i know i hate this photoset too

Brooklyn 99 AUs: Peraltiago 

These are a bunch of au’s I was too lazy to make photosets for but thought I would post on the off chance someone gets inspired. If you do write anything based off of these I request you please let me know as I would love to read them. 

•21 Jump Street! au 

Jake is placed undercover as a high school student trying to infiltrate the schools giggle pig supply. While at the high school Jake is registered in an array of classes including his most hated subject, math in order to meet as many students as possible. Two weeks after he started the assignment his math teacher went on maternity leave and was replaced by the very attractive recent university graduate, Amy Santiago. Seeing Jake struggle in her class she makes him attend weekly one on one tutoring with her. (which doesn’t help Jake at all because he begins to get a massive crush on her while Ms. Santiago sees him as nothing more than one of her students)

(Jake would be in his early 20s and a very new cop, while Amy would be 21 as she skipped the fourth grade)

•Amy works as a guard in a maximum security prison where the worst of the worst get to serve their sentences. She watches over terrible people: mobsters, rapists, serial killers, and now disgraced former cop turned bank robber, Jake Peralta. 

•A month after Jake and Amy create their bet to see who is the better detective, an intoxicated Jake creates a fake online dating profile to be matched with Amy. At first, it was supposed to be a harmless prank just to see how Amy talked to these random guys (that was obviously the only reason!!!), but as days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into month(s); their private conversations after work became the favorite part of his day. The guilt of cat fishing his co-worker quickly started to eat at Jake but he was already in too deep. Now Amy is asking her online fling when they will meet up and Jake doesn’t know what to do.

•Shameless US! au

With an absent mother and an alcoholic father, 21 years old high school drop out, Amy Santiago has been the sole person raising her seven younger brothers all between the ages of 2-17. Each sibling (minus Mateo because he’s two) has to help pitch in, but Amy does the majority of the work with her several minimum wage jobs to help them get by. One of the jobs includes working as a food vendor during Knicks games, where she briefly meets Jake Peralta. The next time the two meet is a week later at her front door. Him and his new partner / the Santiago’s family friend, Charles Boyle, bring in an inebriated and passed Victor Santiago home. Although it is against protocol, Charles always takes Victor home instead of a drunk tank in order to try and help Amy out. After learning what Amy goes through, Jake starts to become a frequent visitor at the Santiago residence helping her take care of her siblings (and eventually encourages her to get her GED). 

i don’t think i’m ever going to get used to how abled people act around me

i leave the house and people stare at my stick 

people literally laugh at me because of my mobility aids

every time i pass a group of young people they make loud jokes

i don’t get catcalled anymore, i get hurled literal abuse which people don’t even attempt to disguise as compliments

random strangers ask me what happened or what’s wrong with me like my body is their business. people presume i’ve just injured myself and demand to know why i’m using a stick

i can feel everyone’s eyes on me when i literally have to pull myself up to the back of the bus because all the disabled seating is taken by abled people

despite my walking aids when i do get to use disabled accommodations i get sighed at by old people or people with children who think they deserve the accommodations more than me because i’m young

i’m so tired of all of you, i’m tired of sitting and hearing my friends use the word cripple like it isn’t a slur shouted at me when i’m walking down the street. i’m tired of my friends making jokes because “it’s okay you find it funny!”. i’m tired of people using my illnesses as a source of banter!!

i’m tired of being constantly left out in everyone’s activism. people preach about intersectional feminism all they like but i hardly ever see those same people include us. 

i’m tired of people demanding to know why i’m wearing heels if i’m “supposedly disabled” or giving me unsolicited advice on how to deal with my own health like i’m not trying hard enough or something. 

i’m tired of people telling me i’m being negative when i say there’s no cure and i won’t get better, i’m tired of people telling me to be grateful when i talk about the literal facts of my illnesses. every time i talk about being in pain people get angry at me because they can’t help me and i should therefore just shut up. 

i’m tired of the stares, the smirks, the pitying looks, the eye rolls, the sighs. i’m tired of it all. i’m tired of the same people who describe anxiety as crippling, turning around and saying “use person first language!! they’re a person before they’re disabled!!”. i’m tired of people holding my disability at arms length, i’m tired of them putting it to the side as if i’m a whole person without my illnesses. my illnesses have shaped my existence and i’m tired of people acting like that’s not okay!! 

i’m so tired! why do you hate us so much?

fyachii replied to your photoset “Mass Effect 3 - Cure The Genophage pt. 4 (Custom Femshep)”

Nooooo. I hate this mission because Mordin died. T_T why must he died…. still, this is one of my favorite priority mission. I love the Future Krogan music, too!

You know, it’s funny. When I first played Mass Effect 2, Mordin got on my nerves. All I kept thinking was, this guy needs to switch to decaf coffee. But eventually he grew on me and no matter how many times I play ME3, I STILL cry when Mordin starts singing before he dies. Freaking hero of a Salarian.


2015 ACADEMY AWARDS NOMINEES - Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Emma Stone (Sam Thomson, Birdman)

“Means something to who? You had a career before the third comic book movie, before people began to forget who was inside the bird costume. You’re doing a play based on a book that was written 60 years ago, for a thousand rich old white people whose only real concern is gonna be where they go to have their cake and coffee when it’s over. And let’s face it, Dad, it’s not for the sake of art. It’s because you want to feel relevant again. Well, there’s a whole world out there where people fight to be relevant every day. And you act like it doesn’t even exist! Things are happening in a place that you willfully ignore, a place that has already forgotten you. I mean, who are you? You hate bloggers. You make fun of Twitter. You don’t even have a Facebook page. You’re the one who doesn’t exist. You’re doing this because you’re scared to death, like the rest of us, that you don’t matter. And you know what? You’re right. You don’t. It’s not important.”

