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We’re all’ium in this together © Sharon Boswall

“Strange brilliant flowers, star-shaped, burst out upon trees where no flowers had been before.”  (Edgar Allan Poe ~ Eleonora)

I grew allium for the first time last year in my garden - I bought it thinking it was one of the large varieties that would practically tower over me (yeah, I know, not a difficult task) but it turned out to be a rather miniature version.  Still, I like it.  Most especially if there happens to be a Paper Kite attached!  Meantime, still perusing all the photos from my visit to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, so, undoubtedly, more butterflies to come.  I know, try to contain your excitement.

Fred Weasley x Reader: Proposal You Still Manage To Love Me

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Fred Weasley’s Proposal: Your parents hate Fred Weasley, and claim he’s not good enough for you, so you run away to The Burrow, and Fred surprises you. 

~Warnings: slight cursing, horrible parents, a little bit of snogging~Also I based the reader’s parents off of what my own parents would do in this situation, so maybe some of you can relate.~

“Why are you with that jackass anyway!”

You were arguing with your muggle parents about your boyfriend Fred Weasley. They really hated him. Not to say that they liked you that much either, but they couldn’t stand you two together.

“Because mother and father, he’s the sweetest and cutest man I’ve ever met, and it’s not my fault that you hate us!”

Your parents didn’t like him for about a million reasons, but the main ones were, A. He was a wizard, and your family was completely against any kind of magic, and when they found out that you were a witch, you went from “World’s Best Daughter!” to a complete disgrace and embarrassment. B. His family was what they called, “dirt poor.” Sure, they were no Malfoys, but as far as love and care and compassion goes, the had all the money in Gringott’s Bank, and more. Plus, no matter what, Fred always tried to get everything your heart desired, to make you happy, even though being with him was enough. And C. Your horrible parents believed that he was the reason you didn’t graduate. Although they weren’t really in favor of you going to Hogwarts, they at least wanted you to have some sort of a degree. 

However, despite all these things that they said to try to convince you otherwise, you didn’t give a shit about anything they said anymore. They didn’t know you, or know what you wanted, or how you felt. They never asked your opinion about anything, or cared what you said. It was always, “No, you’re not going to Hogwarts!” and, “There is absolutely no way you’re going to drop out for some good-for-nothing prankster!”

“Look, he loves me, way more than you do. So if I love him, and I want to be with him, you’re gonna deal with it.”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT, young lady!”

Finally, you had had enough. “FINE! THEN I’M LEAVING, AND NEVER COMING BACK!”

You stomped up the stairs, packed everything you owned into a suitcase, and apparated to The Burrow, before your parents could stop you.

As soon as you got there, the Weasleys said your name together, “(y/n)!!!” 

You said, “Hey guys! I’m really sorry, I got into a huge fight with my parents, and-and, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Would it be alright if I stayed, just for a few days, until I figure something out, I promise I won’t be much trouble, and I can leave if…”

“NO! Please (y/n), stay” “We love having you here…” “Please mum, can she stay, pleaaaassseee?”

Molly replied, with a warm smile, “Of course dear, you can stay here as long as you’d like.”


“Yes, you’re a part of our family, and we love you.”

You walked over to her and Arthur, with tears of joy in your eyes, as you hug them both at the same time, saying a million thank you’s. You break apart from the hug, and notice Ginny, her face bright, and her smile happier than ever, that she had a sister like you, so you walked over and gave her a hug too. 

Then, you noticed a tall, ginger-haired, freckled man, with another huge smile on his face, proud that he had a wonderful, sweet, beautiful, amazing girlfriend, that his whole family adored. That man just happened to be your lovely boyfriend, and little did you know, your soon-to-be, fiance, Fred Weasley.

You walked over to him, and said, “Hi Freddie. You look handsome. He was wearing his work suit. He stood up, smile still on his face, and replied, “Hey beautiful. Feeling alright?” You stepped closer to him, and said, “Oh, I’m feeling much better now.” 

“Really? And why is that?”

“Oh, I think you know why…”

You grabbed his tie and pulled him into a kiss. You knew he loved it when you did that. He wrapped his hands around your waist, you moved your hands up to his ginger hair, and the two of you were kissing, until, 

“Ewww! Seriously, guys, get a room!” Ron shouted. 

The two of you broke apart, and he said, “Come on, let’s take up your bag to my room.” The two of you went upstairs to his room, and you said, “Thanks again Molly and Arthur.” They gave you a warm smile before you quickly went up the steps and went into Fred and George’s room. It was neatly organized, with Ireland Quidditch posters all around the room. It looked exactly like it did when you stayed at The Burrow for summers, back when you went to Hogwarts. You looked in the drawers for something warmer, and comfier to change into other than the shorts and tank top that you were currently wearing. You Reached into your own suitcase, pulled a pair of black leggings, and went to Fred’s drawers, to grab a Gryffindor Quidditch baseball tee, and a Gryffindor scarf, even though you already had one of your own. You liked it because it smelled like him, and your Amortentia. You had gotten undressed, Fred had already changed, and you noticed him staring at you, smiling. 

“You like what you see, Weasley?”

“Indeed I do, (y/l/n).”

This made you smile, and blush, as you looked down at your feet. He walked over to you, lifted your chin, and gave you a soft kiss on the lips, then slowly going down to your jawline, finding your sweet spot and gently sucking on it. 

“Oh no you don’t, Mr. Weasley!” you said, gently pushing him away.

“Aw, why not?”

“Because, there’ll be plenty of time for that later. For now, I just want to spend time with you, and the family.”

“Alright, want to go for a walk?” he asked sweetly.

“I’d love that.” He offered you his hand, and you took it. 

The two of you went downstairs to find the Weasleys talking, while Molly prepared dinner. “Where are you two going?” Molly asked as the two of you walked out the door, hand-in-hand. “We’re just going for a walk, mum.” 

“Alright, but make sure to bundle up, it’s a little chilly outside. And take good care of (y/n), alright Fred?”

“Don’t worry mum. I will.” he winked at you, making you giggle a little. You grabbed a sweater, a blue one, with a silver F on it. You both walked outside The Burrow, closing the door behind you, and started walking. 

