i know he's gay but bare with me here

anonymous asked:

Here after Dan's live chat...I swear to God when someone in the chat asked about L.P's situation and he said he was exhausted of Christmas, because of gamingmass and, bare with me, I heard him saying gay people bloopers. I rewind that a million times just to be sure he did say it and I was sitting there in my room completely silent.... Don't know if any of this make sense but my heart surely stopped beating after hearing those words

anon said:
Did Dan say “Gay people bloopers” in his live show at 20:35 when he’s talking about how his holidays were??


sounds like he said that lol either that or “gave”

Find a comfy position, grab a tea and get ready to binge-read the heck out of these wonderful fics! At the beginning of the month I asked followers and stucky lovers on tumblr to send in their favourite Stucky fanfictions which had been written and completed in 2015. I cannot thank everyone who submitted their favs enough! This is the most EPIC list on this blog and it is all because of you guys! But enough rambling from me. Happy readings! And I wish everyone the very best in the New Year! 

All fanfictions listed below are for the pairing Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes. There is no order to this list. Please read all tags and author notes before reading. 

our golden age by augustbird

Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.

rated explicit . 147k

Schrödinger’s Romance by InTheMiddleOfNowhere

“It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results.”

We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?”. Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he’s sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact.

rated mature . 196k

Melt Into, Melt Until by notoska

Steve looks up and holds his blown black eyes. “Tell me how you want to fuck me.”

Bucky’s mouth drops open a little and his eyes roll. “Slow,” he slurs, his body is rocking back and forth with Steve’s touch, “So slow. So slow that you beg.” Bucky lifts his head again. He pushes his forehead to Steve’s and his voice dips, “So slow you start fucking yourself on it. And deep—” Bucky moans, biting his lip, “So fucking deep. Spread you open so I can get deeper. Make you come so hard you beg for more before your cock’s gone soft.”

rated explicit . 79k

Is It Pretending If I Already Want You? by OhCaptainMyCaptain

Based on prompt: Pretend Boyfriends AU where one of their families is always wondering why they’re never in a relationship, so the other offers to pretend to be their boyfriend for some family event"

Basic Steps to Getting Yourself In a Pickle With Both Your Family and The Guy You’ve Secretly Crushed On For Five Years (A Guide):

STEP 1: After being perpetually single and constantly making up excuses to your family, give in and lie about having a boyfriend.
STEP 2: Agree to bring said boyfriend to the family cottage for a week so he can be your date to your parents’ wedding anniversary party.
STEP 3: Panic.
STEP 4: Say ‘yes’ when your best friend and closet crush - who you’re convinced isn’t interested in you that way in the least - offers to be your pretend boyfriend.
STEP 5: Try your best not to fall in love with them during the trip.
STEP 6: Fail miserably.

rated explicit . 85k

It’s Just Temporary by perfect_plan

Bucky Barnes has no idea what he wants to do with his life and is stumbling from one temp job to the next. Hopefully he can keep his new job at Stark Industries for longer than a week…

rated mature . 52k

Thawed Out by auburnnothenna (auburn) and eretria

He’s not the Asset. He’s not the Winter Soldier. But neither is he Bucky Barnes. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Avengers, James takes the long, slow road to recovery. Nothing is as easy as either of them thought it would be.

rated explicit . 159k

Into That Good Night by Nonymos

Steve Rogers has lived for entirely too long—long enough to see the world’s end. The heroes are gone, and the Earth is pushing what’s left of mankind towards the exit.

But when a makeshift team rises from the ashes, when a mysterious presence all but drags Steve there, he begins to think there may be hope yet. As they shoot for the stars one last time, Steve will get proof yet again that the future is nothing if not an echo of the past.

rated explicit . 73k

nothing goes over his head by fmo

In which Bucky gets knocked out briefly during a mission, wakes up fine, and then spends a day enduring strange hints, clandestine looks, and cryptic texts from his friends. Steve will never let him live this one down.

rated teen . 1k

4 Minute Window by Speranza

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

rated explicit . 24k

if the bad times are coming let 'em come by suzukiblu

“I think I’m gonna have to hurt some people,” Steve Rogers says, voice tight with rage. The asset assumes that will be him, then laughs at himself for the thought.

He’s not people.

rated explicit . 9k

If Ye Be Worthy (the Stubborn as a Brick Wall Remix) by Taste_is_Sweet

Bucky didn’t even glance up from beating the trembling heavy bag to death. “You’re gonna tell me that being turned into the Red Room’s assassin and then Hydra’s fucking attack dog for seventy-whatever years wasn’t my fault and that Tony was talking crap and you can’t think of anyone more worthy to hold Mjölnir than me.”

“Well, you’re right,” Steve said, only barely surprised. “So why the hell are you still down here?”

The look Bucky threw him was too resigned for a glare. “Because we both know that’s bullshit.”

rated teen . 6k

What If I Told You by DeadWalker

Bucky tries to tell Steve something important. It takes a few tries before he gets it right.

rated teen . 8k

Sincerely, Your Pal by lettered

“[…] lesbians and gay men writing letters to their lovers and friends faced the special problem of wartime censorship. Military censors, of course, cut out all information that might aid the enemy, but this surveillance made it necessary for gay and lesbian correspondents to be careful not to expose their homosexuality. To get around this, gay men befriended sympathetic censors or tricked others by using campy phrases, signing a woman’s name (like Dixie or Daisy), or changing the gender of their friends. Sailors became WAVEs, boyfriends became WACs, Robert became Roberta. There must exist, hidden in closets and attics all over America, a huge literature of these World War II letters between lesbians and between gay men that would tell us even more about this important part of American history.” - Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women In World War Two, by Allan Berube

rated mature . 65k

Your Lack Of An Answer Is Kind Of An Answer: Four Questions Natasha Asked Steve Rogers, And One Time Bucky Barnes Answered by Speranza

“All right, I have a question for you. Oh, but you don’t have to answer it. I feel like if you don’t answer it though, you’re kind of answering it, you know…”

rated mature . 4k

A Precarious, Fragile Thing by Taste_is_Sweet

“I didn’t know he did that,” Tony said. He knew Bucky liked tucking himself so far under Steve’s arm that it was like he was trying to climb into his armpit. But he’d always stayed upright, just kind of plastering himself against Steve’s side. This blanket thing was new.

“Seventy years of skin hunger,” Steve said. His voice was just as soft, but for a moment his eyes flickered hot with anger, bright as the candy-colored screen. “He was always tactile. Now, when things get…well, sometimes it helps. The contact.”

And it looked…nice, the two of them together like that: Comfortable. Familiar. Safe. Tony knew what a precarious, fragile thing it was, to feel safe in the middle of the night.

rated teen . 6k

Blood And Frost Bite by thegreennoodle

Steve took a few deep breaths. He wasn’t sure he could handle another minute with this monster. “And what about me? I’m an easy target, aren’t I? Why aren’t you killing me right now?”

