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i saw ur post about Auli'i Cravalho and i know where u r coming from but is it creepy if i am attracted to her if i am also 16 (and a girl)? like, i'm not going online commenting "look at that ass" but i think she's really beautiful and i've had like daydreams where we are dating...

Oh nooooo sweetie no. It’s not weird or wrong for you to be attracted to her as another teenage girl. That post was because some very, very nasty adults, who happened to be all women, were being especially gross about her on a post I saw.

‘Billie Lurk watches me closely, studying my decisions, each move I make. That’s nothing new. Even as a kid, there was a quiet curiosity there, though curiosity is not quite the right word. But lately it seems more intense. I’ll feel the hairs on my neck standing up, only realizing a moment later that Lurk is on a roof or balcony nearby.’

So this is a light little Sterek drabble I’d ALMOST finished ages ago and then forgotten about until tonight, in which Derek and Stiles are neighbors.

Word count: a little under 2k

EDIT: just posted this to AO3 as well.

Laura tells him it’s cowardly and unromantic to confess feelings over text, but too bad. Derek can’t think of anything more terrifying than showing up on Stiles’ doorstep (conveniently, the apartment right below Derek’s) to tell him to his face. And Derek wants to know, okay? Has to know. He needs closure. He can’t keep second-guessing every microsecond of every interaction with Stiles, trying to guess how he’s feeling, and he can’t keep hoping like this. He’ll go insane. Stiles has been his neighbor/friend/hopeless crush for almost six months already, and Derek definitely can’t take another six.

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“Cautious” - Part 4

“Cautious” - Part 4

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3,985

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Some cursing, but nothing else that I could tell.

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. He has nightmares sometimes, but not nearly as much as he used to. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers (something similar to the force, but not the force). The team rescues her after a mission and takes her in. She struggles with control sometimes, is very skittish sometimes, and hasn’t talked to anyone since arriving at the tower. She only talks to Bruce Banner. Soon enough, Bucky takes an interest in her. Let’s see how this unfurls.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 4! This is a more lengthy part because I really liked this section and wanted to write a lot. I do write stuff like this to be therapeutic, and this helped. I hope others get enjoyment out of it. I have the next couple of parts planned out too. The next few parts are also going to be on the lengthier side.

This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has shown so much support with the past pieces I’ve written. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from writing. I hope this storyline doesn’t disappoint!

Special shout out to @goodnightwife for being a wonderful beta reader and wonderful person in general! Please go check out her page for some cute fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicrypt@mayfeather27

The team was loading their gear into the jet as you made your way into the hangar with Bucky. You wanted to say bye to everyone, even if it was just waving. Bucky went to talk to Steve, you saw them hug like the best friends they were. When Bruce finished securing his stuff, he brought you into a large hug. You had hugged him a few time before, but this was by far one of the best. He pulled away but held your arms.

“I will try to update you whenever we figure out our ETA back home. I have that comm link set up in your room. All you have to do is press the call button and it will direct you to me. If anything happens, let me know and I will do my best to help. I know Bucky seems intimidating sometimes, but I trust him to take care of you. He knows the consequences if he doesn’t.”

You chuckle a bit at that part before hugging him again and saying “I’ll be okay. Just make sure to stay safe, please.”

“I’ll try my best. I got the team to help too, they won’t let anything happen. We gotta get ready for take off. I’ll check in whenever I can.” He kissed your forehead and lightly squeezed your arms before turning his attention to Bucky, who was now standing a couple of feet behind you.

“Be patient with her, and keep her safe.”

“I will do my best, Banner. I’ll update you when needed. Be safe out there.”

With one more wave goodbye to the group, you and Bucky began your walk back to the tower. These next few days were going to be an adventure.

