i know how to do color edits too


FMA Edits noone asked for: Ishbalan!Hughes.

by no excuse should reposts be allowed. if you see a photo/gifset and none of the photos are the same size or the coloring dont match (as much as possible because its difficult but its pretty damn obvious) then why would you encourage that and give them notes. especially graphic/gif makers out there, please, if you have an eye for edits like i know yall do then dont reblog reposts. you know how it feels to have your work stolen. weve all been there. check the op. check if they make edits. check the watermark. this goes for fanart too. dont make edits of fanarts without permission. it doesnt count if you slapped a psd onto it, you didnt make it yourself. please guys. stop excusing reposts.

Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

p34nutsbutt  asked:

Can you help me with your wisdom?? I don't know what to use to make Sims edits like how you do the lil sim bio pages and make it so theres a color background and the sims doesnt look crappy? Do you do it with Photoshop?? Sorry if Im asking too much, Im new to this simblr thing

hey dude dont worry ur fine!! ive never made a sim bio page so im not an expert but if ur talking about editing a picture of a sim i recommend this tutorial, this one, these actions, as with backgrounds u just take the cut out of ur sim and u plop it onto an image that is the color u want! u can get patterns online or do it urself (thats a gradient tho but u feel me) if ur talking about html im not the person to talk 2 :l


DIVISION WARS (A SHIELD Academy AU) | Team Brains Edition

You know how summer camps have color wars? Turn that up to 11, and you’ve got “Division Wars,” the annual inter-school competition at SHIELD Academy. It’s not surprise that Spec-Ops usually dominates the games, but for the past two years the specialist-in-training team of Antoine Triplett, Bobbi Morse, Grant Ward, and Kara Palamas have destroyed anyone and everyone in their path.

UNTIL NOW.  Maybe. Cue the underdog team of Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Skye, and Alphonso Mackenzie.  This combo Sci-Ops/Communications team is sick and tired of the most beautiful and physically intimidating people on campus taking gold, and they’re going to do something about it or die trying.

Well, maybe not actually die.  But there’s a lot of strenuous running involved, so who knows?  It gets intense.  Now if they could just get their act together and combine their brainpower for good, they might have an actual shot at this thing. They should also STOP SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.  Guys?  Guys!!

(Raise Your Glass plays in the distance)

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Malia, how do you make your edits look like they have the same background color? Yesterday I was messing around trying to do some character posts edits and while the pictures had clear bgs, they clearly hadn't the same color and it didn't look /aesthetic/ when I used my psd :( I see other edits that have the same thing yet they don't look as terrible as mine. Send help pls!!!

hey lovely! tbh, i always think i do everything in photoshop p backwards because i’ve never really looked at tutorials and i’m too set in my ways (i’ve been messing around with ps on and off for over 10 years omg how), so if anyone knows any easier/speedier ways of getting this kinda stuff done plz reply omg 💕

if you want them all to be white, you can fiddle around with selective colour layers (focusing on whites). 

or if i want it to be a different colour (or even just sometimes when the selective colour doesn’t work juuust right), i’ll often pick whichever image has the tone/colour background i want for the rest of the images and pull the colour from it & use that as a fill layer over my other images with it set to ‘colour’, and play around with the opacity. then, i get the eraser tool and just erase the main focus of the image so that doesn’t change with it. 

it can be a little fiddly but i’ve grown pretty comfortable with being steady with the brush, though you could also make a selection of the area you want to be coloured with the lasso tool, magic wand or whatever else you’re comfortable w/ using to get it just on the background. 

if the colour layer doesn’t quite work (ofc, it works best with totally white backgrounds so you might still want to brighten/saturate it etc), you can add adjustment layers while using your fill layer as a layer mask for brightness/contrast layers & hue/saturation layers. (a quick way of doing this is ‘cmd+a’ to select the whole layer, nudge it left then back right (right left, up down, whatever but put it back in place) with the arrow keys which will quickly wrap it around the layer, and then when you add your adjustment layer, it’ll make a mask from your selection!) 

if it’s a busier background i’ll also use that same colour as screen layers (usually sitting beneath the ‘colour’ layer) and mess around with the opacity. these can be harder to erase cleanly but help bleach out the background beneath!

so, baaasically, i just do a bunch of fiddling around with different types of layers until they look vaguely similar! this is all so long winded omg i’m sorry i hope this makes sense - feel free to ask any more questions & if you wanna message me off anon i could send you a psd of an image from one of my edits so you could see the madness yourself hahah

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‘00 liner edition! NCT DREAM - WARNING, KINDA LONG-


  • is clearly the best at everything
  • very proud of themself
  • doesn’t care for the world
  • literally on the verge of cocky (but not in a bad way ofc)


  • knows how to do certain things
  • pretty mundane
  • known to smile
  • knows they’re the better dancer, ( i love jisung ok)
  • prone to being exceptionally giggly-ish


  • no one ever knows what they’re up to
  • laughing, but for no reason
  • living life dangerously (like staying outside the lines when coloring)
  • know haeroast is too proud of their ego


  • love teasing chencute
  • actually good at everything
  • knows they’re precious, and don’t take advantage
  • loves everyone and they all love you



  • you’re known for being thug
  • you’re not actually cute, you definitely own swag
  • you have 34392289234 medals, trophies, albums, and such to show your success
  • you hate renchu, but you low-key enjoy the teasing


  • constantly nervous, giggling, or confused
  • has random pauses, trying to remember what’s going on
  • too good for their own good sometimes
  • trying to do everything, since they’re absolutely fully capable


  • sounds mature, actually isn’t
  • can pull a stunt, and everyone backs up in awe
  • holds the best dancer position
  • actually a really shy and cute puffball

 mun & muse.                                                  

repost do not reblog.

Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!
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Name: Ardyn Izunia
Nickname: Hat Guy [ he really doesn’t have one so I use the name everyone used before we got his name XD ]
Zodiac sign: No clue.

Gender: Male
Favorite color: Purple

Average hours of sleep: He probably doesn’t sleep.
Last thing you googled: He’s too old to know how to google something, he be like.. how you do this.. he is 2000+ years old people. He’s going to have the typical elderly problems.

Height: 6′2″ [ I headcanon he’s taller though.. like 6′5″ or some shit.. he just looks giant ]


Name: Alex
Nickname: DEMON

Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Gender: n/a
Favorite color: Purple, Blue and Black.

Average hours of sleep: 5ish

Last thing you googled: Can’t remember.

Current number of followers: 25 on this one.
Height: 5′9″

Tagging: Anyone who wants to do this.


She’s been there, 
God knows, she’s been there.
She has seen and done it all.


dedicated to alaskafloats, ilu and I hope you’ll enjoy all the scenes from the caps you couldn’t watch me screenshot bc they were too spoilery :)