i know i can be kind of hard to read about that sometimes

I think my favorite thing about Moana is just the overarching theme of “Who You Are Is Enough”. It’s a little bit of an update to the same as “Be Yourself” that we’ve been getting for all these years, because it has… more of a sense of your place in a community, I guess. Mulan kind of touched upon this, but not with the same force or emotional impact that Moana does. “Being yourself” is hard when you feel like you don’t know who you are or don’t like yourself, and its very self-centered (not necessarily in a bad way!). But Moana says that connections to others are important. That sometimes, focusing on the people who care about us is what helps us find things to like about ourselves. Sometimes we need other’s help finding ourselves again when we get lost, to remember who we are. And even when you feel lost or alone or worthless, when you don’t quite know who you are anymore, who you are is still good enough.

Signs description based on people I know :
  • Aries: You are a funny person but you often want to control everything. You are a leader. You can adapt yourself to almost every situation and you looooveee to be in the spotlight.
  • Taurus: You are very calm and chill about pretty much everything. You know how to comfort people. You are really kind and I don't think you are someone who judge others.
  • Gemini: You are so generous and caring. I think you hide your emotions. You are really funny but hard to read. It's difficult to know in advance how you are going to react to something. You say what you think.
  • Cancer: You can be harsh sometimes but you have a big heart. You have really good grades without doing anything (or almost).You seem tough at first but it is just a facade.
  • Leo: At first you seem very shy and you don't speak much to people you don't know. You are socially awkward but when someone gets to know you, you are super sweet and extrovert.
  • Virgo: You are independent and you make sure sh*t gets done. You are like the mom of a group of friends. People look up to you and want your approval.
  • Libra: You think you are the sh*t. You like to flirt and you are charming. You are shy but not with everyone. Everyone wants to be friends with you.
  • Scorpio: You are nice and you can get along with everyone. You can be rude sometimes but you don't mean it. You seem happy all the time and you like to help others.
  • Sagittarius: You are kind and you care about nature. You have a hipster side and you love second-hand clothes shops. You like fashion and you are very independent, you don't really mind if people come and go.
  • Capricorn: You are loud and smart. You want to be popular or to meet new people. You tend to hide things or to be kind of selfish and I think it's because you think no one cares about what you have to say (wich is not true).
  • Aquarius: You are weird sometimes. You REALLY care about the people close to you. You are very insecure so you question every decisions you make. You can be judgemental but you are still very sweet.
  • Pisces: You feel the pain of the world and that's why you create your own in your head. You fear what people might say about you when you are not there. You are cute but you often say things you regret right after.

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Hi there so amm I can not read the words on your drawings sometime ......... English is not my first language so yah it's kind of hard for me to understand what they ara saying ( I hope you understand me :/ )

((Oh! Sorry about that!! We’ll make sure to make the writing more clear! Thanks for letting us know!))

aph japan is a sinful man

i was re-reading old strips from hetarchive. so i found this

1.He is shy infront of England when harrypotter spoiler showing or england taking off his spoiler(clothes)

2.He know BL strengthening soldiers and I thought he is all innocent

3.He is super excited with 2D stuff and looked so high spirited when he told England about it

4.He is suprisingly intolerant and nearly sadist when demanding things, even from America

5.Also odd imagination over things

6.He easily giving up. but sometime if he can trained hard, he got overly passionated

7.He owned an erotic artbook as well

8.There is weird award and His reaction after hearing Italy’s story about chinko (penis) size

9.His cruel rejection when America come to his place

10.Who knows what kind of dream he had

11.He mocked others as second rated perverts

12.He make a flute to mock america gosh

13.and last, the most sinful gesture for us, fangirls


14.He grow cat ears

look at how sinful this man is

but i really love him

source: hetascanlations and hetarchive