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Do you know what the best thing about Shadowhunters is? It’s that we get to see Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood slowly fall in love with each other. People don’t realise how beautiful that is, we get to see a gay man accept his sexuality and a bisexual character of colour embrace every aspect of himself and feel unashamed. We get to see them lock eyes for the first time, and unlike the usual tv tropes it’s slow and easy with how real it is. It’s so good to see it be portrayed in such a dynamic that allows us to see the cute-meet, the angst pour out, the obstacles they face, the communication which lacks in so many other stories told on tv, we get to see that first time, that first kiss, the first I love yous, the first fight and argument, the first make up after the argument, and we have so much to look forward to. It’s so gently and leisurely that I honestly feel so blessed to be watching it. 

if you’re cis you dont have to ‘understand’ the trans pov in order to not be a piece of shit about it because its not up to you or any other cis person to validate or invalidate anyone else’s gender experience. Its already valid by virtue of them stating it. you dont and cannot know more about how someone else feels about their identity or what their identity is than they do, no matter how unsure they are, and doing anything other than accepting what someone says their gender or sexual identity is is just imposing your own opinion of what their identity 'should be’ on them, which is cruel, stupid, and utterly baseless. if youre cis, you not personally understanding the feelings that trans folks have relating to their gender means jack shit and it is your responsibility to grow up and realize that your view on someone else’s personal sexual or gender identity means jack dick compared to theirs

What I want from the last clip: We see Sana finish praying for once in this flippen show. Then she leaves her room and goes out to the living room where her family (including her oldest brother and jamilla) and balloon squad are sitting around talking. Then her friends show up and she introduces them to her family. Her two worlds intertwining. Sana and yousef look at each other with bright smiles knowing with certainty how they feel about each other. Then sana looks around at all the people she cares about and who care about her. Everything is good and she is at peace


