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the no bullshit guide to getting your shit together: for the lazy student

Let’s be honest: time management and organization? They’re really hard. Sure, at first you might feel like you’ve gotten the hang of them, that you’re in control of your life. But how often have you fallen off the wagon? Procrastinated on one thing and the next moment, you’re behind in all your classes? I know that sometimes laziness feels like a part of who you are, but honestly, fuck that. Do you really want to give up your success for the disinterest of a moment?

If your answer is no (it better be no, or you really need to get your priorities straight), let’s get to it. 


“This class doesn’t even matter.” “I don’t care about my grades.” “I can finish this the day before.” Sound familiar? You might feel great now, but when you’re staring down at your report card later, it’ll feel like you just got punched. 

This is a cliche, but the greatest obstacle to your success is yourself - especially the lies you tell yourself! Sit yourself down and be honest about what you need to improve on. Be as blunt as you can, but for god’s sake, don’t throw yourself a pity party! There’s no use agonizing over what you can’t change. Instead, set realistic, achievable goals, and make a game plan. Struggling with math? Go to extra help. Behind in all your classes? Stay in for a couple nights and actually work. 


Now you know what your goals are, but maybe you want some inspiration, so you log on to tumblr and are instantly bombarded by all these beautiful, well lit shots of the most gorgeous bullet journals, planners, and notes. Impressive, right? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: they’re all useless! A simple phone planner works just as well, if not better, than a fancy agenda, because you’ll always have it on you, it’s not a hassle to carry around, and you don’t feel obligated to make it look pretty. 

Riddle me this, where are you going to find all this extra motivation to keep prettying up your bullet journal? To write all your notes in perfect, colour coded printing? There aren’t many times in life where taking the easy was out will actually benefit you, so take advantage! Stop wasting your time; get a phone planner and write your notes in your natural goddamn handwriting. 


Yep, your entire room - not just your study space! This one can be put on the back burner for a bit if you’re on a really pressing deadline, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m notoriously messy, and if I don’t watch myself, I’d find myself in dirty-laundry-and-old-notes hell. A little bit of organized chaos is fine, I even encourage it! But try working when your desk is covered in mounds of paper and you have nowhere to put your laptop – it’s just not conducive to success. 

Keeping your entire room clean is a way to stave off stress, frustration, and even embarrassment, because nobody wants to show potential roommates how much of a mess they are. 


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “actually work? Who does this girl think she is?” I’d probably think the same thing, except I’ve learned the valuable lesson of sucking it the hell up, and you will too. When you get home from work, grab a snack and work. When you have a free period, figure out what’s due and work. Stop reasoning yourself out of work: you’re not going to finish this later, and that will be on the test. There’s really not much to say about this one, because it’s the step that requires the most raw effort, and you’re really only going to find that within yourself. Tell yourself what’s at stake, and realize that, by setting the standard for your mediocrity now, you’re potentially trapping yourself in a cycle that will last for years. 


Maybe you’ve been on top of your shit for a day, a week, or even a month, and that’s really great. But then… you fail. You miss a deadline or you bomb a test. So what do you do now? Do you allow yourself to fall back into your old habits? Fuck no! Everyone fails, even that studyblr with those perfect bullet journal photos and a perpetually clean study space. I’m going to tell you something that’ll sound really strange: you should value your failures, especially if you worked hard to avoid them. What?! Be HAPPY about failing when I actually TRIED? Yeah, you heard me right. If you don’t know how to handle failure, then when you inevitably experience it, your reaction will be much worse. 

Failing hurts, and boy, I know how embarrassing it can be. But learning how to deal with failure, and especially how to keep trying after it happens, is an invaluable lesson. 


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you treat yourself after the most basic of tasks, because please. Treat yourself when you know you goddamn well deserve it. Remember that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” If all you do is study and do your homework, then, pardon my french, your life sucks. If you don’t have friends, play a video game! Eat an entire jumbo chocolate bar! Indulge in whatever the fuck you want, you deserve it. I’m someone that has trouble prioritizing future benefits over immediate gratification, so by allowing myself little pleasures, I save myself from crashing and burning. 

