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Sakamaki Ayato Dark Epilogue

* Translation of: Dark Fate - Sakamaki Ayato - Dark Epilogue
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
* Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.
* Enjoy!

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Ryuko: I’m sorry, Senketsu. I’ll wash it out real soon.
Mako: Ryuko-chaaaaan let’s eat lunch togeth-WAH

R: Lessee, the one place in the school where I know I won’t get attacked…

R: Awright! He’s not here!

Mikisugi: Talking about me?

M: Trying to do something when the owner of this room is not around? What kind of naughty things were you planning, I wonder~?
R: Fuck off! Senketsu got dirty and I just wanted to take him off and wash him!

M: You don’t mean to wash him just by splashing some water from this bucket, do you?
R: Ayup

M: Ugh
R: Stop making that face, it’s making me feel bad

M: That stain won’t come off with just water. Look, I’ll do it for you so just strip already.
R: Stri-?!

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Woozi Fic 21

ok thank you to whentheseagullcry for giving me this idea :D youre super sweet and i love you! ok hope you all like it XD

“Oh my god,” you cry out in a nasally voice, reaching for another tissue. “I feel like crap.”

Woozi chuckles behind his mask. He’s sitting at the foot of your bed and playfully grips your leg. “You don’t look so hot either.”

You glare at him before blowing your nose. Through a cough, you say, “You’re so kind.” Pausing to cough again, you manage to smile at him. “But I do appreciate you doing this, baby.”

“Hey, when my love is sick, I’ll be here,” he replies. Even if you can’t see it, his eyes tell you he’s smiling.

“Thanks. But baby…” Even with your eyes all puffy, you raise an eyebrow at him. “…were the gloves and goggles really necessary?”

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So Markiplier’s Tumblr got hacked...

I just found out about this, because I saw a screencap of Mark’s tweet to Tumblr, and at first I found it hilarious because the kid who “hacked” him looks to be less than 16 years old and the entire thing is just ridiculous.

But then I realized how shitty this is. This is a pretty minor thing to most people, “wah tumblr got hacked”, but Mark is an internet “celebrity” and Tumblr is an important part of his life, because this is another way for him to connect with his fans. So if anyone knows a way to contact Tumblr, or help out Mark with this - please do so.

And that kid can go F himself in the A, and have a nice day.