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omfg. guys. can there be something that physically shuts my mouth when I’m starting to get stupid coz I seem to be unable to do that myself!! so I went to this poetry event. I saw this guy and he seems kinda familiar. I’m actually pretty sure he’s from my uni. anyway, I heard his name and yup def. I probably know him from the groups or sth. that’s fine, because you get familiar with a lot of people in those groups. like you never saw them, you don’t know who they are but you simply know their name>>>>their surname<<<<< and profile pic. anyway soo everything’s fine till now (until I step in the scene really) so I’m like were you in x university coz I feel like I’m familiar with you from fb groups or sth. (then he’s like yeah bla bla bla) and I blurt out his surname. like it’s -insert surname- right?? haha facebook…makes
you memorize people’s name and surnames. lol. 😊 and inside I’m like WTF! dude!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s is soo creepy can you like stfu for a moment. why are you like this💆🏼 so basically, I just turned up to some guy,who didn’t know
me at all, with his name
surname and god-knows-what other random info I know. I don’t know
if it gets any awkward than
it’s like I’m not even trying anymore, it comes

{ F  E  E  L   T  H  E   V O I D } for the lost souls crawling through hell, the monsters who know nothing of sensation, lonely spirits, bitter gods, and the ones who lost something very important: themselves

“We become aware of the void as we fill it.”           
             ― Antonio Porchia

part i. N U L L  

Dark Father - Sephiroth // Traumkristalle - Nagual Art // At the End of Time - Atrium Carceri // Dark Energy - Silentium Universi // deep depression - IX // null - Mark Hadley // ardor - Shiro Sagisu // discolor - 07th expansion // Cogitatio - Asbaar // Uncertain Affinity - Phaenon // Oracion Nocturna - Hocico // External Control - Phelios // Burning - final 

me: glad i found this blogging platform so i can blog about things i enjoy!
A Man: haha no sweetheart. i find you attractive, so i’m going to be as creepy as i can to you :)

One time I was watching this video on YouTube where Daron Malakian was showing off his Edmonton Oilers memorabilia (he’s obsessed with that team for some reason) and several people commented that he looked “depressed” or “sad” the whole way through. Since I’m a long-time SOAD fan, I mentioned in the comments that Daron has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of his life and for a while in the late 2000s (like SOB era) it got really bad, as in he wouldn’t leave his house for months at a time and was highly avoidant of people.

This one guy shows up in the replies section and just starts trying to rip me a new asshole about what a “creepy” and “obsessed” fan I am, and he keeps calling me a creep even after I logically explain how a dedicated fan of two decades could know about this. I’m over here thinking “How am I creepy for knowing any of this information?”. I mean Daron has talked about all of these issues in old SOAD interviews that I have scanned copies of saved on an old zip drive from back when I used to archive magazine articles in high school, so I figured it was common knowledge among older fans that Daron had these issues…

The only reason I’m thinking of this now is because after 1 - 2 years people are still replying to my comment about Daron’s depression either expressing surprise (”omg really?”) or they’re trying to white-knight for me by telling that first assholish guy to “fuck off”. I regret ever commenting on that video now. There’s a whole new generation of SOAD fans who apparently think that Daron Malakian is only this crazy wild man up on stage saying random shit about drugs and running around haphazardly like he was in 2002. 

Folks, that’s a stage persona. A lot of shy, introverted people have a “crazy” shadow personality they let loose when drunk or high or putting on a show (or all three) and then when the lights are low and the drugs wear off, they’re back to hiding in a hoodie and avoiding eye contact. That’s the kind of person Daron is and older SOAD fans know that. I just assumed all SOAD fans picked up on that about Daron. Guess not.

post: if you are a man and behave in [x] way, you are most likely coming off at creepy to women, even if you don’t intend to. please don’t do this. instead, maybe try doing [x].

men: oh my god yalls standards are so fucking high these days, as a man i have no idea what to even do anymore?? can i do anything??? how am i supposed to know if something i do is creepy or not?

women: i mean it says it right there, in the post…it’s quite specific on what to do and what not to do…just listen.


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CAN YOU WRITE A VAMPIRE HC WHERE THEYRE BOTH VAMPS AND BFS BUT DANS LIKE 5'5 AND PHILS A PUNK AND they get in a argument and dans runs out but goes into another vamps territory and fil saves him ( sorry this I just really want a hc like this)

(Yessssss!! Thank u for saving me) (get yourself some popcorn bc honey this one is loooooooong)

+ Dan and Phil had known each other for a long time. They have been friends since the victorian era, and years and years later they were here not only as friends, but as a couple.

