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Pete Dunne - More than friends

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Ever since WWE had the UK tournament, I’ve only had eyes for one person. Even though he didn’t win, he put on one heck of a match against Tyler Bate. The person I have googly eyes for? Pete Dunne.
Yeah I know, he seems to be a jerk but he plays his character so well. It’s amazing. From where I was standing in catering, I saw him being interviewed and that’s when Regal came up from behind him. 
“What do you see in the guy?” I looked up to see Baron Corbin standing next to me. I rolled my eyes. Ever since I debuted, all Baron has done is flirted with me. He is a good looking guy but he just isn’t my type.
“Maybe because he is good looking and is good in the ring.” I answered Corbin monotone. He scoffed. 
“You just think he is good in bed.” Baron mumbled. “I wouldn’t know.” I then walked away from Baron. God, he is annoying sometimes. 
I was getting my plate filled with fruit and all when someone came up from behind. I turned and tried to remain calm. Pete was next to me. Let’s just say I was always too shy or nervous to ever speak to the man. 
Pete smirked before looking at me. 
“Like what you see, love?” He asked. I loved his accent so much. I know it sounds cliche but whatever. 
“Maybe.” I answered kinda quietly where I thought he couldn’t hear. When he smirked even more, I knew he heard. 
“Meet me after the show by my locker room.” He whispered before walking away, leaving my face red as a tomato. 

The show went by like that it felt like. Lucky for me I had to meet someone. Once I made sure I had everything, I walked to where he would be. As I saw the corner, I saw Pete standing or might I say, leaning against the wall on his phone. 
He looked up and saw me. It’s like his whole demeanor changed. I kept it cool while walking over. 
He pushed open the locker room door. I didn’t know if I should go in or not. “Are you coming?” Pete asked. “Yeah.” I answered before walking in. He walked in behind me and closed the door. 
“Oh my god, that was amazing.” I caught my breath as both Pete and I were lying naked in our hotel bed now. We first started talking in the locker room. Before it got too heated, we headed to the hotel and here we are. 
“We are so more than friends.” I turned to look at Pete. He had that same cocky smirk on his face. 
“I can say we are.” 

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.
When the Antagonist Becomes Your Fav Character

Me (episode 1): what a fricken a-hole. They need to GET GONE

Me (episode 5): wow thanks for that tragic backstory. i didnt ask to pity them!

Me (episodes 8 on): they are my life please i just want them to be hhappy STOP HURTING THEM

Okay but anxious Karkat saying “I love you” at every single available opportunity and I don’t just mean like random I love yous just to be cute I also mean like whenever he says something a little too harsh or a little too insulting he follows it up with an I love you bc he knows he can be a huge jerk but he doesn’t ever want his partner to question that he loves them so, so much.


bak realizing his feelings for a tall jerk

Karamatsu: What’s the matter, Chibita?

Chibita: Oh! Karaboy! I can’t decide what to get Iyami for Christmas.

Karamatsu: Uh… What do you mean?

Chibita: Well, I know he’s kind of a jerk sometimes, and he says “sheeh” a lot, but I think if I get him the perfect present, he just might like me again.

Karamatsu: What? People get presents for Christmas? I always just get locked in the bathtub!

Chibita: Oh… Right. Um… I gotta go.

Dear Evan Hansen Act 2 Review

WE DONE DID IT. It was so good. Okay.

Act 1 Review HERE.  

 Michaela’s Review: Okay so my notes are actually in some semblance of sense this time, so imma just copy and paste them right here (and I’m too tired to write out a thoughtful review)

- Alana is so dramatic I love it 

- Why was the Sincerely Me Reprise not recorded on the cast album I AM MAD

- Okay so I know I said Jared was a jerk (and he is) but Evan ain’t no angel and like BOI NO but I still love him 

- Jared’s also the “realist” so he does serve a purpose, from keeping the musical from being too fantastical, and yeah I’m liking him more 

- Evan and his mom’s fight holy fucking shit 

- Ben flinching away whenever anyone tries to touch him is just ANOTHER ELEMENT OF THIS that makes it so great 

- Oh god Evan *face palm*

- “Dad are you torturing him EVAN IS HE TORTURING YOU” Zoe is me okay 

- Oh my I didn’t realize the beginning of To Break A Glove started with Evan distracting Larry from getting into Zoe and his relationship lol that whole song is such a Dad Distraction song tho 

- Okay I wasn’t really feeling Evan and Zoe before but this little bit before Only Us is making me feel things 

- Evan is me, actually. “I’m not breaking up with you.” “Oh… thank you” 

- "So when do we get to be more than that?” 

