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Plagiarized fics - asking for help from the 1D fandom

Hi everyone! I’m poking my head in your door from the Haikyuu fandom to ask you guys for help. I have spoken to quite a few people in the One Direction fandom thus far and I have been overwhelmed by their kindness, support, and how fast everyone I talked to acted to help me and my friend get this sorted out.

It came to my and my best friend ellessey-writes’s attention (confusing names, sorry! I’m Esselle) this morning that many of our fics had been stolen by the Tumblr/AO3 user Fruxoo, who has since deleted her accounts.

Here are two screenshots of Fruxoo’s fics, posted in April. The first is a direct copy of my story Hunger, completed last June 2016. The second is the summary from Ellie’s story Tea and Sympathy, posted January of this year. The entire text of every fic Fruxoo stole has been copied almost exactly word for word from our fics, changing only the names and other relevant character info.

I messaged her privately and asked that she post an explanation on Tumblr, as well as replace the text of her stolen works with links to our respective stories, in order to notify any readers who enjoyed these works. Unfortunately, she didn’t respond. Now that she has taken everything down, that’s no longer possible.

It would mean the world to Ellie and I if people would help spread the word about what happened. Last year, between the two of us, we wrote 626,000 words. We poured all our energy and love (and time!) into these stories, and to have someone copy them word for word, lie to people who were kind enough to comment or send asks as if they had thought up the ideas on their own, and interact with other people in the 1D fandom based off of love for OUR writing, is devastating to us both. This was going on for at least 2.5 months.

Besides the two stories listed above, we know As Long As You’re Smiling was actually copied from ellessey-writes​​‘s fic The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi. We think this is the first fic they grabbed, due to the note on the summary. Here is a masterpost of all Ellie’s works from last year, and a link to her AO3.

They also took my incubus story Dreamless and reposted it as Lilin. This fic was posted as a part of a collab for my close friend’s artwork. reallycorking​​ drew this (VERY NSFW) art as part of a 30 day challenge, and the two of us worked together for a full month on Dreamless. Here is my fic masterpost for last year, and a link to my AO3.

I wanted to share links to the rest of our work because we don’t know how many stories she stole (it seemed like there were around 10 in total). We didn’t even have time to make a note of everything before she removed her accounts. So we don’t know what people read and might want to re-find (if there’s any interest cross-fandom).

Again, the One Direction fandom has been so incredibly supportive (Gina, Ange, phd-mama, Emmi, Lisa and everyone who was so helpful and understanding). Ellie and I started off the morning crushed, and now I have comments in my inbox on the fics that were stolen, and asks on Tumblr showing support, and it’s nearly brought me to tears. Thank you all so much. If anyone who sees this would be kind enough to get the word out there in any way (reblogs, just telling your friends who’ve read these stories, anything!!), we’d be incredibly grateful.

THANK YOU, to everyone who takes the time to read this.

anonymous asked:

Hey Viria, don't take this the wrong way cause you're probably my favorite Tumblr user but, you could be a little nicer to your followers. They simply ask for a request you could just do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude. I get it, it's your blog do what you want with it, I'm just saying. It's seems like a lot of people are getting mad at you about it. Don't take this the wrong way please, I love you Senpai!

uh. sorry, if my answer will seem rude to you, but UH.

Of course, for my followers it’s very simple to ask for a request. Or two. Or a dozen. considering how many messages I get sometimes try to understand that really many of them are actually requests. And the fact that people think that drawing is so ‘simple’ just seems so..okay, honestly, kind of offensive. like you said I ‘could do one or two here and there instead of being incredibly rude’.

But, I have a question for you. Why do you think denying people is rude? Grasp the idea that I absolutely do not own to draw anyone anything. Selfish thing to say, but I draw to please myself, on the first place. It’s incredibly nice when someone compliments you for it, really. And I appreciate it. But you know this thing when someone compliments you a lot and then completely naturally the message just transforms into a request?

Like, wow I love you and your art so much and you’re so incredible can you please draw me a simple picture of a certain character thank xoxo

I don’t know how, but I came to the terms when it makes me very..upset and mad at the same time. ESPECIALLY, when I refuse and I get people saying me that there’s no need being so ‘rude’ and telling me that it’s not even so hard to draw this person a picture.


just. AGH. it makes me angry even thinking about it.

Back then, whenever I drew anything for anyone (and wow there were the times I actually DID requests), it was always super stressful for me. It’s one thing when you draw for yourself and you screw up, but completely different when you draw for someone else and you just have to make it better, and you want this person to actually like it, and THAT’S A WHOLE DAMN LOT OF PRESSURE when you think that THEY MIGHT NOT LIKE IT in the end and get disappointed with you. That’s the last damn thing I want to do and feel, I get enough stress from studying and life, thank you.

I do not want to draw for people I don’t know, I do not want to draw the characters I don’t know and therefore do not have any emotional connection with, I do not want to spend my personal time on it. I do not. want. to do it. And it’s normal.

you do not come to a seamstress you admire and just ask them to make you a free simple dress, do you? That would be a rude and disrespectful thing to do, wouldn’t it? THEN, WHY. IS IT. DIFFERENT. WITH ARTISTS?

I’d understand people’s frustration if they were asking for requests and there was literally zero information about it on my page, and whenever I get mad I’d understand why they are upset on me reacting this way, because they didn’t know it and just asked, and I blew up on them for nothing.

But there is information about it, though no one ever seem to bother to actually open it and read it. Or, I don’t know, they still think that asking ‘won’t hurt’.

I know a lot of people ask about it very nicely, and I really do understand where it’s coming from, but if someone doesn’t do requests, then do not force your opinions about it on them. If they chose not to do them, for whatever reason, just leave them alone and accept it without calling them rude because they, WHOA, decline people’s wishes. how awful of them.

