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Keith nearly died twice (on his mission when the Galra ship exploded and when he was going to sacrifice himself to save everyone in the last epi) and the Voltron team has no idea and they treated him so horribly. I have so many feelings, mostly anger lol.

Tbh?? Keith probably almost died a lot more often than that, these were just 2 examples we saw on screen. He was on a months long mission with the Blade (that we saw nothing of) while team Voltron performed shows to gain new allies. I seriously doubt that he only came close to death these 2 times.

About team Voltron… I think what people don’t see is that both sides are kind of at fault here. Look at how Keith acted in episode 1 - he just disappeared from time to time without regard for his friends. The team would have died had Shiro not managed to pilot the black lion and in comparison to the times where Keith almost died on the BoM missions, the team did not choose it.

However, as you said here, the team is also at fault. They didn’t listen to Keith’s concerns ((probably because he said the same things for months already. Keith mentioned that they hadn’t seen Lotor in months in episode 1)). When he came back from a mission, they didn’t even try to understand why he went there or what he went through. Remember the “I don’t need a lecture, Allura”? And Allura was like “no, I heard what happened on your mission, I’m sorry” but then proceeded to lecture him anyways? 

The team treated Keith unfair. Keith treated the team unfair too. There was a serious lack of communication between them. The team never listened to Keith and Keith never listened to them. I think what we saw in e1 was an accumulation of many similar but smaller events that happened over the months that passed between seasons. At the end of s3 the team wasn’t perfect but they were closer than they were at the beginning of s4. 

Just. Yeah. Both parties are at fault here. It just hurts more because on one side there’s the team and on the other side there is Keith, alone, without any understanding of his worth as a person :’) They really need to make an effort to understand each other even when someone isn’t on the verge of a breakdown - because when there’s a breakdown, it’s already too late. 




My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Unrequited crushes suck. They’re painful. 

I don’t want to find poetic words to tell you how they aren’t that terrible - because I know that’d be a lie. They feel that terrible and well-meant phrases like “You’ll get over them” or “There are plenty of fish in the sea” don’t really help. 

Yes, you’ll get over it, certainly you will but that changes nothing about the fact that it hurts right now and yes, there are other fish out there but you don’t want some random fish, you want this one. 

There’s the one typical gay unrequited crush story that the media (and straight people) seem to assume is the one and only: The unrequited crush on a straight friend. 

That is a heartbreaking situation and if you’re currently going through that, you have my deepest sympathy - it really sucks! 

But, and I believe this is important, it’s a myth that this is the only story or even that it is the most hurtful one. Unrequited crushes on someone you know is attracted to your gender hurt just as bad. 

Depending on the person and the situation, you may even experience them as more hurtful than crushes on straight people (”She likes girls but she just doesn’t like me..”). 

It doesn’t help that in media written by straight people it often seems to work just like that: Person A is gay, Person B is gay, obviously they’ll end up together. Life isn’t as easy as that - Person B may be taken, may currently not be interested in dating, may like A as a friend but nothing more, may simply not be into A. 

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with Person A, and there’s nothing wrong with you either. 

A unrequited crush hurts but it doesn’t mean anything, except for “They don’t like you back”. It doesn’t mean you’re unlovable, it doesn’t mean you’re ugly, it doesn’t mean you’re annoying, it doesn’t mean nobody will ever like you, it doesn’t mean your identity is too complicated , it doesn’t mean that you’re not “gay enough”. It says nothing about you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  

Heroes of Mandalore Part 1 and 2 - Kanan Jarrus Best-Of 

Between the Episode being everything that I wished for and really awesome and epic, Kanan had some pretty great scenes although the episode not being centered on him, which made me very very happy!!!

1. That Stormtrooper-hopping scene (and Fenn Rau’s “Show Off”)

2. He fucking force-jumped-flew on that highest platform 

3. KANERA (listen to the music starting when Kanan grins!!! The small jingle!!! Choppers exasperated grunting!!! This is EVERYTHING!!!!! “YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL” asklffljialihqbmdlv I am dying)

4. Everything about that transporter scene (and great use of his blindness - he closed the hatch, the stormtroopers couldn’t see in the darkness while he defeated them easily)

5. “Oh, I’m moving!!!”

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any good strangers to lovers AU? thank you so much!!

I think I can hook you up anon.

