i know how to do color edits too


FMA Edits noone asked for: Ishbalan!Hughes.

icon tutorial

hey so today i’m gonna be teaching you how to make this icon:

requested by: a lot of people, mostly on anonymous

This is what you’ll need beforehand:

  • A screencap
  • Some kind of overlay/texture (You can find nice ones on deviantart, or you can do what I do and I look up ____ texture deviantart on google images)
  • Basic photoshop knowledge
  • A psd (optional) (this one is really nice)

please like/reblog if you used!! :)

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anonymous asked:

Do you know that there are people who love you and care about you,and still have hope in your country?

Ah, a while ago, I might’ve forgotten about those people.

But now, with all of you reminding me of your love, how could I forget?

((EDIT: right after posting this i’m looking at the drawing and realizing i forgot to color the part between anon’s neck and gil’s arm, and i am bothered but i’m too tired to fix it right now, i’ll maybe fix it tomorrow))

anonymous asked:

i hate that your empurata windblade looks prettier than actual windblade. do you know how hard that is.

I’m not a huge fan of her design, there’s a kernel of something cool there but it’s covered by glitter and standardization. I think the reason it looks better is because it’s not as busy, her whole head and face have way too much details so it looks uninteresting since the only thing separating the face is different color. Designs need contrast and not only color one, and there’s little of that in hers. She needs either a more plain helmet, which I would personally prefer, or removal of face paint.


anonymous asked:

how does one cell shade cryface esp cryface feather pls help i beg

EDIT// a lovely person pointed out that anon was actually asking about shading crystal and facet genes and I was just too daft to realize it at the time (////v////) 

hello there! i suck at teaching anything but i made a really bare bones tutorial on how i usually go about doing cell shading. i don’t know if it’ll be of any help but bear with me

1. after i’ve laid down my flat colors i start the shading process by deciding a clear light source. remember to stick with it through the whole picture!!

2. once i’m set on a light source i create a new layer and do some crude guidelines to tests to determine where my shadows should be. my layer mode for shading is always MULTIPLY.

don’t be afraid to shade with colors. multiply makes it really easy and different color shading looks a lot livelier than plain black or gray one.

shading itself is something you have to learn by just studying how shadow and light act in real life.

3. i just fill my earlier guidelines and add more shading where needed. i try to apply my shading so that it adapts to the shapes of the creature. 

i usually add only one shading layer but you can of course use as many as you like. with bigger works i also lightly airbrush the edges of my shaded areas to make them look a bit softer. 

4. when i’m done with the basic shading i add the reflective lighting. i do this on a layer that is above the shading layer. my layer mode for this is usually SCREEN. i lightly airbrush the base for the lighting and also define it a bit more with the brush by making a clear line right next to my lineart (like the jaw and horns in this one)

5. then i just finish it off with higlights that gone on their own layer above the shading. i use SCREEN and LUMINOSITY to do these.


and that’s pretty much it! it’s so simple that i don’t really know what else to say about it. if you have something even more specific to ask about the process go ahead! i hope i can help even a little bit (○´3`)ノ

btw i’m pretty sure it’s not actually called ‘reflective lighting’ hahaaa


Maki and Kaito swaps

… I went wild. Oops.
I ship them way too much. I can’t help it ! So there, I switched their colors, but this time I switched their outfit’s colors too, which I usually do not do.
I don’t know why I wanted to switch their expression but now I’m scared. Kaito’s good ol’ smile looks hellish on Maki.
I love it.
I also used Kotoko’s and Daimon’s sprites to see what their children would look like. BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE TOGETHER AND GET MARRIED AND HAVE CHILDREN. Also, I know how children work…

… I don’t know, I’m sorry. But I think Momota looks great with Harukawa’s palette.

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Kaito w/ Chiaki’s colors
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Sim Request

Hey every one imma start sim request . 10 sims a month you can message me or send it through ask I accept anon too cause I know how some people get nerves I would so send me a message . And I might do themes some time don't know yet . ill also do edits for the person who  requested the sim 

Things you need to tell me.

