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Softie - A Chibs Short

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I felt like writing something for all you Chibs girls out there, it’s short, but i hope you like it!

“Can we really only have one?” Y/N asked as she pushed the door to the rescue centre open. “There will be so many that don’t have anyone to love them.”

Chibs raised and eyebrow and lowered his sunglasses over his eyes. “And where would I sleep lass? You planned enough space for me in tha lil’ scenario?” his lips quirked into a lopsided grin and Y/N could feel his intense gaze boring into her.

“Of course, I have, we’ll need a bigger house though.”


Y/N pouted and leaned into Chibs, fluttering her eyelashes at him and playing with the hem of his leather kutte.

“Don’t give me tha look, darlin’ you know it don’t work.” He took her hand in his and pushed open the door of the pound. “Ya do need a dog, when I’m not around, shit’s getting dangerous.”

They made their way towards the reception desk where a sunny looking lady with a large smile welcomed them and pointed them towards the corridor that lead to the kennels.

“Ya need somethin’ big, something that’ll protect ya.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and pulled away from him, looking into the faces of each pup as she moved from kennel to kennel, Chibs a little way behind her, checking his phone. All the dogs were beautiful and the looks in their eyes tugged on her heart strings, but one in particular caught her eye. Huddled at the back of his kennel half hidden in a blue blanket sat a frightened looking white puppy. He looked up at Y/N with imploring eyes, a pitiful little whine escaping his mouth, he instantly stole her heart.

She glanced over her shoulder and grinned, seeing Chibs had his back to her, speaking into the phone in hushed tones. She slid open the latch and crept into the little room, kneeling on the floor beside the frightened puppy. He sniffed at her as she held her hand out, and he shuffled closer, little pink tongue darting out to lick the tips of her outstretched hands.

“Hey there gorgeous.” Y/N cooed when he got up the nerve to leave his blanket and climb up onto her legs. The furry little animal was warm and his fear seemed to dissipate at the close contact. She picked him up in her arms, there was no way she was leaving the centre without him.

“You ready baby?” Chibs asked, turning around as he ended the phone call. He eyed the small dog for a beat and then looked at Y/N over the top of his sunglasses. “I said a big dog, something to protect ye, not the way around.”

“Oh, Fillip, please? I just can’t leave him.” She practically begged, holding the little puppy out to her old man. The pup gave a little bark, trying to impress the man in black leather that was studying him carefully. Chibs chuckled and tickled the pup under his floppy ear.

“Alright, but you have to look after her, do ye understand?” he asked, addressing the pup who barked in confirmation.

“I love you.” Y/N murmured, throwing her arm around her man, nearly squishing the dog between them. “We love you.”

Chibs took her hand and lead her down the corridor, grumbling about her turning him into a softie.

“You okay?” You asked your boyfriend, Rick Grimes, after he stepped through the front door of the house you shared in Alexandria.

He sighed and his jaw clenched in a way that showed you he was angry or stressed about something. “Yeah.”

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unafraid ; (mafia) kim minseok

description; fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

a/n; the gif is from @xiundeer OH YEAH, i used names that depict people of all ethnicities, so that “you” can truly be someone of any race, who could live possibly anywhere. chapter ii is ready to be posted, and will be soon, so let me know if you wanna be tagged in that chapter!

part; i | ii | iii| iv | v | vi | vii

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55 sam and little sis!! Yeah I agree - I think Sammy would be a great big brother and needs more of these! 😍

“You’re a nerd.”

“I aham not, you’re a bigger one.”

“Sahays who? Who knows all these weird facts about random history ahand like science?”

Sam rolled his eyes, “That doesn’t make me a nerd, that makes me smart.”

“Nahame all the members of the New Avengers,” you smirked. 

Sam paused and he blushed, “I won’t give you the satisfaction.”

Youhu giggled and poked Sam’s side, “Youhu’re a bigger nerd than me, admit it, Sam.”

Sam chuckled and pushed your hand away, “You’re a musical nerd. And a literal old music nerd just like Dean. My history and comic fascinations do not mean anything.”

“Yeahahah they count!” you giggle, finding tormenting Sam to be a whole lotta fun. You got your hand free and tickled Sam’s belly with it.

