i know he's not... doing much of anything in the third one

Okay but can we just acknowledge that Victor Nikiforov is actually an Olympic figure skater?

Now, we all know that Victor is an amazing skater. However, he’s not just the one of the best in the figure skating world, but he’s also one of the top in the Olympic world. His jacket is a jacket for the Russian Olympic figure skating team. We know that to win major competitions as many times as Victor has is an extremely large achievement, but even to be considered a place on an Olympic team for anything is a huge fucking deal. Only the best of the best of the best can do this, and Victor Nikiforov fucking has.

Just think about how much he left behind to coach Katsuki Yuuri. Not only did he leave behind his status as five-time consecutive world champion and his own home, but he also left behind his status as a potential Olympic champion. Frankly, I don’t think I’d be able to leave behind the first two, let alone the third one. But Victor did. He gave it up because he saw his crush skating his routine and thought that maybe his feelings weren’t unrequited after all and that he should coach him. Victor fucking Nikiforov left behind everything he had achieved throughout his entire career as a successful figure skater, and even the fact that he was willing to do this is overwhelming.

Basically, I’m just implying that Victor was willing to give up the highest honour any sportsman could get just to coach the drunken Japanese boy he met at the Grand Prix banquet, and, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


Frisk doesn’t say much.

Things which might be in detriment to your health: startling Sans when he’s not expecting it. Good thing he’s so chill despite… you know.. everything. Otherwise he might’ve accidentally taken Frisk’s head off.

That third panel is one of my favourite things I’ve drawn in a while, although a lot of the posing in this turned out pretty good. imo at least.

My last silly comic got an INSANE amount of feedback, it’s a really rough act to try and follow. I actually have a lot of confidence problems with Undertale fanart. There’s just SO MUCH fanart for this game out there it often… if not always… feels like I might as well not draw anything for it because I can contribute NOTHING that has not been done better, or which is just smarter, more meaningful, and more beautiful an idea. So lately I’ve been having repeating thoughts of “why bother? There’s no point. You’re outclassed and out preformed and anything you DO draw is just passing fancy "niceness” which impacts no-one and is meaningless.“

Not to mention everyone has these really dramati, emotional artwork, which I really wanna do too, but my brain is just like “draw this mushy garbage nonsense instead!” and I’m just like “ok.”

It’s very disheartening.

I’m drawing anyway though. Although sometimes it REALLY stings after I upload something.

I dunno. I guess I’m not very good at this "draw for yourself” mindset.

But regardless, I AM happy with this :3 and if nothing else I’m learning quite a bit about how to handle comics like these.


Rain + “please don’t leave” (lowkey inspired by that one scene with jisoo and eunji from sassy gogo heh)

He took you by the wrist and turned you around but when facing you, it was like he forgot know how to speak because he didn’t say anything, all he did was stare - and you were done with that. “Look, Wonwoo…You’re a nice guy, I’m sure of that but I just get the feeling that you don’t want to be here with me or have anything to do with me” you spoke, as you looked at him, with tears welling up in your eyes.

This was the third time he had invited you to go out and every time it went like this - you leaving because he seemed so uninterested. You couldn’t understand why he was giving you these mixed signals.

“You don’t say much and honestly it’s like you don’t even care. I don’t want to sound rude but this won’t work out” you explained and shook his hand off of you, walking out of the coffee shop that he had invited you in.

When you stepped outside you were faced by pouring rain and you cursed in your mind why it had to rain just now. But it didn’t stop you - you quickly stepped out from the shelter of the shelter and started walking to the subway station determinately.

As you were trying to get away from him and the rain as fast as possible, you suddenly felt a pair of arms coming from around you and hold you tight. Your immediate reaction was to let out a squeal but when you recognised his scent, you fell quiet.

“Please don’t leave. I’m in so much pain and you make me feel better. I’m - I’m sorry Y/N” he whispered, choking on his tears by the end of his words. He felt so bad for not saying much to you because he clearly knew that you didn’t like it but he wasn’t feeling good and just seeing you, made him happier, more okay.

And at that moment your heart sunk. He was holding you closer than ever and you could feel how hard he was trying not to break down and cry and so were you.

You hadn’t understood him and hadn’t even wanted to but now it all made sense. He needed you and you needed him.

And you decided that you weren’t going to let go of him anymore.

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One of the things I like most about Eret is that unlike other enemies, he was one at the beginning so it still counts, is that he never mocked Hiccup in any way.

