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To anyone out there who wants to give up, please know that I am not followed by Taylor on here, that she’s never “liked” anything of mine and that I’m far from a well known swiftie and I just got back to my hotel room from meeting her. This has taught me to never stop believing in your dreams. Your time will come. Yes, you reading this. Taylor loves all of you guys. And I feel so loved tonight. So from someone who just attended the secret sessions and has had ZERO interaction with Taylor before this, it is possible. I promise you. Don’t you dream impossible things?

hello friends

a lot of people seem really upset right now and that’s completely understandable but it might help to keep in mind that it is genuinely not a personal affront if you are not invited to something like this. there are thousands and THOUSANDS of us and it is just physically impossible for us all to be noticed or on taylor’s radar in any meaningful way. the people who are invited to meet taylor are obviously all incredibly deserving but it really at the end of the day it all comes down to sheer dumb LUCK. luck about what posts taylor is able to see, when she’s online, when she’s looking for people to invite, etc. i know it can feel like the most personal thing in the world when someone you love so much just doesn’t see you but i promise it’s not because she isn’t looking or doesn’t care

and i hope this doesn’t come across as condescending because i don’t mean to be at all. the only reason i am even making this post is because i have had my moments of being upset about it too. taylor has lurked my blog before, has replied to a post saying she loved me and generally given other indications that she knew who i was but i was never invited to meet her and when i’m feeling bad about myself it’s easy to become convinced that it’s personal. but it’s really really REALLY not. it’s always valid to be sad about not getting to meet her and i don’t think anyone would begrudge us of that but trying to keep in mind about how much luck plays into it should hopefully make it a little easier to bear

love u all

The Good Girl’s Bad Boy

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“Can you do the good bad boy for Yoongi too? And when they go on the date some guys start coming onto the reader and Yoongi protects them? Sorry you don’t have to just asking…”


PAIRING:Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Badboy! AU,  School AU! Fluff

Word count: 1.3k


When your date with Min Yoongi is interrupted because of unwanted attention, you finally see the good man behind the bad boy. 

A/N: I loved writing it.This is the lil brother of The Good Bad boy! Please give it a lot of love too. I hope you enjoy reading this :) 


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Anger was building up in you as paper planes kept on hitting your desk. You stormed off to Yoongi’s  desk as you had enough. “What the hell is your problem Yoongi?” you yelled, the eyes of your fellow classmates turning towards you both. Yoongi was sitting on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk, tie hanging loosely off his neck and a lollipop stick dangling off his lips. The moment you laid eyes on him all traces of anger were placed by nervousness.

He slammed his hands on the table before he stood up. “I” he stepped towards you. “Am” you stepped back. This happened until you found yourself in an isolated corner of the class with Yoongi’s hands caging you in. “asking where our date should be” he bent down to your eye level.  You avoided his gaze because your stomach knotted every time you looked at him. With your eyes travelling everywhere except for resting on his face you answered. “ I never said yes” at which he chuckled. “I never asked sugar” he whispered.

“Tell you what. I promise I wont touch you without your permission.” he said aloud and you could hear your classmates gasp in shock. These were not the words anyone in school expected to hear from him because Yoongi was the bad boy and boys weren’t supposed to be so respectful “I wont even kiss you without your permission” he whispered just loud enough for you to hear. Your head finally snapped in his direction and he smirked, satisfied with your response. “I’ll pick you up at 7” he turned around and walked away to his desk ready to start a very long day and you stood completely stunned in your spot because Min Yoongi had just asked you out.

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Requested: My aunt passed away three years ago and she was my best friend in the whole world. Whenever I have bad days, I throw one of her old sweatshirts on and curl up in it because it’s giant on me. Could you maybe do an imagine where Shawn notices his gf is curled up in a sweatshirt that has the same meaning as mine, so he snuggles with her and makes her day better???


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Its one of those days, those days where you miss your aunt so much that you feel like the hole in your heart from missing her is going to destroy you. One of those days where you want to collapse into yourself because you miss her so much and you don’t want to have to exist without her. One of those days where you want more than anything for her to just be here with you. 

They say it is supposed to get better with time, but as time passes all you can think about is how she’s not here to see everything thats happening in your life. She would have liked Shawn, you’re sure of it. But that makes you even more sad because she passed away before you met Shawn, so she never got to meet him. She never got to tell you that you did good. Or tell Shawn that if he broke your heart that he’d have to answer to her. But you know she would have said both those things had she been around to say it.  

