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I cant believe u got a girlfriend whose also so talented at art!!!!! Thats so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I am also v jealous bc i wish i had one :(

I KNOW RIGHT? She’s absolutely amazing, every picture takes my breath away it’s so atmospheric and lovely and nice and UGHHHHHH. I have every picture downloaded on my phone and I swap backgrounds every few days. (Don’t worry I’m sure your art gf will come and sweep you off your feet soon!)

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I think they have been done before and I read your fanfics (which are amazing! Thank you for your brilliant mind!) a jealous Zen (who doesn't love him!) or a argument between them and you know what sin comes after😂 (sorry for my sinful mind!) Also thanks again for the wonderful fanfics!! Please continue doing more and don't rush or force yourself! Have a nice day!😳

Omg. This ask was so nice???? Thank you so much! I legit just started writing with the first fic on this blog, and I know I have a ways to go but this kind of encouragement makes it soooo worth it. As for the fic…I decided to go with jealous Zen! 😊


Zen was getting ready to wrap up the shoot when you headed for the back room to grab him a water. It had been a horrendously long day for both of you, your feet screaming in the heels you had picked out for what was supposed to be a light work load. One of the other leading actors hadn’t gotten all of his lines down, and if he hadn’t been such a ticket seller you were almost positive your boyfriend would’ve walked out by now. You bumped into Ken, one of the assistant cameramen, on your way back, and offered him the cup of coffee in your other hand.

His eyes brightened when you handed it over, and he mumbled his thanks at you - blushing all the while. You knew he had a crush on you, but he knew you were with Zen. It was more than enough to deter him, and you found yourself making easy conversation as you waited for Zen to finish up with rehearsal. “H-hey…um…this might be out of line, but…if you didn’t have a boyfriend, would you-?” He didn’t get to finish his - highly inappropriate - question. Zen sauntered over to you out of his changing room, and instead of greeting you he simply slid you against the wall and covered your mouth with his. He swirled his tongue around your mouth, groaning as his hips rolled towards you. By the time you came up for air, Ken was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of maybe…talking…to you about what was going on, he grabbed your hand and dragged you into his changing room, locking the door behind him. Before you knew it, he had you pinned between him and the wall, his mouth sucking hard enough to leave marks up your neck. “You’re mine,” he growled into your ear, “I don’t want him getting the wrong idea. I’m not going to share you.” You felt him unbutton your blouse with one hand while the other gripped into your hair. When he saw the lacy bra you were wearing he groaned before jerking it down to reach your pert nipples. Your skirt slid to the ground, followed quickly by your panties.

He wasn’t going to wait. He was through with waiting, and told you so - there wouldn’t be much foreplay, but you were already soaked. His cock sprung free as he slipped out of his pants, and he was holding you against the wall before you could make a sound, your legs wrapping around his waist. He growled low in his throat as he slid into you, making you groan when his length hit you just right. Zen began to move with rushed, hard, movements - desperate to claim you and prove that you were his. You reached between your legs and rubbed your clit, yelling his name while you watched his face slack with pleasure when you started clenching around him. “Yes babe…come for me…only I can make you feel like this…” he gasped into your mouth as his movements became jerky and he went over the edge, spurting into you.

He was heavy as he leaned into you, leaving tender kisses on your neck and shoulders, his hands running through your hair. “I love you so much, babe. It drove me crazy seeing that guy make moon eyes at you, you know?” Your eyes went wide in surprise. “You saw that?” Zen huffed out a laugh, “AND heard that. Damn prick. You’re MY woman.” You giggled against him, pulling him up to meet your lips. “If this is how it’s going to be, maybe I should make you jealous more often?” He growled at that, biting your lower lip, “damn woman.”

today’s mood: high heels are a bitch

I was invited to a wedding and made the stupid decision to put on high heels

well my feet are dead so now I’m wearing a really nice dress with running shoes :D