Hope these tips helped, but remember to take them with a grain of salt - you’re you and I’m me, and different things work for different people. Good luck!

To the new residents in my ICU

I am not telling you what we usually do for a patient with the same diagnosis and presentation because I want you to look bad and fail in front of the attending. I am trying to help my patient get better. I am trying to help you help the patients. If you choose to ignore my advice you can expect that I will go to the attending with the same suggestions which they will then tell you to do. I don’t want to throw you under the bus but I will not accept less than the best care for my patients.

When I ask you why you ordered something because I haven’t seen it before it’s so I learn. It is not meant to be argumentative. I want to understand what the treatment is supposed to do to improve my patients condition. I want to know what to look for if things start going wrong.

I respect and value you as a member of the care team. Please do the same for me. I will still be here when you go on to your next rotation. I was here before you got here. Please take the time to learn and teach while you are visiting. I accept that we will both make mistakes along the way. I hope we can both grow through the experience.

rikkari  asked:

Dear Maggie, I enjoy immensely how enthusiastic you are about life and how confident you are of yourself and wish I could learn to be like this myself. As a struggling 20 something who is aimlessly flapping her arms as she falls through life, do you have any advice on learning how to drive fearlessly through life in the way that you do? I know that there is no concrete way to answer this, but any words are appreciated. Thank you.

Dear rikkari,

I am not you and you are not me, so the value of my personal commandments might not work for you, but here they are:

1. Decide life is going to be great. All other methods will fail without this prerequisite. A decision that life will be great allows a terrible event to turn into a plot twist along the way, not a confirmation that your life is shit.

2. Actually enjoy things. It’s #aesthetic to lean on things broodily while looking disengaged, but it’s inherently exclusionary and not as cool as being actually visibly in to life and living.

3. Do it for you, where it = the all of everything. Yes, look cool, but look cool for yourself. At the end of the day, it only matters if you look at your life and say “sweet, man!” Because you’re the only one who has to live in your head.

4. Do anything you want, as long as it is not hurting other people or yourself. The second part of this sentence is just as crucial as the first. Don’t do dumb self-sabotaging shit or use up your body before you’re done with it. But otherwise, if you think it might be interesting, do it.

5. Eliminate the time between saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it. Don’t say “one day I’m going to do this thing.” Say “I’m going to do this thing” and allow that sentence to be a mission statement and your next action to be putting that thing into play.

6. Find your people. They are out there; don’t settle for substitutes.

7. Make the world beautiful. In every thing you do, see if you can leave the world a tiny bit prettier or more interesting than when you got there.

8. Love people. All sorts of people on all different parts of their personal journey. Study them and see what makes them tick and see if you can learn from them and vice versa.

9. Lean into anxiety. Anxiety is a chain link fence. A boundary made worse by being able to see what’s on the other side. You can get through it if you are both strong enough and come equipped with tools or friends with tools. And the more anxiety fences you break through, the fewer you will find in front of you: they are not a renewable resource.

10. Love yourself. Perfect is boring. Someone trying to be the best form of themselves? The most interesting thing in the world.

Go get ‘em, tiger.



anonymous asked:

Hello! Thank you for being so gracious with the tech talk, I've learned soooo much about figure skating from your blog. Reading your reply about the flip, I thought of something that I don't know if you can actually answer or not. But if Yuzu is more prone to go on outside edge, why doesn't he just do a lutz instead of a flip? Is it just because he's so extra?? If it was worth more points I could see why but my understanding was the lutz had a higher base value so why does he go for the flip???

Well, earlier in Yuzu’s career, the flip was a necessity. Back in those halcyon days when a one- or two-quad free skate was the norm, after 2 quads, 2 triple Axels, and 2 Lutzes, he needed 2 more triple jumps to make up the required 8 jumping passes, and that’s where the flip came in. When Yuzu first switched to a 3-quad layout with Seimei 1.0, he didn’t add a new quad type so the additional quad must be in combination. With that sort of layout, 2 solo quads, 1 quad combo, 2 Axel combos, he still needed 3 more triples of 3 different types to complete the content, so the flip was again necessary. 

