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Plz write a richie/eddie fic for me. A coffeeshop AU????

They’re here again. The Couple.

They’re not really a couple. At least, Bev doesn’t think they are. They don’t act like a couple. Of course, they could be hiding it–it’s a small town, and outside of the college campus, the town of Derry doesn’t look too kindly upon gay folks.  But something tells Bev that they aren’t a couple. She wants them to be. But they might not even be gay.

Yeah, she thinks with a snort. If they’re straight, so am I. 

(She’s not, for the record.) 

“’Ello, ‘ello, gov’nah,” Richie says to her, drumming his hands on the counter. He always orders with one of his voices, and he gives her the names of his voices in place of his own. She’s scrawled Buford Kissdrivel and Tootles and Officer Nell and a whole host of other names on coffee cups, but never Richie. The only reason she knows his name is because his friend is constantly saying it, in varying shades of irritation. 

“What’ll it be, boyo?” she asks in a fair Irish accent.

“Oh,” he says, switching over to his Officer Nell voice. “Just a wee iced mocha there, lass.”

Bev doesn’t know what emboldens her to ask, “So when are you going to ask him out?”

Richie blinks. He’s wearing glasses today, and his eyes look huge and owlish behind the lenses. “You’ve noticed.” He isn’t doing a voice, and that’s how Bev knows how serious it is. 

“Yeah. So?” she taps the tablet and then flips it over so Richie can sign it. “What’s the holdup?”

“Hi Eddie, we’ve been best friends since second grade and I think I’m in love with you,” Richie says, frowning at the tablet. “Yeah, that’ll go over real well.”

“Well,” she says, getting to work on that mocha. “Considering he’s in love with you too, I think it will.”

She isn’t looking, but she can feel Richie blinking at her. “You think so?”

“Darling,” she says with a smile, “I know so.”

She makes Richie’s coffee and he goes back to the table and they don’t talk about it anymore. They don’t talk until Tuesday, and even then it’s just for him to order a coffee in another stupid voice. But something is different today. She can’t put her finger on what it is at first, but finally she realizes: they’re so quiet. They’re normally so loud, constantly talking over each other and clamoring to be the wittiest person at the table, but today they’re talking in low murmurs and smiling at each other. 

Her suspicions are confirmed when Richie reaches across the table and twines his fingers in Eddie’s. They’re grinning at each other with these giant, stupid grins, and it’s so fucking cute. 

Richie gets up for a second coffee eventually, and when he does, Bev meets him at the counter with a stupid grin of her own.

“Shut the fuck up,” Richie tells her. 

“And here I was going to give you a congratulatory drink on the house.” 

“I say, Miz Marsh,” he says, sliding right into Buford Kissdrivel. “Would you be a deah and get me anothah iced mocha?”

She does. “So?”

“So we’re in love and we spent all weekend making out in his dorm room, okay?”

Bev grins. “Good.” She gives him the drink for free and watches him go back to Eddie. They hold hands for at least another hour, and Bev has a stupid grin on her face the entire time. 

in which enjolras and grantaire are graffiti artists

haha i wrote this last year but i just found it again so here we go! 

-Enjolras graffitis “liberté, égalité, fraternité” on a wall in bright red paint because that is the kind of idelaistic little shit he is

-Grantaire sees that and underneath in dull green paints “beyoncé” because that is the kind of little shit he is and signs his name as R [as you can see, very inconspicuous]

-Enj sees that and is determined to find out who ruined his art

-He declares war on this individual

-They can both recognise each other’s art and both “vandalize” each other’s art when they see them

-They consider it “improving” 

-Enj insists that it doesn’t look good unless he has “improved” upon it

-“improvements” usually consist of adding words in weird (but usually funny) places ®, and red paint over intricate portraits (bet you can guess who that is)

-They have never actually met One day enj thinks he sees a boy with a mop of dark unruly curls on his head (turns out to be R but shhh enjy doesn’t know that yet), painting over R’s art and gets triggered and starts ranting to him that graffiti is art too and that it shouldn’t just be cleaned off like bird shit on a car

-R just keeps painting

-Enj thinks he is cleaning the wall because that is what the city makes people do for community service hours, but sometimes, if he rants hard enough he’ll scare them away and he would like to save R’s art if possible because (shhh don’t tell anyone) enj kind of likes it and kind of has a crush on this graffiti artist.  Don’t ask him how he knows, he just loves the style he works in and he’s seen pictures of what he thinks are self portraits maybe? Usually they are in shadow and all he sees is a beanie and cigarette smoke and lots of alcohol.  Enj finds it kind of hot. he’s dying to find him at some point)

-“Currently unnamed black-haired curly boy” is wearing a red and black paint-covered flannel with a dark green t-shirt, black paint-covered skinny jeans, and an old grey beanie

-Enj doesn’t notice the similarity to the artist because he’s in his rant mode and he has barely given the boy a second glance

-R keeps painting because he is just creating a clean canvas to redo a commission

-Enj keeps ranting because he doesn’t think that “currently unnamed curly-black-haired boy” is disrespecting him and ignoring him

-Once R actually starts painting the actual piece on the wall enj recognises the style and his voice crawls into his throat

-Then he takes a better look at the boy whom he realizes isn’t a just boy after all

-It’s R

-“Do you still believe i don’t think graffiti is art?”

-Enjolras is still tongue-tied (because of reasons stated earlier)

-R holds out his paint covered hand and properly introduces himself as Grantaire

-Enjolras does the same and R’s eyes widen and he blushes

-Enj becomes shy again and R insists that they go out for coffee

-They become close and work together on commissions and  they become some of the most famous and talented graffiti artists in town

-Obvs eventually start dating and they’re too adorable and always covered in paint 


my tie die fren


Summary: It’s your daughter’s first dance recital and she is a little bummed that he won’t be able to make it. He arrives just before the show starts and it makes her day. Fluffy fluff fluff!

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @ambrosegirlforever

This is just a cute little fic I thought of after attending my niece’s dance recital tonight. I have a couple longer fics in the works I’m working on. Another Finn fic, an AJ Styles, and a Miz fic are the next few to be posted!

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It’s Just Love

@miz-joelys-sherlollilists got a question about a swaplock reversing the ILY scene… I gave it a shot. @mizjoely looked it over for me. Here you go. Hope you like it ~Lil~

“He won’t do it, dear. Sorry.”

“I don’t believe that you’re actually sorry.”

The psychopath chuckled. “Probably not.”

Don’t let her bait you, she told herself. But of course…

“Molly… poor, sweet, innocent Molly.”

“Shut up.”

“He’ll never admit it.”

“Shut up!”

“It’s fascinating, you know, all these complicated little emotions.” Eurus paced around the battered, bloodied woman, a wicked gleam in her eye. “He does love, I believe. He loves drugs, of course, and Mummy. He loves puzzles and John Watson and that landlady of his. He loves being right and showing off. And he may even love you, Sweet Molly. But he’ll never say it. Not out loud.”

Molly refused to cry anymore. She’d cried when the guard - she assumed he was a guard - of the prison had beat her and threatened to rape her. It was the most pain she’d ever experienced and even though she had tried, she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. She was pretty sure she had at least one cracked rib, perhaps two. The man had knocked out two of her teeth and busted her nose. It was still bleeding. But now, two hours later, Molly Hooper was done crying.

“Are you ready, Sweet Molly?” Eurus asked, nodding at the monitor. “You remember the rules, dear. If you want to live…”

Sherlock’s flat appeared from four different angles on the screen as his mobile rang. He was in his kitchen, sitting in front of a microscope. With a huff, he removed his goggles and picked up the device.

Looking confused, he answered, “Molly?”

“Hello, Sherlock,” she said. She couldn’t help but smile; he looked so handsome.

“What do you need? I’m in the middle of an experiment.”

“Nothing really. I just… just wanted to hear your voice,” she explained, fighting back tears.


“I’ve always loved your voice.”


“We should have had coffee.”

“What are you talking about, Molly?”

“One coffee date… it would have been lovely.”

Eurus raised her hand toward the monitor then looked at the other woman. “Careful, you are getting dangerously close.” She made another gesture and focused her attention back on her brother on the screen.

“What’s going on? You sound… what..?” He stood and walked to the front window.

“Nothing’s going on, Sherlock. Sometimes it just nice to talk to a friend. We’re friends, right?”

“Of course.”

“I need to tell you something, something you already know. But I need to say it, just once.” She was breaking down, her voice was cracking.


“Well, it’s hard, you see…”

“Why is it hard?”

“Because it’s… because it’s true.”

“If it’s true, Molly and I already know it…”

“No! I need to say it out loud. It’s the most important thing…” Then she broke.

Hurry, Molly,” Eurus warned.

“Who’s there with you, Molly? Why are you so upset?” Sherlock questioned.

Taking a deep breath, she fortified herself. This was her goodbye, and she had to make it count. “Just a fr-friend, nobody, really,” she said, eyeing the psychopath before turning back to watch the man on the screen. “Ah, so, what I need to say is that I love… I love you. I’ve always loved you, Sherlock. And I don’t regret it.” Heaving a great sob, she added, “I don’t regret it at all.”

On the monitor, Sherlock turned around in a circle and ran a hand through his hair. “Where are you? I’ll come and get you, we’ll have coffee now.”

“No. No coffee for us, I’m afraid.” Tears and mucus were running down her face. She wished one hand was free so she could at least clean herself. But she wasn’t even afforded that dignity. “Please don’t forget that I loved you.”

Molly…” Eurus edged closer to her, bringing the gun up to her temple. “That ‘ed’ may have just…”

“What do you mean loved, Molly? You’re not running out on me, are you?” Sherlock asked with laughter in his voice.

The women looked at one another then back to the monitor.

“Hey, I love you too, you know that, right?” he said a small smile on his face.

Another sob broke as she tried to speak. “No, Sherlock, I didn’t,” she finally managed.

