i know how you feel tiny cute kitten

anonymous asked:

This is dumb as fuck but you know how Thor ssys humans are tiny? I feel like his reaction to kids would be like a kid seeing puppies or kittens. "THEY ARE TINIER HUMANS.. HOW CUTE. THEY-- OW THEY BIT ME. I LIKE THIS ONE. WHAT IS ITS NAME? BRAD? NO.. ITS NAME SHALL BE TORSTEIN AND THIS ONE.. ASTRID!" And youd be off to the side watching him stand up with like 10 kids hanging off various parts of his arms, legs, and back. "Thor, you cant rename kids"😧😧😧

hahahhaha this is cute af

sonyaliloquy  asked:

Ethan inspires that feeling you can sometimes get when you see really cute kittens or puppies, an urge to punch something. "Tiny precious thing , I muST PROTECC!" God, imagine if he used those powers for evil?

God tbh I am 100% convinced he knows how precious he is and uses it to his full advantage