+ All of this was possible because they were vampires, furthermore, immortals. In the past, if it was discovered the pure fact that they were vampires they would of have been hunted down, and vampires plus being gay? Dead only considering it. But now, centuries later, they were together without any problems at all.

+ None, exept their domestic fights.

+ “You know how dangerous it is to taint your blood with even more ink, Phil!” Dan exclaimed , his words coming out slurred as his fangs were longer than usual, intervening with his tongue trajectory, courtesy of being angry.

+ “Oh Dan, shut up, we’ve had this conversation before, that myth is so 1982.” Phil, his boyfriend, rolled his eyes, Dan could be way too paranoid. Some years ago, the rumor that tattoos killed non-human species spread through the supernatural community. It was a fuss, and for Phil, who had a fair share of them, was even worse. His boyfriend was constantly worried, and even after the rumor died, he still did.

+ Don’t get him wrong, Phil loved the fact that Dan worried for him, but the thirty fourth time… Lets say it started to bore him.

+ “Still! You should of at least told me! You know that you tend to get into trouble when you do things without telling me!” The brown haired vampire exclaimed referring to a past event. Phil eyes widened and he felt a frown starting to form.

+ “Oh no. You are not bringing that back, are you? Dan, that was two decades ago!” Phil exclaimed, starting to get angry remembering that situation were he ended up getting a silver piercing with a vampire-phobic that ended up in hours of waiting with a burning ear in the supernatural hospital. Phil cringed only remembering.

+ “Still! That was the time you didn’t tell me, and also the time it all went wrong!” Dan fangs were starting to poke his bottom lips, and they were growing and growing alongside with the heat of the argument.

+ “Well, /mother/, let me tell you that nothing has happened in any of my last appointments at the parlor and-” Phil stopped abruptly and one of his hands went to cover his mouth in reflex. Dan eyes darkened.

+ “/Last/?” The single word lingered on the air for some seconds before he continued, he took a breath and he narrowed his eyes, his muscles were tense, “You been going there more than once? Is it when you suddenly starting going to the gym at night? What else have you been up behind my back, Phil?”

+ “D-dan, wait, I haven’t-…” Phil was frozen, stuttering with every word, and it wasn’t because he did something wrong, because he didn’t. It was just that he wasn’t used to lie to Dan in all the centuries of knowing each other, so whenever he did he became a nervous mess. He just /couldn’t/ lie to the love of his life.

+ “Is that big ass patch you have had for the last two months on your chest a tattoo? The one you told me it was a healing scar?” Dan breath was starting to get labored. There were /never/ lies between them, they knew better than that. He wasn’t used to lie to Phil, and he wasn’t used at all being lied by Phil.

+ Phil was frozen in the spot. He hadn’t been doing anything wrong, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it for some reason. Dan couldn’t be thinking by saying ‘other things behind my back’ of…? Of him-he physically shuddered at the mere thought- cheating, did he? After everything they’ve been through? The thought scared him the same that angered him.

+ “What else have you been doing, Philip?” Dan asked starting to raise his voice, with his hands on his hips he looked up towards his tall boyfriend deep red eyes. “Hanging out with the werewolves gangs? Going to late dives with the angels? Huh?”

+ “For your information, i love you too much to cheat on you!” Phil exclaimed, not really hearing Dan questions. He didn’t miss how his boyfriend eyes widened, and how a pained shade covered his angry stare for a second.

+ “Y-you thought that I thought that you… Cheated on me?” Dan whispered in a pained tone, with his brows up together. Phil then realized his mistake, cheating never passed through Dan mind, he was just genuinely worried. Before Phil could say anything, Dan was already pushing past him towards their apartment door.

+ “Dan, wait!” Phil exclaimed rushing to get to Dan, but the brown haired vampire was having none of it. He opened the door and turned around throwing a harsh glare towards the punk vampire that made him stop dead in his tracks.

