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Netflix - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,997
Request: Can you plz do a imagine where Stiles and the reader have a Netflix and chill date? Oh, and smut if you would like to add it. -bye I love your writing! ❤ 
AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve been distracted lately. Also I didn’t edit this very well so excuse my mistakes. xoxoxox Thanks to @toppunks for looking at this for me.

Kira slammed her locker door, raising an eyebrow at you. “You’re not coming to the party?”

You shook your head, your arms tightening around the books you were holding. “Nah. I’m not in the party mood.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Stiles isn’t going either, would it?” Lydia asked from beside you, a knowing look on her pretty face.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “No. What Stiles Stilinski chooses to do does not dictate my every decision.”

“You could have fooled me.” Malia deadpanned.

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A Game of Telephone

Context: Our very first campaign. The party was crawling in a narrow tunnel, one by one. Our human barbarian, Gorstag, was in the front of the line. He sees a lever.

DM: Gorstag, you see a lever. Only you see it. What do you do?
Gorstag: I relay the fact that there is a lever back to Torix.
DM: Alright, you guys are playing telephone. Roll to see if you understand him, Torix. For fun.
(Torix understands him.)
DM: Gorstag and Torix now know that there is a lever. Torix?
Torix, the half-elf sorcerer: I relay the message to Arya.
DM: Arya, roll to understand.
(Arya understands.)
DM: Gorstag, Torix, and Arya now know that there is a lever. Arya?
Me, Arya, the elven bard: I relay the message to Salgi.
(Salgi does not understand.)
DM: Gorstag, Torix, and Arya know that there is a lever. Salgi does not know what a lever is. Salgi?
Salgi, the human paladin: I ask Faeyra what a lever is.
DM: Faeyra, roll to understand.
(Faeyra doesn’t understand.)
DM: Alright. So Gorstag, Torix, and Arya all know that there is a lever up there. Salgi doesn’t know what a lever is, and Faeyra thinks some weird shit is going on. Faeyra?
Faeyra, the elven druid: I inform Androxus of said weird shit.
DM: Okay. Androxus, roll.
(Androxus doesn’t understand.)
DM: So. Gorstag, Torix, and Arya all know that there is a lever in front of Gorstag. When Salgi hears this news, she has no idea what a lever is and turns back to ask Faeyra. Faeyra does not understand her, and turns back to tell Androxus that some weird shit is going on up there. Androxus thusly calls out “WHO’S BEING POISONED?” Gorstag pulls the lever, and the floor falls out from under you all.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: You know what makes me crazy? I'm sorry, can I say this? You know what makes me nuts? The fact that we could be together, here together, sharing our night, spending our time. And you are gonna choose someone else to be with, no, you are, yes, Jamie, that's EXACTLY what you're doing; You could be here with me or be there with them, as usual, guess which you pick! No, Jamie, you do not have to go to another party, with the same twenty jerks you already know. You could stay with your wife on her FUCKING birthday! And you could, god forbid, even see my show, and I know in your soul it must drive you crazy, that you won't get to play with your little girlfriends. No, I'm not, no I'm not! And the point is, Jamie, that you can't spend a single day that's not about YOU.
Among The Beasts - Prologue

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Synopsis: You and Kol Mikaelson know each other since you were both kids. Now, being almost a teenager and also a Hale, you have to struggle with the fact you turning into a werewolf without having any clue about what to do. Kol comes up as a sweet best friend and helps you through it. 

A/N: HELLO! I know I’ve sort of disappeared. However, last monday was my High School graduation party, so I didn’t have any time to update the blog and I am deeply, DEEPLY, sorry. Anyways, back to the story I’m publishing now. I have been requested awhile ago to do a long fanfiction about Kol and Reader. I thought it was great and I decided to do it. So, it will be kind of a crossover between teen wolf and the originals. I truly hope you like it. This is just a introductory part. And I know I talk too much. Now go to my newest work. :)

Word Count: 1603

[10th century]

“Kol, where are you? Please, don’t leave me all alone here!” A girl cried, running around in the woods. “I mean it!”

The twelve year old, knowing she would not get a solid answer, just sat against a tall and strong tree. Warm tears streamed down her face as she hugged her own knees, which made her realise how much cold her hands were. Aside the obvious shaking.

Playing hide and seek was a bad idea, she thought, feeling helpless. Kol was the girl’s best friend and was perfectly aware over the extension of her loathing towards the merely concept of being alone. Especially in the woods, where her father warned her she should be extra careful. It was the burden of being a Hale: to always live hidden.