The man frowned. He seemed confused as well. “I don’t want to.”

“Why did you bring me here if you won’t kill me?”

Another damn shrug. “Felt like it.”

“Oh, god,” Steve groaned. He had been taken to god-knew-where on the complete whim of a murderer. And he thought his life sucked before.

Steve’s life was normal enough. He had an average job and a crappy apartment. Boring, but he knew it could be worse. Unfortunately, it does become much worse for him when he encounters one of the most infamous serial killers in U.S. history and is swept up into his world. Steve must now do his best to survive and maintain his sanity, all the while trying to figure out what his captor really wants.

rated mature . 59k

I was wearing my blue coat by Maelipstick

Following exposure of his past as the Winter Soldier, anonymous postings of explicit video footage, 63 charges of murder and the wrath of the Internet, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes finally steps into the limelight and tells his story to Zenat Patel of the New York Times.

rated explicit . 11k

home is the nicest word there is by sheisraging

Sometimes they’re just obnoxious to each other for the sake of being obnoxious. It must be some left over behavior from years of being in each other’s pockets. Playmates, schoolboys, roommates, army boys, lovers – there’s a lot of relationship in there. The others don’t even try to pretend they get it.

rated general . 5k

Take Me to Church by neversaydie

Steve Rogers is a struggling artist. It’s not as romantic as it sounds.

What Steve really wants is a job as a session musician. He can play enough instruments that he could make a decent amount of money doing it, but in New York there are just too many talented musicians and not enough jobs to go around. So he takes jobs in hipster bars, hotel lobbies, at weddings and bar mitzvahs and office parties.

If he gets one more request for Let it Go, he swears he’ll find it within himself to punch a child.

He lives in a tiny, shitty apartment with Sam, who was his sort-of-boyfriend for a few weeks until he decided Steve’s very domestic relationship goals weren’t for him. They’re still pretty much best friends, luckily for Steve, because when the regular pianist at Sam’s dance company runs away to Canada he’s recommended his roommate and got him the job before Steve even knows about it.

Dancers. Steve’s going to have to spend his days with dancers. Great.

rated explicit . 124k 

Team-Building Exercises by owlet

Integration into adult human social dynamics requires attention and effort. Especially with this bunch of damaged bozos.

(A series of interconnected one-shots.)

rated teen . 22k

Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) by Speranza

This is a war story.

rated explicit . 36k

Shangri-La by nimmieamee

Steve gets money, still won’t move in with Bucky, and somehow totally misses that Queer Brooklyn is an option.

rated teen . 6k

Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones by Shaish and Stringlish

I’ll always find you.

rated explicit . 32k

hold me until we crumble by queenklu

“Sam told me you were watching Antiques Roadshow,” Natasha says, shaking out her hair. “I assumed it was a national emergency.”

rated NA . 22k

G.I. Joes and 2AM Diners by OhCaptainMyCaptain

They look nothing like what they used to. Time and life have completely changed them. But as they sit there in silence, eating two halves of one cupcake, letting Brooklyn remind there where they came from, and enjoying a sky full of stars… They are those same little boys, somewhere deep down. For just a second, you’d be able to see them again.

And Bucky thinks to himself that maybe it’s little moments like these – fleeting as they may be – that remind him why life is still worth living.

rated explicit . 100k

Apes Debemus Imitari (We Should Imitate the Bees) by buckysbees

Steve operates a fruit & veg stand at a farmer’s market. Bucky keeps bees and has started up a honey shop just opposite. They’re failing to get along. Steve gets along a lot better with the anonymous friend he’s been writing letters to. In fact, he’s rapidly falling for him.

rated general . 15k

Copy Of A… by Brenda

“This…” He hesitates, a breath between heartbeats, and waits in vain for the ache to subside. “I’ve done this before.”

rated mature . 1k

just say you do by biblionerd07

Steve just wanted a job. He wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to accept.

rated teen . 173k

Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches by Sena

Steve lives in Stark Tower and doesn’t have much to do when he’s not going after Hydra strongholds. He attends charity events to make Pepper happy. He goes hiking with Sam. He hangs out with Clint in Bed-Stuy and watches Dog Cops. Sometimes Tony gives him super alcohol in a sippy cup. Sometimes he sees Bucky out of the corner of his eye and wonders if it’s real or if he’s starting to lose his mind.

Alternately, the one with terrible jokes, a foot chase through the Lower East Side, and a tiny little robot named Shitcan.

rated mature . 26k

what would i try to say by Feather (lalaietha)

And maybe, maybe someday Bucky will have to tell Natalia exactly how fucking glad he is none of her attempts to set Steve up worked, and how it has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with how sex, sex that works, makes Steve’s walls drop like fucking water.

And how it’s hard to tell what’s worse, because if you know what you’re looking at you know how easy it would be to fuck him up and that makes him such an easy fucking target - but if you don’t, you might just do it by accident anyway.

rated mature . 1k 

Sing Me the Alphabet by thesardine

There wasn’t anything left to salvage. That’s what Fury believed. It would have been a kindness to put him down.

When SHIELD finally releases Bucky from custody, he is not the man anyone expects him to be. The ruthlessness of the Winter Soldier is gone, replaced with a child-like wariness as he struggles to communicate his warped understanding of who he is and what was done to him. But with Hydra scrambling to regroup, SHIELD takes dangerous measures to secure Zola’s algorithm to use against them, and Steve is dragged back into battle, forced to weigh what’s best for Bucky against what’s best for the fate of the free world.

Then Bucky is abducted.

Steve races to recover his friend before the man who was Bucky is gone forever. When the rescue stalls, he starts to crumble under the weight of everything he has lost and everything the war has taken from him.

Meanwhile, Bucky confronts a terrible piece of ex-SHIELD tech that was in development long before Project Insight, but in order to survive, he must decide who he is going to be: the vulnerable Bucky Barnes or the indomitable Winter Soldier? It turns out there might not be as big a difference as everyone seems to think.

rated teen . 78k

Cognitive Recalibration by stele3

The subject will need extensive re-programming.

rated teen . 7k

In the Stardust of a Song by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)

The shudder courses through you again, there’s a vicious throb like that first touch of the ice on your skin. You don’t know this song. You don’t know any music at all.

rated mature . 9k

Make a Thing Go Right by hansbekhart

Sam meets Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes on a Thursday night, at a burlesque show, and how it happens is this:

It’s already late, later than he should be out on a weeknight, but the theme of the show was a super hero revue and there was no way he was gonna miss that. It’s loud in the venue, which is the back space of what probably used to be a warehouse right near the Gowanus Canal, and Sam’s already had a few. He’s up at the bar during the break, watching the act. He doesn’t hear someone say, “Behind!” so when he steps away from the bar, he smashes right into the guy who’d just done the Captain America routine up on stage, and knocks his drinks to the ground.

