i know how much u love his feet

I Wanna Call You Mine (and never let you down)

Trigger warnings: none what I’m aware of? Super brief mention of cigarettes

Word count: 4.8k

Summary: “Shit” Dan let out and put down Darcy to help the man. He reached out for the man and as fast as he was on his feet again all Dan was met with was blue blue blue. The guy’s eyes were like the ocean and Dan made a quiet thanks to god for not going to the lake. He observed that the black-haired man’s eyes were travelling down and doing the same Dan quickly noticed that they were almost standing chest to chest.“Shit” was all Dan managed to say, again, as he took a small step away from the guy. “I am so sorry, fuck. I hope you’re not hurt?”.


An Ice cream Au were Phil works at an Ice cream parlour and Dan has a crush on him.


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