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Billy would totally set up a Power Rangers Instagram and Twitter and they would post pictures and stuff. No one can hack him obviously. Plus no one else knows they're called the "Power Rangers" so it would get their name out there lol.


  • Zordon would absolutely disapprove because it’s too risky but they don’t care. 

  • Billy gives them all the password and the entire account is them in their suits in progressively ridiculous poses.

  • They make the picture of them dabbing their icon.

  • One day Billy tags Jason in one picture by reflex and immediately corrects himself but he legit felt his heart stop for half a second.

  • People following the account start commenting on how the Red ranger and the Pink ranger would make a cute couple and Trini gets gradually more annoyed and grumpy for days and nobody knows why until one day she scrolls through the comments and

@PowerRangerFan: Pink and Red forever
@KimHart: ew gross they seem more like brother and sister to me
@JayScott: I agree

  • she feels a little better after that
  • For Pride Month, they take a very dramatic picture with their respective pride flags as capes and caption it “NONE OF US ARE STRAIGHT, DEAL WITH IT”. Even if she is wearing a mask, Trini feels so good about finally sort of coming out, along with all of her friends. Jason too, but he doesn’t say anything. This same evening, his Dad tells him how much he loves him and would always love him no matter what, out of the blue, Jason is confused but very happy.

  • Zack posts 7 selfies of himself in a row like “me in a pit”, “me with a cool tree”, “me and a rock I found on the ground”, “me and a second rock I found on the ground” etc. He also posts a video of him yelling “I LOVE MY MOM” in the mountains so it echoes. Trini deletes all of his selfies but leaves the video.
  • Kim posts a video saying “I need people to know that my boobs aren’t that big, the suit is a lie. That’s all, have a good day. Oh and also, I’m not dating Red please stop with this nonsense. Okay bye!”

I could go on and on but this is getting long

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Yes on the Noora thing. I know so many people are annoyed on how much screen time she is getting this season but I think the way Julie is telling Sana's story by having Noora as a contrast is so smart. Seriously that woman deserves all of the awards.

100% It’s amazing isn’t it?

I didn’t even realise how much alike Sana and Noora are until this season. And that’s the point. 

they both don’t drink, both aren’t the party type and they both spent the same amount of time with the pm girls 


they are treated completely differently. 

and that is the harsh truth in this society. We are all judged based on appearances, our religion, our gender, our race, our sexuality. 

even though in reality we are all the same, we all have hopes, dreams and people we love, we still get treated differently. 

and Julie is showing us this by introducing Noora as the focus in Sana’s narrative. 

Noora is very much like Sana, hell some might even consider her, as her mirror. 

but for some reason she continues to be treated differently and accepted easily when Sana isn’t. 

it sucks

but it is a lesson I am so happy Julie is teaching <3 

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I get you want WLW representation in B99 - trust me, I do too - but I don't understand why you think Pimento is wrong for Rosa. I can't think of anyone more perfect for her. Maybe it's just because I don't ship Dianetti, but I can't see how anyone could be more like Rosa. He makes her so happy.

Okay, i really appreciate that I got this ask because I know there are quite a few people who don’t ship Dianetti and it must be a little annoying to see me screaming about it 24/7. i have separate reasons to ship Dianetti and not ship Pimento and Rosa. i’ll preface this by saying that i actually really like Jason Mantzoukas! i think he’s a very talented and hilarious actor and i appreciate Pimento as well, but it have some reservations about his relationship with Rosa. 

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I’m highkey annoyed with priyanka chopra saying that arranged marriage is a misconception in India. I know for a fact that it’s still extremely common in south india and dating is looked down upon by most. I don’t appreciate how much she’s trying to get westernized lol.

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Kishi has a screwed sense of the female mind.Going by kishis manga it seems like he thinks females prioritize romance.Sakuras whole character was "I must get stronger to save Sasuke-kun" the man she loves.Hinata-"I wish I could stand by naruto-kun."the man she loves.All obsessed fans are female,as if girls spend all their time obsessed with the cool,hot,popular boy.I know they were little but most girls aren't like that to guys in real life, he based p1 sakura on how he saw girls(annoying,mean)

That’s not true at all.