If you think someone is better than you in something, it does. not. mean. it’s easy for them to make something that impresses you.

phew, sorry for the huge rant but I had to let it out. And, I guess, sorry for being rude…again. *It wasn’t all directed to you specifically, don’t take it this way, it’s generally the ‘message to people’. *

anonymous asked:

Hello there, I know you get a ton of asks - so I don't mind if you link me to a previous answer: I'm neutral when it comes to the whole 'Reylo debate' - I guess I'm on the fence? However I asked a prominent Reylo blog recently why they ship it &what evidence do they have that it's canon &they gave a STRONG case, that seemed plausible & interesting to me! But I always see your posts referring/ alluding to ethical problems with the ship - do you mind expanding on what those issues are? (Part 1)

Part 2: do you honestly believe they have no chance of a relationship together? And if they did share a romantic connection would you still watch the films? Even if Rian Johnson ( an amazing and accomplished director) pulled it off with Oscar - worthy precision of direction and storytelling.

note: this is a LONG post. i tried a cut but the images weren’t all loading/it wasn’t working on mobile. sorry guys!

the fact that you’re using “oscar worthy” and “reyIo” in the same context makes me really question whether or not you’re truly “neutral” but sure, let’s go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt here. you know what else i’ll do? i’ll even forget about the blatant racism and misogyny involved with the whole thing. i’ll ignore how destructive and gross the shipper community as a whole has been. i’ll ignore the strong possibility that it may be incest and the fact that some shippers have said that would be okay. i’ll ignore every single issue with reyIo that isn’t part of the narrative itself.

i’m literally just going to post all the interactions between rey and kyIo as described in the tfa script and official novelization and include some screencaps of those scenes. if you read all of these words and see them next to all of these images and you can still say with 100% honesty that you’re convinced a romantic relationship between the two of them could not only realistically happen, but would also be a good and healthy thing, then my dude, you were probably never really 100% neutral in the first place.

anyway, here’s a huge box of receipts of how rey and kyIo’s dynamic is rooted in violence and abusive behaviors:

let’s start with the actual definition of abuse:

ok. now let’s just go ahead and jump right in to some examples:

actually, first a note - if i don’t include script excerpts, that means there were no stage directions/editorials for that particular moment. moving on…

1) kyIo literally gaslighting rey in the forest (this part is only in the novelization):

and again on starkiller base (novelization and film):

2) kyIo causing rey immense pain by invading her mind without her consent after paralyzing her with the force (novelization and film):

3) rather blatant rape parallel regarding the lingering pain from the mind probe:

4) rey’s reaction to kyIo, IDing him as violent and unstable:

5) rape parallels galore:

6) kyIo literally physically hurting rey:

and that’s that, right there, in black and white.

you can read all the metas you want about how their relationship is “SO DEEP” and full of “SUBTLE CUES” and those nonsense “darkness and the maiden” or whatever analyses that could’ve been written word for word over a hundred years ago but zero percent of them will change the fact that the dynamic between rey and kyIo comes from a place of violence and abuse and will never, ever be allowed to happen as long as disney owns lucasfilm.

i’m sorry if this sounds harsh or anything, but antis have been making this point time and time again since december 18 and yet no one ever seems to listen. everyone is tired. we shouldn’t have to “build a case” for why this is a bad ship. it’s right there in the narrative.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't mean to be rude, but why not try to find a job instead of making people pay just because they want to know things about spanish or need help with grammar? It seems a bit out of place, in my opinion. Tumblr is a public platform and now that you've made a following by helping people you want them to pay you?

Listen. First, you are being rude and you know you’re being rude otherwise you wouldn’t be on anon. You’re afraid I’m going to call you out or someone’s going to disagree.

Second, I’m not “making” anyone pay anything. Did I come to your house and hold a gun to your head and say “pay me”? Nope, I sure didn’t. I gave people an option to help support me if they want to.

Third, I’m a content creator. Forgive me if I decide, “Hey, you know what, my time and efforts helping people are valuable. Maybe someone would like to support me so I can keep doing this for free.” You telling me what I should or shouldn’t do with my hard work is what’s out of place.

Let’s just be real clear here. I am under no obligation to give you free help with Spanish. Never have been, never will be. And for you to imply that I’m being predatory because I ask people to support me with money if they want to, is rude.

Because let’s look at what is I do and why people are here:

Spanish books cost money, and internet stuff tends to be unreliable or doesn’t answer everything, and you don’t often get a real person to help you because real people cost money. 

So I provide a service that one normally gets for money, except I do it because I want to. But at the end of the day, my content and what I create or explain, is mine. And you don’t have the right to tell me that I shouldn’t charge for it - on a separate website no less - because I’m struggling financially. 

If I were giving help as a teacher or tutor on a salary, it wouldn’t be rude for me to ask for money. That’s business.

I do the work of a Spanish teacher and tutor here - for free. Normally one exchanges money for goods and services. It’s no more predatory to ask that people give money IF THEY WANT TO, then it is for a bookstore to charge you money for buying a book. 

“Well, gosh, I sure would like to know the things inside this book, but they want me to pay for it? How rude of them to make their content private!” said literally no one ever.

Do you think it’s rude for people with youtube channels (free content on a public platform) to advertise that their followers can buy the book they’ve written? Or support them on their various other accounts? 

Is it rude for a podcast that reaches thousands of people to tell people how they can support the show or are they just using their followers to get money?

Do you find it rude for an artist to have a Patreon and to crowdfund? Do you find it rude when people link to their Etsy accounts? 

Do you find it rude when people ask for money for Go Fund Me or Paypal, or for artists to ask for emergency commissions? 

Do you find it rude when other websites set up ads for books or things on free resources?

It’s called business. And because I own my own brand, I get to do what I want with my stuff and if people are able to support me, so much the better.

Because SpanishDict and a lot of other places that offer Spanish resources charge money to get to the good stuff with subscriptions, and I don’t see you writing them saying how rude that is that people who want to learn something might have to pay for it.

How dare I use the following I have amassed through years of free work to say, “Hey, here’s a thing where you can maybe give money if you want so I can continue doing this for free.” What a monster I am.

