i know i don't make things anymore

i know when you copy and paste my posts..just like that.. no shame no respect.after all those post are for you i don’t gain anything but a headache and eyes burn staring at the pc for hours to get you updates.. i just loved super junior for so long don’t make me giving up now. try to make some changes next time or i will reveal all your dark sides..i will cap[already did] your dark work and post it here and show everyone.. remember that bad things you sent to me trying to fool me as a different person??  you went too far but i got you..you just didn’t feel ashamed till now acting like it’s not you..but we know.. first you bully me with many different accounts and now you’re simply coping my posts and add the same credit do you know sometimes i add the wrong credit and watching you copying my posts and add the same wrong credits..why to get notes? good god work hard to get things.

why don’t you stop you said you were a friend..shame on you..

i spent hours working on posts and you just come and copy them??? do you want me to show you a bad face? 

don’t force me to to post your dark side it’s been a year and you still don’t care of what you’ve done..didn’t even say sorry.. (A)  i thought you were my friend…everyone thought you were my best friend on tumblr..

look…last time i let you do that.. and please don’t act innocent no more everyone know you and everyone talked to me privately about you people have eyes btw..and i’ve showed them caps of your bully accounts ..shame on you being in this fandom doing such bad thing and never care about us.. we all have those caps now..please be careful 

we all want to support super junior unlike you…only thinking of yourself.
poor eunhae…go stan the devil..and you say why you have bad dreams ..look what you do to the people in here.. just know when to STOP.

I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.




Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

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+sherlolly because...what was said

I’m still working through my feelings from TFP and today’s focus is that of the aftermath of Molly and Sherlock’s phone call. Also, I wanted to play around abit with a line that had troubled me in the episode. I guess I wanted to comfort myself a little haha. If you’ve come to read it, thank you so much. :) xx


Words  (also on FF.net)

It had been a week since the phone call. Molly had not been surprised at the silence after what had been an odd game of tug-of-war; a fight to see who could hold on to their veneer of protection just a little bit longer. Sherlock was not one to expose the contents of his heart, whatever those contents were, but neither was Molly. Sometimes, things were much better left unsaid, and Molly was a firm believer of that. 

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I know someone else had this headcanon but I can’t find their post so I’m going to make my own.

Imagine Tina learning to knit the muggle/no-maj way and then making various scarves/hats/things to give to her family at Christmas/Hanukkah/birthdays. Like at first she knits Newt a brand new Hufflepuff scarf as his old one is a bit worn from use, and then she starts knitting blankets or whatever for the beasts so they don’t get cold and can stay warm - the newly-born/hatched creatures look adorable tucked under the blankets she knits, and Newt can’t help but smile ridiculously when he sees them. She sends patterned scarves to Queenie with Ilvermorny colours/house colours and she makes one for Jacob too so that he doesn’t feel left out (though she’s sure Queenie is sharing hers)

Newt soon learns that Tina knitting means she’s anxious or having a bad day, and that she knits the non-magical way because it means keeping her hands busy and her mind away from whatever is troubling her. He loves his scarf even more knowing this, and makes sure to let her know it.

(he also finds it adorable how focused she becomes, and how she sticks out her tongue sometimes when she struggles or her hands slip)

Then she hears that Queenie and Jacob are having their first baby, and she knits all kinds of things for them; blankets, hats, little booties (though it takes a while to get it right) She has a very proud moment when her sister and brother-in-law send back photos of the baby wearing the knitted things she sent.

When she and Newt are expecting their first child and she goes on leave from Auror work she becomes so restless that she knits as a way to pass the time - it also comes in handy as she ends up making loads of things for the baby. The beasts also benefit, as Newt soon finds out when he sees Dougal the demiguise with a knitted blanket draped around his shoulders like a cape.

All of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren end up with a scarf or hat, and if their husbands/wives have something she knitted then that means they’re officially counted as part of the family. Like it’s a rite of passage to have something she knitted, and it becomes a huge thing if they open a present and see it.

The "I know I have other things to write but these seem so cool/weird/etc" sentence prompt meme

Because I’m absolute shit and have a habit of coming up with sentence prompts instead of writing stuff I should be working on, I present this list of sentence prompt memes.

Send me a few of these and I’ll write a drabble based off of it, naturally it’ll be a reader insert. Be sure to include which character you’d like.

You can even use them as rp starters/fanfic/whatever.

1) “I’m like 85% sure that’s illegal but sure I’ll help you.”
2) “Don’t wake me up unless there’s a fire and even then don’t.”
3) “I don’t want to talk about them, they give me a headache, and they’re dumb.”
4) “So is that a no on the burning down the place?”
5) “Ok, I may or may not have started an occult.”
6) “Alright but you gotta promise you’re not gonna be mad if I tell you what happened.”
7) “Explain to me what exactly possessed you into thinking this was a good idea?”
8) “Just for that I’m gonna have to remember to kick your ass twice as hard.”
9) “It’s 3 in the morning, why is it always 3 in the morning when you call me?!”
10) “You meme loving fuck.”
11) “You say that like it’s supposed to be offensive.”
12) “Wanna know how many fucks I give? Negative six, you owe ME fucks to give.”
13) “I don’t see the problem…what…oooh you’re talking about the fires.”
14) “I love you but if you play that song one more time I will strangle you.”
15) “Those dead bodies were here before I even got here…well like half of them but that’s details.”
16) “So the apocalypse started and I may have had a hand in starting it, so um sorry?”
17) “If you get arrested I’ll bail you out…pfft let’s be real I’ll probably be in the holding cell with you.”
18) “How the actual hell did you manage to cause this much trouble in 5 minutes?!”
19) “Why is there someone tied up in the backseat of my car?”
20) “This is why you read contracts before you sign them!”
21) “Uh, there’s someone that’s shitfaced at the door and they say they know you, is it cool if I let them in?”
22) “They say this place is haunted…but I think that’s bullshit.”
23) “The amount of alcohol I’d need to drink to make me forget about this would literally kill me.”
24) “Your daddy issues are a real turn off.”
25) “I’m gonna punch you in the mouth…with my mouth…gently…several times….”

