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HD makes a huuuge difference!

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They Don’t Teach You This In SexEd-Joji Miller Imagine

“Joji/reader fic where reader loses her virginity with Joji in the heat of the moment despite making a promise that they would wait for a special occasion? All consensual of course.” -Anonymous

Never non consensual here anon! I refuse to write a detailed non consensual smut on this blog <3

Also Joji isn’t a virgin in this because i didn’t know if you meant that both of them were or just the reader :) Sorry if it’s not the way you wanted though


WARNING: SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT (did i mention there’s smut)

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yousra-bamon-things  asked:

5 + BAWSON !!!! :D :D

Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” Ginny murmured, taking Mike’s bloody hand and cradling it in her own. He ignored the urge to wince, his gaze boring into hers as she dragged a damp towel over his raw knuckles.

“Yeah, I’ve been told,” he sighed, “but this wasn’t exactly my fault.”

She quirked an eyebrow, and he tucked his free hand underneath his thigh before his mutinous fingers had the chance to trace the thin crease running along her forehead. “That was you who put your fist through a wall, right?” She pressed down a bit harder, cocking her head to the side as he hissed. “Or do I suddenly need glasses?”

“You’ve got a terrible bed side manner,” he barked, jerking out of her hold and shaking out his hand.

“I don’t get it,” she continued as if he’d never spoken, “no one forced you to brutalize your cubby, so how is this not your fault?”

“They have your magazine.” He fumed, shooting up from his seat as that anger, the one that ended with the throbbing pain in his fist, pricked at the back of his mind, searching for release. Frowning, Ginny folded her arms across her chest, staring up at him expectantly. He rubbed at his chin, ducking his head so that she wouldn’t see the beginnings of a blush creeping up his cheeks. “The one you did, you know, that showed off all your…” he swallowed roughly, his eyes flicking away from her face down to the sports bra and leggings that hugged her lean, muscular frame, “assets.”

She blinked, struggling to understand his darkened expression and the rage that seemed to be following him for the past few weeks, her lips parting as it finally clicked.

And then, because somehow today hadn’t been humiliating enough for Mike, she giggled, a surprising little sound that had her clapping her hand over her mouth. Her thin shoulders quivered, laughter slipping out of the cracks in her fingers, and soon she was bowled over, that horsey chuckle of hers curling around Mike’s head.

“This isn’t funny.”

Standing, Ginny shook her head, her lips pressed together in a barely restrained grin. “You were trying to, what? Defend my honor?” Another hiccuping laugh escaped up her throat. “Thanks, but I think you should probably worry about yourself.”

“Everyone, the entire team, was looking at you,” he replied, a part of him genuinely confused even as his anger died away. There was something about her smile, the way it set something hot and comforting off in his chest. It was impossible not smile back, to want to be the reason she was so happy.

She nodded, bumping her shoulder up into a shrug. “I know,” she said, “because I bought it for them.”

It had been Amelia’s idea to have her be in ESPN’s body issue. They’d just barely dodged a bullet with Trevor and the leaked pictures, but that didn’t mean that the world wasn’t curious about Ginny Baker, sans uniform or a pretty dress. She was a young, beautiful woman, and while it was the first time that someone tried to exploit her body, Amelia doubted it would be the last. So, this was the best solution, taking out any major threats by exposing herself to the world before someone else could.

A part of Ginny was glad for this plan, even if it made her sick with nerves whenever she thought of the glossy black pictures. It felt like an honor, being on the same pages as Serena Williams and Jake Arrieta. And, even though all the Padres had given her a hard time when they found out that their pitcher would be on the cover of ESPN with nothing but a baseball mitt and a smile, she wouldn’t be hiding. Not from the public, and not from her team. So, she bought fifty copies of the magazine when it came out and left them by the clubhouse door.

And she’d only scoffed a little when Voorhies and Salvamani had asked for an autograph, right over her good parts. They were idiots, but they were her idiots, and as long as they all promised to not hang her shots by their things, she was okay.

“W-why?” He sputtered, red spilling into his neck and across his chest.