Furthermore, I opened the Patreon because Tumblr isn’t a place where you charge people money, but let’s not forget that there are sponsored posts up here on Tumblr too so that they can reach people. This is how marketing works. I don’t particularly like it either, but this is the system and I do need to live in order to create content.

Btw, if I “try to find a job” - which makes it sound like I don’t work at all or that I’m not currently looking - and the job takes up more of my free time, then what do you think happens to this blog with the magic free Spanish?

It would go away because I’d have to spend more time doing that job and earning a living. This whole account came from my free time. If I don’t have free time, there goes the blog.

Right now I get the impression that if I became homeless you’d be more upset you don’t have access to new content, rather than me being homeless. That makes me feel REAL motivated to continue to put out free content for people like you, so thanks ever so.

I’m doing what I can not to have to go on an indefinite hiatus. I didn’t force anyone to give money. I’m not doing it now. I’m not “making” anyone pay me.

Not to be rude, but, yeah, I would like people to pay me because I do help people, so that I can keep doing it. I’m not going to force them to do it, but i will absolutely ask, and if it gets rid of people who only want content and don’t care about the creators, then that’s a bonus.

If you have a problem with me using my special skills to ask people to consider donating money, then you’re welcome to direct all further questions about Spanish to Google Translate instead.

That being said…

If anyone would like to support me over on Patreon - and you absolutely don’t have to if you don’t want to - come join me because I create content for people who are interested in the Spanish language every single day!

I’m So Sorry Part Two

The ending of I’m So Sorry. Glad everyone enjoyed the first part so much!

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

I’m So Sorry Part One


“It’s okay, Jay.”

The words had barely left her mouth before Y/n’s eyes fluttered closed. Jensen tried shaking her again, but nothing was waking her up. Her head lolled gently to the side and Jensen had never felt such fear before in his life. Sudden there was a loud commotion behind them and when Jensen turned back he saw the paramedics finally bursting onto the set.

“About damn time,” Jensen hissed, exchanging looks with an equally terrified Jared. What happened next was a bit of a blur to him. The paramedics crowded around her and in no time, were lifting her into the ambulance, and before he knew it he was left standing on the back lot with Jared, watching as the ambulance and Y/n in it drove off.

“Jay, Jay, JAY,” Jensen snapped out of it and turned to his friend. Jared nodded to the parking lot. “Let’s go, Cliff said he’ll drive us down to the hospital. I want to be there and I know you do to.”

Jensen numbly nodded, he was still in shock. Not only did Y/n, one of his best friends, just suffer a major injury, but it was his fault. How did he not realize it wasn’t a prop? And better yet, which asshole, who has about to lose his job, gave Jensen the wrong knife?

Jared looked up from his phone, as his whole chair shook from Jensen’s constant fidgeting. The older man was still clearly beating himself up over what happened. Jared sent one more text to Gen before closing his phone.


“I’m gonna kill that friggin prop man,” Jensen steamed.

Jared sighed, he knew Jensen well enough to know that he was really just mad at himself. “I know Jensen, and that guy is as good as fired. What I’m more worried about at the moment is Y/n and you.”

“Me?” Jensen scoffed, “I’m fine, but I’m worried about Y/n too. There was a lot of blood Jared.”

Jared gulped and nodded at his friend, “I know man. I can’t stop seeing it.”
“Me either,” Jensen looked down at his still stained red hands. “I can’t believe I did this to her.”

“Jensen, c’mon. You had no idea and Y/n knows you’d never intentionally hurt her.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still did. Jared, I stabbed Y/n.” Jensen’s voice rose as he continued to grow in hysteria. “I stabbed Y/n. She’s in here because of me. Jared, this is all my fault.”

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in a fashion

he tian x mo guan shan one-shot

tags: swearing, kissing (you know the game they play), set in the future, he tian and guan shan live together in domestic bliss (ha)

synopsismy train was delayed yesterday and i was bored and don’t know what this is but enjoy?

‘Someone’s been baking,’ He Tian says, pleased, tasting sugar and rosemary on Guan Shan’s lips. The apartment smells warm and sweet, a new version of home that is crafting itself out of sense, though the space is unchanged but for the suitcase at the bottom of He Tian’s wardrobe, the cooking appliances starting to fill the kitchen surface, and Guan Shan, stretched out on the sofa and flicking through a magazine.

‘Get off me,’ Guan Shan says, head turned, the kiss broken, hands a pressure on He Tian’s chest, nails pressing into the white shirt. ‘You stink of cigarettes.’

‘People at work were smoking,’ He Tian says. ‘It’s not from me.’  But he pulls away, slightly stung, unfolding himself from where he’d rested a knee and a hand on the sofa, curved himself around Guan Shan’s repose.

He’d promised he’d give it up for his health, but Guan Shan must know it’s easier said than done; he knows He Tian holds a cigarette bracketed between his fingers like a compact life-line. Something to wrap his lips around in lieu of letting words slip from his mouth.  

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hush-hush-little-heart  asked:

Hi! I just found out about your blog, and I'd like to ask you something. I'm part of the LGBT community, and next year I'm going to study a Japanese Philology at the university. Would you mind telling me some basic LGBT vocabulary in Japanese? Just so I can understand and talk a bit about it, please ♡ (I'm a trans boy, and pansexual btw :3)

oh also! (sorry i forgot to write it in the other ask) Do you know anything about getting hormones (testosterone, in my case) in Japan? Is it easy? Just in case, because I’d like to have a job/live there in a future, at least for some time

hi. :) sorry for taking so long to get to your asks.

regarding LGBT terminology in Japanese, it’s a little hard to answer that question because it’s so broad…. so instead, i’m going to really keep it basic and i’m going to cheat by directing you to others’ stuff.