[I’ll add more as time goes on, feel free to add some!]


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 

I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE so here is my version of the mural my Lavellan used to work out some of her issues. She basically attacked her bedroom wall with paint. Not fresco, because she does not have the skill or patience required for that. I’m pretty sure she gets over bad days by working on her family and/or lying on the floor painting foliage. Tiny happy flower, ignore the fact that you don’t know how to convince your boyfriend not to murder everyone you’ve ever known, tiny happy flower, ignore the desire to throw idiots off the battlements, tiny happy flower. Bob Ross therapy did not actually work for her, alas.


❝I just didn’t think of myself in that way. That idea conjured that image of the singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar or something… and I didn’t ever see myself like that. Eventually I came to accept it though and I decided that, if I’m going to keep doing this then I also want to be good at it, you know? As much as there is this element of magic involved, songwriting is also a skill that can be practiced and improved.❞

lol one thing about Sagittarius, especially Sagittarius moons and risings, is that they’re natural provocateurs
are you offended by them? GOOD! that’s their purpose, in their mind, to challenge your views, to make you uncomfortable (and ultimately persuade you to conform to their views… Sagittarius has a bit of a know it all complex)
Pisces Suns and moons, also, can be controversial and shocking… which most people don’t expect because they’re so sweet and accommodating. get into a debate with a Pisces one time, I dare you! their ultimate goal isn’t to offend, though… they don’t really care about indoctrinating you into their beliefs either, unlike Sagittarius. that’s the difference between Sagittarius Jupiter and Pisces Jupiter, overzealous student vs teacher

If you don’t know what you want. Don’t lead me on. Don’t dance around with my feelings. Don’t expect me to cave every time your fingertips prance around my body. I can’t take it anymore, it’s not fair. I’m left wanting things, I know you won’t give.

Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.


Can you condemn an innocent man, a friend, to a lifetime of servitude while you roam free?

#contrasting parallels, people! #nobody ever says a lifetime of servitude for davy jones #either i’m reaching here or this was intentional #and i think it was done on purpose #think about it for a second ok #jack just wants to be free from jones’ deal and he’s willing to sacrifice will for it because he’s selfish #and he doesn’t truly consider will a friend at this point #so he has no problem using will to get what he wants #it’s only when jones fatally stabs will that jack realises he needs to be selfless #he wants to be immortal #and the ‘last pirate’ #he has to be the one to kill jones in order to obtain this #but he knows that it’d be a selfish thing to do when will is on the brink of death #he once would have had no problem leaving him to die #but time has changed him and he knows that will deserves better #so yeah jack once committed a selfish act and will paid the price #and he’s once again condemning him to a lifetime of servitude #but not to serve davy jones #to serve and sail the seas for eternity #while jack can roam free, yes #but at least will is alive…in some way #so he’s saving him #and sacrificing his own desires #for the greater good #basically jack sparrow cares about will turner #and this is all very sad and amazing storytelling

  • he’s tol af
  • black hair
  • comes up like someone intimidating but is actually a dork
  • he jokes around but know when to back off and if he realize he went too far apologize right away
  • his horrible laugh
  • he wants to make nekomata’s dream true, he respect his coach so much
  • HIS ARMS !!!!!!! !!!!
  • when kenma is lost in his games and get missed he goes and search for him himself // light novel, during the trip to miyagi before playing agianst karasuno
  • biggest meme
  • he helps kenma with his studies 
  • he’s in prep college class and is also captain so he has plenty of responsabilities already
  • he’s in prep college class and how awesome is that!!! !!!!¡¡¡¡
  • he wants to fight people he doesn’t like 24/7
  • he also helps people that is not from his team *coughtcought||tsukki||coughtcouht*
  • HIS BACK DAMN !!!11!!1!
  • his provocation comments are on point
  • he knows exactly what to say and how to say it for encouring people to do better and try
  • he’s one of the most reliable characters imo 
  • his smile is so adorable it makes me cry
  • he says he is kind as a joke but he actually is, he’s probably not aware of how great of a person he is and makes me want to hug him
  • he sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair and it makes me want to hug him too
  • his leadership skills are unquestionable
  • silly comebacks like “for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoix acid, I dont think your opinions have much validity”
  • has grudge on people for silly things “coughtcought||chapter200||coughtcought||yaku||coughcough*
  • he was so into volleyball as a kid that he used to tried out the techniques he watched being used in matches on tv.
  • he has the taste of an old man for food, pls save him
  • his current concern is that he can’t get rid of his bedhead hair, after all this years
  • he’s very skilled at shuffling cards. (light novel) @ furudate let me know how much time he spends playing card games and with who
  • he’s passionate af and works hard to achieve his goals
  • he’s cute af but also hot af
  • he gets as excited as yamamoto sometimes and it’s beautiful
  • he confuses himself when trying to say something intelligent
  • he’s so supportive, it makes me cry
  • don’t take shit from people who can’t be objective in their view and doesn’t stay unspoken either