“Silly woman. Of course I do. I’m just rubbish at showing it. Where are you, Molly?”


“Well done, brother,” Eurus interrupted. “How did you know?”

He walked to the mantle, closing in on one of the cameras. He looked right into it and said, “I didn’t. But, I realised if she was brave enough to say it then what the hell was I waiting for?”

“If you want her, come claim her,” his sister said with disgust. “I’ll be gone by the time you get here.”

“Well then, sister of mine, you better run far and run fast. Because after I do, after I get Molly Hooper back, I’m coming for you.”

“It seems that the game is on,” she said as she disconnected. Turning to the woman bound to the chair, she said, “What an interesting turn of events. I honestly wasn’t expecting that. You weren’t even trying. Willing to die rather than ask him to say the words.” She walked towards the door, but paused and turned back to Molly. “Why? Was it pride?”

“No. It’s something that you’ll never understand.”

“Which is?”

“It’s just love,” Molly said as she rested her head on the chair and waited for Sherlock Holmes to rescue her.

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Too Close For Comfort

Originally posted by leakees

Pairing: Sami Zayn x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing and really rude and hurtful things but then fluff at the end, also, claustrophobia.

Rating: Mature (for only swearing)

A/N: This was a request from an anon AGES ago: “I’m a sucker for hate/love things so I’m going to request it with Sami to feed your need lol Reader and Sami TOTALLY hates each other and are always fighting like they cant even see each other without saying something rude (Im also a sucker for rude and angry Sami) turn out they get stuck in the elevator together and one of the is claustrophobic so the other has to comfort it and they end up kissing each other and having a lot of fluff but then she says “I still hate u” so he try to change that

Sami Zayn is a fucking asshole. Whatever his fans said about him didn’t matter, you hated him. He hated you too. It all started when you came up from NXT. There was something he just didn’t like about you, and he made it known to everyone. “So please explain y/n, who did you have to sleep with to get here?” Even Kevin Owens glared at him, mouthing “what the fuck man?” at him.

“I worked my fucking ass off and you say that shit to me?” Sami just rolled his eyes and walked past you, slamming his shoulder into yours. It took everything in you to not run up and slap the hell out of him. Fuming, you stormed back the locker rooms. That’s how it’s always been between you two, pure loathing and hatred.

You were called up to the main roster about two months after Sami did. When he was gone from NXT, it felt like you could properly breathe again. Now he was back. The first few weeks were okay, just a few snide comments from both sides. Then it got bad. You started up a rivalry with Charlotte leading up to Wrestlemania 32 and would be placed in the match along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Sami thought you were overstepping your “low status”. Your arguments would get so heated that people from Kalisto to the Big Show would have to separate you two. The fights were vicious. Although Sami wouldn’t hit you because he said it was against who he was, he made it clear that he would love to. You, on the other hand, didn’t care how you looked to others. Before you could usually smack his smug little smile off his face, someone much stronger and more level headed would swoop in and throw you over their shoulder. Whoever was brave enough would have to dodge your fists and knees as you tried to claw your way back to Sami. Kevin would usually come in and try to calm down Sami.

It was Wrestlemania weekend and like most NXT alums, you had just seen Takeover Dallas. It was amazing, minus Sami’s match. Not that it was a bad match, but Sami kept glaring at you when he would attack Shinsuke, like he wished it was you in Shinsuke’s place. 

After catching up with everyone, you along with the huge group of main roster stars, headed back to the hotel. You lingered a bit down in the bar, just sipping on a coke because the last thing you needed was a hangover during the biggest match of your life. Finally, you decided to head upstairs, taking the elevator to save your legs the strain. Once in, you hit the number 7 button and it flashed. Sami came sprinting in, just barely making it.

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Our Little Secret - Finn Balor Imagine/ One Shot

@ambrosegirlforever @squirrel666

As Finn got ready for the night in the hotel room You watched him from the bed not wanting to come out from under the blankets, you had been married for 3 years now and you still never understood why he liked getting to the arena so early every time, Your call time as a backstage announcer was usually later than his and you pushed it as close to that time as possible every time
“White or black?” He asked holding up the two shirt options that he had pulled out of his bag
“Black” You said quickly, he looked good in anything but there was something about him wearing black on black
“What time are you getting there?” He asked as he finished putting the rest of his things back in his bag
“Before it starts” I said simply and he laughed
“Well..” He said before hovering over me and kissing me “As long as you’re there when I have my segment” He said and I nodded
“Wouldn’t miss it” I said and he smiled before kissing me once more “And you have to keep your promise to me..” I said and he smiled
“I promise.. I won’t get hurt..That was too much time off” He said
“You have to admit though it was pretty fun to be able to do whatever we wanted for a change” I said
“It was fun for you. I don’t know how much fun I had being drug all around between hair appointments and nail appointments and lunch dates with your friends” He said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes
“You know you loved it..” I said and he shook his head
“I could have dealt without the constant ridicule from your friends over everything” He said
“They love you.. They just want to make sure you treat me right” I said defending my best friends
“2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.. I think I’m doing okay..” He said with a smirk
“Just a little..” I said and he smiled before bending down and kissing me once more before heading towards the door
“Love you!” I said
“Love you..” He said simply
“Be careful!” I yelled as he walked out the door
“Always” He said as the door shut

As I got to the arena later that day I met up with two of my closest friends on the road, Liv and Becky.. We had met a few years ago and all three of us instantly clicked with one another, we were practically inseparable when we were on the road
“When is Finn’s segment?” Liv asked as we sat in catering watching a monitor
“Anytime..” I said
“How’s the moving process going?” Becky asked
“Good.. We’re almost all done” I said, we had been moving over the past week and we’ve moved out of our tiny little apartment in Orlando to a beautiful home in Houston that had land and privacy
“I can’t wait to see it..” Liv said and I smiled before someone caught my eye and I smiled at Finn as he walked past waving slightly before disappearing
“You two are too cute..” Becky said “It’s gross..” she said and Liv and I laughed, Becky was the one to introduce Finn and I to one another so technically all of the cuteness she was so disgusted by was her fault

We watched intently has the segment with the Miz went on, It was perfectly fine until the one question was asked that I knew would be asked but I had never actually heard his answer to it yet
“What’s Next?” Miz asked simply
“I’m gonna get my title back” Finn said without hesitation
“Is he insane?” Liv asked me and I shook my head
“He’ll get slaughtered!” Becky said agreeing with her and she looked at me “Say something!” she said to me
“What do you want me to say? No? He can’t go after what he never truly lost? That’s really supportive” I said
“So you’d much rather watch him get injured again but this time maybe for good?” She asked as we turned our attention away from the segment
“I can’t tell him no..” I said
“Well I can!” Becky said standing up and walking towards gorilla with a purpose and Liv and I followed quickly behind her

Once Finn made his way back through the curtain he was met by a very irate Becky as Liv and I stood in the corner waiting for the altercation, She didn’t even give him time to get both feet through the curtain before she started
“Are you absolutely insane?!?” She yelled and Finn looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders “This is Brock Lesnar We’re talking about! The dude that beat the undertaker! The former UFC heavyweight champion! Do you have any idea what You’re getting yourself into? You can kiss your career goodbye, hell you can even kiss you personal life goodbye cause he could very well kill you!” Becky yelled before I stepped up
“Enough!” I yelled over her as I wrapped my arms around my husbands torso
“Seriously! You’re just gonna let him do it?” She asked
“Like I said! Whatever he wants to do I’m here to fully support him 100% That’s what marriage is! We support each other in the good time and the bad and during the good decisions and the stupid ones” I said looking up at him at the last part  and he smiled slightly at me kissing my head as Becky turned around to look at Liv and the two began conversing with one another
“I just have one question for you and I will drop it..” I said and he raised his eyebrows at me indicating for me to continue “Are you sure you want to do this? Especially right now?” I asked him
“I’m 100% sure.. I’m more motivated than ever now” He said and I nodded as he kissed my forehead “Now I have a question for you..” He said
“What’s that?” I asked
“When are we gonna let everybody in on our little secret?” He asked and I smiled at him before looking around to make sure nobody was watching us
“Soon..” I said “There’s only so long I can wear your shirts and tie them back to fit before people begin to catch on, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hide it much longer..” I said pulling the shirt closer to my frame to reveal the tiny bump that was now beginning to form and he smiled at me before pulling my face to his and kissing me gently  

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Henlo! I was wondering if you could do Mc watching a horror film with each of the members? V + Saeran + RFA, also I am in love with this blog!! Please keep up the good work!💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️ -Miz

Thank you ^^!! I’ve never really been a fan of horror but I tried my best! I hope these are what you wanted :) ~H x

RFA watching a horror movie with MC


-This boy doesn’t do horror
-Like, at all
-But you ask to watch one
-And he can’t deny your puppy dog eyes
-So the two of you end up curled on the couch together, about to watch a horror film
-What Yoosung doesn’t know is that you can get scared at them easily too
-Right from the beginning, Yoosung’s hand is tightly wrapped around yours, squeezing it
-And when it gets to the really scary stuff, he screams
-But so do you
-The two of you hide underneath the covers
-“Can we turn this off?” Yoosung asked.
-“Good idea,” you agreed with a slight smile.
-He could definitely tell you were scared
-“MC, can you stay with me tonight?” Yoosung asked with pleading purple eyes.
-You can’t say no
-Not that you would
-“Of course,” you complied.
-The two of you cuddled until you fell asleep
-And even when the nightmares came, you held tight


