i know he isn't a serial killer i just want notes

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Why isn't Hannibal a psychopath? Bryan and Mads and everyone I guess keeps saying he's not and I'm not sure why.

Two reasons.

One, the character is meant to be mythologized above anything quantifiable. Specifically, they like to equate him to the human embodiment of Satan, which is inspired by the novels in that he presents temptation to others, passes judgment, consumes and punishes, and does it all with a healthy dose of blasphemy to boot.

He’s supposed to be unique, not a “garden variety” anything, and labeling him a psychopath (or anything else, really) will tempt some audience members to reduce him to just those characteristics and miss how important understanding him as completely unique is to the overall narrative. This is important because it raises the stakes of the story to be about something bigger and more legendary than just capturing any psychopathic murderer, and they’re aiming for a mythological morality play, not for a realistic depiction of criminal (or any other) psychology.

There’s a reason why Will chose to describe the Ripper as a monster rather than a human being with a diagnosis. While we have a differentiation in the English language between a devil and the devil, we don’t have the same for psychopaths, and that’s what we would need to tell the story the way the storytellers want it told. Hannibal is not just a baddie. He is the Big Bad, and calling him a psychopath would be a little like calling him a baddie rather than the Big Bad—it’s not entirely untrue, but it’d definitely be inappropriate. Sometimes you’ll hear Bryan Fuller or Steve Lightfoot refer to Hannibal as a psychopath, but then they’ll often then attach a “not simply a psychopath” kind of statement to it, and I think this is largely why.

Additionally, the base premise of the story is that Hannibal and Will are each completely unique, so that the only person in the universe who could truly understand and appreciate each is the other. This is fundamental to understanding everything in the show, and so it’s necessary to understand that whatever their particular issues, “we don’t yet have a name” for what these two sweethearts are.

Two, serial murderers are a dime a dozen in Hannibal’s universe, even if significantly rarer in our own, but even in Hannibal’s universe, most of the killers are not conventionally psychopathic: their murders are largely (though not exclusively) those of “sensitive psychopaths,” as Jack called them—which tends to cherry-pick the psychopathy checklist: they don’t actually fit the criteria well enough to be considered actual psychopaths.

This is also true of Hannibal. As Miriam Lass puts it, he has “some of the characteristics,” but not enough of them to actually be what they call a sociopath or psychopath.

Keep in mind that there is no actual diagnosis for psychopathy, and the issue of psychopathy is one that’s fraught with much legal and (often pseudo-) scientific wrangling. But, generally speaking, no one has yet replaced Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist with something better. This ascribes point values to various items, 0-2, and a score totaling 30+ means an individual is probably a psychopath (someone told me 25+ in the UK, but I don’t know if that’s true—but it does show that a difference in legal definition can exist, illustrating just how “soft” a science this all is).

  • glibness/superficial charm
  • grandiose sense of self worth
  • need for stimulation/prone to boredom
  • pathological lying
  • conning/manipulative
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow emotional response
  • callous/lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • promiscuous sexual behavior
  • early behavioral problems
  • lack of realistic long term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for their own actions
  • many short term relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

As I total these, even if I give a 2 for any time I think Hannibal only deserves a 1, the highest I can get him to score is 24, and I’m being REALLY UNFAIR just to get him that high. I think, if we score him at a 1 for anything debatable, where it depends on circumstance or how you look at it, 0 for not at all, and 2 for undeniable, then he probably scores ~18. (The highest I could get Will to was about 19, again being REALLY UNFAIR, but he might score as high as ~11, more realistically.)

It should be noted, as a point of comparison, that most people score 5 or below, so Hannibal (and even Will) is way more psychopathic than most…yet not actually high enough to be considered a psychopath. This would make Miriam Lass’s assessment of the Chesapeake Ripper very accurate.

There are other checklists and descriptions of psychopaths besides Hare’s version, but in my observation, Hannibal does about the same on all of them: he fits some categories quite well, and others not at all. There is no official diagnosis, remember, because the whole thing, like many things in the field of mental illness, is pretty pseudo-science to begin with.

