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Jolly Cafe

For @cinnamonduckling​ who thinks this is a fic where everyone dies and suffers and I make her cry, but no, it’s a fluffy and cute fic and I promise you Sofia, you will love it. 

Many thanks to @killiancygnus​ and @swanandapirate​ who helped with the story and were my betas. 

Based on this: 

“Omg I just went to get a latte from my regular coffee shop and I always have the same guy serving me and I must bug him so much as I would always ask for almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant) but they would just have lacto free so I could tell the difference in the milk and asked if they started serving almond milk and the guy just shyly said “well you always ask if we have it so I got it specially for you” this GUY BOUGHT THE MILK WITH HIS OWN MONEY I FEEL SO PREVILEDGED RIGHT NOW”


Words: 3220





And I would appreciate if you would let me know what you think, since this is the first fic I wrote after a few (five I think?) months.


The first time Emma Swan stepped into Jolly’s Cafe, she was stunned by the nautical theme that was all around. The walls were covered by old maps, anchors, pictures of the sea and different ships, wooden tablets decorated with ship’s wheels and even a replica of a ship on a wall. She fell in love with the place, not just because of the way it looked but also because it was near the beach (which Emma thought was part of the reason why everything was so… nautical) and their drinks were better than Starbucks or even Granny’s.  Another important thing that made Emma go back to the coffee shop, was the presence of the two brothers that worked there: Liam Jones, who was the owner of the shop which she found out thanks to Elsa and Killian Jones, Liam’s brother which found out about that thanks to his big mouth.

Elsa was the one who discovered Jolly’s Cafe and started to develop a crush on the owner since her first time there. Starting from the second time she went there, Elsa took Emma with her both for support and because she wanted to have her best friend there with her to talk about “the hot owner of the place”. Secretly, Elsa hoped that Emma would see something in the “even hotter brother of the owner’s business” (Emma’s words, not hers) too, but since Emma was very good at spotting a lie, and Elsa a really bad liar, Emma found out very soon what Elsa’s real intentions were.

“I’m not going to fall in love with him as soon as I lay eyes on him, Elsa. That’s you, not me,” Emma told her friend.

“But he’s hot,” Elsa whispered to her.

“And I thought you had a thing for his brother,” Emma added hoping that Elsa would stop.

“I do, but I also have eyes, Emma.”

“Still not going to happen. So stop.”

The two began to go to Jolly’s daily, sometimes even twice a day, when they had their breaks, but Killian Jones mostly stayed out of their discussions.

Emma rarely asked for something that wasn’t a normal coffee, a hot chocolate in the morning or an iced tea in the afternoon so when she asked for a latte one morning, she should’ve expected to see a look of surprise on Killian’s face. And yet, she did not.

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Anna: “I don’t even know what love is.” This is the most complicated, broken, and profound line in the entire movie that was said by an equally complicated, broken, and profound character. Wait, What?

I know people will most likely agree or notice that Elsa is more glorified and magnified than Anna. Elsa is widely celebrated that she has become a whole franchise on her own singlehandedly. In Disney stores and in other stores carrying the “Frozen” merchandise, I notice that everything with Elsa’s face in it are always sold out whereas Anna’s…you can see that there are always a lot floating around. That she’s only just a spare. If a kid asks for Elsa, and her dolls are out of stock, she settles for Anna. Anna, the princess, not the Queen. Anna, the klutz, not the elegant and graceful character. Anna, the underrated character in her own movie.

What’s my point here? I’m not talking about sales statistics. I’m merely stating the obvious. We see more of  Elsa’s story get more notes and analyses here on Tumblr. She’s this utterly gorgeous muse with a tragic backstory that makes her so complicated and so enigmatic. She’s the one with the anthemic song with the sexy hips and gorgeous ice dress. She has ice powers, which make her so disarmingly hotter, and way more interesting that Anna, the younger sister who’s unashamedly ordinary compared to her sister.

I’m not trying to push Elsa off the pedestal and make Anna outshine her; wrong. That’s just how it is. Anna is underrated and there’s no denying that. But it makes me quite sad when I see people write about how Anna is just this naïve, gullible, and shallow character who fulfilled Disney’s aesthetics by being the typical princess who is love-starved and seeks romance as her main goal throughout the movie; to find a prince, kiss, and live happily ever after. Anna fulfilled that, yes. There was Kristoff, the kiss, and happily ever after. But that all came with a price. But she’s more than that. Way more than that.

“I don’t even know what love is.” My focus is this line because there are so many layers to it. 

Let’s tackle the question with some hypothetical questions and some counter statements that I also thought about, shall we?

1. Anna knows what love is. It’s not like she was locked away like Elsa was. She had her mom and dad. So if anything, Elsa should be the one who would be fitting to say that.

Yes, Anna had more contact with her mom and dad and I’m sure they compensated for Elsa’s absence by being there for her. Anna was free to hug her parents. She was free to play with her mom and dad. They had a good relationship for the most part. Anna loved them and they loved Anna. But honestly, if my sister just stopped talking to me and my parents wouldn’t give me an actual answer as to why, I’d feel pretty devastated.

I’d feel hated by my own sister. I don’t know how much (or if at all) it was emphasized by her parents that Elsa didn’t hate her whenever she asked why Elsa won’t see her anymore, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that they kept her in the dark. Anna was betrayed from the very beginning by her own parents. All these doors. All these excuses. All these unanswered questions. It was unfair. Although her parents meant well, I’m pretty sure Anna had already formed conflicting thoughts about the concept of what love is. Why is Elsa gone? Why won’t Mama and Papa tell me? Don’t they trust me?

2. If Anna is so desperate for love and the company of people, why didn’t she go with her parents on that ship? That could’ve been her chance to explore the world. Heck, she also has a choice of leaving the castle. It’s not like Elsa told her to be locked in, too. 