-“Horror? You have an interesting taste but no problem, babe,” Zen grinned when he saw your selection of movie.
-Don’t be fooled
-He’s terrified of horror a lot of the time
-But you can’t know that
-He’s your knight in shining armour
-Despite being a good actor and appearing confident, you can tell he’s scared
-The little flinches and jumps betray the brave face he’s wearing
-But you love horror so decide to see if you can get the truth out of him
-“Zenny, I’m scared,” you lied, hugging him tighter.
-“Shhh,” he whispered, stroking your hair.
-You let out an audible gasp at a scary-ish scene and Zen jumps too
-“Don’t worry, babe, I’m scared too, but I promise you’re safe,” he whispered.
-You tried not to grin
-But also felt kind of bad because he was still trying to protect you even though he was scared
-Sometimes I forget how sweet Zen is


-She’s kind of opposed to the idea at first
-“MC, I’ve not really watched any horror films but I doubt I’d be good with them,” she warned.
-But you’re excited about it
-And she can’t say no
-The two of you curl up on the couch and watch the film
-Jaehee looks to be handling it well, although she doesn’t seem that interested
-She’s actually terrified and dying inside please help her, MC
-When the film ends, she shrugs
-“I think I prefer musicals, but you have an interesting film choice,” Jaehee commented.
-It’s not until that night that you realise how much you screwed up
-Jaehee hugs you super tight and refuses to let go
-And you’re sure she’s having a nightmare, the poor thing
-After she lets out a muffled shriek in her sleep, you decide to wake her
-She jumps upon being awoken before realising where she is and immediately pulling you into her chest
-“MC, you’re safe!” she sighed in relief.
-“It’s okay, Jaehee, I’m here,” you promised.
-Now you feel really guilty
-Jaehee was right- you’ll stick to musicals from then on


-Honestly, he was just a bit confused
-He’d never watched a horror film before
-He’s a sucker for soap operas, though
-So he didn’t really understand a) why it was scary or b) why the characters were so stupid
-“Why did he just shout into an empty house, MC? It’s highly illogical.”
-Jumin, we love you, but shut up and watch the film
-Your plan to try and scare him didn’t really work, though
-He wouldn’t stop commenting
-“That was stupid. Looking behind you when you’re running slows you down.”
-“There’s a door at the back. Why don’t they check it instead of kicking a locked door?”
-You actually have to stop the film several times to explain that it’s ‘entertainment’
-He doesn’t find it funny
-You’re definitely sticking to Soap Operas


-As soon as you mention it, Seven is very ready
-A bit too ready
-He has the spooky lighting and sound effects prepared in the lounge
-And even drags Saeran to watch it with you
-Throughout the film, he laughs and doesn’t seem affected at all
-Instead, he tries to scare you and Saeran by occasionally going ‘boo’
-Watching a film with Seven is a nightmare
-Because the boy never concentrates on it
-Once the film’s over, Seven goes about his usual life, appearing unaffected
-You and Saeran are unconvinced
-So you decide to play a prank on him
-When he comes in from grocery shopping the following day, the house is in darkness
-You and Saeran are nowhere to be seen
-And Seven is getting slightly worried
-He’s still scared from the film
-Saeran plays a recording of the evil guy’s laugh from the film
-Seven immediately tenses
-You cast a shadow, having dressed up as the character
-“MC? Saeran?” Seven called out.
-“They’re gone,” you say in a gravelly voice which he hopefully won’t recognise.
-To your and Saeran’s satisfaction, Seven dives out the house again and closes the door
-After the two of you laugh for a solid minute, you quickly set the house right and pretend nothing happened
-He was scared of the film after all
-But he’s even more confused when he thinks he dreamed your prank


-Saeran says that he loves horror
-You don’t doubt him
-You choose a film and curl up on the couch to watch it
-It’s only halfway through when you realise
-You made a huge mistake
-As the first gunshot goes off
-You turn towards Saeran immediately
-Sure enough, he immediately tensed and it staring, wide-eyed, at the screen
-You don’t even hesitate to turn the TV off
-“Saeran? Saeran, are you ok?” you asked.
-He shook his head and started to hug his knees close to his chest
-Idiot! Why didn’t you think of this when you chose the film? you tell yourself
-Your priority is Saeran, though
-You hug him tightly to your chest and repeatedly remind him that it’s all in the past, that he’s safe now, that you’re here with him
-Saeran slowly comes around and hugs you back, tears falling from his eyes
-“Sorry, MC, I had a flashback- I couldn’t-” he croaked.
-“Hey, it’s ok. It’s my fault- I just want you to feel safe and happy,” you apologised.
-The two of you hug on the couch
-“How about we watch something else?” you asked.
-You both agree on children’s TV. It’s definitely safer and better watching


-He’s really not a horror person
-It’s not that he gets scared of it, he just doesn’t really like it
-However, after all the crazy drama with Rika
-He starts to sympathise with the main character
-And gets really invested
-You watch as your boyfriend sits on the edge of his seat, wondering how they’ll get out of the crazy cult the protagonist and their friends are trapped in
-Instead of bringing back horrible flashbacks, it reminds him of how glad he is to be out of that situation
-Of how glad he is to be with you now
-The film finishes and he turns to you with a smile
-“That was a really good film, actually. I’ve never really liked horror before,” V said.
-“Really?” you raised your eyebrows, shocked that he did actually enjoy it.
-You had been hoping to sneak in a cuddle session had he been scared
-“Yes, we’ll definitely have to watch them more often,” he nodded.
-You’re going to have to find some really spooky ones now
-So you can finally have your cuddle session

Eyes Always On You { Dean Ambrose x Reader}

You didn’t understand why, but you just felt someone always staring at you. However,whenever you looked behind you , it seemed no one paid any mind to your presence. It made you feel self conscious as well as paranoid. What if there was some stalker that was just really good at hiding? The possibilities you came up with were endless, but you couldn’t help it. It freaked you the hell out.

You were just a new backstage interviewer for WWE, especially the brand Smackdown Live. You did a few good interviews , but that’s about it. What was so special about little old you?

“ Y/N! Interview in ten minutes! ” a man from the camera crew stated.

You nodded and quickly got into position and waited for whoever you were about to question this time. You held the mic and once the director signaled you, you put on a smile and saw the Intercontinental Champion approach, Dean Ambrose.

“ I’m here with our Intercontinental Champion , Dean Ambrose.” you introduced, then turning to the Lunatic Fringe, “ Dean, what are your thoughts going into this Sunday at Elimination Chamber? ”

You held the mic out for him and he chuckled.

“ Well sweetheart, my thoughts are that everyone should be scared. That chamber of steel will be a playground for a guy like me, Y/N. And as big as the Ol’ Lone Wolf is, as much as experience as the Miz has and how good the other guys claim they are I WILL walk out both Intercontinental and WWE World Heavyweight Champion.” Dean replied with a smirk.

Suddenly yous two heard laughing and saw The Miz and his wife Maryse not to far behind.

“ Oh Dean! You think your gonna win, but lets be realistic. Your gonna loose. When it comes down to it, Ambrose…you aren’t as great as everyone sees you. Surrounded by steal or not. ” the man smiled down at you,“ And don’t encourage him either Y/N. Because you’ll be wasting a ‘good luck’.”

Dean gave the Miz a death stare as he walked off with the blonde. The Cameras cut off and you shook your head and looked to the Lunatic.

“ Good luck in your match Sunday, Dean.” You said before suddenly a hand landing on your shoulder stopped you.

You turned around and saw it was still Dean.

“ Hey…I know we don’t talk but, I gotta confess this before The Big Dog scolds me on the phone again. ” he began, eyes softening, “ I wanted to tell ya that you are a really beautiful woman Y/N, probably the most gorgeous woman these crazy eyes have seen in a long while. And I can tell your not like everyone else. And…maybe I should’ve said this a few weeks ago when you started, but I guess I ran every chance I could.”

You listened and couldn’t believe what he was saying. But then something clicked, what if he was the eyes you keep feeling looking at you but could never catch? You gave him a smile.

“ That’s…the sweetest thing any man has ever said. I actually didn’t expect you to say that about me.” You said,“ And I guess your the one that keeps looking at me when my backs turned?”

Dean nodded, eyes wandering about.

“ Yeah…sorry if that was kinda…weird.”

“ Its okay, but maybe we could get know each other instead of you staring at me? Maybe…on a little date?” You asked.

He smiled as his eyes once again met yours.

“ I’d like that. ”

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29 - Seth Rollins - how is my wife more badass then me

A/N: Not sure if I’m 100% happy with this, I feel like it’s all over the place. Still tryng to back into the swing of things so hpefully the next one wont be trash. Thank you all for being patient and sticking around. :)

Tonight was your RAW debut, youd been down at NXT for a few years and tonight was your big break. You would be showing off a new more badass side to your character and taking part in the women’s gauntlet match, not only were you taking part in the match you were set to win it. Your husband Seth had no idea you were at the venue let alone compeating tonight, Seth had been called up to the main roster while you two were still dating. The relationship was a little rocky for a while due to the distance but you were both determined to make it work, so here you were debuing tonight hoping to suprise your husband of 1 year.

The women had all picked out their positions for tonight and of course there was one final spot left that Kurt had announced would be filled by a mystery contestant, the WWE universe was going wild wondering who it could be, a lot of them were hoping it was you and the other half hoping it would be someone like Asuka or Ruby Riot. It was getting to the end of the match and Sasha was in the ring waiting for you, standing at the gorilla you jump up and down shaking out some of your nerves. Just as you finish getting into character your entrance music hit and you made your way out onto the stage, as you performed your entrance the crowd goes wild and you try not to break character and get excited with them. Entering the ring you walk around each edge drinking in the reactions of the crowd, get ready to face Sasha you lock up with her in the centre of the ring. Through out the match you’d nearly pinned Sasha twice and and she had a near pin on you, you were lying on the mat catching your breath after a lot of back and forth Sasha came up ehind you putting you into the bank statment. The crowd was going wild some cheering Sasha on others cheering for you, it looked like you were about to tap but using all your strength you reach the bottom rop forcing her to break the hold. Sasha looked around frustrated giving you enough time to recover and pull yourself up onto the apron, looking at Sasha’s position you saw she was in the perfect spot for your finishing move, looking at the audience then back at Sasha you climbed the up to the top rope and performed a moonsault hitting Sasha in the middle of the ring. Pulling up her leg you manage to pin her for the 3 count and stand up cheering as JoJo announced you were the new number one contender for Alexa’s championship.