- Only Us was really fricking good live like I like it enough on the recording, but seeing it, was just THAT much better 

- Alana get out of people’s business holy FRICK 

- Andi and I both freaked out with Jared’s Miracle of Miracles reference and we had to pause it because we had no chill 

- Them orchestration transitions too

 - That parent meeting omg such parents 

- Oh god the development of Evan’s anxiety, specfically when his whole lie comes crashing down is so flawlessly done, oh my goodness 

- The scene escalating into Good For You is so fabulous 

- "They’re nice to me!” Evan just wants someone to be nice to him love this child pls

- Evan hunny, you’ve been faking yourself so then THAT you has nothing wrong with you, you can’t say people care about a you that isn’t really you

- Why are all Evan and his mom’s conversations/arguments so on point how even why is it so great and painful oh my goodness 

- Alana needs to chill, like honey you weren’t there for Evan when he felt invisible, you can’t blame people for not noticing things that you can’t see in others, invisibility is a one-way mirror sometimes, it is a lonesome thing and you can’t blame people for wanting out of it, not noticing it, not being invisible any more. Oh gosh. sadofjsfjsdk

- But the staging in Good For You is fabulous 

- Also Jared’s character has developed so well? And Will Roland is such a good actor, like he’s the comic relief and the asshole and the realist all in one but it’s still so GENUINE 

- I love Mike Faist 

- “The lies the only thing holding them together” 

- Evan is really good at digging his own grave 

- Alana is a good marketer but not a good friend 

- Good job ruining everyone’s lives, Alana

- The You Will Be Found Reprise with all the hateful things is so haunting and I may or may not have cried 

- The audiences gasp in “he didn’t write it” is just ajfjsjfjsjjfdjf 

- Evan gives so few specific explanations in Words Fail which is so great because, like, deep down, they all knew it wasn’t true, or maybe not, but they WANTED it to be true, so bad, that for all of them it became true, but they know it’s not reality (which is another way Jared is the core of the truth, because he was the only one that was under no impressions of anything the whole time) 

- Ben Platt for the Tony because I cannot comprehend how exhausting this show would be 

- This show is so important 

- Andi sobbed through all of So Big / So Small 

Andi’s Review: Honestly, this musical is so important to me. As someone who deals/has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts, a musical about it that is so realistic is just so so wonderful. And it’s so beautiful and I just can’t even. 

Here are my notes as I was going tho:
-Alana is really awful and I hate her
-Sing it Connor
-The grey sweatshirt
-”the Facebook”
-Oh God it’s happening
- “Are they making out? ARE THEY HAVING SEX?!?!” Quote me
- Alana is and idiot and I really hate her
-Also, consent before you post things on the interwebs
-but he’s still a jerk and I hate him
-The scene change music tho
-Evan done messed up and now everyone’s mad
-It’s always act 2 when everything falls apart
-we need more canon/not Evan’s head Connor
-The conversations are so realistic 
-”Did you… or did you let go?”
-The ghost of Connor is bringing me to tears
-Evan is an idiot
-I really hate Alana
-Like she sucks
-But then, so does Evan
-Everyone’s a sucky idiot
-And the truth comes out
-WordsFail…just Words Fail
-You can just hear the heart break in his voice
-my baby
-I just want to hold him and pat his head and tell him it’ll be okay
-And the water works are coming 
-”What I tried to do” Evan baby, omg, please don’t do that to yourself
-Actual tears were shed you guys
- “Maybe this time he won’t let go.”

So Michaela’s got this deep analysis and I feel like I’m the comic relief, so we decided I’m Connor and she’s Evan and we’re gay (not really tho. I’m hecka straight).

But seriously guys, we absolutely loved Dear Evan Hansen, and totally would recommend it. And with the topic, I just want to say that if any of you feel alone or depressed, we are right here and would love to talk to you guys. Just remember that today you’re you and that’s enough. It will get better. You will be found. 

-Andi and Michaela


I know that at this moment we’re suppose to be really happy for Rory and find this scene so romantic… But  I’m just heartbroken for Tristan who is so into Rory. Come on he wanted to take her to a concert, one of her favorite bands. I know he can be a real jerk but it’s his way of showing he likes her we all know that. 

I know the fact that he’s a jerk. But Izaya is a guy who is very fair to everyone. Whether it’s a good thing or a terrible thing, he will step into the matter and calmly stir it up equally. I think I can be fond of those parts of him compared to people who are superficial. Well, I agree that it’s better not to be close to that guy. I also think that but Izaya is like an addictive poison. Once you get involved, you go crazy somehow… But in my case, the poison helped me but there are many people who are destroyed by it. Really, I think that guy is like a strong drug. Then if he’s a strong drug, he can be a poison or a medicine depending on the usage. But that guy is not a medicine or pill that has no intentions. In the end, no matter how you look at it, that guy himself is very human so that’s why he’s troublesome.
—  Sharaku Mikage about Orihara Izaya, Durarara!! Light Novel, Volume 11