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Imagine Jensen showing to Misha and the fans what you, his fiance, love most in him.

“Hi, uhm my question is actually for the lady of the show that we all love very very much and appreciate, (Y/n).” a fan said with a bright smile and you giggled.

“Aw thank you so much, sweetheart! You know I love you all too!” you blew a kiss to her, making her smile even more.

“Of course we all love her, do you see this woman?!” Jensen exclaimed with wide eyes and a grin as wide as it could get, motioning with both his hands “I always agreed to the moto ‘Nobody’s perfect’ but damn my whole life proved to be a lie when I met this beauty!”

You giggled as you shook your head at your fiance’s words “And apparently Jensen’s favorite thing to do ever since that first meeting is make me blush fifty shades of red!” you bit your lip as you glanced at him to see he had that lovestrucksmile on his face as he giggled slightly. Well, at least his expression mirror yours.

“You know you love it too!” he said with a shrug, leaning in to kiss your temple as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders “But, just so we can get it straight-” he turned to face the fans “Y'all I know how much you love this one, oh trust me I know better than anyone, but I am her number one fan, got it? Good.” he nodded his head firmly before chuckling.

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{ Requested by @dkbksbcobk: I was wonder if you could make a Spencer Reid imagine where the reader is pregnant and her breasts are getting bigger and the reader randomly makes Spencer feel how big they’ve gotten and Spencer gets all flustered while rambling on about how it’s her breast milk (Hope your feeling better) }

(Okay, first of all - you sweetheart. I’m feeling a bit better now, thank you! x And of course! I decided to have Spence and the reader not in a relationship cause I like to make things awkward, lol x)


Show: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x pregnant!Reader
Warnings: pregnancy


Looking over the case file on your break, you groaned in pain. Ever since your fourth month of pregnancy, your breasts had become a lot more sensitive. A lot bigger too.

Spencer looked up from beside you, concern written on his face. “(Y/N), you okay?”

You glanced at the profiler. “Yeah, my chest just kinda hurts but then again, what’s new?” You smiled at him.

You were grateful to Spencer. Your partner had left you once they found out you were expecting which had left you in dismay. Spence, being the sweet person that he was however, stepped up to the plate to help take care of you. He would buy you whatever you needed, go to scans with you and even moved into your apartment so that he would be there to drive you to the hospital if need be.

You two had been labelled the “non lovers” by Rossi, however Morgan and JJ liked to tease you about less platonic feelings. You just shrugged it off. Yes, Spencer was attractive but you had bigger things to worry about.

Speaking of bigger…

“My breasts have gotten bigger too. I could get used to this.” You joked. You had always been what you deemed flat chested. “Feel them. It’s actually kind of cool.”

Spencer’s mouth opened and closed as he tripped over his words. “ I-I couldn’t possibly…”

You playfully rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand. “No need to be shy, Spence. They’re just breasts. Here.”

You placed his hand on your left breast. His hand lay motionless, afraid to move before it started to squeeze gently.

“See? Cool, huh?”

Spencer swallowed, nodding his head. “You know, women’s breasts start to get bigger around the six to eight week mark and continue to grow throughout pregnancy. And around the third month, your breasts start producing colostrum which is the milk your baby will get when he starts nursing..”

You grinned fondly at your friend. “I’m lucky to have you, you know.”

“Why’s that?”

You shrugged. “You’ve been such a great help to me, I was scared to go through this alone. You’re just… You.”

Spencer’s face flushed even more.“ I’m sure you wouldn’t have been alone. T-The team would have-”



“Take the compliment.”

Spencer let put a chuckle. “Thank you. It’s no problem at all.”

You both sat there in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

“Any leads - Why are you groping (Y/N)’s boob?”


BTS having a S/O who gained a little weight


“baby, please tell me you’re ready!” Yoongi yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Yoongi! I’m not going anymore!” You yell back. A few seconds later you hear Yoongi running up the stairs. 

“babbyyy sweetie :) what do you mean you’re not going anymore? I’m already dressed.” says Yoongi sarcastically.

you’ve been getting ready for hours now, but you still don’t feel comfortable in what you have on. You’ve honestly gained a little weight recently, you wanna be so prefect for yoongi you don’t wanna admit that this is the reason you don’t wanna attend his family party. 

“I don’t like the dress anymore.” You simply shrug your shoulders sitting back on the bed taking off your heels. 

“What? You literally begged me to buy it Y/N.” confusion strikes his face. You just shrug again. Yoongi sighs and sits down on the bed next to you. 

“What’s wrong Y/N, you just were just so excited like an hour ago.”

“Yoongi nothing, I just don’t wanna go anymore” You speak looking down. 

Yoongi got up and stood in front of you. He grabbed your chin to left your head up.

“Real reason please.” Yoongi said with a soft expression. 

“Yoongi I don’t feel comfortable that’s all.”

“You don’t feel comfortable around me? My family? What’s wrong? Speak to me babe.” He says almost at a whisper. 

“The dress. Myself. I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I’ve gained weight.” This makes Yoongi smile for some odd reason. 

“Y/N look in the mirror! You look unbelievable right now. Babe the way this dress is hugging your curves honestly makes me wanna rip it off of you. Do you think that a little weight gain isn’t gonna make me wanna fuck you senselessly every other day?” You shrug once again. 

“Well, it doesn’t. I love your body; always did. Now can we leave because if I keep staring at you we’ll be in this bed all night. I’m so excited for this after party in our bed later.” Yoongi winks and bites his lips. 

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It’s finally you and Jin’s date night, you guys go to your favorite restaurant. You’re so excited, these last couple months caused you to gain some weight. You have been stressed with school, family, and friends. 

Finally arriving at your favorite restaurant you guys get seated, talk about life and after a while, your food arrives. You being to eat and eat and… eat. But suddenly you stop. Obviously making Jin confused. 

“Hey, why’d you stop?” Jin asks.

“I can’t eat like this anymore, I need to go to the gym.” you say getting upset. 

Jin laughs “Stop being silly and eat so we can make the movie,”

“Jin I’m serious, I've gained so much weight can’t you tell?”

“Babe, I don’t even care about all that. I love you for you, and always will. You don’t have to impress me or anyone else. Y/N I fell in love with your personality You’re a beautiful person … but I want you to be happy so if you want to go to the gym I’ll go with you. I’ll even make us more food, but healthier choices that you pick. Deal? 

After Jin said all this it made you happy, this was the reason you fell in love with Jin. He always said the right things. “Deal :)”

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Rap Mon

“Namjoon am I getting bigger?” you ask as you stare in the mirror. 

“Well I mean your ass definitely got fatter,” He says walking up behind you, grabbing you forcefully.

“Are you serious that’s not even funny, I need to lose some weight.” you say sounding upset.  