Masquerade Sentence Starters
  • "Are you going to ask me to dance or are we just going to stand here talking all night?
  • "I'll tell you who I am at the end of the night"
  • "May I take your mask off?"
  • "I know who you are, even with that mask of yours"
  • "I hate dancing"
  • "I have two left feet"
  • "Would you care to dance with me?"
  • "You. Me. Dance floor. Now."
  • "No, I don't want to dance with you"
  • "You sound too posh to be a commoner..."
  • "What do you say to ditching this ball and finding a nice quiet room to talk?"
  • "Want to sneak down to the kitchens?"
  • "Here, I think you dropped this..."
  • "Excuse me, are you the prince/princess?"
  • "You're a horrible dancer"
  • "Why won't you dance with me?"
  • "You don't seem too happy to be here"
  • "Let's step out to the gardens for a moment"
  • "Can you hold my mask?"
  • "I need some fresh air"
  • "Sorry, I can't see where I'm going with this mask on"
  • "Can I take off my mask?"
How it should have gone
  • Hagrid: Now, who here wants to approach the hippogriff?
  • Class: steps back
  • Hagrid: Harry! Right. What you want to remember is that hippogriffs are very proud creatures. You’re going to approach him slowly and bow. Make sure you bow nice and low.
  • Harry: Right, so I should just pretend Buckbeak is Malfoy's ego, got it.
  • Draco: Please! If anything, I'd have you down on your knees before me!
  • Class: ...
  • Hagrid: ...
  • Draco: What? Why do you all look so shocked? I'd have Potter WORSHIP me. I'd make him writhe at my feet until I was sufficiently pleased.

List of things I want in season 2:

  • Musical episode (ok so maybe this is the least likely but it needs to be said)
  • More Meliorn scenes because he is a beautiful mystical being
  • More Lydia because she is too good for this world
  • More scenes with Izzy/Alec involving Max!!
  • Luke being the worlds best leader
  • Clary and Simon to remain friends without benefits (pls pls pls)
  • Saphael
  • Malec’s first date
  • Raphael Santiago receiving a v good apology
  • More scenes of Clizzy being badass girlfriends
  • Magnus and Raphael being in a scene together!!!!
  • Lucelyn x 10000000000
  • No creepy incest vibes
  • More fabulous shoes for Izzy
  • Jace Wayland being a happy healthy young man
  • Saphael
  • More Luke and Simon being a father-son duo
  • Also Clary and Luke being a father-daughter duo
  • Just more Daddy!Luke ok?? (no jokes guys keep it pure)
  • Maia having a nice day, the context is irrelevant
  • More of Magnus’ shiny biceps
  • And fancy outfits
  • And hair
  • And clothes..
  • Just more of my bisexual prince ok?
  • The Jimon boat scene (you know which one)
  • Werewolf pack dynamics!!
  • Saphael
  • Raphael receiving the respect he deserves
  • Izzy feeling happy and good about herself at all times
  • And most importantly - more Gay™

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Hiya! I feel like I've read everything but I've been off tumblr for a few months now so I don't know what good fan fictions I've missed. Please rec me something!! Ideally a long one for reference my fave fanfic ever is young aand beautiful but I'm really into fake relationship au and not really into exclusively top Harry fics ;) have a lovely lovely day/night (and feel free to answer this privately or not whichever you prefer)

Soo, I’m starting by assuming you haven’t been reading fanfics written after/during January, so here is what I’d have for you! :) I hope you find something nice in there! :)






The first time Sasuke and Boruto met
  • Sasuke: So, this is Naruto's spawn. What's your name, brat?
  • Boruto: It's Boruto Uzumaki, believe it!
  • Sasuke: Huh. You must be around Sarada's age. You say your name was Burito? Funny choice of name. But dobe's the dobe, I guess.
  • Sasuke: My daughter's named after a salad, you know that? Coincidence that you're both named after food.
  • Sasuke: But don't you dare even think about getting ten feet near her. I'll Chidori your feet off.
  • Sasuke: Still, Burito, it was nice meeting you. I have a feeling we'll get along just fine. Though, of course, it's not like because I know I'm going to pass on my Chidori to you in the upcoming movie.
  • Sasuke: No, of course not. How on earth could I know that? I certainly don't have wifi on my travels.
  • Sasuke: Anyway, send my hate to your father, will you? And Burito - please tell him also that he needs to stop spamming me with pictures of ramen. It's rather disturbing.
  • Sasuke: Oh- don't forget to tell my wife and daughter that I love them!!!!!
  • Sasuke: *disappears in a puff of smoke*
  • Boruto: ...What the heck just happened.