It didn’t take long for you to start ranting about your parents and why you left. But unlike your parents, Fred listened, and genuinely cared about what you had to say. “I mean, ‘he’s not good enough for you!’? Bullshit! My baby is more than good enough for me, and they need to know that!” You looked at Fred, and realized how long you had been ranting. “I’m sorry. It’s just, I was pretty, well, actually very upset with them, but now that I’m here with you, I feel so much better.” You were now standing in front of him, your hands holding his. 

“I know, it’s alright, I just want you to be happy.” He looked really excited for some reason, and you had no idea what was going on. Then suddenly, he got down on one knee, and you gasped, and put your hands over your mouth, trying to contain your excitement.

“(y/f/n) (y/l/n), you know me better than anyone else in this world, and somehow you still manage to love me. You are my best friend and one true love. There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m lucky enough to be with you. I cherish every moment I have with you, happy or sad, good or bad, as long as we’re together. I want you to be mine, and me to be yours. So, will you make me the happiest, luckiest man in the universe, and marry me?”

You were still in shock, but you managed to take your hands away from your mouth, and practically scream, “y-y-YES!!! YES I’LL MARRY YOU!!!”

He slipped the ring on while you waited impatiently for him to stand up so you could kiss him like you’d never see him again. “Perfect.”

As soon as he stands up, you throw your arms around his neck, almost making him fall over, and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. When you pulled away, there were tears of joy, streaming down your face, and Fred put his soft hands on your cheeks and wiped them away with his thumbs. You whispered, “I love you Fred Weasley.” and he whispered back, “I love you more (y/f/n) Weasley.” You hugged him tightly, and once again, crashed your lips onto his. This kiss turns into more of a snogging session, and when you finally bring your lips to his, you say, “Um, Fred?” “Yes love?” “Shouldn’t we go back inside? I’m a little cold.”

As soon as you say that, he takes off his Varsity Quidditch Jacket, and helps you put it on, while you silently think to yourself, see mother and father? He’s a perfect gentleman. You wouldn’t have done that, given up your coat so I would feel warm. 

He took his hand in yours, and the two of you started walking towards The Burrow, on the way, talking about all the memories from when you were kids. When you walked through the door, everyone looked up and smiled, and Molly exclaimed, “Fred? Where have you been? If you stayed out there any longer, our poor (y/n) could have gotten a cold! Then Ginny says, “Yeah Fred, some of us would like to spend time with her too.” “Thanks Gin.”, you winked. Ron blurted out, “But seriously, besides snogging,” This time George makes a gagging sound, “What were you two even doing?”

You look at each other, bite your lip, trying to contain your excitement, and Fred nods, telling you to tell the family. You slowly pull your hand out of your pocket, and show everyone the ring. Everyone gasps, and George gives Fred a hug saying, “Finally, you asked her,” which made you so happy to see the love of your life with his twin. Then George gave you a hug, then Ginny, then Molly, then Arthur, then everyone else, accidentally shoved Fred out of the way to hug the newest Weasley, until it was all one big group hug. Then Fred said, “Um, guys? can I hug my fiance please?” Molly replied, “Oh Fred, you’ll have plenty of time to spend with her later.” This made you smile from ear to ear, at the incredible, amazing family, that actually wanted to spend time with you.

~The end~

Happy Valentine’s Day, Geminios! I really hope you liked this proposal, I have a George one coming soon. I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes, I wrote the second half at 5 in the morning, and I’ve been sick all week. Please request, like, repost, and follow. Love, VA (Vivian and Amber) ;)


Catfished : Episode 5 


GreenNinja03 : You look beautiful tonight.

With your mouth wide open, you stare at your phone for a total of 10 seconds before smiling wide, your heart feels like it’s going to burst with happiness,

”You came” You practically hold your phone to your chest quickly your eyes dart to the tall figure outside but he’s no longer in your line of sight, instead you see a crowd gathering outside, people trying to get in,

“He must be outside somewhere in that crowd” you tell yourself, going tip toe, of course you forgot you were still holding your drink and leaning into the window to get a better look outside, you spill the liquid to the floor or maybe you missed the floor,


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My youth leader counted down to pray at youth group...

You remember elementary school? When the teacher would count down to get everybody to quiet down? That happened at youth group on Wednesday. We were about to pray. 

During the lesson, we were shushed about ten million times. Well, maybe not quite so many, but it felt like ten million. 

When we are super hungry and a meal is placed in front of us, we don’t turn to our friend and say, “What did the blonde…” No. We are hungry and food is there. So we eat. It is not the time to tell jokes! 

Well what if you knew that there was something more important than food? And let me tell you, God is waaaayyyyy more important than food. Yet, when we see our Bible collecting dust on the shelf, we decide breakfast should come first. Apparently, breakfast is so much more important that you don’t even pray before (I am very guilty of this). Or when we are at church or Bible study or youth group and see that we have a texxt on our phone, a Facebook notification, or a Tumblr post and decide to check that out instead of listening to God saying, “Look, I gave you this opportunity to learn about me. Take it. I love you, please listen to me.” Or our friend has a hilarious joke to say. A joke that is obviously going to last longer than God’s Word. Which is why it must be said at that moment.

No. We are spiritually starving. Yet we continue to neglect the food that is given to us. Today I got an extra slice of pizza at lunch because the first slice was amazing and I was hungry. Why don’t I do that with the Bible? My favorite book is Isaiah. It is so rich! Yet, I will often just read one verse of it. Not the next. 

My youth pastor counted down to pray. God established this church to have a relationship with Him. And guess what, a relationship is more than saying, “God? Yeah, I know Him. He is pretty cool. I like to chill with Him occasionally.” A relationship with God is trying to contain your excitement for the next time you spend with Him. A relationship is boasting in Christ (1 Corinthians 1:31). And how can you boast about someone you don’t know?