“Can’t you be nice to me?” Once more her high pitched voice yelled. “You are supposed to be my friend. Best friend. Answer me!”

“You’re no fun, Y/N.” A voice came out from between two other trees, making she jump, scared. “We come here everyday to play and you’re still scared I’m going to leave you.“

“That’s because you always hide so well, I never find you.” She rolled her eyes. “Also, one of these days you will, once I become…”

“A wolf?“

Y/N nodded her head, lowering her eyesight. Kol chuckled and walked towards her, cupping one of her cheeks and lifting her chin in order for the girl to look at him. She had puffy and red eyes from the crying. He felt something inside him break. It was awful to look at her like that. Knowing she was hurt and scared. The young Mikaelson wanted to keep her safe and far way from her family problems. Like a best friend should do.

“Listen to me, please.” The boy said, firmly. “I don’t care about your past or what you will become in the future.”

“It’s not that and you know it. Honestly, I’m only scared that one day I might feel the urge to hurt you.”

Kol sighed, pulling Y/N into a tight hug. She instantaneously wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling the boy’s soft squeeze. He rested his head on hers, her scent invading his nostrils. Even though it was awkward, as boys and girls usually tend to not get along, they loved every minute they spent together.

That moment, especially, felt endless. Both of them under the sunset, feeling their skin’s warmth. Perhaps it was right that second they had fallen in love with each other for good.

“You won’t.” He said, his voice muffled by her hair.

“Excuse me?”

"Hurt me.”

“You can’t possibly know that…”

Kol placed two of his fingers on her mouth, not allowing she to finish the sentence. Y/N could be very pessimistic when she wanted to be and he hated that. The Mikaelson smiled and, suddenly, he felt the tip of her tongue against his skin. A disgusted glare showed up on his eyes, while she laughed out loud.

“Better now?”

“All better. It’s always amusing to see you like that.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.” Kol said, sarcastically.

Eventually, he caved in and joined her, chuckling.

“It’s getting dark. How about we go home, Y/N/N?”

“Yes!” She placed a hand on her stomach. “Oh, Lord, I’m starving.”

“Me too! I feel like I could eat a horse.”

“And, since you’re my best friend, we could share this horse.”

“No way! It’s my food.”

“Alright, Mr. ‘It’s my food’.”

They giggled and started to walk home.

Since the village they lived was bit far from where they were, night fell before Y/N and Kol got home. The sky was beautifully clear, which allowed them to appreciate the pale light coming from the moon. Definitely a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives, as they would perceive later on.

“Kol, can I ask you a question?”


“Why did you become friends with me?”

“You were the prettiest little four year old I had ever seen.” She giggled, looking away. “I mean it!”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I am a Hale, sure your parents did not want their son hanging out with my kind.”

“I pretty sure they don’t know. But again, I don’t give a shit. Soon we’re old enough… I don’t know. Maybe we could leave this place.”

“Of course!” She said undoubtedly. “And don’t you dare leave me behind.”

“I don’t think I made myself clear: you’re stuck with me.”

“Don’t make those kind of promises. You’re thirteen. I bet when you’re older, you get yourself a girlfriend and forget all about me.”

Kol frowned and then stopped walking.

“Why are you saying that?”

“Well… It’s true that you’ll probably get a girlfriend. But I was joking about the part where you leave me.”

“I wouldn’t… Never… I mean… Damn it. I just want you to know I like you. And no other girl will ever take your place.”

Y/N narrowed her eyes and gave him a small nod. She got confused by his words, but, somehow, it made her heart warmer. It was good to know he liked her just as much as she liked him.

“Promise you will be with me? No matter what?”

“Yes, Kol.”

“What if you find a boyfriend?”

“I guess I feel the same way you do.” Her voice was unsure, for they never had such type of talk. “Let’s no worry about this now, okay?”

“Right. We don’t have time, anyway. Your mum is already waiting by the door.”

“Wait… Correct me if I’m wrong, but it isn’t you mum there as well?”

“Huh? What is she doing here?”

Kol furrowed his eyebrows as she pulled him to a bush, in order to hide and listen to what the women were talking. The girl had so many unresolved questions about what she was and her parents would not say anything. All she knew was that her older brothers became wolves and she would be one herself, in the future.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, remember what I said about being fully aware of what I am?”

“Yes.” He mumbled, trying to keep himself hidden.

“Well, I lied.”


“Shut up, I’ll explain later.”