this site has a very basic list of terminology… in fact it’s a bit too basic and leaves out some important information, imho. for example, while there is a bit of caution here and there about using certain words that are considered derogatory, it neglects to mention that many lesbians consider レズ (”rezu”) to be derogatory and such that word should not be used. stick to the commonly used ビアン (”bian”) or レズビアン (”rezubian”) instead. also, オネエ (”onee”) has a similar (but still different) trajectory as a derogatory word as is explained under オカマ (”okama”) and while you will probably hear people say it both offline and on TV, i very much recommend that you don’t. same goes for the far less commonly used equivalent for trans men, オナベ (”onabe”); don’t use it. better to just say FtM (very commonly used in Japan) or トランス男性 (”toransu dansei”) / トランスジェンダーの男性 (”toransujendaa no dansei”) for ‘trans man’. also note that “pansexual” is パンセクシャル (”pansekusharu”) or 全性愛者 (”zenseiaisha”).

will also throw out there that you may find other relevant or useful terminology / information about being LGBT in Japan on my new page #LGBTQIA in Japan.

as for getting HRT (more specifically T) in Japan, if you’d be starting it in Japan rather than continuing a current prescription and / or if you’d be pursuing it with “F” as your legal gender marker, it’s not as easy to get it in Japan as it is in some countries, but it is still obtainable. how hard it’ll be for you to get it very much depends on where in Japan you live– countryside, small town vs major city, for example. there are also two different paths to getting HRT that will very much effect how easy or difficult it is to get T.

option 1: the legal, “official” way

in Japan, you cannot legally receive HRT without being diagnosed with GID (Gender Identity Disorder). to be diagnosed with GID, you have to go to 6 months of therapy with a licensed psychotherapist– the vast majority of which do not speak English and have a very conservative mindset when it comes to gender and gender roles that they often expect trans people to fulfill in order to “really” be trans…. there are certainly good therapists out there, but finding one who also speaks English and has the certification necessary to actually ‘diagnose’ you can be hard even in a big city like Tokyo. once you get the diagnosis, however, you then pay a largish sum of money for an official document that you can then take to a Gender Clinic or other medical facility to have blood tests done and get T administered as a shot usually every two weeks by a professional. patches are unavailable and i’ve heard that they will not let you administer the shot yourself, so if you live far from a clinic that has T you’ll have to travel to get it.

option 2: the illegal, but easier way

all of the above– the need for a GID diagnosis, having to travel to get injections, etc– still apply, but there are a few clinics (usually found in major cities) that will give you HRT based solely on consent. they will give you a document (probably entirely in Japanese) to sign, releasing them of responsibility should something bad happen, and they will maybe, maybe not do a blood test before giving you the injection of T. as said above, it is illegal for them to do it this way and they are still flirting with the law by doing so, but on the plus side clinics that do operate in this way usually do so because they are aware of how fucked up Japan’s GID requirement is and are more aware of practices in trans healthcare outside of Japan. i’ve also found that such clinics are more likely to be accepting of non-binary / Xジェンダー and other trans people who do not necessarily fulfill traditional gender roles.

most foreigners that i know opt for option 2 for various reasons, not the least of which being that option 1 isn’t even really an accessible option if you don’t speak Japanese reasonably well. ah, and i should mention that no insurance, national or private, will cover HRT (either estrogen or T), although insurance will often cover therapy sessions.

anyway, sorry for the tl;dr response, but i hope that some of this is helpful. if you (or anyone else) have other questions, feel free to ask and / or check out  #LGBTQIA in Japan.

On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the annon who asked about you doing spam of kyungsoo being jealous please will you do it thank you ❤️

Hello anon, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I just recently got the time to check up on the blog again, I wasn’t in such a great place mentally for the past few weeks but I’ve finally managed to get myself together lol 

I couldn’t find as much gifs as I wanted so I’m apologize for the short compilation.

This is the gif I stumbled upon most repeatedly. As you can see Sehun and Jongin are messing around with the ribbon. Sehun is trying to tie it around Jongin’s neck as some form of joke and for some reason Kyungsoo is not liking it . You can see him clearly pulling Sehun’s elbow away and Jongin laughs instantly in reaction.Throughout the whole thing, Sehun is oblivious to it all and you can see him slightly flinch at Kyungsoo’s unexpected touch. He seems startled for a second there. He let go almost instantly after that.  

Apart from the obvious, which is Kyungsoo’s reaction to the man ( possibly hair stylist?) brushing Kai’s hair in somehow questionable way, what I find most interesting in this gif is Luhan’s subtle reaction. Look at they way Luhan seeks Kyungsoo with his eyes almost instantaneously after witnessing the man’s hand in Kai’s hair. In the third gif you can notice a small somewhat knowing smile tagging at his lips. He looks almost amused at Kyungsoo’s reaction and the whole situation. At this point, Kyungsoo doesn’t realize it and is fully focused on Kai. You can notice the way his eyebrows slightly rise up once he notices what’s going on. Humans tend to do that as instinctive reaction to questionable situations or actions they find unamusing/uncomfortable. Kyungsoo’s stare is open, straight and direct which makes it verge on being more of a glare. If you concentrate on the second gif, you will notice the subtle gulp in his throat. He looks way right after, his eyes  down, arm folded. He licked his lips few times (but not shown in the gif). It most likely translates to Kyungsoo not understanding (liking?) what he saw and it made him nervous, possibly uncomfortable. 

I’ve followed Kyungsoo well enough throughout the years that I’ve grown familiar with his expressions and his overall character. I know that he tends to switch from one emotional expression to another in curt, abrupt and sometimes unexpected manner. It’s a reflection of his reserved nature and possibly his upbringing. Most Asian cultures install in children the habit of self-composure, of modesty even in expression yourself. I was personally raised not to laugh too loudly in polite company, not show anger in public and to keep most of my emotion to myself and it be modest in the manner I express them. 

In this gif, however you look at  it, it looks much more than Kyungsoo being.. well…Kyungsoo. Personally, he seems genuinely annoyed to me in here. The way he shifted his eyes so swiftly to the complete opposite direction while dropping the smile immediately is quite telling. Many find Kyungsoo hard to read and label him as the least expressive of the group but in this exact moment, he is technically wearing his heart of his sleeves. It’s all on his face, easily seen.