Alvin called Hiccup “Stoick’s little embarrassment or runt.” Mildew treated him horribly and blaming the dragon problems on him. And Dagur always pokes at Hiccup’s size. Remember “this little runt of a… well you know what you are.” Even Drago said that Stoick must feel same for having Hiccup as a son! 

Eret never did anything like that. He showed no signs of underestimating Hiccup, and the only thing he though was ridiculous about him was that he thought he could change his opinion on dragons. 

I really hope Eret’s going to be in the third film, though I’m pretty sure he will be. There’s so much they can do with his character!

Dragon Children || Prologue

This is a Wolf Children AU with my current obsession: corlas. Previously I was going to make this about chrobin, but Corrin and Silas just fit the story I have envisioned so much better, so I decided to do it with corlas instead.

Sophie’s chapters are the only ones in first person. The rest will be in third person from Silas’s POV.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to what I have in store for you.

Prologue – Of Stories and Tales



 My daddy tells me plenty of stories. Some of which are just tiny complaints about my brother, Kana and I. How it was hard raising us all by himself and how much trouble we got ourselves into. He will constantly swear he doesn’t know how he survived, especially without mom. I don’t know how he stayed so strong throughout the years. Being half dragon isn’t easy, and daddy – not knowing anything about how to raise us – had his own set of hardships as well.

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Scorpius Only Saw Rose Cry Five Times

The First: Was when she had finally stood up against the bully who was bagging her and her family. She went running to him just after feeling so relived.

The Second: Was a week before graduation. Scorpius knew how much Hogwarts had meant to Rosie and was pretty happy about he was the one to comfort her.

The Third: Was the day Rose graduated. All of Rose’s family was there so Scorpius had assumed she wouldn’t need anything more to do with him, Yet she surprised him with giving him a hug and saying that they would need to catch up, with teary eyes.

The Forth: Was the day after he proposed to her. She was over at his house looking at the ring he had given her, with the biggest smile on her, suddenly bursting out into tears over the realiasation that they would one day marry. 

The Fifth: Was when Rose and Scorpius had gotten home from St. Mungos to find out that Rose had, had a miscarriage. She had cried all night long in her sleep clinging onto Scorpius.

Scorpius learned that Rose didn’t cry as much as he though a girl would. He learned to realise it just wasn’t who Rose was to cry, but when she did he remembered.

matsus from least to most problematic fav
  • Karamatsu: loves everyone, wears funny clothes
  • Jyushimatsu: kidnapped Santa Claus, wiggles around too much sometimes
  • Todomatsu: seems sweet and innocent on the outside, actually a conniving bitchy lil thing, hasn't done anything TOO bad though, apologizes, says mean things about his brothers in his head but he's kinda right tbh
  • Choromatsu: most reasonable brother seems like a harmless nerd but actually seems to have a very big problem with idealizing women bc he's too bad with real ones, also yells a lot but it's generally justified
  • Osomatsu: isn't ashamed of being a big baby, can be kind of a self-righteous douchebag, needs to calm down a little
  • Ichimatsu: dirty angry kinky furry may be lonely and scared on the inside but he still needs to stop attacking Karamatsu and scaring random people who have done nothing to him
Angry thoughts on recent events, written on the floor with my smartphone

Republicans outright refusing to confirm a Supreme Court justice because they think it’s “unfair” that Obama gets to pick a third justice “when we’re so close!!” is one of the most disgusting manifestations of unmanageably partisan politics that I can remember. This isn’t even a lame duck period. Do they understand that? This isn’t the end of his presidency, he’s got an entire year left, that’s a quarter of a term. I don’t hold the Constitution up as a perfect document, but to twist it like this for political purposes, to claim that you have precedent on your side and this has anything to do with upholding democracy, it’s really too much.

Not to mention this entire debate centers around the idea that our Supreme Court should continue to be divided on party lines. Or the bizarre notion that Scalia’s replacement should just be…another Scalia? Since when is that how our justice system worked? I know Obama’s nominee will be liberal leaning, I know that, but it’ll also be an incredibly intelligent, incredibly qualified individual who you could generally call “fair minded,” which is more than can be said for some past Republican nominees (Thomas, Miers, Bork).

I’m so mad, I’m pissed off. I’m really, really mad. How dare the Senate (and the Senate Majority Leader) deliberately interfere in the functionality of the judicial branch.