Or, I wanted to see more stories that captured the weirdness and complexity of being queer, in your late 20s, and trying to date in Brooklyn - which is my life - so I wrote one. Takes place in the MCU.

rated explicit . 100k

The Man On The Wall by CaseyStar

Bucky Barnes was a member of Ares 3.

Now he’s the lone man on Mars, with no communications, not enough food and no way to get home.

He’s a little fucked off about it.

rated teen . 182k

Hard to Say by betty days (sadrobots)

“What worked for me was a nice, solid punch in the face. I’m not sure that’ll do much for you, though. Looks like you’ve been through enough already,” Hawkeye said.

rated mature . 17k

Any Old Bed Of Nails by Clytaemnestra

“Bucky looks at him, through him; doesn’t meet his eyes. "I know you.”

“Yeah,” Steve says slowly, forcing words out through a throat that has just closed up. “You know me.”

Bucky nods jerkily, and produces a gun from somewhere. He offers it to Steve, handle first. “Asset reporting for debrief,” he says.

Steve doesn’t know what else to do. He takes it.“

A couple of weeks after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky surrenders to Steve. Then he starts the long road to recovery. Prepare for angst. Lots of angst.

rated mature . 26k

The Tower by sarahlucielle

Peggy Carter recruits Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to fight against Baron Zemo, a man who desires the powers of the entity that has taken a liking to Steve Rogers. The Howling Commandos search Europe for artifacts with the mission to retrieve them before Zemo’s Secret Empire can, but the Baron is ruthless and patient, willing to play the long game.

As the world explodes into a war seeped in occult forces and lead by madmen, Bucky has to admit for his own peace of mind that he’s always loved Steve Rogers and would follow him into any kind of war, no matter how strange.

Horror AU set in World War II.

rated explicit . 76k

I’m Not Sick (But I’m Not Well) by loonietuna

Steve Rogers doesn’t meet Bucky Barnes in the 1930’s. Instead, Steve meets him April 17th, 2012.

Well…sort of meets him.

In actuality, Bucky had almost hit him with his truck.

Or: The fic where millennial Bucky Barnes nearly runs over a freshly thawed national treasure, and what Steve Rogers did to adjust to modern NYC during those two weeks before the events of The Avengers.

rated mature . 29k

20th Century Limited by Speranza

"Where am I? Where is this?” and he was in Brooklyn, he was on a beach, the train was shaking around him. He was in the plane, ice splintering up onto the windshield. He was in a tank, tubes trailing from his face, from his groin. Christ, he was cold. There was still ice on his fingers. He was in the Grand Canyon. He was in Times Square. This couldn’t be Times Square. Where the hell was this? “Tell me! Where am I, who are you, where's—” —Bucky?

rated explicit . 52k

Poppies of the Field by kaasknot

“Thank you for purchasing a StarkTech Companion 'Bot! Please state your name for licensing.”

Wherein Bucky is a severely agoraphobic combat veteran, and Steve is the android he buys out of loneliness.

rated mature . 63k

This, You Protect by owlet

The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

rated teen . 64k (see note below)

Upgrade: Advanced Happiness Skills by owlet

WARNING: Reference to past sexual assault (not explicit)

Barnes’s body does a new thing. Thanks for all the trouble, body.

rated mature . 15k

NOTE: the entire series “Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail” was also submitted which can be found HERE on AO3!

Leave Me On The Mountain by perfect_plan

Bucky is certain that he’s about to die, cold and lost in this mountain forest. But just as he thinks that the wolves have him, someone finds him and takes him in.

rated mature . 18k

and never be forsaken by hitlikehammers

Truth is, Bucky’s always been giving up something, sacrificing pieces of himself on the promise that the trade would keep Steve with him, keep Steve breathing, keep Steve here.

Steve’s just never noticed, never put it all together, until now.

rated teen . 4k

Kotik by Taste_is_Sweet

No one knows Steve Rogers is a witch until he nearly dies and accidentally creates a familiar to save himself. The familiar is part cat, part ghost, and shares Steve’s soul. His name is James Buchanan Barnes.

But little boys don’t have cat ears, claws, or tails, and they’re terrible at keeping secrets. To protect them, Sarah Rogers asks a witch to make Bucky seem human, and then enchant the boys to forget he’s not.

Steve and Bucky grow up inseparable, but they don’t talk about how they know when the other’s hurting, and Bucky never tells Steve about the urge to hunt he can barely control.

He’s terrified he’s a monster, and then the War comes and then Azzano, and Bucky finds out he’s right.

And then he falls, and Hydra finds him.

(“What are you?” Steve says.

“I don’t k-know.” James looks at his hand, the sharp, curving claws, then at Steve again. “D-do you know? You made me.”)

rated mature . 59k

Catfish by L1av

Catfish /ˈkatˌfiSH/ - A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Steve Rogers is a famous movie star, known for his role as Captain America. Bucky Barnes is a bored law student who drinks too much wine. Bucky gets on match.com to boost his confidence. What he doesn’t expect is a guy using Steve Rogers’ pictures on a dating profile. Bucky decides to mess with the guy. After all, what idiot uses Steve Rogers’ pictures on a dating site?

Not like it’s really him, right? Bucky may need more wine.

rated explicit . 28k

Since I can’t remember when by euseevius

Steve Rogers is in love with James Barnes. Some people realize that sooner than others.

rated NA . 397

My Good Fellow by euseevius

”Would you marry me if I asked, Stevie?”

Or in which Steve and Bucky get married three times.

rated general . 1k

Scrap Metal by Scappodaqui an tinzelda

Steve and Bucky write each other during the war. With more than your usual inclusion of spam & jam sandwiches, chickens, radar-evasion devices, Dum Dum Dugan’s hat, and that dumb lunkhead who plays Captain America. Who’s that, Steve? Oh, just some guy I work with.

Title is a reference, in part, to this scene from The First Avenger–

Bucky: Why are you so keen to fight? There are so many important jobs.
Steve: What am I gonna do? Collect scrap metal…
Bucky: Yes!
Steve Rogers: …in my little red wagon.
Bucky: Why not?

rated mature . 31k

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you by Scappodaqui

Bucky sometimes caught himself thinking, about the war: is all of this happening because old men saw the raw life in young men and wanted to squelch it? It was the same thing he had thought in school. Running track. When he had worked in the crew building the World’s Fair Railroad. And especially when he got his draft letter: they want to crush us like a piece of tin on train tracks.

Begins at Kreischberg prison camp, continues after the rescue.

rated explicit . 40k

steve rogers: pr disaster by @idiopath-fic-smile

“Wait,” says Sam, “you had a publicist?”