And… that’s me running out of cold, hard logic to explain the continued existence of the 3F. Once Yuzu went over to the dark side 4 quads, he could totally get rid of the 3F and replace it with a 3Lo for virtually no difference in BV or SOV. So the only conceivable reasons for insisting on 3F as the third jumping pass are: (1) in accordance with the spirit of the “well-balanced program” as favored by the ISU, you do want to show the judges that you can do all 6 types of jump (2) Yuzu has worked too hard on fixing that flip edge it’s a waste not to put it to use (3) he and his team have figured out a marvelously beautiful entry to that flip so again it’s a waste not to utilize and (4) yes, he’s Yuzuru Extra™ Hanyu.

OOC: More Paper Things…

Anyone who has spoken to me for more than 2 minutes knows I am a nice person. You might also quickly realize that I’m a pretty forgiving person and that I try to see the best in everyone. I give people chance after chance.

But I do not tolerate being used. The paper is not a place to push your agenda OOC. The paper is not a place to set people up for unconsented RP.

If you are a dark RPer, I want to help promote your stories. But understand I’m going to tame it down when and if I write about it in the paper.

If you are a non-dark RPer, I want you to feel safe to read the paper and know that I will do my best to use language like an actual newspaper would to convey darker aspects of a story.

I learned a valuable lesson last night. Not to just trust on face value that people are going to think about consent when they advertise something. With this lesson, I have decided that I will be carefully looking over any and all submissions. I will question who is sending in the event and if associated with guilds that are known for darker themes I will be asking more questions.

There is a line and crossing it means I will not be publishing anything at all.

To any of our readers out there who may have felt upset about anything we have ever published, I offer my sincere apologies and my sincere promise to try to be better about protecting those who are not wanting darker themes in their roleplay.

The submission guidelines will be updated in the next day or so to reflect the changes I mention above.

Thank you all for supporting the paper and thank you to those who came to me expressing their concerns.

the world is yours, starting from now

“I need you to understand. I’m not offering you this opportunity out of pity. I’m offering this out of genuine respect.”

“And because you think I can change the world, somehow.”

“In a way. In your hands, One For All would not only do what it was meant to do, but you would have a greater potential for changing things for the better, should you decide to.”

“…And what if I say no?”

“Then that will be your choice.”

Read it on A03: link

Part 3 in the Take Me As I Am series.


Chapter 2

“Aizawa-sensei, you’re back!”

“Whoa, should you really be out of the infirmary?”

“It’s nothing,” Aizawa says, but even by Katsuki’s standards, the amount of bandages wrapped around him isn’t nothing. And he says this from the perspective of someone who’s got nerve damage in his hands from the amount of firepower he used, as well as the scars to show for it. The bastard’s face is almost completely obscured, save small slits for his eyes, nose and mouth. His arms are also wrapped and held up with slings.

An image comes back to him - the bastard, defiant to the last, jerking his head up, eyes blazing red as he’d desperately tried to save Tsuyu from Shigaraki’s Quirk. He’d had blood streaming down his face and bones broken, but he’d still fought the Noumu’s grip until the creature had smashed his face into the concrete. 

And if rumors are to be believed, the bastard had been pushing himself in those final moments, and as a cost his Quirk is unstable. Whether that means he has to blink more, or his Erasure isn’t as strong, Katsuki doesn’t know. He isn’t about to ask either, because he knows the bastard won’t tell him. 

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People who give ship hate, seriously get a (excuse my French) fucking life. I don’t know how many posts and basic human values will make you get some logic into that head of yours.
One just wants to get into their ship tag and see cool stuff, not flooding with hate and anti hate posts (which are necessary but wouldn’t be needed if you were reasonable).