Sam laughed and kept pushing your hands away, but you always went back.

“Stohohop the tihihickles!” Sam giggled.

“No way, just admit you’re a huge nerd, Samuel!” you grinned, taking a page from Dean’s book.

“Youhu cahahahan’t cahall me that!” Sam laughed, holding your hands in the air, far away from him now.

But the moment you wormed one hand free, you shot it right to his exposed armpit hollow and all went downhill for him from there.

Sam fell back on the bed in a laughing fit, clutching his arms to his sides, “AHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAHAP!”

“Admit it!”


You laughed, stopped the tickles, and gave Sam a sisterly peck on the cheek, “Dahahamn right!”

Triazolam (pt.1)

Summary: He didn’t know you needed him. Neither did you until your doctor prescribed you Triazolam . *Not a request. Started as a sentence, then a bigger thought, then kept going.

Multiple parts?: Yes

Type: Angst/ Part of ‘The Foreigner’ system

Please help me decide which BTS member will be the boyfriend(not Namjoon) I’m thinking Yoongi but there a ALOT of Yoongi angst stories.


“Again?” I questioned sadly.

“Yes again.” He was obviously annoyed. “You aren’t my whole life, Romy.”

I crossed my arms and let my eyes fall to the floor. “I didn’t say I was, I just wish I was some part of it.” I mumbled.

He sighed deeply, trying not to lose his cool. His fingers combed through his hair roughly as he leaned against the wall.

This was the 6th day in a row where he was going out. I have never been one to cling to her boyfriend day and night, especially with Jimin’s schedule, but this was his first full month long break since we started dating. Our relationship has never been easy. The year and a half of our relationship felt more like only a few months because of BTS’ comeback two months after we started dating. Between the month long intensive prep with photoshoots, late night recordings and the MV shoot then the month long promotion we might as well have been acquaintances. Not to mention the scandal.

Two weeks after their comeback promotions ended Namjoon got tangled in a scandal with some Chinese actress. Bang PD-nim told the boys to lay low and stick together during that time. Of course this meant I couldn’t see him for a while.

At first he would facetime me every night. Telling me how they were all going stir crazy and hopefully everything would die down soon so I could be back in his arms. The way he looked made me hope the same thing more than I hoped to find a job.

But something changed during that period. He changed.

Instead of facetime, he began just calling me, then just texting, then just a quick mention of him during a conversation with another member.

When the scandal finally lost all traction he came home but it was already too late. He was someone different.

“Romy-ah, don’t start.”

I furrowed my brows. “I’m not trying to ‘start’. I just miss you.”

“How can you miss me if I’m right here?” It was rhetorical of course but it was a stupid question nonetheless that I felt needed to be answered..

“Because you are only there for a few seconds.” I finally focused my eyes on him. “In ten minutes, you will be gone. Tomorrow morning you will be here but by tomorrow afternoon you’ll be right back out.”

“Well at least we both agree that I am still going out.” he said and grabbed his keys. For a second I almost blocked his path but I didn’t have the physical nor mental strength.


“Y/N-ssi, please sit.” My doctor smiled as she motioned for me to take a seat. Her smile was one of sympathy and it made my stomach knot with twice the nerves I had before. I had come to see Dr.Kwon, my normal doctor,a few days ago after I noticed I was having trouble falling asleep. Since she was busy I ended up seeing another doctor in the practice which is why I was surprised when she called me in early this morning to discuss my visit. “I understand you came in about your fatigue.”

“Yes.” I replied weakly, thinking of the strange way I had been feeling lately.

“Apparently you have developed insomnia. As I am sure you know, this mixed your anemia is detrimental to your health. It is already affecting the way your immune system is functioning.”

I nodded shamefully.

Her soft eyes stayed on me as I looked down. “I am not here to scold you and I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. The only change I am going to push on you is this.” She handed me a small bottle. “Triazolam”

I stared at the bottle until landing on the words ‘sleep aid’.

“These will help you get to sleep.”

“Do I have to take these?”

She hesitated before shaking her head slowly. “You don’t have to but I highly recommend that you do. If you don’t get some sleep soon I may end up prescribing more than just a sleep aid.”