If you ask me about my best friend, I can talk for hours on how amazing, strong, beautiful, courageous, and wonderful she is. I will tell you how she has so much going on, but how God created her to overcome this world. I will tell you that I am so blessed to have a friend that I can love in this world. I want that in my relationship with Christ. When people see me and Natalie, they make jokes that we are always around each other. I want people to see that I am with Christ even more. And not in the way that I say, “Yeah, I can’t work Wednesdays because I have youth group. And I have to have time in the day for my personal Bible Study. Sundays I have Bible study before and after church. This summer I am going on a mission’s trip and it will be lit (with the light of Christ)…” You know when you hang out with a person so much that you just adopt a lot of their traits? I want that with Christ. People know Natalie is my best friend because we say the same things and have the same habits. How incredible would it be if people knew Jesus is first just because I act like Him? And this cannot happen when we are starving. 

Don’t count down to pray. Never stop praying. Listen to your pastor in church. to your youth leader at youth group. To your soul when it wants to open your dusty Bible. Because that is God saying, “You know I’m here for you? And I want to be part of the life I created. So invite me. Don’t ignore me. Listen.”

Asking Out Their Crush (EXO)

“Heyaaa~ How would Exo ask their crush to go on a date for the first time?? Thankss”

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I can’t imagine him being shy. He would start off awkward, approaching you with a slight smile that could not be replaced. Then, he’d start up some small talk and it’d almost be completely natural. But, he still sounded a little off so you asked him whether anything was wrong. He’d chuckle a lil’, avoiding your gaze for a brief moment. He wouldn’t be able to contain his smile once you answered him “yes”.

“Ahh look (Y/N). The truth is, I like you and I wanted to take you out some time, is that okay?”

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This boy would be blushing from head to toe. He knew he had to do it; it was his final chance. However, such pressure can easily affect a boy. He would take a deep breath, approaching you slowly in which he’d try his absolute hardest to act casual. Yet, as soon as he saw your pretty face, he would melt inside and lose all focus. He’d manage to sheepishly stumble over the words, feeling at ease once you giggle and agreed.

“Um, I know this sounds a bit, uh, strange but I really like you.”

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Dave Lizewski Imagine: Nerdy Boy

The second you found out about kick-ass trying to be the next superhero, you and the other agents at AOA (Agents of America) began to laugh, but whilst watching the video, as the others laughed continuously, you saw something else, potential. 

Sure he looked like a green condom, and was a bit of a dope not knowing what he was doing, but you didn’t know what you were doing when you started out. You were the youngest there so when you joined, not that long ago they said something similar. 

It didn’t take long to find him, the hard part was sneaking out without the other agents knowing, they couldn’t know you had plans to help him, you would be a laughing stock. 

Finding his address wasn’t that hard and sneaking in his bedroom window wasn’t hard either, thanks to your training. Unfortunately at 9pm at night, Dave wasn’t there. Grabbing his laptop, you hacked the password in seconds before using it to hack every camera in the neighborhood, it was going to take you a while to find him this way, but if you did anything else, AOA would find out easily. 

To your luck Dave climbed through the window to find you sat on his bed. “What the” he asked, trying to cover his face quickly, clearly he thought you were an enemy. 

“Hey it’s okay, it’s just me, i’m y/n, i’m from Agents of America, and i want to help” you spoke smiling softly before taking his hands into yours, running your hands over his slightly bloody knuckles. 

“Oh, how did you find me?” he asked his words catching in his throat. “Are you okay?” you questioned giggling as he blushed slightly. “It’s not every day i come home to find a pretty girl on my be-” he stopped realizing what he had said. “Oh that’s not what i meant, not pretty, well you are pretty, dammit” he murmured making you giggle as you let go of his hands. “Calm down and get changed.” you spoke sitting back on his bed taking out your phone to see missed calls from AOA’s contacts. 

Glancing up from your phone you saw Dave without a shirt on with only low hung sweatpants and you struggled to look away. “I can’t find a shirt, hang on” he mumbled but before he could you spoke. “Stop, it’s fine we need to talk” you ordered signalling for him to come over. This was the first time a girl had been in his room when he wasn’t wearing a shirt. 

“I want to train you” you spoke breaking the silence as he sat across from you his eyes looking up quickly into yours. “Seriously, that is so cool” he began but you had to cut him off. 

“Yeah but it’s only going to be me, AOA don’t know anything about that, so i’m going to do the best i can, i’m going to stick around and train you daily.” you said watching him begin to smile. “Okay” he answered trying to contain his excitement. 

“Oh and this outift has to go!” you exclaimed laughing, reaching over for it but falling on top of Dave, him faliing back onto the cushion. Looking into his eyes, you saw not only a nerdy boy but also quite a cute boy.

“If i’m going to be your trainer” you breathed, “I think i should get to know you” you finished placing your lips onto his, your hand on his chest, before moving your lips to the his jaw line placing soft kisses all the way along, making him whimper.

You wanted to train him yes, but that didn’t mean there couldn’t be upsides. 


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 1144

A/N: This is my first imagine that I have posted, and I’m really excited to share it with you all!! Also a huge thank you to @aubzylynn for reading it over and encouraging me to share it <3

Warnings: none, just fluff :)

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When spending time with Steve and Bucky, you could almost always guarantee that you would hear stories about the past. Being close friends with both of them only increased those chances.  Since Bucky escaped HYDRAS grasp, and came to join the avengers it has been Steve’s mission to help him remember, even if only the smallest detail. So telling stories in hopes of bringing something to life was his go to plan and it was helping but not as much as we had all hoped.   