“No baby, you know I like my women thick. I admire your body every day how can you not love it as much as I do?”

“I don’t know babe, you know I’m a perfectionist!” looking at him with your puppy dogs eyes.

“Well, sorry bae. I love it. Now stop looking all sad! Want me to make you happy?” Namjoon winks. 

You thought to yourself, and it sure as hell didn’t sound bad. After all, he was a master with your bra. 

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Jimin is literally the sweetest guy ever. He wouldn’t want you to be sad about something that he saw as beauty. When you told him that you wanted to lose weight, he was ready for being by your side 100%. Although he couldn’t actually see that you even gained a pound. Jimin loved that way you looked, to him, you were a snack! He saw a full course meal every time he looked at you. But he was never the type to tell you what to do so, whatever your decision was he was all here for it. 

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“Y/N I lust over your body on a daily, but if you wanna work out.. fine, come over here and let me work you out.” Tae says while biting his lip and pushing you onto the bed.

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“Baby noooooooooo I love everything about you! Don’t change. You’ve always been perfect.”

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“You’re my hope babe, I want to see you happy. So change for you not because every one wants you to! A little weight gain never hurt anybody!” 

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this is literally all over the place, buuuuutt hope you enjoy. ~ Rae ♥


A cute little fic where Baz gets a haircut and Simon just can’t hold his tongue anymore.


My hand automatically flies to my side to summon my sword when I open my bedroom door and see someone I don’t recognize.

His back is facing me, and when he hears me come in he whips around. “Woah there, Snow, no need for the sword.”

My eyes grow wide and my jaw drops. It’s Baz. Except he’s cut his long black locks short, that’s why I didn’t recognize him. I’m speechless. He was attractive before but now he’s..I don’t even have words for it.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect.

“Close your mouth before flies get in there, Snow.” His hands move up to tug at his newly short hair and I can’t stop staring. His eyes look bigger without hair falling in them and I never noticed before but his eyebrows are bloody perfect.

“You-You,” I don’t even know what I’m trying to say but whatever it is won’t come out anyway. “Yes?” He questions with a cock of one of his perfect eyebrows. “You cut your hair.” I manage to spurt out.

He smirks. Dear Merlin, he looks good. “Very observant aren’t you?” He says in a sarcastic tone. He walks from where he was standing in front of the wardrobe to sit on his bed. I go to sit on my own.

“When did you decide to do that?” I’m still staring at him. I cannot believe how good he looks, he’s got his short locks pushed up into a quiff. “Just today.” He touches his hair again self-consciously. This is a side of Baz I’ve never seen, he seems nervous.

I want so badly to tell him that it looks good but I don’t want it to come out the wrong way, so instead I just keep my mouth shut.

We’re just sitting on our beds staring at each other for what seems like an eternity. Baz scratches the back of his head and breaks our eye contact. “Well, I better get going, see you later Snow.”

He gets up and begins walking toward the door. I can’t let him leave without telling him, it’ll eat me alive. “Baz, wait.” He stops in front of the door and turns around with a curious look on his face. I don’t like how far away I am from him, so I get up and walk toward him.

“It looks good.” I say, shoving my hands in my pockets so I don’t reach up and touch his hair. He gives me a confused look. “Your hair, your hair looks good.” I pull a hand out of my pocket and point stupidly at his head.

He gives me a look and I can’t describe, it’s something between longing and hurt. And Merlin and Morgana, when a slight blush begins to form on the tops of his cheeks, I almost lose it.

“Thanks Snow, I have to go.” He turns but I don’t want him to leave. I reach out and grab his wrist. “Stay.” I whisper. I don’t know what exactly I mean by it, all I know is that I don’t want him to leave, not now.

He doesn’t turn around, just stands there with my fingers wrapped around his wrist. Suddenly I feel ridiculous and take my hand away.

“What do you want Snow?” He turns around and I realize his eyes are the color of the sky on a stormy day. “Nothing, I don’t want anything, I just-” I stop myself, I’ve never been good with words and right now is no exception.

“You what?” He grabs the wrist that I was holding and begins rubbing it, like I hurt him. I don’t ever want to hurt him. “I-” I start again, and fail again. “Spit it out, Snow.”

“I like looking at you.” I don’t want to see the look of disgust he’s about to give me so I look at the floor. For a while all I hear from him is shallow breathing.

“Simon.” He breathes rather than says. It sends shivers through my whole body, he’s never called me Simon before. “Yea?” I reply, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

“Look at me.” he says quietly, it makes my heart fall to my feet. But I don’t want to, can’t, look at him. I can’t be looking into his eyes when he spits his venomous rejecting words at me. “No.” I say simply. The way I say it reminds me of a child on the verge of crying.

“Fine, I’ll just have to make you.” He says before taking my face in both his hands and kissing me so hard I forget who I am for a second. I never realized it before this moment, but I’ve wanted this for a long time. I wrap my arms around his middle and bring him closer.

He slowly leans out of the kiss, leans in close to my ear and whispers “I like looking at you too.”

alec’s eyes flutter open, the warmth of the early morning sun settling against his skin. it’s still early, the quiet of the city makes that clear, and it’s a few slow moments later that alec becomes aware of the warm, solid form behind him.

he slowly becomes aware of the arm draped around his waist, the warm palm pressed against his stomach; aware of the way his legs are tangled with magnus’, aware of magnus’ breathing lightly tickling the back his neck, aware of magnus’ chest against his back. something warm and right blooms inside alec’s chest; he hadn’t realised just how much he’d missed this. 

magnus is obviously still asleep, his breathing even, and that washes over alec in a wave of relief. he knew magnus’ struggles wouldn’t disappear just like that, just because he’d voiced them, but alec thinks back to the four previous nights spent distantly aware of magnus’ restlessness and the four previous morning when alec woke up to on an empty bed, and knows that this right here is solid, real progress, that this is huge.

he knows he should check the time, knows the day ahead is going to be difficult at best, but he can’t bring himself to move, to disturb the rest magnus so desperately needs. the calm and content of the morning creep into alec’s body and lull him back to the edge of sleep, and that’s when he feels the barely there kisses against his shoulder.

