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So this is a continuation of a little drabble that I did awhile ago. The first part is the drabble and then after the first break it’s all new! Hope you like it! Send me some feedback and if you’d like to see a part 2!

The gun tumbles from your hand, blood splatter slowly dripping from your mask. The Joker’s body lies crumpled to the side, half of his face blown off, skull in pieces at your feet. Jason lies a few feet away, staring at you in complete shock.

“Mom … mom what did you do?” His voice is soft, lost.

“I killed him, sweetheart”

“Mom, Bruce’ll …”

“I don’t give a shit what your father says right now, baby. You said that you wouldn’t stop killing until the Joker was dead, that once he was dead you would stop.” You nudge the Jokers cooling body with your boot, “This man has cause too much pain in all of our lives. Your father might have a ‘no killing’ rule, but I don’t”

“Mom he’s gonna hate you” Slowly Jason rises to his feet.

“He’ll get over it, he has to. Do you think this is the first time I’ve ever killed someone?”

Jason stills, eyes wide and you reach out, gently drawing your second son into a tight hug, “I love you, Little Wing”

Your son sniffs, clutching you tighter, “Love you too, mom. Thank you”

“You don’t need to thank me, just promise me that you’ll stop killing. Promise me that I didn’t just break a promise to my husband and kill the Joker in vain”

“I promise. I – I don’t want to stop using the guns, but I can get rubber bullets, use non-deadly force”

Patting his cheek gently, you turn and head out of the warehouse, “You’ll come by the Manor more, won’t you?”

“Yeah, mom, I will. Bruce and I are long overdue for a talk”

“Mmhhmm, I know. After this, I think we’ll have to sit everyone down for a talk, explain what I did and why”

“They’ll understand with time”

“I hope so, son. I really hope so.”

You and Jason make your way back to the Cave, dreading the upcoming confrontation.

“Listen to me, Jay. When we get back I want you to take your brothers upstairs, I need to talk to Bruce. If they ask questions, just tell them that I’ll talk to them in the morning, okay?”

Jason’s lip curls slightly in distaste, he always hated it when you treated him like a child, “I don’t want to leave you alone with him. He’s going to be angry, what if he …”

“He won’t hurt me, sweetheart. Even if he’s angry he won’t hurt me, not physically”

“I know you could handle him if he attacked physically, but Bruce knows how to use his words to hurt someone, and he … tends to overreact”

You chuckle, “That’s an understatement”


By the time you finally pull into the Batcave, Bruce, Damian and Dick are waiting, arms crossed and angry. At the moment, you’re glad that Tim is away visiting the Titans or he’d be waiting for you too.

“Y/N …”

“Give me a second” You turn, facing your children, “Boys I want you to go upstairs. Bruce and I need to talk … alone. I will talk to everyone, explain everything, tomorrow. Alright?”

“Mom …”

“Dick, I need to talk to Bruce. I promise that I will talk to you tomorrow. I know you don’t like to be excluded, but this is something that we need discuss as husband and wife”

You go around, giving each of the boys a hug before watching them file up the stairs. Taking a breath, you brace yourself for the upcoming argument.

“Bruce, hear me out …”

“I can’t believe you would do something like this. We made an agreement. When we got married you promised that you would never kill again, and now you’ve broken that promise! Damnit, Y/N!”

“Bruce, please, just let me explain -”

“I don’t want to hear your damn excuses, Y/N! You broke the one promise I needed you to keep! Did the only thing I can’t forgive!”

You jerk back, “Can’t forgive?”

Bruce draws himself up to his full height, and it isn’t Bruce that’s staring back it’s Batman, “Y/N Wayne, I am putting you under arrest for the murder of the Joker. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say -”

“You’re arresting me? What the fuck, Bruce! I’m your wife!”

Bruce’s lips curl up in a sneer, and he jerks your arms around, fastening the cuffs to your wrists, “No, you’re not. My wife would never have betrayed me like this”


“Master Bruce, what in the world is going on here?!” Alfred’s voice echoes slightly in the Cave

“Y/N is under arrest for murder. She killed the Joker tonight, and she has to be punished like every other murderer in Gotham”

“Miss Y/N is your wife! What you are doing is ridiculous!”