Kol’s complaints were muffled by her hand, which allowed her to concentrate. A few months earlier Y/N started to change. Sounds became louder and her sight improved so much she could see miles and miles away from where she stood. Also her reflexes were faster. The healing quickly was a thing as well. According to her brothers, that was normal. First those stuff, then, on the full moon after her thirteenth birthday, she would turn.

Are you sure Kol is not here?

Yes, I am. But Y/N isn’t here as well. They’re probably playing in the woods.

Oh, well then. If he comes here, send him immediately home.

Are you afraid my family will do your son any harm?

Not your family, your daughter. Do you even know what she is? What she’ll become?

You don’t have to worry about that. Y/N is fine and I know she will be a wonderful girl in future. No matter you say.

If you believe so…

I do.

Very well. I must leave now. Send him home.

Then the Mikaelson matriarch left and Y/N sighed, frustrated. She desperately wanted to understand, go deep within her origins. Knowing she had failed one more time to figure out made an urge to hit something come up, which induced the girl to close her eyes and take a relaxing breath. Only to keep it all together.

“Care to let me know what just happened?”

“It’s complicated.” She shook her head. “I mean… These stuff are all new to me. And I so don’t understand it. Yet, nobody is able to explain what the hell is going on.”

“I don’t get it.”

“The wolf part of me is surfacing. I’m pretty sure my change will occur soon.”

Kol looked confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I was scared. So much was happening… Also, I didn’t want you to be preoccupied.”

He stood up, cleaning the dust on his trousers and started to move towards the village again, obviously mad. She huffed, shaking her head and running to catch up with him. Even though Kol understood why she had hidden that, he still wished she would have told him. After all, they were best friends.

“Wait up!”

“You don’t trust me.” The boy said, almost snarling.

“I do… But I didn’t want to bother you before I was sure… Before I freaking know what I am.” Y/L grasped his arm and made him look at her. “That’s why I was so worried about you. I don’t even know what is going to happen after I turn thirteen.”

“Well, you have to be damn sure I’ll be with you. I told you I don’t care.”

“Then let’s forget about this and go home.”

Y/N used the five minutes left to arrive their homes to explain her subtle changes. Her friend looked stunned by it. Kol saw himself wishing to be like her. Perhaps not a wolf, but definitely something just as powerful.

“I guess this is where I stay.” The girl stated, biting her lower lip.

“Will we see each other again tomorrow?”

“Like we do it every day.”

“OK, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You will.”

Kol, then, leant in and kissed her right cheek, which made the girl blush, embarrassed. He whispered goodbye and left, a smug shining on his face. This time more confident than ever about his future.




Harry swears you’re not usually like this. In fact, complete opposite in most situations.

Because he had had one too many rumors about his life already and he didn’t need anymore.

What he never in a million stary nights thought, is that you’d be smack dab right in the middle.

A rumor he was at the other end of.

He knows what he’s been doing is suspicious beyond words but he swears he does NOT mean for them to be.

Fact of the matter, he probably shouldn’t have gone to her birthday party and he probably shouldn’t have gone to her brother-in-law’s show.

He only looks at twitter for a good 10 seconds before he’s closing it up again.

Harry would like to think he didn’t mean for all this to happen, and that he didn’t want his fans to freak out over something so minor.

But it was an instance of him wanting to protect YOU and if that meant THIS, then so be it.

Because that’s exactly what happened.

“Love, m'sorry I jus - I just wanted to keep you protected.”

“Harry. Please, don’t.” Your voice comes out much more stern than you’d thought it would.

“S'like, know you don’t like her much and all but it was a distraction-”

And that’s when you cut him off, annoyed at seriously everything his usual pretty pink lips speak of.

“‘Harry Styles seen at Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday party, could the two be dating?’!” You’ve got on a fake gossip journalist voice again, “'Oh wait, he’s at Kanye’s show too, nevermind then the two must be fuckin married by now!’”

He would usually not admit to hating anything about you. Because he just literally cannot find a single thing wrong with your existence in most cases.

But he really hates when you get upset like this, especially if it’s something he could’ve controlled.

And when you keep on bickering to him over a damn situation that he only did so people wouldn’t question who you were and why on earth a random Uni student was spotted with Harry Styles from time to time, he shuts you up by pulling you in close by your waist and smashing his lips onto yours.

It’s an apologetic kiss that you wish you had enough strength to resist. Damn him and that sinful mouth.