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standing there, so close to the warmth and the flickering red light of the candles, magnus’s fingers rubbed together idly as he listened to the sounds that were echoing through the cloisters. the space had been transformed for the cabinet meeting, looking nearly nothing like the open training space magnus knew it was. but underneath the furniture and the fragrant displays of flowers, magnus could feel the buzz of the institute as it always was.

raphael and meliorn were talking a couple of feet away at the table and behind that there were other voices, humming technology and that cold feeling that this place set in your bones. magnus had never been fond of it, but now it was making his skin crawl and he wasn’t sure if that feeling would ever really dissipate. but that was the last thing on his mind as he stood there, finger worrying his thumb, his lips pursed and the flickering candlelight reflected in his eyes. there were so many things flowing through his mind he wasn’t sure where to start and he breathed in slow, eyes falling shut as he tried to pick one thing out of the rolling waves of his thoughts.

he wasn’t sure there was one he could separate from the others and he wasn’t sure he wanted to think about any of them. there was an exhaustion sitting in him far beneath the surface that had nothing to do with lost hours of sleep or the long busy days he was pushing himself through. those two things were easy, those two things were helping. because stopping was deadly, stopping meant the waves might crash over him.

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Lance is a Boy #6

-suicide warning-

It took a lot of explaining to Allura in order to justify why Lance had asked about Alteans menstrual cycles. Eventually the princess led hunk to a storeroom “if he ever needs any more just show him to these.” She smiled warmly,

“Thanks princess.” Hunk grabbed what looked like a box, but after holding it it didn’t seem as sturdy and was made of pliable material. “It means the world.” He awkwardly tapped the box once and turned to leave.

He was stopped by a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Hunk?” He froze and turned to the altean with a questioning look. “Um, here.” She handed him a different looking box. “These usually help with any kind of cravings, they react to pheromones once put in your mouth and stimulate the taste buds, simulating whatever your mind really wants.” She laughed, “give them to Lance?” He smiled and hugged the girl, she yelped in surprise but hugged back. “A-And apologize for me, I should have stepped in when Shiro was scolding him, I should have heard him out.”

“I’m sure it’s fine, you didn’t know.” He put a comforting hand on her shoulder and she cupped it, “I’ll tell him.” Their eyes met and they shared a moment before hunk turned to leave again.

“Knock knock!” Hunk called as he walked into Lances room, “buddy I found some thi-” he was cut off by a frantic Lance pushing at him.

“Hunk we need to go see coran right now.” There was something pale in the boys face and Hunks gut dropped.

“W-what? Why?” Lances face turned from despair into sickness and he ran to the bathroom and there was the sound of him vomiting, hunk cringed but mustered a warm smile as Lance ran out of the bathroom, pulling on pants.

“W-We need to go! Now!” He pushed past hunk into the hallway, still shirtless.

“Lance!” Hunk set the boxes on his dresser and turned to follow. “Lance what’s wrong?” The blue paladin was haunched over in the hallway, already winded. “Lance what’s wrong? What happened?”

He was met with teary eyes and a panicked voice. “Hunk I don’t want to die!” The blue paladin leaned on yellow, pushing on him for leverage to stand up. “Please! Help me!”

Now hunk was really confused, “die…?” Lance was pulling on his friend as they thundered down the hallway. “Lance what happened!” Hunk stopped, planting his feet in the ground, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. A wave of shame washed over Lances face but it was brief before panic returned.

“Hunk.” He gulped. “I tried to kill myself, I downed an entire bottle of pain killers.” Hunk stared at his friend with wide eyes, he could feel tears coming on almost instantly but his expression was engraved on his face. “Can you help me find coran?” There was a sense of demand in Lances voice. “Hunk I’ve changed my mind and I am afraid, more afraid than you. I regretted it as soon as I did it.” He was holding hunk by his shoulders now, the bigger man just stared blankly, a tear streaming down his cheek. “We have to find coran or I WILL die.” he lightly tapped Hunks cheek with the palm of his hand. “Buddy I know you’ve done a lot for me but I need you right now.” Hunk snapped his eyes to Lance, they had wandered slightly, lost in panicked thought. He gulped deeply and nodded. “I’m going straight to the med bay, I’m going to page him from there, I need you to try and find him sooner, every second is valuable.” Hunk nodded again, not saying a word. With that, Lance hugged him briefly, choking back tears. “Hunk,” hunk hadn’t let his attention slip again, “I love you man.”

“Love you too buddy.” His voice cracked multiple times, knowing that if they couldn’t find coran this may be the last time they exchanged words, hunk held on a second longer than usual, eager to remember every second of Lance. The blue paladin turned and pulled away, ready to run but hunk caught his wrist. He turned back to the yellow paladin and they exchanged a look. To the untrained eye it was just a glance of reassurance, but there was so much more there. There was a look of gratitude, of friendship, of love. There was a mutual respect and understanding. There was a goodbye. Hunk didn’t want to admit it, but Lance blinked slowly, or maybe hunk was still in shock and everything was moving at a slower pace, but he blinked, and in that blink Lance was saying goodbye, goodbye to his best friend. Not farewell, not see you later, but goodbye. It was a look of exhaust and Lance was pale and sick and ready to fall apart at any second. Hunk let go and Lance stood there for an extra second before turning it to leave.

He only made it three feet. Hunk would always remember how Lance had froze and clenched his stomach, how he had crashed into the wall and tried to stay standing but failed miserably, he would always remember the cry of pain before silence hung in the hallway as his best friend had sat, blacked out in the hallway breathing shallowly as drugs attacked his system. What he didn’t remember was how he got to the med bay but there he stood, Lance in his arms, he looked so peaceful, if he weren’t so ghastly one might think he were asleep, but he was far to pale, and far to still, to be asleep. He leaned against the comms, pushing the button with his arm and his voice bellowed over the intercom. “Coran! Med bay! Now!” It hummed to silence and he stumbled over to a table, setting the blue paladin on the table, his limbs limp and his head lolling to whatever side the weight threw him. Hunk didn’t want to check for a pulse, he really didn’t out of fear of the worst. In seconds coran burst through the door, panting heavily. “What’s wrong?” His voice was afraid and shaky. “You sounded serious.” He jogged over to the table and gasped at Lances sickly colouring. “What’s happened to him?”

“He overdosed on pain killers.” Hunk bit his fingernails nervously, stepping back from his friend, trusting the altean. “I don’t know how many he took, he just said he downed the rest of the bottle.”

“How long ago did he take them?”

“I don’t know.”

“How much does he weigh?”

“I don’t know.”

“How strong were the pain killers?”

“I don’t know!” Hunk flailed his hands in an exasperated motion and Coran sighed, checking for a pulse, clearly failing and readjusting his hand multiple times.

“Hunk…” his voice cracked.

“No! Keep looking!” Hunk demanded, refusing what was clear.

“Hunk that won’t make a difference…” he choked on his words. There was a silence that was only broken by quiet sobs from hunk, he didn’t move, just let himself choke on tears.

“N-No.” he mumbled quietly. “Pump his stomach. Do something… maybe you just can’t find his heartbeat..” he stepped towards Lance. “Maybe it’s still there.” He huffed. Coran sighed and went to move Lance over slightly so he was more stable on the table.

The blue paladin grunted.