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no offence but I am 100% sure you guys (or maybe one of you) has weight issues

lol “no offense” as if you really care if you’re being offensive.

But okay, since you felt the need to get personal, I will explain you a thing. The only weight “issue” I had was being body dysmorphic, which means that I was SO susceptible to all this talk about weight and how women should look and the demand for perfection that my mind literally created physical imperfections where they did not exist. And then I went on to study media for four years, which means that I know that there are billions and billions of dollars dependent upon making women feel bad about themselves. Female insecurity is an industry. So we talk about this stuff because I can personally attest to the power of suggestion and how much words can hurt, and how we live in a world purposely engineered to make us hate ourselves. I never, ever want another young girl to go through what I went through.

I know a lot of you guys think this should be a silly, fun blog about a silly, fun show…and that’s what it is most of the time. But there’s a time to be serious, too, and the fact is that influential people like Karan Johar are careless with their words and actions. They do, say, and suggest things that can actually hurt people. There’s a reason that photoset of Shahid got 400 notes overnight. There are a lot of girls out there that are happy for a little reassurance, for ONCE, that it’s okay not to look like a supermodel. We have at least ten messages in our inbox cheering Shahid on and criticizing Karan for the way he body shames women.

It’s not something to joke about. But I love how, because we take it seriously, your knee jerk reaction is, “Oh, well, it must be because they’re fat!”

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so every now and then, random [white] guys will come up to me and say "I don't mean to sound creepy, but you're very exotic looking, what's your ethnicity?" (or at least something along those lines) and I get very put off and I never know how to respond, just wanted to know you're opinion is on this...

spit on them and tell them you’re poisonous too lmao but seriously I hate assholes like that I always remember this photoset 

It will be a long rant, so..

Okay, the whole Marrish thing… I need to speak up, because it’s getting so illogical it’s ridiculous.

You need to understand that I’m a multishipper. I shipped Stydia pretty hard to some point and although I changed my otp for the show, I would have no  problem with them getting together if it would be logically developed for some time, because let’s be honest, they care for each other and they have a special bond (but is it really romantic?). They weren’t as far away from each other since the begining as they are now, though.

The age difference: I’ve seen so many posts about the age difference between Lydia and Parrish being so inacurate it actually doesn’t make ANY sence. Poeple are trying to make the age gap bigger and bigger with every season. Parrish was 24 in season three and with the whole fucked up timeline  TW has let’s just say it was a year ago since “now” and Lydia was 17 back then. So how is it possible for you guys that now when Lydia is 18, Parrish is in your opinion 28? What? I know the age difference may trigger some poeple although in my opinion it’s not that big of a deal, especially since:

a) Parrish is a big confused puppy in here, acting like the one being in high school.

b) Lydia. The argument that pisses me off the most is that Lydia is some little 18 y/o girl who doesn’t know the world and what the fuck she is doing and she is being manipulated into a relationship with an older guy who’s trying to take advantage of her. STOP. Are we really talking about the same show and the same character? Lydia is a sexual being. Lydia has had sex since she was 14?15? And since it’s not ok, that’s a fact. Lydia loves sex. Like really guys. Isn’t it like the whole point of feminism to let a girl with sexual needs to take care of those needs? Lydia’s exactly that. Let’s not forget about Lydia’s dystractions. These guys were definitely older guys too, college boys? NEXT. Lydia is not some kind of little girl. Comparing Lydia to an actual 18 y/o high school girl is illogical. I’ve always seen Lydia like the most mature one of them all. And right now, she’s like mentally 35 or something after all she’s been through. And isn’t it like she’s the one actually flirting, throwing inuendos in Parish’s face and making all the steps? And you still say he’s the one luring her in? Using his position as a cop to take advantege of her. WHAT?

c) THE HALLUCINATIONS; I don’t know how someone can  interprete those hallucinations as Parrish being a pervert. Like really guys… The whole point of every hallucination was a clue for Parrish to do something, to realize something etc. And in this particular episode it’s LYDIA who tries to connect through their supernatural BOND and wants to tell Parish we’re she’s in. The hallucinations are abrupt and sudden and also sometimes unwanted by Parrish, but the only thing you read into it is him dreaming about a young girl being naked? Like how can you not see - marrish shipper or not - that LYDIA created that hallucination?

d) Poeple who are most disgusted about their relationship are the same poeple who want 25-40 y/o actors/actresses to take them right  then and there. Those are the same poeple who write really obscene orgies about  tw characters -kids, as you call Lydia, or  about the actors. Those are the same people who doesn’t have problems with underage or underage/adult sex just becuase it’s about THEIR ship and it’s okay then.

I’ve been in a lot of ship wars, I’ve been the one frustrated about my ships being killed off, abandoned, ruined, forgotten, written off. I know how it feels like and I know how frustrating it is. I’ve hated ships too. But I’ve never seen such a hipocricy in any fandom, really. (And I’ve been in Glee fandom and that’s saying things)

I just wanted to watch some gifs and photosets of one of my many beloved ships from one of my guilty pleasure show but all I’ve seen were people being ridiculous. Poeple who don’t care about the show, poeple who don’t care about the actual plot, poeple who don’t care about the storyline, poeple who take from the scene what they want and need to hate more, but who don’t even try to see the whole point or the whole meaning of a thing. 

(And I feel sorry for Stiles, I feel sorry for Malia, I feel sorry for Scott, Kira, Liam and Hayden. But I don’t feel sorry for you guys. You’re not fans, you’re toxic. And you made me (and many other poeple) want to avoid one of my favourite ships in this show. Congrats. You don’t deserve Lydia Martin. You don’t deserve Stilles. You don’t deserve Stydia.)

It was suppose to be a much longer post but I’m literally done.