“It’s my body,” she declared, leaving no room for argument, “and I get to decide who sees it. Me, not some hacker and not you.” He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, and she could feel herself softening. “Is this why you’ve been so crabby lately? Because of the body issue?”

Mike scratched at the back of his head, irritated with himself. How was it that even though she was the one with naked pictures floating around the goddamn country, he felt exposed?

“It’s not about your honor,” he admitted sheepishly, “although I’d protect that too if I could. I just hate that idea of anyone seeing you like that.” He gestured at her helplessly, his mouth dry as he took in every inch of smooth, chocolate skin he could see.

“Like what?” The corner of her lips ticked up, a dangerous idea forming from the gleam in his eye. She took a step forward, rewarded with the swoop in her stomach when he inched back.

“Baker,” he warned, needed the space from her to stay sane, to keep from lunging at her and kissing that mischievous smirk from her mouth like he should have done the day they met.

She threw up a hand, silencing him as she continued her prowl. “Wait a minute, Lawson?” She purred, closing the gap between them. “You jealous?”


“That ESPN asked you and not me?” She teased, keeping her tone light even as something electric filled the air, stealing the breath from her chest.

He bumped into the wall, caught as she pressed her hands to space near his head, her body leaning into his, just enough for her to hear him gulp.

“You know that’s not it,” he murmured, eyes dipping down to her lips.

She wasn’t smiling anymore, uncertain of what to do now that she’d pushed this, him, them to this point. “Then what?” She urged. “You’ve got to say it.”

He forgot the pain in his hand as he took her by the waist and whirled them around, humming as he pinned her to the wall. “No one sees that body but me,” he growled. And there it was, the reason he’d felt so crazy the past few weeks, hell, since she’d stepped onto his field. He was a powder keg and she was all the spark he needed to explode. Which, if he wasn’t careful, he would, right there and then with his body pressed to his and her eyes as wild as he felt. “Got it, Rookie?”

A ghost of a smile twitched on her lips, and he felt the anticipation mount in his belly. It was quickly replaced with confusion as she ducked underneath his arm, sucking in a deep breath before patting him on the shoulder.

“You stop beating up plywood and we’ll see.”


I had an awesome gym session! I’m really pumped next week to kick it up a notch by adding weights to my body weight exercises! How funny is it that my gym buddy is scared of the leg press? She promised to try it next week and I’m holding her to it lol

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I really don’t enjoy two of my three roommates. I realized today that one of my roommates is just so negative and whiney all of the time, and it’s completely miserable to to be around… and I also realized I can be that way sometimes too. So I’m going to make a conscious effort to not whine/complain/be negative! I want to be someone that people want to be around!

Today was LEG DAY! I was sweating so much and it felt greattttt! I had to get on a bike instead of elliptical or treadmill today because my foot was bothering me, but I went up and down between a medium resistance and a high resistance and still got a great sweat :) 

30 mins of cardio then legs:

Normal Squats - 3 sets of 15
Walking Lunges  - 3 sets of 10
Plié Squats - 3 sets of 15
Donkey Kicks - 3 sets of 15
Leg Press - 3 sets of 10
Kickbacks - 3 sets of 10
Leg Extension - 3 sets of 15
Leg Curl - 3 sets of 15
Leg Abduction - 3 sets of 15
Leg Adduction - 3 sets of 15


Several hours later, after Sophia had fallen into a deep slumber, Kian and Angelina sat nearby as she slept. Waiting for when she would wake. And watching to make sure everything went as it should. 

“Are you going to insist I sit here with you the entire time she is sleeping?” Angelina complained after she had been there with him for hours. When she offered to help him, this was not what she had in mind.

“Yes. You will sit here with me until she wakes. Just like you promised. Besides, you owe me. You didn’t explain just how hard it would be to take blood from her. I almost killed her.” he responded, icily. 

“I told you to have some before you did it.”

“I did. You should have been more specific.” Kian responded, throwing her an angry look. She was always doing that, telling half-truths or only what she deems important for the other person to know. It was infuriating.