This is the most interesting of all the gifs I could find. Bodies are incredibly telling. The subtlety in the way they communicate our most inner, unfiltered feelings is eternally fascinating to me. There was a full video analysis of this moment on YouTube but the creator seems to have deleted their channel. 

I’m sure most shippers remember this interview in which a girl called in. She turns out to be an old acquaintance of Jongin and then they started to talk. She spoke to him in a familiar manner and told of how she and Jongin were friends or used to know each other through school. Some other members started to jokingly tease Jongin about having female friends. Jongin brushed them off, saying that they were just normal classmates/friends or some of the like. Jongin was hunched over the mic the whole time he talked. He spoke in a low shy tone, his shoulders, his eyes and his head all pointing inward and down. He was likely uncomfortable/embarrassed with the attention from everyone or probably from the teasing. During the whole dialogue going on, the rest of members were looking at Jongin and mostly smiling, having pleasant teasing expressions, all with the exception of Kyungsoo. 

Those who know Kyungsoo well, know that he is not the fidgeting nervous type. In fact, he is admirably still in the manner that he sits and carries himself. I find Jongin the most restless of all of the Exo members. He seems to never be able to just sit still which is a total contract Kyungsoo who’s always self-composed and poised with his body and his expressions. 

Funny enough, the opposite happens here and you can clearly see Kyungsoo fidgeting with hands, mouth and nose in the gif below the picture. In different instances, he even touches the mic and his headphones couple times. His eyes kept shifting constantly, never actually focused. He looks unnecessarily restless. Students do that commonly enough during long boring classes or patients in waiting rooms.Most specifically it’s a sign of discomfort,, of nervousness, of not knowing how to react to a certain situation or not knowing what to do with your body. It translates to not wanting to be where you are, of  a desire to be somewhere else away from said source of discomfort.  In other words, Kyungsoo is not feeling comfortable in here. 

I could say that he was simply bored and disinterested with the whole interview and he just wanted to catch on some sleep or get some coffee somewhere outside but interestingly enough, his body didn’t express such blunt discomfort  at the beginning of the interview. Here is some pics of him at the same interview.

He looks interested and happy enough to be there. However the sudden almost instant change in his body language the moment Jongin’s old female friend came on air is quite noticeable and..questionable. Whenever one could argue if he was jealous or not is not something that can’t be determined ( unless one is a mind-reader lol) but I personally feel safe enough to assume that he didn’t like the obvious familiarity of the dialogue between Jongin and this girl. Kyungsoo simply felt and looked out of place during the whole exchange and that’s proof enough for me.

I apologize again anon for the belated response and I hope this answered your ask. Have a good day :)

swax  asked:

Hi I'm writing a fic, which is a coda. I didn't like how the last season of the show ended, and decided to write a sequel to "fix" it. I know where I want it to go, I also have an outline of what should happen but I can't obviously make it happen overnight. So how do I connect everything, without making it sound like an unrelated patchwork of events? I already had this issue with an original story, and I gave up on it. I don't want to go through this again: I really care about that fic!

Thanks for your question, love!  That sounds like an exciting project :)  You definitely shouldn’t give up yet!

So your question is a bit vague in terms of what your exact problem is, but I think I get what you’re saying.  You have multiple plots/subplots going on, but nothing really pulling them together into one story – no cause and effect.  If that’s the case, I think I have some ideas for you.

Traits of a Cohesive Story

  • Theme – A solid theme – whether literal (e.g. each plot revolves around people dying of cancer), emotional (e.g. multiple characters face the same emotion, like loneliness or passion), or moral (e.g. multiple situations require a moral decision, like pacifism vs. justice) (in other words, Undertale) – can tie even the most disparate plots together.  For fanfiction, maintaining themes from the source material is very important to create an authentic, in-character feeling.  Think about the themes in your show – this will give you direction.
  • Character arcs – While most writers know to develop their characters, we don’t always think about the structure of an arc.  Like any good plot, your main characters should have a beginning point (who they are, untouched), a direction they’re going (how they’re growing, for better or worse), a setback or two, and their ultimate decision of whether to continue growing, or to regress.  Strong character arcs give a story purpose, and create that sense of continuity you may be lacking.
  • A message – No matter how many different events occur in your story, if you can draw them toward one message, you’ll come out looking fine!  The message could be very specific (e.g. when the world ends, all that matters is having someone to hold), or vague (e.g. “it’s always darkest before the dawn”), as long as it encompasses multiple plot points or character arcs.  Think about what you’re saying to the reader, and try to boil it down to one distinct point.
  • A conclusive ending – Plots or events that seem disjointed can be pulled together by a mutual ending – a final result that wouldn’t be possible if things had transpired differently.  Even if it’s as simple as the butterfly effect (the entire premise of Life is Strange) (sorry, I’m in a video game mood), an ending that involves most (or all) of the story’s plots will make everything feel connected.

I hope this helps you to move forward with what sounds like a great story :)  If this wasn’t helpful, be sure to send us another ask with more information!

Thanks again, and good luck!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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do you have favorite old ah/rt videos that are like mavin classics? I'm sort of new and I don't know which old videos to go back and watch

i do!! this list is probably gonna be all over the place timewise bc my definition of “old” goes from 2012 to 2015, and i’m gonna try to separate it into general series/videos that are good, and specific moments that are good. links will be in the name and direct to playlists when available, specific vid if not. and, fair warning, i’m gonna throw a couple of links to tweets/pictures in this too. replies should be enabled if anyone has something they want to add! readmore for length

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anonymous asked:

Hiii there !! I'm a really really new sone and.. well I'm really sorry to ask but would it be possible to ask for a big list of shows, emissions, backstage videos and such to learn more about SNSD ? I really want to know them a lot more but I don't know what is out there for me to watch and fall in love with them ;; and i'm asking you because you're kinda my favorite girls generation blog :( 💕

Omg hello there!~ Welcome to the fandom ^0^ I hope you’re enjoying so far c: And of course ^-^ I’m so sorry this took so long D: I wanted to be sure I got everything I wanted in this haha~ Here you go:

I have the direct links to the first episodes of each show, so if you want to watch more, you can click on the right where it’ll have the continuous episodes. Or if you can’t find it, you can search up the title of the show + snsd + episode number + eng sub and you should find it!~

SNSD Variety Shows:
As the whole group:

With only several/one of the members:

As Special Guests:
(There are multiple episodes that they are in so you can search them up and you’ll be able to find more but here are some!!)