…to be continued…

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (1/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: Personally I’m loving the idea of having a crush on Steve but being in Bucky’s body - surely this will account for enough awkward moments between the two pals?

Warnings: Swearing. Bucky’s ‘D’

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‘Does he have no shame? Look at him!’ You sighed as you stretched on the mat in the corner of the gym.

You were pining after a certain serum-enhanced blonde. There he was, wearing a tight white t-shirt, so tight in fact there was no point in wearing it whatsoever. You could see every tiny ripple of his muscles, even his bulging veins, growing only more prominent with every lift of the weights.

He had the decency of wearing sweatpants but they hung so low, accentuating the V-shape of his body. On top of this it looked like he wore no underwear underneath as there was no visible outline.

Okay, you were staring.

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Have You Ever

This was born from this request:  How about a blurb where he says I love you for the first time during sex. And you don’t know if he really means it or it’s just sex talk. And then you have to talk about it after.

I gave it a little twist and it’s finally here! I feel like I just gave birth to this one, tbh. Thanks to my beautiful @permanentcross for putting up with me and for giving me the title. Hope you guys enjoy it! xx


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“Have you ever gone bare?”

He almost chokes on the wine he was sipping on before swallowing and coughing profusely, eyes watering with the rattling force of the cough. You’re both sitting in his living room, each on a side of the couch as both your feet are tangled as they meet in the middle – his legs are much longer than yours and his socked feet are also bigger, but he looks cozy in his sweater and you feel warm and comfortable.

The wine had probably gone to your head, you’ve never really been good with holding your liquor, but your curiosity stems from much more than the alcohol that runs through your veins – you’re not even that drunk, so you have to admit that the question comes from a place other than a drunken haze.

“Wh- where did tha’ come from?” Harry asks you, deep frown on his forehead as he rubs the back of his hand against his lips to clean the wine stains and settles his glass on his coffee table.

You shrug, cheeks flaming with embarrassment that you’ll later blame on the wine, when he brings up the topic. “Always wondered…”

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i’m not faking

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

(I imagine this as happening toward the end of my fake-dating AU that I haven’t written yet, hahaha.)


The word falls from Bitty’s lips, and Jack stares at him, dumbfounded.

“Enough, Jack,” Bitty says, looking at him with eyes full of tears. Damn it, Jack can’t deal with that, with tears from Bitty of all people. Bitty’s been the strong one, this whole time. He’s carried on this whole charade marvelously, been there for Jack when Jack just wanted to abandon the ruse, convinced him that it was worth it to be a little bit fake in order to be completely true.

“Enough?” Jack echoes. God, how he wants – aches – to cross the room and drag his thumbs across Bitty’s cheeks, chase the tears down, banish them. He aches, more than ever, to close the space between their bodies and kiss Bitty. Not the fake, just-for-show kisses they’ve gotten so used to, but a real kiss, one that’s just for them.

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Gonna Get Over You

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Requested: No

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Y/N has been always in love with Peter, but he is too blind to see it. A new guy enters to Midtown High, and maybe he is the key to finally get over Peter. But also, he may be the key to Peter realization of his feelings.

Warnings: No one…?

Word Count: 1770

A/N: Hello everybody again! His is my second imagine and I hope you enjoy it as well. Also two things: first of all, this was inspired by the song Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles well, the majority of it 😂And second, I actually have the part two of this, and if you want, I can update it 💕
Thank you so much! Enjoy

Should be sayin’ that to you by now, shouldn
’t I?

You couldn’t help but feeling how your heart snapped a little as you noticed the way Peter watched Liz when she entered the classroom.

He was profoundly concentrated in her just as every god damn day, and you knew what was coming next, sitting in the cafeteria and listen to him and Ned talking about everything that goes on with her. And you couldn’t blame them. Liz was the dream girl of every guy in Midtown High: beautiful, popular, kind, intelligent, she had everything!

And all over the things, Peter was in love with her.

Not you.

And it’s not like you were less, after all you were kind of popular too, but sometimes you wished being a little more like her. But deep down you knew that you never will.

Not too long ago, a ray of hope arose in you when you noticed that Peter began to interest more in you, when you two began to go out more and when both could pass hours and hours in the telephone speaking of anything. But you came back to the reality in the moment in the that his routine of look to Liz returned as a phoenix of the ash.

And it got worse when he started that scholarship with Tony Stark and leaving you alone more time than usual.

I simmer, then I burn for someone
The wrong

You were looking to your notebook with all your hair over your face just to make sure nobody saw the sad expression you were carrying around when you felt a little tap on your shoulder.

“Yes?” You questioned turning towards the voice had sounded. You found yourself a very cute redhead guy looking at you with a smirk on his face.

“No, nothing I just wanted to say that it’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N” you rolled your eyes looking away and ignoring the fact that he knew your name. To see how Liz and Peter flirted had you this way.

“Uh, someone is having bad day, isn’t it?” the redhead scoffed still having that cocky smile, making you more frustrated than you already were.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” you asked at the same time you glared at him “Like, I dunno, attend the class instead of bothering someone who actually cares about the subject?”

You sounded upset, more than that, it seemed like you wanted to kill the poor guy. You regretted yourself instantly, it wasn’t his fault, and he didn’t deserve that you take away all your anger toward him.

“I’m sorry” you apologized “Lately, I’ve been so stressed” you lied, the boy seemed to understand, but even he was not sure if the word ‘stressed’ was the correct one. He was focused on your words, like he was trying to decipher the real reason of your attitude.

“Don’t worry, miss stressed” he said looking forward, more specifically, to a brown haired boy with a stupid t-shirt which had printed a silly joke about atoms, realizing what was making you feel that mad.

You looked at him and smiled in disbelief and amused, giving up about hiding the true.

Oh, how am I gonna get over you?

“Can I give you a little advice?” he asked, whispering in your ear making you strangely nervous “If your are not going to move now, you shoul-”

“Could you tell the class what is so important for not pay attention to the class, miss Y/L/N?” the teacher interrupted.

Everyone turned to you, as it usually happens when you get busted. Peter was looking at you confused. Particularly, you never got distracted of classes.

“Do you really wanna know?” the guy said mischievously, you instantly felt the heat on your cheeks “Because I will tell everything you if yo- ”

The teacher let out a sigh of frustration and made a gesture indicating him it was time to stop.

“Next time, you two will be… talking in principals’ office” he threatened.

Both of you nodded in fear. He turned around and continued with the class.

With the face still red, you smiled to the redhead in appreciation, he did the same just adding a small wink.

And on the other corner of the room, Peter was watching you two, still confused and frowning.

Who the hell is him and what’s he doing with Y/N? he thought. He shook his head quickly, getting rid of the ideas that were beginning to come to his mind.