“I’m not asking for your approval, Alfred. I am taking Y/N down to the police station, where I will turn her over to Commissioner Gordon”

“Damnit Bruce! I did it for Jason! I did it to get him to stop killing! You’ve never turned him in for killing, why are you turning me in?!”

“You murdered a man, Y/N. You aren’t any better than the rest of the murdered and scum that plague Gotham”

You’re stunned into silence. Of all the scenarios that had run through your head this was not one of them. You had never thought that your own husband would arrest you and have you thrown into jail, that he wouldn’t even listen to you.

“Master Bruce, please reconsider -”

“Alfred, I don’t want the kids to know about this. Just tell them that I went out for one more round around the city.”

Being dropped off on the roof of the GCPD with Commissioner Gordon is one of the most humiliating things that has ever happened to you.


“Sparrow. I can’t say that you are who I was expecting when Batman called and told me that he was personally dropping off a murderer”

“Well, apparently killing the Joker is where Batman draws the line, and he turns on his own family”

Jim Gordon hums, placing his one hand on your elbow he helps you stand up, “I’m really sorry for this, Sparrow, but I have to take you into custody. Batman’s already read you your rights, but I’ll have to read them to you again, and then I’ll need you to tell me where the Joker’s body is”

“I understand, Jim, you’re not the one I blame for this situation.”

Thankfully, Jim gives you your own cell and doesn’t force you to take off your mask. “I’ll try and figure something out, Sparrow, but I’m not sure how Batman expected me to charge you for murder if I don’t know your identity”

“Don’t worry, Jim, we’ll figure something out”

“I really hope so. I honestly don’t even know if I can charge you for anything, because technically you don’t even exist”

“You just do what you have to. I’ll get out of this fine”

Jim nods and scratches the back to his head, “You have one phone call, do you want to use it now, or later?”

“I’ll use my comm unit, if you don’t mind”

“Go ahead, I have to stand here for the conversation, but it’s fine”

Reaching up you gently press a finger to the comm unit, quickly switching channels to the one you need. “Oracle?”

“Sparrow? Are you alright? Do you need backup? I don’t see you on any cameras”

“You aren’t looking at the right cameras. I’m at the GCPD, O”

“You’re – you’re in one of the cells … what happened? Why are you -”

“Calm down, that’s why I’m calling you. I – I killed the Joker, O. I know you probably heard about that already, though. Batman – Batman wasn’t happy with me, he arrested me and dropped me off here”

“What do you need me to do? I can have someone come break you out -”

“No, I don’t need anyone else getting on B’s bad side tonight. You have access to my accounts, I need you to post my bail. Preferably quickly, I’d like to get out of here as soon as possible”

“I can call some of my contacts, see who the judge is going to be and have him post your bail as soon as possible.”

“Thanks, O”

“Sit tight, Sparrow.”

You let out a strained chuckle, “Not much else to do here, O”

“I’ll contact you as soon as I have something. Oracle out”

Turning back to the commissioner you give him a shaky smile, “I have my people working on bail for me, Jim. She’ll contact me as soon as she has something”

“I’ll wait in my office for a call then”

It only takes Oracle two hours to have your bail posted and for you to be released.

“Thanks, O”

“No problem, Sparrow. Did B really arrest you?”

“Yeah, yeah he did. Listen, kid, I’m tired. I’m heading to one of my safe houses, and no I’m not telling you which one even though I know you’ll figure it out, but please … don’t tell the boys where I am, especially B, I just – I just can’t handle them right now”

“I understand. Get some rest, Mama Bird, I’ll contact you in the morning”


Slowly you make your way to the rooftops, and travel to your most secure safe houses, one of the ones that even Bruce doesn’t know about. Quickly peeling off your costume, you take a quick shower and collapse in bed. Everything that you’ve managed to bottle up so far comes rushing out. You let out a chocked sob, curling tightly into a ball you finally let yourself cry.

Favorite Smut

Hi everyone. I just wanted to compile all my favorite smut in one place for anyone who is interested. All the stories are linked down below and all the authors are credited (I highly suggest you check out these authors because their work is art) THIS IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER I JUST THOUGHT OF MY FAV STORIES AND TAGGED THEM :) I will keep updating this btw. 