  • There’s far more to Sakura’s character than saving Sasuke, and saving him wasn’t her only incentive to get stronger.
  • Hinata’s desire to stand by Naruto’s side doesn’t mean that she “prioritised” romance.
  • Not only were those two not “obsessed”, but just as a little reminder, the entire reason that Obito caused all the shit that he did in the series was because of his own love life. He’s by far the biggest example of an “obsessed” character who “prioritised romance” above all else, and yeah, he’s male.
  • You’re allowing a ridiculously small minority of fangirls towards Sasuke at the very beginning of the show to influence how you think apparently all girls were perceived.
  • And no, that’s not what Kishi based Pt.1 Sakura on, because Pt.1 Sakura can’t be described as such in the slightest at any point after chapter 33.

Yes, Kishi has said he sometimes struggled with writing the female characters, but the manner in which people can blow this out of proportion sometimes is more than annoying. Kishi doesn’t have “a screwed sense of the female mind”.

Regarding Nina

As extremely complex as Nina is on the show and how annoying that victim complex can be, I love how down to earth she is with her IG lives and you can see she’s just enjoying this ride. She’s willing to take racist twinks in the comments head on and she just knows how to laugh at herself with her introverted ass. It’s a quality that shows me how much the career means to her, and if she can get out of her own head, sort out her trust issues and develop a better attitude I think she’d be unstoppable. I’m not gonna let a show with a reputation for exaggerative and manipulative editing filmed a year ago change how i view that.

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i feel like the fandom would rip me apart for this but i really dont like yurio. i know i was an absolute embarrassment at 15 (im almost 21 now) but i was never intentionally mean or inflammatory. i just dont think his age/immaturity is justification for the way he acts and even worse is how the adults in his life indulge that behavior. idk i just find him more annoying than sympathetic and the way he acts disgusted toward viktor and yuuri's happiness is really :/

yeah i absolutely agree. i get that he’s supposed to be immature because he’s only 15 but he’s… so badly written. maybe i could have liked him more if he had gotten more screen time explaining who he is and what his motivations are but as of the end of season 1? i literally couldn’t care less about him lol

i think he has a lot of potential (take episode 9 for example!! that was so good) but most of the time i can’t stand him. i just think he’s pretty unoriginal (just your average angry and loud anime boy), he has no depth at all and i just… can’t see the appeal of his character. i don’t even think he’s a good rival for yuuri (as opposed to characters like jj, chris, phichit,..).

and true! the only character that doesn’t tolerate his bullshit in the show (and that’s only once) is victor. the rest of the characters are just like ‘well he’s a kid what can you do? lol’ which is why we’re never going to get some much needed character development for him unless he badly loses in a competition. i never really bought into the whole ‘podium family’ thing either. i just… don’t like him enough :/

anyway i just wanted to say: i completely agree & understand. tbh i just ignore him most of the time but i used to really hate him so i get where you’re coming from!

I’m really sorry if hurt your feelings. I know I can be annoying.

You didn’t annoy me, it’s just I’m really irritated. So yes, please, leave me alone.

I was friends with this girl on a social media. We were just like twins and I told her so. We had stopped talking for a while, but I finally reached out to apologize for whatever I did to get the cold shoulder and that’s how she responded. It hurts me every time I see it. 

u guys r so annoying with the whole negativity on skam … like i get how the entirity of the show is predominantly a white cast tht got popular bc of a white gay couple but this is the one popular y.a. show thats ever focused on a muslim character and how it feels to follow ur faith even when ppl around discourage it. this isnt a reason for yall to start liking it or whatever.

Im just sayin i really get why u guys hate how hyped it got n im just as annoyed with how ppl rarely give a shit about the main muslim character bc of a one second scene between the gay couple but its genuinely a good show with a good message this season. u can like it or not, irdc but know more about the show before u guy start comparing it with riverdale or 13rw

Last Day Blues

I always wish for the end until it’s the end. I cried about 6 times today. I’m such a sentimental person, and I just can’t help it. When they go off to high school, there is a chance that I will never see some of them again. That’s hard for me. Even though they annoy me many times, I love them so much. I know a few of the older teachers scoff or even chuckle at the fact that I get emotional. I know they think I am naive. They say things like, “I remember when I was sweet like that.” To an extent, I am naive. However, I think it takes true strength to show students how much you care and to truly put yourself out there. It takes strength to love them this much.

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Do you know who that short haired chick is on the stream? I like- really wanted to watch Mark but I couldn't get over how- annoying- I found her. Which is mean and I'm not gonna like send her hate or anything but like- WHY is she there?

That’s Pamela Horton! She’s a gaming YouTuber too and she’s worked with Mark and the gang before! She was in the second Best Fiends Trailer and she helped them all make the A Date With Markiplier videos~

I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy her on the stream. I thought she was great and I was so glad she was there! It’s was kinda nice having so many girls on the stream!