The bell rang indicating that the class had ended and that you should continue with the day’s schedule.

Peter looked at you one last time, and he ran out of the classroom straight to Ned.

“Maybe” it’s a vicious little word that can slay me

After some classes, and after the boy introduced himself as Jessie Abbernathy, you were finally able to eat something.

You spotted Peter and Ned between the tables and you got to them a little suffocated after going through so many people.

“Hey” you waved at the guys, making them glance at you by the time they come up to you.

You three sit at your daily table, and the talk started as everyday.

And I’m not the girl that I intend to be
I dare you, darling, just you wait an
d see

Your eyes were focused on Peter, you were drinking in his words. Of course you did care about the things he said but, you couldn’t stop watching him the way his smile tilted a little sideways when he was excited, his cute and adorable laugh, that little frown he does when he is so concentrated and the pure and kind soul he had.

You knew you should stop watching him before the situation gets obvious, fortunately Jessie was entering to the cafeteria.

“Carrots!” you shouted getting his attention, he put that smirk again and started walking towards you. A small smile formed on your face not knowing why.

“Well hello miss stressed, I knew you weren’t going to survive the hole day without this guy” he pointed himself. You rolled your eyes playfully.

You introduced Jessie to your two best friends. The boys did an akward handshake both looking confused at the redhead, and some suspicious glances from Peter.

All of you were eating lunch, and the attempts of Jessie of catching the grapes in his mouth were just hilarious, causing you to release a laugh many times.

You didn’t know, but Peter was seeing every single movement of Jessie. And couldn’t help but roll his eyes every time the redhead said or did something that made you laugh.

'Which man is called Jessie nowdays? Pathetic!’ 'How did they became so close in just a couple of hours?’ 'He is so annoying’. 'Wait, is Y/N red?’ were a some of the many thoughts Peter was having in that instant.

“So, do you already have an answer?” the newbie asked. Peter gave a confused look to you.

You removed nervously on your seat.

“An answer?” Ned questioned.

“I-It’s nothing” you mumbled looking down.

“Well, I wouldn’t see a date as 'nothing’” Jessie said.

You felt the heat again, but now your heart beat a bit quicker.

Peter opened his eyes like he had never heard the word date before as he started choking because of the sip of water he drank.

Ned and you turned worried to the science boy.

“A date?” he asked “casually”, trying to ignore that weird feeling he began to feel in the stomach.

“Yeah, but I don’t know…” you doubted. You tried to say something else, but the nerves were bigger.

So Jessie started talking for you.

“The thing is, I really think Y/N needs a break. She says she is tired” he began “So, what better than a date to relax a little, right?”

Peter stammered. Did he really wanted his best friend to go out with that guy?

“S-Sure!” Peter said making you to look at him surprised “H-He is r-right, y-you should do it”

“Really? Don’t you care if we study later? ” you questioned, hoping him to take action, hoping he show that he actually cares.

“Of c-course not” he responded crossing his arms.

What was happening to Peter?
He didn’t wanted to say that words. On the contrary, he wanted you to get away from the redhead and now he made you understand the opposite.
Was it so difficult to say “no, I don’t want you to date him. Can we watch a movie on Friday?”

Peter wanted to clear up his mind, but at the same time he wanted to stay sticked at your side and never leave, just to make sure Jessie knew you were his best friend, and that he couldn’t change that from one hour to other.

And as it happens when he panics, he ran out.

You assumed that was the signal, the same that would indicate you it was time to let go all these feelings.

So you accepted Jessie’s purpose.

But this time not for you but just for me

You left out a sigh and tried to focus on the main idea, you really needed to forget Peter, and you knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

So you looked the good side of the situation, you’ve had a super cute guy next to you and what’s more you were going to have a date with him. 

I tell myself to let the story end, oh

You were ready, Jessie arrived early and you two started going all around NYC.

My heart will rest in someone else’s hand

In a certain way, Jessie made you feel what you thought you never feel with someone else.

But a part inside you couldn’t stop dreaming about having this thing with someone else.

You couldn’t deny Jessie was a total gentleman, on the first twenty minutes he made you felt like a true princess.

Say it’s comin’ soon,
Someday withou
t you

In the beginning of the night you convinced yourself Jessie was just a friend, now you weren’t so sure about that affirmation.

But the appearances they deceive.

Oh, how am I gonna get over you?

Although this you’ll never know what was that spider boy thinking while he was swinging among the buildings.

Perhaps he was just giving a round for check the neighbourhood. Or perhaps he was staring at the girl that he was intended to be with, dining with other guy.

I’ll be alright, just not tonight.

Worth The Risk {Part 12}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2041
Warnings: angst? not really in this chapter though ;)

A/N: Managed to whip this up despite the flood of papers and finals! Also shoutout to @melconnor2007 for helping me with some awkward phrasing lmao

Originally posted by ghostwritingforyou

You sat curled up in the large armchair in the corner of your room, legs draped over the side and a mug of cold tea balanced haphazardly on the windowsill beside you.

The weather had been getting better recently and with the sun finally out (but the cold still present) you had decided to spend your morning laying in the sunshine with one of your favourite books. Hours went by without your noticing, much too absorbed in your book and the new CD Sam had bought you playing in the background to care.

But by noon, your stomach was rumbling and so you stood, making your way over to your dresser and pulling out a cliff bar. Tony had scolded you many times before for keeping food in your room but you honestly couldn’t care less; sometimes it was just too much of a hassle to leave in search of food.

Letting yourself fall back into your seat, you opened your snack and watched the clouds go by. You were zoning out again which wasn’t hard to do in this weather and the comfort of your room.

A few minutes later though a knock on the door distracted you and, throwing the now empty wrapper in the trash, you walked over to let Sam in.

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anonymous asked:

Dark leo, the master of meta, tell me, when there is a shot of keith's eyes in the trailer, is he mad or scared? I. Need. To. Know.

dARK LEO LMAO,, i love it,, 

ok so, you mean that closeup where everything’s red right? Because I’m definitely not getting scared from this. I feel pure, unadulterated rage. blind fury. keith literally seeing red like,, I think he’s livid 

The way his pupils are constricted and his eyebrows arch down are also very characteristic of Angry Keith

Sad/Scared Keith looks a lot “softer.” His irises are bigger, to emphasize the emotion. And his eyebrows arch up instead of down, like this 

Conclusion: the Keith from the trailer is fucking pissed and looks ready for some vengeance 

In my parents' house

“Harry, no!” You keep pushing him away.

You need to rest because today you two had a dinner with your parents and you’re exhausted but he’s in a mood for a little fun. All day he was acting playfully - grabbing your ass in the kitchen while your parents weren’t in the room, talking dirty in your ear, putting his hand under your panties under the table…

No matter how much you told him to stop and that you need to sleep, he just kept annoying you.