“It’s you, love. Always gonna be. I know it’s confusing and, frankly, it’s a bit annoying for me too but I don’t want paparazzi following you ‘round everywhere and I don’t want your twitter to be filled with hate and I really don’t want you to end up unhappy with me. She’s jus’ a distraction for the media. Didn’t even talk to her once, if I’m being quite honest. Didn’t need to. Got the perfect girl right here.”

You realize in that moment that you might love your famous secret boyfriend. And maybe there was a silver lining to every story. And maybe the rumors, for once, were actually a good thing.


‘Come on, it would be fun!’

‘No more parties, Even.’

‘But why?’

‘… Do I need to remind you what happened the last time I let you organize a party? No? Right.’ 

Even sat on the couch, playing with Isak’s hair as always. Philip had just come back from the store and Lukas was beginning to prepare dinner for the four of them, as they had established. 

‘Well, I don’t know about you, but I woulnd’t mind throwing a party once in a while. In fact, I think it would be a good idea. Besides, we need to make friends in some way. What do you say?’ - Philip asked, opening a beer, taking a sip and passing it to Lukas. 

‘It would be fun. I’m in’

‘See? The Americans are fun. Be more like them, Isak.’ - Even said at his boyfriend, pretending to be serious. 

‘Whatever, but I’m not cleaning up after. That’s all you.’

‘As you wish, boy who could not stay under water.’

‘Are you ever going to let go of that?’ - Isak asked laughing. 

‘I don’t think I am, no’. 

Isak sat on Even’s lap and kissed him affectionately, while Philip smiled hugging Lukas from behind, watching him cook. 

‘You know, I would have never thought being alive could feel so good.’ - he said against his neck, placing a soft kiss there. 

‘Neither could I, not until I met you, at least.’ 

Lukas turned in his embrace and kissed him slowly, savoring the moment. 

‘Hey, dere to, don’t burn the dinner!’ - Even called out from the living room. 

‘Sir yes sir, captain!’ - Philip laughed, letting go of Lukas and taking his beer in hand. 

‘dere to’ should mean ‘you two’ in Norwegian. I hope so, at least. 

Night of Fun

@irenewolfland​ requested- “The reader is a small innocent girl who shows up at the club just for fun. When she sees joker, she’s instantly enthralled with his whole look and attitude. He doesn’t get it or why he seems to be just as interested in her. Some idiots try making a move and J intervenes. He finds himself being gentle as she shows him no fear.

I put myself in the story cause I would totally do what the friend does *wink, wink* Also fun fact- There will be some true descriptions of me in the story ;)

Warnings- violence, drinking, cursing

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“Cmon (y/n)! It’s going to be fun, I promise you!” My friend Lucy pleaded with me. For the past three hours, she has been trying to get me to close my book, put on a slutty dress, and leave the comfort of my home to go partying. “Just live for once in your life!”

“You know how much I hate that scene, Luce.” I sighed, setting my book down on the table in front of me. Honestly, I was bored here at home, but a club is just a bit too much for someone like me. The thought of anything lewd sends a shiver down my spine. “Do you know how many people go there and get high? It’s crazy, I’ll send you the article I read.”

A loud groan filled the air. “Oh my gosh (y/n), stop being a fucking nerd for one moment. I know this cool place on the outskirts of Gotham, it’s fucking lit there and we are going. You can’t refuse this because it’s already happening.” A smirk filled her features.

Part of me was actually excited for tonight, but the nerdy part of me was crying in a corner of my mind. After what seemed to be hours of Lucy’s indecisiveness, I stepped out of my closet in a plain black dress with matching black pumps. She had applied some makeup to highlight my (e/c) orbs. Luce had worked her magic on my hair as well, curling it into loose curls that flowed effortlessly over my shoulder. To my surprise, Lucy hadn’t made me look like a whore… I was proud of her.

She also looked quite hot in what she was wearing. Her dress was sleeveless and was black on the top with a cream skirt. She paired it with a leather jacket and nude colored pumps. Her makeup was flawless and matched perfectly with her dark brown eyes. She straightened her blonde hair and it looked stunning on her.

“Okay girly! Let’s get out of here.” She strutted her way out of my house and into her car, pulling me along right behind her. “Buckle up!” Her voice commanded and right after I did as she said, her foot was on the gas, rearing out of my driveway. Her driving was awful at the most. By the time we reached the club, I felt sick to my stomach. She got out of the deathtrap and handed her keys to someone, smiling as if she didn’t almost just kill me.