IT’S. FICTION. It doesn’t go beyond it. So get a puppy or learn how to knit but get your ass do something better rather than be a coward bored asshole who just wants to waste people time by doing hate.

I tried to be rational but I’m fucking tired of this crap.

If i ever have children, and if I ever make it there, what am i going to tell them?

“In 2016, people threw a fit over a woman’s emails, so they elected a Nazi as president. I wasn’t old enough to vote yet. People, including me and my family (we’re white, except for my sister, but i’m not straight nor christian), feared for their lives. Later on, I’m sure that some wondered if death was better than this. With Brexit, England might have signed it’s death papers.  In 2017, Nazis came out of hiding. Swastikas covered the entirety of the U.S. Muslims were called terrorists, despite having done nothing. People called Hispanics illegals. They would make snide remarks about how they ‘didn’t pay taxes.’ It doesn’t matter if they were illegal, which wasn’t very likely. Illegals were more likely to pay taxes than legal citizens. What women had fought for began to diminish. The LGBT+ community, which had fought for several rights they had been deprived of, began to loose them. Equality was no longer something that Americans strived for, and as I learned that year, they never did.”

Am I supposed to say that? I want to do something, but the voice of a 16-year-old white “girl” means nothing, though I know it is valued more than women who’s race is different than mine. I’m terrified. There are things that you don’t do as president, and this satsuma has done all of them. I might have had a chance, but now I have none. I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who aren’t white skinned. I’m not so sure that America is going to survive this. A presidential election shouldn’t leave people fearing for their lives. I don’t think we’re going to make it.

So, young people, LISTEN. I read somewhere that election campaigns are designed to keep young people from voting. This is because the young people vote for change. They DON’T want change. We NEED change. It has to happen. If this country is to survive and improve, you have to vote. Not voting will prevent change. One vote may not make much a difference, but the votes of an entire generation does. If you can vote, do it. Vote for change. I know we have another three and a half years, but maybe you can get him impeached. He needs to go. We have to fight. If we don’t do it, no one will.  


Return of the prodigal son. The fuck were you thinking running away into the night you dumbass? Hopefully you have learned your lesson. Stop the thousand-yard-stare immediately. 

-They paint the world full of shadows and tell their children to stay close to the light.. 


-..because in the darkness there be dragons. But it isn’t true. In the darkness..


-..there is freedom.

UGH. You know what else is in the darkness, Neo? Fucking starvation. Don’t you dare run away again before topping your career. After that, godspeed.

Yea thanks for the tip, professional make-up cop 2.0. We’ll know better than to jerk off the wolf next time.

Oh man.. this brings back so many memories </3 Truly your mother’s son. (I’m acting like Victoria has died, she hasn’t, I’m just feeling very emo about her becoming an elder).

LOL a romance sim artist, hot take there Gunther. Def preferable to that 20 lovers shit tho so good job!

Jojo Union: The Truth Is Out There.

-Good god, who do I have to fuck to get some interplanetary d around here?

Not Stephen Tinker if that’s what you’re thinking/hoping for.

-Ugh seriously, will those idiots ever abduct me?? I want the scholarship!

What can I tell you Jo, your chances are looking as good as that acne-Komei jaw combo you have going. Mystery of the non-abduction = solved.

DEAD. This weird ass relationship is killing me, I didn’t even know you could read a teen to sleep??

-Sooo, where were we? Oh yea. Let us take two commodities such as a coat and 10 yards of linen, and let the former be double the value of the latter, so that, if 10 yards of linen = W, the coat = 2W..

DANIEL STOP TRYING TO HYPNOTIZE JOJO INTO COMMUNISM. You can stand to learn something from Gunther, who conducts his political discussions in an open and straightforward manner!

-It’s like.. capitalism, man.. fucked up. 

-Toootally :D

Oh right, we brought this preppy church girl home from school! 

Gross, not only is she a face two (a mortal sin in this house) she also looks exactly how I imagine all those college girls that voted for Trump look. But if Gunther is to become the artistic slutbag he’s meant to be, we gotta start somewhere..