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  • a/n: this came out longer than i expected bc i got carried away with the ridiculousness of soonyoung
  • soulmate au where you will switch bodies with each other randomly
  • everyone thought soonyoung was the unlucky 1% that didn’t have a soulmate
  • why? because he didn’t have anything that showed signs of having one
  • he didn’t have a timer, he couldn’t hear his soul mates thoughts, he couldn’t feel anything his soulmate did
  • but soonyoung was positive, no matter how many people gave him that pity look soonyoung always smiled brightly because he definitely knows he has one.
  • soonyoung looked online for answers and he found a forum about people who didn’t have any physical signs of a soulmate, he discovered that for some people it takes time for it to develop
  • so that’s what soonyoung believes
  • “it’s not that I don’t have a soulmate. I just haven’t figured out how to find them” 
  • he’s really positive through all of this, he’s just this kind of really free spirit that whole heartedly believes he has one and on the off chance that he is in fact that 1% well he says he’ll just steal seokmin’s soul mate
  • the first time he switched bodies with you wow did he freak out a lot
  • he woke up really groggy and didn’t know where he was because the blanket was a lot fluffier than he remembered and when did he get a lot more pillows and why does his chest feel heavy
  • soonyoung literally shoots up out of bed and falls off and He’s running to the bathroom and he has this horrified face like “IM A GIRL”
  • he’s really really really confused and so he does what any person would go
  • google ‘'why did I suddenly turn into a girl’
  • turns out a lot of the results point towards soulmates and now soonyoung is grinning from ear to ear like “TAKE THAT SEOKMIN I ACTUALLY HAVE A SOULMATE”
  • and for 10 minutes soonyoung stares in the mirror bc wow his soulmate is kinda breathtaking even with bed hair
  • feels really really really bad bc he has to change out of your pajamas and He’s closing his eyes with your shirt off trying to find another shirt and He’s screaming “IM SORRY”
  • leaves a note on your mirror saying he’s sorry once again
  • finally changes into normal clothes and because he feels kind of skeptic, he’s slowly stepping out of your room
  • found your phone and wants to unlock it but doesn’t know the password so he can’t really call anyone
  • instead he locks himself in your apartment out of fear because he doesn’t know what a girl acts like
  • decides to binge watch tv shows and eat the junk food you had lying around (you did not appreciate the 15 bags of snacks he decided to eat)
  • he discovers your laptop and luckily for him it wasn’t locked, he’s messing around when it finally occurs to him that he could log into his facebook and call the members
  • video calls seokmin
  • seokmin screams when a girl answers “WHO ARE YOU”
  • soonyoung decides to mess with seokmin like “hi seokmin, I really enjoyed our time last night”
  • cue seokmins soulmate in the background asking who she is and why they were together
  • soonyoung laughing his ass off before he’s like “okay sorry, it’s soonyoung’
  • “stop lying, soonyoung is a boy”
  • “I’m soonyoung I switched bodies with my soul mate”
  • that goes on for 5 minutes before soonyoung is finally like “FINE THEN WHERE IS SOONYOUNG”
  • soonyoung goes to his apartment bc apparently his soulmate locked themselves in his room and refuses to come out
  • when the doors open Chan, Minghao, and Jun are staring at the small girl at the door like “who are you”
  • “I’m here for soonyoung”
  • Chan: he’s kind of busy right now
  • soonyoung doesn’t even bother, he walked right straight in and knocks on his door “hey its me.”
  • and the three boys watch in astonishment as the door opens and the girl is being pulled in
  • ‘'does soonyoung have a girlfriend”
  • now soonyoung is looking at himself in the eyes of his soulmate
  • “did you change my clothes?”
  • you two just kinda sit in his room together really astonished that this was how the universe decided to have you guys be soul mates
  • and its really silent for a while before soonyoung says “I didn’t look at your body but did you?”
  • it isn’t until the next morning when you guys switch back, so you basically spent the whole night together kind of getting to know each other
  • when you two switch back its a fight for the bathroom because you two literally held it in for 24 hours
  • jun, minghao, and chan sitting in the kitchen staring at the chaos because one) soonyoung just spent the night with a girl and two) what was that about changing her clothes
  • after telling everyone the whole body switch situation everything just kinda makes sense now
  • you and soonyoung will switch bodies at least once a month
  • its really weird and random but you two actually end up enjoying it after the first few times
  • you asked soonyoung to dance in your body once and you literally developed a massive crush on yourself bc you looked good
  • you and soonyoung actually start to get use to being in each others bodies like you don’t mind using the bathroom in his body (since you saw it while doing the do)
  • soonyoung acts cutely when he’s in your body, says oppa a lot because it sounds cute from your voice
  • “OPPAA”
  • “I swear to god soonyoung”
  • it was the worse body switch of your life because soonyoung cried saying his face was so beautiful
  • soonyoung uses your body to flirt and mess with the guys
  • the first time soonyoung knew he loved you was the day after your 3rd time switching bodies
  • he woke up with you snuggled into his chest, his arm was being used as your head rest as you lazily had your arm draped around his stomach
  • and you were dressed in his large white t-shirt with shorts on and even though he was the one that put it on the day before it was an entirely new sight with his actual eyes
  • he couldn’t help but stare at your features because he found you so beautiful, so naturally breathtaking and he wondered if you saw just how beautiful you were to him when you are in his body
  • like he just can’t wrap his head around it, when he’s in your body he just thinks ‘'oh I’m y/n for today okay’ but when he’s looking at you with his own eyes and body, he just feels his chest thump loudly and all he wants to do is lift you in his arms and pepper you with kisses
  • and while he’s watching you sleep soundly into his chest with bits of drool at the ends of your mouth he’s swooning in his head and his whole body fills with joy and that’s when he knows he’s head over heels
  • soonyoung prefers sports bras over regular ones and you could not agree more
  • you two literally bond a lot about the struggles of being a guy and girl
  • you once gave guy advice to the other boys and it was really awkward because they always forget that you become soonyoung once a month
  • jun once complimented your body to soonyoung while you were in soonyoungs body
  • it was awkward so you decided to not tell jun that it was the time of the month
  • but you appreciated the compliment
  • while in your body, soonyoung got hit on and he didn’t know what to do
  • “being a girl is hard”
  • once got turned on while in your body
  • soulmate soonyoung is a really cute free spirited guy that respects your body while he’s in it. and he just really really loves you and always makes sure your body is in tip top shape for the next day. he’s also just a cute bun that likes to mess with others but by the end of the day he just loves snuggling with you and holding you in his arms

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(SingleParent!Inquisitor) The Inquisitor's kid going up to the Inquisitor's romance (before they're officially together) and the kid just blabbing to them about how their [momma/papa] likes them. "I think [Momma/Papa] likes you. [Ma/Pa]'s always worried 'bout you and they talk 'bout you alot and I know you make them happy. Do you two kiss? 'Cause kissing is gross." Etc.