We skipped to the front of the line to where the bouncer was. I turn away for one moment and the next thing I knew, she was pulling me through the door. The music was blaring and I could feel my heart beating from excitement. Lucy brought me over to a bar and ordered us two shots of tequila. After the first one, I could tell I was buzzed. Lucy’s brown eyes met my own, a hint of mischief gleaming in her orbs. “(Y/n), I’m going to go dance.” She waited for me to nod my head before she leaned in to whisper-yell something into my ear. “There’s a total hottie over there checking you out.”

She waltzed away from me and I turned my head to spot the man staring at me. He was dangerously familiar with electric green hair, pale skin, and bright red lips… The Joker. I should have been afraid, but I wasn’t. If anything, I was intrigued. Everything about him just drew me in.

Time seemed to stand still as the villain and I stared at each other. He slowly got up and walked out of the room he was in. Having no clue what he was doing, I turned back towards the bar. ‘What just happened?’  I thought to myself. A large hand gripped onto my arm suddenly. I turned around, shock filling my features, to find a scary looking man pulling me into him.

“Well, what do we have here?” His voice was grumbly and gross, but I was too scared to speak. “What’s an innocent girly like you doing in a place like this?”

I look around, trying to spot Lucy, but she was no where to be seen. If I somehow got out of this alive, I was definitely going to kill her. The man’s grip tightened and another surge of fear spreads throughout my body. “Are you mute or something, bitch?”

My eyes tightly closed and my body instinctively flinched, but the guy’s hand leaves my arm. Slowly reopening my eyes, I see the Joker pointing a gun at the man’s head. People don’t seem to be shocked at the fact the psychopath is about to kill someone, but more of the fact that he came out of the private room where I had first spotted him. “You shouldn’t touch a lady like that.” His voice drips with venom. “Do you have a death wish?”

“I- I’m sorry J. I didn’t know that this was your girl.” He tried to back away, but it was too late. The Joker shot him, laughing as the man’s body fell to the grump.

A shriek came out of my mouth as I jumped back. The Joker looked at me with a worried glance. He dropped his pistol and gently grabbed my wrist. I should have been frightened, but when his skin touched my own I swore I felt electricity between us. My body flew into his, my arms circling around him. His scent alone made me feel safe. It was weird feeling this way for a man that I had just met.

His hands pulled me in closer to him. “Why do I feel this way?” His tone is filled with confusion as he voiced my own thoughts. “Why do I feel this need to protect you?” He mumbled into my hair. Before I could respond, he picked me up and took me to the room that I had first saw him in. He gently set me down on the couch before sitting down right next to me.

I didn’t speak, but I couldn’t keep my (e/c) orbs off of this mysterious man. I was so intrigued by him, but not an ounce of frightened. He saved me back there and for that, I owed him. “Joker…” My lips formed his name and it caught his attention.

“Please, kitten, call me J. Joker sounds too… formal.” His bright red lips widened into a smirk. My own smile formed onto my face.

“Thank you so much for helping me back there. Who knows what would have happened if you weren’t there.” I chuckled as if it would diminish my fear of what actually would have happened.

A low growl snapped me out of my daze. “Darlin’, I wouldn’t ever let anything happen to a pretty thing like you. I don’t get it but you seem to keep my attention hooked.” His hands gently caress my face, sending the sparks flying again. “But that also means that I never want you to leave my side…”

Now, I have absolutely no clue why I responded with this. It must have been because I was buzzed or because of the pounding music sending adrenaline to course through my body.

“I will never leave you J…”

Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me

Part 2      Part 3     Part4

Summery- You’re currently dating Brett Talbot and everything seems to be panning out in your favour, until your ex boyfriend Isaac Lahey comes back to Beacon Hills after a year in France. Conflicted between the two, the reader is confronted with this problem sooner than expected.

“Hey Babe, are you coming to Greenburg’s party later?” you asked as he pulled you into a hug. “I’ll go wherever you go” he joked. “Brett, what ever would I do without you” you replied sarcastically, before beaming him a smile. “ You know, I really don’t know Y/N, I really don’t know” he replied, equally as sarcastic. He put his arm around you and you both went to meet your friends to get ready. It was hard sometimes seeing Brett, due to you being from two different packs and schools. You also couldn't ignore the fact you were hopelessly missing Isaac. Sure you hated him for leaving without so much as an explanation but he’s your first love and you’d always have that with him.