MC Shows:
(These have multiple episodes too)

  • Win Win (Taeyeon)
  • Heart a Tag (Tiffany) [ I can’t find find english subbed versions D: i’m sorry!]
  • TV Entertainment Tonight (Sooyoung)
  • Music Core (Tiffany was an MC with Yuri for a while then became an MC with Taeyeon and Seohyun afterwards)

Special videos:

larrie receipts masterpost

This is going to be an very long post. I’m making this for myself and for others to be able to go back and find some of the truly horrible and disgusting things larries on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter have all said about Louis, Harry, Freddie, Briana, Danielle, and more, sometimes directly to them via their social media. Warnings for drama, abuse accusations, rape accusations, wishing for death/harm towards Freddie and Briana, very gross language and insults, ableist language, and stalking. If there’s anything else I should have a warning for, please let me know.

To anyone who wants to get mad at me for including screenshots and links to their posts, your blog is public, this website is public. If you don’t want to have people take screenshots of your posts, try refraining from posting such awful things :)

For reference for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a pretty good post to explain why people believe larry is real and Freddie isn’t Louis’ son. That post sums up the reasons all of these people featured in this masterpost said all of these things. I guess it’s up to you if you think it’s justifiable. Also, if you have anything to add on to this (especially as we weeks go on and larries get grosser and grosser as we’ve seen them do

To start, there isn’t room for screenshots but honestly, search any larrie’s blog for the word Briana. It’s vile. 

Bromanceshmomance accusing Briana of date rape if Freddie is really Briana and Louis’ son. 

Literally hoping Freddie will die.

larryalbum wishing for an entire family to “choke.”

Srslycris accusing antis of all being Trump supporters

Everything about this. Ableist language, horrible insults, accusing Briana of faking her Instagram hack.

The way they’re talking about Briana, saying “she’s a fake mother and an ex beard…even leaving out the fact that she’s the most un-interesting, bland, nothing human being on the planet, her situation makes her utterly unlikeable to everyone.” A ridiculous amount of insults and bullying for just one post. From verily-i-say. 

Much, much more under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey Bee, I'm just feeling really crummy and worthless- like nothing I do is enough. And had an argument with my family that makes me feel like they think the same. So I came to your blog for a smile. Thanks for such a lovely blog. I was thinking that the things I'm going through sound like something shy!sid might also have gone through. If that sparks any creativity in you or the other anons that would rock

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way!!! :(( I know that feeling and it’s definitely really rough. Here’s some shy sidney, if that helps a little:

Sidney doesn’t date. Spending effort to go out to impress a guy who may or may not be as interested in him in the end is draining, and Sidney’s been on enough awkward encounters to kill enough of his self-esteem. He likes his routines a certain way, he likes quiet Friday nights to himself at the rink, when all the players are gone and he can practice without the memories of the terrifying jeers and boys trying to break his neck surging back. He likes the stability of knowing the sameness of his schedule.

Sidney had a long term boyfriend before, and his parents made such a big fuss about it, telling Sidney how happy they were that Sidney found such a nice person. And he was nice. Nice enough before finally throwing in the towel and saying, kindly but quite honestly, “I can’t imagine living with you forever. You’re…boring.” It’d hurt more than any hockey injury, because exactly a month ago, the same man had held him close and told him warmly, “I love how there’s no surprises with you. You’re one in a million, Sid.”

Sidney believed him.

His parents ask him why his boyfriend isn’t coming over for Christmas, and Sidney tells them why, hoping the Skype call would conceal his throaty voice.

“Well, he’s not…wrong,” his father says.

Without hockey, Sidney’s always been less than enough for his father. It stings just a bit more today to hear it.

“Troy!” his mother says, smacking him on the arm before turning to Sidney. “He wasn’t worth your time, sweetheart.”

(He doesn’t tell his parents about his later boyfriends, or lack thereof, anymore.)

He keeps himself busy with work, running to and fro to keep things running in the Pens PR team, making calls and not thinking of much at all. Retweeting the player’s Cup days when he’s bored (it’s intern work, but Sarah had called in sick that week) and staring at happy families gathered around the Stanley Cup. Evgeni Malkin, the team’s captain, holds up the Cup triumphantly in one photo. There’s real penguins waddling around, flowers and streams and expensive champagne along the table, and so, so many people, all the people who love and adore Geno. A beautiful woman kisses Geno’s cheek in another photo, and Geno looks so happy.

Sidney is a little bit in love with Geno. Geno always puts on a big smile for Sidney’s cameras, strikes a silly pose and points in his direction so Sidney’s little team always gets the perfect shot. He always stays to chat with Sidney after he showers and changes out of his sweaty jersey, if Geno can find him, asking cheekily, “You see hat trick? Do for you.” And Sidney would laugh that embarrassing honking noise and tell Geno’s that he’s so full of shit when really his heart is bursting with hope.

“Have to go out with team now, you come too?” Geno asks. “Celebrate?”

“I have work left to do, have to go home,” Sidney says. It’s a Friday night. “I really can’t.”

“One day I’m find your house, make you go with us,” Geno teases, grinning. For a moment, Sidney dreams of Geno coming to his house and saying sheepishly, ‘I’m keep you company? I’m little bit tired tonight, maybe we keep talk.’ It makes Sidney’s chest flutter, but then Geno adds, “Know you really not that boring!”