Cassandra- She blushes. Hard. She hopes that no one is around to see and tells the babbling child that ‘No’ they do not kiss (yet) and that telling other people how someone felt for them is best left secret. The child (to her dismay) does not care and simply continues on. Still it does make her happy that the Inquisitor feels the same but she would need to talk to him about it. To make sure that it’s real.

Solas- He remains calm while on the inside you know he’s panicking. He tells the child that such things are better to be said by the person who feels that way and the child offers to fetch their mother. He quickly and rather loudly tells them no and says he will handle it.

Iron Bull- He finds it charming that the Herald tells their kid about these thing and really it’s all he need to hear. He thanks them and says that he and their parent don’t kiss but they will soon. That causes the child to make a face an leave. He can’t help but smile and makes a mental note to visit the Inquisitor later.

Blackwall- He sputters and looks a the child with wide eyes. The child has no shame as they continue on about how much their mother loves him. He flattered really but he shoos the child away and they simply shrug and say that it’s true. It leaves him a lot to think about and wonders if he’ll ever be the man they think he is.

Sera- She laughs. Thinking it’s a joke only to realize the kid means what they say after they ask why is she laughing. She doesn’t need a child to play matchmaker for her as she had a hunch that the Inquisitor liked her. “Listen, tell your mom to meet me here in ten minutes. I have to talk to her.”

Dorian- He’s surprised that the Inquisitor of all people truly did mean what he said. Hearing it from the child made it feel real to him but he doesn’t let it show. “Why of course your father loves me! Who wouldn’t?” His proclamation makes the child smile and laugh with glee.

Cullen- Y'all know the awkward rubbing he does to his head? Yeah that basically his reaction but with a massive blush. The child does not sense his embarrassment or simply does not care as they continue about how much their mother loves, cares, and worries for him. He eventually manages to get the child to leave and he’s left wondering if what the child said is true.

Josephine- She handles it a gracefully as she can with only mild embarrassment. She tires to get the child to stop but they do not and she wonders how the Herald deals with such a talkative child? Once the child does leave she thinks back to what the Herald has said to her and wonders if it really is true.

BTS reaction to you wanting a long hug.

‘Hi, would you mind doing bts members reacting to their girlfriend coming up to them and asking for a long hug *lets say 4 hours long*’



So… how long are we staying like this?

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Feeling sleepy.

‘You know we can stay like this for about 1 hour more and sleep together

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‘Jagi can I turn on the TV at least? I’m getting bored’

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Rap Monster

We should get something to eat, I’m hungry

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Hugs you as long as you want but holding a book on the other hand, kissing the top of your head once in a while…

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Not noticing he fall asleep 2 hours ago

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‘Jin oppa I can’t believe you have a boner’

‘What are you want me to do we have been here for long without talking!’

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sana is under so much stress because she, as a muslim woc, grew up putting extra effort aka emotional labour into noticing, avoiding, handling and sometimes even taking care of White Feelings ( like the Fragile White Ego at the slightest hint of their racist behaviour ya know ), and not only for survival reasons ( fighting against her bullies ) but also for friendship. that is why she notices when her friends are upset and she knows how to talk to them and help.

as for her friends? their lack of effort put in this friendship other than a few texts without any follow up ( or the ‘i know you’re stressed but something good happened to me i want to talk about me :D’ text lmao ) shows an inability to perform emotional labour and thus failing in being Good Friends

and yes i’m saying it’s a White Phenomenon esp in this racial dynamic bc whites are so used to everything accommodating to them while poc constantly have to be aware of how we presenting ourselves as well as how people are perceiving us bc guess what we actually suffer from being ourselves more often than not and it’s ridiculous when we talk about it and whites still think we are just whining and spreading negativity

well guess what this is our lives try live in it for a second and imagine never getting to run away from it


Okay Snippy no need to be a douche about it.