“Come on, love, i need yeh.”

“Shut up, Harry, i need to rest.”

“C'mere.” He pulls you even closer to his chest and start kissing all over your face.

“It’s so hot in here, get off of me.”

“Yeah, i know i’m hot. And i also know that you need me too. You’re just acting stubbornly right now.”

“Maybe because we’re in my parents’ house and i don’t want them to catch us. And why are you completely naked?” You start to get really annoyed because you barely keep your eyes open and it’s too hot to breath in this room.

“We’ll be quite, i promise.” He makes a puppy face. “And i always sleep like this.”

“But we’re in my parents’ house, Harry, you can’t sleep naked. What if they come to visit us in the morning and find you with no clothes?”

“Babe, i need yeh.” He starts again with his tirade.

“I’ll go to sleep on the couch in the living room, i’m telling you.”

“Okay then, i’ll stop.” He says conciliatory and lets you of his death grip on you, turning to the other side of the bed.

You finally can rest so you turn to the opposite side and close your eyes. You’re just about to fall asleep when you feel a warm hand massaging your boobs and his lips kissing your shoulder.

“I’ll scream.” You worn him.

“What a threat.”

You can almost imagine him rolling his eyes. You turn to face him and now he’s on top of you, undressing you. He buries his face in your boobs while he’s grinding against you. You can feel how hard he is.

“You’re sexually harassing me righ now you know, right?” you laugh but you can feel you’re about to lose the game. Your nipples are hard now and the pain between your legs is bigger than the need to sleep.

“Yeah, right. I can see how scared you are.”

He sucks at the skin of your boobs, slightly biting it. His tongue starts licking the spot, discouraging you. Your fingers find their place in his hair and you wrap your legs around his torso.

“Fine.” you say, letting a few moans to escape from your mouth. “But you’re going to take care of us both. I’m too lazy to do anything and i don’t care how that speaks about me.”

“Perfect.” He gives you a cocky smile and kisses you.

Before you can say something witty to him, he rips your underwear apart and licks you.

“God!” You cry, not able to control yourself.

“Shht, babe, we don’t want you to wake up your parents. I want to scream too because your juices are so tasty but shht…”

“I hate you so much.” You whisper as he sucks at your clit.

“I love you too.” He smiles and reach out his hand to squeeze your boob.

Your hands are tugging on his hair, making him moan. The combination of his warm hands and his cold rings is breathtaking and the hotness in the room and Harry’s magic are too much for you.

“H-Harry” your voice is weak. “Stop for a moment, the sensation is too much.”

“Do you want a kiss?” He asks in a satisfaction.

“But your mouth was just on my-”

Before you can stop him, he interrupts you, grabbing both of your hands in his and kissing you. He asks for a permission and you find yourself too weak to disobey him.

“How does it taste?” He asks before kissing you once again, this time for a little longer.

“Sweet.” You murmur, still mad at him.

“And what ‘bout yeh tastin’ somethin’ different?”

“But you promised that you’ll take care.”

“I know, babe, but-”

“Lay down.”

You can’t resist. He’s too tempting with that smurk on his face and with his brushy hair. The moment his back hit the bed, you sit on top of him, grinding against his crotch and making a path of kisses from his neck to his V-line.


“Shht.” You mock him and lick his length.

When you two first started doing stuff deep-throating seemed like a painful and unnecessary thing to you but now you both love it. Just listening to his moans and feeling how weak he’s under you makes you want to take more and more in your mouth.

“I’m gonna-”

You keep massaging his balls, going down on his dick one more time before he cums in your mouth. You swallow not because he tells you that you’re a good girl like in the porn movies but because you love the way his eyes get wider and his lips get separated.

“I’ll probably regret my lack of sleep in the morning but i need to cum.”

“C'mon, let’s finish what we got into.”

“What you got us into.” You correct him, still smiling.

“Shut up and ride me.”

His hands catch yours and pull you up. You clench his thighs and he slides in you. You can see what a mess he is from his last orgasm but you can also see how he’s trying to pull himself together so he can make you feel as good as you made him, if not even better.

“Kiss me, kiss me!” You beg him, afraid of losing control of your voice.

“You’re so fuckin’ beautiful like this.” He almost screams.

His hands move from the sheets to your thighs, guiding you, as he starts sucking and biting every little spot of the skin on your boobs to every little spot of the skin on your jaw.

“No, kiss m-”

Before he even can reach your lips the door cracks open and your parents enter the room. The panic overtakes you both and you two become a mess of sheets, moans and attempts to hide your bodies. You can’t even think for an orgasm when your parents are looking at both of you with wide eyes with that disappointed look in them.

But when they leave you and Harry falls asleep you start thinking a plan how to get it back on him in the morning.

Strung Out (Woozi/Jihoon and Hoshi/Soonyoung Threesome Smut)

Summary: When someone can’t touch you, they can’t have any effect on you. Right? Jihoon is sitting in a desk chair an ocean away; but somehow he has you melted, right in the palm of his hand. Probably because he has your boyfriend Soonyoung catering to his ever beckoned whim. Smut.

(A/N: i really, really need to fill more requests. and do it in a more timely manner. so this is the result of me kicking my own ass about that. and i really like how this turned out. i’m quite proud of it. soonhoon is a pairing i don’t often explore - but it’s a pairing i’m really growing to love. i’m a bit upset i couldn’t find a good picture of them with their recent hair to use here. but that’s the one i’m using. so anyway, warnings for this are: mild dom/sub roles, threesome, masturbation, oral, swearing, voyeurism, exhibitionism - all the good stuff. i had a lot of fun writing this, so i hope you have a lot of fun reading. -Tanisha<3) 

When you turned off the shower, you heard voices. Not just the cheerful tone of your boyfriend, Soonyoung, but another. As you wrung out your hair and wrapped yourself in a towel, you tried your best to decipher who it could be.

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“Buried” (Chapter Thirteen)

Long chapter, almost 4000 words! I had a blast writing it, and I cannot wait to hear what you guys think about everything in this chapter!

I am still trying to figure out this stupid Tag Glitch, so sorry if tags aren’t working!


Enjoy :)


Tony woke up slowly, the ground seeming softer beneath his shoulder than it ever had, the thin blanket from Steve’s pack warm and heavy around him. He had slept wonderfully, deeper than he had in weeks, and the sun wasn’t very bright behind his eyelids yet so maybe he had a few minutes before Steve woke up and they had to start hiking.

Tony just wanted to… just wanted to lay here, warm and safe and close to the man he had loved with all of his twenty year old heart. He sighed and dug his toes into the blankets and debated sliding back against Steve’s chest, maybe Steve would put his arm around him and they could pick up where they had left off yesterday in the—

—wait that wasn’t right.

