand swiftly came up to cover his mouth. What in Hades did he just say? Did he just…? No, that was impossible. Nico’s sleep-deprived brain was probably imagining things again.

Ignoring his sleepiness, Nico pulled the blankets off and sat on the bed. A few seconds later, when his body regained a sense of balance, he stood up only to hit his head on the upper bunk. He still wasn’t used to the new beds in his cabin. Although he did prefer these bunk beds to the coffin he used to sleep in, he was still constantly hitting his head.

“Ouch! I have hit my head!

I want to destroy this bunk bed!”

There it was again. This time, Nico was sure that it wasn’t an exhaustion-induced figure of his imagination. He rubbed the sore spot on his head and sat down again.

He was cursed. Somebody had the gall to rhyme curse him. And that somebody was probably the blond and freckled boy that made his heart squeeze whenever he smiled.

I’m going to punch him, he thought, knowing it was best, given the situation, to keep his words to himself.

Nico got dressed. He didn’t want to confront Will in his pajamas because he’ll just laugh at him and call him cute. The last thing he wanted was to be even less intimidating to him. 

He was about to head out the door, when he saw Percy and Jason through the window. There was no way in hell that anyone would be hearing him like that. Shadow travel was his only way to get to Will without running into anyone. Of course, it would make Will furious but heck, he was furious as well!

Will was always in the infirmary around this time. He once reasoned out that the Ares cabin loved starting food fights so he had to be ready when people got injured by flying bacon. Nico concentrated on his destination and let the shadows take him.

When he opened his eyes, he was in the infirmary. He heard a gentle humming behind a storage room and he instantly knew who it was. Nico leaned against the wall, reminding himself that he was angry with his boyfriend and restraining himself from marching towards him and kissing him right there. It didn’t look like there were patients or other healers around but Nico wanted to stay on the safe side because someone can walk in on them anytime.

Will dusted his hands and started walking to his desk but froze when he saw Nico in the room. He flashed Nico a blinding smile and went up to him. “Hey, honey. What are you doing here?”

Nico glared at him, hoping that it could get the message across, but Will just stood in front of him, smiling. 

“Don’t you dare call me honey

With your face all bright and sunny.

I hate rhyming.

It feels like dying!”

“Oh,” Will said but he didn’t stop smiling. There was this mischievous gleam that sparked behind his eyes, that made Nico even more angry. “But you sound so sweet that way. So poetic.”

Pathetic was more like it.

“Sound sweet, I do not.

In the Underworld, I hope you rot!”

“No need to be grumpy, Nico. It will wear off in a day. Three days maximum.”

Three days? No way was he going to poem whatever he wanted to say for seventy-two hours.

“I sound like a fool, you see?

Why have you done this to me?”

Will crossed his arms over his chest. Finally, the annoying smile was gone but it was replaced by a disappointed frown that Nico didn’t ever want to see on his boyfriend’s lips.

“Because you deserve it,” he replied. “You know what the problem is, Nico.”

“What I did, I know not,

This is annoying me a lot.”

“Well, maybe it has something to do with us dating for three whole months and you won’t let me tell anyone?”

“Oh. That is the problem, I see.

We cannot tell people about you and me.”

“But why not?” he asked as he sat down on his chair. “You won’t even let me tell Lou Ellen or Cecil about us. They’re my best friends. They should be happy for us.”

“Even if we whisper in hallways,

I’ll be with you always.”

Will rolled his eyes. “Okay, now you’re just taking lyrics from musicals.”

Whose fault was that? He didn’t even know any songs from musicals!

“Look, Nico,” Will said, taking his hand gently. “I know you’re frustrated about this but it’s the only way I could think of to make you realize how unhappy I am with our situation.”

Those eyes that implored his gaze were too blue that it was impossible to look away.

“I-I’m afraid that this won’t last,

That it will be over too fast.”

“Nico, we’ve talked about this. I have no plans of breaking up,” he said. “I’m so happy and I just want everyone to know that the reason is you.”

Why was it so easy for Will to spout out words like that? It just seemed so natural and it made him feel bad.

“While rhyming, it’s hard to explain.

Uncurse me for I am going insane.”

"Fine,” he yielded, shoving Nico’s hand away. 

Once, Will told him that most of the curses that Apollo kids do are created with hymns. Apparently, uncursing someone required a hymn too. While Will sang, Nico stood in front of him, mesmerized by his voice. How was it that when Will sang regular songs, he sounded like a dying whale that was going through puberty?

Suddenly, he was grabbed by the shoulders and was shaken frantically. “Hey Nico. Nico! You can speak now.” He was surprised when he found Will standing in front of him. He must have dazed out while he was singing.

“Oh right. I’m sorry and um…thanks.”