YoonMin Strangers To Lovers 

Craigslist Date by springrain21

Min Yoongi’s family are judgmental and unsupportive of his lifestyle and his mother won’t stop nagging him about how he’s still single. When he finds Park Jimin on Craigslist offering to pose as someone’s fake date to mess with their family, Yoongi can’t help himself. What starts as a prank on Yoongi’s family turns into something more when the two of them quickly develop feelings for each other. Will Yoongi, who doesn’t know how to handle feelings, let his chance at love slip away, or will he go after the silver-haired boy and hold onto him forever?

Inspired by that tumblr post about the guy on Craigslist who you can hire to be your date for Thanksgiving to screw with your family because that post makes me cry laughing every time I see it. (LOVE, Rated:M)

The Letter Thief by d4wndust

Min Yoongi receives a text from an unknown number and it seems to be a suicide note.
Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number.

Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living. (Warning: Character Death)

Summer Wine by mintsoda 

“‘No, uhm—,’ Yoongi lifts a hand to the back of his head and ruffles his hair a little. ‘I haven’t been in a relationship for a while, actually, if that’s what you mean.’

Taehyung’s face lights up like a Christmas tree set on fire and Jimin prepares himself for the unpreparable.

‘Our Jimin here is single, too!’ Taehyung beams and he cannot believe he just said that.”

In which Jimin and Yoongi are both the fifth wheel in their group of dating friends during their summer vacation on Okinawa – but not for long.

41 by canberrx

“By the way, I’m Yoongi.”



Yoongi x Jimin
One-Shot (a really long one) (Rated:M)

Honey’s Secret by mintsoda

Me: So, are you going to send me a selca now or not?

Jimin is getting a little impatient now. He needs that picture, and he needs it now.

Me: hyung hyung hyung

Me: pretty please?

Yoongi hyung: Later, Jimin. I’m still at work and I really want to continue earning money by talking about sex toys on the phone with you

Yoongi hyung: And I have a feeling you enjoy those conversations as well.” (LOVE, Rated: M)

Do You Like Your Drafts Rough? by melecs

As a romance novelist, one would think Min Yoongi would have his own romantic life sorted out a little more than he actually did. Because instead of being in a happy, nauseating relationship, Yoongi was juggling both a one-sided crush and some punk who lived downstairs.  (LOVE, LOVE, Rated: M)

perfect blue by pettey

While contemplating the loss of his job in the middle of an urban mini-mart on White Day, Yoongi meets a strange truck driver and decides that going on an impromptu road trip would be good for him. (LOVE, Rated:M)

is this really just a one day sale (because i think i want you every day) by infires (infires_man)

Park Jimin thinks he’s landed a job in a departmental store, but it turns out that he is forced against his will by his boss to stand awkwardly beside an escalator and hand out flyers advertising the store’s one day sale for eight hours on end.

Just when he thinks things won’t be getting any worse, the slacker whose job is simply to lounge at the wine counter keeps coming to make sarcastic remarks at him. (This also qualifies as enemies to lovers)

No more flowers by NeyleiTarento

“You’re dirty,” Yoongi remarks, pointing with his finger at the Tangerine boy’s backside. Maybe the florist was too lazy to clean up the counter properly the day before and now Jimin’s jeans were dirty. Well. He shouldn’t have sat there, it’s his own fault.

“You bet I am,” Jimin says and somehow, Yoongi feels like it has nothing to do with the remains of cut stems on his jeans.

aka Min Yoongi is a florist and Jimin is a fuckboy who comes every week to buy a new bouquet for his new girlfriend. At least that’s what Yoongi thinks.

(Also, the title is a little depressing but this is actually pretty darn cute, at least I think so.)

Look into my heart (The unspoken promise) by Sandeunngo

Yoongi was looking forward to spending a wonderful vacation with his boyfriend, just to be dumped on the first day…

So did Jimin.

I hope you like these.

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Hey! I just wanted to say I really love your work, especially the way you draw Ginny and the Weasleys . I don't see a lot of artists draw freckles the way you do- with hundreds of them instead of just a couple on bridge of someone's nose. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just have the same complexion as your Ginny and I wanted to say thank you for showing them off and talking about how harry likes them, it makes me appreciate my own

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you feel this way! <3 I love drawing Ginny’s freckles. If I draw a character with long or short hair, that can be anyone. But when I add her freckles, I just know it’s her! So, it’s a very important feature to show and to stand out in the drawings!