Tony opened his eyes to the softly lit hotel room, the white walls and brightly colored furniture and it all came rushing back.

Steve kissing him.

The satellite phone interrupting.

The helicopter and the truck ride.

Not seeing Steve before they showed him to a room with a bathroom and food.

Sleeping for…Tony glanced over at the small clock on the side table. Six forty pm. He had either been sleeping for only a handful of hours, or thirty hours, and he didn’t really know how to figure it out.

A knock on the door, and a hotel maid let herself in with a wide smile. “Ah, good you are awake.” Her accent was heavy but her English was good and Tony smiled back at her.

“Uh, hey. Yeah, I guess I am. Could you tell me how long I’ve been asleep?”

“Since yesterday afternoon.” She answered cheerfully, and lay several towels as well as some clothes down on the bed at his feet. “You are rested?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Clean up.” she instructed with another smile and set down several self grooming items. “Your friends are all downstairs having dinner and drinks, join them!”

“My friends. Right. Thank you. I… will do that.”

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anonymous asked:

Prompt if you want it: Mulder finds out Scully is pregnant and gets super adorably excited

So my original Skinner gets abducted rather than Mulder story was originally going to be a one-shot, but then I got to thinking about expanding on it, and @2moms-0fucks twisted my arm, and then I received this prompt, so here you go. Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober. This all sounded better in my head, as does everything I write. 


Mulder pauses at the entrance to the hospital room, taking in the scene. His partner is sat up in bed, her complexion pale and her expression concerned, and he immediately knows something is wrong. She looks up as she notices him by the door and her eyes fill with tears. Shit, Mulder curses inwardly. Something is very wrong indeed.

Before she can say anything Mulder crosses the room to her side, perching on the bed as he takes hold of her hand and presses his lips to her forehead, trying to compose himself and to give her the courage to be honest with him. In response Scully let’s out the breath she’s been holding and squeezes his hand.

“I thought you were on your way to Oregon,” she says, her voice faltering as Mulder sits back and tucks a strand of her hair back behind her ear. He needs to touch her to reassure himself she’s okay.

“The Gunmen called just as we were about to board. I left Skinner to get on the plane while I came straight here.”

“I’m sorry. You should have gone too.”

“Scully I’m not leaving town while you’re in hospital.” He knows she wants to question him further but he’s more interested in her right now. “They said you collapsed again?”

She nods. “I’m fine though.”

Mulder tries not to flinch at her words, knowing full well she’s anything but. “If you were fine they wouldn’t be keeping you in hospital. Passing out twice in less than a week isn’t fine.”

“They’re just keeping me in for observation.”

“They’ve been running tests?” As she nods her tears spill over. Mulder grasps her hand tightly. “What is it Scully?” He asks, wanting to know yet at the same time terrified as to what she’s about to tell him.

“I’m having a hard time explaining it. Or believing it. But, um…” Time seems to stand still for Mulder as he waits for her to continue, and then he feels his stomach drop when she next speaks. “I’m pregnant,” she announces, the hint of smile appearing through her tears. She looks as shocked as Mulder feels. He looks at her, speechless, half wondering whether or not this is actually happening, and half convinced he’s about to wake up from the most beautiful dream. Scully attempts to smile but instead lets out a sob, her nails now raking into Mulder’s hand. “You’re…you’re what?”

“I’m pregnant.”

His throat dries up as he tries to find the ability to speak. “But…I mean…how? I thought we couldn’t…the IVF…are you…are you….?” He doesn’t want to say the words, but thankfully Scully knows what he’s asking.

“I made them rerun the tests,” she explains. “It’s true, I’m pregnant.” She lets out a nervous laugh before continuing. “I don’t know how, but they’ve put me at about six weeks, which adds up to that weekend with…”

Mulder casts his mind back six weeks, trying to recall what had happened. He grins as he suddenly remembers, and Scully’s next words confirm his thoughts. “Caddyshack.”

They’d spent the whole weekend together, only getting out of bed for food and necessities. It was a weekend that at the time Mulder knew he’d never forget, and now he knows it’s the case. The odds may certainly have been against them in trying to conceive, but that weekend they certainly gave it their best shot. And it had worked.

“I…I can’t believe this,” he says, shaking his head. His meaning however isn’t quite clear, and Scully’s smile fades.

“I know it’s a shock,” she replies, the understatement of the century. “And we never really discussed this after the IVF failed, so it’s understandable if you don’t…” As Mulder gives her a perplexed look she trails off. It doesn’t take him long to realize exactly what she’s implying.

“You mean if I’m not happy about this?” Scully says nothing, but she can no longer meet his eye. With his free hand, Mulder cups her chin and lifts her gaze. “Of course I am Scully. We wanted this. I’m just trying to take all of this in.” She nods. She feels the same way. “When our last try failed I remember saying that we should never give up on a miracle. I wasn’t in this just for the IVF Scully, I wanted to help you have a child in any way that you could. Help us have a child.” As the news starts to filter through to his brain Mulder smiles, suddenly feels lighter than he has in a long time. “I’m not saying I’m going to be Father of the Year, and my experience with my own dad hasn’t exactly set me up well for the future, but I want this baby.” He laughs, shaking his head once again. “A baby, Scully.”

“I know.” She shoots him a watery smile.

“When they said you were in hospital I presumed the worst. I thought the cancer…”

“So did I. I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

His grin widens. “A baby.”

“I know.”

“A little me, and hopefully a lot of you. Wow I…” His mind is racing, and he’s still wondering whether he’ll wake up alone back at Hegal Place any moment soon. “Do you know what you’re having?”

Scully shakes her head. “It’s too soon for that.”

“A girl, it’ll be a girl.” He sounds so sure, he can almost picture her. “I hope she has your eyes and nose, your coloring too. A mini Scully. Oh god,” he suddenly exclaims. “We’re going to need a car seat, and I’m going to have to put the crib together. Your apartment is bigger than mine but we can think about that and find somewhere else if we need to.”

“Mulder…” There’s amusement in Scully’s voice but he’s too busy voicing his thoughts to grasp why.

“We’ll have to tell your mom. Maybe you could tell Bill and Charlie when I’m out of the room though. Bill is not going to be pleased I knocked his little sister up…” Another shake of the head. “I knocked his little sister up.” He barely had time to breathe before speaking again. “We should get married.”

“Mulder!” Scully’s laughing now, unable to stop herself. “Slow down!”

He pauses, his smile fades as he considers her words. “I’m sorry,” he says a few minutes later. “You’re right. I haven’t even stopped to ask you how you’re feeling about this…or my involvement.”