You’re curled up on the couch, wearing your aunts sweatshirt. Its big on you, and you wear it whenever you miss her. It makes you feel closer to her. The front door slams, signaling that Shawn just arrived home. You wipe a few stray tears from your eyes, not wanting him to know you’ve been crying. “Y/n, are you home?” You hear Shawn’s voice float from the entryway, although you can’t see him yet. You don’t answer right away. You just want to sleep, and you don’t want Shawn to worry about you if he finds out you’re sad. So you close your eyes, and pretend to be asleep as you hear Shawn’s footsteps approaching. 

You assume that Shawn will notice you’re asleep and probably go off to the kitchen to find himself food or something, but you’re startled when you feel his fingers gently thread through your hair. When his lips come into contact with your forehead, your eyes flutter open. “Hi baby,” He whispers, gazing down at you. 

“How did you know I wasn’t sleeping?” You question, knowing Shawn would not have reacted that way had he believed you were actually sleeping. 

“You’re wearing her sweatshirt, and theres still tear stains on your cheeks.” He explains solemnly before moving you slightly so he can sit down on the couch and pull you into his arms. He kisses you before puling you even closer, letting the comfort of his arms engulf you. You don’t respond, instead, you simply bury your face in his t-shirt, wiping the remaining tears from your eyes. After a few minutes of your sniffling being the only sounds between to you, Shawn finally speaks, “Its okay to be sad, you know.” You just press yourself closer to him, and he responds by holding your tighter. 

Sometimes there are no words that will make anything better. Sometimes its just having someone there with you that makes things better. And you still miss your aunt so much, but at least Shawn is here with you. It doesn’t make everything better, but it does make that hole you feel from missing her feel a little less like it’s about to break you in two and leave you crying on the ground. 

After a few more moments of silence, Shawn suggests, “How about we have pizza and watch a movie?” 

“I thought you were going out with Brian and Matt tonight, its boys night.” You respond, knowing that was what Shawn had planned for the night.

“My girl comes first. So pepperoni?” He questions, pulling out his phone and going through his contacts for your favorite pizza place nearby.

“Shawn, it’s fine. Just go, I promise I’ll be fine.”  

“I’m not leaving. Stop trying to get rid of me babe. So pepperoni?”

“I’m not trying to get rid of you, I just don’t want you to cancel on Brian and Matt on such short notice.”

“They’ll live.” He responds. “I’m going to get pepperoni pizza.” He calls the pizza place before you can reply. He made a decision because you wouldn’t answer. He knows you love pepperoni pizza. “And those bread things you like, what are they called? Cheese br– Hi, can I place an order for delivery?” Shawn orders the pizza, and your favorite cheesy garlic bread bites. 

When he finally hangs up the phone after placing the order and giving them the address, you lean up to kiss him, which he happily returns. “Thank you Shawn,” You’re so grateful for him and the way that he cares so much and knows just how to make your bad days better. 


Characters: Dean x Reader, Deanna (Dean and the Reader’s daughter), Sam, Crowley (mentioned), some bitch ass demons

Word Count: 3,650

Warnings: Dean angst, more Dean fluff, daddy!dean feels at the very end, uncle!sam feels towards the end, Crowley being a dick, the usual

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader hid the fact that her and Dean have a daughter named Deanna and then Deanna is kidnapped and the reader is forced to tell Dean? 

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it! 

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Six years ago, if someone had told you that you wouldn’t be with the Winchesters anymore, you would have kicked them in the ass and told them they were lying. However, here you were, on your own with the most precious thing life could give you. You left because you were pregnant and you didn’t want to burden Dean and Sam with a kid, so you left and didn’t look back.

I was hard since you were in love with Dean but you two were fuck buddies, only looking for comfort when you needed to release some energy. You were nothing to Dean since he would sometimes find himself a woman from the bars you three went to. Sam tried to tell you differently but you knew what you saw.

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The Promise ~ Shawn Mendes Imagine

Not a request but I will be back on them soon I have just been very busy, so this was just a little dabble

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You and Shawn had only been dating a few months and even in that small amount of time you were blessed to have experienced the side of him that was saved just for you.  When he came home and closed the door, you were the only one to truly know what he was like.  That made your heat skip a beat.  So, when Shawn did come back home not feeling himself it was your job as his girlfriend to get him back to his usual self.  Most the time this was easy for you to do, even when he was in the foulest of moods just a glance of your face would make his day brighten up instantly.

You knew it was one of these days as soon as you heard his bags drop and a half-hearted sigh leave his lips.  You dropped your phone down next to you, and made your way to the kitchen to turn the kettle on.  You knew how much Shawn loved your teas, he always told you that “you make them the proper way” which makes you smile little to yourself.  