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Studies show that 106 percent of people hate their jobs. Now imagine what everyone else thinks of your job. At least you get paid to do your job, the rest of us get nothing, so when you meet up with someone at a party and your conversation turns to work, you better limit yourself to “I collect roadkill for Arby’s” with no further exposition because that’s all anyone needs to know. Sadly, that’s not all everyone shares.

Every gathering has at least one guy who’s so fascinated by the fact he sells molded carbon toilet seats that he needs to tell you the entire production process, from ass-measuring all the way through turd capacity and urine splash physics. This guy never realizes that each word causes your brain to start desperately trying to master pyrokinesis in an effort to either set him or, as a last ditch effort, yourself on fire as a means of escape

Aside from psychic fire, the only thing that ameliorates a terrible work anecdote is ample amounts of Tom Collins. Once your third sheet is to the wind, you could tolerate even the life story of someone who works in middle management at the DMV.

Most People You Can Handle, These 5 People Are Why You Drink

an open letter to incoming high school freshmen

from an incoming high school senior

- you’re gonna be fine
- there will be shitty days, maybe even weeks, and maybe even months but the fact is you’re gonna get through it
- when you do get through it, you’ll realize you’re tired as hell
- but being tired as hell means you’re getting strong as hell
- if you don’t want to go to that party, then don’t
- if you don’t want to do something, then don’t. you’ll be fine, i promise
- it’s okay if you only have one or two really close friends
- just be nice to everyone
- but know when you need to put your foot down/show some tough love/be a bitch (you may need to sometimes)
- you may be tired but please know that teachers get tired too
- please don’t make pulling all nighters a habit (some instances are unavoidable, though)
- time will definitely fly a lot faster than you think
- get joggers that fit well because that’s comfort and style rolled into one
- sneakers. just, sneakers.
- index cards and colored pens will be your best friends during exam week
- t a k e n o t e s
- it’s okay to skip school if you’re really not up to it. your mental health is important, too
- make something a daily routine; whether it’s morning yoga or washing your face or drinking water when you wake up- this routine will keep you sane when high school life gets messy
- treasure your summers
- keep your close friends close. you’ll be able to point out who you can really talk to during this time in your life
- and, as my parents said, “high school best friends are basically your best friends for life”
- proof to support the above statement: my dad still meets up with his high school group of friends. so does my mom
- try not to cram
- but if you have to, be smart about it (strategy, my friends)
- don’t be afraid to explore your interests
- you don’t have to be typecast. you aren’t defined by whether most people know you as the jock or the nerd or that one kid in biology, you’re you and you can define yourself okay
- be there for people, even if it’s people you don’t always talk to
- know that everyone’s going through their own shit
- i said it once and i’m sorry but i just really need to repeat it: TIME FLIES FASTER THAN YOU THINK
- find a teacher who you trust that you can talk to, it doesn’t have to be your guidance counselor
- if you need to cry, cry
- always keep an extra pen with you
- when the teacher says that the lesson is in the book, it’s in the book you just gotta look for it
- you’re gonna be fine
- make memories, yeah?
- i believe in you

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Yuri on ice truth or dare is my new favorite thing. Do with that what you will.

bragging rights

thx to @forovnix for some of the ideas in this hot mess of a fic

Length: 2.3k; Rating: teen+;

Summary: There’s a party in Phichit’s hotel room after a Grand Prix Final event, and he knows exactly how to keep everyone entertained.

Read more of my fics here!

It’s Phichit’s idea.


“Okay,” Phichit says as he tears apart a piece of paper, distributing the fragments among everyone. He had arranged all of the skaters in a neat circle a few minutes ago, including Yurio, who had scowled. Phichit’s hotel room is small, but it fits them all with ease. “Everybody write down one truth and one dare.”

“You only gave us each one piece of paper,” Leo points out. “You want us to write them both down on the same piece?”

Phichit blinks slowly, his tipsy mind trying to process the words. “No. Tear your paper in half.”

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“Good morning my boy” Eskild said with his usual perkiness making his way into the kitchen. Isak was there cooking some breakfast for Even.

“Eskild what are you doing up so early?” Isak was genuinely curious as to why a person who loves to party and sleep late was awake at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s not something you see everyday. 

“I slept well, thank you. And I won’t ask you because I know for a fact you had an amazing night” And that’s how the Guru avoids answering an awkward question. It did exactly what he expected. Isak got uncomfortable and started to look for things around the kitchen that probably weren’t even there. But that didn’t stop Eskild for noticing the hickeys on his roommate’s neck.

“Way to go Even, those are nice hickeys” Eskild said trying to get a closer look.