Alexa’s music hit as she enters the arena with the championship around her waist, climbing into the ring she holds the belt up in your face, smirking at her you pretend to walk away before drop kicking her and causing her to roll out the ring. Getting up you grab her belt and hold it above your head making a statment to not only her but the whole WWE universe, after a few moments walking around the ring with the belt you lay it in the middle before sliding out and heading back up the ramp. Once oming through the curtain you’re swooped up into a hug by 2 strong arms that you defiantly recognise.

“Oh my God babe you were amazing out there! I had no idea you’d be here tonight.” Seth mumbles into your hair as he spins you around. Finally he places you on the floor before slipping his fingers through yours pulling you towards the locker rooms so you could change.

“Thank you honey, did I surprise you?” You giggled as you and Seth walked through the corridors, stopping everynow and then as people congradulated you.

“You definatly surprised me! I had no idea you were going to be here untill I heard your entrance music hit. I honestly thought Dean was fucking with me and playing it off his phone.”

“Well Dean most certainly was not fucking with you and you’re now looking ath the new number one contender for the woman’s championship.”

“How is my wife more badass than me?” Seth chuckles smiling brightly at you. He was so proud of you for making it to RAW and becoming number one contender.

“You and I both know I’ve always been more badass than you.” Grinning cheekily at him you laughed even more as he pulled back pulling a hurt expression. Grabbing his hand you pulled Seth towards you, standing on tiptoes to place a kiss to his lips. “It’s okay babe at least you’ll always be ‘The man’ just now I’ll be ‘The Woman’“ You smiled at at him putting an emphesis on the word man in woman. He beamed down at you before placing another kiss to your lips, the sweet gesture causing a blush to rise to your cheeks.

“Damn right. We got the newest and cutest power couple right here!” You both turn to see Sasha walk up behind the two of you. Running to meet her you jumped at her causing her to catch you in a hug, you and Sasha had been great friends down at NXT and you were happy but a little sad to see one of your best friends go, of course you had tried to keep in touch but it was hard and not always possible to meet, especially when any free time you had you’d fly out to see Seth.

“I missed you girl!” Pulling away from the hug you look back and see Seth pouting.

“How come she gets a better hello than I did.” Seth folds his arms across his chest.

“Because your wife obviously loves me more than you!” Sasha jokes slinging her arms around you.

“Yeah sure she does.” Seth stands there looking at you with his signature cocky smirk.

“I’m sorry Sasha but if I don’t agree I have to go home with him and he’s not very nice to be around when he’s grumpy.” You and Sasha both burst out laghing as Seth playfully storms off, the both of you casually follow chatting along the way.

“You did great out there (Y/N). I can’t wait to see you snatch that title from Alexa.”

“Thanks Sasha, I can’t wait to show the WWE universe what I’m made off and the new changes to my character. It’s gonna be a good year.”

“I can see you and Seth over throwing The Miz and Maryse during that time too.”

“Who said that was a bad thing.” Winking at her you’d finally caught up with Seth who’d been waiting near the locker room for you. Saying goodbye to Sasha you stand in front of Seth who automatically wraps you up in his arms.

“Honestly I’m so proud of you for making it this far and everything you’ve gone through at NXT, you deserve that title and I can’t wait to tell everyone I’m married to the RAW Women’s champion.” You couldn’t help but smile at how sweet he was being, it never failed to make your heart melt when he showed that side of himself.

“You’re too cute do you know that.”

“Hey I’m not cute I’m badass.” Seth mumbles swaying you both slightly.

“Sure you are honey. That why I’m getting a championship match and you’re not.” Winking at him you peck his lips and quickly scurry off into the locker room while he processes what you’ve just said.

“Hey!” You chuckled behind the door hearing Seth finally realising what you had said.

“I love yooouuuuu!” You shout from locker room.

“Sure you do! And to think I thought you were more badass than me!” Seth replies walking off, grining like an idiot but he can’t help but think how much better work was going to be now he had his wife at his side.

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Last year’s Top 5 wrestlers in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s annual PWI 500 was very controversial as the writers selected Roman Reigns as the number 1 wrestler in the world with Kazuchika Okada at number 2 followed by Prince Devitt (aka Finn Balor) at number 3, AJ Styles at number 4, and Jay Lethal at number 5.  Many fans, myself included felt that Okada was more deserving of being number 1 than Roman Reigns and none of us could understand why that happened and how someone with so much hate could be better than Okada.

Well, this year, all is right in the world of professional wrestling as the 2017 PWI 500 has revealed Kazuchika Okada as the number 1 wrestler in the world thus becoming the first Japanese wrestler in history to be number 1 and the first non-WWE wrestler to be number 1 since 2010.  This year’s top 5 of the 500 sees a big shift into which 4 of these wrestlers are adored and respected by fans alike. Also if you look at two pictures above, you’ll notice that 3 of those top 5 wrestlers are featured twice.  That is because both Jay Lethal and Prince Devitt took a fall outside of the top five while one of this year’s top 5 made a huge leap.

As noted, Kazuchika Okada is number 1 in the 2017 PWI 500 but he’s has two rivals in which both are in the top 5.  At number two, is AJ Styles who was the other non-WWE wrestler to be number 1 back in 2010 and with this is now considered to be the top wrestler on WWE’s main roster.  At number 3; moving up from the top 10 is Kevin Owens (who will probably also be calling this one a conspiracy since basically he has lost his mind after losing to AJ Styles into which he can’t have another shot at the WWE United States Championship as long as AJ is champion).  He was number one last year but this year slips to number four is the result for Roman Reigns who still can’t do a decent promo.  Lastly, making the top five and making a huge leap is Kenny Omega who last year wasn’t even in the top 20 and is now in the top five.

Down Below are the Top 100 of those PWI 500 wrestlers for 2017 and my comments surrounding most of them.