+ “Stay there you cold blooded vampire!” Dan growled, even though it wasn’t actually an insult, with one hand on the doorknob. “Im going to go now for a walk because I don’t want to see you, so don’t you dare come search for me, old man!” And with that, he slammed the door shut, running out into the night.

+ “We are the same age…” Phil muttered to himself. He hated the way his chest stung when he thought that Dan normally would laugh at that, but that now he wasn’t even there. His fist met hard against the wall in frustration. “Fuck…!” He was so, so stupid.

+ Outside, Dan wasn’t even paying attention to where he was going. His mind was a rush of emotions. He felt betrayed most of all.

+ How could Phil even consider something like that? The thought of Phil cheating made him gag, he could never think of Phil capable of that. If he rethought his words, it seemed he was hinting them, but that was uncounciously. He really had been only worried.

+ What if the ink rumor was actually true after all this years? What if the tattooist used a silver niddle? What if the tattooist was a vampire-phobe? The tattoo was right over Phil chest, and Phil normally had his eyes closed when he got a new tattoo, in all that time it would be super easy for the guy doing to job to take a wood stake and just-

+ Dan stopped dead in his tracks. He closed his eyes and shuddered. What would happen to Dan if that were to occur? How would Dan keep on living? He just couldn’t. A life without Phil… It would just be unbearable.

+Dan felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes. He wanted to hold Phil so badly. His hands were shaking at the simple thought of living without Phil.

+ He raised his wrist to his face and bit down just to scratch a little. Blood, he needed blood. Vampires blood worked in a weird way. If a vampire drunk his own blood, just a little, it worked as morphine for humans, it calmed them down when they were having a frenzy of emotions, and that’s what Dan needed now.

+ Once Dan felt the effects, he realized he had no idea were he was-a kind of forest?-, and he also noticed-when he tried to turn back and almost falled- that he maybe took a little too much blood from his system, he was feeling dizzy.

+ Dan sniffed the air and smelt someone near, “Hello? I’m lost, could you help-” Dan froze once the silhouette of the person was visible. A strong odor filled his nostrils and his eyes widened in recognition. Fuck. Thay guy was a vampire and he was absolutely /not/ friendly.

+ “Who are you?” Dan heard a rough deep voice ask. Dan had to blink a little to make out his face. He really did drink too much of his own blood…

+ “I w-was just walking and without thinking i ended up in this forest…” Dan stuttered a little, he really didn’t like the situation he got himself into.

+ “Nah… Don’t start with that bullshit… You are a vampire and you /know/ where you are standing,” Dan really didn’t, but now he had an idea. They were super rare, but there where still territorial vampires, those who marked his territory and targeted every intruder as enemies, and of course with his luck he had to stumble with the only one in the zone.

+ “Look, i really don’t want any trouble, point me the way and im off, i swear,” Dan sounded super submissive, but his head was starting to ache.

+ “Oh no… I smell many years on you,” creepy-“so you must know what i am allowed to do to intruders…” He said with a smirk, showing his growing fangs, and /oh freaking mother hell nopity no/.

+ There were only three reasons for vampires to bite other vampires; one, to kill each other (and if you were stupid enough to drink their blood, getting yourself killed too), to seal a lifelong promise, and last… To mark, (which meant the same as mate but that was /way/ too werewolf for vampires it seemed) to claim a vampire as yours. And this vampire in particular didn’t seem too interested in seeing his corpse or sealing a deal, so the only thing left…

+ “W-wait, wait! You can’t! I am already marked.” Dan exclaimed, maybe with a little more pride than he should. Phil and him marked each other once centuries ago one time they thought they weren’t going to make it alive from one situation, but that was a story for another time.

+ The vampire smile fell for a bit, but then grew again even more creepier than before, and Dan didn’t like it one bit. “Oh don’t worry about it, we can just break it then.” He said stepping forward, and Dan instinctively stepped backwards, only to feel a tree pressed against his back. His vision blurred for a faint second, and Dan blinked furiously in order to bring his vision back. If he fainted, it was all over.