“For my first five months at S.H.I.E.L.D,” says Steve. “Then she quit. Uh, decisively.”

rated general . 4k

Some days last longer than others by crooked and notallbees

Bucky moves onto Pastor Rogers’ farm on a Sunday.

“Can’t offer you much right now,” Rogers had said with a sad twist to his mouth, “but there’s an old cabin needs fixing up, you’re welcome to camp out there and do whatever you want with it.” He laughed. “Maybe you can even teach my boy to use a hammer.”

The pastor’s seventeen year old son Steve is the last thing Bucky expects. He’s got a smart mouth, a nose for trouble, and a habit of seducing members of the football team. Bucky didn’t think he was looking for anything, but Steve ’s got his own ideas about what Bucky needs.

rated explicit . 85k

through smoke, solid ground by magdaliny

You take the arm off four days later.

rated teen . 25k

QuickPic by biblionerd07

Steve loses his phone and doesn’t think too much about it…until someone puts his pictures and texts on the internet.

rated general . 5k

All Those Things You’ve Always Pined For by LavenderProse

Steve Rogers. I haven’t thought about him in…God, at least ten years. Probably longer.“
“Who is he?” Sharon asks, and perches on the corner of his desk, hands folded in her lap. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
Bucky clears his throat, tosses the sticky note onto the desk. “Steve was…my college boyfriend. We almost got married.”

It’s been fifteen years since Bucky Barnes left Steve Rogers standing in a New York airport and never saw him again. Those fifteen years have brought him wealth and stability; everything his lower middle class Brooklyn upbringing had not provided. He is happy. He doesn’t want for anything.
He doesn’t need anything.
That’s about to change.

rated explicit . 92k

It’s possible that he wants you too by belovedmuerto

“Bucky kissed me this morning,” Steve says, not quite believing the words even as they’re coming out of his mouth.

“Wait,” Sam replies. “Back up.”

rated teen . 4k

Benefit by ibroketuesday

Saving Bucky was the easy part. The hard part is the garden parties they have to attend afterward.

rated mature . 11k

Milestones by andloawhatsit

Brooklyn 1918 to Brooklyn 2015: In which Steve questions his humanity, has a mid-twenties crisis (though he doesn’t call it that), makes friends, falls in love again, and slowly learns that he doesn’t need to live in the past to honour his memories.

This is a soulmates AU, written for bisexualstevenrogers to explore what this kind of universe would look like in the day-to-day—that is, the idea of soulmates against our actual world and histories—as well as what it might mean for someone like Steve or Bucky, who have had their bodies altered and subjected to someone else’s control. For them, I think, the idea of soulmates and soulmate tattoos—which direct you without your permission—can really highlight how much they struggle for their individuality and personal freedom (and to sort themselves out in the 21st-century).

rated teen . 54k

Friday I’m in Love by betty days (sadrobots)

barefootbucky: heyyy! sorry it took me so long to reply. hope you got the last few postcards i sent. ok so i’m in istanbul now and there’s a dirt cheap direct flight to dc. thinkin about stopping by for a bit. mind if i crash with you? the road is great and all but i think i need some time to recoup.

rated explicit . 8k

Nietzsche is Dead by mambo

“God is dead.” —Nietzsche
“Nietzsche is dead.” —God
“Doesn’t matter if God is dead, or Nietzsche, or both.” —Sam Wilson

rated teen . 10k

Under Paper Skies by InterruptingDinosaur

All Bucky wants is to get back to New York in time for his meeting, but his luck runs out when a blizzard traps him in D.C. It gets even worse when the guy looking like Bucky’s every dirty fantasy come to life catches him giggling at the erotic thrillers in the romance section of the airport bookstore.

So much for making a good first impression.

rated mature . 18k

Project Phoenix by TheAvalonian

“They told me you were enemies,” the girl said blankly. “They told me I had been forged in hatred.”

Neither Bucky nor Steve said anything for a long time. The girl stayed with her hand pressed to the glass, waiting. This time, the question was there, even if she hadn’t asked it outright.

Bucky cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away from Steve’s and pushing down on the handle. “Well, they lied,” he said gruffly, and strode out the door without looking back.

Post-TWS, Steve and Bucky’s lives are just starting to resemble some kind of normal when a young Hydra agent shows up in the lobby of the Avengers’ Tower, claiming to be their daughter.

rated teen . 73k

Past Lives by earthseraph

Steven Grant Rogers: Male, 32 years old, former Army Captain, present day art professor at NYU.

James Grant: Male, 33 years old, mysterious writer of a book that sounds a lot like Steve and Bucky’s life, told from Bucky’s point of view.

But Bucky’s dead. He died in action during the Iraq war- didn’t he?

(Or: The one where Bucky’s supposed to be dead, Steve’s supposed to have moved on, but there’s a book and two very amused friends.)

rated mature . 46k

Too Long We Have Tarried by kototyph

Bucky picks up the ring and holds it between them. “Steven Grant Rogers,” he says solemnly. “Will you marry me?”

rated explicit . 19k

Click Here to Read Full Article by thecommodore_squid

“You’re losing public favor at a dramatic rate.”


Fury glared. “Fortunately, I am smart enough for the both of us and have created a narrow pathway of recovery. This option has a little bit of opportunity-cost, but I’m eighty-three percent sure that it’ll be worth it and it’ll work in the long run.” Nick paused, then amended, “Eighty-two percent.”

A Fake Dating AU in which Steve and Bucky are famous.

rated mature . 33k

Hell On Wheels by LastAmericanMermaid

Bucky Barnes is an honorably discharged soldier who was captured by enemies while on a covert op and still struggles with PTSD–

His roommate is Natasha, lead jammer for the Brooklyn Bombshells, a WFTDA roller derby team with national ranking owned by obnoxious billionaire Tony Stark.

Natasha’s derby team’s new coach is Steve Rogers, ex-army and ex-NHL, total nerd and complete life-ruining babe.

Somewhere in all the team rivalry, and the wipeouts, and the uphill climb of recovery, two dudes on skates figure out that they want to kiss each other.

rated mature . 37k

The Fifties by Speranza

"Because everything’s all right, isn’t it?” Bucky said. “Everything’s great. I’m so happy; I never thought I could be this happy. You’re happy, too, aren’t you, Peg?”

rated explicit . 28k

The Needle and the Killing Done by spitandvinegar

The asset wears blue jeans, a t-shirt, a denim jacket. The asset wears one glove. The asset walks around the city. It feels as if it remembers something. It doesn’t know what it remembers. Perhaps it remembers everything.

After two days the insects crawling over the asset’s body become intolerable. The asset uses its metal arm to attempt to remove the insects from the meat arm. The results are not satisfactory.