I got a lot of asks asking Will to confess to Edward. 
Lemme give you an example of why Anti is a useless piece of trash when it comes to expressing how he feels. 

Dark obviously knows, he is avoiding the subject for a reason? Weird monochrome man.

i feel like if you’re negative about deckerstar right now you’re looking at the ship the wrong way. and i’m not saying that to be mean or harsh, i just. i really think that. cause like - the thing is i always knew they’d be a slowburn ship? i never assume endgame ships to get together before like end of s3 the earliest. that’s the way the epic ships work, friends!! 

you know, this episode was so good for them. cause it showed just how much lucifer has grown as a man (i’m tearing up) and how he’s seeing that he’s made mistakes, but i think he’s getting that he needs to own up to stuff - that he has to move on. forward. and by god, literally, whether he actually left her that message or not he finally gets that he has to tell her his truth, he understands he has to be honest with her and if it was a dream he subconsciously knows that she will accepts his flaws. do you see how big that is for him? for them? and the fact that chloe took him aside and finally fucking said, “hey, i know you’re hiding from me and i’m tired of it. i need you to trust me.” is clear that she won’t take his half assed explanations anymore. and if he didn’t send it, and he is missing - she’s a good detective, she’s smart. she’ll see that something is wrong! have faith her. and if we get to see her and maze - you know, their mutual best friend who would also know something is up - team up to find him. imagine. oh my… the possibilities are incredible.

we’re truly on the the road to her knowing the truth in season three and i have never been more sure of that as i am now. i’m so excited for what the writers have in store for them and for the show in general. don’t give up on them because they’re just finally getting started.

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I am so, so disappointed and frankly angry about tonight's episode. Urrrrgggghhh.

I feel you. If Gotham could maybe not market the show as one thing and show another, that’d be Great. Like idk, you know a majority of your viewers are fans of nygmobblepot so how about showing them, instead of just disappointing your entire fanbase k thanks.

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lol bitch, you think imaginebeinghamiltrash likes you? she doesn't. she likes people who are talented.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Honestly, why do people feel it’s necessary to spend their time on tumblr telling people their friends don’t like them or telling people they aren’t good enough and shit like that? 

I know Temp is my friend, why the fuck else would she be there for me countless times since we first started talking? Why would she let me go on and on and on to her about what’s bothering me and how I feel about different things that happen? 

You people need to just get the fuck away from me if you’re gonna keep coming here and telling me shit like this. Is your life really so pathetic that you have to try to hurt friendships? Is it because you have none of your own? If that is the case, I’m telling you that being an asshole like this isn’t going to get you any friends. 

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I'm a closeted trans guy. I'm very into strength training, as bigger muscles make me feel more confident and masculine. However, my dumbbells start to feel a bit too small and I'm not getting enough protein in my diet. How to convince my parents to go to the sports shop to buy some bigger dumbbells and/or some protein powder (to make shakes)? I know that some girls and feminine people drink protein shakes for appetite supression & weight loss, but idk about the dumbbells

Kii says:

Why not just ask for them and say you’re getting into working out? Girls can exercise too, so I don’t think that would be too out of the ordinary. 

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Is it weird that I feel sad that when they meet again, Bellamy could well know Mori better than he does Clarke? Six years is a hell of a long time & s.1-4 cover like a single year, so even with how well he & Clarke got to know each other, that dynamic will be disrupted after the time jump. I'm with you that I fully they are endgame, but it's a bit hard for me to consider in this new way, since what I always loved best about them is how deeply they understood each other, better than anyone else.

How well you know someone and how much you care for them is not  factor of how much time you’ve spent with someone, but how much you’ve chosen to share with them. Just because Bellamy will have spent 6 years on the Ark with Raven, Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori and Echo doesn’t mean he will ever open up to them the way he did to Clarke. 

It’s also likely that, as Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is the foundation of the show, they’ll spend ample time rebuilding whatever they lost over time. 

As they’ll be older, they’ll also be…more adult in their interactions, much like Kabby, who never engaged in all of the drama that seems to thrive in our younger couples. 