“Don’t blame me because you can’t control yourself.”

“I blame you because you’re the one that made me, Angelina.”

“How long are you going to whine about that?”

“I’m not sure. Perhaps another hundred years or so. I haven’t decided yet.”

“I should at least get a decade off for helping your turn your little plaything.”

Furious at her cavalier attitude towards turning him, Kian rose from his chair and began to stoke the fire. He was trying to keep the room warm while Sophia slept. Unsure of how much humanity was left in her and not wanting her to be cold.

As he watched the embers burn, Kian thought briefly back to the day he was turned and felt the anger and resentment all over again. It infuriated him that she could sit there and joke about it. And how stupid was she to think that helping him would have any effect on his feelings on the subject,

“You turned me against my will, Angelina. You get a hundred. At least.”

“Oh, fine! Have it your way then. But do I really have to stay in here?! I’m so fucking BORED!”

“Please shut up. I am not going to sit here for the next few days and listen to you complain.”

“Oh, yes you will. Don’t forget, Kian, I am your maker. I will do whatever I want. But I did make you a promise so I will sit here. But I won’t be happy about it.”

“As long as you stay until I’m sure she’s alright, then I will consider our deal complete.”


Darkiplier Theory/Head Canon
  • *September 2016*
  • Dark: Alright you insolent fool. I've had enough waiting. You PROMISED to let me present myself; all you've been doing is stalling.
  • Mark: I know, I know, I know. I've just been really busy!
  • Dark: Urgh. That's your damn excuse for everything. I cannot wait much longer; you're testing my patience.
  • Mark: Look, Halloween's right around the corner. I'll let you do whatever you want during October, okay?
  • Dark: Hm. Fine.
  • *October 2016*
  • Mark: *conveys Dark as an emo, angsty,vampire on twitter*
  • *Dark proceeds to take over during Valentine's Day without Mark's permission....the day of love; when he's most vulnerable*
  • @markiplier

I have a new D&D character, and I have to share her backstory because I already love her.

You know all those stories about fool-hearty mortals so desperate for a boon from the fey that they’re willing to promise anything, even their first-born child? Well, Acacia Finn is that child.

Problem is, she was 23 at the time.

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canonicallysoulmates replied to your post:It’s probably not my place to say anything, cause…

   Wow, I didn’t know the writers had lied to that extend. No offense, but what a mess. She’s such a cutie, and she looks so excited in those gifs, you can tell she really loves this character.   

The writers are horrible when it comes to Katie Cassidy/Dinah Laurel Lance. They’ve made it blatantly obvious that they couldn’t care less about her or her fans. They promised this big death in season 4 without planning out who it was and when they couldn’t figure out who to kill they decided to just kill off her legacy comic book character. For absolutely no reason except shock value. And they told her about it before she had to go do a fan convention and I remember watching an interview where she said that day was so hard for her because she just found out and then had to go answer all these fan questions about who she thought was in the grave and she almost started crying because it was her. Then they had her sign a contract to come back to be a regular across all the DC shows after the fans got angry but they haven’t used her at all. She only had 3 episodes on Arrow (and one of those was just a one scene flashback) and I guess she’ll have one scene on Legends of Tomorrow and so far no news on The Flash and since the filming for the season is going to be wrapping up soon it’s not looking likely. And the fact that they thought it was a good idea to bring in another character named Dinah baffles me. That’s just adding insult to injury and basically says she’s replaceable. Katie Cassidy deserved better after devoting 5 years of her life to this character, doing the comic book research, training constantly to physically change her body for the role and also changing her hair. The writer did recently mention that he has another idea for her and wants to talk to Katie about a new contract so we’ll see. I don’t trust them but I want to believe that there’s still hope they’ll bring her back and treat her right. I can dream lol.


Hi! I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for part five to ‘How to Love’ and it is a weekly installment that’s supposed to be up today. 