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Hey! Bit of a more personal question here, but. I'm an avid lurker on your blog (who lacks a tumblr) and I love reading everything you have to say. However, I don't know how you feel about asks. Maybe it's just cause I kinda idolize you (well this is awkward), but I always think your inbox is really cluttered and you just don't have the time to get to asks sometimes. So what are your opinions on asks? Can we just send them whenever?

I always stand by, I think it’s better for people to send asks than it is for them not to. When feasible, I do prefer asks to submissions, and signed asks to anonymous ones, but there’s a reason I leave those other options open.

I’m pretty much down with being contacted at any time, but, I may not reciprocate contact. And in that sense, I’d like to make it completely clear:

Radio silence from me is not that I hate you, or your idea or I think that either you or your idea are stupid. 

If I do not respond to your ask/message/what have you, it will inevitably mean either:

  • I’m not comfortable doing so, which could be any of a lot of things

  • I don’t feel like I have anything super meaningful to add or say about the subject

  • You just sorta went “Hi, hello!” which is very friendly but not going to inspire me too much to reply to your ask/post it on my blog because there’s really not much to say when somebody just goes “Hello!”

    I don’t want to discourage that per se- I know that oftentimes talking to a new person, especially someone you look up to, can be scary- but just understand that platitudes are platitudes and there’s not much to say about them. Better to lead with your idea than to try and get my attention first.

And, if I’m totally honest with you friendly people, by and far away the most common reason I don’t answer an ask:

  • Utterly unrelated to you, I had a bad day/am tired/can’t deal with asks for any dang reason whatsoever, and I have both executive function issues and a sizable completionist streak which together means that I am very easily overwhelmed by seeing things I feel like I should be doing- tl;dr I clean out my inbox almost constantly so as not to feel like I have a “checklist” looming over my head and sometimes this can mean your perfectly good ask came in at a bad time and got deleted because I couldn’t muster a reply for it but didn’t want to leave it there.

Short answer: I really love that people send asks and this blog wouldn’t be what it is without the enthusiasm and support of a whole bunch of people, not just my personal cadre of close associates but a buncha other folks I interact with only briefly or rarely- but this blog is irretrievably linked to an unreliable piece of hardware, I.E. my brain, and spoken as someone who lives with it, said brain can be kind of a nuisance.

All that said your patience for me and my thinking organ is infinitely appreciated. 

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top 5 rachel amber HCs

  1. longboard rachel
  2. cheek dimples rachel 
  3. rachel having a complicated relationship w other women bc she always felt judged and/or competitive w/ them and thus not knowing how to have deep and honest friendships with them but still having been the recipient of enough shit from men that she feels a deeply protective of other girls I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION
  4. piggybacking off of that - rachel’s connection w chloe being so instantaneous and so markedly different from every other relationship she’s ever had bc it’s not based on exploitation or personal gain whatsoever that it immediately transcends her usual hang-ups about interacting with other girls (even if there’s still a lot of pretense that holds rachel back from trusting herself enough to have complete honesty w chloe)
  5. rachel paid for chloe’s sleeve

ask me my top 5/top 10 anything

I’m happy that we touch upon Betty’s mental health in the show. I think it’s important and I wish we focused more on it, to be honest, but you know we have murders to solve and stuff like that. In a way, portraying Betty’s mental health problems has made me feel content with how I handle my own mental health. I’m very proactive about it. When I’m struggling, I reach out to my friends and family for support. I don’t hide my feelings away or ignore them and I think Betty definitely does that. I believe she thinks that talking about her mental health makes her a burden to others, so she just doesn’t. She keeps it to herself. I think that’s an unhealthy approach to coping with depression and anxiety. So again, it just makes me feel confident in how I actively try to make myself feel better when I’m struggling.

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lmao i forgot i could be public haha goddamn imma thristing for kisses haha hmmm 13 w/ Julian and MC?

“May I kiss you?” Julian whispers as leans over them, his lips centimetres away from theirs. 

The apprentice silently nods and Julian can’t help but smile as he presses his lips against theirs. His hands travel to their back, one hand caressing the centre of their back and other tangled in their locks. 

Julian kisses them over and over again as if they are the air that he needs to breathe. A moan escapes from his mouth but he doesn’t care, all that matters is that he is kissing the one person that matters most.