1) Mr. Min- @ellieljade - Ok this has to be one of my all time favorite stories. When she says she’d upload I stay up all night waiting for her lol. Seriously the plot is great and the story is very well constructed. I highly highly highly suggest you give her blog a look and read Mr. Min too.

2) BTS Smut - @kpop-bts-smut Ok this one is an entire blog lol but it’s ok.  I have a slight biased towards this blog cause they make audios too lololol I feel a connection. Anyways it’s a great blog so go check it out and I cry at the audios every time so you can cry with me at the same time. 

3) Sin City- @btssmutgalore - WOWOWOWOW ya’ll already know about my love for this series because of that video I posted lol but guys if you don’t read anything on this list at least give this story a try I promise you will not regret it. Also I’ll be posting an audio that was inspired by this story tonight :) also you should drop by the blog and leave a couple nice words to Dee she’s sweet and she deserves it.

4) @seokvie this one is another blog and I like everything on it so I’d say go give it a look and you’ll love it. Tension had me on my knees pls pls pls read it. 

5) Our Little Secret - @avveh I can’t say enough about this story so instead imma let ya’ll read and cry. 

There’s about 170382083028 more so I’ll keep updating this when I can think of more but these are just quick recommendations :)

Unsent: Jughead Jones X Reader (Part Five)

Part 5: Date Made

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

A match made in Heaven, the preliminary to another pair’s retribution.

Words: 932

Warnings: I actually don’t think there’s any this time :)

IF I FORGET TO TAG YOU DON’T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME. So I know you already had Part Four tonight, but since this chapter is a bit different in format and kind of a set up, I decided to go ahead and post, enjoy! :) <3 - Juggie xx

After a long, emotional night all you wanted to do was stay home from school, but avoiding your problems wouldn’t make them go away. You felt powerless, and the overwhelming sensation of emptiness in your chest resonated throughout your whole body. It was draining all the energy from you. All this nothingness in your heart, all this nothingness caused from the lack of Jughead. ‘It’s my fault, I pushed him away.’

You wanted him, that’s all. Not even romantically right now, you just wanted to be around him and hear his laugh and feel his eyes on you.

When you got to school that morning you were a bit early, and were immediately approached by Betty at your locker. “Rough night?”

“How’d you know?”

She smiled sadly at you and took a strand of your hair in her hands. “Jughead texted me, said you wouldn’t answer. What’s wrong?”

Veronica was quickly approaching you with urgency etched on her face. You just looked down and whispered to Betty, “Her.”

“(Y/N), I can explain what happened yesterday. I talked to Jughead-”

“Oh I know.” Your blood was boiling and you couldn’t believe she had the audacity to speak to you about him. “I saw very well and you know it.”

Betty interjected, “Let her talk (Y/N).”

Fear coursed within you and you turned to Betty. “You knew?”

“(Y/N)!” Veronica begged, “Just please, listen.” You simply nodded at her, and she sighed before continuing, “The plan was to make you jealous. That part obviously worked, but we didn’t mean to hurt you. Betty and I were hoping it would push you to confessing to Jughead. We thought if you felt I was a threat you would speak up.”

Your voice croaked with the unshed tears, “You know I don’t have the confidence for that Ronnie.”

She put both her hands on your shoulders, “I should’ve known better, you’re right. And I am so sorry, but I have good news.”

Raising an eyebrow you smiled at her, “Really?”

She laughed, wiping the lonely tear that had escaped off your cheek. “Yeah. Jughead confronted me upset about what I did during lunch yesterday, he saw right through Betty and I’s plan.”

Eyes widened in shock you nearly screeched, “He knows I like him? He knows you were trying to make me jealous? Oh God-”

“No! No no no! He knew I wasn’t actually interested.” She slowly removed her hands from you as she looked down and spoke quietly. “He actually thought I was trying to make Betty jealous.”

Betty blushed madly, “Make me jealous? Why would he think that?”

“Well, B, I”, she took a deep breath and looked her crush in the eye. “I really like you Bets. It was confirmed to me yesterday that literally everyone can see it, everyone but you. So you should know, I like you.”