  1. Kazuchika Okada (NJPW):  Well deserving.  Should’ve gotten it last year but didn’t.  His matches have said it all. He is the absolute best
  2. AJ Styles (SmackDown! Live):  The Top wrestler in the WWE based on skills and the ability to wow the crowd.  Despite his age, he’s still showing that he is the face that runs the place.
  3. Kevin Owens (WWE):  He’ll likely call this a conspiracy too.  He also complained about Seth Rollins (who didn’t even crack the top 10 this year) being on the cover of WWE2K18. I like the wrestler but he complains too much and only thinks small.
  4. Roman Reigns (RAW):  After losing to Rollins at Money in the Bank 2016, went down the hill than came back up only to go back down again.  His matches against Braun Strowman have been fantastic but needs a lot of improvement.
  5. Kenny Omega (NJPW): Made a huge leap from last year’s PWI 500 and that is thanks to his in-ring ability and his promos. Plus the online series “Being the Elite” is a huge hit on YouTube.
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT/SmackDown! Live):  Though his English is limited, his actions always speaks louder.  The way he carries himself is nothing of extraordinary.
  7. Dean Ambrose (WWE):  Nothing much but he’s slowly proving why he’s one of the best wrestlers today.  On a plus side, with him in the top 10 for this year’s PWI 500, this could shows us that Rollins/Ambrose are the best team for 2017.  Only four months to go to see if that happens.
  8. Samoa Joe (NXT/RAW):  Wow! One of the best who I believe is ready to become champion. The question though is when will that happen.
  9. Bobby Roode (NXT):  What a huge leap for the “It-Factor” after being way outside the top 10 last year.  Though I not a fan of his promos, no one can deny his in-ring ability.  It truly is one of the best.
  10. The Miz (WWE):  If it wasn’t for that promo on last year’s Talking Smack, then we wouldn’t talk about how much The Miz has improved since then.  Becoming arguably one of the best talkers and one of the best wrestlers in professional wrestling.
  11. Adrian Neville (RAW):  He’s finally getting notice but it wasn’t ‘till now that he is actually starting to have some fun.
  12. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW):  One of the few who didn’t budge 1 muscle from this spot.  I really expected him to be a top 10 wrestler but guess that’ll be saved for next year. What a shame for the 2-time (and reigning) G1 Climax winner.
  13. Randy Orton (SmackDown! Live):  Made a huge leap, large in part to him winning the Royal Rumble though his words towards the indies have made him a controversial figure as of late.
  14. Adam Cole (ROH):  A big leap for “Adam Cole Baybay” who became the 1st 3-time ROH Champion at the Tokyo Dome and one of my favorites due to his mic skills and his in-ring ability.
  15. Bray Wyatt (WWE):  Big leap for the “Eater of Worlds” but most of his matches and promos have suddenly lost steam.  The crowd no longer wants to “Follow the Buzzards”.
  16. Seth Rollins (RAW):  Was in total shock to see him outside of the top 10 after being number 1 in 2015 and then managing to stay in the top 10 for 2016.  He’s still having some of the best matches and the best has yet to come for the “Kingslayer”. The good news though is that his tag partner is a top 10 wrestler this year possibly making them the best team in this year’s PWI 500 despite only being together for a short while.
  17. Christoper Daniels (ROH):  What a big leap for this man who at the age of 46 became ROH Champion and like AJ, showed to everyone that age is just a number and that wrestling is about skills and not height.
  18. Bobby Lashley (GFW):  Since I don’t watch him, I can’t comment.
  19. John Cena (SmackDown! Live):  With his career winding down, this had to be expected but it was fun to see John Cena stay in the top 10 for most of his career.
  20. KUSHIDA (ROH/NJPW):  Another wrestler who made a huge leap and has become the official successor to Seth Rollins’s old finishing move “God’s Last Gift” which he calls the “Back to the Future”
  21. Will Ospreay (NJPW/Indies):  1 year he’s cracking the top 20; this year, finds himself outside of it.  Guessing Will needs to improve more.
  22. Chris Jericho (WWE):  His “List of Jericho” (Which I’m on by the way) has gotten so much attraction that fans want to see who make the list next.  It is most likely that this is his last year wrestling full time and he made the most of it.
  23. Katsuyori Shibata (NJPW):  Though his career may be over, let’s not forget the year he had before Sakura Genesis including winning the New Japan Cup in a classic thriller against Fale.
  24. Johnny Mundo (AAA):  I know who he is but I haven’t watched him in six years. Glad he’s making progress as a wrestler.
  25. Brock Lesnar (RAW):  WWE really needs him to drop the Universal Championship to an full-time competitor ‘cause this ranking shows why.
  26. Zack Sabre Jr. (NJPW/Indies):  He can really hurt you in the matches.  At least he is more respectful towards his opponents to the point he’ll show respect to them.
  27. Eddie Edwards (GFW):  Can’t say much except this guy is something.
  28. Prince Devitt aka Finn Balor (RAW):  The 1st-ever WWE Universal Champion took a big fall from the top 5 largely due in part to too much inactivity.  May fall even further if his current storyline with Bray Wyatt doesn’t end right now as fans are totally bored with it.
  29. Pete Dunne (Indies):  Another big leap here going from being way outside the top 100 to now being of the top 30 wrestlers in the world.  This one is truly deserving.
  30. Jinder Mahal (SmackDown! Live):  Someone who suffered losses is now getting a big push into which he is now WWE Champion.  The craziest part is that he wasn’t even in the PWI 500 last year.  Talk about how those last three months played out into him reaching the top 30.
  31. Marty Scurll (ROH): I love his music and I love his skills.  Plus, he’s another one who made a huge leap from being outside of the top 100 to making it into the top 40 at number 31.
  32. Dolph Ziggler (SmackDown! Live):  Moved up a bit but not much.  Here’s to hoping he does well in the Indies when the time comes.
  33. Cody Rhodes (NJPW/ROH/Indies):  What a leap for the “American Nightmare” into which he’s still has the chance to produce more amazing matches.
  34. Braun Strowman (RAW):  Thought he would be a top 10 guy this year but at least he’s making progress. Let’s hope he becomes the next WWE Universal Champion so that we can see that belt ‘till year’s end.
  35. TJP (RAW):  Originally TJ Perkins.  Not a great wrestler but he really is one of the best.
  36. Ethan Carter III (GFW):  Haven’t watched him in years so I can’t comment on him either
  37. Alberto El Patron (GFW):  Had a strong resurgence until his private issues got in the way.
  38. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH/Indies):  Dropped down a bit but hopefully can have the resurgence in NXT
  39. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW):  Awesome wrestler who likes to showboat too much.  But you have to love his air guitars, truly awesome
  40. Nick Jackson (ROH/NJPW/Indies):  My comments on him coming up next.
  41. Sami Zayn (WWE):  He’s great but has been greatly undervalued by WWE into which it’s time for him to go back to NXT.
  42. Matt Jackson (ROH/NJPW/Indies):  With Nick, one of the best tag teams in the world but they have competition since the only tag wrestler to make the top 10 this year is WWE’s Dean Ambrose.  Also their show “Being the Elite” is the best.  On another note, The Elite have an average raking of 29 for 2017 after last year’s average ranking was almost 40, which make them the second best staple/group in professional wrestling today right behind the former Shield brethren whose average ranking for 2017 is 9
  43. Mark Haskins (Indies):  Never watched him so can’t comment.
  44. Rusev (WWE):  Really taking a fall after being in the top 10 two years ago. It’s sad that one of the best wrestlers in the world has been demoted to the role of jobber.
  45. Matt Hardy (GFW/ROH/Indies/RAW):  With his brother Jeff, achieve the rare feat of holding the top 3 US promotions tag-titles in 1 year.  He’s crazy but I like the guy
  46. Ricochet (Lucha Underground/NJPW):  Another big fall mostly because of a television deal. Expecting him to get back up and rise again.
  47. Yamato (Dragon Gate):  Haven’t watched him so I can’t comment
  48. Hiromu Takahashi (ROH/NJPW):  Huge leap for the “Time Bomb” who made a big statement at the Tokyo Dome earlier this year.  Can’t wait to see him become champion again.
  49. Baron Corbin (SmackDown! Live):  Not a big leap for 2017′s Mr. Money in the Bank but still room for improvement including his attitude.
  50. Tyler Bate (Indies):  Wasn’t even ranked last year and now sees himself as a top 50 wrestler.  Not bad for the first WWE UK Champion.
  51. Jeff Hardy (GFW/ROH/Indies/RAW):  With his brother Matt, tore the house down in their tag matches including the two against the Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor XI and against Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins the night after SummerSlam.  With Matt, they are passing the torch to the next generation of tag-team wrestlers.
  52. Jay Lethal (ROH):  Last year, he was in the top 5; this year, he finds himself now scratching to make the top 50.  Shocking that it happened but it did.  Have the feeling that this will make Silas Young happy who will be upset to learn he’s not a top 100 guy.
  53. Bobby Fish (ROH):  Another fall for him while his partner is still in the top 40.
  54. Cesaro (RAW):  Though one of the best, his status here shows us all who the best tag-team is in professional wrestling.
  55. Moose (GFW):  Heard about this guy. Haven’t watched him but I can say that he’s really good.
  56. Rich Swann (RAW):  Awesome wrestler into which I love his music.
  57. Sheamus (RAW):  Read about what I said about his tag partner, Cesaro.
  58. Drew McIntyre (Indies/NXT):  Made it to the top 10 via a tie last year and this year finds himself outside the top 50.  Let’s hope he has a lengthy reign as NXT Champion so that he can crack the top 10 again.
  59. Big E (WWE):  Strong downfall for him but he’s still funny
  60. Austin Aries (NXT/RAW):  One of the best wrestlers in the world but never got the push he truly deserved in WWE.
  61. Luke Harper (SmackDown! Live):  Had gotten a huge push after betraying Bray Wyatt but hasn’t been seen in months.  WWE is underestimating his potential.
  62. Trevor Lee (GFW/Indies):  Can’t say much but based on what I’ve read, he’s really good.
  63. Hirooki Goto (NJPW):  Had a resurgence that resulted in him being in the top 50 last year but toppled out.  One of the best in the world but can’t really blossom like he should.
  64. Brian Kendrick (RAW):  Coming back to WWE has really helped “The Man with a Plan” to the point that he’s now feuding with the next generation of wrestling talent.
  65. Pentagon El OM (AAA):  Haven’t watch him so can’t comment
  66. Katsuhiko Nakajima (NOAH):  Whoa! Took more than half of the top 100 to find someone from Pro Wrestling Noah.  This shows us all what the company has been through in the past year.
  67. Tommaso Ciampa (NXT):  This guy is special.  It’s just too bad that his year ended with a torn ACL keeping him out until 2018.
  68. Crazzy Steve (Indies):  Can’t comment much except I can’t really stand this guy.
  69. Kofi Kingston (WWE):  One of the best in the world who’s also a record holder for Tag-Team gold.  His 2009 feud with Randy Orton is still one of his best highlights in my opinion.
  70. Luke Gallows (RAW):  This is not good for the team that was once the best tag-team in the world.  WWE really has ruined both him and Anderson.
  71. Bad Luck Fale (NJPW):  Look who took a huge leap and this one is well deserved.  One of the best on the mic and 1 that strikes fear in any ring announcer around the world.
  72. Xavier Woods (WWE):  Moved down alot as well.  But, he’s the best at hosting game shows including his UpUpDownDown which I saw once and it was funny.
  73. Karl Anderson (RAW):  The “Machine Gun” has gone from being one of the best to being nothing in the year since being in WWE. 
  74. Tomohiro Ishii (NJPW):  Went down alot as well but had some of the best matches against both Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito.
  75. Davey Richards (GFW):  Is now pursuing a doctor’s career.
  76. Michael Elgin (NJPW/Indies):  Took a huge fall as well.  This mostly is due to his injury but who knows.
  77. Abyss (GFW):  Surprised he’s still in the business
  78. Andrew Everett (Indies):  Plan to watch him real soon since I’m subscribe to CWF-Mid Atlantic’s YouTube channel
  79. Big Show (RAW):  Still one of the best in the word but age is coming into him based on him not being used much.
  80. Johnny Gargano (NXT/Indies):  Great Individual wrestler who I can see getting a huge push sometime in the future.
  81. Jay Briscoe (ROH):  Great wrestler who took a huge fall as well.
  82. Minoru Suzuki (NJPW):  Glad this guy’s not in the top 10.  He scares me more than Bray Wyatt and that is saying a lot.
  83. Jey Uso (SmackDown! Live):  For someone who claims their team is better sure didn’t gain the attention of the PWI writers who believe that the teams of Rollins/Ambrose, The Young Bucks, The Hardy Boyz, Cesaro/Sheamus, and The New Day are better than them based on these rankings alone.
  84. Rocky Romero (NJPW):  Great wrestler who we’ll see try to leave his mark in singles competition as RPG Vice says goodbye.
  85. Frankie Kazarian (ROH):  One of my favorites but hasn’t really gotten the push he truly deserves and at this stage, most likely doesn’t need it.
  86. Jimmy Uso (SmackDown! Live):  What I said about Jey is the same thing I say about Jimmy.
  87. Go Shiozaki (NOAH):  Awesome wrestler.  Just wished I would watch him some more.
  88. Hijo Del Texano (AAA):  Haven’t watch him so can’t comment.
  89. Roderick Strong (NXT):  Took a very strong fall outside the top 20 but hoping to see him have a resurgence leading into 2018.
  90. Sonjay Dutt (GFW):  Heard this guy’s a history maker.  Been a long time since I’ve watched him but he’s really good.
  91. Trent? Baretta (NJPW/PWG):  One of the best wrestlers in the world today.  Can’t wait to see how good he does in the heavyweight division.
  92. Eric Young (NXT):  Hadn’t had the year he wanted but was able to leave his mark through chaos.
  93. Maximo Sexy (CMLL):  Can’t comment due to not watching him much.
  94. Big Cass (RAW):  Strong leap for the 7-footer who may see himself outside the top 100 next year since he’ll be sideline until 2018 with a torn ACL injury.
  95. Magnus (GFW/Indies):  Great wrestler but really needs to get better and quick.
  96. Dalton Castle (ROH):  Great wrestler with one of the best entrances in the world.  Can’t wait to see him win his first world championship.
  97. Mark Briscoe (ROH):  Can’t comment more since I really can’t tell the two brothers apart at all.
  98. Marco Corleone (CMLL):  Haven’t watched him but it’s awesome to see him the top 100 after not being listed last year.
  99. Timothy Thatcher (Indies):  First time I’ve ever heard of this guy so I can’t say much about him right now.
  100. Keith Lee (ROH):  My uncle is apparently a huge fan of this guy.  Honestly, I haven’t watched him yet but if he’s good then I’ll take their word for it.