-I just love the way your eyebrows are way yellower than your hair.. And that hot-pink lipstick/blood red cardigan combo.. As an aspiring art school drop out, I can tell you really have an eye for color..

-Professional make-up cop 2.0 has got nothing on you babe!

Well that was..embarrassingly easy. Embarrassing for Daniel that is, whose well documented attempts at getting a girlfriend were like dragging nails on a fucking chalkboard. Equally if not more embarrassing is Jojo, who a) has not rolled a single romantic want b) has expressed interest in Stephen Tinker and David Ottomas c) can’t even get the ugly ass aliens to abduct him. Jfc.

But finally, after our two oldest proved to be massive flops, it looks like Vic’s sexual prowess has been inherited and not even the sky can limit those slutty genetics! See you never, Trumpie. We’re moving up in the world.

American Girl Doll - House Sortings - BeForever

About a week ago, I posted two polls to see what houses the AG Fandom thought best suited the American Girl Dolls. You can see the Contemporary one Here.

I will post most of them under the cut so this post doesn’t get too long. :D

Two quick disclaimers:

  1. These are NOT CANON. This is the majority that the fandom voted on. 
  2. I [Mod Samantha] am also a Mod on “Pottermore-Sorts.” The fandom sorting will not affect future American Girl sortings on that blog.

Alright, onto the girls!

Kaya’aton’my (1764)

At 51.5%, Kaya was voted a Gryffindor!

Gryffindors values bravery, courage, and daring, which fits with how impulsive Kaya can be and in how brave she was during her Escape.

Felicity Merriman (1774)

At 54.5%, Felicity was voted a Gryffindor!

Like Kaya, Felicity is very impulsive and brave, and often doesn’t think things through. She shows her bravery during Felicity Saves the Day, and in the first book when she frees Penny.

Elizabeth Cole (1774)

At 42.4%, Elizabeth was voted a Hufflepuff!

Hufflepuffs values hard work, loyalty, and kindness. Elizabeth can be very loyal, but also works hard… but only when it’s something that interests her!

Caroline Abbott (1812)

At 37.5%, Caroline was voted a Gryffindor!

Caroline is brave as well, showing this when she sends a message to her father and almost burns down the shipyard.

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O'er Mithgarth Hugin and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.

 - Grimnismal 20, Bellows Translation

This verse of the Grimnismal is one of my favourites from the lore.

Firstly, because I always read this in my head as the Old Man sounding terribly world-weary and somewhat exasperated with His ravens. 

Secondly, because I have a lot of thoughts about Hugin and Munin. Thought and Memory. 

Here Grimnir states that while He worries that Hugin will not return to Him, He is even more worried about Munin. We could take this to mean simply that Munin-the-raven is a bit more unreliable, but I think this is actually getting at something more symbolic and profound. 

Munin represents Memory, and what Grimnir seems to be saying here is that while He values Thought - the intellect, wit, a quick and cunning mind, very important to this schemer of a God - He sees Memory as even more vital.

Odin is a God who has instructed me to know thyself. He is a God of insight. Of learning and wisdom. Of striving always to know more, to understand more. Of facing one’s trauma and one’s demons, going through terror and pain and degradation, and emerging the stronger for it. And for all of these things, we need memory.

To remember is a supremely important, supremely powerful thing. Our memories shape and inform who we are and who we will become. The written word [which in my upg is sacred to Odin, Rune God that He is] is an act of memory - allowing us to record and pass on what we have learned, to grow and advance from humanity’s shared knowledge. Memory keeps the ancestors with us. Keeps folklore and tradition alive. Understanding our history and our context is so important for understanding the world today - both on an individual, personal level, and on the macro, political level of understanding how history shaped our world. Remembering asks us to face up to the demons of our past, learn from our mistakes, acknowledge our ancestors and their legacy [which I feel is important for me personally - I’m white English, my people have historically and continue to perpetrate incredible crimes against the rest of the world, and as one who practices ancestor veneration I have to face up to that]. 