+ The myth that a mark could be taken if another mark was made over it was old, and no one knew if it was really truth, but no one really confirmed it, and Dan was sure as hell he didn’t want to discover it either.

+ Panic started to fill Dan when the vampire took both his wrists and pinned him against the tree. Dan eyes widened as he tried to push him away but realized he couldn’t, his blood not only calmed his senses, it weakened him.

+ The vampire eyes sclera turned black as his iris turned a dark red, his pupil dilated into a line and his fangs showed in their full glory as he hissed towards his prey. Dan breath hitched and panic came down at full force towards him, he was about to lose the deepest bond he had with the love of his life. The bond that was supposed to last a lifetime. He was going to become someone’s else that wasn’t Phil. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want that. He was Phil’s. He was Phil’s and Phil’s only. Phil. Dan eyes filled with tears and he closed his eyes as a throat wrecking shriek escaped his mouth. “PHIL!”

+ Suddenly the air cooled down drastically. A strong wind blew through the trees and the whole atmosphere seemed to become darker. The territorial vampire noticed this and stopped his actions for a second. He felt a soft tap on his shoulder and that’s when he felt it. A powerful presence right behing him. He shuddered. It was angry. The vampire turned around slowly until he saw him. His eyes widened.

+ A tall-very tall, 6'3 at least- dark haired man, pierced in multiple places, with tattoos covering one side of his neck, eyes red as blood itself, was staring down at him with such hatred, that he was sure that if looks could kill, he would already be burned ash on the floor. He gulped once and that’s when he heard him speak.

+ “Get. The fuck. Away. From my. Boyfriend.” Dan eyes widened as he recognized the voice of his lover, tears of relief already forming in his eyes, but before he could say anything, the punk lifted his fist and punched the vampire squear in the jaw with such a force that crack could be heard.

+ That wasn’t the end of it, as when the vampire fell to the ground because of the punch, the man quickly followed and straddled him and started punching him, hit after hit, not giving him a second to fight back.

+ “You are lucky-” hit “i got here,” punch “before you did anything-” he picked him from his shirt collar “-or else-” he growled bringing him closer so he could stare right into his eyes, “you’d be… Dead!” He moved his head backwards to then bang his head hard against his, knocking him out.

+ Phil dropped the uncouncious vampire to the ground and stood up, he cleaned the blood on his knuckles over his jacket and looked once down to the vampire. “Territorial creatures lost their rights 37 years ago, asshole…”

+ Phil then quickly turned around to see a Petrified Dan staring at the uncouncious vampire with wide eyes, his eyes slowly shifted towards Phil form and the punk face softened, he didn’t need to be told what to do.

+ He ran towards Dan and without saying anything he picked him up bridal style and started heading towards their apartment through big jumps-thanks to vampire habilities-, “Breath baby, it’s okay, i got you.” Its been a long while since Dan last panic attack, but he still knew what to do. “You are still mine, I’m still yours.” That’s when he felt Dan breath right and curl into Phil embrace.

+ “Phil…” Dan voice broke and he nuzzled into Phil’s neck. The punk felt something wet on his neck and he tightened his hold on Dan before speeding up.

+ Once they got to their apartment, Phil left Dan crying form on the couch and turned to get a glass of water, but Dan took hold of his wrist and pulled him towards him before putting his arms around his waist and hugging him hard.

+ Phil just smiled and let him be. “Mine.” Dan muttered against Phil shirt. Phil smiled and kneeled so he was face to face with his lover and joined their foreheads together. That’s the first time Phil allowed himself to breath properly. “Yours.” He whispered back closing his eyes shut as he felt tears forming too.

+ He moved his face to the crook of Dan neck and nuzzled where the he marked Dan all those years ago before he started nibbling softly the spot. Dan relaxed with a sigh at the familiar gesture.

+ When Phil first felt his own mark sting a little, he dismissed it with Dan just feeling way too conflicted with his feelings, but when the stung became proper pain he started worrying because he knew Dan was in danger. Then he didn’t waste any more seconds and rushed out searching for his lover. Then the mark pain became almost unbearable and Phil started panicking, because that meant that not only he was in danger, but that also their bond was threatened. That’s when he heard Dan shriek and he swore he had never moved so fast. He had been so, so scared.