I uttered a quiet ‘Thank you’ before bowing and turning to leave.

“Oh and Romy.” I faced Dr. Kwon once more. “Please be careful with those. Some people tend to develop a dependence.”

I gave the small bottle another glance before nodding and exiting quietly.


I squeezed the bottle tightly in my hand as I stared at the clock.


I desperately searched my brain for a reason why I didn’t need these pills, why I was stronger than a prescription. I found nothing as the clock stared back at me tauntingly the way it had been for hours. I knew now was not the time to be stubborn. I had an interview in the morning. I needed this job. I couldn’t stay the unemployed foreigner any longer. The money from my study abroad program was going to run out soon and there was no way I could live off of the money in my savings for more than a few months. I had no other option.

Feeling defeated, I opened the bottle.

I hesitantly placed two of the white pills in my mouth, swallowing them dry.

I slowly laid my head down on my pillow,facing the clock. As I waited for the pills to take effect, I knew that there was one thing that could have made me stronger than this prescription…but he was out of my reach.


Please tell me if you guys liked it. I’m conflicted. Also which BTS member should I use, other than Namjoon. I’m leaning towards Yoongi but there are alot under angst for him.

“We shouldn’t be here, y’know.” Niall stated nervously, looking around as the trio made their way to the front door of your ex-boyfriend’s house. “We should… what’s t’at saying? Be the bigger man? Let’s go home – Y/N’ll mad at us if she finds out what we’re doin’.”

“We are bein’ the bigger men.” Zayn scoffed. “We’re just here to have a friendly chat with her ex, s’all. Maybe get a few answers out of him, like, why’d he cheat on her?” 

“We’ll be out of here as soon as you know it, Niall.” Louis said calmly, clearing his throat before knocking on the front door swiftly. The door swung open, revealing your shirtless ex-boyfriend, all wide-eyes and rosy cheeks. “What the fuck.” 

“Hey guys.. do you need anything? I’m kinda busy.” Your ex gave the three a sheepish smile before Zayn had finally noticed the half-naked girl sitting on the couch. 

“Are you for real? You and Y/N just broke up, and now you’re here bangin’ some other girl?!” Zayn’s eyebrows furrowed in frustration, gesturing to the girl in the back. 

“Look, Y/N was great, but-” 

“Of course she’s great! She’s Y/N! You don’t know what you lost, man. You’re fuckin’ mad, I tell ya.” Louis shook his head, rolling his eyes as he did so. “Y’know what? Fuck you, man. You’re an asshole. We’re out of here.” 

“A-And you didn’t even deserve our Y/N, ya dick.” Niall huffed, flipping him off. “C’mon, boys. We’ve got a broken heart to mend back at home.” 


gif isn’t mine!

Preference #1: TFW when you've had a bad day.


You sighed deeply and opened a bar of chocolate, breaking off a square before heading through to the bunker’s garage to see Dean. You had been in town today to see an old friend and it had brought up a lot of old and much unwanted memories.

“Hey Y/N, what happened? You okay?” Dean said, concern in his eyes as he peered around the open hood to get a better view of you.

“Oh, it’s nothing really, just one of those days that nothing goes right, you know?” You paused as you said it. You knew full well that Dean had bigger problems than yours to deal with, he didn’t need your self pity to add to his own. “Don’t worry about it!”

“No, come on, do you want to talk or need a distraction or something?” He said.

“Honestly it’s fine, forget I said anything!” You tried and failed to cover up. You could have sworn you saw a small smile play on Dean’s lips.

“I have an idea. Get in!” With that he slammed the hood and got in the driver’s seat. You hung back outside the car, unsure on whether to get in. “Come on, flash.”

You spent the rest evening cruising in the impala around deserted highways. By the time you were both tired of chatting and singing to Dean’s overplayed classics you had completely forgotten everything that had been bothering you.


“Y/N?” Sam knocked on your door timidly.

“The door’s open.” You mumbled, head buried in a book you were using to block out the world. It was a favourite, the dog eared pages told just how many times you’d poured over the words.