I’ve seen someone write about this, but I’ve reblogged it a long time ago so I can’t really find it right now. It’s interesting how Anna stayed behind when she could’ve gone with her parents. She was fifteen years old and during that time period, hell yeah, she’s pretty darn legal. People got married even before fifteen. She didn’t need to go with her parents. She had a choice. And her choice was to stay.

Why? Okay, so Mama and Papa will be gone for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. That’s enough time for me to convince Elsa to come out of her room. Hopefully. I’ll even camp out by her door! I’ll bribe her with chocolates! Wait, what? It’s been way too long. I’ll use this time to come up with a plan to make her talk to me without Mama and Papa telling me not to go near her door. Elsa doesn’t hate me. I think. I mean, she’s my sister! Maybe, even for just a few days, Elsa and I can finally have some time for ourselves without anyone telling me not to bother her. I need to stay behind. I need to talk to her. Joan doesn’t say much. I miss Elsa. 

I think that’s how it went down in Anna’s mind. Or close to it. I mean, if she went on that ship, she would’ve died and uhh…there will be no movie. But two weeks became forever. And the door remained shut for another three years although the plan to have it opened did not waver.

She never opened those gates and left Elsa alone because where Elsa is, there she will be, too. Who will embrace Elsa with open arms when she finally opens that door? Anna won’t miss it for the world. 

I think this is the part where Anna’s faith in her sister wavered. God, she was so excited, so nervous, and so desperate to keep her sister’s attention. She standing so close next to Elsa. And Elsa is finally talking to her. They had, max, three minutes of screen time together. Three minutes or so of finally reconnecting. But Elsa and her own version of unconditional love for Anna, pushes her away once again and breaks her own heart again in the process.  Everything was going well….what did I ever do to her?

It’s just so absolutely brilliant how Hans comes in the picture a second after this scene to catch her as she tripped and about to fall. As if he was the one who will save her metaphorically. Hans, who echoes Anna’s pain (or pretends to) captures Anna’s heart immediately. He talks to her, makes her feel important, he…TALKS to her. It wasn’t a painting. It wasn’t her face against a door talking to a voiceless human being that was inside that room somewhere. It was someone finally talking to her and listening to her. Anna could not just let this pass. At this rate, Anna just wanted out. Marriage, whatever it may be, she needed an out. Not necessarily to leave Elsa because she did offer that Hans and her brothers live in their castle. But just…an escape from this gaping hole she was left with in so long. So much void. So much loneliness. Yeah, Anna was pretty naive to just say “YES” to marriage after four minutes of having a duet with a complete stranger. How gullible. But really, how much more loneliness and rejection can a person stomach? She saw an opportunity and took it. She wanted an out.  She wanted to be loved. And that’s perfectly human nature. Maybe this is her chance. Anna has been questioning what love is since that day that door slammed shut on her face. Maybe Hans will prove her wrong. He did, in the most sadistic and unexpected way.

“I don’t even know what love is.”

This is the face of complete defeat. Elsa throws her out of her ice palace after literally getting a near death experience and trekking that mountain for days. She dropped everything for Elsa just to be rejected again. Elsa physically built a monster to throw her out. Seriously, that blows more than anything even though we all know Elsa means well. And then, Hans betrays her. She’s dying and she doesn’t know what love is. She really doesn’t. She has this epiphany and realization that maybe she was just an idiot all this time. Anna, here, is convinced that whatever image of love she has in her mind is nothing more but demented wishful thinking and lies. Her parents kept secrets from her and allowed her relationship with her sister to fester. Plus, they leave her, too. They died with those secrets and those hugs Anna had looked forward to everyday growing up and wishing Elsa can hug her, too. Her own sister who was her best friend and someone she looks up to suddenly stopped being there for her unannounced; kicks her out after she goes on this suicide mission to find her, and accidentally freezes her heart. The one person that she confided in and trusted with her heart leaves her for dead after telling her she was a rebound because “no one was getting anywhere with Queen Elsa” that’s why he picked her. All of this seem to be undermined because of Anna’s radiant personality. But did anyone really actually consider that it may have been a fascade to mask the fact that she’s been crapped on all her life and everyday she wishes someone can make all of that stop?

So yeah, don’t tell me that Anna is shallow.

Anna screams “NO!” and blocks Hans’ sword from killing Elsa. By the time this happens, it’s already been established that Anna thinks Elsa doesn’t want to see her again. STILL, she literally defies that. NO, I will not let you touch my sister. YES, it’s probably true that she doesn’t love me enough or trust me enough to make it work, ice powers and all, BUT I will not let you kill her. This is not how it’s going to end. YES, I may have given up on trying to mend our relationship, but I CHOOSE HER. I may not know what love is, I may not know how it feels like to be loved. BUT I KNOW HOW TO LOVE. AND I LOVE MY SISTER. I CHOOSE HER OVER MY LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I MAY NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. 

Guys, Anna died loving Elsa. Anna died forgiving Elsa completely…but she died not really and truly grasping how much Elsa loves her. She died thrown out, rejected, and betrayed.

Anna does not exist to fulfill Disney’s aesthetics to maintain a certain standard of being a Disney princess and a damsel in distress. Anna is none of that. Whatever happy ending she got, she deserves it, in all of its cliche and cheesiness. She has suffered just as much. She has cried just as much. And she deserves happiness and love just as much. She’s been a complicated character since her first screen time and for the next to follow. Sure, she made some really stupid mistakes. But that’s what makes her so relatable and so scarily human. Anna is the epitome of stubborn love. And that’s what makes her so beautiful. 

I’m procrastinating and impatient, so here’s a preview of the new B99 + Photographer/Model AU I’ve been developing!!
→ All the props to @peraltiagoisland​, @proofthatihaveaheart​, @three-drink-amy​, @elsaclack​, @tiadorable​, @stardustsantiago​, @littlegreenwomen​, @scullysthumbtacks​, @jokeperatla​, and @dogworldchampion​ for listening to me gush about this AU for daysssssss. 

