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Interview w/ Bob Rogers (Excerpt, Rob Bodgers)
The Beatles

June 26th, 1964 (New City Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand): Bob Rogers asks the Beatles to name their favourite songs from A Hard Day’s Night and talk about George and Ringo’s prospective songwriting efforts. Irreverence ensues. (Note: Joy. Transcribing this was an unwieldy task, as everyone talks over one another constantly. Apologies in advance for any/all gaps!)

ROGERS: Can we elucidate on the songs in the film and do you have a favourite song in the film called A Hard Day’s Night? [long pause]

PAUL: Yeah.

RINGO: It’s good.

PAUL: It’s all good. 

GEORGE: Yes. We have a lot of songs in the film, about seven or eight new ones, and my particular favourite just happens to be ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, which will be our next single release, and buy your copy or audio copy now. Thank you!

RINGO: Well I like that one too, George. [inaudible]

PAUL: I like that one, and one called—

RINGO: ‘Linda’.

PAUL: ‘And I Love Her’. 

RINGO: ‘And I Love Her’. Yeah, I love that one.

PAUL: Oh, do you like that? 

RINGO: Yeah!

PAUL: Oh, thanks, Ringo! Thanks. 

RINGO: And the way you sing it knocks me out.

JOHN: And the way that camera goes over your head. 

PAUL: Oh, you should see—

JOHN: I thought, “Hello.”

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Can u do an imagine where i live in a house with all the boys and all of them flirt with me but I only want matthew but Matthew says he has no feelings ( but he lies he actually does) and I move back home bcus I'm so heart broken and he comes after me. ( sorry it's a lot )

“Leave me alone” You laugh as Nash plays with your hair, throwing it over your eyes, and around your face.

“Come one (y/n) take a break, you know you wanna” He chirps

“Nash seriously” You laugh, pulling at your hair

“You’re no fun” He tells you as he walks out of your room, “At least you’re hot” 

You scoff, then throw a pillow at him as he laughs and closes the door before it hits him.

“Well well well,” Gilinsky says as you enter the kitchen to get a drink, “look who finally emerged from her room” 

You roll your eyes as you open the fridge and grab a bottle of Fiji Water before closing it again.

You look at Jack, “Rude” You joke 

“You love it” He says leaning over the counter, and winks. 

You roll your eyes again as you walk away, taking a sip of water. 

“Oh sorry babe” Cam says as he walks directly into you

“It’s fine “ You reassure him as he holds your arms with his hands, “have you seen Matt?”

“Uh, not today no sorry” Cam says, letting go of your arms

You nod, “No it’s cool” 

You start to walk back up the stairs when the front door opens and Matt walks in with a girl.

Your stomach drops, as you freeze on the stairs. Cam looks up at you, but you don’t break contact with Matt and the girl. 

“Hey guys!” Matt says before introducing the girl. 

All the guys greet her, turning to look at you after doing so. You try to nudge it off, but you can’t deal with them knowing how you are feeling. You smile at Matt and the girl then go back up to your room and slam the door, before bursting into tears on your bed. 

There’s a knock on the door, “Go away!” You yell - mostly into your pillow.

The visitor does not comply, as you hear the door open and someone walk in.

“(y/n)” You hear Johnson’s voice say as he sits beside you.

You don’t say anything - you just smother your pillow with your tears.

“Okay I know it looks bad, but hey, he’ll be done with her sooner than you know.” He tries to convince you. 

You exhale a pathetic attempt at a laugh, as you sit up and face Jack. 

“Jack, you know Matt.” You say, “When he likes something, he does everything in his power to keep it.” You wipe your eyes.

Jack shrugs, then looks away, “You’d be surprised” He says, almost silently. 

The days with her around are long, and soon enough - you realise it’s not doing you any good being around them. 

“(y/n)?” You hear, as well as a knock on your marginally opened door. 

“Come in.” You say, rummaging through your stuff.

“Uh I just wanted to say goodbye” You turn to find that it’s Shawn, with his arms open. 

You smile, as you wrap your arms around his waist and he encompasses you in his arms. 

“I’m gonna miss you the most Shawn” You tell him, resting your head on his chest. “Where’s Matt?” 

Shawn pulls away, “he’s uh, out with, uh, her..” 

You nod understandingly. “That’s fine” You reassure him, “I didn’t want to make a huge scene anyway” You try to laugh. 


“Hey (y/n)?” Nash says into the phone.

“Hey buddy, it’s good to hear your voice” You say

“Alright no need to get nostalgic, it’s only been a day.” He says

You start to laugh, when you hear Cam’s voice in the background telling Nash to put you on speakerphone. You start to tear up when you hear them all greet you. 

“I miss you guys” You say, holding in a shaky breath.

“Yeah yeah yeah, no time” You hear Cam say

You raise an eyebrow, “Wh-“

“Shut up,” Cam says, “Matt is coming.” 


“Shhh, shut up!” Cam continues, “He’s coming to see you.” 

“This isn’t what he want-“ Nash starts

“He left a few hours ago and he didn’t want us to tell you but I had to tell you” Cam says, “you know, so that you’re ready” 

“Ready, wh- ready for wha-“ You stop as you hear the doorbell ring.

“ANSWER IT” Cam says before the phone clicks off. 

“I- uh” You look at your phone, then put it down before walking over to the door.

You open it, to reveal a panting Matt at the door.

“Matt I-“ You start

“(y/n)” He says, out of breath. Before you or he can say anything, he steps forward; grabs your face and kisses you.

You pull away, “Matt what-“

“Look I was wrong, I was wrong” Matt interrupts you.

You take a deep breath, getting interrupted so constantly was starting to take its toll, so you let him speak.

“I thought that maybe if I found someone else, I would get over you” Matt says, and you are taken aback. “But it’s you (y/n), it’s always been you. I can’t get you out of my head, out of my thoughts, you’re all I ever seem to care about anymore. You lift my mood more than you know, you’re always there, and I tried so hard not to let these feelings get between us, but when I found out you left, especially without saying goodbye, I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t bear being with that girl that I don’t even care about, I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing you around every day.” 

He takes a deep breath, then continues, “I know it may not seem like it, but I love you (y/f/n). I am in love with you.