The apprentice tugs on Julian’s hair in response to his kisses. A shiver runs up his spine as he pulls back, his body emitting a heat that can only be caused by his lover for riling him up so much.

Looking at his lover he notices their face flushed red and their lips were swollen from the kissing. Julian can’t help but smirk at the beautiful scene before him.

“Oh I am not done with you yet darling.” Julian’s confesses with a huskiness in his voice that would make any person melt. Lifting them up onto his lap, Julian begins to pepper their neck with more kisses, making sure to leave his mark on them.

The apprentice shivers with excitement as Julian gently bites their neck, sucking on the skin, leaving hickey marks that they know they will have to cover up later so Asra didn’t see.

Julian was far too focused on ravishing his partner in every way possible to care about stopping. 

This was just the beginning for a very long night.


Fog: “They’re always on your case. Your parents and your siblings. When you were in high school they used to get on you about not being serious enough. You did fine! Now they’re questioning who you love? You’re an adult. It’s so…hypocritical.”

Anise: “I-I know.”

Fog: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice. It just makes me so mad how they treat you. You deserve better.”

Anise: “I’m sure they mean well, but…I don’t know, I feel like everyone is always questioning me.”

Fog: “Well, I say, screw them. We don’t need them. You’ll always have me.”

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Hi! I originally didn't want to bother you with it, but I can't get this out of my head - how much differently would the team reunion in SCH go, if Keith and Lance actually managed to leave the planet and *they* would end up finding Team Voltron instead? Also how would it go if the Dras drama didn't happened and (1/2)

(2/2) everything didn’t go south? Like, if team Votron found them casually chillin’ at Jorlack’s or kicking other crooks’ asses at cards? (With some Lance action *wink wink*). OR,like Team Voltron coming and hearing about these dangerous “Two McClains” not knowing they’re Keith and Lance? (Feel free to ignore if you don’t have any thoughts on this!). Also, are you going to write your S4 opinion like you did with S3? I’m interested in your opinions because it recieved so many different reactions!

Questions are not a bother, dear, please! :D *hugs* Right, first with the space cowboys question: originally, way back when I was writing the second or third part, I was imagining a different reunion for The Two McClains and Team Voltron. It was definitely far more … peaceful ;D

Essentially, what I had initially pictured in my head was the team landing on this no-name planet, (disguised, but not particularly well?), and asking around for their missing Paladins. People are reluctant to speak to them, and they get in a few scrapes before they finally start getting answers — and the way people talk about Lance and Keith has them half-convinced they’ve got the wrong Lance and Keith.

Then they walk into Jorlack’s. Lance, Keith, and the usual suspects, including Caspor and Gunthra, are playing poker. Lance is pretending to be a little tipsy, flirting with Keith in ways that distract the other people at the table, allowing Keith to perform his usual slight of hand to cheat his way to a win. Team Voltron is in all kinds of shock. Lance and Keith are in all kinds of shock. Cue happy, teary-eyed reunion :) 

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t want Team Voltron to just find Lance and Keith — I wanted them to really see and experience some of what Lance and Keith had lived through. The idea of The Two McClains trying to explain all the events of the past year to their family … It just felt like they could never hope to truly convey what they’d suffered through. From the beginning, I knew there would end up being a rift between them and Team Voltron, and I couldn’t see that rift being healed in any meaningful way unless the rest of the Paladins, plus Allura and Coran, saw with their own eyes, what life on this planet was like.

So from there, I had to come up with a reason for them to stay on this planet for a while after the reunion — not just one or two days, but at least a week or more, so Team Voltron could really get a feel for this place. The reason for staying had to be truly important, life or death. And then I started thinking that I wanted Jacomir to get involved … I found my answer in Keegin Dras, who was always meant to be a challenge, I just … upped the ante a little ;)

Whew, okay, and after that way-too-long rant — onto your season four question! Unfortunately I’m really busy with work and a class I’m taking, so I don’t have enough time to write any rants about this season. Sorry about that :) There were some things I loved, some things I liked, and some things … I wasn’t too sure about. It did feel rather rushed at times, and there wasn’t, in my opinion, enough set-up for certain major changes/events that occurred. 