Thing is, I’ve had back to back exams and an intense work load, so my brain is so clogged I cannot even find a couple minutes to finish up that part. I may only be able to post it tomorrow, I’m SO sorry! I know I promised it would be up every Wednesday. Forgive me?

glitterfulglitty  asked:

Hey, can you uhh write some leggy smut?

Fast Learner [Lafayette x Peggy Smut] 

Word Count: 2.2 k

Warnings: Smut, mutual oral sex, authority kink?, french dirty talk, Peggy being real sexy an shit. 

Notes: This is like one of my only hetero Hamilton ships lmao. Also this is kind of a continuation of that one modern college au!leggy swimming ficlet I did a few weeks ago. 

After that day at the pool party, Laf hadn’t been able to get Peggy Schuyler off his mind. She had fit perfectly in his arms… 

It had gotten progressively worse. At first, Laf attempted to be friendly with Peggy and maintain their association that way… then she had invited him over with promises of watching TV and staying cold. 

- u know netflix and chill means fucking right?

Laf had sputtered at his phone and the message from Hercules, and quickly typed back while shaking his head, 

- I do not think it means what you think it means.

Herc had come back with:

- don’t quote princess bride to me, you sassy french fuck, I actually know these things

- Oooh oui, Hercules, I forgot how many girls you’ve slept with. How silly of me.

- You’re excused, I lose track sometimes too ;)

Laf had just rolled his eyes, tossing his phone away. It couldn’t mean that… right?

Well, they were halfway through a random show Peggy had chosen on the tv streaming service, and they were getting cuddly. Fine. Cuddling was Lafayette’s favourite pass-time, with anyone. 

“Hey,” Peggy grinned up at him. 

“Hey,” he looked down at her summery yellow jumpsuit, lips never parting his smile to reveal cheery teeth. 

“Angie’s gone out clubbing for the night with Thomas and whatever that poor sad little guy’s name is,” Peggy mumbled around a mouthful of strawberry poptart, “Eliza’s in New York for her cello workshop, so…” she grinned a little. 

“So?” Laf smiled back, not wanting to presume anything. Peggy gave him a flat look, and scooched a little closer. 

“Daddy said not to invite anyone over after sundown. I say, fuck that.” 

“Ah huh?”

“We’re in my bedroom, Laf.” 

“Mmm, so we are. It is a very nice bedroom, Peggy- the pastel yellow and the white are very complimentary.”

“As complimentary as my bikini was?” Peggy began, biting her rosily painted bottom lip. Laf found himself thinking back, and suddenly, she was way too close for normal friendship stuff. 

“Where are you going?” the youngest Schuyler sister pouted, and Laf already felt weak at the knees from the simple action. 

“I am getting us some more popcorn.”

“We never had popcorn,” Peggy cocked her head. 

“Ah, then I will make some!”

Peggy frowned as Laf bounced up and darted out of the room, clambering downstairs. He quickly messaged his group chat, looking for advice.

Laf: Peggy is making advances??? I think??

John: shit dude rip

Alex: Yeah when I got with Eliza, Angie gave me The Talk and then I died

Herc: Ayy go get ‘er tiger!

Alex: …. one of these replies is not like the others

Laf sighed at his phone, then stuffed it away again. He had no idea where the Schuyler family kept popcorn fixings, so he had that excuse. Instead, he grabbed a couple of Sam Adams from the fridge, and ran back upstairs. 

“My apologies, cherie, I’m afraid I am rather helpless in navigating your pantry!”

“That’s fine,” Peggy quirked an eyebrow, and accepted the beer happily. They pressed play on their show, and Peggy rested against Laf’s shoulder. Lafayette had always been a touchy-feely person… hugs, kisses, caresses, they were not reserved for lovers only, they were for anyone he felt amiable with. But Laf actually had feelings for Peggy, and didn’t want this to implode.

“Laf?” Peggy asked suddenly, and Laf gazed down.


“You have nice shoulders.”

He chuckled. “Merci. I try to work on them at the gym a little bit,” he attempted to joke, making light of the situation with a little ridiculous flexing gag, but Peggy just licked her lips. 