I’m glad you’ll be respectful tho. I think they invited her since Ethan wasn’t going to be able to make it.

Also sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I always forget to check my tumblr during the stream lol

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19, 21, 22 💖

19: A fact about your personality

I am super enthusiastic, passionate and extra. I don’t know if these things come across over here on this blog buuuuut if they do let me know haha and I can try to reign it in? I know it can get super annoying how i’m just so damn excited about things I care about and when I love something I love it with all my heart. 

I go all in. Mikki got no chill

21:What I love most about myself

awwww I think maybe I love how positive I can be no matter what. I didn’t always have this optimism but now I do and I really love it <3 even if i’m not feeling super happy myself, I try to make others happy by staying positive and bright <3 

22:What I want to be when I get older

I want to be a writer and I want to help people. So I would love to help others with my writing…but I am happy to just do both somehow. I would like to maybe be a teacher and write on the side. That way I can encourage and help others while also writing my novels <3 

send me a number <3

the foxhole meme
  • unspoken team rule to flip off every raven on campus  
  • allison: no fear
  • nicky: neil in jorts 
  • allison: one fear  
  • dan sets aaron’s alarm to ‘bad case of lovin’ you’ he can’t figure out how to change it and he is apoplectic with rage  
  • she changes it to a different doctor themed song whenever he gets particularly annoying  
  • wymack gets a mug that says ’#1 dad’ every year, signed by all the foxes 
  • even andrew  
  • wymack doesn’t know if he should be touched or suspicious as fuck  
  • you’ve heard of kevin day now get ready for
  • kevout night
  • aaron: swears 
  • matt: covering neil’s ears, aaron that’s such a bad example to set for the children
  • nicky: why the heck do we have to be up so early?
  • dan: I know we’re all tired but let’s watch our fucking language
  • neil, opens his mouth in an interview
  • foxes: why r u like this  
  • nicky: kevin here is ur disgusting Health smoothie why do u even drink it
  • kevin: eating vegetables increases life span  
  • nicky: so do you have any positives or  
  • 'hey kevin here’s another picture of jeremy go add it to your shrine we’ll wait’  
  • neil: half asleep 
  • renee: neil what’s five plus one   
  • aaron, whispering: twelve 
  • neil, bolting awake: TWELVE  
  • ‘what’s your favourite colour’ 'exy’  
  • matt, pointing at fluffy puppy: neil it’s you  
  • andrew, pointing at dented trash can: neil it’s you
  • kevin: yeah everyone on our team is rly passionate abt exy we always give it our all  
  • camera pans to andrew. he is sitting down in the goal, sunglasses on, neil fanning him as he lounges back. none of the referees seem to know what to do.
  • kevin: I am so sick of being alive (x)
  • allison, at every minor inconvenience: 'i don’t deserve this. i’m a nice fucking person’
  • referring to Kevin as various queens from history  
  • 'yeah ok cleopatra shut the fuck up’  
  • 'hey elizabeth i of england can u maybe like chill’  
  • 'neil josten if u could come to the front of the shopping centre please ur mother dan wilds is here to collect u’
  • ‘kevin u know there are other sports except exy right’
  • kevin: sounds fake but ok
Thoughts on Chapter 24

I think in chapter 24, people are mistaking Sangwoo’s competitiveness with his feelings for Bum or him being protective?! It’s true that he’s treating Bum better than before and doesn’t abuse him physically anymore and such but I feel like when he’s giving Bum his car keys or wants to have the cake, he is more focused on Yoonjae than Bum. Yoonbum and Sangwoo are on the same side and the moment Sangwoo realizes Yoonjae is trying to tease/bully Bum, he is determined to get that cake for 2 reasons. One, because suddenly everything turns into a competition for him and he can’t lose, and two…

…he does not like this guy! Yoonjae is kind of a bully and an opportunist who’s trying to take advantage of Bum’s quiet nature and clumsy attitude. Sangwoo knows people like him very well and you can’t bully Sangwoo! He wants his damn cake and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. So this is more about ‘proving this asshole wrong’ than ‘protecting Yoonbum’. He gave his car keys to Bum to prove Yoonjae wrong. It’s all about winning. He even starts to tease Yoonjae back about their anniversary.