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

This is why the All-Father’s care is more for Munin. Without memory, we are lost.

scotteastwood: This is me in between shots on #pacificrimuprising Sometimes when I get tired I have to remind myself that I’m so blessed to get to do what I love, make movies 🎥. I wasn’t always sure if I was gonna be able to. Thru my twenties I was working many jobs while going to college and chasing an acting career. To anyone out there chasing their dreams. Don’t take no for an answer!!! Hard work and persistence !!!! I Want to thank my mom for being the most amazing role model in my life. The kindest most selfless woman I know. I also want to thank my dad. He hardend me up. Made me go out and get a job at 16. Learn the value of a dollar. When I asked for something he said No. Told me if you want something, go out and earn it. Love you both

witchcraft essentials for the baby witch

Now I am of the firm belief that you don’t need a single god-damned thing to practice witchcraft, and an even firmer belief that witchcraft is free unless you don’t want it to be. A collection of witchery isn’t going to make you a witch, just like its absence won’t stop you from being one. That being said, here are some things you should consider hunting down.

1. Space - Whether its a blog, journal, shoe box, shelf, or room, have a place you can fill up with witchy abandon. The size of the space or the form it takes doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have a space to be comfortable with your practice and to allow yourself to experiment and grow without worrying if you’re doing it wrong or dealing with the anxiety of judgmental eyes.

2. Salt or incense - A staple for a reason. Use it for cleansing, protection, or one ingredient spells. 

3. Protective Amulet - As a baby witch, there is generally a grey period where your practice has become intimate enough that you draw the attention of other forces in the cosmos, but haven’t yet learned to sufficiently protect yourself from them. This is where your amulet comes in. I bet you already have an amulet, whether you know about it or not. Find an object that in the past has made you feel safe, calm, or comforted. Something with sentimental value. A stuffed animal, a memento, a hand-me-down, a nice soft blanket. Congratulations, you have an amulet. Keep it handy while doing witchy things, sleeping, or as the desire strikes you.

I will update this as I think of things, but as of now its good to go. 

So there’s this 15 year old girl at the pool I work at and her whole family treats her like she’s stupid. Her brother’s gang up on her and do contests that have rules so she will lose. A family member asked me when is was teaching her how to dive, “Do you find it harder to teach girls how to do these things?” To which I replied with a simple, “No.” That no left him flabbergasted. This is the kind of environment she is in.

I’m teaching her how to dive and I was telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind to and to not let anyone tell her she can’t do something. Her face lit up. She didn’t learn how to dive that day, but I think she learned something else.

She kept talking to me excitedly about school and her hobbies. Her mother, who is apart of the problems she is facing in her own self confidence said, “I don’t know how you did it, but you got her to trust you.”

All I have done was treat her like a person. With value. I told her she was important and that she can do anything in a world that tells her she can’t. Words like that can go a long way.

I am honored, yet saddened to be the person this girl trusts. That I, a lifeguard, have been the only one in the 15 years of this girl’s existence that told her she can do it.

People in this world deserve a lot better than this. This sweet girl deserves a lot more than what she is given.

I’m still teaching her how to dive. I can’t wait for the day when she comes up with her smile and says, “I did it!”

Here's a fun idea for the Summer:

If you’re at a place where everyone has to wear swim suits/shorts and you see someone that looks insecure and uncomfortable, go tell them how much you love their swim clothes and how hella awesome they look. I can’t count how many times I’ve felt insecure at the beach or pool or somewhere and I just went and sat by myself watching everyone have a good time before I learned the value of self love and how to be body positive. But I do know if someone would have said something like that to me, I would have felt a little more confident and could have enjoyed myself more.

Like here’s the thing too, I use my writing as a coping mechanism. absolutely. And I’ve written about some pretty dark shit, but I always do a lot of self reflecting about how other people will interpret what I’m writing because I’m not just writing it for myself, but because I intend for it to be read by others. It’s important that we turn a critical eye to ourselves as content creators and to our own works. It’s asinine to assume we know that the audience is going to interpret things as we intend them to be interpreted, this is something I’ve definitely been learning through my friends acting as beta readers and editors.