Amy’s in the middle of typing out a text to Rosa (they’re ironing out the details for an upcoming shoot) when a notification pops up at the top of her screen. Her eyes flicker to it, and her heart skips a beat. 

thatjakeperalta liked your post

She bites her bottom lip and shakes her head, mentally chastising herself for reacting to such a tiny thing. So he liked one of her Instagram photos, big deal.

She finishes off her text, confirming the stylists have been notified on the time and venue of their shoot, then switches over to her Instagram app. She just wants to check how well her last post is doing, she couldn’t care less about some model double-tapping on her picture. 

Even if he is ridiculously attractive and funny and by far the nicest model she’s worked with in the seven years of her professional career. 

She brings up her activity feed, which is filled with likes and comments from her industry friends and other followers. It’s the message at the top that again throws her off for a second. 

She was expecting to find that he had liked her most recent photo, but the thumbnail beside the notification isn’t this morning’s sunrise. Instead, it’s her smiling at the camera excitedly. Rosa had snapped the photo when they had reached the destination of their hike nearly a year ago

Before she can fully process this, she gets a slew of new notifications – all about thatjakeperalta liking her photos. 

Her cheeks redden a smidge, and a grin spreads on her face as she realizes what’s going on. He’d been stalking her Instagram, and this is him trying to cover his tracks. 

She’s definitely been there, and she knows how embarrassing it feels. But also, she just can’t resist gloating in his misery. 

She quickly takes a screencap of the page and sends it to him. For good measure, she texts: 

Working hard, I see. 

On Jake’s end, he’s absolutely mortified. 

He’s past contemplating cutting off his thumb for getting him in this mess, and he’s right about ready to change his name and go off the grid. He’s pretty darn sure his mom wouldn’t mind, so long as he sends her a postcard every now and then. 

He reads Amy’s text and groans loudly, burying his burning face in his pillow. If he could just go back in time and stop himself from liking a photo posted 48 freaking weeks ago. 

Eventually, he lifts his head up and reaches for his phone on the nightstand. He pulls up the message again and sighs, wondering how he’s going to charm his way out of this. 

It takes awhile, but he finally replies: 

just doing research on this photog i’m working with next week. she’s ayt i guess?? :P

Amy snickers and takes a second to attach an old photo of him she had found when doing “research” of her own. It’s him in a cough syrup ad from at least five years ago, and he’s looking like he’s at death’s door. 

I’m not sure about this model I was assigned for a shoot. Do you think I should just call off the gig? 

The pit of dread in his stomach eases up, and he chuckles.

i’ll have you know, i got free cough meds for months after that. it was p sweet when flu season came around.

and ngl, there was like a span of 4 years where i just said yes to everything.

the modeling world is crayyyyyy.

The next thing he receives is a photo of him holding a snake. There’s more of a grimace on his face than a smile. 

Did you get to keep the snake after this or did the pet store give you other freebies? 

He laughs and gets up to grab one of the folders on his shelf. He hasn’t really been compiling his latest tear sheets, but his mom used to catalog his earliest work. He finds the oldest folder and flips to one of the first pages – a photo of him as a toddler, donning only a Baby Looney Tunes-themed diaper and beaming. He snaps a picture of the ad and sends it over. 

i hit my prime early and everything’s just been downhill after

you think i’m ever going to get back to this level???

She lets out an aww and makes a mental note to dig up the rest of his childhood work later. (Over the weekend, when she does find the time to hunt through various online archives, she finds herself having to squash down the image of a tiny Jake Jr. running around her apartment. She chalks it up to her hormones and natural maternal instincts.) 

She goes back to her Instagram app and scrolls through the photos he’s been tagged in. Her eyebrows shoot up at some of the earliest pictures, where he’s styled to look like genderbent Disney princesses. She vaguely recalls this going viral back in her college days, and she isn’t sure how she didn’t put two and two together. She double-taps on all of them and sends over a screencap of her favorite one. 

I didn’t realize this was you! This photo series was so cool!!! How did I miss that looksbylinetti was your make up artist?

lol yeah isn’t gina amazing?! fun fact: this was the project that got me an agent. shout out to charles and his love for disney!

So amazing. I have to bug Gina about this at our next shoot. You think she’d be open to doing a redux on these? We need to do one of you as Elsa!

He’s typing out his reply when he’s interrupted by a call from Gina Linetti herself. “Hello?”


He laughs. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Uh- wait, ARE YOU WITH HER RIGHT NOW? Explain yourself, Jacob.”

“We’ve just been texting. It’s nothing. I accidentally liked one of her photos from a year ish ago, so we’ve been talking.” 

“Okay normally I’d disown you for that, but obviously your faux pas worked out somehow so.” 

“I mean nothing’s happened really, but -” 

“Nothing’s happened yet, boo! Okay, go back to flirting with Santiago or whatever. I’ll see ya at the shoot next week!”

Jake grins goofily in spite of himself, thankful he’s not in front of a camera for once. 

Take Me To Church [12/?]

AN: Hey, look - I’m alive!!! This chapter took longer than I expected to write between a finicky muse and social obligations cutting into my writing days, but it’s here! Huge thank you to my most awesome beta, @ive-always-been-a-pirate who let me vent when this chapter was giving me trouble and for always lending me your ear when I needed to talk a plot point out. You are the best! 

Emma Swan returned to her southern hometown of Storybrooke to pick up the pieces of her last shattered relationship, determined to rebuild her life in the one place she swore she’d never return to. What she didn’t expect was the new priest and the journey of passion, love, and redemption he would take her on. [Priest!Killian Modern AU]

| AO3
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Chapter 12: The Highs and Lows of Giving In

Emma awoke to a low and persistent buzzing noise, her sleep filled mind taking a moment to realize it was her phone vibrating on the night stand next to her. Groaning at whoever had the audacity to text her at this time of the morning - the sun wasn’t even up for God’s sake - she fumbled for the offending piece of technology and cursed harshly as the bright artificial light momentarily blinded her. Squinting at the screen, she saw the notification of a new text from Elsa.