“Gods, don’t stare at me like that. That was so frightening. I thought I broke you!”

He didn’t even know that he was staring. Nico felt his cheeks grow warm. No matter how many times he would brush it off as embarrassment, he knew deep down that he was blushing because he liked the attention Will gave him.

He cleared his throat. “So um…like I said, I’m scared,” Nico admitted.

“You know how much I like you,” Will said, placing his arm over shoulder, pulling him closer. “Would I really get rid of the one person I like so much?”

He nodded. “I know, I know,” Nico said, not knowing whether to get out of Will’s grasp or melt in it. “I like you too, but-”

The thing was, Nico didn’t know the extent of Will’s feelings for him. For all he knew, he could be lying to him and all of this was just part of some elaborate joke. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust him. He trusted him more than he trusted Hazel. It was just that all the people in his life seemed to leave him in a way.

“All I want is to hold your hand around camp and not to hide when we kiss. Don’t you?”

“I do. Trust me, I really do.”

“The only one who’s stopping us is you,” Will said, pulling away from Nico.

Nico cringed. He hoped that he would never need to discuss this. “Everyone who gets close to me… gets hurt,” he murmured.

Will tilted his head to one side, reminding Nico of a cute, confused puppy. “But I’m a doctor. I’m not going to get hurt.”

“That’s what you say but my mom died, Bianca left me and then she died too and Percy fell into Tartarus…” Nico’s voice dropped to a whisper when he realized he was rambling. “It’s a pattern, Will. A curse.”

“Curses break,” Will assured him. “I could sing a million different hymns to make sure. I’m not going to break up with you and I’m not going to get hurt. I’ll just be here…loving you.”

There was a definite blush on Will’s cheeks. Nico smiled at that.

Will looked around the room. “So, one quick kiss?”

Confidence suddenly surged through him. It was strange because he rarely felt that. Nico was used to doing things with at least fifty percent of doubt in his mind. He glanced at Will’s outstretched hand and then up to his face. How could he ever think that his happiness was cursed when he had this guy loving him?

He shook his head. “No,” he said. Will’s face fell but before he had a chance to mope around, Nico grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the infirmary.

Hundreds of campers went about their daily activities, too busy to notice that Nico di Angelo was holding Will Solace’s hand. Maybe it was what Will said or the blush on his cheeks but Nico could care less about whoever saw them. The hurt confusion that was previously on Will’s face disappeared to just plain confusion.

“One big kiss,” he told him. “This is what you want, right?”

“W-wait. Are you sure? I mean, yeah but how about you?” Will asked, his eyes wide.

Sure, it was very spontaneous and way out of his comfort zone but this is what Will wanted and he could set aside his discomfort for him.

“I still won’t let you drag me to do sappy couple stuff though,” Nico said. “Because who in the world likes going around wearing matching shirts and basically being a two-person humiliation to mankind?”

Will wrapped his arms around his waist. “Okay. No sappy couple stuff. Gotcha.”

“And promise to never curse me again.”

Whether Will agreed to his request or not, he wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter because in less than a heartbeat, they were kissing each other.

A Gleam in the Desert

Summary: Will walks right into an ambush and gets himself and Nico trapped in a freezing desert night.

Word count: 1,846
Written for the Solangelo Anthology, which you can find on tumblr: solangeloanthology. The full anthology is over here!
Thanks to Pleonastica (navisship on tumblr, it won’t let me @mention you :/) for the prompt, and mab-speaks and carpedm87 for beta-reading!
Also on AO3 and fanfiction.net

Nico landed at high speed on a dune, mercifully breaking his fall. Still, he was surprised he hadn’t broken a bone in the process. He propped himself up on his hands and knees, sputtering sand. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!”

Somewhere further down the dune, Will’s golden curls emerged, followed by his flailing arms, and finally, he pushed himself out of the sand as well and looked up at Nico. “How was I supposed to know—”

“You mean besides the part where literally everyone warned us about Khione? And you still insisted to try and ‘seduce her’ for Gods-know-what reason?” Unsurprisingly, the snow goddess had been the one to set off her trap first—a North Wind bomb, catching Will, Nico, and Cecil in the blast.

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25 Days of Solangelo

Day 8: Music

“Guys I’m really not in the mood to see this,” Will says to his friends for what has felt like the one hundredth time. “Not everyone enjoys seeing talented musicians play music better then you." 

"Just because you can’t play the guitar doesn’t mean you can’t watch other people play the piano,” Cecil says while Lou Ellen pushes the two of them through the auditorium doors and the three of them make their way to their seats. 

“Cecil’s right Will,” she says to her grouchy looking friend. “You need to lighten up a bit with the whole guitar thing. It’s been six years. And it’s a Christmas concert! Christmas man!”

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