“What the fuck are you doing, man?” says a pile of refuse.

rated mature . 7k

Snickerdoodles Are the Way to Steve’s Heart by HMSLusitania

Steve can’t help but be a little annoyed when Natasha signs him up for a cooking class - a couple’s cooking class. At least, he’s annoyed until he meets the instructor, who might just be the most attractive man Steve has ever laid eyes on.

Featuring chef!Bucky, bitterly single Steve, and their meddling friends.

rated teen . 15k

My Arms Were Made To Hold You by portraitofemmy and rainbow_marbles

Tired of being kept awake at night by a screaming baby, Bucky decides to take matters into his own hands. Mostly he wants a good night’s sleep, but what he gets is beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes, a lonely father trying to move on from tragedy, and a chance at a family he never expected to have.

rated explicit . 55k

Acting Their Age by @ipoiledi

Prompt: Oh god I live for Steve and Bucky acting like the 20somthing they are together, loving junk food, and doing stupid things (like the time they made a sex tape and mistakenly shared it with all the avengers… and by mistakenly I mean totally on purpose because Bucky’s probably a bit of an exhibitionist too, like “LOOK, LOOK AT MY BABYDOLL, ISN’T HE GORGEOUS? AND HE’S ALL MINE, NO YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM HAHAHA”)

rated NA . ~1-2k

Steve Rogers’ Dad Face and Other Common Hazards by AggressiveWhenStartled

Today, Peter was honest-to-god going to see Captain America himself up close, in person, and not from a rooftop or tiny crevice like a creepy stalker fanboy.

Even better, he was going to watch Steve Rogers make history by soldiering his beleaguered way through the most intensely awkward and honestly ridiculous press conference in the history of ever– jaw thrust out and spine ramrod straight. Trying hard to be polite and respectful in the face of adversity.

While a bunch of assholes with cameras and microphones shouted at him about Iron Man’s adolescent dick.

rated teen . 4k

Note: The entire series called “Workplace Hazards” was also submitted and can be found HERE on AO3.

Between Their Names by Sproings

What would a background check have turned up about Steven Grant Rogers?

Hopefully not the fact that Bucky could still remember the guy’s middle name. But certainly the fact that Steve and Bucky (and Jesus how their names still flowed together in his head) had spent three years living on the same street, going to the same school.

And now they were strangers.

AKA The one where Steve teaches a knitting class, and Bucky hides in a tree, and there’s a cat named Peepers

rated mature . 20k

Off The Record by Brenda

“This is a serious coup, James. Steve Rogers has never sat down with a member of the press and given an interview. Ever. Do you know how rare that is for the fourth-string star on a cable reality show, much less the biggest movie star in the world?”

rated explicit . 9k

Series: Reciprocity by osprey_archer

A series of fics that started in 2014 but ended in 2015. Starts with the fic Self-Abuse: 

“You want me to give you a handjob,” said Steve, because he was having trouble processing this. “You can’t take care of it yourself?”

“No.” Bucky sounded annoyed. “Self-abuse makes you go blind and grow hair on your palms.”

Of course one of the few things Bucky remembered from the thirties were anti-masturbation pamphlets.

rated teen - explicit . 162k

Thaw by I_Dont_KnowWhatImDoing

Even below the layers of armor and muscle, Steve feels the bite of the cold. It’s not quite as intense or racking as it used to be back when his body was thin and offered little to protect him from the elements, but it’s present and pulling and unpleasant. It’s high on his list of immediate concerns, though not for himself. The numbness brings him back to the last time he was in Russia, 70 years earlier. But that was back when Bucky had been watching his back, alert and dependable, not glued to his front and immobile as he is now.

He’s finally found the ghost he’s been chasing. The question now is how does he bring him home?

rated explicit . 10k

Venus in Vibranium by betty days (sadrobots)

“To be a Lead’s Support is a substantial responsibility,“ Natasha says. "You must be Agent Rogers’ personal assistant, bodyguard, chef, maid, best friend, boyfriend, and whatever else he wishes you to be.”

rated explicit . 58k

The Sun & The Star by greenbergsays

There is a way these things are done; this is not it.

Or the one where Steve belongs to the Winter Soldier.

rated teen . 2k

Slide To Answer by relenafanel

"What do I do?” Steve appealed into the phone. “I’m freaking out.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. It lasted so long that Steve pulled the receiver away from his ear and frowned at it. Pay phones were old. Maybe this one wasn’t working despite the obvious dial tone when he picked up.

“Ok,” a stranger’s voice said over the phone. “First acknowledge the fact that you dialed the wrong number, but be quick about it because my cab is a few blocks away from my own plans and I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you.”

rated teen . 6k

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

That’s it! It’s been a great year of amazing fics and I can’t wait until we are all overwhelmed with the feels and inspired to make even more Stucky fic in the coming new year and the release of Civil War. Huge kudos to the dedicated writers, many listed, and the thousands that aren’t - your fics have helped make 2015 a really good year. 

Happy New Years!

MASTERPOST of all Stucky recs and rec lists!

ps - if you submitted a fic and couldn’t find it on the list, I only listed those that were written in 2015 and that were completely finished. So all WIPs will need to wait until next years list! 

When I was in elementary school, there was an elderly teacher’s aide who was very strict but that I liked a lot because she talked to me about books.

When we were in third grade, and reading a book that touched on the Holocaust (I think it was Number the Stars), our teacher asked her to come and speak with us.

She came in, this strict but kind old woman, and she told us about being a little girl in Nazi Germany being raised by a single father, a professional bookbinder. She and her father, they sheltered Jews on their way out of the country. She told us about watching her father get beaten in front of her, and still the Nazis couldn’t find the Jews in their house. She told us this, and she cried. She told us she didn’t know if any of those people made it all the way out alive. Before the end of the war, her father was dead. And she was very proud of him.

I went home that day and told my parents about it. My dad told me about my grandfather, and his time in WWII. He was hard of hearing, bordering on deaf in later years, which made it very hard to get into the military, let alone advance. But he ended up an expert surveyor, planning out strikes with math because they didn’t have computers yet. He was often in an enemy zone before everyone else.

So my dad went into the closet and pulled out a sword. A German ceremonial sword. The advance squad had run into a town and my grandpa led the fight that ended in their surrender, taking advantage of the element of surprise. And that was the sword they surrendered to him. He, a man who could barely hear them, heard the Nazi surrender.

And as a kid, I held the sword and it was very heavy. These days, it still is. My brother calls me and tells me he has registered on an underground network as a safe house, for muslims, for gay kids. He asks me for resources.

I have seen a lot of posts lately about the bomb threats against temples and the desecration of Jewish buildings. And I want all my Jewish followers to know that if they want to know if the non-Jews in here would hide them, I am one. I’m not Jewish but standing against nazis is in my blood. It should be in everyone’s.