It did make me want to write fix-it fic, so that’s what I’ll be trying to do whenever I have a few hours to myself :)

And now, finally, the rambling is over! So sorry for my endless blathering — hope that answers your questions, honey! Have an awesome week! *many hugs*

Dare [Chibs Telford]

“Truth or dare?” Juice asks as [Y/N] takes a sip of her beer as the two of them stay perched at the table they’re sharing.

“Truth,” [Y/N] replies as Rat drop off two more beers at the table as the rest of the club sits at the bar talking amongst themselves.

“Okay, okay,” Juice says as he pops the top off his new bottle, “is it true that you like Chibs, you know like-like.”

[Y/N] narrows her eyes at Juice who only responds with a smile, knowing full well how you feel about the Scottish man, “You know damned well how I feel about Chibs Juice, you’ve tried how many times to set me up with the man. Truth or dare?”

Juice chuckles before replying, “Dare.”

“Alright, I dare you to chug your bottle of beer.” [Y/N] states as she pops the top off of her own beer.

“Ha! Too easy [Y/N], step your game up.” Juice replies as he puts the bottle to his lips and downs the whole thing without any trouble at all. She chuckles a bit herself as her eyes wander past her friend to Chibs who is eyeing the two of them while wearing his own smile.

“Truth or dare?” Juice asks as he sucks in a deep breath and slams the bottle on the table.

“Dare.” [Y/N] mumbles, her thoughts racing to other places.

“Oh shit, I’ve got a good one for you.” Juice states as he leans across the table towards her as a big ass grin slinks across his face, “I dare you to go and kiss Chibs.”

The dare catches her off guard, “What?”

“You heard me, go kiss Chibs unless you’re a chicken.” Juice replies while making a low clucking sound. Her hand tightens around the bottle sitting in front of her as she begins to way the pros and cons of what she’s about to do. She slides the bottle away from her and pushes away from the table, one with one last glance at Juice she walks over to Chibs.

“Having fun with Juice?” Chibs questions as [Y/N] leans against the bar.

“Something like that,” she says before quickly leaning over and pressing her lips against his, pulling away she adjusts his kutte and pats his chest, “now I’m having a lot more fun.”

Turning she walks away from Chibs as her cheeks turn a bright red, as she passes the table where Juice sits she flips him off which earns her a smile. [Y/N] exits the clubhouse without realizing Chibs is following her and missing some of the guys cheering and wolf whistling.

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If them both trying to kill each other is canon, how do you think the other will feel about it? Like are they 100% trying to kill each other? Because if the snippets in the trailers they look fucking pissed, like Kylo pointing his lightsaber at someone and looking pissed and ready to fuck someone up. Imaging Reylo having THAT MUCH animosity towards each other hurts a little.

I don’t really know what to tell ya there. It’s an enemies to lovers ship. They’re starting from a place of enemies. That’s kind of the whole premise of it. That’s the dynamic and that’s what’ll make it so interesting to watch.

It’s fiction, remember. It just doesn’t do well to dwell on these kinds of character dynamics in the context of what’s “realistic” or “normal” between real people. Its Rian’s job to convince us by the end of that movie why Rey has good reason to take Kylo’s hand and why she’s changed her perspective on him.

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An imagine where you very emotionally admit to your bf tig that you dont want kids and your sorry if that changes his opinion of you and everything. Fluffy of him comforting u maybe smut?

Originally posted by walking-fandoms

A/N: Didn’t make it smutty cause it felt cuter if it was fluffy hope you don’t mind.

Day 10 of Spooky Tales 

Ft. Alexander “Tig” Trager from SOA


Another batch of kids can knocking on your door all dressed in their creative costumes, Tig joyfully handing out candy smiling at all the kids that came up to your door and you couldn’t help but feel the sudden pain in your heart. You knew he wanted kids he talked about it often, but deep down in your heart you knew you didn’t want to have them and you were so afraid to tell him because you knew it would break him.

You took a deep breath after the fifth batch of kids “Alexander.. I have something to tell you.. and I don’t know how you’re going to react but I have to say it to you.” You said taking his hand leading him to the couch as you both sat down. Another deep breath “I know you’ve been talking about kids.. how much you want them.. how you can’t wait to have them.. but I.. I really don’t want kids at the moment.. or at all maybe and I’m really sorry if that makes you look at me differently or if you want to end us.. I wouldn’t blame you but I just wanted to tell me you.” You said looking at him as he smiled softly.