Elsa: Had to get up to take a business call about the shop and wanted to check on you. If I haven’t heard from you by ten I’m going to assume Graham is a serial killer in disguise and I’m calling your father. I promise to delete your internet history per our agreement if you’re dead.

Despite the fact her phone read 6:30 AM and she couldn’t remember the last time she had been awake at this hour, Emma chuckled. Leave it to Elsa to be a worried mother hen and the friend she could rely on to make sure her family never saw her sordid internet searches. Unlocking her phone, she typed out a quick reply that she was alive and would call her later, making sure to end the text with their designated signal #NotAProgramOnTheIDChannel to let her know she was the one typing the message. Ignoring the combined twenty-three unread messages from Ruby and Tink she hit the power button on her phone and set it back on the night stand, confident that Elsa would let the other girls know she was okay.

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The Art of Remembering (8/?)

Summary: Killian hasn’t seen Emma in months, not since she ran off in the middle of the night. But when he receives a call from the hospital informing him that she’s been in an accident he rushes to be by her side. Nervous and anxious to see her again he’s not sure what to expect—but he definitely doesn’t anticipate that upon waking she would have no idea who he is. Modern au

Rating: T

Also on: ff.net, ao3

Catch up: first chapter, previous chapter 

Emma hums to herself as she stands at the kitchen counter stirring a fresh mug of hot chocolate. The tiled floor is cold beneath her bare feet, and she considers hunting for a pair of socks later as she makes her way over to the fridge and grabs the whipped cream—swirling it on top of her drink and then rummaging through the cupboard for the cinnamon. She sprinkles a generous amount on top, finishing her drink off with a satisfied smile.

As she kicks the fridge door closed and makes her way back to the living room, Emma dips a finger into the cream, scooping up a tiny taste and popping it into her mouth

It’s been a little over a week since Killian brought home those pictures, and three weeks since the accident. She’s not nearly as sore, and moving around the apartment is no longer such an arduous and painful task.

Sure, she may not be completely back to herself and she still gets tired way sooner than she likes, but she’s feeling exceptionally better and—at least in her book—that qualifies as being healed.

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Repeat after me until it sinks in please:

Feminism is NOT about bringing down men to raise up women. Or shaming men. 

 Feminism is NOT about a woman not “needing” a man.

A woman is NOT less feminist if she wants a man or is with a man.

Thank you.

Just a thing

Not totally comfortable tossing up the formatting as I have it- but I don’t feel like writing it properly either so- sorry but, enjoy anyway? Just a random thing I wrote on the fly to my mate for kicks.

Anna: “I always get my wife to shut up.”

Kristoff: “That doesn’t sound very healthy- shouldn’t you be better than that? I mean, you love her don’t you??”

Elsa walks into the room.

Anna: “Of course I love her!”

Elsa: “What’s going on…? Anna did you break something. Again.”

Kristoff is laughing.

Anna: “I resent that.”

Elsa: “Truth hurts, Snowflake.”

Anna’s red though it’s not fully clear if it’s from embarrassment or quiet anger, Kristoff laughs more.

Elsa: “So what did you break this time? Just because we are royalty doesn’t mean things don’t cost. This comes out of the people’s pockets after all.”

Anna: “I know that! I didn’t break anything this time. I SWEA- hmm… yeah. Wait! Uh. No. Okay. YEAH! I’d didn’t break anything this time. You judge too quickly; so much for the patience of a good queen.”

Elsa: “The very fact you had to second guess your own claims refutes your whole argument.”

Kristoff: “And the ice queen just burned you, Feisty.”

Anna: “I didn’t want to lie! I gave it serious thought.”

Elsa: “I commend your honest effort. But it doesn’t change the fact your argument is weak.”

Anna: “You’re definitely a queen.”

Elsa: “Oh? My ability to quickly discern the outcome of a conversation and defuse an argument before it can even begin?”

Anna: “No. Just the overwhelming fact that you are without a doubt a Royal Pain In The Ass.”

Kristoff: “And the fiery redhead scores. An even match. Who will win?”

Anna: “Shut up Kristoff.”

Kristoff: “I thought this whole thing was about how you could always get your doting wife to sh-”

Anna: “Tu-tu-tu-tu! Kristoff. I swear to god- finish that sentence and I will end you while Sven watches.”

Kristoff: “….Now that’s just awfully cold of you.”

Anna: “Don’t test me Reindeer Boy.”

Elsa: “What exactly did you prevent dear Kristoff from saying? Sweet. Heart.”

Anna: “….”

Elsa: “Anna.”

Anna: “Guy stuff. Nothing you’d care about.”

Elsa: “You’re a woman.”

Anna: “How anti-progressive of you.”

Elsa: “Anna!”

Anna: “Hear that Kristoff?”

Kristoff: “Is there anyone in the kingdom who HASN’T heard Elsa shout your name?”

Anna: “… That could be taken in so many ways.”

Kristoff: “It was meant to be.”

Elsa: “We are losing focus.”

Anna: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Elsa: “I will freeze both of your nipples OFF if someone doesn’t talk straight with me right this instant.”

Kristoff and Anna share a look. Elsa sighs.

Elsa: “No smart ass comments to that. Seriously. What’s the big secret?”

Anna and Kristoff have a silent argument with their faces- growing more and more animalistic with the noises they start tossing out- limbs flying everywhere as Elsa stares partly annoyed. Elsa starts slowly growing more fascinated and confused by this, unheard of, primitive type of conversation.

Elsa: “Do.. Do you two actually understand what you’re saying to each other..?”

Anna and Kristoff acknowledge her with a quick wave before hopping up and down, grunting and making more animal sounds, slapping hands, their faces contorted.

Elsa: “… Just real quick- are either of you having a seizure? I will fetch Kai.”

Kristoff turns to his queen, opening his mouth before Anna tackles him, his head now locked in her arms as he tries to reach behind him- pulling on her pigtail. Anna bites his hand when it nears her mouth and he yelps.