“Yeah, I can tell… do you mind if I lay on your lap?”

Oh merde, I had better not become hard, he thought to himself, but nodded silently with a gulp. About halfway through the episode they had thrown on, Laf began to get restless, Peggy too. The french student knew exactly what she wanted, and what he wanted too, but… it was complicated. The last girl Laf had loved, Adrienne, had said he moved far too fast, and when he asked her to make a commitment, she told him he was too clingy. He didn’t want to make the “too this, too that” mistake again.

All of this was slowly spiralling to hell, though, as Peggy began to climb him like a tree. Soon, she was in his lap, Laf’s view almost consumed by Peggy’s bared stomach in his face and her full, delectable breasts dangerously close to him… there was that damn sun belly ring again. 

“You are going to miss the finale,” he tried weakly, feeling his cock begin to stir despite himself, but Peggy just stroked an errant curl from his face.

“Please,” she whispered, gently bunching the fabric of his long sleeved shirt in her hand and tugging. Laf felt himself drawn to her lips, unable to stop himself as he surged forward, lips capturing hers again and again until-

“Wait,” Laf said, gasping softly for air. Peggy stalled, eyes searching, and Lafayette tried to catch his breath. 

“Sorry,” she whispered, “I don’t want to force you.”

“No!” Laf exclaimed suddenly, “P-Peggy, this is not about me! Is… is this not… too fast for you?”

“Is that what this is about?”


“Laf,” Peggy sighed, “I know everyone in this god damn world thinks I’m the sweetest little flower who can’t be touched or defiled, but-!”

“Aren’t you?” Laf squeaked, plastered back against the cushions.

“I lost my virginity when I was fourteen,” Peggy deadpanned back, and Laf’s eyes widened. 

“Zut Alors…” 

“Yeahhh, Angelica knows French, I don’t.”

“Then get her to give you some lessons, cherie,” Laf growled, the fire in him rising, “For the things I will be whispering to you tonight are too despicable for the English language.”

Peggy moaned a little, and Laf flipped them so that he was on top and Peggy had her back to the mattress. Her tightly pulled back hair provided Laf with a gorgeous view of her features, and with the early evening light streaming in, he was even more enamored with her. 

“What?” she giggled.

“You,” he replied, kissing her nose, then brought his hands down to her shorts, undoing them quickly and hooking his fingers into her panties. He raised his eyebrows at her, but she quickly nodded, so he went on, pulling them down as well. Peggy kicked them off, beginning to grind up against Laf, and she made her pouty face again.

“I’m naked and wet, and you haven’t even taken your shirt off yet! Not fair.”

“I’m getting there, kitten,” Laf smiled, and pressed a kiss to her cheek, her lips, her neck, her chest, all the way down to her stomach. “Be patient.” Then, he reached her core.

“Ohhh my god,” she groaned, and Laf looked up, licking his lips and blinking his lustful eyes. 

“What is it?”

“N-Nobody’s ever done that to me before…”

“Mmm,” Laf smirked, “I will set the bar then.”

With that, he delved back down, licking striped up her until he reached her clit, stroking the nub with the tip of his tongue until Peggy’s legs were shaking around his neck. 

“Are you okay to take me now?” he asked nervously, and Peggy grabbed a condom from under her pillow. “Mon dieu!” Laf admonished, placing a hand over his chest. She just rolled her eyes.

“I knew you were coming, ass carriage.” 

Laf grabbed it quickly, and Peggy watched with wide, pretty eyes as Laf slowly undid himself, unbuckling and discarding his pants, thumbing down his boxers and getting rid of them. She immediately looked hungry when she saw his dick, standing hard and aching, against his stomach.

“I knew you’d be big, but… damn,” she commented, “11/10, would suck.”

“Get to it, then,” Laf grinned, and Peggy’s eyes lit up like Christmas. She scrambled forward on the bed, immediately blinking down at it… there was some apprehension now. “Never sucked a dick before,” Laf nodded. 

“Hey, I’ve practiced!”