Betty brought Veronica’s face towards her and kissed her softly, you looked back towards your locker feeling very embarrassed like a third wheel. But, you were very happy for your friends. It was so obvious they were head over heels for each other.

When you heard them laughing you knew it was safe to turn around, and you smiled brightly at them. They both looked at you and asked, “Forgiven?”

You giggled, “Yeah.” You all three joined in on a group hug as Jughead and Kevin approached.

“Ooooo, what are we group hugging about?”

You pulled away and answered Kevin, “Betty and Veronica finally admitted their feelings for each other.”

Kevin cheered and hugged them both, “Yes! Join the gays! I’m so happy for you guys!”

You couldn’t help but feel your insecurity wash away as your watched your friends, learning the truth had jump started your body it seemed. But when you turned you were face to face with the person you wanted the most and the least to see.

“(Y/N), can we please talk?”

You could feel the color leave your face and he tensed up. “I don’t know Jug, I just have a lot to sort out.”

“Like what? I want to help you sort it out, I want you to let me be there for you.”

“You can’t help me with this one, I have to do it on my own.”

“But (Y/N), you’ve always let me help you through stuff.”

“I know but this is a 'me’ thing-”

He involuntarily raised his voice, shocking you and causing your friends to leave and give you some privacy. “And I know you really well! Probably as well as you know yourself!”

Your voice wavered. “But this isn’t something I’m ready to give up!”

He gripped your shoulders with his hands and it made you feel so small. “Why don’t you trust me? You know you can trust me!”


Time stopped as you felt the impact of his heart shattering; you could see it in his eyes. Both of you shook and it was understood between the two of you that this 'rough patch’ needed to be addressed. Jughead didn’t like change and that’s all you wanted to do. He took you in his arms and your breath felt trapped in your throat, refusing to be delivered to your lungs. “I’m sorry.”

You wrapped your arms around Jughead and hugged him tightly. Maybe it was time you let it go, not your crush, but the stress of change. “Lets go to Pop’s after school.”

“Thank you.” He squeezed you tighter. You could barely hear what he said next because of how low he spoke. “I love you, y’know.”

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A Man’s Opinion, LMM/Reader

Prompt: “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.” + Lin

Words: 782

Author’s Note: As I’m writing this the Daveed fic I posted has only been up for a few hours and it’s already hit 75 notes…you guys are amazing! There is a sequel in the works fro that one!

Warnings: Cursing, probably?

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

“What exactly are you going for here?” Jazzy asked, skimming over the dress options you had hung in front of her.

“I don’t know? Something nice?” You popped onto the couch, resting your head on Renee’s lap, who combed her fingers through your hair lovingly.

“You said casual? We should rule out the strapless.” Phillipa said, tucking it away to leave you with three dresses. You scanned your options again, wondering why you even bothered.

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(This'll be my last post about survivor tonight so I don't seem annoying)

But Zeke…he was already known to people I know as one of they Gay Survivor Players. Now he’s the Gay Trans Survivor Player to many people.

I just feel so bad, and I just couldn’t look at his face without feeling even more sad because he just looked so…I don’t even know how to explain it.

Anyways, I also had to answer questions my dad had, and had to try to make them into something he’d understand

Some of which being:
-So, is he a woman or a man? (He’s a man, dad)
-Did he..*penis cutting off motion* (*sigh* no, dad, he didn’t have one to begin with)
-I’m still confused…(he transitioned into a man)
-So he was a woman before? (*sigh* technically, just to make it easier to say, he was born in a woman’s body, and has a man’s brain. He was a man on the inside, and made his outsides match that.)
-So he likes women? (No, he likes men)
-he’s still gay? (His sexuality didn’t magically change when Varner outed him)
-…why didn’t he stay as a girl? (He was never a girl, he’s always been a man)
-So people don’t turn into the opposite gender so they’re straight? (No, dad, people transition to be who they are.)
-So what is Zeke? (A gay man)
-Not a straight man? Not a straight woman. (No, he is a man, who likes men.)

