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Frosty Happenings

For the brilliant, beautiful starfish anon who pointed out that I’ve never written winter Jily. I hope that this nonsense brings a smile to your lovely face.

And a million thanks to @levins18​ for basically writing this shop with me in chat and to @petalstofish​ for reading this and trying to kill me with compliments. I love you guys x

(Also, what about this title eh? You have @petalstofish​ to thank for this brilliance)

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‘Hello there, it’s turned into a rather slippery Friday morning hasn’t it? Ice is going to be quite a widespread problem this morning, and, for those in the East, snow could, possibly, become something of an issue this weekend.’

Lily sighed from her spot on the couch, almost clicked the television back off so that she didn’t have to hear the presenter’s far too chipper voice. She pushed herself to her feet, walked into the kitchen, and put the kettle on instead.

She could still hear the presenter from the kitchen, could hear his smooth, upbeat voice over the quiet hiss of the kettle, the subtle metal buzzing of the toaster as she toasted herself a piece of bread.

'Let’s take a closer look at things this afternoon. You can see this low pressure system working its way across the eastern parts,’ Lily poked her head back into the living room, saw the presenter gesturing towards a long, blue line stretching from East Sussex all the way to fucking Northampton, 'This system is a dry one, so I’m not too worried about snow coming in today, though you might see a few flurries across this stretch at some point today. In terms of snow, we’re really looking at this weekend — we got this system here moving in from the West that’s pretty saturated, so we can definitely expect some snow this weekend, starting late Saturday, early Sunday. Central London looks slated to get the worst of it, so you’re definitely going to want to take some precautions this weekend.’

Lily’s groan drowned out the sound of the kettle clicking off.

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thru-the-mirror  asked:

Casual Sidon in a tank top 😍👌🏻

I made this with my own two hands and I still can’t believe how ridiculous and annoyingly pretty I designed this man.

I really tried to do “casual” again but then the eyeliner happened and I couldnt stop myself. Nothing is casual about sidon anyways so I’ll give myself a B - and a pat on the back for effort.

angelic-leo  asked:

// *stares at chips/seagull post* I-I think they were talking about potato chips not French fries...

OK now hold up. 

to me… chips are these things: 

HOT chips are these: 

And Fries are these: 

Is that the same or is it different for you?? kjsdhfksdh