“Shut up” Isak finished pouring the juice.

“Morning everyone” Even appeared scratching his eyes and looking for his morning kiss from Isak “Eggs” He said grabbing a spoon to taste them “They’re not as good as mine, but they’re still good” Even smiled.

Isak showed Even his tongue mocking his boyfriend and then kissed him. And the kiss made both of them forget Eskild was there.

“Morning hickeys for Isak now right?” Eskild giggled ruining the moment.

“You’re an idiot” Isak laughed placing the cheese toasts on the oven.

“Good job there Even, really nice hickeys” Eskild kept teasing because it’s just the way he is…

“Thank you Eskild. He looks good right? The hickeys suits him” And Even played along because there’s nothing more charming and cute than a grumpy Isak.

“I’m right here you guys” Isak said unsure if he was mad or just trying really hard not to laugh. Even grabbed his arm and pulled Isak close to him placing his hands on his hips.

“And you look hot” Even kissed Isak.

Tmi:City Of Bones book quotes sentence starters
  • “Can I help you with something?“ 
  • “Aren’t you, uh… reproducing? “
  • “ Just kissing? How quickly you dismiss our love.”
  • “ At least, you don’t have to worry about rejection.”
  • "Trying to make me jealous? Why would you try to do that?”
  • “My shoulder will never be the same. I expect you to nurse me back to health.”
  • “You have something on your neck. “
  • “You know, most psychologists agree that hostility is really just sublimated sexual attraction.”
  • “I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it’s more of a large and tastfully decorated foyer than a threshold. But I do get easily bored”
  • “Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?”
  • “Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests.”
  • “ What are you doing here, anyway? “
  • “You like the party? “
  • “My hair is naturally blonde… Just for the record.”
  • "To love is to destroy and to be loved is to be the one destroyed”
  • “If you wanted to rip my clothes off, you should have asked.”
  • “Those girls on the other side of the car are staring at you.”
  • “Now we’re detectives? Maybe we should all have code names.”
  • “Declarations of love amuse me. Especially when unrequited.”
  • “Do you remember when you promised that if we lived, you’d get dressed up in a nurse’s outfit and give me a sponge bath?“
  • “And next time you’re planning to injure yourself to get me attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders.”
  • “Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?”
  • “Don’t touch any of my weapons without my permission.“
  • “It means ‘Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234’.”
  • “You’re an idiot.”
  • “we’re all out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing.”
  • “A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance covers?”
  • “Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side.”
  • “The most terrible things men do, they do in the name of love.“
  • "Well, I could hardly talk up to you. You’re too short.”
  • "There is a fine line between sarcasm and outright hostility, and you seem to have crossed it. What’s up?”
  • “Half of your attention is better than all of anyone else’s.”
  • “ There might be a God,  and there might be not. Either way, we’re on our own.”
  • “I hate it when you answer a question with a question.”
  • “What are you doing here anyway?“

I have a question. 

Why has no one talked about the fact that Felicity wore a completely beaded dress to the Mayors (Oliver’s) Christmas party? 

Felicity is very clearly a fashion lover, and every fashion lover knows the golden rule about beaded/embellished dresses. 


You never touch the art that is beading on clothing, or else you seriously risk damaging it.

Embellished dresses like the one Felicity wore are expensive and heavy.  

I have no doubt that one of the first things out of her mouth when Billy saw her in it was ‘Hands off, or you’ll ruin my dress.’ 

The dress it’s self screams untouchable, it keeps a distance between her and the world. 

It had muted colours, but commanded attention anyway because of it’s intricate detail, and shining embellishment. It set her apart from everyone else there. 

None of that seems coincidental to me. 

If you ask me, she was caught in a case of wanting to be seen (by Oliver) and being distant with Billy. 


In Hawaii 160830








anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can see the confirmation of louis going to the Brits?

As far as I know, the only confirmation has really been James Arthur saying to the Daily Star that he made plans to party with Ed and Louis after the Brits. People are basing the assumption that he will attend on that quote, the fact that he appeared in the Brits promo, and the timing of him heading to the UK a handful of days before the Brits. I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet he’ll be there, but yeah, there isn’t much as far as explicit confirmation goes.

Once on a full moon my cousin and I were doing a ritual in a circle outside. We messed up of course, we fumbled things of course, but to this day that was the most magickal circle I have ever cast. We were meditating, and speaking to the powers that be when a gust of wind picked up and blew out our candles. Slightly disheartened, I went to light them again. Before I could, they relit them selfs. 