He got it after that

jimin scenario | night of horrors ✦treat ending✦

Originally posted by stylishlyswift

➸ one of multiple endings for ‘night of horrors’ | please read the original post to avoid spoilers

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Last sentence

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Rules: Post the last sentence paragraph you wrote.

“I am not, Potter. I am depressed. I don’t eat. I am scared of crowds, I don’t drink, I barely talk to anyone but you and I can’t handle raised voices.” Draco’s gaze drifted back to his knees. “I was fun at parties in fifth year. Now… “ He sighed, but it was only shallow. Anxiety had made his chest constrict to the point where breathing was getting almost painful. “I don’t know what I am. Not fun in any case.”

From a drarry fic I’m working on. Might publish it tonight, though tbh the new tumblr settings killed my last few writing works so I’m really not motivated to finish this. 

Tagging everyone who wants to start writing Drarry! I promise it’s great fun. See this post as the bit of courage you need to open up that frst google doc and start typing away! 

I started only 9 months ago, and am already 180 pages of one shot material further (mostly unfinished, but let’s ignore that)

Oldies but goodies. Five BTS. Lower left, selfie from the morning of SDCC 2014, not yet dressed or coiffed. Rest of the cast was already together. Upper right May 28, 2014, Sam posted selfie saying magical walk tonight with Caitriona. Lower right After the premier of Season One, not red carpet but after party. How many of these does it take to trump a few faux manips?

I got these off of Pinterest but I can’t remember from whom. If they are yours, please let me know and I’ll credit

Hey, cutie pies. I’ve been super busy lately, and I know I haven’t posted much. But, I will be online later today. Feel free to send me any requests you might have for longer stories, AU’s, or even just one shots that you might like to see. I’ll try to get to as many as I can tonight!

Thanks again for being so lovely to me, I’ve gotten so many sweet messages lately that have really, really helped get me through the week so far. Stay gold, cutie pies, because, believe me, you already are golden.

Home Alone Tonight

Summary: Your relationship failed. So did his. Sometimes all you can do about it is drink.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1963

Warnings: Swearing. Drinking. I think that’s it…

A/N: So this is def not the best thing I’ve written, but I’ve had an idea to do a fic like this for a while, so I’m just throwing it out there. While writing it, I got the idea of potentially expanding on this, and doing a series with each installment loosely based on a different country song. (This one was inspired by Home Alone Tonight by Luke Bryan (ft. Karen Fairchild), hence the title. Give it a listen to HERE if you’ve never heard it!) If this is something you’d be interested in reading, let me know–I already have a playlist of songs I’m considering, and I have the epilogue written, since I’m a loser lol. (If not, I’d probs just post the epilogue as a one-shot, and maybe post the playlist too, idk.)

(Also, yes, I did include a dumb jab at my other fic What Happens in Vegas, haha! Sue me. 😉)

Loose follow-up: From the Ground Up


The bar was empty when you got there. It always was.

On days like these you were always the first one there, when it was socially inappropriate to be out drinking, and always the last one to leave, when it was socially inappropriate to be out at all. But on days like these you needed to think. You needed to mope. And most importantly, you needed to drink; social etiquette be damned.

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Wow more redesigns because I haven’t redesigned these guys already :0

But I have good reason this time! I decided I’m going to make Purgatory part if their world/story, since they already have the whole paranormal theme going on already. I honestly don’t know I didn’t originally make him part of the story but oh well. Now he’s basically taking the place of Death (he was a character I had for one of the covers I made a while ago, might use that design for something else) and his thing is basically constantly trying to get Vinnie to Purgatory. 

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the new designs and have a good night! I think I’m also going to try to post some fan art tonight (I said I was going to do some Bone stuff, but I may have seen a certain movie today…), so stay tuned!

Hello, All!

I’ve been a member of Tumblr for quite a while now, but only as a follower and a lurker, without really having a blog of my own. Some of you may have noticed me like your posts before under the username jackhuckelberry. Tonight, however, I figure it’s finally time I step up and actually become an Active Tumblr Posterin the MtG community! None of you are going to get any follow notifications from me, because I already follow you, so I figured I’d just give some of you a shout-out to let y’all know that hey, I exist! You have a new friend (if you care for one).