+ He inhaled into Dan neck. He was safe now. He raised his head and met those brown eyes he loved. His eyes were back to blue now that he was calm. Without anymore words, both their eyes shut and they joined their lips with force. Phil hand went to the back of Dan neck to pull him closer while Dan’s tangled in Phil hair doing the same.

+ Once they pulled away their foreheads were still touching and their eyes were closed, just enjoying each other presence.

+ “Let’s not fight about something so stupid again, yes?” Dan muttered. Compared with everything that had happened to them in the huntings back in the victorian days this was just so ridiculous. Not worth losing each other at all. Phil snorted quietly and nodded.

+ “Want to see the reason we fought?” He asked opening his eyes, Dan did the same and nodded pulling away from Phil so that he could take his shirt off and show him.

+ Once the shirt was off, Dan could see that the patch was even bigger than before and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. It started a little over Phil collarbone and ended right over Phil nipple.

+ “You sure you can take that off?” Dan asked and Phil shrugged. “What’s the worse that could happen? Die?” Phil said starting to take it off, and Dan was about to tell him off for the inappropriate joke until he saw it. Dan felt his breath hitch in his throat.

+ Surrounding right were Dan mark was on Phil neck, branches with forming roses were growing and falling down, where the bush became even more prominent until they were a lot of roses one over the other, and right in the middle of his pectoral there was a heart peaking from the flowers.

+ “I’ve been planning getting this one for years, i just couldn’t think of the right design until some weeks ago. I couldn’t do it in only one appointment as it was bigger than my other tattoos, and I wanted to make it a surprise for you, that’s why i made more shorter appointments to not rise too much suspicion, but… Well, It didn’t work out too well…” Phil said scratching the back of his head. Dan couldn’t stop looking at it, but it wasn’t the tattoo that caught his eye, but the quote underneath. He brought a finger to caress it making Phil flinch a little as it was still sore.

+ “Phil… It’s so beautiful…” Dan said looking up where Phil was watching him with a fond smile. He took Dan hand that was touching and pressed it against the tattoo, it stung but it was okay. “It’s for you,” Phil answered, and Dan couldn’t contain the smile because he knew it.

+ Face grinning like the mad, he threw himself over Phil making them both fall to the floor and kissed him hard, earning the same response back. “I love you,” he said against Phil lips. “I love you too,” Phil answered before they kissed again, after a while taking things even further.

+ That night, after Phil fell asleep on their bed, cuddling naked with his equally naked boyfriend, Dan stayed up a bit more, face pressed to the un-tattooed part of his boyfriend chest, while his hand traced the new tattoo at the other side. He felt a smile tug his lips as he read the quote underneath the roses over and over again, after a while, sleep finally started to win him, and with one last smile, he remembered the quote that was based on the words he once said centuries ago once again.

+ “You make my heart beat again.”

The Murder She Didn’t Expect Chapter One

This Short Story is based off a dream I had a couple of years ago. The main character Amora is murdered, and she is trying to figure out how the crime happened. She is also struggling with her emotions of her death and her loved ones reacting to her death.



I don’t know how I got on this cryptic stretch of road. The only thing I can remember is my name, Amora, but my friends call me Mora. All I know is that I am standing on a random creepy road late at night with no one around. How did I end up in this dark, eerie dense forest? Why is there white ghost-like fog everywhere? What time is it? It must be at least midnight if not later. All these questions are zooming around in my head with no answers. 

“What is the last thing I remember? Driving, I was driving my car, but to where? Home, possibly? Why can’t I remember what I was doing?” I think to myself while trying to figure out what is going on around here.

“Ok, Amora, standing here isn’t going to give you answers, so you might as well just start walking down this creepy ass road, and maybe something around you will spark your memory,” I say to myself as I look around.

I start walking down the road. I feel a breeze sweep all around me. It’s late at night, and it should be cold outside.

“Why am I not cold?” I question.