In addition to all this, I think Mads specifically has a tendency to not just mythologize the character, but also to emphasize how emotional he is. Hannibal is not experiencing shallow emotional response or a lack of empathy, he just controls himself really, really well while he actually feels very deeply. I’ve seen people argue that this is exactly what should make Hannibal a psychopath (although that doesn’t really fit the checklist above), but that’s still debatable: studies have shown that while psychopaths may have an “empathy on/off switch,” people believe that this may be true of everyone, the difference being that the psychopath’s default position is “off,” and an ordinary person’s default position is “on.” I think, if presented with the question, that Mads would pretty unequivocally state that Hannibal’s default is most definitely set to “on.” Finally, I’ve also seen Mads appear to draw from the older definition of sociopathy or secondary psychopathy—wherein psychopaths are made that way by childhood trauma—and dismiss that completely. I don’t know if Mads knows all that much about the issue, really—he may, he may not…it’s hard to say. But those seem to be the factors that influence his opinion: mythologizing the character, deep emotional and empathetic capacity, and an absence of childhood trauma, at least as a cause.

And all of the above probably holds for Bryan Fuller.

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Why do you think Jared didn't show up to ComicCon? He really preferred spend his day with Valery? All the cast were there except him! Isn't sad how unprofesional he can be? I think this is very desapointing. He doesn't care about his fans anymore 😔

Before this shit gets more out of control than it already is – while I literally still cannot comprehend why the hell Jared rushed back to Toronto for a fresh dye and wax* job before apparently just hanging out on NYC corners when he’s not apparently stalking the Mast Brothers, and then jetting off to LA the day after Comic Con wrapped up, let’s think about this logically.

Was I super-excited to see if he’d strut into that room holding 6,500 people foaming at the mouths and fanboy/fangirling? Yes.

But could I actually visualize that happening? No.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with paris fashion week pussy.

Nor with feeling antisocial or apathetic toward his fans.

At the end of the day, while his fans may take everything to heart and think of him as the second coming capable of making us all cum in twos, he is so so so small in the grand scheme of things regarding this film. I mean, yes - the boy undoubtedly had some leverage when it came to negotiations for the film (and whatever subsequent once are planned), but he has never taken home a huge paycheck for a film, and the last one he worked on with a budget like this was Alexander in 2003. So, when it comes to promotions and marketing for this film - he will for sure be pulled into the picture - just not quite yet.

Cause despite what anyone says about the 89 people currently starring in Suicide Squad, the one person/character nearly every possible movie-goer is mostly concerned/intrigued about is The Joker, and more importantly, Jared Leto as The Joker.

Mainly due to the fact that for most people in this world who are not letobsessed and googling the Jareds and snaking their way through the Jared Leto tag on the Tumblrs, the last time they heard from “Jared Leto” was when he was sweeping every award show looking like Jesus:

for looking like this:

And it certainly doesn’t help when the character you’re taking on is one of the most iconic in comic history, let alone pop culture. For most people, the thought of one of the prettiest menz to ever walk dis earth, whose introduction to them was via a drug-addicted transgendered woman dying of AIDS in 1985, playing a renegade sociopath on a devout mission to kill the bat man, is simply too much to handle.

We know he can fucking rule a role, but we know Jared in ways that most people never will. In fact, I dunno about you but most people in my real life don’t even know who the hell Jared Leto is. Despite him being a very recent Oscar Winner and giving possibly one of the best televised award speeches ever in the history of speeches. Whatevs. Their loss.

Going the route they went with his character design - it’s clear WB/DC/Ayer wanted to make waves. Because let’s be honest: cinematically, while Jack Nicholson’s work in Burton’s Batman was fun and fantastic, Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger’s creation re-energized and reinvented The Joker for a generation that would never take a campy character very seriously. So, how do you reintroduce that same character without getting reactions that just recall The Ledger? You go in a completely different direction. You reference shades of The Joker from not previous movie or television iterations but the comic archives. You piece together a character that is polarizing. That gets people talking.

But the problem with doing that in this day and age is that people cannot deal with mystery. We are a world of people who see “SPOILER ALERT” and read on. We want to know everything about everything the moment it’s alluded to. And when it involves a pop culture character that lives in the idea that he’s ruthless and capable of anything adding ontop of that deadly combination the fact he is a sociopathic serial killer - and going to be portrayed by that dude who is almost too pretty to be human with shades of femme and a prior streak of nearly dying for his work(s) - we need to know everything ASAP.

it’s hard to remember a time when an actor received THIS MUCH SHADE AND CONTROVERSY over a role/performance no one knew much about, than what Jared and the production has had to endure thus far.