“On what, a banana?” Laf chuckled, and when Peggy blushed, he shut his mouth. “Okay, well… let me guide you through it.” She leaned down, and Laf tapped her chin softly. “Open up your lips, and take the head gently between them first. Don’t suck too hard or go too deep… simply take me in your mouth. Good, ma cherie, that is…” he looked up to her ceiling, biting his lip hard to keep a steady voice for coaching, “Oui oui. So next, you begin to slowly drag the tip of your tongue across the- ohhh, yes, you have it, right there…” She was getting the hang of it, fast. 

“How do you know how to give such good head?” she inquired with her lips still preoccupied, and Laf reached back to give her a playful tap on the ass. 

“No talking with your mouth full, kitten… it is terrible manners.” He smiled. “Well, one… I am a man, so we know how we like it done. Two, I have sucked many dicks before,” he flashed her another grin, and Peggy moaned, rubbing her thighs together. 

“That’s hot as fuck…” 

“Suck a little harder now… ahhh, you are a natural, Peggy, ma chou…”

“As much I’d love a facial from you,” Peggy shrugged, popping off and sending Laf into a complete frenzy, “I want you in my pussy more.”

“Your wish is my command,” Laf’s voice was suddenly hoarse, and he used his strong, large hands to sweep her back again, to laying over the sheets. He liked his partners engaged, not pliant, and Peggy seemed every bit as passionate as he was. Arching her back a little, she provided him with easy access as he helped hold her ass up. In one slow push, he was in, and Peggy drew in a sharp breath, exhaling with a loud moan. 

Their breath both became laboured, the only background noise the whirring of the TV box accompanied by the hilariously paused face on screen. 

“You’re beautiful,” Laf murmured in her ear, leaning down to press his body weight against her, “So pretty… ma chaton is so pretty…” 

“Laf, you’re…” Peggy sighed softly as Laf thrusted in again, “You’re really good, oh my god…”

“I want to make you come, ma cherie,” he confessed, “I want to see your face, your eyes when you do. I want you to scream my name.” 

“Laf,” she whined, pushing down to meet him with every thrust. His fingers came down to work her bud slowly, until she was sweating and cursing, hands digging into Laf’s back. 

“I am so close,” he told her, “Please say you are close, Peggy, I do not want to leave you unsatisfied…” 

“Almost there,” she huffed, biting her lip. Laf looked down at this, and kissed her again, their moans swallowed up in each others mouths. Soon, both were close, hands roaming all over each other like they couldn’t get enough. Laf’s carefully administered pounding began to quicken into sharp, abnormal thrusts.

“I never want to feel anyone else.” 

“Merde, vous êtes si incroyablement excitant, je ne veux rien de plus que de vous baiser jusqu'à ce que vous êtes douloureux, alors embrasse-le tout mieux!” (You are so incredibly arousing, I want nothing more than to fuck you until you are sore then kiss it all better.)

“Please, sir,” she whimpered, and Laf groaned. 

“Yes, call me that again, chaton.” 

“Sir, I need to come!”

“Come, right away, Peggy, as soon as you need,” Laf drawled in her ear, nipping at her lobe, and Laf could feel the abundance of wetness around his cock, her toes curling into his back. Her head was tossed back, neck exposed, breasts heaving up and down, and it was all too much for him- Laf released into the condom shortly after, chanting her name. As they slowly came down, Laf pulled out, and Peggy stroked him through the aftershocks until he was oversensitive. Laf pressed a kiss to her forehead, and she let out a hazy giggle. 

“You smell like lavender.”

“You smell like cherry lip gloss, which is what I assume is all over my body now.”

“Guilty,” she shrugged, and sat back on her heels to fan herself. 

“That was so fucking amaze-balls,” Peggy sighed, and Laf almost laughed at how messed up her carefully done hair had become. 


“Your hair…” he snorted. 

“What about it?” Peggy felt up, “Yours looks ratchet, so what the fuck’s up with mine?”

“It is perfect,” Laf whispered, kissing her rosy cheeks and wrapping his arms around her to slowly ease her under the covers. “Now nap with me.” 