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The beginning:
Working out takes a lot of dedication. You gotta find a way to motivate yourself everyday and keep pushing for the goals you want. One way that I found to get motivated is by going on tumblr and searching fitness account.. You’ll just scroll past hundreds of health picture, healthy foods, workouts, motivational quotes & very toned girls.Then your mind is gonna be like “woah I wanna look like them” or “I need to start getting toned and sexy” some stuff like. Youre gonna wanna start working out & trying to improve your looks. Also think about it, summer is coming and you deff wanna feel confident wearing your own skin. Don’t just do it for summer body tho, do it bc you wanna look good forever. Make working out and being healthy a lifestyle! Do it for all the “Wows😍” and all the “YOU GOT SO HOT” compliments.
The motivation:
First step is getting motivated & the motivation to workout almost everyday or 5/7 times during the week. That’s probably the hardest phase to get through, but once you’re motivated everything will be so much easier. Working out and eating healthy will be soooooooooo easy. You’ll eventually and hopefully start getting obsessed with your results which will make you wanna keep working out. “Once you see results it’ll become an obsession.”
Food choices:
First of all, being healthy means 60% foods you consume (diet) and 40% working out (excersise). You’re gonna wanna put double the work on what you eat. If you do not eat right and just workout you will not see a difference. Eating healthy is key to actually losing weight and working out is just that extra boost to help. I know eating right is really hard sometimes and trying to change your eating habits will kinda be the struggle depending on how unhealthy you eat. So that all depends on you.
You always gotta have at least 3 meals per day and atleast 1 small snack in between each meal. So that means you should be consuming 6 portions of food everyday. Having more small meals everyday is better than having bigger meals but less of them. You can always do a lot of research on what you can eat for breakfast lunch and dinner, that will all depend on what you have at home. Try to not skip breakfast bc that is the most important meal of the day believe it or not. It fuels your body for the rest of the day and it helps your metabolism.
-Stay away from fried foods or (crispy) anything in fast foods bc those contain so much more grease (high calorie)
-Avoid trying to eat fast foods. Thats the food with the most calories. & if you really need to and can’t eat somewhere else always choose something healthy. Salads are always the way to go. I know the dressings aren’t that great all the time but if you’re eating out once in a while it shouldn’t hurt you. & it also wouldn’t hurt you to have a nice meal once in a while too. Your choice.
-avoid any sugary drinks. No soda (makes you bloated) or lemonade(contains way too much sugar). Always go for the water. I know it’s not that exciting but it’s on the safe side so water is your best option.
- do not eat later than 9pm bc all that food will store in your body as fat. if you do get hungry try drinking water just don’t eat unless you really really really have to.
-Always drink half a water bottle in the morning before eating bc that helps speed up and wake up your metabolism.
-& if you have cravings fix it with small snacks such as apples and peanut butter.
Workout choices:
If you wanna tone up your muscles, after a workout have protein anything. That will help you get lean muscle. Always always have some protein after a workout. Don’t think you can’t eat after a workout bc that’s not right. You need to have some food after or you won’t get stronger. Smoothies are a great option, just don’t add too much sugar. Milk too.

-one good thing about chipotle is that you can have it after a really good hardcore workout bc it contains a lot of the nutrients you need to get stronger. Don’t add sour cream or cheese tho.
-buy protein bars at the store
-buy a lot of fruit and vegetables
-no chips or cookies as a daily thing
*of course it wouldn’t hurt if you and it once in a while*

One thing that you should really learn is the different between good and bad carbs.

For girls, carbs usually store themselves on our legs and butt so that’s why we gotta lower our carbs. they are the reason for cellulite and not toned butt. It sucks. We struggle more on those parts that’s why it’s important to eat the right carbs and the right amount.


Make sure you consume the right foods if you want to see change. If you really want to learn more about the right foods to eat go on tumblr or health websites. You learn so much from them.
-You should be working out 5 times out of the whole week.
-each workout should be longer than 45 minutes if you really wanna see results. But if you don’t have time some day that’s okay. A small workout is better than nothing.
-you always wants to do cardio and weights. It’s the best way to gain a really good body.

Cardio is the best way to get rid of the fat that’s on top of the muscle. so make sure you always add cardio first then add weights. after you shed all the fat that is sitting on top, you’ll be able to easily tone up the muscles.
Always change up your workouts so you don’t get bored. Challenge yourself
Always change the intensity too bc if you keep doing the same workout level you will never see any improvements.
So start out easy during the first day and by the end of the week your workout should be 60% harder than from what you did the first day. Then repeat again each week.
I have endless amounts of workouts so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you can get a gym membership that would be awesome honestly. It really helps, but I know sometimes they can be really expensive and trying to find a ride sometimes is a struggle. So at home workouts are also good. && when it starts getting warmer always go on runs outside, those are the best.
If you need more advice please ask questions. I am always here to help
Btw always have rest days. They should be Sunday’s. “Your cheat cheat days” you can eat whatever you want but I suggest you don’t eat too unhealthy. Don’t be too hard on yourself too. have patience and you’ll always see results☺️
By: futuristically-fitk
Insta & Twitter: Kaelly_26

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

Author: mystic-biscuit


Pairing: Stiles x Lydia

Summary: An AU about Lydia meeting her egotistical neighbor across the hall.

This is part of a series.


Kay so this is my first fic I’m posting on Tumblr, and I’m nervous. So go easy on me. Also, I write very dialogue heavy, soo if that’s not your thang this isn’t for you. It gets pretty fluffy at times. There’s nothing explicit in this, well just language.

You can read this on AO3

“Is there a particular reason why you are sitting outside of your apartment instead of inside your apartment?” Lydia asks

“Is there a particular reason why you take the stairs with a clearly very full and heavy grocery bag instead of using the perfectly good elevator” The brown haired man spat back

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Request: What about one where Y/N YOUUU go to a carnival and then we run into Robbie and Thomas who were spending the day together and we all hang out.In the end you get Thomas and Y/N gets Robbie to go on a double date.I think that would be adorable.

Warnings: none

Notes: Oh shit, you want me to include MYSELF in this imagine?! This is gonna be weird using my own name….

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You and Rory wandered around the carnival floor. The county fair was in town, and it was the first night of it being open. You and your best friend, Rory, decided to go. You had nothing else to do, and had some extra money to go. So you both went.

The place was lively, full of families and friends. Numerous smells filled your noses, all the food frying or being grilled. The first thing you and Rory absolutely had to do though was go and get funnel cake. It was tradition for you and Rory to get funnel cake first thing when arriving at the carnival.

“I found it!” You pointed at the stand, rushing to it.

“What should we get this time? Regular? Strawberry? Maybe zebra funnel cake!” Rory licked her lips at the thought of the possibilities.

“Ooh, zebra funnel cake seems amazing.” You groaned in delight. You both walked up to the line, falling behind two boys. Both were taller than you and Rory, and they had similar hair colors. Neither of you thought anything more of it. Until you heard them speak.