“Y/N, you’ve been up here for an hour now, are you okay?” He said, walking over and sitting on the edge of your bed.

“Yeah. Just dandy.” You said back, immediately regretting the sulkiness of the comment as you saw him blink a little in pity. You didn’t want his pity. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a bad day, alright? I’d rather not talk about it.”

“That’s fine,” Sam replied. “I was wondering, you know, if you want, there’s still a couple of beers left in the fridge and I found that DVD you lost if you still want to watch it?”

He nonchalantly fiddled with the hem of his shirt until you gave in and agreed, following him downstairs to the bunker’s lounge area. You ended up dozing off on the sofa that night, huddled into Sam after the film. You woke up the next morning to the sound of the kettle boiling and a couple of slices of toast thrust under your nose, whatever had bothered you yesterday now seemed a long way away.


The wind whipped around the side of the crappy motel room you were staying in next door to the Winchesters. You were out on a hunt with them, you normally got on with your own thing but had had convinced them to meet up with you for old time’s sake.

You’d had a particularly bad day today and no amount of blasting your ear drums out with music could distract you. You turned from the window you had been looking out of only to be met with a wall of beige trenchcoat.

“Geez Cas, a little warning!?” You snapped, ripping put your headphones.

“I apologise Y/N, I could sense you weren’t happy so came to check on you, I didn’t know you were busy.” Castiel said taking a step back to fly off.

“No, Cas, it’s fine, just a really really bad day, fancy a cheap coffee in an even cheaper diner? I could use a fresh face to chat to.” You tried to sound cheery.

“I would like that, but I don’t really drink coffee.”

“Great, even cheaper for me then!” You grinned at his bemused expression which quickly changed to a half smirk. Nothing was a better distraction than having a coffee with an angel older than you could fathom. Especially when his confusion never failed to bring a smile to your face.

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ok im a guy and listne,,,,,, im Whipped™ for jimin ok i thought he was THE boyfriend material, the one and only, the one tru thing im 100% un-het for, but after finding ur blog and having my eyes opened up im 👀 but now im bitter, emo, and still whipped for this boy. smh cleanse me i dont need a demon boy messin with me i have enough of those already!! 😡😩

tbh boo , the more u repress the bigger ur feelings gonna grow for that hoe…trust me.. i should know. have fun being posessed, boo, im praying for u

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Could I get a ship?? I'm 5'2, have some pretty sparkly blue eyes, and super short dark dark brown hair. I usually wear clothes that are like 2 sizes too big for me, and I really enjoy reading and writing!! I draw too much for my own good too omg. I always try to listen to anyone who needs it, I'm known for always being able to get people to laugh, and im preeetty famous for never being able to sleep B^)

Gee why does everyone make me think of Ponyboy? Guess cuz most of us “Tumblrians” read and write. Anywaysssss

I ship you with Darrel Curtis, my baby daddy. I know it might sound weird but the dude read Carpetbaggers so he’s definitely read some decent literature. He likes your alluring blue eyes and very cocoa-colored brown hair. He will give you his clothes because you like wearing bigger sizes. He thinks it’s cute that you’re a li’l shorty. He likes it when you draw for him, or draw in general. He’s one that you’ll need to listen to his rants about Pony and his other problems. Your sense of humor has him laughing so hard he’s crying. He won’t pull an all nighter with you but Sodapop will.(He’s practically your best friend.) 

Usually, people don’t understand why it takes me a longer time to be comfortable with them compared with others. I can’t help it because I am observing every bit of detail that this guy makes to find out his ‘normal state’ so that if he deviates from this state, I’ll know how to respond. Like, how he raises his pitch a little when he is sure that he is right about a subject, how her eyes get bigger when she gets awkward or uncomfortable, or how he nods and closes his eyes when he is not in the mood to listen.

I need to know how and where to sail in your ocean of personality. I need to map it so that I can avoid collisions with your icebergs of pet peeves. I want to know all - even if it is subtle - changes you consciously and unconsciously make with the way you speak, look, and move.

I want to know you. The real you and not the ‘you’ that you always try to protect from everyone.

—  Submitted by onlythencanyouletgo

“Oh no, I’m not working with her.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, raising an eyebrow at him. “You called me.”