Please know that you are not alone. These neo-nazis have so many targets based on race, nationality, sexuality. But I won’t forget that their anti-semitism is at the root of so much.

anonymous asked:

LOU YOU WENT TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH ANSEL ELGORT???? *whispers* how bad was he 👀👀

so he was a senior when i was a freshman and he was in the drama department, we went to an arts high school and i was a lowly visual arts student, the drama kids were the cream of the crop™™ so i already was like 🙄 BUT heres what i know abt him:

1) his senior class sold calendars w topless pics of him to raise $ for their prom (there was a senior in my french class and she tried to sell me one and my gay ass said No Thanks!)

2) he was barely in school, he missed like all of second semester to be in a broadway show and somehow still graduated on time

3) he has SUCH a god complex like he thinks hes a literal god and would use it to leverage others and take advantage of them and get them to do what he wants . like ngl he is talented for sure, i saw him in bye bye birdie and he was great but also ….. his personality is ugly and annoying

4) he would incessantly be hitting on young girls like 14-16yo girls even when he had a gf , and he was 18. and it wasnt just flirting, hed talk to these girls on like facebook for HOURS and make plans to hook up w them and i think he did hook up w them. my childhood friend was one of many many girls he lured w his ~fame~

all in all hes overrated at best and a complete predatory asshole at worst !

(also pls reblog this so ppl can know the truth and stop stanning him before they get in too deep or before they start period)
you may now kiss my ass

@cryopods hewwo…. would u like some klance in these trying times

 Read Chapter 1 on AO3

Keith isn’t a fan of weddings. Or at least big, loud ones. They’re always way too chaotic and stressful, and there’s always that one distant relative that gets blackout drunk and passes out on the dance floor. Okay, so that only happened once, but that was enough for Keith to swear off weddings completely. Which is why Keith kind of wants to kill Shiro right now.

Shiro harassed him for weeks about coming to this wedding, and Keith reluctantly agreed only when Shiro promised he’d stay with him the entire time. Yet, he’d bailed not even an hour after the ceremony, and now Keith is stuck at the wedding of a couple he doesn’t even know . Shiro said it was a work thing, but just because it’s understandable doesn’t mean it’s forgivable. There’ll have to be a lot of ass-kissing to make up for this.

There isn’t much for Keith to do; he doesn’t really know anyone, and even if he did, he isn’t a social person by nature. So he mostly stands off to the side, watching everyone from a safe distance. Most people seem to get the hint, and no one makes any move to approach him.

It isn’t until lunch had started that his good luck runs out. He’s in the middle of eating when someone drops down into the seat next to him.

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Love at the back of a classroom // Liam Dunbar

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x reader

Requested: I wish it was (you can send me requests 😊)

Warning: kissing, cursing

Word count: I have no idea.

A/N: I wanted to do a diffrent story. Not smut, just an imagine. Yes, there’s some kissing here and there. I thought it would be great to do something “clean”. My part 4 of my series Will be up tomorrow. I hope you guys will love it as much as i loved writing it. (I’ll add GIFs tomorrow. I’m uploading it on my phone and my data is dead so bare with me, please) Happy reading x

Here I was. At lunch with my best friends. Mark, Cody and Ryan. I know it’s weird that I’m a girl and I don’t have a girl bestie, but it’s okay. Mark is my girl bestie. He’s as gay as you can imagine. He does his makeup better than I do mine. Every morning he curls his lashes up to Jesus.

I was biting to my sandwich, daydreaming about the cool squad of Beacon Hills High School. “Hey, Y/N! Back to Earth, please!” Cody said waving his hand in front of my face. “Are you dreaming abou that boy again?” Ryan asked me. I blushed, I really was dreaming about him. “Girl, you ain’t gonna get that dick if you keep sitting here.” Mark ponted out in Marks way.

“You don’t have to say it like that.” I replied to him. “It’s true, Y/N.” Cody said and I knew it was, but what the hell am I supposed to do? I can’t go and flirt with him. He’s with Scott for the love of God. There’s only two options in my case a) he likes me or b) I make a total fool of myself.

Me: “Are you guys crazy? I’m not going to talk to him. He’s..” Cody: “He’s what!? He’s an human being. So what if he hangs out with Scott and Stiles.” Mark: “Let’s just all take a moment and talk about them. Jesus take the wheel!

We all started laughing and there he was. Sitting to a tabel right next to us. My heart started pounting like crazy. For a second I thought he heard my heart beat, because he looked at me and smirked. I almost fainted. Cody poked me and winked at me. They started laughing at me. “You guys suck!” I said, took my food and stood up. “Baby, don’t go! We’re sorry.” Cody said crabbing my hand.

I sat back down and then it hit me. “I have to go!” “What happened?” Ryan asked me. “It’s a new semester today and my English teacher wants us to change seats every semester and today we habe to do it. I don’twant to sit next to Jared. He pukes way too often for a teenager.” I was worried sick and the bell rang. Liam stood up and left the tabel with his friends.

“Baby, don’t worry. If you have to sit next to him text us.” Cody said. “And then what?” I asked them. “We’ll come and help you out.” Mark said. “That’s what best friends are for, Y/N.” Ryan said smiling softly. “Thank you, guys. Love you all. Bye!” I said and stood up they all blowed me a kiss.

I went to my locker crabbed my stuff and went to class. I opened the door and my heart dropped. Only one seat was left empty and it was next to Jared. Great. I sat next to him, he smiled. I smiled back, took my phone and texted to our group. They promised to do something. Next thing you know my English teacherwalk next to me. “Y/N. What are you doing?” “Miss..I’m so sorry. It just my mom..” “Your dad texted me and said he want you to sit in the middle of our classroom. I do not know why, but change your seats with Stiles.”

I looked who Stiles sat with, of course. Liam Dunbar. The cutest guy I have ever met. Stiles took his things, smiled and winked at Liam. He came over to me and said: “Y/N, Good luck with him!” and patted me on my shoulder.

Why does Stiles Stilinski know my name? Weird.

I took my backpack and walked over to Liam. I looked at him smiled softly and sat down. I took my phone out and texted to Cody.


I put my phone down and opened my textbook. I leaned down to my bag and took a pencil out of it. “Your boyfriend replied.” he said. I was lost for words and just looked at him. He smiled. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” I answered. He looked suprised and also happy. “Cody is not you boyfriend?” He asked me and I shook my head. I opened my phone and looked, what he texted me.

Good for you. Love you too, baby x

Of course. Not all call their friends , who are boys by nicknames. I started writing and then turned my head at Liam. “Why do you care though?” I asked him with a smirk. He blushed. “Just curious.” he answered,but that didn’t satisfy me. “Why?” I asked again while writing down some shit on the board and clanced over at him. His face was red. I laughed. “Just study. Can you do that?” he asked with a bit of anger in his voice. “Okay. Rude.” I said and turned back writing. I saw Stiles in the corner of my eye and I heard him whisper: “What the fuck are you doing?!?” I looked at him and he almost fell down and quickly turned around. I rolled my eyes and looked at the time.