You could barely hear them, but once they placed in their orders, you and Rory looked at one another. 

“Is that… Robbie Kay, and…”

“Thomas Brodie-Sangster.” Rory finished your sentence. 

When you both turned your attention back to the boys, they were looking at you both. Blush rose to your’s and Rory’s cheeks. They must’ve overheard you say their names. 

“Hey,” Rory smiled wide, waving at them. Both of you were so awkward. “How ya doing?”

“Hi,” Robbie and Thomas said at the same time.

“Just getting funnel cake?” Thomas answered awkwardly.

“Right…” you replied nervously. “I’ll just order the cake.”

You went and ordered. Rory stood next to you as you did so, smiling at the two boys. They were standing there as well, waiting for their orders. You could overhear Rory trying to spike up a conversation with them. The two boys engaged in the conversation, but Rory was so nervous. You could tell. Hell, you were nervous and you weren’t even talking to them yet.

“Alrighty, zebra funnel cake, coming right up,” you smiled at Rory.

“Zebra funnel cake?” Thomas asked.

“What is that?” Robbie questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Zebra funnel cake. It has the powder with a dark and white chocolate drizzle. It’s the best.” Rory explained, her mouth watering at the thought of it.

The two boys nodded. “Sounds good,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so good. We always get it when we come here,” you gushed.

Thomas looked at the two of you. “I’m sorry, what were your names?”

You told them your names,shaking hands with them. When both their orders were ready, they asked if you’d like to join them. You and Rory were both shocked beyond belief. These were two of your favourite actors asking if you and your friend wanted to join them? Of course you both said yes. They walked away, grabbing a table for four.

“I didn’t even know they were friends,” you exclaimed.

“I know, how cool is that? And now we’re going to be joining them!” Rory grinned, trying to contain her excitement. 

Once the funnel cake was ready, you grabbed the plate while Rory grabbed two forks. You found the boys sitting at a round table, eating their cakes.You sat down, setting the funnel cake in between you and Rory. You both started eating.

“So, what brings you boys to a fair in California?” You asked them.

Thomas shrugged. “I like the fair.” He was so simple; one of the many reasons why Rory liked him.

“Thomas and I haven’t spoken in a bit, he was in California, so thought we’d both spend some time at the fair.” Robbie further explained. 

You and Rory nodded.

Throughout the time of eating the delicious dessert, you and Rory talked with the two boys. You thought that once everyone was done eating, you’d go your separated ways. That wasn’t the case. Robbie asked if you and Rory would like to join them. Go on rides with them, play some games, maybe buy a thing or two. Of course you both agreed.

“Let’s go on that,” Rory pointed at her favorite ride. It was called The Zipper, where two people were locked in this cage-like seat, and then it would swing in circles.

“Sure. Seems like good fun,” Thomas grinned. You and Robbie agreed as well.

The four of you got in line, which was short. The employee scanned your ticket cards, letting Rory and Thomas in one cart, and you and Robbie in the other. You sat down in the seat, scooting over so Robbie could join. The man closed the cart, you both trapped in. You held onto the bars connected to the gate.

“I’ve never been on this ride before,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so much fun. Rory and I always go on it. It’s one of our favorites.”

When the ride started, you and Robbie screamed. You were screaming out of joy and fun while Robbie was creaming from slight fear. He was up so high, and he hated heights. He was having fun, he just didn’t expect this ride to be so quick and dizzying. 

“That was so much fun,” Thomas smiled wide. 

“Wasn’t it? See why it’s my favorite?” Rory gushed. “How’d you like it, Robbie?”

“It was… something. I had fun though,” he laughed.

Throughout that entire night, you and Rory went on all kinds of rides with Thomas and Robbie. At some point, you and Robbie went off on your own while Thomas and Rory went off on their own. 

You and Robbie went down the big slides, played stupid carnival games, went on more rides. You did it all. As you two were walking down to see what else more the carnival had to offer, you heard your names being called.

“Y/N, Rob! Up here!” It was Rory. You and Robbie both looked up to see her and Thomas waving down excitedly. They were on the people mover thing where people would sit and enjoy the view of the fair.

“Hi,” you and Robbie shouted, waving back.

“Rory seems to bring out Thomas’ louder side,” Robbie commented. You looked at Robbie with a confused look. “Thomas is naturally a quiet and shy person. She seems to bring out his more extroverted side. Get him out of his shell>” He furthered explained.

“Oh, yeah, I can see that. She’s only that hyper when she’s comfortable with the people around her. Normally, she’s quiet, too.”

“Are you the louder friend then in the mix?” You nodded. “Thought so.” You both chuckled.

At the end of the fair, you and Rory didn’t want to leave the boys. They secretly didn’t want to leave you two, either. They had a lot of fun hanging out with you. You treated them like normal people, and not actors. You or Rory didn’t even bring up their careers once like a lot of people do. They appreciated it.

“I think it’s safe to say this was the best carnival ever,” Rory smiled.

“Agreed.” Everyone else said.

“Also, Y/N,” Robbie turned to you. “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” Your eyes went wide, but you nodded your head.

“Y-Yeah, that’d be great.” 

“Perfect. See you tomorrow?” You nodded your head. Robbie informed you that he’d text you a time and date since you two exchanged numbers earlier.

Thomas then turned to Rory. “I’d also like to hangout with you tomorrow as well.”

“Wait, really?” Rory said in shock.

Thomas nodded his head. “Yeah. Tonight was really fun. You’re a fun person.” 

You smiled at your best friend. You knew how much she liked Thomas. They exchanged numbers, and that’s when goodbyes came. Everyone hugged goodbye, you and Rory walking away. You got in the car with her, and that’s when you both shouted in delight.

“They like us!” You both shouted.

“This is the best day of my life. They’re so sweet.” Rory breathed.

“They really are. Oh my God, I can’t believe they asked us to hangout tomorrow.”

“I know! I’m so excited,” Rory gawked.

You both couldn’t hold in the excitement. Smiles were displayed on both your faces the entire way home. You each shared things about tonight’s events. You each kept telling one another what happened during the time it was just a group of two. Tonight was perfect for the both of you, and tomorrow would be better.