“Mmm,” Peggy smiled, “Uhhh… how you say, putain oui?” 

“You are a fast learner, ma belle fleur,” Laf smiled back, joining their heads together and closing his eyes, “A fast learner, indeed.” 

thoseopeneyes  asked:

hey for the anon with the anxiety about the show: I've had the same thing before mine and pushing through it it's so worth it, you'll realize that when trees is coming up and you realize you've managed it and just know that I'm proud of you for doing it and so are the boys. If I made it through, you can as well. It's SI worth it I promise!!!


anonymous asked:

Lorna stop posting self deprecating things. You are a beautiful and amazing human being who doesn't deserve to see those things on her blog or to think of them in regard to you. I'm going to start calling you out when you post them I swear. 🌼

…. Is it bad that I’m not entirely sure which post you’re referring to?? ^^” Haha! Seriously though, you’re very sweet <3 I’ll try my hardest to be nicer to myself, but sometimes it’s really, really difficult not to just slip into old, bad habits, you know? I promise on all the scrappy little pieces of my super-glued heart that I’m working hard to get back the self-love I had this time last year. I’ll never be a confident or self-assured person, but even I get tired of being so disgusted by myself all the time. I’ll do my best to be nicer to Lorna until it feels like much less of a struggle! xx 

I need to vent

(non witchy rant btw, so skip over if necessary) 
I am severely depressed, like back in that deep dark hole that a lot of a us promise that we’ll never go back to, depressed. 

My life has been chaos since learning about my cancerous cysts, back in November. However, before that my life was just shitty, having quit my job of 3 years (due to that place worsening my mental health),  my boyfriend had to support both of us, which is nearly impossible. Now, here we are with February just about over and I’m at my breaking point.

I don’t know how to navigate my life anymore. Every time I try, I just get pushed back further. I get a job? I have fucking cancer in my ovaries. No more cancer in my ovaries? That job that I got ghosts me (also how childish??). Feeling better mentally? Let’s have more physical health issues!

I’m scared… Because being told you have cancer at 22 kind of makes you think “what the fuck else can possibly go wrong!?”, so whatever is going on with me is scaring the SHIT out of me because my doctor doesn’t know what it is. I just have this mystery illness that makes my heart beat faster than normal, my lungs sound like I’ve smoked cigarettes for the past 50 years and my body to sleep for 70% of the day.

I hate my body… I don’t want to be in it anymore because all it does is get sick and I don’t know how to handle being seriously sick all the time and live the life that I want. I don’t know, guys… I’m at a loss. I don’t know where to go from here. I just want to give up.

** Also to those who have sent there dreams, I promise I’ll get to them but it is not possible to do so right now. 

You know, the Richard Spencer getting punched thing has made it VERY clear which groups of people I’m not actually safe around, if push comes to shove.  People who had SAID that they’d defend Jewish people, or even promised that, if shit hit the fan, they’d hide me, have said that this was inexcusable, and now I’m not wasting emotional energy on them.  Because they won’t.

If you think you’d have hidden Jews during the Holocaust, but think that punching Richard Spencer was “inexcusable,” then you’re kidding yourself.

I’m one of those people that can’t let go. If I’ve had fun with you once, I will text you on your birthday for at least the next five years. If we were friends in elementary school and haven’t talked since, I guarantee I still know your mom’s name and your favorite food. My crushes never go away, they just fade. I still tell stories about great times with people I haven’t seen in years. If you turn down my offer to get drinks and catch up ten times, I promise I will still ask an 11th time. If we fight and you block me, I will find a way to check in on you anyway to make sure you’re okay. So if I give up on you, just know that you damn well deserved it.

@therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu 💚💚👁🌵 I hope you two had a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Best wishes! Edit: I am so sorry😰😭😭😭 I colored Wiishu’s eyes wrong. I know now that her eyes are green. I am very sorry. This is my first fanart of the two and I am in general bad with eye colors, I will remember the correct eye color next time! Promise! 😖