Actually I must add I think he’s angry with Yoonbum the whole time. He’s blaming him for this. When Yoonjae suggests they go to the arcade, it looks like Sangwoo is talking to Bum and Bum is extra nervous because he knows Sangwoo and his expressions pretty well.

‘That’s unnecessary and it’s all your fault, Yoonbum!’

I do want to stress on how well Yoonbum knows Sangwoo now.

To me this looks like a neutral/expressionless face and he even laughs after this, showing how ‘calm’ he is but this is what Yoonbum sees,

So he is angry. He is annoyed with Yoonbum who is clumsy and can never do anything for himself and he is angry with this guy and his childish, sarcastic attitude and he also states how angry he is once they get home so yes, don’t be fooled by his expressionless face and I still don’t believe he was doing any of this solely for Yoonbum.

But he is indeed being nicer to Bum. I think the ‘hit your head on my fist’ scene at the end was a really great scene. It’s not that hard for Sangwoo to beat the shit out of Bum and take out his anger on him and yet he chooses a gentler way to make himself feel better/calmer and at the same time not hurt Bum. That’s a really big development/improvement.

Another thing I want to point out is when he suggested, “If we’re all playing, let’s play something else, something a girl can play too.” I believe he was thinking about Yoonbum, although of course a big part of it was because he wanted them to win.

Bonus OT3 Drabble: Slinky


This. This is entirely the fault of @blackkatmagic and @nellynee, and this ask-post over on blackkat’s blog. Because I just cannot resist the challenge of ‘why break up one ship for another when you can have both as a healthy triad?’ So I wrote it, even though I never actually got far enough to meet two-thirds of this ship in canon, and most of the characterisation is based on blackkat’s fics (although probably not half so good as hers).

Because really, who could resist this; “Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

OT3 for this prompt: Minato/Orochimaru/Kushina from Naruto.

“If I have to sit and listen to you gabbing on about weird obscure jutsu, then I’m going to do it over ramen, you know!” Teuchi smiled at the sound of his best customer approaching the restaurant, presumably with her boyfriend in tow. Sure enough, when Kushina pushed the curtain aside, she was preceded into the restaurant by a sheepish looking Minato. Kushina followed, pulling another man in after them by the wrist.

The redheaded jounin manhandled Konoha’s own snake sannin into the seat next to Minato, then plonked herself down in the seat on Orochimaru’s other side. “You didn’t have to sit and listen.” The man snapped at Kushina, clearly very annoyed with her. “We are quite capable of holding a conversation without you.”

Kushina scoffed at him, flapping a hand. “Please. Minato wouldn’t know what to do with you if I left the two of you alone for more than five minutes, you know.” Orochimaru failed to come up with a retort, looking baffled and irritated in equal measure.

Minato, on the other hand, turned very red and started spluttering. “That’s not- You can’t just- What are you- Kushina!” The last word came out as a whine, and Minato dropped his head against the counter.

“Don’t be such a ditz, pretty boy.” Kushina chided, and then turned to Teuchi before Minato could respond. “The usual, please, Teuchi-san! Plus whatever this awkward turtle wants.” She nudged Orochimaru with her elbow to indicate who she meant. It was a good thing she had, because ‘awkward turtle’ was not a descriptor Teuchi would ever have applied to him on his own. He started cooking up Kushina and Minato’s usual, even as he raised an eyebrow at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru ignored him in favour of glaring at Kushina. “He’ll have the shoyu tamago ramen with extra eggs.” Minato put in, recovering from embarrassment as fast as he ever did. It was a good thing he could do that, Teuchi thought, since he was dating someone like Kushina, who got a kick out of embarrassing people.

Orochimaru switched his glare to Minato. “I don’t recall asking you to order for me.”

“Did I get it wrong?” Minato asked, caught somewhere between innocent and smug. Obviously he hadn’t, because Orochimaru looked twice as likely to murder him, but conspicuously didn’t say a word. Minato beamed like the sunrise. “So, you were explaining the connection between space-time seals and blood jutsu?” He prompted brightly. Orochimaru sighed heavily, but answered with a long explanation that went entirely over Teuchi’s head. It clearly didn’t go over Minato’s head, because he was staring in rapt attention as Orochimaru talked, in a way that made Teuchi feel oddly like he was intruding on something private.

He served up their ramen, and was not surprised when Minato and Orochimaru mostly ignored theirs in favour of their discussion. He was surprised when it took Kushina several seconds to lift her cheek off her fist and stop staring at them long enough to start scarfing down her usual three bowls of ramen. She caught his look the first time she came up for air, and shrugged unrepentantly. “What? They’re total dorks, you know, but they’re my dorks now.