Unless your readers know you personally they’re not going to know your intentions, and if you are portraying something in a positive light, they’re going to take it at face value. Headcanons and au’s and fanfics wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for readers interpreting the source material in their own way. At the end of the day you can’t be sure of how people are going to react to your works, so it’s important to look at what you make and say, “What message am I sending with this? And in what ways can the audience decode that message?”

weekly writing 28

i’m studying a hundred miles away from home. my environment changes me. i have absorbed the values of people from all over the country. i created a new home, a new way of thinking. and the thing that i learn most is to let go. knowing that if something is for me, never in a million years would it be for someone else.

Please, Stay

Summary: Aidan begs you not to go to work and stay in bed with him.

Pairing: Aidan/You

Word Count: 836

Rating: Cute Fluff

Inspiration - @imagine-aidan

(Cred to owner)

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fumiesuguri: With the completion of Japanese Nationals, Asada-senshu did not make it onto the world team. About whether or not to continue. A few years ago, when Asada-senshu resumed her competitive career, we had a long talk at the Shin-Yokohama rink. I advised her not to continue. The reason for that is because I don’t want her to have the same painful memories as I did.

When I look back on it now, 2006 was my competitive peak. Still, no matter how painful it was, I have no regrets for continuing. Mentally, physically, spiritually, it was all a challenge. Reevaluating my technique and working on conditioning. 

Being able to continue required working and learning about the company I work for. There is true value in pursuing something you love—such as understanding the true value of money. From 2006 to until I retired in 2014, I learned what skating really means. And now I get to coach. However, I faced so many heavy outside pressures and criticisms—being told all sorts of things from everywhere, I felt like I was going to break.

I didn’t want her to have to face that. But, in the end, she said, “But I want to keep going,” and I said, “In that case, I understand. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know whenever you need it,” and we parted.

The decision whether or not to continue is up to the person making decision, and not for those on the fringes to call into question. Just support them, earnestly. That’s what we should do. All athletes want it to round it off to that perfect, beautiful end, but only a very few actually achieve it.

Even the big name senpais from my company, Nakata Hidetoshi-san and Tamesue Dai-san, they all have regrets. Ending with good results isn’t the only thing. It’s about the attitude and the way you live. Ganbare Mao-chan!!!”

Me: Mycroft and Greg meet at school.

Mycroft was slightly in despair.

He’d finally given in to his parents’ wishes and gone away to Eton,  and everything was as horridly dull as he’d feared. He didn’t care that it was supposedly one of the best schools anybody his age could possibly attend, or that the school ‘strove for excellence at all times’ according to the headmaster - it was still awful. Completely awful. He hated everybody there.

Except he didn’t.

Outwardly, of course, he showed disdain for every single person occupying the campus, but he was growing alarmingly soft towards the boy who had been assigned his chemistry lab partner for the year.

Greg Lestrade was…charming, in his own accidental way, and fiercely dedicated to his studies, rugby, and his (many) friends in a way that Mycroft respected, and he at least attempted to not be as annoyingly obtuse as everybody else. That didn’t mean he always succeeded, but at least he tried.

The thing, though, was that Mycroft wasn’t quite sure how to go about trying to make a friend, so he’d decided to treat Greg like he treated everybody else. He’d realised that was a big mistake, however, when he’d accidentally walked into the lab early one day to find Greg practically begging the teacher for a new lab partner. Of course after that things were painfully awkward - even to the point where Mycroft could tell - and he felt like a complete and utter idiot for the first time in his life. Being alone had never bothered him before, but suddenly he was acutely aware of it, of the fact that he was unwanted, and it was eating away at him quickly.


Mycroft was pulled out of his ruminations by a knock at his door and he stared at the wood for a moment before decided that it wasn’t wroth getting up and answering.