“Felicity, is that who I think it is?” You asked biting your lip to keep from showing just how excited you were. 

“If you think it’s Cisco then yeah, it is.” She said smirking, you might’ve been hiding your excitement well, but Felicity knew you well. 

“You know he’s the one who designed Barry’s suit? It’s capable of withstanding-”

“I know, (y/n). I know, I’ve heard it all from your before. Here, I’ll introduce you. Cisco!” She shouted ushering over the scientist. 

“What are you doing?!” You hissed panic setting in. 

“Introducing you two.” She said in a duh tone. “Cisco, this is my sister, (y/n). She designed and created the Spartan suit as well as the original Canary Cry.“ Felicity said talking you up. You just stood there smiling shyly trying to contain your excitement. 

"You’re sisters?” Cisco asked surprised. 

“She’s adopted.” Felicity said. 

“Coming Oliver!” She shouted before leaving the two of you alone. She was full of crap, Oliver didn’t call her you knew that she knew you knew, some wing woman she turned out to be. 

“So you designed the original Canary Cry?” Cisco asked. 

“Yup, the very same one you improved on. It was a smart move turning it into a collar, I would have never thought of that.” You told him. 

“Thanks, and Diggle’s suit? You made that too?” He asked. 

“Well that really wasn’t that hard, I just stuck to what he already knew and modified some military armor and boom, the Spartan suit was born.” You said with a smile. “You wanna take a look at the plans? I still have them. Maybe you could help me improve it?” You said hopefully. 

“Yeah, no problem.” Cisco said following you over to your desk.

He watched as you typed some things into your computer and brought up the plans. “Why does that file have my name?” Cisco asked taking notice of the folder laying on the edge of your desk. 

“Dammit Felicity.” You whispered under your breath, why’d she have to be such a neat freak?

“Busted. Um…Well, I’m a big fan of your work, and when I don’t have anything to do I tend to look over your work.” You explained as you handed him the file to look through, you just wanted him to know that you weren’t some stalker. 

“Look over?” He asked as he flipped through the pages of his own designs. 

“Don’t worry, I barely found anything wrong with your designs, and the things I did see were minor, nothing that really interferes with the way the products work.” You said biting down on your lip to keep from rambling. 

“Wow, I hadn’t taken some of these things into account.” Cisco said raising an eyebrow. “You wanna go to dinner? To talk over the designs, of course.” Cisco said adding in the last part quickly. 

“I’d love to go to dinner.” You said with a giddy smile. “To discuss the plans, obviously.” You added nervously. 

“Yeah, the plans. Tonight?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah, sure.” You said agreeing quickly. 

“(y/n)! Training!” Oliver shouted calling you over. 

“I’ll meet you here later for dinner.” You said before running towards Oliver.

Requested by anon

Confessions Of A Teenage Werewolf (Liam Dunbar)


“Just go tell her.” Mason coached Liam into telling the girl he was so helplessly attached to that he liked her. “She totally likes you, who wouldn’t?”

“Her!” Liam exclaimed in a hushed tone before watching you talking to Lydia. Lydia was doing the same as Mason, trying to talk you into telling him how you felt, the entire pack was tired of the two of you giving heart eyes at eachother when the other wasn’t looking.

“I’ll give you 5 seconds to go tell her or I’m doing it myself.” Mason sighed making Liam frown before Lydia left. Liam sighed, walking up to you as you closed your locker, jumping once you caught him there. Liam looked to Mason for a moment, earning a thumbs up before turning to you.

“Hi, Liam.” You smiled, a slight blush on your cheeks as he looked down at you.

“Can I ask you something or tell you something?” he asked nervously.

“Of couse.” You forced smiled, fearing that he was going to somehow hurt you.

“Well, uh, I know this is weird and we only met because of the pack and I know I’m probably the last person you could ever think of to like but, um, I really like you alot and I think you are really pretty and smart and funny. I totally understand if you turn me down because I know I’m a weird per-”

“Shut up.” You cut him off by your lips, a spur of the moment taking you over as you kissed him. It took him by surprise for a moment before grabbing your cheeks and kissing you back, his first kiss making his heart flutter like the way it did when he looked at you.

“So you like me too?” he asked with a small smiled, trying to contain his excitement.



Had some technical difficulties with this one lol. I know it’s short but I hope you like it!

Preference #76: You Break A Bone

Harry: ”Y/N, sit down.” You heard Harry shout from the other end of the dressing room. “You’re going to hurt yourself sweetheart.” All you wanted to do was take a look out the window, without being a nuisance. You slump back onto the couch. “How am i supposed to have any fun, on tour with you guys if i cant even walk?” You groaned, nudging the wheelchair with your good foot. A few weeks ago when you were helping your friend move into her new flat, you may have accidentally dropped a TV stand on your foot. So for the next 3 weeks your foot  will be covered in a plaster cast, now littered in random doodles, thanks to Louis and Zayn. Harry pulled his shirt over his head, while walking toward you. The dark scarf that he ties his hair back with, trapped tightly between his teeth. He mumbled something you couldn’t understand, before he took the fabric and tied in into his hair. “What?” You barely got the word out before he was scooping you off the couch and putting you in chair. “I said, because you get to roll around in this cool thing the whole time.” He pushed the chair into the hall and started running. The wheels sliding across the floor. You couldn’t contain the excitement inside, shrieking and laughing when ever he made a sharp turn. You got the a dead end and he stopped leaning against the wall to catch his breath. “And, you have the worlds greatest driver.”

Liam: “It hurts like crazy” you groan while twisting trying to find a comfortable spot on the couch. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…sorry.“ You sighed “I know, I know “. You didn’t have the heart to blame Liam, he was too adorable, for accidentally breaking your leg. You were riding your bike next to him, it was a beautiful day. Liam wanted to take a morning stroll, the sun was shining and you were happy. You had everything you wanted next to you. You thought nothing could happen, that is until Liam managed to swerve his bike into yours and made you go spiraling out of control into you crashed down a hill. You didn’t feel the pain until Liam helped you up. The doctor identified it as broken and put a horrifying blue cast on it. You were a little mad when you got home, but seeing him taking care of you made your heart warm.” Y/N, is there anything else I can do?” you smiled and tapped your chin “ hmm , well…” he stood at the foot of the couch , twiddling  his thumbs “ how about you watch a movie with me “ he smiled “Ok , but don’t  move so much you’ll hurt yourself more. I don’t want you to fall off the sofa” you laughed and sat up “But it’s so uncomfortable, I also hate this cast color. Didn’t they have white or something?” He came around the corner with a handful of movies. He put one in and gently squeezed next to you. He kissed your forehead “it brings out the color in your eyes.” You rolled them but snuggled close to him none the less. “I’m sorry again” you smiled and kissed his cheek” it’s ok, now let’s watch the movie”.