I felt a tap on my leg. “What?” I asked Liam being kinda rude to get back at him. “Sorry, that I was rude.” he said playing withapencil in his sexy hands.

“Apology accepted.” I whispered at him and winked. “It’s just…um….I…….You. Fuck. Okay!” he turned around to look straight to my face. I raised my eyebrow not getting a thing that was going on in here.

“Y/N.” he said softly. I was suprised by the fact that he knew my name. “Liam.” I answered and he smiled. “I’ve been in this school for a year now and since the day I walked in here all I’ve been thinking about is you. You’re so beautiful. I like you a lot, Y/N.” he said while teacher was talking abou something, but I didn’t care. All I could think about was him liking me. He looked nervous so I couldn’t resist and I kissed him. He relised, what was happening and kissed me right back. He crabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to him.

We stopeed kissing, when we heard a chair fall. It was Stiles. He had jumped up and yelled: “ WE DID IT!”. I looked at Liam thinking that he knew, whar was going on, but he was as confused as everyone in this classroom.

“Y/L/N and Dunbar. If you want to keep kissing then you have to leave me classroom.” I guess she thought that we would feel guilty,but we didn’t. We took our things, Liam crabbed my hand and we left the classroom. We stood by the lockers and I just looked at him. “You like me?” he asked after a moment of silence.

“I do. As soon as you walked in that door.” he smiled at me and put my hair behind my ear. “Love to hear that.” he whispered in my ear and kissed me. The feeling of kiss lips against mine made me fall even harder for him. His hands on my waist slowly caressing my sking. I took his hands and placed them on my ass. He smiled to the kiss and crabbed it.

I had to pull away from our kiss, because of the burning sensation in my lungs. Our foreheads still touching. Then I heard claping. Mark, Cody, Ryan, Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Allison and Mason were all standing next to us. They were laughing and clapping. Lydia was snapping all of it.

“What’s going on?” Liam asked them. They all looked at each other. “We kinda helped you guys out.” Scott said. “Yeah, we knew you guys were afraid to talk to each other. I mailed to your English teacher and told her that I was you dad.” Stiles said and winked at me.

“How did you guys know that we liked each other?” I asked them. “We were at a party and it just came up. We decided to help our best friends out.” Mark said. “Welcome to our pack!” Scott said to me.

I just looked at Liam and he smiled. “I need to thank them. Later” he said and kissed me. They all were screaming and chearing at us. At that moment I knew. I knew I was in love with him and nothing could help me with these feelings. I was dating Liam Dunbar now. The cutest and a popular boy of my school. He pulled away and looked me deeply in my eyes. His eyes had never been so beautiful and so full of lust. He leaned down to my ear.

“I fell in love at the back of my English class.” he whispered.

Okay, I gotta talk about this....

‘I thought about what it would be like here, with you.’

‘Like this,’ said Damen. He kissed the top of Laurent’s bare shoulder, then his jaw.

‘No, I—thinking about you and being with you are different, you’re always more powerful, more—’

‘Go on.’ Damen felt a wellspring of pure pleasure, laughing against his neck.

‘Stop my mouth,’ said Laurent. ‘I don’t know what I’m saying.’



Fic: Oblivious

anon prompted:  An au where angels and demons live peacefully on earth together and demon!kurt and angel!blaine at first kinda annoy each other then develop crushes on each other, and bc demons are known to be oblivious to their/other’s feelings Blaine doesn’t expect anything but then Kurt’ll just be done with it and here comes the romance and love showing and etc

The sappiest possible demon AU, because that’s how I roll. ~1900 words, PG-13 for language.

“Oh no. No, no, no. Fuck no,” came the voice of one Kurt Hummel from the doorway of the classroom. “I did not sign up for this.”

“Technically, none of us did,” Blaine pointed out from his chair, ruffling his wing feathers primly. Kurt just glared daggers at him as he flopped into his own seat.

“I’m sorry, but you have to participate in the getting-to-know-you project to graduate,” Ms. Pillsbury said from behind her desk. “We want to promote a culture of tolerance and open-mindedness-”

“Spare me the story, please,” Kurt interrupted. “We all know McKinley only does this to avoid getting discrimination charges brought against the school.”

Emma just stared at Kurt in shock, wings twitching in agitation.

“So what do we have to do, Ms. Pillsbury?” Blaine asked, glaring pointedly at Kurt before smiling at the guidance counselor.