Elsa: “Guys… Someone needs to say something here.”

Anna squeaks when Kristoff licks her arm. Quickly letting go in favor of rubbing it on his shirt, Kristoff rolls over onto his knees and pushes Anna off, she falling onto her back.

Kristoff: “She was saying how she can-”

Anna: “Not today Christopher!”

And she slams her foot into his jaw. Being a rough and tumble guy, he is barely fazed- though he does indeed get a mouthful of grass and dirt. Elsa is tapping her foot now.

Elsa: “I don’t have time for this you two. And this is no way for a Princess and our official ROYAL Ice harvester to behave. As your queen I demand you answer me at once and stop this foolishness.”

Anna is straddling Kristoff back again, her hands holding his straw colored hair as she fights to make him eat more dirt while tickling his sides and neck to weaken him.

Anna: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Elsa furrows her brows.

Elsa: “Uh. Excuse me?”

Anna: “I will never surrender.”

Kristoff is laughing hard enough it has him in tears, Anna’s tickling certainly doing its job in subduing the larger man. Elsa has had it.

Elsa: “Anna, if you don’t get off that poor man and talk to me like the adult you are I swear- I will feign being ill and force you to take MY half of the duties, including the more excruciating, dull, repetitive parts, for a MONTH.”

Anna jumps to her feet, poor Kristoff sprawled on the ground, his life force all be drained. Had he a flag, he would wave it. But. He was a strong man, and he too would die fighting.

Kristoff: “Anna said she can make you shut up whenever she wants!”

Anna stomps her foot as Elsa’s face grows dark.

Anna: “I said make her shut up– ah. Wait.”

Elsa: “So you thought to disrespect your WIFE. And you thought you would get away with it? Your little ‘guys talk’?”

Anna pales.

Anna: “Wait Sweetie. You’re largely misunderstanding.”

Elsa: “Am I now? Why not tell me to shut up. Seems you have that power.”

Anna: “I worded it badly! You’re misunderstanding it!”

Elsa: “What am I misunderstanding!? You had a goal with that line?”

Anna: “Erm. Well I- it’s not what you think. Honest.”

Elsa: “No. No go ahead. Prove it. Show me what you meant.”

Anna: “Elsa…”

Elsa walks up to get into Anna’s face.

Elsa: “Go ahead. Tell me. Let me hear it. Plead your case to your sovereign. To your sister. Your best friend. Your WIFE.”

Anna looks around.

Anna: “Elsa you don’t-”

Elsa: “Anna you have until I count to te-”

Anna presses her lips harder into Elsa’s. Elsa goes to protest the sudden kiss but Anna merely slips a hand behind Elsa’s head, tangling her fingers into the thick, blonde braid. The ice queens eyes grow large as Anna unabashedly presses their bodies together, Anna’s tongue slipping through the moment she could, teasing. Elsa’s fight leaves her as Anna grows more feverish, hands roaming, kneading. Seconds pass by, the two woman making out in the middle of the courtyard, Kristoff retrieving his beanie only to turn around and gawk, slowly lowering his hat and holding it before his crotch. Anna finally pulls away from the heated kiss. Backing away enough to start a staring contest with Elsa, they all remain silent. It remains quiet for a bit before Anna says, her voice just a tiny bit lower than normal.

Anna: “There. I proved my point to both of you.”

Both blondes stare at Anna. Anna’s gaze flicks between both of them, her brow arching at she notices Kristoff holding and not wearing his hat.

Anna: “Kristoff, why are you-”

Kristoff: “Mind Your Own Business!!”

He is flushed red. Anna peeks up at her sister. Elsa is thinking hard enough for steam to roll out her ears. Anna smiles and tucks some hair behind her ear.

Anna: “See? I told you. I can make you shut up whenever I want.”

Elsa stiffens, red, and turns around and awkwardly marches straight back to the castle without a word. Anna puffs her chest out with pride and pats Kristoff’s shoulder- who flinches and quickly begins walking in another direction.

Anna: “Where are you going?”

Kristoff: “Probably to a similar place as our Queen.”

Anna tilts her head.

Kristoff: “Anywhere away from you… and with a cold shower.”

We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (2/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

Almost 3 months after posting the first part of this story, I’m finally here to finish it off. Believe me when I say I wasn’t planning to take so long, but a rough semester of school kept me from doing as much work on this as I wanted to. I didn’t think I’d be posting this today since this morning it wasn’t even finished, but somehow or another my heartbreak over Jen announcing her exit from OUAT caused me to throw myself into this. (I’ll be completely honest, the only time I haven’t been bawling my eyes out today is while I’ve been writing.) Also, a big thank you to everyone who have read and reviewed this story so far. You honestly don’t know how much the kind messages and reviews have meant to me over the past few months. I hope you enjoy the final part of this two shot as much as I enjoyed creating it. <3  

Part 1 | Rated T | Word count: 9,529 |Also on AO3 and FF.net

You could blame it on Neal, on her wavering self-esteem, or on a number of different things she’d been forced to deal with during her nearly twenty-eight years of life so far. Either way, Emma found it nearly impossible to believe that Killian could somehow be in love with her.

If anything, he probably viewed her as the sister he never had. And she’d seen enough movies and TV shows to know how situations like hers typically ended: awkwardly. It was just best all around if she kept all of this hidden, and hoped she would be able to act somewhat normally around Killian when he came back from the West Coast. (This causes her to wonder, not for the first time, if he’ll even be back for long at all once the tour is over with. It’s not likely that he’ll want to stay in Boston and work at the bar again when he’s guaranteed to have dozens of opportunities thrust at him.)

Their next Skype call takes place two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon (morning for him) when he’s in San Francisco, taking advantage of the wi-fi at a cafe near his hotel. Emma tells him he looks like something out of a movie, the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge even visible from a distance behind him. “I feel like you should be writing me a love letter or something with dramatic music playing in the background,” she tells him while she finishes off her second plate of pancakes. She quickly regrets the “love letter” part, and hopes he doesn’t read too much into those particular words.  