Niall: “Yep it’s definitely broken.” you watched as the doctor examined your arm. “I’ll go and get the things to deal with it right now.” you nodded and sighed. “Its ok Y/N, you’re tough “you smiled and looked at Niall. He was coming down from visiting his family when he arrived home, to find you missing. You called him up and explained that you had broken your arm. You had always been clumsy, bumping into things and whatnot. You were hurrying up the stairs, from the cold and fell backwards because your neighbor’s cats had stepped in front of you. Scaring you half to death but making you tumble down as well. Said neighbor heard your screams and brought you to the hospital. “Yea I know, it hurts so bad!“ The doctor came back a few minutes later and tended to your arm. You got some pain meds and Niall helped you to the car. “Don’t worry you’ll rest soon and feel better. I got ya “you giggled “thanks babe.”

 Louis:“I wouldn’t climb that tree Y/N, it’s too high” you groaned “where’s your sense of adventure. Your inside spirit animal “you heard him laugh “well I don’t want my spirit animal to be a monkey that’s for sure.” you chuckled “oh Lou, come on look its easy” you climbed upon a steady branch and made monkey noises. You looked down at your too small to see boyfriend. He was sitting in a lawn chair. You had had enough of his non adventurous spirit and called out to him. “Lou im lonely come up here with me “he made no attempt to move. “No thanks. I have a plan why don’t you come down and we can go back home and watch TV. ““Louis! Look at the trees and oh! Look look, there’s a bird nest!” you grinned and pointed to a branch a few feet away. “No Y/N just come down love. We can do something else. You’ll hurt yourself.” you shrugged and moved toward the nest.” Just one sec.” you say stepping and maneuvering your way to the small thing. You giggled as you heard him call up” Y/N. im serious you’ll get hurt ““no I won’t “you say as you suddenly step on a loose branch and fall. You screamed as you fell on your left  hand, and cried out in horrible pain. Louis ran up to you, helping you up and cradling you. “Don’t you dare say it Lou.” You peeked at him, he frowned “I'm…” You glared at him “take me to the hospital. Its broken I think” he nodded as you cried. He put you in the car, reassuring everything’s ok til’ you got to your destination. 

Zayn: “Oh my,” You groan from the floor . Zayn sat practically motionless on the couch. Concentrating on the sketch in front of him. The cast you have wrapped around your hand and wrist, is making it a great deal harder to paint your toes than it should be. In your third attempt, you managed to get nail polish everywhere except your nail. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked from above you, his hazel eyes peaking over the top of his sketch book. “I cant even paint my own nails with this stupid thing on.” You growled and push away the large bin of nail polishes. Zayn pushed his sketch book, and lowered himself onto the floor next to you. His dark hair flat and mess today. “Can i do it?” He questioned with a smirk. “Please?” You responded, lifting your leg and setting it in his lap. The concentration was visible on his face, as he hunched over your foot. His bottom lip trapped between his brilliant white teeth. After a few minutes of quite, he twists on the top tightly. “Done,” He says with a smile. Each of your toes painted a different color. “Thank you.” You smiled, pulling him close to you with your good hand.

-Aria and Kady xx

Calum Girl After All Part 1 - Requested (Calum)

Anon: Can you do one where you are a Michael girl and then you go I a meet an greet and you all become best friends an you realize that you like Michael only as a best friend and you like calum (or ashton or Luke) more and they like you? Love your writing by be way! 

Hope you like it!! I stopped there, cause else it would be to long, Part 2 tomorrow!!!

“Calm the fuck down”, Jenna looks at you, annoyance in her eyes.

“Sorry”, you giggle and you stop bouncing. “Just so excited”, you look around. You’re in a hallway of the venue 5SOS is playing tonight, but there is still no sight of them.

“Yeah I can tell”, she smiles. “Please wipe that grin from your face before they get here”, you look at here not understanding what she means. “You have that I’m so excited I’m going to kill you look all over your face. Stop that or you’re gonna scare them away”

“Okay”, you try to relax your face.

“Much better already”

“I can’t wait to see them, I can’t wait to see Michael. I’ve been literally waiting for this moment all my life”

“I know, I know you’re a Michael girl. But please don’t jump him or anything”

“I won’t, I promise”


“God what kind of animal do you think I am? I can contain myself Jenna, thank you very much”

“Just playing with ya babe”, Jenna laughs.

“You better. Remember how I won this meet and greet, you can praise yourself lucky I asked your little ass to come”

“You’re the best friend in the world”

“Me think”, you smirk and she laughs. “Man, I don’t like waiting. Phf how are you most looking forward to see”

“First Luke, cause I like how awkward he can be sometime. But now it’s Ash. I’m really digging his style”

“To bad he has a girlfriend”

“What! Don’t you think I can make him forget her?” she puts her hand on her waist and pops her hip out.

“You can do anything if you put your mind to it”, you say, trying not to laugh.

She rolls her eyes. “We both know better. And I’m not looking for a boyfriend here”

“Who’s not looking for a boyfriend?”, you both turn around, four familiar faces walking towards you.

“I don’t get that, look at us, such catches”, Michael laughs. You want to react, but it’s like your frozen. A sheepishly smile plastered over your face. Jenna picked on to this and shoves her elbow in your side. “Jen’s not into guys like you”, you manage to speak when they reach you.

“Guys like us?” Michael raises his eyebrow.

“Don’t worry about it”, you wave your hand through the air.

“No, no speak”

“Jenn likes cool guys, supposed to dorks”

“True”, Jenna nods agreeing. “No offense”

“None taking”, Michael walks over to Jenna and hugs her.