And that’s all it comes down to. They’re different people, after all. Maybe Sidney’s just in love with an idea of Geno. Maybe Geno had just been amusing Sidney when Sidney ramble-mocks the latest bizarre concept he saw on the History channel, telling him, “No, no, is interesting. I’m want to know. Keep going.” It’s not the first time he’s been lied to. Maybe Sidney had just become so unwittingly lonely that anyone who could stand him for more than five minutes would do.

“Geno, the rookies say they’re going to find you someone tonight for sure!” someone yells. “Hurry the fuck up!”

Sidney smiles tightly. “Good night, Geno. Great job out there.”

He leaves, down the hallway, and Geno doesn’t stop him.

He ends up staying at the rink until he’s sure that everyone else is gone.

He skates until his knees hurt. And practices.

And practices.

And practices.

And practices.


He’s getting ready to go home for real when Geno’s voice says from behind, “You lie about go home.”

Sidney whips around. Geno’s in skates too, gliding over slowly.

“You didn’t go out,” Sidney says.

Geno shrugs. “You play good,” Geno says. “Really good. I watch.”

“Oh.” Sidney fiddles with his stick and pushes at the puck a little. “I used to play.”

“You not play anymore?”

“Not with people.”


Sidney bites his lip.

“Why?” Geno asks, again.

“I like boys,” Sidney says, looking at the ground. Might as well break his own heart completely, there and then, so he stops hoping for something so impossible and dumb. “Got my leg broken by someone in peewee. Mom got scared.” He exhales through his nose, as quietly as possible. “I got scared.”

Geno doesn’t say anything for a long time. Sidney can feel the tears welling up already.  

“Hey, I should go home,” Sidney starts.

Geno reaches out a little. “Wait.”

Sidney waits.

“We practice? Little bit?” Geno asks. “More fun two people.”

“I’m really tired,” Sidney says.

“Next time?”

“Maybe,” Sidney says. “I don’t know.”

Geno shuffles a bit. “You want eat? Know great place nearby. I’m treat.”

Sidney could eat. He braves a smile. “I have to warn you, though, I’m really as boring as you think I am. I just watched an entire season of Planet Earth, so you’re going to be hearing a lot of that.”

“You not boring,” Geno says, sounding pained as he shakes his head so earnestly. He covers Sidney’s hand that’s resting on the stick with his. “You kind of amazing.”

Geno’s hand is warm and gentle against his, and Sidney doesn’t pull away.

It’s kind of amazing.

thestormdrake  asked:

Hello! I'm considering working on writing what I think could be a major undertaking for me, this being a long (epic?) poem, involving the Fair Folk! I know you do a lot of stuff related to Greek and Roman mythology, but fair folk count as mythological too (don't they?) and I thought perhaps they'd fall under your area of knowledge. If that's the case I was wondering if you had any sources you might be able to direct me to, so I can learn more about them? Thank you! I very much enjoy your blog.

Hello!! Sorry that this is a bit late, and I hope it’s still useful.

So, on my Master’s, I did a module on Celtic mythology which included a bit on fairies. However, I decided to write mostly on the realm of the fairies (the Otherworld idea) more than the fairies themselves. I can give you a few sources and ideas, though!

  • As always, I’m going to shove the old disclaimer here that Celtic studies really had a bit of a teething problem. The earlier scholarship (think late 19th to early 20th century) is incredibly fanciful and based almost entirely on speculation or inaccurate reconstructions. Some things that we tend to consider as key tenets of Celtic myth, like their ~closeness to nature~ and their ~matriarchal or egalitarian societies~ are honestly just wank made up by bored white people, usually Americans, who wanted to pretend that their heritage was idealistic so they could feel proud of it and therefore closer to it. Oops.
  • Fairies were spooky as hell!! They weren’t necessarily tricksters or even malevolent, but they were considered to live by a totally different moral code to humans, a bit like the gods in many of the well-known Greek and Roman myths. Not that their code was similar to that, because it wasn’t, but the idea of a difference in morality between humans and fairies was prevalent. This meant that fairies were often depicted as being very unpredictable, because certain acts necessitated consequences that to humans seemed irrelevant, but followed the fairy moral code.
  • An example of this would be the entrance to the Otherworld. Human beings were not supposed to contact fairies. They were supposed to wait for fairies to contact them. To make this more feasible, the entrance to the Otherworld, where the fairies existed, was temporally and spatially distant from the human world. There were certain times and locations at which the two worlds blurred and it was possible for humans to traverse the boundaries – fairies, of course, didn’t need to wait, and could cross at any time. However, it was possible for humans to seek out these specific locations and cross into the Otherworld, essentially traversing the boundaries not only between the worlds but between human and fairy moralities, and this usually led to punishment for the human. The most common form of punishment would be temporal displacement; the human would live happily in the Otherworld for, say, 5 years, and when they decided to leave, they would find that 500 years had passed in the human world and they were barred from the Otherworld, essentially living in neither world. Seems a bit out of proportion to me, but there you go.
  • tl;dr fairies are often presented as inherently malevolent, when actually they just Did Things Differently.
  • Death!! You’ll probably come across some wank sources which claim that Celtic fairies are definitive proof that Celtic people worshipped the dead, or that they represent Christian angels, or that fairies were pagan gods. None of these are accurate (or at least proven to be so), so take those with a pinch of salt. However, there are links between fairies and death. You couldn’t eat in the Otherworld, for example; a bit like the Greek myth of Persephone, who wasn’t supposed to eat in the Underworld. Fairies could literally take you out of the human world and trap you forever in theirs, which has obvious parallels with death. Certain rituals described in fairy lore, such as feasts and dancing in the Otherworld, resembles what we know of burial rites and death rituals. None of it is definitive, but it’s enough to posit that fairies had a very dangerous side.