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A God Watching Frozen

IMAGINE: Loki heads to the cinema to watch a Disney movie with his lady. How the hell did he manage to get into this situation? 

[gif is not mine. this is a filler story until I finish my Draco, Steve and Jon story. Let me know which story you’d like!] 

warnings: none

words: 776

“Where are we going again?” He asked her as he followed her, she was pretty fast for quite a short person.

 “To the cinema,” she beamed, “I’ve already explained this to you.” She exhaled as she saw the confusion on his face, “A large dark room, with a big screen and there are moving pictures on the screen? Ring any bells?” He shook his head, “I told you this yesterday Loki!” She pulled on his hand towards the queue.

‘Cinema? Remember, cinema. CI-NE-MA! Crap, I don’t remember.’ He watched her as she almost jumped up and down, and like a light bulb. “OH! I remember!” He exclaimed catching other peoples attention.

She turned to him and smiled. “Can you tell me why we are at the cinema?” He asked.

“We’re going to see a movie.” she spoke like it was the most obvious thing. 

“I figured that,” he rolled his eyes, “what are we going to see?”

 “Frozen!” She laughed, he looked at her with the utmost confusion, “It’s about this girl who has magical ice powers, kind of like you! Anyway, she has a sister named Anna and there’s a talking snowman, but that’s all I’m going to say!” She put her fingers across her mouth in a zipping motion.

 ‘Ice powers? Sisters? Snowman? What did I get myself into.’ “And why couldn’t you see it by yourself?”

“Because, it’s weird seeing it alone…a second or third time,” she blushed crimson red as she took her eyes of him, “plus I know you’d somehow like it.”

 “Next please.” The person called from the counter. He observed her as she ordered for their tickets and food. The line going into the cinema they were about to go into was full of children, he rolled his eyes again, he seemed to be doing that a lot tonight.

 “Are you ready to go? Wait, hold the popcorn and your drink while I give them the tickets.” So Loki held onto his popcorn and drink, ‘What is a god doing in a cinema, about to watch a children’s movie?’ She turned around and gave him a smile.

 They walked together to the available seats and got comfortable, “Thank you for doing this Loki, I know you feel uncomfortable, but thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.” She leaned over his seat and gave him a peck on the lips.

 ‘That’s why I’m doing it.’ He held onto her hand as the lights began to dimmer.

The couple threw their trash in the bin and proceeded to walk, “I can’t believe that Hans guy! What an asshole! You just can’t do that!” Loki exclaimed, arms waving around.

 She giggled to herself, it seemed like the God of Lies found the children’s movie very likeable, he liked it more than her! “And Elsa, poor Elsa! And Anna and Kristoff! Thank god somebody loves him! And Olaf!”

 She couldn’t help but laugh out loud, standing in front of her was a god ranting about a children’s movie who had a twinkle in his eyes. “What are you laughing about?” He inquired as he walked in front of her.

 “Do you really like that movie? That much?” She was in fits of laughter, trying hard to get her sentence out.

 Loki looked aghast, “Never! I was simply stating the facts of the movie!”

 “Sure,” she sing-songed, “that’s why you were almost out of your chair when Hans was about to kill Elsa, and that you yelled out a very ‘manly’ no when Hans became a dick.” She smirked and walked past him. “You know you can just admit that you like it you know, I won’t make fun of you.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard mumbling behind her. “What was that?”

 “Alright, I like it, okay? Now can we go home?” He took her arm and lead them to the car.

 “Wait until the others hear about this!” She chuckled.

 Loki stopped in his tracks and looked at her, “Don’t tell anyone about this! Especially that guy in the suit, Stork or whatever his name is! And definitely not Thor!” He commanded, but she knew that he was joking and that he wouldn’t really much problem if she told them, a lot of embarrassment maybe, but that’s about it.

 “Sure, fine only if you promise to watch ‘The Notebook’ with me tomorrow night!” She bargained as she saw Loki groan she laughed.

 “Fine, as long as you don’t tell anyone about tonight!” She crossed her heart and gave him a kiss and began walking again. ‘What my father would say about this if he saw me right now..’

✗ INFP are absolute idealists: they have values inside them which they really want to live by. This makes them good at encouraging other people's growth, but can cause them to be too hard on themselves. They can be shy and reserved, but they're incredibly passionate and intelligent individuals with an innate need to change the world. [x]

i have a terrible basic humor i know but i’m forever laughing at the fact Anna’s coat in OFA has bells patterns on it and that a line in her song duet with Elsa is ‘I don’t need the bells to ring’ and that all of it is going to be embodied by Kristen Bell

Irreparable Damage

(Jimmy Darling x reader)

Jimmy Darling kept himself to himself. Everybody knew that. Elsa Mars had been recruiting for her Freak Show, and Jimmy and I were two of the first people she hired officially. Elsa and I go way back; she used to come by my parents’ home and collect money from them. As I grew older I began to assume she was collecting taxes, and being a strong believer in the bible, I never trusted her.

It turns out, she was collecting payments from my parents to have me taken away. Bit by bit; nickel by nickel until I was fifteen. And then she took me. No explanation, not even any time to pack my few belongings. I was whisked away by this eccentric German lady on what I had hoped was an adventure.

God was I wrong. She had set up a Freak Show on one of the fields that surrounded my town, with hopes of becoming hugely successful. She introduced me to the other people she had acquired - a woman taller than any man I’d ever seen, what appeared to be a child who I later learned would bite the heads off of chickens for sport, two pinheads, a man with almost seal-like arms, a lady with a beard, and Jimmy.

I hated it. I would sob in my trailer every night, praying my thin excuse for a pillow muffled it sufficiently. None of the other performers offered me any comfort, although I know Eve had heard me crying before. I still put on a brave face during the day, and the others and I got along. All of us except Jimmy, who I barely even saw.