“Mulder.” She realizes he’s jumped to the wrong conclusion, and she rushes to explain, squeezing his hand to attract his attention. “I’m not questioning your involvement. I just meant slow down before you’ve got this kid graduating and moving out before he or she’s even born.”

At this he relaxes. “Sorry.” He let’s go of Scully’s hand and moves it down to her abdomen, still flat for the moment. “I can’t believe this.”

“We did it.” Scully’s breath hitches as she tries to suppress another sob, the events of the day too much for her.

Mulder leans forward and captures her lips with his own, trying to convey just how much he loves her and how happy he is. “Yes we did.” He sighs contentedly, his heart unbelievably full. Finally, after years of disappointment and heartache, something is going right for them. “I love you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t get on the plane,” Scully whispers, before they kiss once again.

“Me too,” replies Mulder. “Me too.”

Watch It

A/N: Also slightly based off of the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran. I hope you guys like it! It turned into something much longer than I expected.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 3,291

Warnings: None that I know of. Mild language?

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one

Anon said: “I thought of a Roomies thing that maybe plays into the direction of their storyline you might be headed in?? Y/n is having a rough night, and she doesn’t want to be alone with her thoughts, but on this particular night, Isaac isn’t home. After/while debating with herself over it she tentatively creeps across the loft to Derek’s room and peers in, before changing her mind at the last minute. As she goes to creep back to her room again, he’s like “what the hell is it you’re doing?” And-she’s caught in the headlights of Derek’s glowing alpha eyes. Basically, she ends up staying in Derek’s bed, and they predictably are awkward and funny but it’s ultimately sweet?? Idk, if it’s a bad idea don’t worry about it or anything haha ☺️x”


Anon said: “derek x reader based on bad liar by selena gomez pls?”


You tossed and turned, battling with the sheets just as much as you were your mind. They wrapped around you like a cocoon from the way you must have thrashed in your sleep, keeping you confined to the bed like restraints. Normally you wouldn’t have minded, waking up as a human burrito was actually quite calming, but the thoughts that came to mind every time you closed your eyes just made the safe swaddle feel like a strangling stronghold.

You chuckle at the thought. You could be quite poetic with the right amount of sleep deprivation.

You huffed, slapping a hand to your forehead. Of course tonight was the night Isaac was gone, out on some night patrol with Peter per request of Scott because of some tiny, but disturbing, series of events that had everyone in the pack on edge.

Water. A glass of the cold liquid would surely scare away the demons, right? After all, most of your thoughts consisted of flames and burning things, so water it was.

After fighting with the sheets wrapped around you for too long a time to be reasonable, you plopped to the floor with a soft thud, moaning gently before you rose to your feet, dragging them sleepily across the floor, not even putting in the effort to lift them even a little. This proved a bit harder to handle as you made your way across the concrete floors of the living room, proving to be a slick ice to your sock clad feet, and you floundered just a little before regaining your footing.

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Piece by Piece #1

There was a certain mourning throughout the castle of lions after a huge battle on the planet XER-167. They had all landed and there was a silence over the comms as all of the paladins made their way to the clearing in the centre of the lions. All but one, Lance was gone. They had searched for him for hours, hunk stayed in the blue lion in case he came back, but the others went and searched. It wasn’t until the 3 moons were high in the sky did coran call them back to the castle with an urgent message.

“Greetings paladins.” Coran welcomed them all into the meeting but wore a look of distress. “We’ve received a video message from the galra.” He looked away from them all.

“It’s lance, they’ve captured him.”

A wave of gasps fell over the group. And Shiro stepped forward. “Let us see the video.”

“Shiro, perhaps you’d like to view this on your own before with everyone.” Allura cautioned, stepping up to the black paladin.

“We’re a team, more importantly we’re a family and one of our family members is gone, we all have equal rights to know what happened.” He said, calmly. Everyone nodded in agreement and Coran and Allura shared a glance. The princess nodded and Coran pulled up a holo-screen. Lance was sitting on a chair, blind folded. There was a loud crash and he looked up, glancing around, trying desperately to see. He scowled.

“Who’s there?” There was a sense of demand in his voice and Shiro felt slightly proud of the mans bravery. “Show yourself.”

“Shut it.” A cool voice rang through the speakers.

“Lotor!” The blue paladin hissed. “I’m far from surprised, I thought it smelled like rat!”

The lanky galran stepped onto camera, it shifted from Lance so the paladin was no longer on screen. “It’s a new cologne, I’m touched that you noticed.” He spat, turning to the camera. “Greetings, paladins.” He smiled at the screen.

“Are they here? Go away! Don’t trust him!” Lances voice tried desperately to warn his friends, who he thought were in the room. “Get out while you can!”

Lotor rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers and there was the sound of electrical currents and Lance shrieking in pain followed by heavy breaths. Everyone in the room watching the video gasped and Hunk and Allura covered their mouths. Keith’s mouth hung open in surprise.

“As I was saying, my salutations.” He pushed a stray hair behind his ear and continued. “As you can see, I have your Comrade here with me, what was it? Lance?” He turned to the blue paladin who remained off screen and there was the sound of someone spitting and a visible drop of saliva shot at Lotors face. He sighed and wiped his face, snapping his fingers again and again there was an electrical shock to the blue paladin, and again a shriek of agony. “Lance.” He confirmed and paused, looking back at the camera. “You can have him back when you bring me voltron, all 5 lions, for one defender of the universe.” He bent over slightly to pick up something, it was revealed to be a sharp piece of metal. “For every day that passes, he will be put through excruciating torture.” He clicked his tongue and tested the dullness of the knife. “a shame really, he is quite pretty.”

“Don’t… don’t give him the lions!” Lance was breathless, trying to plead with his family, lotor let it slide.

“Tick tock paladins,” he smiled at the camera, looking directly into it, his hand raised above his head and flew down into something off screen, thunking into what sounded like flesh. Lance screamed loud enough to make someone go deaf and lotor just let himself smile bigger. “The countdown is on.”

The screen died and all of the paladins had crowded closer to the screen, hunk had ended up with Keith brushing shoulders with him, pidge was hugging Shiro and Allura was right next to all of them. The black paladins face was pale and he looked as if we’d seen a ghost. “We need to give him the lions.”

“Shiro are you crazy?” Allura’s voice was sharp and she turned to him. “We can’t just-”

“They’ll kill him.” He turned to her and his eyes were sharp. “I know what they do to people, Allura, Lance won’t survive, I barely did. It’s… it’s sick, the things they do for answers.” He closed his eyes tight and let himself hug pidge tighter. “They’ll kill him.” His voice cracked and all paladins looked to him, Shiro was always so certain and strong, this was new, the crack in his tone made them all uneasy, even Shiro wasn’t sure if they’d get their friend back.

And that was terrifying.

…to be continued…