So there, you have it. Those are the top 100 wrestlers for the PWI 500 and stay tuned here for matches of those top five wrestlers courtesy of dailymotion’s various users.

Idle Talk

REQUEST by MBNMNB04: Hey can I request a imagine/oneshot for a Roman Reigns. Where the reader is also a WWE diva. And when another diva and superstar start talking trash about Roman, the reader confronts them. Kinda like what happened when The Miz and Maryse had John Cena as their guest and later on Maryse slaps John. Then Nikki Bella comes out tell Maryse “You mess with my man, I’m gonna break you bitch. You hear me?” Sorry if this is a lot. I just love your writing!

Warnings: Language
(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long and my apologies to y’all since I had difficulties writing this so I wanna thank @x-fivefoot for helping me out with this request since I really struggled with it😚


‘’You ready for tonight?’’ my boyfriend Roman asked me as we were in his locker room.

‘’Yes, I’m all set,’’ I replied with a smile as I took his hand in mine, ‘’You nervous?’’

‘’Babygirl, me and nervous? Not at all. Besides, I have you to cheer for me on the side of the ring so I’ll be fine.’’ He smiled. Just like my boyfriend, I was in the WWE business. A few months ago, I made my debut on RAW and Roman and I immediately fell for each other. I know how cliché ‘love at first sight’ sounds, but that’s what happened with us.

‘’You have a big ego Reigns,’’ I laughed and kissed him.

‘’I’m aware of that baby, but you praising me every day, makes it even bigger.’’  

‘’Keep on going like that and I’ll stop all the compliments,’’ I warned him playfully. He pretended to zip his mouth shut and throwing away the imaginary key. ‘’Alright, so I’m going to check the arena out for a bit, you just stay here and get ready okay?’’

‘’Whatever you wish, but come back asap.’’ He pouted his lips, wanting another kiss. I rolled my eyes and gave in, kissing him one more time before I exited the dressing room. I decided to just look around a bit, curious about how the whole arena looked like. When I was a kid, me and my parents used to watch wrestling all the time and as a little girl, I wanted nothing more than being a part of the business. So when I was probably around twenty years old, I decided to follow my childhood dream to become a wrestler myself. There was nothing more I enjoyed doing than working out every day, even though my body couldn’t even function anymore the day after, developing and getting to know different and new tactics, being trained and being guided to the wrestler, more important, woman I am this present day. Of course, there were bumps on the way, but everyone has that when you’re dreaming of something that is hard to accomplish. Once I could go from NXT to RAW, it was like my life couldn’t get any better. But the moment Roman and I saw each other and finally talked, I knew that I didn’t need or want anything else. He became so important to me in such short time and being around him made me feel even more confident. We trained together, traveled together, shared hotel rooms together, he would give me advice on how to beat everyone’s asses in the ring. Sure, we also have some alone time, everyone needs that from time to time. I’m blessed to have him in my life so you could imagine that when someone said or did something that would be in his disadvantage, I would step in and fight that person. As I made my way to the ring, I could hear someone mention Roman’s name. I frowned and walked over to a spot where I could hear what female voice was saying.

‘’Honestly, he’s just a show-off and an comedian,’’ Maryse laughed as she was talking to Lana. ‘’Not to mention his lack of experience and talent. He pretends to be ‘the guy’ around here, that this is his so called ‘yard’ or whatever, but how funny is that.’’

‘’You can’t just talk about him that way,’’ Lana replied as she rolled her eyes. Almost everyone knows by now that Maryse loves to talk shit about almost anyone who she dislikes, so I wasn’t surprised. But the fact that she was talking about my man that way, made me pissed.

‘’Lana, you know damn well that I’m right and his girlfriend, what’s her name again,’’ she pretended to think, tapping her heels on the floor, ‘’y/n, that was it, she’s getting on my nerves. Now that she’s new, everyone is talking about her and that pathetic boyfriend of hers. She’s dating him just because of the fame. Not that it helps,’’ she laughs and walks off. My blood was boiling while I walked towards Lana. She saw me coming her way, biting her lips, not knowing what to say.

‘’Y/n,’’ she started, ‘ ’Before you decide to break everything on your path, I hope you’re not mad at me.’’

‘’Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you?’’ I asked as I sat on the side of the ring, facing Lana who was standing in front of me.

‘’I don’t know, maybe for not saying anything.’’ She answered guilty.

‘’Lana, you did stood up for him and I appreciate that, I really do. It’s just that she frustrates the shit out of me, oh my g0d,’’ I groaned. ‘’She has been talking crap about me and Roman for quite some time and I’m on the edge of losing my shit.’’

‘’I can imagine,’’ Lana sighed.

‘’I couldn’t care less about the fact she’s talking about me, but no one talks about Roman that way.’’ I felt myself getting more angrier than I already was and a plan formed in my head.

‘’Y/n, I know that face, what are you up to?’’ Lana asked concerned. I’ve known Lana for a long time and we became close friends. She knows me too well, sometimes even better than I know myself.

‘’Nothing,’’ I simply said and hopped off  the ring, ‘’you’ll see tonight.’’ Giving Lana a hug, I walked back to the locker room. As I walked inside, I saw roman sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone. He looked up at me and frowned.

‘’Alright, spill it out, what’s wrong?’’

‘’There’s nothing wrong,’’ I lied and sat down next to him.

‘’Oh yes there is, I ain’t stupid babygirl.’’

‘’I never said you were,’’ I gave him a smile and rested my head on his shoulder, ‘’You’ll see tonight.’’


‘’You ready to go,’’ Roman asked me as I stood next to him, holding his hand. I nodded and walked right behind him as we walked out of the door. The fans started to scream loudly as we came out; some of them booed, some of them cheered. It felt amazing going out there, especially having Roman by my side. He had a match with Jericho and he was already standing in the ring.

‘’I see you couldn’t handle me on your own Reigns,’’ Jericho laughed as Roman stepped into the ring.

‘’The fact you lost your ‘best friend’, doesn’t mean I can’t bring mine.’’

‘’Touché, let’s hope for your sake you fight as good as you talk,’’ Chris said as the bell ringed. Roman gave me a kiss on the cheek before he started the match by slapping Jericho in the face. I stood behind the ropes, cheering for Roman and occasionally shouting what he should do and what not. Both Roman and Jericho got beaten up pretty bad, but they kept going. Eventually, Roman performed this breathtaking Samoan drop, causing him to win the match. Boy, I was so proud of him. I stepped into the ring and gave Roman a big hug before grabbing the mic in the corner. He frowned at me, not knowing what I was about to do. As Jericho rolled out of the ring I started to walk back and forth.

‘’So I overheard something,’’ I started, ‘’I heard that someone named Maryse, has been talking crap about my man and I ain’t gonna let that happen just like that of course. So I thought, why not clear the air a little.’’

‘’What has she been saying about me?’’ Roman asked with a grin on his face.

‘’Something like you being a comedian and a huge show-off. She also mentioned that I’m dating you because of the fame,’’ I laughed. ‘’I’m surprised you can’t see that your man is comedian and a pretty big show-off too. I mean, what’s it with ‘The Miz Show’ anyways?’’ As I was about to continue, Maryse and her husband came out.

‘’Roman, why don’t you keep your lady in control man? That’s not the attitude a new diva is supposed to have,’’ Mike said shaking his head.

‘’My lady is independent and has her own will and unlike yours, mine is standing up for me and she has my back. So how about the two of you just turn around and walk away before we kick your asses.’’ Roman angrily said.

‘’Roman honey, can’t you see that y/n is just dating you because of the fame and your money?’’ Maryse said. That made me snap.

‘’Listen up, doll, why would I date anyone for the fame and the money? I’m in the business as well so I gain my own money and my own fame. I have my own fans and my own style. It’s called being original, but I don’t expect you to know what it means. And just one more thing,’’ I continued, ‘’If I ever catch you talking crap about my man again, I’ll fucking kick your ass.’’ I dropped the mic and my music started to play. Everyone seemed to be cheering and I smiled as Maryse and Mike walked off irritated. Roman gave me a hug and shook his head

‘’You’re something else y/n, thank you,’’ he smiled.

‘’You’re welcome Ro,’’ I laughed. He gave me a kiss before we walked back to the locker room.

Serving the King Pt.4

Creatures AU- Finn and OC have been able to speak more, especially now that they’re traveling together. What happens with the storyline Monday night, and how will the fans react? 

A/n- I think this part was the most fun to write. Tag list is open, let me know if you want to be on it. This almost pure fluff. Enjoy!