Gender,Age,Traits,Skin-Color,Skin-Details,Eyes,Hair-Style,Hair-Lengeth,Hair-Color,Style,CCorNotCC,and Personality if you want and extra things you want like Accessories 

anonymous asked:

have you ever done a tutorial on how you do your edits? they always look so amazing and im just curious to know how you plan for them or how you decide on the backgrounds and colors? how do you choose what to crop and which silhouette to add and stuff.?

I have done some tutorials you can find them HERE. If you want a tutorial on a specific edit, I can do that too (I’m actually thinking of maybe making tutorial videos, but I’m not sure yet how exactly I want to do that sooo…)

As for some general tips:

It always depends on what kinda edit you want to make.

For example with something like this you would start with a theme and then go looking for pics that fit with that theme (I like to look on pinterest or weheartit, you could also use google) Sometimes the theme will also give you an idea for a color - with this one I knew i wanted it to be night soooo dark blue. And for this one I just tried a couple psd’s until I found one I liked :)

If you want to make a screencap picspam like this you first need some screencaps - screencapped.net homeofthenutty.com kissthemgoodbye.net are all good places to look for caps. With those I mostly use color palettes - i find them at colourlovers.com - but I only use two different colors from a palette, or sometimes even just one color  and then work with highlights and shadows like here. Or use the whole color palette like I did here.

And with an edit like this you just need a bunch of textures and png’s - you can look through my favourites on deviantart for a general idea : textures png  - and then just…experiment…that doesn’t sound like a very good tip but honestly it’s a trial and error thing cause every edit is different and there’s a thousand ways to make something pretty and over time you just find out what works.

I don’t know how helpful any of this was so if there are any more questions my askbox is open and I always love to help. <3

Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

truegodofthearena  asked:

Hi, i just wanted to stop by and let you know that I simply LOVE the edit you did on 'tangled' - the only thing that doesn't hurt is Love. It's a beautiful message and the edit itself is AMAZING. I do edits too myself and I was wondering if you can let me know how you did that 'glass frame effect' on the borders of the gifs? Or can you point me to a tutorial that explains it? I would really really appreciate the help! Thanks and keep up the awesome work! :)

Thank you so much!!!!!

I’m just going to make a tutorial because I can’t find one - there probably is one out there but I’m lazy and I can never find them anyway. SO

tutorial to do this (not including sharpening or coloring)

final outcome:

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me-eato  asked:

How do you color and edit your drawings? Like is there a wizard or something that you pay?

But for real I don’t do anything fancy. I use the photoshop paint bucket or fill in areas with colour with the brush if its more fiddly.

 I never really liked using colour and you can see most of my earlier comics were entirely black and white or had one block of colour. i’m trying to get better though. I don’t know what common practice is because I’m too easily distracted to watch tutorials (though they are certainly a good thing) so I just screw around and do what I feel is best. 

For shadows I just take the the colour I’ve drawn all the lines with, (in the above drawing a very dark blue) go onto a different layer, take the opacity down to about 30% and then draw in where i want shadow to be. 


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name :andrew pulaski 
nickname :  apollo, sunshine
zodiac sign :  idfk
gender :  cis male
favorite color : uh….dark blue and pastel purple
average hours of sleep : like one. if he wants too
last thing you googled : how do i get my husband to stop cussing around small children
height :  67″.


name :  wade 
nickname : mr. noodle, fuzz
zodiac sign :  scorpio
gender :  genderfluid
favorite color :  green
average hours of sleep :  2 - 4
last thing you googled : uh…….porn
height :  5 3″.

tagging : WHOEVER WANTS TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I sent a question a long time ago about this so I don't know if you got it or not but I was wondering how you do the colorings for your gifs I know every gif obviously has a different coloring but you seem to entirely change the color of the original video which is really impressive I was wondering how you went upon doing that? I know it's hard to describe since it isn't a specific gifset I'm asking about but I've always wanted to try to do that and I wasn't sure who to ask

hey anonymous. no, I never got your first message (tumblr must of eaten it). but thanks for sending it again! I’ll gladly help you out :)

there are multiple techniques that you can use, depending on the light/color of the video/picture. these are the main adjustments that I use:

  • color balance
  • curves
  • hue/saturation
  • selective color
  • gradient map

I’ll do a tutorial on all of these adjustment functions (with pictures), so it’s easier for you to understand how I do it :) if there are any more question after this tutorial, feel free to ask! 💖