Some fancy sources:

  • Katherine Briggs – Encyclopedia of Fairies
  • Carole Silver – Strange and Secret Peoples (this one is actually about the role played by fairies in the Victorian era, when much of the spurious scholarship was being produced – still interesting!)
  • W. Y. Evans-Wentz – The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries (one of the old ones, but one of the less wanky ones. Linking it primarily as it’s freely available here)

I’m not sure what your access to journals and stuff is like, so I won’t link specific articles, but Folklore, Ériu and any of the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium would also be good places to look!

Hope some of this is helpful!

A/N - Hey, here’s the deal. I’ve been more focused on Fallout writing for awhile, but I’ll definitely stop doing that and work on AC stuff. Meanwhile, these are preferences from my Quotev account (so, older than most of my stuff) I don’t think they’re too bad, but I haven’t read them for awhile so… sorry if they are. I love you all and thank you for following this blog despite my inactivity and laziness.

Altair Ibn La'Ahad (Assassin’s Creed)

You ran down the dusty path, clouds of dust rising up from wherever your feet landed. You cried for help as a man clad in white robes pursued you from the rooftops. To everyone you passed, you appeared to be a crazy woman, as such, they paid you no mind, offering only a glance before returning to their work. You were simply trying to survive another day, but they couldn’t see the threat-literally-looming over you.

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anonymous asked:

HC's for Lancey-Lance teaching his S/O how to snipe? Maybe he's a little flirty?

Oh, anon, you know the key to my heart. I swoon, I sigh, I shot a guy in the eye.

Also, just going to say ‘you’ for sake of simplicity.

  • At first he really couldn’t believe you were being serious about learning how to snipe.
      • “Pfft, sure thing babe.”
      • “Oh, oh wait. You mean it?”
      • “Quiznack! Yes! Oh babe, I love you!”
    • He’s legitimately so fucking excited, please restrain him before he hurts himself.
  • He’s dragging you immediately to the training deck with bayard in hand, chatting excitedly about how hot you’re going to look.
      • “What can I say, babe? Blue is your color~”
    • If the bayard forms any sort of gun when he hands it to you, please ignore the small forming of tears in his eyes. 
      • He’s just so proud of you?? Ugh, his S/O is the most wonderful person in the universe, and no one remotely compares. And now you have a sweet-ass gun too? Perfect.
      • “Alright, to get the rifle, you largely just have to picture it…”
      • Very patient if you don’t get to form it right the first few times, gently explaining it again to you. This boy grew up taking care of kids, he’s extremely patient.
  • Once you get it formed, he’s showing you the proper way to hold it.
    • Definitely uses it as an excuse to get touchy-feely with you.
    • Hands on your arms and back, maneuvering you to stand leaning into the gun, butt secure against your shoulder. (No need for you to get hurt - the recoil may be little to none, but he’s not taking that chance.)
      • “That’s it, babe. God, look at you.”
      • Cannot stop grinning, even if you feel awkward about it. You’re his little badass, let him savor this moment.
      • “Now, the fun part.”
  • Thought he was touchy before? Just wait until he’s showing you how to aim.
    • Don’t mind him just pressing himself against your back, hands running along your arms a little too much as he readjusts your aim.
    • “The moment the target is in your sights, pull the trigger. The key is not to hesitate.”
    • He has to repeat himself a few times because he is very distracting with all these feather-light touches along your sides.
      • “That’s it babe, relax. Breathe, and then shoot.”
  • If you manage to hit the target on the first try, he’s so impressed. Even if shooting seems fairly simple, long distance can be a pain and requires a certain level of finesse.
    • Kisses your neck as a reward, rather pleased at the following shiver. 
    • “Beautiful shot, babe. Almost as pretty as you. Can you do it again?”
  • If the shot misses, he just readjusts your aim a little and urges you to try it again.
    • The second you hit the target, he’s peppering what little of your face he can with kisses, praising you on being his: “Perfect badass.”
    • Eventually you’re not even needing his help on aiming.
  • After a while you’re consistently hitting the target (and roughly dead center). Lance is crying, please help him. You’re doing so good!
    • “Babe, do you think you could hit a moving target?”
    • “Ehh, I dunno..”
    • “You’ll do great!”
  • Moving targets are a whole other ordeal. It’s hard to keep up with each one through the scope, and some are moving so fast that they’re simply a blur. You can barely aim before they’re vanishing.
    • You’re just wondering how Lance does this, day in and day out.
    • He really is your talented sharpshooter.
    • “Easy, babe, you’re swinging the rifle around too much. Steady it out…”
      • Gently wraps his hand around yours and guides you in the right direction, and suddenly you’re hitting a lot more targets.
    • “Aim where they’re most likely going to be. That’s it babe, you’re doing so well. So pretty~”
  • You’re going to have to tell him you want to stop. He’ll stand there all day and happily watch you shoot. Watch the way your face scrunches up in concentration, the little blep of your tongue as you focus, the excitement on your face as you make an impressive shot…
    • “What’s sleep?”
    • Lance…”
    • “Kidding! Kidding, babe! Tomorrow I wanna watch.”
  • Later, with you cuddled up to him and peacefully asleep, looking like the world’s greatest gift, he’s glad he taught you how to snipe.
    • After all, who knows when he won’t be there to protect you?

anonymous asked:

Fraaaaan, Sero so handsome. What about BakuSero ?

A good ship I might draw something for in the near future! :D if inspiration doesn’t leave me again, that is

Anon said: I don’t know if you said anything but is there a reason you haven’t drawn anything haikyuu related lately? Not complaining but just interested why?

Hmmmmm there’s a few reasons I’ve talked about on various occasions in the past, stuff that goes from “the manga isn’t all that inspiring atm” to “the fandom isn’t responding in a way that makes me want to share more” and also “reposters sure are a pain aren’t they”, but lately I’ve been thinking that I really wouldn’t mind drawing some hq’s again so! Don’t think about those too much, consider it just a temporary hiatus :D

Anon said: Rude quiestion i know and im sorry but, will you draw some haikyuu stuff again or…?

I will! Can’t promise my focus won’t shift on other characters once I’ll start again, or generally be more spread out through everyone instead of focusing on a couple like I was doing before, but I will!

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