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  • <p> <b>James:</b> Lily, will you go out with me?<p/><b>Lily:</b> No.<p/><b>James:</b> Oh DEER, I guess I'll just have to go STAG.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Well, I'm going alone too, because apparently I'm such a DOG.<p/><b>Remus:</b> Clearly nobody can handle my WOLFISHLY good looks.<p/><b>Peter:</b> Oh, RATS. Looks like we'll have to go MARAUDING instead.<p/><b>Lily:</b> *not amused* Wow, no one will ever find out about your illegal transformations into animagi, you're all way too sly.<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I think she's HOUNDing us for answers.<p/><b>Lily:</b> Please stop.<p/></p>
Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)
Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)

I really like the song that plays during the more intimate moments in the game, so I wanted to try playing it. There are two versions (the piano one and the slower one) but this is… somewhere between the two? Also I may have reharmonized it a little bit, idk lol I transcribed it based on memory. And I just made up a track title because I don’t think there’s an actual name for it.

uhhhhh okay anyway hope you ladies enjoy!!

(original soundtrack copyright Cybird)

Steve and Tony just chilling on the couch together. They aren’t even particularly close together, each one on the opposite side. Clint and Thor are yelling at each other about who’s cheating at Mario Cart. Natasha and Bruce are in the kitchen, listening to music and cooking dinner.

Steve is sitting on one side, reading the news paper, occasionally glancing up to watch Clint and Thor play. Tony is on the other side, playing with his tablet and egging Clint and Thor on. The ground shakes as Thor jumps up and down, accusing Clint of cheating as he loses again. Natasha yells at them to calm down or get out. They both sit back down, grumbling to themselves. Bruce can be heard laughing from the kitchen.

Amidst all the noise and chaos and craziness, Steve and Tony continue to just relax on the sofa. And then occasionally they’ll glance over at each other at the same time. They’ll look at each other with soft eyes and small grins. Steve will wink at Tony and Tony will smile wider, stretching his body out further and pressing his feet into Steve’s thigh. Steve will turn back to his paper, but he’ll mindlessly put his hand on Tony’s leg and run his hand up and down his calf. Tony will go back to his tablet, but he’ll keep trying to stick his toes further under Steve’s thighs every once and awhile.

And even though the common area is loud and chaotic, they’re content to just sit there amongst the noise and enjoy the company of their family and the one that they love.


“It’s not too late to set things right.”

I’mmm still real messed up over little Caligosto here…I do wonder what his younger self would think about his grown up self’s actions….and I wanted him to interact more with Raz, since Cali’s sanity seems to be the most intact in his childhood; you do find his moral compass there, after all. Also I just wanted to get that poor kid a hug in some way aaaa

I think it’s interesting (in the most bitter, horrible way possible) that with Mr. and Mrs. Loboto trying to get rid of a “monster”, they really just ended up creating one. :T World’s worst parents everyone!

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and JONAS notices it too because jonas will be at their apartment after school and isak will come home late and go to sit on even's lap and tell him "tutoring those kids was awful, they're so rude and annoying." "yeah? if they're being mean you have reason to ask the teacher for new kids if you want" and jonas is in awe because he's seen isak gradually close up more and more and now it's like even's making him softer and softer and getting him to talk about real stuff without tons of pestering

yes! this so much! if you think even was proud of isak for his growth, just imagine how jonas feelss when he sees isak being honest and open!

jonas has been his best friend for years and years, he saw isak as a carefree kid and he saw that gradually get taken away from him by how his life turned out, but now, he’s got even by his side, and he’s being honest and real, and more and more open.

when he goes to isak and even’s apartment and sees how they act around each other in private (because it’s still a little difficult to be that way in public most of the time), and he sees how easy isak now finds it to speak his mind and ask for comfort, he’s in awe. this is the same best friend who wouldn’t tell him he left home, who dodged going out with him and the boys for weeks because he was so scared of them finding out about him, this same boy is so relaxed now, so ready to tell even about his day, so ready to ask for help and reassurance.

he sees isak come to him as well, when he needs comfort that he can only get from his best friend. isak regularly comes up to him after school and offers a trip out to get kebab, and its seems so natural for isak to talk about himself now, and jonas sometimes just grins at him, until isak asks “what” in a confused voice, and jonas will shrug because he doesn’t want to embarass isak, but at the same time he’s just so so proud of him.

hi I’m marathoning the first 4 pirates of the caribbean films so that’s probably going to take over my blog for a while but i warned u in advance so i want no complaining thank u

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i also think sometimes isak's insomnia gets out of hand but he wont say anything, and one night he doesn't sleep at all and when even wakes up and isak's already awake, he's cracking jokes about how "oh wow you woke up first baby, that's a first!" and all this stuff and isak's trying to go along with it but he's so dead and so tired and even catches on "did you sleep at all baby?" and he just sighs and it takes him hours later to finally fall asleep and even feels so bad

oh, i can see this too! poor isak is always bottling that stuff up, but even always knows, and i think he also knows unfortunately that he can’t always do a whole lot about it (that doesn’t stop him trying).

but i also think that isak gets a whole bunch of cuddles whenever it happens, and even will put on a quiet film and cuddle them both up together in a lot of blankets, and he’ll kiss isak’s forehead and tell him “i’ll forgive you if you fall asleep in this film, baby” and the thing is, isak realises even’s chosen the most calming film he knows, so he allows himself to settle back against even’s chest and bury himself in even and the blankets, and sometimes this is enough for him to fall asleep (and once he’s out, even will stay there, stroking his hair and not even watching the film at all because he’s too busy gazing in wonder at this gorgeous boy in front of him who doesn’t know how incredible and how loved he is.)

As someone who has never watched the show Shadowhunters but has read (and loved) ALL the books, will I be upset/disappointed/unsatisfied if I watch the show? Does it stay true to canon or diverge? If it diverges, is it still good?

more importantly, does it stay true to the characters, and the relationships between the characters? Is it good to Clace? To Malec? To Sizzy? To Maia and Jordan (have they been introduced yet)??

ugh i just thought about a b99 video i saw a looooong time ago (maybe more than a year ago) that i think was a behind the scenes clip? anyways it had the infamous HOT DAMN! scene but!! there were a few extra seconds of dead air after the HOT DAMN and it was simultaneously the funniest and most awkward thing i’ve ever seen. anyways i have no idea where to find this video and it’s killing me help