i know everyone is jealous

It’s 8:35 in the morning and you said you’re not stalking my blog or maggie’s yet the day we broke up you started saying “WELL YOU’RE 15 AND MAGGIE’S 17 AND THAT’S NOT REALLY GOOD?” what?????? but lmao its whatever.



THEYRE SO CUTE AND SMOL IM SCREAMING the card had smol penguins on it how fitting its so kyoooooooot

and i love those stickers so much omg im sticking them on my laptop after i post this i just wanted to preserve them for the picture

behind them are bird stickers ill put them on my laptop too

Zodiac descriptions based on people I know

Aries: Stubborn. Very independent, glamorous, makes everyone jealous. Kind of reserved when it comes to feelings but values family. Headstrong and kind of stubborn. Simultaneously mature and childish.

Taurus: Reserved. Kind of dopey but in a good way. Enjoys life, pretty lenient up to a point - after that point they will take no shit. Confident and down to earth. Simultaneously aggressive and laid back.

Gemini: Emotional. Very social, especially with strangers, but gets tired of people sometimes. Impulsive, makes rushed choices, changes their mind a lot. Prone to up-and-down emotions. Simultaneously needy and detached.

Cancer: Protective. Very loving and forgiving. The best at making you feel safe and comfortable. Hides emotions from people they aren’t close to. Makes jokes about stuff that’s hard for them in order to get over it. Family oriented. Caring. Simultaneously loving and hot-headed.

Leo: Confident. Fashionable, funny, not a bad bone in their body. Makes close friends and lasting connections, is very good at keeping friendships. Understanding and non judgemental. Becomes annoyed quickly but is accepting anyway. Simultaneously forgiving and short-fused.

Virgo: Selfless. The best at advice, funny and understanding. Won’t usually take sides and is quickly protective of friends. Pretty reserved and finds humour in the little things. Close to family and over-involved but in a good way. Simultaneously level-headed and turbulent.

Libra: Defensive. Chilled out, loving, lighthearted. Quick to take sides and judgemental but overall friendly. Prone to lying. Usually happy but there’s more to them than they let on. Very loyal, easily manipulated, gullible and understanding. Simultaneously two-faced and open.

Scorpio: Fun-Loving. Excitable, gullible and sarcastic. Loves attention but won’t deliberately seek it. Kind of shy with their feelings, but opens up to close friends. Confident and funny, will always be smiling. Protective. Simultaneously arrogant and shy.

Sagittarius: Conflicted. Social butterfly, is very loud and a little bit ditzy. Knows where they stand on most things. Is always joking around but can be serious when they want to be. Calculated, makes impulsive decisions but thinks about them a lot afterwards. Emotional. Simultaneously jokey and serious.

Capricorn: Laid-Back. Confident, especially among friends. Could talk for England. Makes a lot of jokes and lasting connections, good at long-distance friendships. Kind of flighty and struggles to commit. Wings it a lot. Simultaneously careless and precise.

Aquarius: Adaptable. Very lovable, has at least 2 different circles of friends. Good at cheering people up, hard to hate. Needs to connect more emotionally, tends to be reserved when it comes to personal stuff. Good at maintaining relationships, rarely argues. Simultaneously goofy and mature.

Pisces: Ambitious. Has huge dreams but is hesitant to chase them. Under-appreciates themselves, loyal, good to talk to. Is the kind of person that you call/calls you at midnight just to talk about life. Finds it hard to focus, thinks deeply, is good at relationships. Tends to have a bit of a short fuse but is very forgiving. Simultaneously down-to-earth and dopey.

Request: Jealous Juice

Request: Juice imagine when he gets possessive when he thinks his old lady’s clothes are too revealing. 

Good evening everyone,

Oh jealous Juice! 😍

I don’t know what is revealing for you guys, so I left this for your imagination, didn’t describe her outfit too much…I hope it works for you.

Enjoy! Love you all!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut (Should I add “jealous Juice” as a warning too? I think I should…LOL)

Summer time in California. That asked for some new clothes, so you called your best friend and spent an afternoon shopping. You came home carrying a few bags with shorts, crop tops and skirts. You were trying one of the shorts with an amazing black crop top when your old man, Juice, arrived.

“Baby!”, he called out. You smiled and rushed downstairs to meet him. He smiled when he saw you, but then it disappeared from his face when he saw your clothes.

