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Natalia:  “Sylas is evil, I’m evil.  We’re a perfect match.”

Dani:  “You know, Shauna really likes him.”

Natalia:  “I do, too.  He’s the cutest Sim I’ve ever seen.”

Dani:  “You’re just eight, you haven’t seen many sims.  Besides, a guy isn’t worth losing Shauna over.”

Natalia:  “Someday, you’re going to meet a guy that will make you forget all about your experiments.”

Dani gasping:  “What?  Never!  I will be busy doing important scientific work.  I’ll have no time for silliness like boys and dating.”

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Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

“I just… I miss him.”

“I know.”

“I miss him so much.”

“… Me too.”

What if Andrew died? Nora said that Neil would be devastated for sure, but what about Renee? I feel like Neil and Renee would grow a lot closer and become better friends if something like that were to happen. Bittersweet thought.

I did this for @meabhd‘s Coloring Contest! I didn’t know who the original characters were, but I wanted to participate anyway so I made them into little foxes instead :3 Regardless, this was super duper fun! Thank you Méabh!!


Nico: It’s not about us trying to conceive. I want to try for a baby if that’s what you still want, but I think we should explore surrogacy. I don’t want you to lose your life trying to have a baby, Allie. But… I’m not upset about that. We’ll cross that bridge later.

Allison softly: Then what, Nico? Why are you troubled? It’s something to do with that assistant, isn’t it?

Nico inhales sharply. His wife knew him too well. 

Nico: I guess so. You know me, I like to control everything. It’s hard delegating my work to someone else. 

Allison: You have to let go, Nico. You’re way too controlling. I’m sure your assistant is very competent if Angelina hired her, babe. So, what’s she like? Is she-

Nico abrupt: She’s nothing. I don’t want to talk about her. 

Allison gazes at her husband’s face, wonders at the tightness in his jaw and the hard look in his eyes. Nico was more than upset…he was angry. But why? What was it about the assistant? Allison decides to let it go for the time being.

Allison: I’m going to check on Lala, okay? We can talk some more later. Take some Tylenol and go rest so your headache will ease.

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SO I was watching the La concert, and Taemin was so happy and energetic and goofy -- I noticed he was a bit more interactive with the crowd and he was even trying to speak more English. I went to the dallas concert and I couldn't help but notice that he was tired and he was pretty quiet -- Key even edged him on to say something in English. Taemin is my ultimate bias and I really wanted to see his goofy side but I can understand that he was probably tired -- but do you think he was also shy then?

I feel a bit jealous of the LA people because they got to see a lot of taemins fun and goofy side :D I’m thinking he feels more comfortable in LA since he’s been there so many times? I hope he knows that dallas and other places love him too

Why you think that way? Of course he totally knows you all love him! But you need to understand that as a human being he might need some time to feel comfortable, not only to rest well after a huge jet lag but also to feel confident enough to do something that he’s not used to do. In Toronto he had to face being extremely tired + shyness of speaking in a language he’s not used to speak in. But he still smiled a lot, he gave his everything. Of course in L.A. we need to think he loves that place because he worked there filming PYN + Drip Drop and that means a lot for him, he got finally a nice rest after the annoying jet lag and he realized he could speak in English because no one was there to judge his level and the only thing he needed was willpower. So please, don’t think this way. The fact that Taemin was hiding down his hood means how HARD it was for him to do that, but he didn’t want to leave North America without trying. I still remember Taemin almost didn’t speak in Spanish in SWC3 stops in Mexico and Chile, but he got to even scream in Spanish in Argentina - I can’t remember exactly what he screamed but he did. As I explained with my previous opinion about Taemin’s personality, he only needs time to feel confident to open himself and be himself, because yes, no matter his huge shyness, Taemin is able to notice the love of shawols even if he’s almost dying on stage, because he will always give his everything for all of you, so don’t worry.

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My heart melted when you said Magnus is your home. I'm so happy you found someone who accepts you for who you are and who you can be completely yourself around. My boyfriend is... abusive. I know it's not healthy but every time I try to end it he starts to cry and I just can't break his heart... you know what I mean? Besides, I love him too much... -S

Alec - There’s no excuse for someone hurting you like that… 

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The sad part is that so many larries are already not cutting him some slack and he hasn't done almost anything yet. It's truly sad to see. Some people seem to have forgotten who he really is. And they make it look like he is in a super awesome position when it's not like that at all. As you said, he has to balance A LOT right now, and I'm sure it wont be easy! I'm not saying he's in deep shit like Louis, but people seem bitter towards him as if it's his fault. And they demand way too much of him

I know and I don’t like it. But everyone perceives things through a different lens.

And just for the record, if we see that Harry’s label is Columbia in a traditional deal and his label PR is the same old shit, I will re-evaluate my stance on his situation.

I just don’t really think that’s going to be the case.

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real talk? idk why people like gaara so much. he's killed so many people. i like him too but y'know :/

block me

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)