Understanding this shit and working with it and around it is Warner Brothers and DC Comics and David Ayer’s Job. From the get-go, Ayer has separated Leto from the Suicide Squad in its marketing. I think it’s his intention to isolate Jared’s sneak peeks for a few reasons: storyline & context (The Joker was never actually in the “Suicide Squad”) and  he knows if he includes Leto as The Joker with the rest of the cast, the media and comic book fans are going to just report on The Joker (as we’ve seen happening already with the leak of the trailer footage and then the release of the Trailer online) and the coverage on Leto’s portrayal will definitely overshadow his castmates. Which with an ensemble cast of some high-profile movie stars and some up-and-comers, is going to lead to maybe some awkwardness on set, maybe some resentment, maybe some acting-out;

Think back on the official images of the cast released by Ayer/DC/WB:

APRIL 8: Cast read through today!

Full Suicide Squad Cast in plain-clothes; NO JARED

APRIL 9: #WhereIsJared

Separate shot of Jared as The Joker

APRIL 24: Happy Anniversary Mr. J!

Separate shot of Jared as The Joker

MAY 3: Task Force X assembled and ready.

Full Suicide Squad Cast in Character; NO JARED

There has always been a clear distinction between Jared (as The Joker) and the Cast (as the Suicide Squad).

Also something to note – the totals of RTs and Faves.

Jared’s single pics get a good 3,000 - 6,000 more than the WHOLE FUCKING CAST. WHICH INCLUDES MARGOT ROBBIE AS HARLEY QUINN. Even poor Will Smith, A-List actor, world-famous, cannot even hold a candle to the Leto Twitter totals:

I mean.
Ayer should just delete that - it’s fucking embarrassing. (Just kidding….no, but not really. I wonder if Will and/or Willow Smith cry themselves to sleep over those 15k/17k to Jared’s 42k/36k…)

So, it makes sense that for the official unveiling of the Suicide Squad at Comic Con, Jared Leto wouldn’t have been included with the Suicide Cast in their plain-clothes, as The Joker is not technically apart of the Suicide Squad. And if Leto had shown up it would’ve drawn way too much attention away from the film and cast as a whole. 

Also, he is currently the only actor on the production where his everyday physical appearance is affected by his character design. If WB/DC/Ayer want as much control over how the public is allowed to view The Joker (which seems to be intense, seeing as Ayer released the gorgeous HD trailer a day after the premiere at Comic Con due to leaks because he couldn’t stand that shitty copy being passed around and being all the lame mass-public would have to judge Leto and his film overall on…) — it makes sense that they wouldn’t want Jared just waltzing into Hall H in like his Balmain sweatpants and a torn and stained Enfants des Deprimes tank with exaggerated arm holes, being all Jared-y (AKA awkward and adorable).

And if they had him come in character — that would’ve been hokey too. Especially for the mood they’re trying to capture for the film.

And while I kinda love to picture Jared being the type of actor who would be like: “Fuck no” to attending a major marketing/advertising event like Comic Con, I’m 100% sure that if he’s under contract with WB/DC on a production at this level - they pretty much tell him where he needs to be and when. And if he doesn’t show up - it does not bode well for his standing within the film nor within Hollywood — no matter who he is, what awards he has on his kitchen counter, or how much they’ve filmed of him in character. Sex might be good, but being able to pay bills and employees and show your face around the town you call home is way way way better.

It doesn’t mean if they decide to do Comic Con 2016, they won’t force him to be there next July… weeks before Suicide Squad premieres.  But he won’t be in-character, I can bet you that. And hopefully by then, he’ll look more like the Jared we love and adore. And I pray he sucks it up and charms the panties off the world again - as he did at the Oscars. Our Boyf will need as much positive support and goodwill as possible to pull him thru what will for sure be a tumultuous and stressful film release not to mention the subsequent public opinion tsunami that will undoubtedly flood every media platform around the world. And you and I know how much he loves to troll the #JaredLeto hashies.

*are they waxing him or shaving him? because i thought he was doing the shaved brow look but damn that skin looks so smooth. also…if it was a shave, he could do that himself?….questions that keep me up at night.