i know he's not wearing those glasses in this pic

1) I’m dead
2) Why is he so handsome?!
3) His bow tie is twisted but I’m sure Jensen took care of it during one of their bathroom breaks
5) I love him so much for sticking to his beliefs
6) His hair!!! Someone got a haircut and it looks like sex hair
7) I want to know if he got emotional like when he attended Jared’s and Gen’s wedding
8) I hate those wine glasses because they are blocking my view of his gorgeous hands
9) I can’t help but have Destiel wedding au feels
10) I need more pics of Misha in a tux


Posting upon request! Just some idea sketches i did while thinking of the youkai au.
This is from my 2 latest posts, so please check those out first :) http://poppyfarm.tumblr.com/post/88368221351http://poppyfarm.tumblr.com/post/88456026666 Honestly besides Maki, none of their designs are that special…kinda inconsistent, too.

What I keep in mind the most is Makishima’s creepy-as-f**k eyes.
Being nearly blind, Onoda (besides Toudou) was the only person who did not freak out about Maki’s eyes upon the first encounter. Even after Onoda gets to see them after he gets his glasses, he just thinks it’s a cool personal trait, just like his ears or Manami’s wings.

Also with those bug eyes, it’s impossible to tell where he is looking at, or read his emotions through his eyes. Toudou uses this to hit on him lol

The third pic:
“Awww come on, Maki-chan!”
“I know it’s hard keep your eyes off of my face, me being eye-candy and all, but take it easy will you? You’re going to wear my face out!”
“What the hell are you talking about”

Okay back to the topic…
The only things that I’m being consistent about are:
-Toudou always fashioning a long, white kimono with a scarf.
-Maki’s eyes & 8 spider legs sprouting from his back
-Maki always wearing bright, flashy clothes…just the way poisonous animals present themselves.

Thx for asking and frankly, if anyone is to use this au, I would love to see how each of you develop it in many different ways. I mean as you can tell by now even I don’t have specific rules set up for this au lol…
Please think of these as just rough guide lines, and feel free to add your own new cannons or characters to them. Hell this doesn’t even have to be a TouMaki based au, you can make it MakiOno or ManaTou or TadoMaki or whatever you want it to be. Go wild with it!

Alright thanks again, and if you have any more questions feel free to drop it in my ask box!