I know, scientifically, a candle can relight if there is a gentle enough wind on it directly after it goes out. You may have seen someone do it as a party trick. Blow out a candle then snap their fingers close to the wick to make it re-ignight.

But see, to us, it was magick. So what if there’s a science behind it? That doesn’t take away the fact that magick was involved. 

And I think that’s important to remember with all magick. Science doesn’t make it less valid. If anything it makes it more valid. Science can say yes this is real. I think that’s wonderful, and no less mystical. 

What do we say about coincidence?

I know I keep going on and on about Charlie Welsborough switching to a John mirror right before his death, but I have one last thought about it.

If the Blue Power Ranger named Billy with “vast intelligence” is NOT merely the writers sending us a message, but in fact Moriarty intentionally wanted Charlie Welsborough killed in that odd way to draw Sherlock’s attention, well…

Not sure how he’d plant the idea for the vinyl carseat cover for Charlie to prank his dad with (or know about Charlie’s plan to do that if he didn’t plan it), but let’s say it’s conceivable. Convoluted and weird and probably not elegant enough for the show, but it’s technically possible.

Well, what I think is probable is that Culverton is in cahoots with Moriarty, Culverton is drugging Sherlock with a “dangerous new drug,” and Moriarty may have used Charlie Welsborough to 1) test run such a drug, and 2) taunt Sherlock. Since this would be a drug that no one tests for (per Sherlock’s clean results despite clearly being high in the beginning, and not in the normal case-high way), it wouldn’t show up in the reports after they analyzed Charlie’s body.

If it’s a mind-control drug that’s somehow effective to any degree, that makes this feel all the more plausible.

Mind you, I don’t know how they’d ever have time to fit in reveals for all the string-pulling Moriarty has done from TRF to the present, so I wouldn’t expect them to waste any of that precious time on Charlie Welsborough. But if Moriarty did have one of his players kill Charlie to lure Sherlock further into his game, well… the Blue Power Ranger “coincidence” feels extra sinister.

This is total crack btw. I do think my read of the mirroring is correct for John hiding his sexuality (Charlie hiding beneath the vinyl cover) being so dangerous it could lead to Sherlock (Billy the Blue Power Ranger) getting burned. John needs to be true to himself so he can put things to rights with Sherlock and they can face Moriarty together instead of John trying to take him on his own this early in the game. So the subtext still stands.

But if Billy is a clue that Moriarty was involved with Charlie’s death… Still fits his MO.

submission - Various AUs ft. Random Songs

• After we have an argument, you always blast your Simon and Garfunkel ‘Sound of Silence’ record as you mope around because it’s your ‘go to sad song’, and then get annoyed when I can’t take you seriously.

• Okay but incessantly and drunkenly yelling the lyrics to Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ doesn’t change the fact that you literally just set my house on fire DURING MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. Do I even know you?! Why the hell are you in my house?!

• I got way too into over-dramatically singing and dancing along to 'Hit Me Baby One More Time’ and just accidentally full on socked you in the face.

• We just spent an hour arguing over which Spice Girl we and our friends would be. FINE THEN. I GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO BE POSH SPICE if that’s what you want, what you really really want.

• I took a liking to you the second you tried to bullshit your way through your forgotten motivational speech assignment in class by just reciting the lyrics to 'Circle of Life’ from the Lion King and seeing how long you could get away with it.

• When we were kids, we were at our mutual friend Stacey’s birthday, where you decided to perform 'Stacey’s Mom’, which went down pretty badly with Stacey’s Dad. You spent the rest of the party embarrassedly hiding under my table after the failed serenade while I smuggled you napkin wrapped food parcels. I’ve never let you live it down since.

• All I asked was if you wanted to play basketball, but suddenly you’re calling me Danforth and spontaneously bursting into song and telling me to 'get my head in the game’. And that’s a ball not a percussion instrument wtf are you dOiNG?¿


• I casually mentioned I was running a marathon today, not really thinking you’d be interested or anything, but you showed up half an hour after we started, driving along next to us at snail speed in your car, hollering encouragements while obnoxiously blaring 'Eye of the Tiger’ on repeat from your inbuilt stereo. The other runners are getting extremely tired of the song and your unwavering enthusiasm, but I can’t keep the smile off of my face.

• I came over here because your best friend left me a voicemail that featured you apparently sobbing while wailing very passionately along to 'Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and them urgently whispering 'help me’ every once in a while. Anyone care to explain or..?