I look down at myself. I am wearing pink and white foam lined Nike flip-flops, black leggings covering my plus size, barely tanned legs. I am also wearing my favorite light pink t-shirt with the words real women love firefighters in white. My brunette hair with natural lighter brown highlights is flowing with the breeze into my face, and it keeps getting caught in my chocolate colored glasses. I try to put my hair in a ponytail but can’t. I don’t have a hair tie on me. Frustrated, I look back up and down the road. I feel the breeze go through me again.

“Shouldn’t I be cold? I am barely covered up. Why is the breeze not making me cold?” I wonder naively.

All around me is a dark and mysterious forest full of trees and bushes. As I walk farther down the foggy road, I see a car accident in front of me. There are fire trucks and firefighters all around the scene. The ambulance is there, but there are no paramedics around. This is weird. Usually, at a scene, you would see them running around with the firefighters. My boyfriend is a firefighter, so I know some of these things because of the stories he tells me about his calls and the procedures they must follow. I run down the road trying to get close enough to see what is going on. As I move closer, I finally see the paramedics. They, along with some firefighters are all surrounding the car.

“This must be a coincidence because the car they are surrounding looks an awful lot like my car which is red; That’s about as much as I can tell people because I don’t know much about cars.” I think to myself as I watch chaotic the scene in front of me.

“Wait, this is my car! I realize suddenly. Why is my car here? Think Amora, why would your car be here? Shouldn’t you be at your dorm hanging out with your friends or studying?” I ponder while trying to make sense of the situation. Then, I remember some of what happened. The reason I was driving is that I wanted some cookie dough, so I decided to take a quick run to the store to get some. As I walk closer to the accident, I start to notice all the blood everywhere.

“Where is all this blood coming from?” I question.

I walk around the car only to see a sight I wish I would have never seen. The driver side door is ripped off the car and blood is pooling from the driver’s seat. There is a plus size body still inside the car. I look closely only to jump back in shock. The body is a plus sized female wearing the same outfit I am wearing.

“No,” I think. “ It can’t be me. That body can’t be me!” I start screaming various colorful profanities in my head. “ All I can think or say is what the hell is going on? Why am I laying there with bright red blood oozing out of me to death?” I scream in my head.

Then I see my boyfriend, Nolan runs past me, to the vehicle. He takes one look at the body then freezes where he stands. Tears start pooling down his face and land on his gear.

“I’m here babe, look” I speak towards him. He didn’t turn to face me like I expect him to.

“Hey, look at me! I’m here,” I cried. Still no indication he hears me.

He is just standing there frozen. When my hand touches his shoulder, it goes right through him. I try again, but I get the same result. Another firefighter walks up to Nolan and puts his hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, Nolan do you know her?” The firefighter asks.

“Yes,” He replies with a shaky voice. “Amora is my girlfriend, we call her Mora” He cries.

“If it’s too much for you to handle seeing her like this, you can go sit over by the trucks. We will be okay without your help,” The other firefighter speaks while consoling Nolan’s back.

Nolan doesn’t say anything as he walks over to the other firetrucks. He sits down with his hands covering his face. Nolan lets his heavy-duty work gloves fall off his hands and lifts his charcoal black helmet from his head and places it next to him. He doesn’t remove any more of his worn out florescent yellow fire gear.

I turn back around to watch the other firefighters and paramedics pull me out of the car. My whole body is covered in blood from head to toe. I try to walk closer to the car, but as I get close, a firefighter runs through me and up to the car with a black body bag in his hand.

“Hey, dumb ass!” I scream. “It’s fucking rude to run through someone!”

That’s when the answer to what was going on came to me. I ran what I said through my head. He ran through me. They are putting my body into the black body bag now.

“I can’t deal with this right now!” I scream while turning around to face the other way from the accident.

This can’t be happening to me! I cry while I fall to my knees not caring if anyone can see me anymore. The situation sinks into my brain now.

“I am dead.” I croaked as I fell into darkness.

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No, It’s Bucky: Part 4

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/Reader

Word count: 1,268

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


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