He didn’t like to flaunt his abnormalities. Like I said, he didn’t socialise with us much. He stayed closer to the bearded lady - Ethel - his mother. In fact, it wasn’t until rehearsals began that I noticed why Elsa had labelled him a freak. Protruding from the ends of his arms, instead of hands, were claw-like extremities. I remember his face as I took them in. His usual coy smirk had been replaced with a look of hurt, one so pained it ached my chest.

Back then, Jimmy had stage fright. His act was on after mine and when mine concluded, I would always walk off to find him shaking, clutching onto the curtain that separated him - us - from the mocking crowds. I never comforted him; we barely spoke to each other since I was ashamed of how crudely I had judged him, and he probably hated me.

But I noticed, as the years went on, that Jimmy became more confident performing for other people. He wasn’t nervous, not to any extent I could see. He performed marvellously, captivating the crowd and toying with them, before exiting and leaving them in a fit of excitement and erotic lust.

One day, I worked up the nerve to congratulate him. Although, thinking about it now, a small “that was good,” probably didn’t sound very sincere. But that was how it started. A small, congratulatory comment after a performance soon led to friendly remarks during the day, and even the occasional sarcastic joke between the two of us. And in the lonely, unrewarding world of carnies and gypsy-folk, I had found a friend.

After the show had finished for the day, we would spend the evening sitting on the roof of his trailer and talking; dreaming about how one day, we would run away from this shit-show, start over someplace new. We never got to.

It’s been years since then, and so much has happened. The entire carnival packed up and moved to Jupiter, Florida, with Elsa insisting it would be good for business. It isn’t, of course. Not yet, anyway. We also picked up some new acts; a contortionist, a strong man named Dell, a woman named Desiree, who has three breasts, and Bette and Dot, Siamese twins.

Jimmy’s infatuated with Dot, the more hostile of the two. She’s all he ever talks about - besides leaving, which I now know is a silly, childish dream he won’t let go. We were so close, the two of us against the world, but now he’s stopped caring about me. It’s like I’m second best, and as selfish as it seems, I’m jealous.

Bette and I are friends, actually; she’s the tolerable one, which is frustrating considering to talk to her I have to talk to Dot. Dot and I don’t like each other, to say the least. Of course, I’ve never been directly mean to her - Jimmy would kill me - but I know she hates me back.

Bette and Dot still don’t have an act, so during the show they sit in their tent. It’s always nice - I’ve realised - to go outside after I perform. Even if people do point me out as “that freak from the show”, I wander around the carnival for a while, say hello to my friends who work the stalls, before returning to my trailer.

Tonight, however, when I go back, I see Jimmy sitting on the roof of his trailer, something he hasn’t done in a long time. And he’s not alone. As I get closer, I realise - lo and behold - it’s Bette and Dot. I watch silently, my insides burning as he smiles at them the way he used to smile at me. I can’t hear them talking, just low mumbles and a laugh every now and then. It’s absurd; I don’t even like him that way, so why is he making me feel like this? He has every right to be happy, I tell myself.

And keep telling myself this as I storm into my trailer and swing the door shut with such force the whole damn thing shakes.

It’s when I’m wiping off my stage makeup that I hear a quiet rap at my trailer door. I don’t answer it; why should I? It could be anybody and I’m not in the mood to entertain right now. They knock again.

“Y/N?” Oh for god’s sake, it’s Jimmy. I sigh, scratching my neck and walking slowly to the door.
“What?” I don’t intend for it to come out sounding hostile and angry, but it does anyway, and Jimmy is taken aback.
“What’s wrong with you? I heard you slam your trailer door earlier - are you alright?”

I do intend to be hostile this time.

“No, Jimmy. I’m not alright. What’s wrong with me is that you’ve completely alienated me, because you’re obsessed with that two-headed bitch.” I pause and take a breath. Maybe that was too harsh, but there’s no stopping me now. “God, are you blind? I love you, Jimmy. Okay? Now is that all, because I’d really like to get some sleep.” And with that, I slam the door once again, the last thing I see being Jimmy’s hurt expression.

Well, I guess things are going back to the way they used to be, all those years ago. Just this time, I don’t think the damage will be reparable for a while.

anonymous asked:

duuddde can you write potty mouth Ava and appalled Jane trying to figure out which of the adults- Kurt, Roman or Tasha, taught her the new curse word she loves to use for everything? potty mouth Ava is honestly amazing and i love your writing <3

DUDE! I can totally do that! This was so much fun! I hope you like it.

Jane opened her eyes slowly and stretched in the empty bed. She usually hated waking up to an empty, waking up without Kurt’s arms around her, but this morning things were different. For starters, she’d spent all of Saturday getting the deluxe spa treatment in an all girls day with Patterson and Sarah, while Kurt, Roman and Tasha took care of Ava and Sawyer.

Sarah had won the tickets at an event at work, and even though it was awkward at first having to choose only two of the three ladies, Tasha made it easier when she instead decided that the day Kurt had planned was more fun.

“A day at the spa sounds amazing,” she had said, “but I’m gonna make it easier for everyone and say I’d much rather go to the beach-laser tag-backyard camping thing Kurt has planned.”

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I’ve been pretty behind on the whole Frozen hype. A few years behind, really. Now I know what all of the 6-10 year-old girls were raving about. The music is ridiculously catchy, the plot twist is really intriguing, and the moral of the story has some good old sisterly love (which I know nothing about because I’m an only child… but that’s beside the point). 

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

Anyways, from listening to my friends talk about the movie and from hearing about it in class, I knew Hans was bad, though everything would work out in the end (as it always does). I mean, at the beginning of the movie, he seemed like the stereotypical “old Disney” prince. 

Originally posted by joleenalice

He sweeps Ana off her feet at the ball, promises to love her, etc. But, as most other characters (and I hope other kids) pick up on… this is preeeeeetttty sketchy. Even knowing it was gonna happen, his betrayal made me so angry. That power-hungry son of a Sven. But I LOVED Ana’s clapback at the end- “The only one with a cold heart here is you.” Pretty sure I screamed “YES” at my laptop… 

Originally posted by ohmydisney

I’m still kind of confused about the old Weaselton guy… Why exactly does he get so much screen time? He isn’t really that integral to the plot except for the fact that he sends men to kill Elsa. He just complains a lot… Maybe it’s for comedic relief, but that’s just not my type of humor. I do love, though, that Zootopia has a few Frozen references… including one about Weaselton.