Orochimaru choked on his first bite of ramen. “Excuse me?” He demanded.

“Well, you are, aren’t you?” Kushina asked, smirking. “We’re a package deal, slinky; buy one get one free. If you want to get some this evening, instead of just staring at Minato like he’s a prime steak and you’re starving, you’re going to have to learn to dance with both of us, you know.” She paused, her smirk slowly unfurling into a predatory grin with far too many teeth. “Last chance to run screaming.”

The stunned look on Orochimaru’s face turned, once again, to murderous annoyance. “I think I should be saying that to you.” He hissed, leaning forward into her personal space to loom over her. Teuchi was a bit worried, although on whose behalf he wasn’t quite sure.

Kushina laughed, and shocked just about everybody when she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Minato whimpered quietly, staring at them with his mouth hanging open, while Teuchi was just trying to figure out when the world had gone insane. Kushina drew back looking infinitely smug. “Bring it on.”

any other cool autistic peops have issues with people just expecting u to magically Know how to do something u have never done before

like if ive never, say, made an appointment at a place before, or some cooking process ive never attempted before, just some mundane task im doing for the first time my mom expects me to already know what to do or just figure it out while doing it & make no mistakes & i ????? donut understand that. like i guess its tasks that r usually simple & normal for allistics/neurotypicals but if ive never done it before how am i supposed to just know what to do

& then of course it ties in with the Vague Instructions thing bc i need specific step-by-step instructions if im doing something new & she will just tell me vague shit & get annoyed if i dont get it right away 

I know I already said this like…a million times, but it bears repeating.

Please Free Jazz. She had such big dreams. In the first episode, she’s playing therapist for a classmate. She was always talking about how she wanted to study psychology or things like that. She annoyed fellow students by talking nonstop about her school opportunities. She studied and worked so hard all the time. She got the highest CAT score in Casper High history!

This girl deserves to get her PhD and live her dreams. Maybe teach some. Do ghost psychology, maybe, to stay involved in the family business.

Does Elm Street not care about that? Does he even remember? Why does everyone around Danny have to be part of a superhero team?

What about Danny? Does he ever get to be an astronaut? Does he get to ride in rockets among the stars for NASA like he always wanted? Or is the superhero thing his entire life now? As well as the life of everyone around him?

Butch, please. Free them.

cyborgparrot96  asked:

Hey I really like your Art, I don't mean to be disrespectful but could you please not put the words or symbol "please do not repost" into your Art, it just beeaks/ruins the immersion of the Pictures especially if you paste it in every frame in a Comic thinking people are too dumb to be reminded once, I mean just think how annoying it would be if that was put in the Mona Lisa or every frame of a Marvel or DC Comic Book Page. Again I mean no disrespect, but this really annoys me and fells rude.

The watermarks are there for a reason. Art theft is inevitable and at least with the watermark, people will know where to find me and will know my policy. It’s placed in every panel because some people steal my art, crop it and upload it panel by panel. If my watermarks annoy you and you think it’s rude, look elsewhere. I do not get paid to draw. Please rid yourself of any notion that it’s okay to approach a content creator and tell them what they can and can’t do in regards to their own creations, especially when they spend their time and energy to share these creations for free.

I spent a good few days working on that MariChat comic only to get this message not long after I posted it. Don’t think that if you start off by saying “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but…” or “No offense, but…” that your proceeding words will be okay. You essentially asked that I get rid of the watermarks that I have in place for my protection so that you could have a better experience. It doesn’t matter to you if people steal my art with no trace back to me. All that matters is your comfort. This is hardly the first instance of entitlement I’ve seen in this fandom, but it’s still appalling every time I encounter it.

No disrespect, but this really annoys me and is* rude.

I’m really tired of complaints about “neurotypicals” playing with stim toys. I would really appreciate it if people stopped assuming everyone around them is neurotypical, some people are on meds, others can pass as neurotypical and honestly you can never truly know unless someone tells you, and no one owes you that. I get countless messages about people suddenly recognizing what stimming is because they see me stimming on my blog. Stop trying to restrict stim toys, you don’t know if that random person you’re complaining about is neurotypical, and honestly someone else could be thinking the same thing about you …. and reminder I was called annoying and distracting in class for stimming without stim toys. This is an Ableism problem, and the root of this problem is with teachers and administrations, and the assumption that everyone you see is neurotypical.