“Who knew you would be so selfish to want me all to yourself.” He said grabbing your waist pulling you on his lips “Mhm, I don’t mind not sharing you doll.” He said kissing you softly entailing his hand in your hair “All to myself huh.” He said laying you on the couch “I should ravish you right now shouldn’t I?” He asked as you smiled ready to reply until the doorbell rang “Nope, time to serve brats.” You said moving from under him to the door.

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Any tips for someone who is too nervous to ask a girl out cause after years of rejection, but want to try and get back out there. I don't like dating sites cause I feel like that defeats the purpose for me to being able to speak to someone face to face to ask them out. How do I know if they actually want to go on a date with me? I have never been a relationship and it's just hard. I'm a pretty sociable person, but when it comes to asking anyone out, I can't get the words out. What am I to do?

Hey there! Sorry for the wait.

First of all, sorry to hear about your love life thus far. Every single person reading this blog can relate to dealing with and processing rejection. I know that doesn’t make your situation any easier, but I just wanted you to know that.

Here’s some advice:

1. I’d recommend becoming close friends with anyone you’re interested in dating. This is smart for a number of reasons, mainly in the sense that it will help you discover if you really are compatible with the person. And sometimes friendships can develop into something romantic, which is always wonderful.

2. You’ve already said that you’re a social person, so try this on for size- stop thinking of your crushes as “crushes”, and start focusing on them as people. It can be so intimidating to talk to someone that we find attractive, we may not seem cool and collected, or even be able to be ourselves in their presence. I find the best way to approach these sort of situations is to remove the attraction out of the equation, and to just talk to them as if they were somebody I’m not attracted to at all. 

3. Shared experiences! Start forming memories with this person before you start dating. Go on outdoor adventures, see a funny move together, stay up all night in an epic board game battle. It’s fine if these aren’t one-on-one activities, it might be easier to spend time with this person alongside a group of friends. But shared experiences help build healthy relationships (friend or otherwise) super fast.

4. Be there for them. Become their go-to emergency person, become a constant fixture in their life. This is a good rule for any friendship, but is especially important when people are considering potential relationships. 

5. Grand romantic gestures. This is not true for everyone, but most can appreciate a grand romantic gesture. If you’re starting to feel sexual tension and flirting happening between you and that special someone, start planning your big move. Take her somewhere beautiful, take her somewhere unexpected, surprise her, etc. Watch John Hughes movies for inspiration.

I hope this helps! I also promise you that girls are 100% as nervous as you are around people that they like. Keep us posted and good luck! XX

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your comment on the esa dragon post was really upsetting. you did make it seem like esa arent important and that they arent as important as service animals which is very shitty. i know you want to inform people and i personally have learned a lot from following you but youve been a lil harsh recently and i dont know where the aggression is coming from? and before you even say ‘im not being aggressive/rude/harsh’ thats not for u to decide. if someone says that what ur saying is makin them feel

bad, it isnt up to u to determine wether those feelings are valid or not. if u wanna educate people, be chill about it. i know people are ignorant sometimes about animals but coming from someone who works in an animal shelter and deals with a lot of stupid folk, educating ppl in a nice way is going to work far better than how ur going about it. anyway im gonna unfollow u bc ur comments and post recently have me feelin super shitty but j hope you will analyze your most recent posts n comments

My “aggression” is an attempt to take a neutral tone. There’s no font for tone so it can get hard to convey it over the internet. I’m sorry about that. I’m busy IRL and when I answer stuff, I write it out quickly and monotonous. 

I’m honestly confused because nowhere did I say or imply ESAs are not important? 

If you’re referring to the “reptiles don’t feel love” post, that had nothing to do with ESAs and more so about the anthropomorphization of non-human animals. And that’s dangerous. Of course there are reptile ESAs and that’s wonderful. But if you start treating them like mammals, you can end up with husbandry issues. There’s nothing wrong with loving your reptiles. I mean, I love Nubby to death, I would take several bullets for him. But at the end of the day, I understand he doesn’t “love” me back. And that’s not bad. I know he prefers me over my mom, and prefers my mom over my dad. I understand he doesn’t like being touched or handled like a dog, so as much as I love handling him, I never have him out for longer than a couple minutes because I respect that it stresses him out. And there are reptiles who don’t mind being handled! It’s all about the individual. And those guys can make great ESAs, but one should never put their needs above that of their pets. 

