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apparently a lot of people didn't like chen's part in bolero and deemed his part unnecessary and his voice unfit for the song :''''(

they are all subjected to their own opinions. I admit I still hear junsu’s voice even though I am listening to this version

but jongdae did an amazing job

THE HARMONIZATION WITH CHANGMIN.. AND KYU… ITS BEAUTIFUL.. I got chills.. and then my tvxq ot5 feels ALL CAME AT ONCE.. i have been emotional since yesterday


i dont know what they mean by his part was unnecessary?  its not like he was just standing there?????? o well people will always have shit to say

I do know its kinda sensitive probably for some cassies.. but o well. it already happened.. so why not just be happy this song was brought back.. and just enjoy this song.. and the good old memories?? (or be emotional for days like me)

Hey everyone! My name is Tayler. Yes TaylEr not TaylOr! Almost everyone I know somehow manages to spell my name wrong haha! I am 14 years old, and I live in the United States of America! Ive never had a Penpal before, but its always been something i wanted to look into. So, enough with the boring stuff, let me talk about myself a little.

I really like any music and I know many types, but I mostly listen to country, or like whatever is on the radio lol. 

I speak english, but im okay with Spanish too because ive been learning it.

I want a penpal who will be okay with learning new things, deep conversations, hopefully a close friendship.. and maybe someday we could (MAYBE) meet!

I really dont even know what to put anymore lmao.

Ummm.. yea just request me, honestly im willing to talk to anyone(:


Hey Taylor, it’s Kim! I just wanted to let you know that I will be at both Gillette shows on July 24th and 25th. My sister and I won the Keds Sweepstakes for the 24th (we are just waiting for them to finalize all the paperwork), so we don’t know exactly where we are going to be sitting yet. It was also originally a meet and greet, but got changed to a backstage tour, so maybe we will see you backstage? My other sister and best friend will also be there in the club seats. As you know, I am taking my brother, David, to the other night. You liked my posts of the card I made to surprise him with the tickets and the video of him reading the card. You also replied saying, “His laugh in the video is the cutest sound EVER!! So adorable. CAN’T WAIT FOR TOUR.” You have also liked a couple videos of him singing and replied to one saying, “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I really really do.” My brother is going to be wearing a shirt with both of these replies on it (you liked the picture of the shirt a few months ago). I am still trying to find tickets for us, since the ones I originally had were for the first night. This will be David’s first concert ever. He is SO excited and CAN’T WAIT FOR TOUR. SEE YOU IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! taylorswift


vm rewatch � 1x10 An Echolls Family Christmas


Does anyone know what this is about? I know its suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper old and we still (obviously) have Gerard but this just makes me so sad and I’ve never seen this discussed in the mcr fandom  

Since Mark said he wanted to know all of us((but its really freakin hard to get to know 8 million people

Reblog this with a little bit bout yourself so that even though he cant know us personally, he can at least know a little bit about each of us…

Hi Mark! I’m a 17 year old named Hannh who loves you and you videos. Im always on tumblr (literally) and I love my acting class! (4th year woop-wooop!)


Generations (Revamped/Extended) HD [bc it was requested like 10000 times :P]

So this is the thing. I’m sorry it took way too long to post!! [note to self: never work with an already made video ever again omg, that sh*t is hard, lol]


iiiinteeeeerrupting the usual ask replies to bring you fun times with Wekapipo!!  😍😍 we found his old military uniform and I thought it would be a neat idea to make him try it on!!!!! He’s really hot don’t you think?


The awesome @femmedplume tagged me in the selfie tag…which is the only reason I’m doing it.
The rules are to post six selfies from within the span of the last two years.
Ok so apparently I can’t tag anyone- whatever tumblr. I’ve seen so many people tagged that I don’t even know who to do next!

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i love your theme hun!!!!!!! theme goals

Thank you! The original creator of it is a genius, but I like to mess with it a lot and sometimes I screw up and end up having to undo like twenty minutes of experimenting but usually it works out and makes some cool new thing show up. I like to pretend like I know how to code but I most definitely do not, it’s mostly blind stumbling.

The queen let out a hefty sigh. The summer was too warm a time to be with child, this was something she had decided before– when Hilda had been carrying the young Brunhilde. Yet here she was again, ripe belly in the midst of July.

“I assume everything is going well this morning?” Hilda mentioned, sitting down with an awkward waddle and ‘oof’ before she looked up at her royal guards turned advisers. Sure, officially their jobs had been to provide body guard services to the Royal Family. But by now…

The Sheikah pair were family. Like siblings that Hilda had never had. She sought their advise and reassurances almost as much as she sought it from her husband.

“Are the little ones out playing in the garden?”

Iam so mad iam beyond mad Hey ashton fucking idiot irwin who doesnt know what tadpole is we arent all 14 years old and youre not that great of a drummer the only reason you are the band is not because of your skills seriously the only reason youre in it is because you are so lucky they didnt know any other drummer this intreview is so sexisist its the same 14 year old who are defending all your bullshit Iam sorry this just boiled my nerves and last freaking respect i had for him i dont care what say but this is not acceptable And if miss understood it plz tell me What you think chasingfabulous hemmoodford 5sos-exposing