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200 Followers Update

Hey everyone, this blog hit 200 followers today so I thought I’d post some kind of a status update. I’m currently working on the last project for this set of beads I ordered back in October, so I’ll be lining up some new projects after this next one is complete. I don’t do commissions, but if you have a character request or maybe a series you’d like to see please let me know. I’ve already had a direct request that I’m looking to make happen, so just send me a message if you’re interested. These things do take a while, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see your request for a long time. I’d let you know if it wasn’t a doable request.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for following, y’all are some cool cats. Also thanks to anyone who commented or tagged kind words on anything I’ve posted, I do see that and it means a lot.

Let’s talk about Ned

I know I’m basically this when it comes to Ned:

But why is he so continuously pushed to the fandom? Why is it so important that he be endeared to it? I can’t think of a single member of One Direction’s team that’s ever been this aggressively pushed or made this accessible. Just so you know, there’s a really excellent chance (actually, a certainty) that you’re being marketed Ned, the same way you’re being marketed the Cool Mom Zayn image or any other narrative. Ned is part of the package, and he is a consistent and ever present reminder that Zayn has new friends now, that he has a new career and an apparent new team (sure Jan), and none of those things include One Direction.

It’s time to bring back the Ned collage to remind you of how often Ned is seen. You’re supposed to recognize Ned.

We can also mark this as one of my lower points on blog that I made a Ned collage in the first place. Second lower point would be me updating it like I just did. 

He’s so consistently and so heavily apart of Zayn’s official solo narrative (not unlike Gigith), that I can’t help but be continuously suspish of him. He gets over a half dozen close ups in the BeFour music video, is continuously and aggressively pushed on Zayn’s social media accounts, is made to be the fandom hero by making it seem like Ned and only Ned is the vigilant guard against the leaking of Zayn’s album. 

Ned had roughly junior level experience before working for Zayn, yet I’m supposed to believe that A) FAE would put Ned with one of their most high profile artists, B) And he’s  got some degree of responsibility for Zayn’s career?

@Haylor shippers

So many people are sad and saying that now that Calvin’s in the scene Taylor will forget about Harry. Guys, they’re still friends. Even if they weren’t, they would still meet at music-related events. Taylor and Harry are, by far, the most famous people each of them has dated, they will still get asked about each other for as long as they are in the spotlight, even if they don’t like it. Stop acting like Taylor will get married tomorrow, because Harry has been out with Kendall, Paige and Nadine since the haylor break up, but we still  got a lot of cute things about the two of them.

Friendly reminder that ‘Style’ is the new single, It’s the #1 pop song right now, which hit 100 million views on youtube just yesterday, and It hasn’t even been two months since It got out. Also, in a few weeks Taylor will start a World Tour where she will be singing all the songs she wrote about Harry for 77 nights (so far). Hell, she will be singing Out of the Woods, Style, Wonderland, All you had to do was stay, etc. in December! a day before her birthday! Even in 2014 she was all emotional singing ‘All too well’ in the Red Tour, and her thing with Jake was long gone. Even if Talvin is still a thing by then, that doesn’t mean she will suddenly forget what made her write her songs in the first place, her feelings on the matter or the memories, she’s not Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’. We can still get ‘Haylor’ moments. They were a part of each other’s lives for a while, that won’t go away and they won’t get that time back. I know some of you believe they’ll get together again in the future (like I do), but that can happen or not, this is not fanfiction, It’s real life. I hope they do, but right now I’ll blog and freak out about the little things, like their CLOSE FRIENDSHIP. We’ll see them together again, It’s not like suddenly they’re not living in the same planet.

Please DO NOT send hate to Calvin or anyone who ships him with Taylor. It’s not right. You may not like it, but things like this is what ended haylor. Or you can ship both! what a concept!

Anyway, here’s a polaroid of Taylor AND Harry’s arm which shows they were together just 11 WEEKS AGO. I bet you all they got polaroids of the two of them alone that night, fight me on that.