If you’re referring to the picture of the bearded dragon vest, I didn’t really comment on it besides a gif. The vest was being sold on Etsy as a legitimate way of being able to take a reptile into public places just like a service animal. Like kaijutegu explained here, this is dangerous to the animal and to immunocompromised individuals. Working at a pet store, I’ve seen soooo many fake service animals. It’s upsetting because these dogs are so ill behaved and you know these people take them into stores and restaurants. It’s people like these that get all animals, including service animals, banned from public places. And uneducated people see ESA vests and assume they’re service animals too.

I don’t appreciate you putting words into mouth, anon. I never said ESAs are not as worthy as service animals. ESAs are important tools to help disabled people cope emotionally. But they’re pets, and they deserve to be properly taken care of. 

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I wanted to say thank you for showing how comfortable you are with yourself. That's weirdly important to me? My parents sort of mock me for being chubby, shoved me back in the closet when I tried to come out at bi, have high expectations for all my honors classes, and can't acknowledge my past CSA because family is more important. My friend Im crushing on isn't talking to me, I don't know how to reconnect, I stupidly feel hurt and STILL like her, my thighs and breasts are a LITERAL ocean (1/4)

‘I can’t hold on to my 3 FRIENDSHIPS or family relationships because I have strange rituals, habits, and humor, act pretty spacey sometimes and, scarily, sometimes I literally cant care about anyone or anything at all, and sometimes it’s harder than it should be to be a child of Mexican immigrants in a white neighborhood. your blog though, while so simple, is, uh, nice? you have actual mental issues and deal with them in a healthy way (2/4)
have a life and love and actually show people you care for them, you’ve grown to acknowledge and accept whatever your weight is and other aspects of you and WORK IT, you actually work on your issues, and are SO MANY THINGS. you’re a strong person that is all around inspiring. I don’t want to be you, but I want to be like you. you’re amazing and it makes me so happy to see you. (¾)
(I know Yuuri is a fictional character but I DO want to thank him (?) and I also want to thank you for your work. Something so airy and nice is really helpful to me and I love to look back on your past drawings and stuff and. uh. thanks. really. obviously you never have to answer back and I’m sorry for this essay, but I just wanted to tell you what I could never say off anon. thank you because your blog does a lot for some people, at least for me.) (4/4)’

‘Hey, Anon, I’m glad that I actually helped you. It really takes time to learn to like yourself, I know that, but knowing that I contributed to that… Thank you for writing this, I hope you keep up the good work!’
((hey dude!! i really appreciate you finding support and love in this blog!! i’m emotional omg,,,, if you ever ever need to talk, feel free to PM me! ily))

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Omg teru's little blushy smile like he's happy for mob's affection but knows it'll never be romantic but it iissssss ;^; as usual your comic blows me away <333

*knows it’ll never be romantic but it iissssss* ahahaha so what’s the truth!!???

 I love the idea of them being completely lost and confused about their own feelings… like normal teens right?. … How they will slowly build up their relationship through little details like this one….
until one day they realice that what they call a *friendship* is not that simple anymore, it is something else ashgfsgfdahsgd

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So I was bored and searched "Stranger Things Audition" on YouTube and a video appeared and I watched it and it was uploaded in late August for a character called Dottie. Idk how real it is though. I also found someone's audition for Roman

There are apparently a few Roman audition tapes floating around out there, but I’m trying to avoid all of them. I know they’re only so dangerous as spoilers goes, but I figure that we’re so close to the season, I’d rather just be surprised. I feel like there’s a really good reason the Duffers haven’t given us much about Roman and I can’t wait to find out what it is! Heads up to my followers who might be interested, though! Thanks for the info!

men will never learn because they literally see all women as little girls or pets to be tamed and controlled. it’s really gross to make women talk about horrifying experiences in a static virtual void that men can feel better about themselves by reading and knowing maybe they haven’t completely ruined a woman’s life yet. no man should be celebrated because he hasn’t assaulted a woman because men are always interconnected to other men who have abused women and think it’s funny or something….justin vallesteros of craft spells tried to date me when i was 17 and he was 26 and told me that the fact i was a virgin made him want me more. watching other women have to publicly post about how men have violated them feels like someone is beating me over the head with a stick, or maybe a shaft.