“Hi, I’m Luke”

“I know”, you laugh. “(Y/N)”, you say and he hugs you. “Like your t-shirt”

You look down and look at your 5SOS-shirt. “It’s cause you made money out of it right?”

“Partly the reason and it looks cool”, he smiles. “Only the band sucks”

“So I’ve heard”, you wink. You hug all of the other boys, Michael twice of course and chat for a bit. It’s like you’re just chatting with friend until they have to go and you it sinks in to you again. “Jenn, we just me 5SOS!” you follow a security guy to the arena.

“They were really cool, not as dorky as I thought”, she laughs and you do too. “How was it meeting Michael?”

“Great! So good, felt like we really got on”

“Yeah, you two really could be friends”

“Yeah right!”

“Totally”, she says in her most typical white girl voice.  You push your shoulder to hers. “I picked up on something else too”


“Did I see you leer to Calum”


“What’s that about? Thought you were a Michael girl?”

“I still am. I never really had a connection with Calum. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the guy is good looking. But now, god I got this feeling. When he looked at me, my knees got weak. All I wanted to do was crash my lips on to his”

“Good you have self-control”

“Exactly”, you smile.

“Try not to jump on stage during the show”

“I won’t, I can contain myself remember”, you smirk.



Niall Horan Fanfic

“He-hey Princess!” he smiled as your camera lit up on his phone. “Hey my charming Irish cupcake.” you joked. You stopped for a moment to look at him, just look at the beautiful features of his face that you missed so much while trying to hold your tears from falling. “Whatcha doin?” you asked finally breaking the silence. “I’m preparing for the concert, it starts in 30 minutes, how bout you?” he asked smiling. “Haha since you ask, I am doing absolutely nothing.” you replied resting your chin on your pillow. “What? Talking to me isn’t something eh?” “You know what I meant!” you giggled. He smiled in silence, just looking at you like you were looking at him, “Niall.” you said as you lowered your voice. “Hmm?” he asked grinning. “I miss you.” you finally said, your voice cracking, tears started to fall. His amazingly charming smile was gone right that instant,” I miss you too. So so much.” he replied. You could see that he was trying to be strong for you, not letting a single tear fall. “It’s only been 5 days Y/N.” “Yes I know! But I miss you too much!” you cried. “I know princess, but we’re gonna see each other again soon alright?” he said as his voice finally cracked. “It’s been really hard for me too. I miss your hug, a lot.” he continued. “And I miss you scent, your cuddles, your everything.” you answered wiping the tears of your face. “You know what I miss the most?” “What?” you asked curiously. “Your smile.” “Haha don’t lie to me Niall.” you giggled as you hear the sound of him giggling, the sound that you miss the most. “I’m serious, haha hey, there’s that smile! And that laugh! God you’re beautiful.” “Niall stop it!” you laughed hearing your corny boyfriend. “I’m not kidding princess. Your smile there, gets me through the day, the sound of your laugh gets me through the night, that’s why I call you whenever I can, so I can see that smile. So I can hold on to the fact that I’m going to see that smile again soon, and that girl’s going to be in my arms again.” he smiled, letting another tear drop. “Niall, you’re making it hard for me not to cry.” “You’re the one who made me cry Y/N.” he chuckled. “Niall, we’re ready in 10!” a voice shouted from the background. “Yea hold on!” he yelled, as he looked back at you. “Princess.” “Yeah?” “Can I ask you something before I go?” he asked, his deep blue ocean eyes looking straight at you. “Yes.” “I know that I have to go touring a lot, and that I have to go for months and the fact that you live so far away and we’ve only been together for like a month.” “Niall, what are you trying to say?” “Well, I…..I just don’t want to lose you, me leaving you for months feels like hell, I couldn’t bare to see you with another guy if…” “Niall…” “If…” “Niall!” you snapped him out. “I will never leave you for another guy. I will always be right here waiting for you and you know that. I love you with all my heart and knowing that I’ll be with you soon gets me going.” “Really?” he asked scratching his blonde hair. “Yes.” “Okay… Umm, what’s with all the crying then?” he asked trying to light up the mood. “Haha I don’t know you started it.” you giggled. “No, you did. And guess what?” “What?” “I miss you so much that I’m just gonna buy you tickets to see me at the next stop!” “Haha what? But I have school!” you laughed, trying to contain your excitement. “No, your break starts in 3 weeks!” “How’d you know?” you asked curiously. “I just texted your mom.” he giggled. “Niall James Horan!” you laughed. “So is that a yes?” he asked raising his infamous eyebrows. “Hmm…. Let me see my schedule.” you answered as he laughed. “I know your schedule.” “No you don’t!” you giggled. “Sooooo?” “Yes!” you finally answered. “Then why are you crying baby girl?” he asked looking a bit worried. “Don’t worry, these are happy tears!” you giggled wiping your tears away. “Niall. Stage. In 5!” another voice shouted at the background again. “It sounds like you gotta go on stage huh?” “Yep, duty calls.” he answered. “Okay so… Goodbye?” you asked. “No, not goodbye, just see you soon kay?” he asked reassuring. “Yes!!” “Great! I’ll be seeing you in exactly 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes! But who’s counting?” he giggled. “Yeah, see you in 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes Niall.” “No.” “What?” you smiled. “It’s 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, and 55 minutes now.” “Niall, you really have to go!” you said laughing. “Okay okay! Geez.” he said waving at you. “Haha see ya!” you smiled. “There’s that smile that I’ll be seeing in exactly 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours and 54 minutes from now!” “Niall.” “Haha see ya princess!! Muah!!!” he giggled as he kissed his camera.

Title: Christmas Kisses (Reader x 40s! Bucky Barnes)

Summary: The reader, best friend Steve, and Bucky all get together for another fun Christmas party, but this year; it’s different. Bucky and Y/N are finally dating! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Word Count: 1605

A/N: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It’s officially December, why not celebreate (a little late) with a fun and adorable Bucky imagine? I was originally going to post this during 12 days of Holiday Imagines, I just couldn’t wait! I hope you enjoy!

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