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unicorn-misfit  asked:

Thank you for being so nice and shit... Needed your voice *answers*tonight tbh. I get sad when I think about Tae sometimes as well because I realize it's a 1/1000000 chance we could end up together and dude I really want to get to know him man... but your posts gave me hope. So, thank you. I was sitting here listening to SZA's broken clocks thinking about shit man. And the post where you told the anon to try with kookie made my night. Life is crazy already so why not take a chance and try..😊😢

Yea it’s a 1/1000000 chance, but no one said you couldn’t be that 1… Be positive! You are the creator of your reality 💛

OMG Taerin is such a beautiful name! What a lucky kid~~ *sigh* Thank you so much babe, you are really nice 💛

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It’s Thursday

In case you hadn’t already noticed by the incessant flailing over a 1 minute clip of tonight’s episode, there will be liveblogging of tonight’s new Supernatural episode.


Okay, panic. We’re all resigned to the fact that the episode entitled “Tombstone” will likely mark all our graves.

I don’t know how coherent the liveblogging will be, or if I’ll be sitting in a stunned daze, or perhaps lying semi-comatose and twitching on the floor. Whatever the case, all posts will be tagged exactly as this one is for all your blacklisting needs.

Good luck, friends. And remember:

This Woman’s Work (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader and Roman have a secret and it’s beginning to rip a hole in their hearts. Will they ever act on it?

**A/N: ** This is the sequel to “Mercy”. Different song choice used for this one though: “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell. It’s a cover of the original 1988 song from Kate Bush but I like this one a lot better.

**SB: ** Trilogy? I don’t know. I’ll see how this part does first. As always, feedback is welcomed!

Read Part 1 here: Mercy 

This fic is on the longer side than Part 1 but I hope it’s worth it. 

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“…..Of all the things I should’ve said,

That I never said.

All the things we should’ve done,

Though we never did.

All the things I should’ve given,

But I didn't…..”

            3 months later: It was half past eight, a time that was usually too early for me to be awake, but I was. I sat down at a dining room table in my eight floor apartment. The beige curtains were drawn open enough to let the small cracks of sunlight peek through over the Manhattan skyline. The notebook laid out in front of me had the design ideas and the color scheme I had set for my wedding. But the man that I was marrying was never around to help.

           “Oh, you can do the decorations yourself for now. I count on you, babe. If you need help, just call your friends.” He said, sounding hurried and surprised to hear my voice on our last call. 

           “I have another business trip in Chicago on Thursday, then I’m flying out to France to meet with investors. I’ll chat with you about the wedding plans tonight.”

            Most of the time, we only communicated through video chats or text messages; all of which occurred during the early hours of the morning or in the late hours of the nights. I sighed. I was set to get married the following summer.

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It’s difficult to articulate how I feel about the bombing that’s happened in an area so close to me and my family. Already, with only a few of those who have passed being named, we have friends and family who know them.

I understand wanting to ignore the outside world on here. That’s okay, but can I ask, please, that if you come across posts on Facebook or Twitter which show a missing person after the bombing, please share or retweet, even if you’re not from the UK. At least one little girl has already been named as among the dead, and I’m sure there are more to come. There are still desperate parents out there searching for their children.

If this happened in your home town, I’m sure you’d want the same.


11.01.2017 ((10/100)) Days of Productivity

Tfw you have already talked about your day in the novemberstudychallenge post and now you don’t know what to say. Anyway.
The sky was so beautiful when the moon started to rise tonight! Had to take a pic. Other photo taken together with the one in the studychallenge post, although this one shows that I was working my way through the second psychiatry lesson revolving around schizophrenia.

Psychobiology is incredibly interesting, and studying it together with neurology is making me understand better how drugs and their side-effects work. I used to be one of those that believed the system was faulty or half-assed because you couldn’t solve 1 issue without causing yourself other 4 or 5, but I totally get now that I was being ignorant. The more I learn about neurobiology, the more I understand what a labyrinth it is, and how difficult it is to target one single function of a certain X, without affecting all the other ones.

If it will give me nothing else, this session of study started this late summer will make me more understanding and consequently less anxious about drugs’ side effects (and for someone like me who has to take a lot, this is so important).