Originally posted by disney-yensid

That being said… I know there’s a whole “Disney-Pixar universe theory” out there- that all of the movies are connected in some way. What really struck me while watching Frozen was that all of the characters seem to be familiar with the concept of true love’s kiss. Now, I don’t exactly know if the concept of true love’s kiss is really a thing outside of the Disney bubble, but I do know it’s especially important in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and, hey! Maleficent. Are the Frozen characters familiar with these stories? They seem to think true love’s kiss is necessary to break the spell… Hm. Just something to think about.

Side note on the whole space-time conflation thing: I really appreciate the scene where Ana is jumping up around famous artworks. I’ve seen some of the paintings in real life!

Disney version:

Real version:

On a completely different note, did anyone else think Elsa’s ice powers were kinda a metaphor for depression at the beginning? I mean, it kinda falls apart with the whole “brb building an ice castle now I can be myself” thing… But in the beginning, she doesn’t tell people what’s going on because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Her parents tell her to conceal everything, that it’s not ok to openly show her powers (in keeping with the modern stigma around mental illness). And her powers literally involve ice… I imagine some people with depression might consider it a lack of warmth, or a cold state of being. She spends a lot of time in isolation, not participating in fun events with her sister. If a doctor had to diagnose her with a condition, I almost guarantee it would be depression. 

Originally posted by foreverfrozensolid

But in the end, she learns to control her powers so she can be with her sister and benefit her kingdom. Ah yes, the happy Disney ending I was promised.

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We all know the list of things that must be in Frozen 2 right? So I won't bother rehashing that but you know what I find is always missing? A Hans SOLO. His anthem, really. I see it is as the film's flagship tune. Apart from the Helsa duet, his solo anthem would be the one where he feels all the feelings that are still so foreign to him, especially about Elsa. Basically angsty as hell but makes the decision to be someone better for her, ala Billy in Carousel, the "By God, I'll try" anthem. ;)

As a matter of fact, a Hans solo is part of my list of things Frozen 2 must/should have. And my idea of a Hans solo is sort of like the one you describe. Except that I would focus it more on sheding some more light onto his tragic past/unfortunate present and about new feelings coming to him and the better person he wants/hopes to become. I don’t exactly expect the song to focus on Elsa too much. Maybe just a couple of verses about how she is helping him in any way. This has to be a Hans song, not a Hans song featuring Elsa.

Santino definitely needs to sing more. And the Helsa duet is long overdue! Also the Helsa duet could be about each of these two’s feelings for one another (good, neutral, platonic, whatever) or about having them on different sets singing about their current situations. I’m ok with ANY of these.

Okay really lame edit but….I JUST REACHED 250 FOLLOWERS!!! And this is my 1000 post, so I thought it fitting to celebrate by thanking ALL OF YOU LOVELY BEANS. Seriously, I never thought I’d get a single follower and you all welcomed this noob who knew nothing about the fandom and you accepted me and helped me and god, this fandom might have it’s problems but all of you people have made this fandom a home for me. You guys put up with my slowness and my random ooc posts and it’s just….

You guys are the best. Follow forever under the cut, angels <333

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upon my skin (4/?)

Killian Jones thought it would be easy; get captured and sent to her harem, seduce the queen, and escape with her treasure while she was still recovering from his charms. It was simple. Unfortunately, Emma Swan is anything but simple.

explicit (teen this part) | AU and sadly no banging yet

On AO3 and FF.NET if those are your preference(which I strongly suggest as tumblr hates fic).

I’m back, hopefully! So sorry for the magnificent delay, I’ve had a rough year with my RL and computer issues, but I’m trying to ease back into writing and more :)


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Milestones (Slight Jake x F!MC)

Universe:  Endless Summer
Word Count: 2322 (whoops)
Rating: PG
For #ChoicesCreates Week 5, hosted by @hollyashton and @cartoonfanforlife.  The prompt for this week was: “Mirror.”
A picture speaks a thousand words.  But when you’re looking at not a still image, but what’s in front of you, the thoughts could be endless.  You tell your own story, through your own eyes, through your own parallels, and through your own reflection.

Side note: I posted another JakexF!MC earlier this week, and would love to receive feedback for it!  May or not be emotion-packed.  Check it out through this link:  http://ladysansaa.tumblr.com/post/159476264758/let-there-be-light-jake-x-fmc


-6 years old-

You stand in front of the mirror, watching the blonde pigtails that your aunt tied up bob up and down as you sway to the tempo of the pop song playing on the radio.  They were cute, but your costume isn’t.  Your puffy, cyan blue Cinderella dress seems to refuse to move with you, and because of that you groan in frustration.  It’s so itchy, and uncomfortable, you just want Halloween to be over with.  

Your aunt, Rebecca, strolls into your bedroom, tiara in hand. “What’s wrong, love? I don’t recall the part in Cinderella where she throws fits.”  She jokes, but it makes you even more upset.  

You cross your arms, trying to get the point across.  “I don’t like this costume.  It doesn’t look good on me.  I wanted to be cop.  Why can’t I be a cop?”  

“Sorry, love, I couldn’t find a police costume.  Next year, I promise.  And nonsense, you look adorable,” She tuts.  “But, if you insist, I think I might have just the solution…”  Your aunt waves the tiara ecstatically.  “I knew your dress was missing something, so I quickly drove to the store to buy you a crown, fit for royalty!”  

You stand still, arms remain folded, as she gently adjusts the tiara into your hair, careful not to poke you anywhere.  “There.  Now, you’re beautiful, princess.” 

You scoff and roll your eyes.  “I was always beautiful.” 

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