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 It was Thursday night and Harry had convinced me to go to my friends party, to introduce him to them. We hadn’t been dating long and when my friend Y/F/N text me to say she was having a few people round her house, he was really excited to meet everyone.
Harry looked so handsome in his shirt and black skinny jeans, his curly hair was swept back off of his face at the top and I would much rather have stayed home to keep him all to myself. But he was right, we couldn’t spend every day in sweatpants watching shit tv. He was leaving to visit his family in four days and I wanted to experience new things with him.
I straightened out my little black dress as we reached Y/F/N’s front door and Harry brushed his hand along the bottom of my back as we walked into the small house.
A couple of my friends, Josh and Samuel, were stood in the kitchen pouring drinks and I could hear the others in the lounge. “Here she is” Samuel smiled with a bottle of vodka in his hand. He was so tall and skinny that I thought he might break every time he moved. He looked past me at Harry and raised his eyebrows “Hello, mate. How you doing?”.
Harry was polite, as always and moved forward to shake Samuel’s hand “I’m good, thank you. I’m Harry”.
Josh turned around as Samuel introduced himself and he didn’t look too impressed as his eyes wandered down my body and back up. Josh has tattoos up both his arms and his large physique intimidated most people.
I knew this would be awkward. Josh and I had been seeing each other a few months before I met Harry and he was always telling me that he likes me. Of course, I wasn’t interested. How could I be when I had the most amazing guy in the world by my side? Harry tried to shake Josh’s hand but Josh wasn’t having any of it, instead he ran a hand through his short blonde hair, picked up two beer bottles and then walked straight past us “Beers in the fridge, help yourself”.
I wasn’t sure if Harry was oblivious to Josh’s sour mood or if he was just ignoring it, he knew the history and Josh wasn’t his favourite person. I looked up at Harry and grabbed his warm hand smiling. Now that we were here, I was excited for him to meet my friends.
I pulled him into the living room where Betsy, Scott and Jeremy were sat smoking on the sofa’s. “Y/N, you came!” Betsy stood up with a huge smile on her face and I could immediately tell that she was star struck having Harry Styles in her house. She hugged me and then moved onto my boyfriend “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Betsy and this is my boyfriend Jeremy”.
Betsy and Jeremy were perfect for each other, they both dressed in similar grunge clothes and even had the same length hair. Except Betsy was short and blonde and could win a fight just with her aggressive words. Jeremy was a wimp and hated conflict unless he was shouting at Betsy about being banned from their favourite restaurants.
Once all of the introductions were done, Harry sat down on the round white chair in the corner of the room by the tv and pulled me into his lap. Scott sat opposite us holding an Xbox controller staring at the screen. Scott wasn’t around much due to the fact that his job meant he worked away every week. It was nice to see him.
“So Harry, has your band had any shows lately?” Jeremy asked “You’ve been staying with Y/N for a bit haven’t you?”.
Harry cleared his throat and nodded with a smile as he stroked the outside of my thigh “Yeah I’ve been here for about five days but no, we’re taking a little break at the moment. What do you do?”.
Jeremy grinned “I’m a fashion stylist for men”.
Suddenly Jeremy’s phone started ringing and I turned my attention to Harry as he answered it.
I smiled down at him “Are you okay?”.
Harry flashed my favourite smile and licked his lips “I’m good baby, are you okay?”.
I nodded happily. I was good. 
“Okay, we’ll be there in ten minutes” Jeremy said through the phone before hanging up.
I frowned “Who was that?”. All of our group was already here so I was a little confused as to who else was coming.
Truth be told, I felt a little over-protective over Harry. I knew that my friends were chill but I didn’t want anyone treating Harry weirdly because of his popularity.
“Rachel is coming so I’ve gotta go and meet her. Do you wanna come, Harry? I need to pick up some more beer, too”.
“Sure”Harry said enthusiastically “As long as that’s okay with Y/N”.
I rolled my eyes and stood up grinning “Of course it is” I reached into my pocket and pulled out some money “Will you please get me some wine, too?’.
Harry leant down to kiss my lips softly “Yes but I’ll get it, save your money for next weekend”.
Harry invited me to spend the weekend with him at his house in London next week and I hadn’t said yes yet because he had a lot of plans to see his friends.
I eyed him suspiciously and he knew right away what I was thinking.
“You’re coming, my friends love you” he stepped past me towards Jeremy “Ready when you are, mate”.
I couldn’t deny the excitement I felt in me as I watched him walk away. I couldn’t believe how happy I was or that Harry Styles was my actual boyfriend. It was crazy but he was incredible. 
As soon as he left I sat on the sofa and Betsy passed me a glass of wine, sitting down next to me.
Josh was sat opposite me on a stool giving me a strange look.
“What?” I asked “Why are you looking at me like that?”.
His jaw tensed “Moved on already, have you?”.
“It’s been five months since we were seeing each other” I sighed “You’re just mad that you fucked things up and I’ve met someone who will actually treat me right”.
Betsy interrupted the awkward tension that passed between Josh and I “How long have you been with Harry now, Y/N”.
I turned to look at her, feeling uncomfortable without Harry being here. They wouldn’t be talking about this if he were here. “It’ll be three months in a few days” I stood up “I’m just going to the toilet”.
I hated being put in awkward situations. These were my friends, I wasn’t supposed to feel like this.
I spent a few extra minutes in the bathroom fixing my hair and once I had calmed down a little, I took a deep breath and stepped out into the kitchen.
Josh was stood waiting for me with a dark look on his face, his arms folded.
I sighed “Are you gonna stare at me like that all night?”.
“I’m actually quite surprised that you brought him here to be honest. You’re new to the group, this is my cousin’s house and you’ve brought another lad here after seeing me”.
That comment made me angry “First of all, I’m not new to the group anymore because I met you all almost a year ago and second of all, Betsy invited both Harry and I here. She may be your family but that doesn’t make you more important than me”.
He took a step forward, causing me to take a step back, hitting my back against the wall “I still like you Y/N and I think we should give things another go. You barely know Harry. I mean, come on. Harry fucking Styles, are you joking? He’s so gay”.
I tried to push Josh back by his shoulders but he wouldn’t budge “Fuck off, you know nothing about him and you only think he’s gay because he’s better looking than you and you don’t like boybands. News flash, you’re not all that”.
Josh leant forward and I protested loudly “No”.
I didn’t even hear the front door open but I did hear Harry’s voice and suddenly Josh was pushed away from me.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Harry said in a low voice, with a brooding stare on his face *GIF*.
Harry moved in front of me protectively and the others just stood around watching us, awaiting the drama that was about to unfold.
“Who the fuck do you think you are mate, don’t you dare put your hands on me again” Josh shouted loudly “You’re a fucking ponce mate, you need to go back to boyband land and leave Y/N and I to our own business”.
“We don’t have any business Josh!” I shouted back “We were done ages ago and that isn’t gonna change so don’t act like such a dick”.
Harry was clenching his fists and I grabbed onto his arm to comfort him, I’d never seen him angry before “Y/N is with me now, she’s mine and nothing and no one is going to change that, mate”.
I held onto Harry’s arm trying to pull him away “Harry, let’s just go”.
Harry turned his head to look at me and his hard expression didn’t soften “Yeah, let’s go”.
“That’s right, fuck off” Josh said smugly.
Suddenly Harry turned around and swung, hitting Josh in the face.
“Harry!” I shouted, in complete shock. I never thought Harry would ever be able to hit anyone in his life, he was so gentle all the time.
Josh tried to retaliate immediately but Samuel stepped in and pulled him back.
Harry took my hand and led me out of the door before we could even say goodbye.
He was walking so fast down the street that I thought I might fall over.
“Harry, slow down” I begged “Please, calm down”.
He stopped abruptly and turned to face me. His hands cupped my face and he kissed me roughly. But it didn’t hurt. it was a passionate kiss. He was marking his territory and I didn’t mind one bit.
When we finally pulled apart he looked at me, his green eyes looked orange from the glow of the street lamps “I’m falling love with you, Y/N”.
I felt the heat rush through me and my stomach flipped, a smile spread across my face “Me, too”.
I don’t know how long we were stood in the street kissing but I didn’t care. I was falling in love with Harry Styles and no one was going to get in the way of that. 

Contagious Lack of Chill

Summary: “Seriously Poindexter, just chill out man,” Nursey replies, so frustratingly coolly and calmly. “Your assault on my chill is getting you no where so just like, give it up bro.”

“No dude, I’m not going to,” Dex replies, sitting up straight. He’s not going to because William J. Poindexter does not give up. Not ever, and especially not when Derek Nurse is involved.

A/N: Hey y'all, so this was an awesomely fun fic to write, and I have @bahoreal to thank for that! They really wanted to do an art/fic collab with me which I thought was so cool and I jumped at the chance to do it! I think both the fic and the art turned out amazing, and I’m so happy that we can share this with y'all! Hope you enjoy it! :)

P.S. links to the art will be in the text after their corresponding sections of the fic :)

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