But enough serious talk, time to hit amazon and vent my shopping urge by filling my wishlist with things I’ll never buy. Wish you all a good night <3

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715 and 716 recap and thoughts.

First off, I’d like to apologise for being a little inactive lately. This thoughts and theories is a bit delayed, but the episodes weren’t as content heavy (and I mean reveals and answers heavy) as 714 was, which is part of the reason why this was so delayed. ANYWAY, the episodes were still pretty interesting to watch, so let’s talk about it!


- Avataria is seriously so, so cringeworthy. The fact that AD has this amazing technology to do some sort of face-swap with Aria is beyond me. It was seriously so funny, it had me in tears! I love Dark Aria this season though. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

- Congratulations, Emily and Alison. And also, congratulations to 99.9% of the fandom who predicted that Alison was implanted with Emily’s eggs. I only say this now because this episode gave confirmation that it was in fact Emily’s eggs implanted inside of Ali. This Uber A is twisted and seriously f*cked up.

- Mary Drake likes leaving notes in wine bottles; but has she not heard of texting or calling or something? I feel like they dragged out the confrontation we were imagining between Mary and Spencer by doing this whole “message in a bottle” thing, only to be left disappointed when we don’t even get to see the confrontation happen. “You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye.” Yeah, bye Felicia. 

Arcturus the Defender. Ahem, A.D? Just kidding, I’d be so underwhelmed if that was what A.D actually stood for, but with this show, anything is possible. I really like the comic book being written by Lucas and Charles though. The comic book is about a troubled boy who befriends a woman that helps the boy seek revenge on people who have hurt him. Sometimes the boy gets to shift into Arcturus. Now, if the boy is Charles and Arcturus is AD, is this some kind of hint that Arcturus/AD is an older woman? Also, there’s drawings that resemble the dollhouse switches in the comic book. Was this comic used as inspiration?

- B.U.S.T.E.D. I’ll see you in prison, Spencer Hastings. The girls couldn’t have screwed themselves up anymore after hitting Archer Dunhill… oh but wait, they could have, and they did. Spencer used Archer’s credit card to pay for her round of drinks while cozying up to Marco. “What were you doing tonight?” “I was burying a body.” CYA. LATER. SPENCER. HASTINGS.

- Wren, Wren, Wren! Oh, wasn’t that nice? Knowing for months that he was coming back, only to get a scene where we see him for literally one minute. Talk about feeling underwhelmed. Blehh. But the scene gave total Spencer twin vibes, which makes me believe that Spencer doesn’t have a twin because it’s becoming way too obvious. Also, Ezra and Wren have totally met before, I even posted about it already. Don’t forget, Ezra slipped WREN’S prescription pads into Spencer’s bag in Season 4! ;)

- It’s interesting that Mona was brought in on the game, but I absolutely loved the scene where she admired the board game. A small piece of me wished there was a little Mona figurine sitting on that board game. Also, bye Paige? Her final storyline and goodbye scene was not what I was expecting, but anyways. And Paige, you can’t just sneak into people’s houses and scare them like that when they don’t answer the door. 

- As much as I like the Spencer twin theories, I really don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’m happy to do a seperate post about this, but it’s becoming WAY too obvious, almost too obvious for PLL. It makes sense as to why Spencer was meeting with Wren and not her twin, which could easily be because she was looking for someone to give a false statement, possibly even about the night they killed Archer Dunhill. Maybe she wanted Wren to say he was a friend of Archer’s and was with Dunhill the night he was killed at the same time Spencer “accidentally” used his credit card at The Radley Hotel.

- I was really set on Arcturus representing Uber A and the little boy being Charles in the comic book, but it makes more sense if the little boy is Lucas and Charles/Charlotte was Arcturus. Which means Lucas and Arcturus (Charlotte) together became “A” to get revenge on the girls for bullying Lucas. 

- Decent episode. Not as good as 714 but still a fun ride. 7.5/10 for the episode.