While the kettle boils Shawn comes and sits on the bar stool which is situated by the fridge inside your small but comfortable kitchen.  You leaned on the side waiting for him to open about what was playing on his mind.  You have only really seen him this exhausted coming back when he had come back from tour, but right now he was on ‘break’. Which for Shawn means a few days off and back to work pleasing his fans.  You understood he enjoyed his job, but you did wish he would take a break for himself.

“Are you going to tell me what’s up, or am I going to have to gouge it out you” you stated before going to grab you both a mug each and the tea bags.  Another lingering sigh left Shawn’s lips as you walked back over.

“I am not sure what I’m doing wrong Y/N, I do everything management tell me to do and more yet they keep pushing me.  Saying you are a distraction, that’s all the meetings have been on about.  I can’t handle them, the one thing I have for myself and they want to take it away” he placed his hands on both sides of his face supporting himself as he closed his eyes.  You were shocked at what he had just stated, mainly because all you ever have done is your best to work with management so Shawn can focus.  You barely see him as it is so how you are the distraction is incomprehensible.

“I sat there, listening to their bullshit for 3 hours.  All that time them saying I need to consider someone who’s famous, that till help my image. What I don’t understand is the fans will know that somethings up with me.  You are my life and for them to take you away would break me, you know its them telling me.  It wasn’t my idea right Y/N?” You were stunned to look up and Shawn be standing in front of you.  You were too in shock to realise how hurt he looked.

“Of course, I know it wasn’t you’re doing Shawn, don’t be stupid to think I wouldn’t believe you” you stated pulling his chin down to you momentarily before he picked you up and placed you on the counter top.  Opening your legs just wide enough for him to fit inside, his head resting on your shoulder his hands holding your waist as he breathed in sharply.

“I promise you I will not let them take you away from me” Shawn looked up to your eyes with a serious look before placing a tender peck to your lips, barely long enough for you to respond to it.

“I wouldn’t ever allow them too” you held his face in your tender hands, his stubble itching your hand as you pulled him forward to cement your promise to each other.  The promise that no one will be able to come in-between you both fir as long as you loved each over.

I was super tempted to write my 5000 word thesis on Why Rodimus Did Nothing Wrong but getting involved in discourse is so bad for my peace of mind and ability to enjoy stuff so all I’ll say is this;

1) during season 1 of mtmte when rodimus had access to the map he was beset by a truly ridiculous amount of bad luck and the various misadventures which befell the lost light were involuntary and beyond his control

2) he had many flaws in season one and much of his arc in that season was dedicated to him learning to overcome them, see Luna 1 and his realization that it was more heroic to live for his crew than to die for them, also his willingness to sacrifice the matrix aka the sign from primus that he’s destined for greatness and more practically their only clue pertaining to their quest for glory for the lives of every CC bot in the universe

3) season 2 is where much of getaways (and people irls) criticism of him stems from, and yes! It’s true that they never get any further towards their goal! However let’s remember that rodimus 1) has lost his best friend and only confidant in drift, 2) had Optimus Prime tell him he was a terrible leader and should have resigned and appoint MEGATRON as co captain of the privately owned ship of which rodimus was the private owner, and 3) as we have already pointed out he sacrificed the matrix to save a vast number of the cybertronian race so he did not actually, yknow, HAVE A DAMN MAP at this point

SUBPOINT 3.5) can we just for a second remember that the vast majority of the crew did not sign up for this quest because they actually wanted to find the Knights? Like one of the main themes of season one is that the knights are a super flimsy excuse to not have to hang around on Cybertron and deal with any of the fallout of the war or like, their own feelings or issues, and that it’s The Adventures We Had Along The Way and Not The Destination That Counts, and hey drift says maybe WE’RE the Knights of Cybertron. I don’t know where anyone’s getting the idea that finding the knights = good captaincy and for the record megatron didn’t get any closer than rodimus did so nyah

I had more to say but this is cringy enough as is, IN CONCLUSION he is trying his very best and I love him for it

The next part of You Know Better is lengthy and meaty and something the scene I’ve had in mind since the very beginning. I might get it out this weekend but I’m making no promises. I’ll be able to crank out parts the first week of November for sure and this story should be wrapped up and finished in December.

