i know i kinda made one recently but you guys deserve recognition

reasons why Zigmund Ortega from TF/TS deserves the world

so this is me and my trash series, I have nothing better to do and I’m putting off doing the shit I’m actually supposed to do,,, as usual. I therefore make this in honor of the fandom learning Zig’s last name. this is the result of my trashy creativity and terrible procrastination so it may very well suck :>

disclaimer that all of this is just as a joke, I’m kidding most of the time so if this offends you and you really have anything against something/everything in this entire dusty list, just tell me and I’ll mediate the situation for sure *salutes*

p.s. does anyone want some Zig in TRR or Zig in ES hcs because I love hcs but I dunno I get scared to post them lol I could do 384738473 hcs and not get tired of it tbh

  • have you ever looked at his hair, because it looks amazing all the damn time bless this man
  • E Y E B R O W S  O N  F L E E K  2 4 / 7  it shakes me
  • his half smile half smirk thing makes me cry even if he ain’t my LI ok someone send me to the hospital bc his smile kills me
  • has anyone noticed that he can pull off a white v-neck because that in itself is amazing, not all guys can do that so yes okay moving on
  • he literally respects women so much, there is actual evidence of this so he ain’t no thug, fuck off abbie
  • if you still think he’s a thug then just look at the number of people in the fandom who love him
  • to some people he’s the only reason why they’re still playing this dusty book

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so this is what it looks like ! i’ve been meaning to make another bias list for a while. i made one when i first started this blog, and i’ve hit a few milestones since then, so it’s about time i got on it. here goes it      writing clint has been such an incredible experience for me. we all know this site can be absolute hell at times, but for me, the good times outweigh the bad. even when shit goes down i know that i still have a community of talented writers behind me. i don’t really have anyone in my real life to talk to about things like comics, so i feel so lucky to have found a space that lets me, and encourages me to express, and has help foster my love for this medium. you guys don’t know how much it means to me. i’ve had my ups and downs during my time writing clint, but you’ve been here for me through all of it. i am beyond grateful that i’m actually forming legitimate sentences rather than just smashing my keyboard over and over. okay so let’s get into this for real ! my apologies if i’ve forgotten anyone. everything is in alphabetical order.

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