[ + gif example is at the bottom of this post ]

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i hate how some kpop editors still whitewash after they know they whitewash

I don’t like calling specific people out but to give an example tumblr user dazzlingkai would be one 
if some of you haven’t seen her edits i will show you  

here is an edit dazzlingkai made of taemin, i mean look at this idk what i am looking at??? am i looking at a jar of mayonnaise?? am i looking at a ghost???
some people might say,“ oh me so dum me cant tell the difference in his actual skin tone and this pic, gimme sum evidence that this is whitewashed” so i can tell you that he definitely did not look like this during his performance. to support my claim i have a picture of him on the same day

wowow look at that, i can actually see his face in this picture!! So yes, she did whitewash taemin in that edit cause he sure as heck does not look the same in these two pictures does he???
as some people might say,“ wow me sum dum i cunt beleib that its whitewashed gimme more evidence" 
and here i have another picture showing how dazzlingkai whitewashes her edits or more of whitewashing taemin

what am i looking at??? where are my sunglasses??? taemin might as well blend in the white screen on a new tab!! his shirt is as white as his face in this whitewashed edit

wow look at that blends right in

anyways heres a picture of him on the same day at the same radio show

look at that major difference, wowow i can see your face taemin!! 

again there might be people saying,"oh meh gawd im still so dum i cunt see that this is whitewashing give me more proof so it can suck in this brain i apparently dont have" 

look at this, this isnt even a natural skin tone. how are you going to make taemin look like this????? when he actually looks like this??

wow look thats him on the same day, cant believe at how white she made him? me neither!

and i do know that taemin whitens his face himself as well so editing probably makes his face whiter. But there is an extent to how white his face can get. Examples of really whitened are the pictures above. Some ideal editing when taemin whitens his face are 

and even this

in conclusion you can see that many people still like to whitewash even though it looks really horrible????? i cant see any of idols faces in whitewashed pictures just like i cant see those people’s editing futures??? well unless they change their method

woah woah dont think i forgot about excuses for white washing, you thought i forgot didn’t you??
"oh me goash whitened picz look so much bettur on pastel themed blogs leik you don’t know" 

um you can still edit a picture for pastel themed blogs? for example look at this picture 

(credits to sugatrash for making this edit)

Wow look at that!! you can still make a pastel edit without whitewashing people!! 
just a tutorial on how to do that because i know some of you whitewashers are too lazy to change your method, i have a link for you! Just click this

Basically, calling out whitewashing isn’t just "butthurt” people wanting to call out or hate other people’s edits. Whitewashing is actual serious business, guys! You may not notice when you reblog these pictures but changing the color of someone’s skin tone can hurt some people’s feelings. Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Whitewashing is discriminating against people with darker skin colors. How, you ask? I mean come on, you are changing someone’s skin color just so the look of the person appeals to your standards of beauty. I’m pretty sure that is colorism, if that is not colorism I don’t know what is.

Even in asia they discriminate against people with dark skin. They have always favored lighter skin because back in the day if you had light skin it meant you didnt work and you were wealthy while the darker people worked and weren’t as wealthy and rather poor. But we, as fans, should appreciate the idols with darker skin tones and respect them by not lightening their skin in our edits. Also whitewashing only adds to the problem, and if you don’t see that then it’s because you haven’t experienced colorism the way so many people have. Whitewashing is really serious so i hope you take it serious too.

thank you for taking your time for reading this i hope you whitewashers change your ways and go on the right path. ill do some dua/prayer for you guys

A belated birthday gift for deaniethebeanie ;w;. Thank you for being one of the closest friends I made here on this site. It feels good too to have someone close to my own age to talk to about fandoms in xD. I always love chatting with you of all my ideas and approving and suggesting each one to it’s fullest. I never would get by in being confident in my stuff without you. You’re amazing and brilliant when it comes to your edits too, so don’t ever doubt that ;w;. I mean, I’m still waiting for you to design my tumblr blog from how amazing and creative you made yours 8D. And you always know how to make me smile when I need it. You’re a true friend, and I appreciate everything you do. I hope you like this gift I made, finally got to color it ;A;. You know which AU it’s from :). And we all know who’s next ;D.