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Their promoting doesn't make any sense. They aren't afraid of spoilers because well most people know what happens , they have been talking about printshop for months. They put out stills were they are almost kissing and they promised a 75 minutes hot episode. Why aren't they promoting the biggest episode of the entire season

I don’t think they know how to promote it. If I hadn’t sought out promo, I wouldn’t have seen anything. They haven’t been on the cover of any magazines or had articles that I’ve seen while reading. It’s been crickets other than a couple photos and now a live tweet with a Romann and Cesar - neither of which are relevant to the reunion of Jamie and Claire. Starz is clueless.

a kinda, sorta, not really goodbye?

hi i’m posting this late and it’s going to seem sudden and just random, but a couple days ago i said how i’m going on hiatus because i want to focus my time on other things, and already i can say i just don’t think i’m coming back in general :-( simblrs are so fun but just … my interests have changed i guess? i love this community but i’d rather focus on my actual life than a bunch of pixel ones. ps i’ll still be here creeping and keeping up with the legacies i follow, just not posting. if you want to unfollow, i 100% understand. I LOVE ROY HARRIS W ALL MY HEART but, it’s just not for me right now. maybe i’ll be back one day! i’m sorry this is sudden, i know i had quite a few people actively following the Harris legacy. but i won’t be a stranger, promise.

look if A&E wanted to keep Killian’s daughter locked away and make it plausible that he continuously snuck in to see her… they could always have had the witch set a guard dragon to ward off intruders. And, you know, a certain well-traveled pirate might know how to appease said dragon. Depending on the kind, with either stirring conversation, flattery, promises… or a bit of shiny things here and there… I’m Just Saying

Music Ask

I was tagged by the lovely @icameheretowinry Nikki ILY ur so wonderful. 

So for those of you who don’t know Gord Downie passed away today from terminal brain cancer at the age of 53. He’s one of the most incredible musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to and a Canadian icon. And since I know most of y’all aren’t Canadian and don’t know The Tragically Hip, consider this playlist the fundamentals. I promise you won’t regret it. 

RIP Gordie its been a pleasure doing business with you. 

A song you like with a color on the title: Fiddler’s Green

A song you like with a number on the title: 38 Years Old 

A song that reminds you of summer time: Ahead by a Century 

A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget: Yer not the Ocean

A song that needs to be played LOUD: Blow at High Dome

A song that makes you want to dance: Fifty-Mission Cap

A song to drive to: Locked in the Trunk of a Car

A song about drugs or alcohol: Bobcaygeon 

A song that makes you happy: The Darkest One

A song that makes you sad: Courage (For Hugh MacLennan) 

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Niall has grown in to a man gained some weight looks HOT but how do he think he handled his body going through that change? Some guys are insecure about body change. We do know Niall is not always the most confident guy?

have you SEEN him gloat about his chest hair? and pretty much ALL his body hair?? hahah i think hes pretty fucking proud of how thick and broad and manly hes gotten. i can promise that he would not have walked around runyon canyon shirtless if he had a confidence problem ;)

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Dear Yayaha, Recently I found out an ex-lover of mine is due to be married! We have since become good friends even after he ended our relationship, but there were many times when he hinted that maybe we had a future together. Overall, learning this was a bit of a shock to my system! But I don't know why? Shouldn't I be happy my friend is getting married to someone he cares for? Sincerely, Hopeless Romantic

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

By talking with your friend and discussing possibly having a future together you created an expectation for such. Even if you consciously don’t think you have I can promise you that subconsciously a part of you wanted that to happen to the point where it became ideal. Now that ideal is fading quickly and you’re having a hard time processing the whole thing because of it. 

There is a lot of reasons people that date don’t often stay friends in the end, one of them being what you’re currently experiencing. Feelings don’t just fade. They linger, they hold their ground even after all chance of being together again fades. Yet you kindled this feeling with your friend, and now he’s being married to someone he loves. 

And you aren’t happy.

Friendships are important, but your own happiness is more so. I can tell you that if you linger around this relationship too long your happiness will dwindle into just a spark before fading to ash. Take a step back and move away from the relationship, let him live his life happily as you try to recover from your feelings and figure out what you happiness really means to you. 

I know it is hard to lose a friend, I know it is, but sometimes we have to make those decisions. Sometimes we have to decide between our friends happiness and our own. Wounds like the one you face heal when they have time to air out..

So give it that time.

With lots of Love and Support,


okay my last rant is stop fucking telling bts to unbutton their shirts. stop it. stop objectifying them. they are not a piece of meat, they are not your objects. stop sexualising them. jimin said during the bst era “i guess our fans dont like me as me. i guess i have to show some skin.” like do you see what you’re doing? it fucking hurts them you know? they are humans. they have feelings. they are not your property. i dont think enough people realise this.

Meet me on the battlefield
Even on the darkest night
I will be your sword and shield,
Your camouflage and you will be mine

Echoes of the shots ring out
We may be the first to fall
Everything could stay the same
Or we could change it all.