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I'm thinking about "I feel it coming" and how true the lyrics are. At the time I was like "but we haven't seen her scared of love and what it did to her" BUT NOW WE HAVE! Now we have seen her scared of love and what it did to her. Now we just have to wait. I feel it coming.

this was wild from start to finish honestly i knOW IT’S THE PERFECT SONG FOR THEM

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I would love a platonic, long term living situation with other people, but I am really bad at money and I need validation of routine, (which means, I need assurance that the routine hasn't changed) and so many things that I know make me a pain in the ass to live with (and if I don’t get them, I don’t do things because WHAT IF I AM DOING THE WRONG THING.) And that's why I still live with my parents.

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there is nothing wrong with living with your parents, nonnie! i know you might feel pressure from peers or like, glamorous people on TV who have apartments of their own (honestly… how do TV characters in new york afford that.. .), but it is okay! also it sounds like you’re anxious about the possibility of roomies, too– living situations can be hard especially with people who you don’t know well (or even know well– sharing space with someone will learn you new things all the time). 

it sounds like you know what works for you– knowing your routine, knowing your routine doesn’t change– and that is great. it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a living situation with new people, even with your specific needs. if you do get new roomies and are worried about getting them used to your needs, talking to them is the best way to work out any things that may come up– the importance of routine, how you guys can compromise on stuff, etc. 

adulting is 10000% worrying if if you’re doing the wrong thing, sometimes doing the wrong thing and then making it right, and learning and growing along the way. 

wishing you the best! i hope these thoughts were helpful  ❤ ❤ ❤

Elias arranged the basketball meeting?

Elias was worried about Sana and of course he tried to connect with her sister by using also his best friend, who just happens to be the guy Sana really likes.

That’s why Elias was so fast on the spot when Sana cracked a smile. Ready to bond with Sana again.

That’s why Yousef couldn’t speak directly about Noora and the kiss. Elias was nearby waiting for a right moment to join them.

Yousef looked worried after he saw how Sana shut out Elias. He has to know by now that Sana DID have feelings for him. Her reaction in the kitchen was so clear: she was hurt by him. She couldn’t even look at him anymore.

So Yousef decided to contact Noora and make things right. And I suppose Noora would be worried about Sana also, right? Sana has been clearly avoiding her. Noora has to suspect that something is wrong.

I wonder how it makes the Fab Four feel when they see little Battery City children blaster toys, and killjoy trinkets. What went through their heads when they realized that these children, are finding joy and fun from things that represent the very people who want to destroy what most of them are going to be a part of one day. We’re they guilty, did they lose sleep over the very thought? Were they sadistically pleased at the irony? Who knows.

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(2)that we put aside our differences and helped getting the leaks deleted helped me see them differently, however, I lost count of how many hate me and others got from them. I cant go to a con here without trying to avoid even Klance cosplayers who, most likely, did nothing wrong, because it reminds me of it. Granted, old Voltron fans arent any better (Im on a group full of old fans and- no comments)but all this is a mess and I dont know how to feel about this fandom anymore :/ sry for the rant

Its alright to rant. I feel the same way. There are Klance shippers who are nice but its hard not to see the discourse and hate that overshadows them. Klance makes me very anxious to the point i dont trust anyone in rl who says they ship Klance. I was told that my coworker likes Voltron. I wont even talk to her about it because im scared. I dont want to ask an artist at an artist alley if they sell sheith art. Heck, Im scared to say I love Shiro. Its gotten that bad. 

I guess all of us suffer because of this petty discourse and we cant even defend ourselves or show them what they are doing to use without them turining around and blaming us for it. They divided the fandom. They made the fandom unsafe, They made people leave, They made people stop making content. Because of an idea. They hurt people because of an idea. A fucking headcanon and its rediculious. Sometimes I want to drop the fandom entirely and only enjoy the show with my Dad, whom I can make headcanons and theories with and feel safe.

(I never knew the old fans were the same. The only old fan I know is my Dad. )

FYI: When I mean they I meant antis) 

This got a little long. I just dumped my heart out here 

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i feel like people need to stop saying to load your character with flaws or theyll be a ~BIG BAD MARY SUE~. like people have overused the "GIVE THEM FLAAAWWS" shtick so much that its lost its meaning. how about something more like "take your time to get to know your characters as you continue into building them, because they're not gonna be perfect right off the bat" because at this point people are just loading new characters full of negative traits and i cant really see that as fun to do