- I was… “burying a body.” Just a classic example to be careful of what you say to people, because it WILL come back to bite you. Seriously though, Spencer almost went to jail for killing Bethany, which she didn’t even do, went to jail for being an accessory in Mona’s murder when she was alive the whole time, and now is about to go down for Archer’s murder. Gheez, her record must look horrible. 

- “Remember - prison food makes you fat.” Um, why is A using insults that Mona used back from Season 1? Or was it a point to tell us that Mona is still in on it? Also, can the girls cut Mona some slack, she really has helped them a fair bit and they just use her until she can’t help no more then “cut her off like a wart”. Smh.

- Patsy Cline. Interesting. Clearly AD has some sort of love for Patsy’s songs, and since we’ve heard them in the dollhouse, does this give further confirmation that AD has been around for much longer then since Charlotte’s death? 

- Thanks to Lucas, the girls are probably about to go down for killing Archer. The girls get a hold of a video that shows Lucas admitting to the police that he wasn’t with Hanna the night of Charlotte’s murder, and that he wouldn’t be suprised if the Liars were involved. So, since then, the police have probably been building a case against the liars, right? 

- #DarkAria. I love it!!! I was screaming. It is just so satisfying seeing Aria in a black hoodie. This was an awesome way to please the Aria is A fans before the show ends! And talk about almost being caught. Maybe don’t wear earrings next time Aria???

- Emison is ENDGAME… #predicted. Did y’all really think Marlene would let them not end up together? They really are going to have the cutest baby/ies, which means Ali cannot run off to Paris like she dreamed of doing as a teen ;) 

- Charlotte’s motive: Revenge for Nerd Lucas? The episode heavily implied Charlotte’s reasoning for becoming A was because the girls picked on her childhood friend, BUT, we’ve literally seen on multiple occasions flashbacks of Cece watching Ali bully Paige, and even heard from SO. MANY. PEOPLE that she practically taught Ali how to be the bullying bitch we loved to watch. Plot hole or?

- Lucas didn’t know Charles transitioned into Charlotte, who was Cece Drake. They stayed friends at summer camp, until one day Charles stopped going? Eventually, their friendship turned into emails, with Lucas telling Charles of the girls bullying him. 

- Let’s not forget that tiny scene where Lucas is sitting in A’s LIMOUSINE reading the comic book that Aria had just given to A. I really believe there is more to his story. Also, Arcturus ENDGAME. Ooo, exciting. If only the comic was actually finished and we got a better sense of what AD’s last moments of their endgame are going to be. 

- Speaking of the ENDGAME comic, who’s grave was AD drawing? Who’s biting the dust??? 

- Mona was the person who pushed Ali, and is the reason the girls lost their chance to catch a proper glimpse of AD. DAMNNNN IT.   

- There is a sense that episodes are moving on much quicker then they used to. Take the whole #MelissasSecret which was dragged on for 11 episodes, whereas Lucas became a suspect in the show in 714 and literally 2 episodes later he’s almost cleared and we learned the mystery behind his past with Charles. I know it isn’t the exact same scenario, but it’s similar in a sense that the mysteries on the show are moving on at a faster pace. 

- Again, decent episode, didn’t live up to what 714 did but again, 7.5/10. 

There’s people in my Inbox defending anti-Semitism. And also calling me names for denouncing it. What a world. These terrible people…where do they come from? Who taught you entire groups of people are “bad” because of their religion? Really? There’s a lot of scared-of-my-own-shadow simpletons out there who will throw literally anyone under the bus to feel better about their pathetic selves.

Full disclosure, I’m a law student. My concentration is civil/human rights. I know what I’m talking about. I’m am not a butthurt fangirl talking out of her ass cuz I loves Harry so much. Please. Get on my level.

I also have zero desire to entertain teenaged haters weak counter-arguments. It’s beneath me at this point. I do however sincerely hope we cross paths again. It will be my utmost pleasure to destroy you and everything you believe in using the full force of the law.

And no matter how many times you invade my Inbox, please know that I matter much much more to you than you could ever possibly hope to matter to me. Marinate on that when you go night night tonight, k?

P.S. Tell your parents they’re failures. I know deep down, you already know.

P.P.S. People who should have reblogged my post and didn’t because you think anti-Semitism is the antitode to Islamophobia, I see you. smdh