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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“Alright, then I’ll see you tomorrow, love.” Finn told you after getting both of you checked in, and you nodded. You saw Sami in the corner of your eye. He seemed to be waiting for you to notice him, so you walked over to him and sat down. 

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22 Warstan (can it be Sherlolly wedding? But not necessarily) :)

What a challenge! I’ve never written ‘Warstan proper’ before. Thankfully, the lovely @mizjoely looked over it for me (since she’s an amazing Warstan writer). Thanks, Miz!! And thank you @mychakk for the prompt. This one was fun!

How in the name of all things good and holy did Sherlock sodding Holmes beat me to the altar? John wondered as he watched his best friend dance with his lovely wife.

Not that he was in some great hurry to get married, exactly. Although… he was six years older than the detective and not getting any younger. The detective who, for the record, had sworn off all things love and sex-related! John could personally attest to the fact that Sherlock did indeed enjoy ‘pleasures of the flesh’ as the berk had once described, because until the week before he’d slept above the very vocal couple.

Looking down at his empty glass, he mumbled, “I need another drink.” then made his way towards the bar. When he got there, he waited patiently while a balding man in his late fifties ordered the most complicated beverage since the Babylonians first fermented honey.

Finally, the man took his pink and purple monstrosity and left, grinning like a fool. John stepped up. “I need something strong,” he said. “Preferably a lot of it.”

The bartender, a pretty blonde, wasn’t paying attention, too busy glaring at the man with the complicated drink. “If you order something with fewer than six cherries, I’ll name my firstborn after you,” she finally said, turning to face him.

Mercy… She wasn’t pretty; she was beautiful. Exquisite. Stunning. “Gorgeous…” he mumbled unintentionally.

“I’m sorry?” she asked.

He quickly realised what he had done. “Ah, that was a gorgeously bad drink,” he rushed. Gorgeously bad? He shook his head. It’ll have to do.

“I know! I don’t get paid enough to experiment nor do I care to. Doesn’t he know you order the most expensive liquor at an open bar? That entire drink had a half shot of bottom shelf rum.”

John laughed, his mood immediately lifting, but suddenly a look of fear broke out on the bartender’s face.

“Shit! I… do you know him? You’re in the wedding party, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, but no, I don’t have a clue who that was. Probably some distant relative I’ve yet to meet.” He held out his hand. “I’m John, the best man.”

The woman shook his hand, brightening slightly. “The best man? That’s a funny last name.”

John laughed. “Adorable.” Again, he’d not intended to say it out loud. What the hell’s wrong with me today? he wondered. He was way off his game.

But the woman just smiled, then held up a single finger and winked before disappearing through the door next to the bar. A minute later she reappeared holding something behind her back. “This is the really good stuff,” she whispered as she poured him a glass of Talisker.

John whistled. “No kidding,” he said as he took the glass of whiskey. Everyone was either dancing or eating, so he thought he’d take the time to chat with the woman who’d just handed him a very large, very expensive drink. “Ah, do you work for the venue or the catering company?”

“Neither actually. A friend of mine works for the caterers but he broke his leg and asked me to fill in for him. Luckily, I’ve tended bar before. Unluckily, I’d forgotten how much I hate it.” She looked toward the dancing couples as she finished with, “I’m sort of in between jobs.”

John remembered that feeling. Not too long ago he was barely making ends meet. Now he had two jobs (three if you counted part-time Sherlock-sitting). He was just about to ask about her previous employment when he was interrupted by his best friend.

“Ah, John, there you are,” Sherlock said. “I might have known I’d find you chatting with the lovely Mary here.”

“You two know each other?”

“No. We just met a couple of hours ago but she won my admiration when she told Mycroft to bugger off after referring to her as the help.”

“I didn’t know he was your brother, Sherlock. I just assumed he was some government pencil pusher with a superiority complex.”

“And you weren’t wrong in that assessment, Mary.  Can I get some cool water for Molly? She’s not feeling well.”

The woman nodded.

“What’s wrong with her?” John asked.

“The champagne didn’t agree with her and she’s a bit light-headed,” Sherlock explained.

Mary handed him a glass of water. “No wonder, Sherlock. Pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, are very sensitive to certain tastes. She’s probably a bit overheated as well. You should take her outside for some fresh air. Also, some plain crackers wouldn’t go amiss.”

John was about to admonish Sherlock for not telling him about Molly’s pregnancy when he noticed the look on his face.

“Molly’s… pregnant? Sherlock whispered. He’d gone white as a sheet and his eyes were suddenly comically large.

Mary’s face fell. “Oh my God! I assumed you knew, what with being… well, who you are and all.”

“Pregnant?!” the detective said a little louder.

John saw the oncoming freak-out well before it happened, but there was no stopping it. Sherlock turned and dashed toward his new bride, shouting her name as he ran. Molly, who was sitting a few tables away from the bar, talking with Mike Stamford, tried to calm her husband, but he well and truly lost it. He picked her up - actually picked her up!- and carried her out of the building as the entire room watched.

“Bugger! I feel awful,” Mary said as the door closed, cutting the couple off from the crowd.

“Not your fault. I don’t know how he missed it. He knows… everything,” John said, then something occurred to him. “How did you know, by the way?” That was some Sherlock level deducing.

“I’m a nurse and…” She suddenly seemed a bit shy. “… I can read people, a bit.”


She nodded. “It came in handy in my former job.”

“Which was..?”

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you,” she said with a smirk, though, for some reason John half believed her.

“That almost seems worth it.”

Mary laughed. “Maybe.”

He really couldn’t take it anymore. She was funny and intelligent and beautiful and mysterious. Throwing caution to the wind, he asked, “What are the chances I could get your number?”

“Pretty good, I’d say.”


“What would you do if I gave it to you?” she asked.

I’d marry you, he thought, or at least he thought he thought, until he saw the surprised and, thankfully, pleased look on the woman’s face. “Oh, damn. I did it again, didn’t I?”

Biting her lip, Mary nodded. “I’m sure it’s just the Talisker,” she said, gesturing to the drink in his hand.

He had only taken one sip. Bless her! The woman wasn’t only stunning and smart, she was compassionate too. “Are you sure you want to give me your number?” he asked, wondering if he’d just ruined his chances.

“Positive,” she replied. “But I promise not to hold you to that proposal.”

She lied. They were married six months later.

Thanks again. Hope you liked it! ~Lil~

John Cena.

I know I’m probably going to lose a follower or two for this, and if so I guess that’s how it goes. I am entitled to my opinion just like everyone else is…so here it is. This is why I don’t like John Cena and the reasons to back it up.

John Cena is a phony in my opinion. He’s been phoning it for the past few years whether it’s on the mic or in the ring. His matches have become average at best and we all know that no matter who he is fighting he will “Hulk Up” and beat them down and top it off with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. He has the ability on the mic but isn’t living up to his potential when it comes to his material. As far as in ring ability goes he likes people to believe he is the best, but the fact is that he’s not. If AJ Styles or Kenny Omega are a 10 on the wrestling ability scale, John Cena is a six at best. He has about five moves in his arsenal, get upset if you want but it’s true. He stopped selling moves a long time ago. And letting another wrestler have the last word in a segment? Forget it! Cena panders to the crowd each and every week on the mic and then follows it with a match that’s less than stellar.

But I have to give credit where it is due. I see why WWE wants John Cena to be the face. He puts money in the bank. He sells the t-shirts. He sells the wristbands. You put his face on a poster, and fans will buy tickets.

He’s a good role model for kids. His work with Make a Wish and his charity work for the company is second to none. He is by far a favorite when it comes to kids and it’s not hard to tell why. He preaches Hustle, Loyalty, Respect and Respect Earn it. That’s the motto he lives by and teaches to his fans. What parent wouldn’t want their child’s role model living by those kinds of things?

But he needs to take his own advice. He shows a clear lack of respect when it comes to other Superstars. Last week on Raw, Miz cut one of the best promos in a long time. I had chills when Miz said “Your shirt says respect earn it. I’ve earned it for twelve damn years!” And what does John Cena do? He smirks. Like it’s a joke. He showed that he doesn’t take what Miz does seriously and he was just waiting for Miz to get done talking so that he could make some stupid ass joke. And it’s not just Miz. He did it tonight with Roman and he’s done it with a ton of other superstars.

My biggest beef when it comes to John Cena is this: he’s a hypocrite. He had the audacity to call out the Rock because he left WWE to go to Hollywood. What did John Cena do? THE EXACT SAME THING! But John Cena’s movies weren’t nearly as good and he didn’t have nearly the success that the Rock did so he came back to WWE where he would be cheered and claimed it was “Because he loves the WWE.” Newsflash if he loved wrestling as much as he preaches, he wouldn’t have left in the first place. Maybe if his movies were on the same level as the Rock’s, he might have got a seat at the ‘Big Boy’ Table in Hollywood. There’s a lot of other WWE Superstars who could have gone to Hollywood if they wanted to, but they didn’t because they love wrestling. So I don’t buy it when he says that he came back because he loves wrestling.

And everyone always complains that everyone pulls the part timer card when they are talking to John Cena. You want to know why AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Baron Corbin, and every other Superstar says it? It’s because it’s true. Meanwhile, the rest of the locker room is in that ring day in and day out on the road 200+ days a year putting on shows for fans while John Cena is off recording a movie that will go straight to DVD or recording the next Season of his reality show.

Everyone has the right to their opinion. If you like John Cena, good for you. You have that right. I’m not going to judge you or call you names. But I have the right to not like John Cena, and I have my reasons for it and all I ask is that you respect the right for me to dislike him just like I respect your right to like him.

Seth Rollins - Just Keep Breathing (3)

A/N: sorry that the update took so long!! college happened, football season started, and hurricane irma is hitting where I live. so, I’ve been sorta busy. in case you haven’t heard: maryse and the miz is having the baby and I’m like 100% here for it. but anyway, here’s part three!! as usual, tell me what you think.