“I’m busy, go away whoever you are,” he called and he listened hard for the sound of footsteps receding.

“Mycroft?” Greg asked through the door, his voice hesitant and unsure. “Come on, I just want to talk. I’m sure it won’t hurt to stop studying for a few minutes. Please?”

Of course it would be the 'please’ that finally got him. He set the textbook aside after carefully marking his place just in case the book fell shut on its own or pages turned.

He stood up to unlock and open the door, looking expectantly at Greg standing in front of him still in his rugby uniform from practice.

“I’m sorry,” he said as soon as Mycroft opened the door and Mycroft raised an eyebrow.

“For what?” he asked when Greg didn’t continue.

“For asking for a different lab partner, and for being so awful to you after you heard. That’s not…that’s not me.”

“I typically create that reaction in people, there’s no need to apologise,” Mycroft replied smoothly as he started to retreat back into his room, thinking the conversation was over, though Greg reached out immediately to stop him from closing the door.

“Wait, I’m not finished. I  promise, just a few more minutes. I just…do you have any friends?” Greg abruptly asked and Mycroft was startled into answering honestly.

“No. Is that really such a surprise?” he asked and Greg, somehow, looked more resolute, as though he’d abruptly decided on something he hadn’t been sure of before.

“I didn’t even think of it until today, so yeah. I just..I kind of assumed that you were just rude to me and a few other people you don’t like, but then I realised that you’re rude to everybody, and you’re always alone at meals. I mean there are guys around you and I assumed they were you friends, but you always have a textbook or something and they never even acknowledge you when you get up and leave and I just kind of thought..maybe you came here and you don’t have anybody to talk to or look after you, and then I went and begged Mr Hough for a new lab partner and that probably didn’t feel too great.”

There was finally a pause in Greg’s babbling and for a moment or two Mycroft wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

“Right. Um..is there a point to all of this?” he finally asked uncomfortably, thinking only of stepping back into his room completely and shutting the door despite Greg’s wishes.

“Yeah. I think your rudeness is a cover for how terrible you are at talking to people on a personal level, I don’t think you’re actually trying to be that rude, so I’m going to be your friend and help you learn to socialise. Because nobody should have to be alone like that.”

Mycroft glanced around slightly, wondering if this was a joke and if so, what was the punchline?

“Gregory, if you need chemistry notes you don’t have to pretend like this,” Mycroft said quietly. “I understand that it’s common practice to pretend to befriend someone who has something of value solely to obtain that object, but you don’t have to spare my feelings, I know that nobody here really wants me around…” Mycroft trailed off at the sight of a soft, pitying look on Greg’s face. “What?” he asked defensively and for a second it looked like Greg was going to reach out to put a hand on his shoulder, but then he changed his mind.

“I’ve been horrible to you, and I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you would automatically assume I’m doing this to get something from you.”

“That’s not what you’re doing?” Mycroft asked after a beat or two of silence and Greg shook his head slightly.

“No. I already told you, I just want to be your friend. You need a friend if you’re going to survive another few years in this place. You don’t always have to go it alone, you know. It’s okay to want somebody else around.”

Mycroft looked left and right again, expecting to find the rugby team lurking about waiting to hear him say he was lonely, but found nothing. He retreated back into his room, the door falling shut automatically, to grab a pen and he opened the door again to find Greg looking stricken and confused though he tried to hide it when the door opened again. Mycroft reached out to pick up Greg’s hand without asking and wrote his mobile number across Greg’s palm, adding his name after a moment of thought, just in case.

Once he’d finished writing it, though, he was overwhelmed by a wave of self-consciousness and he immediately ducked back into his room, shutting and locking the door gently again before he retreated to his bed to attempt to continue studying.

Roughly five minutes later his mobile buzzed at the end of the bed and he read the text from an unknown number five times in quick succession.

Is that a yes? -GL

Mycroft took extra care as he added the number to his list of contacts (that only contained his parents at the moment) before he replied.

Yes. -MH