“I didn’t,” Dean said, “He did.” 

Sam rolled his eyes and pulled a folder out of his bag. “Dean,” he started, sifting through the papers. “I don’t need to remind you that we’re out of our territory here. She knows way more about this than we do,” he said, “And she’s kindly agreed to help us out -”

“Kindly agreed?” Dean parroted, “Kindly agreed? Do you even remember Wichita? 2013?” he asked, “Or -”

“Memphis,” you said, “Last year.” You shifted in your stance, your arms tense. “I told you - I was working a bigger case, which I pulled off, thank you very much,” you said, “If anything -”

“You slept with me!” 

It was Sam’s turn to raise his eyebrows.

“I didn’t know how else to distract you!” you retorted, “I couldn’t exactly tell you what was going on, and you wouldn’t back off, so -”

“You used me.”

“Wow,” Sam muttered.

“Oh please,” you said, “You were way more excited about it than I was.”

Dean snorted. 

Sam cleared his throat. “If we could just, um, wrap this up and get back to the case. I have the police reports here -”

“I’m not working with him.”

“Aw,” Dean said, mockery basically dripping off his tongue, “What a shame, really.”

“Guys -”

“It will be when you screw up this hunt.”

“Is that a challenge?”


“What if it is? What are you gonna do about it?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t we lay a bet -”

Will you two just shut up for a second?” Sam snapped, “No one’s backing out. We are not laying bets on people’s lives,” he said, “You two are going to handle this like adults and professionals or God help me, I will shoot you both.”

Both of you sighed. “Fine.”

Sam narrowed his eyes at you, but his pose relaxed. “So, the reports…”

Request an imagine, or a fic, here!

White people need to stop talking for the black community. Everyone’s saying we are upset over what bambam said, I haven’t even found a single person of color who was offended, every other black person I know or have seen has not even been upset, either they didn’t care or they were trying to KINDLY educate him. However the white community felt the need to speak for us, wrongly, and made it seem as though it was a bigger deal then it is. You can’t look me in the eye and tell me you have never used that word. Move on, stop sending him death threats, stop hating on him. He has apologized and that’s enough for me, shit I as a black person didn’t even care, let alone want a damn apology, but he apologized. So stop.

I think Calum’s eyes would be a massive giveaway to how he was feeling. If he was sad you’d see it in his eyes. If he was lying to you his eye contact would be awful. If he wanted something his big brown eyes would seem even bigger, cuter and more beautiful than you already thought they were. You could tell when he felt guilty too. He could have a straight facial expression but his eyes would tell you all you needed to know. You wouldn’t always need an apology from Calum because the pure look of sorrow in his eyes and the tears you can see, so close to falling would be enough to let you know how sorry he was and how hard he was trying to tell you that without choking on his words.

Walking in on EXO in the toilet


Heey Sandra!! Sure you can hehe ~ !

XIUMIN: “She saw me, she saw me, what if she tells everyone?”

LUHAN: “Did you just call my Luhan Junior a Miss. Luhan?”

KRIS: “I can’t believe she saw me on the toilet! Don’t you know how to knock??”

SUHO: “Did you just say DO’s is bigger than mine? Have you seen him properly? Do you need your eyes checked?”

LAY: “Please pretend you never saw anything…”

B: “Ohh kkaepsong….excuse you…”

CHEN: *GIF speaks for itself*

CHANYEOL: “Oh god, first it was Lay-hyung and now its you, I should really lock the door next time!”

DO: “Bigger than Suho, huh?”


KAI: “Like what you see?”

SEHUN: *Didn't even notice you, he was too busy texting Tao*

@unsungcaninehero where am I??

The Felicid bared his triad, hooked fangs in fear of this new location. There was nothing in the sky… not a sun nor a moon led his eyes, but a strange light was cast over the distance to the west. 

Yet, there was a form in the distance… One that, even if their intentions were pure, a frightened animal couldn’t tell the difference. Airin held his ground, back arched, and claws planted in the ground. His mane was expanded to make his size seem a lot bigger than he was.

He gave a growl of warning to the newcomer to not come near.