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WARNING: angst and swearing, the usual.

Weeks have gone by since my last encounter with Seth. Words can’t describe how awkward it is to see him in the hallway. Am I supposed to smile at him? Ignore him? There’s so many options, and no matter what people try to suggest there was always a con to it. 

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Today is my 18th Birthday....

Today, October 8th, is my 18th birthday ! To begin with a joke, I can finally read/see NSFW things without breaking any law, as I am now a legal adult in France !
(Since I’ll most likely write lots and lots about myself : there is a “Read more” ! And if you’re tagged, it means I thank you at the end of my rambling, so go read it, I posted comments for lots of you)

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Pride and Prejudice and Wrestling

Pride and Prejudice and Wrestling – Part 1

Characters: Seth Rollins x Reader, Sasha Banks, Bayley

Summary: When a superstar Hollywood actress (The Reader), interacts with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins at Monday Night Raw, sparks fly. Can Rollins overcome his pride and convince the reader to take a chance on him when she’s still recovering from a nasty scandal caused by her cheating fiancé?

Warnings: Lots of flirting, angsty longing and maybe some bad words.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a wrestler, in possession of good talent, must be in want of a Championship.

Chapter 1: First Impressions

He was just as egotistical as he seemed on tv.

It was impossible not to think that when he stood there lording it over all the other superstars backstage at the arena as if he owned the place. Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Even the name screamed that he was full of himself. Six foot one inches and 217 pounds of pure ego. Didn’t Ambrose call him that once? It made sense. Over confidence my name is Seth. It seemed to ooze from every pore of him. It was just too bad that in addition to the ego, he was also insanely hot.

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Choices: Part 2

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I walked back down the hallway that led from the parking lot to where Gorilla had been set up. I stepped through the curtain and walked over to the table where Road Dogg was sitting. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow as if asking how it went.

I put the headset on and glanced at the screen where Becky and Natalya were in the middle of having a match without saying a word.

“So?” Road Dogg asked as he looked over at me.

“So what?” I asked as I took my eyes away from the screen for a brief moment to look at him.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I tried to talk some sense into him, but he doesn’t want to listen. He is adamant on talking to Shane. Nothing I say is going to get him back in the arena.” I said.

“You tried to talk to him. If he doesn’t want to listen, that’s his problem. Don’t blame yourself for anything he does tonight. You did everything you could. If he gets himself fired, that’s on him, not you.” Road Dogg said.

“I know it is; I just hate that he’s going to throw away everything he’s worked for in his entire career over this. I know AJ, he’s going to do something he regrets as upset as he is. If he attacks Shane, he could lose his job tonight.” I said.

“I know that. You know that, and AJ knows that deep down too. But he’s blinded by anger. Anger will make a man do crazy things.” Road Dogg said.

I was about to respond when I saw Carmella slide into the ring and attack Natalya on the screen.

“What is going on? She isn’t supposed to be out there!” I said.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even see her and Ellsworth come through here.” Road Dogg said.

“We’ll deal with this later. Can I get eyes on Styles in the parking lot?” I asked.

It felt like I was losing all control of the show. I might not be able to control AJ, but I wasn’t going to let the roster run wild and do whatever they pleased when they pleased. I knew Carmella would have Daniel Bryan to answer to when she came back through the curtain, so I didn’t worry too much about that situation.

I glanced at the screen as the cameraman showed AJ pacing in the parking lot as he continued to wait for Shane McMahon to arrive.

“Does anyone know how far out Shane is? Or if anyone has got a hold of him?” I asked.

“Daniel got a hold of him, but we don’t know how far out he is. He said he would call when he was close.” Someone said into the headset.

“Okay thank you. We’re cutting to commercial in 30 seconds. Get ready to set the ring for Miz TV.” I said.

“10-4.” One of the crew members at ringside said.

After a very hectic Miz TV and a huge Wrestlemania match announcement from Daniel, Road Dogg turned to me.

“Twitter is blowing up over this Styles/Shane story. The fans love it!” He said.

“I just hope he doesn’t lose his job over this,” I said.

“Can we get eyes on Styles again?” Road Dogg asked.

The cameraman cut to AJ who was still waiting for Shane out in the parking lot. Every time I saw him on the screen my stomach dropped. I had a terrible feeling about tonight. 

As the show continued I tried to keep my mind on my job and making sure the show ran smoothly, but I couldn’t help but have the AJ situation going on out in the parking lot in the back of my mind.

“Shane is five minutes out. Do you want me to send Renee and another camera out there?” A voice asked into the microphone.

I glanced over at Road Dogg who looked at me. I didn’t feel like I should make this call because of my involvement personally with AJ. I wanted Road Dogg to make the call.

“It’d make for good TV and good ratings.” He said.

“Go ahead, but please advise them to be careful around AJ. Don’t push him for an interview.” I said.

Tom Phillips and JBL talked on screen while Renee and the cameraman made her way to the parking lot area. Then the guys in the truck switched which camera was on the screen, so all eyes were on Renee and AJ Styles in the parking lot.’

Renee asked what his intentions were in regards to Shane McMahon.

“My intentions? You know Wrestlemania has the ultimate thrill ride as it’s theme, right? Well, I don’t have a match at Wrestlemania, so I’m going to get my thrills…where I can.” He said. He then turned towards the garage door that was opening.

“No. AJ, please don’t do this,” I said to myself.

“Remember, this is all on him.” Road Dogg said without taking his eyes off the screen.

“He’s really going to do this, isn’t he? He’s really going to attack him.” I said.

I watched with my hands over my mouth as AJ blindsided Shane from the side and rammed him into the wall. He then punched him multiple times before shoving him into a door and then throwing him into the side of the car. What he did last was something that I had to see to beleive. He threw Shane’s head into the window of a car. 

I couldn’t believe he was doing this. I couldn’t believe he was throwing away his career. Then he did the unthinkable; he threw Shane’s head through a car window.

I pulled my headset off and threw them on the table in front of me, whether it was in anger or heartbreak I wasn’t sure.

“I have to go talk to him,” I said. And that was all I said before I stood up and made my way towards the parking lot.

I met AJ in the hallway halfway between the locker room and the parking lot. I was fuming. I could feel my blood boiling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this angry. AJ knew what was on the line if he attacked Shane. It wasn’t just his job. It was our relationship. And he did it anyway. What does that tell me? Did he not care about me? About our relationship?

“What were you thinking AJ? How could you do that! Do you realize what could happen?” I yelled as I marched up to him.

“Y/n, I told you not to worry about this.” He said as he put his hands up in defense. 

“How am I not supposed to worry about this! You just beat up your boss! The commissioner of the show! How in the hell are you going to defend this?” I yelled.

“Y/n, calm down.” He said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I warned you that you were going to lose more than just your job tonight. Well congratulations, you got your revenge on Shane. I hope it was worth it…cause now you’ve lost me.” I said as I took a step back from him.

“Y/n, don’t do this. Let’s just talk about this.” He said.

“There’s nothing to talk about, AJ. I’ve saved you from stuff before, but I can’t save you on this one. You did this to yourself, and now you have to deal with the consequences.” I said.

“Baby, wait-“

“No, AJ. It’s over.” I said.

I turned away from him and started walking away before he could see the first tears start to fall. I wasn’t going to let me see him cry. I couldn’t let him see me cry.

I was almost back to the Gorilla area when Daniel met me.

“Y/n! What-“ he began to say before he saw the tears. “I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

He opened his arms for me, and although I wouldn’t usually hug Daniel, I needed some comfort in that moment. I took a step towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He held me tight for a few minutes, and I could feel that he felt for me through the hug.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off. We’ll cover for you, okay?”

“Daniel, I am so sorry-“

“Hey, you don’t have anything to apologize for. This is all on him.” He said.

Daniel walked me to my car in the parking lot. He opened his door for me, and I turned to him before stepping in.

“I’ll take care of this. You try to get some rest, okay?” He said.

“Thanks, Daniel. I’m sorry again for all this mess. I know he won’t apologize, but I will.” I said.

“You don’t have to apologize for him. This is on him.” He said.

I knew I probably shouldn’t. I knew that it was going to be a bad idea, but I couldn’t help but tune into the show. But as the driver drove me to the hotel, I grabbed my phone and turned on the live stream of the show. I saw AJ getting his things from the locker room and a bunch of the guys telling him that he shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t seem to care. He didn’t seem to care about anything.

Then I saw Daniel confront AJ with two security guards behind him.

“What you did to Shane was an act of a coward. I don’t care how valuable you are. I don’t care how good you are in the ring. I have lost all respect for you.” You couldn’t help but feel like Daniel wasn’t just talking about the attack on Shane when he spoke. You almost felt like he was also talking about AJ throwing your relationship in the garbage too.

“You think because you are AJ Styles that you are untouchable, but you are not,” Daniel said.

“Whatcha gonna do Daniel? What you gonna do? You gonna fire me?” AJ tested.

“Damn right I’m gonna fire you,” Daniel said.

I closed the app and then threw the phone down on the seat next to me. I knew it wasn’t my fault. I knew that there wasn’t anything I could’ve done to stop AJ because he already had his mind made up. But I hated that a guy with his kind of talent had just thrown his career down the toilet over something so stupid. He still had three weeks to figure out a match.

AJ and Daniel were throwing around lots of ideas on how to get AJ into a match at Wrestlemania, mainly a feud with Dolph Ziggler.  Although a match against Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t have been AJ’s first pick, it would have been a match nonetheless. 

There was also talk of Finn Balor coming to SmackDown, a deal that Daniel Bryan had been putting a lot of effort into. A match between AJ Styles and Finn Balor certainly would have drawn some attention.

If AJ would’ve just waited another week, all of this could have been avoided, and he would have a match at WrestleMania and his career. Instead, he had lost everything.