“Juice? What is wrong?”, you asked, noticing his wide eyes and mouth ajar. You walked towards him, resting your hand against his cheek.

“What is that?”, he asked, now narrowing his eyes.

“Oh I bought it today”, you said, looking down at your clothes and spinning around. “Summer is already here and it’s hot! I needed some new clothes”

“Summer?”, he asked crossing his arms. He was looking you up and down. “Where do you think you are going wearing this?”

“I don’t know”, you shrugged and laughed. “Clubhouse?”

“No way!”, he said, his jaw clenching. “You are not going to the clubhouse wearing this…Too revealing, too much skin exposed, your legs…”

“Juice, are you jealous?”, you smiled, sliding your arms around his waist.

“Yes”, he said, still frowning.

“Oh baby, you know I’m yours!”, you stood on your tiptoes to kiss him. He didn’t kissed you back. You looked at him and pouted. “Juice…”

“I don’t care”, he said, arms still crossed. “I don’t want you wearing this, every guy will look at you”

“You should be proud of me, show me off…You know what? Too bad you don’t like it”, you said, losing your patience and walking away. “I’m wearing this…at the clubhouse…in the next party”

“Really?”, you heard his angry voice behind you, but before you could say something he was carrying you in his arms.

“Juice!”, you squealed. “Put me down!”

“I’ll show you bad”, he mumbled, walking upstairs. He roughly laid you down on the bed and left you just time enough to take off his kutte and boots. You watched him, surprised with this rough side of him.

Juice hovered over you and smashed his lips against yours in a rough and possessive kiss. His grip around your waist was strong, certainly leaving marks while his tongue forced its way inside your mouth. He sucked your low lip until it hurts, biting it.

He kissed your neck and collarbone, sucking your skin, leaving red marks. He was making sure you know to whom you belong with and kissed all the way down to your cleavage, letting his tongue lick your skin. He grabbed the crop top ripped it from your body, revealing your bra for just a second before he ripped it too.

“That was new!”, you whined. “The top and the bra”

“I will buy you a new one”, he said licking your nipple. “I meant the bra, not the top”

He laughed and took one breast in his mouth, sucking it, being merciless and not caring about the marks you would carry in the next day. He grazed his teeth over a nipple before continue trailing kisses down your body. You closed your eyes, enjoying his touch. Juice dragged your new shorts and panties down your legs, spreading them and smirking as he looked at you. He slowly ran his hands up and down your legs.

“I love your legs”, he said. “They are mine, I don’t want any guy looking and imagining being between them”

He kissed your legs, from your toes to your tights, giving little bites too. You squirmed under his touch, not able to look away. He was sexy as hell, the lust in his eyes like never before. Juice laid between your legs, holding your thighs in his hands. He kissed them before lick through your folds, making you hiss in anticipation.

He sucked your clit, not being gentle, leaving it sensitive as he slid his fingers inside you. “Oh God”, you mumbled, your hands holding the sheets. He pressed his fingers in the right spot, making you scream his name, but before you could feel the orgasm he sat on bed, licking his fingers with a mischievous look on his face.

“Juice…”, you said breathless.

“You are not going to wear those clothes”, he said, looking at you, serious. “Understood?”

“I don’t see the problem in…”, you started. In seconds he was close to your face, his lips inches from yours. He ran his fingers through your folds.

“Understood?”, he repeated the question, rubbing your clit.

“Yes”, you whined.

“Great”, he smiled and was inside you with one single, deep, hard thrust.

“Juice!”, you screamed his name, stroking his arms. He smiled and pulled back, slowly this time, just to thrust again. “Fuck!”

“Yeah baby”, he held one of your thighs, opening your legs more for him. “You are mine, only mine”

“Yes baby, only yours”, you pulled him to another kiss, moaning against his lips as he settled a merciless pace, pounding inside you. The headboard was hitting against the wall and you were sure all the neighbors could hear it. “Juice!”

You were close, feeling your walls tightening around him. Juice was feeling that too, he held you tight and turned around on bed, letting you on top of him. You tangled your fingers with his and rocked your hips, your legs already trembling.

“Come on baby”, he said. “Cum to me!”

“Oh God!”, you whispered, letting your head fall back. Juice held your hips, keeping your pace before he came too, his cum filling you and he said your name.

You laid on the top of him, tired and he kissed the top of your head, giving you both the time to breath again.

“Did I made myself clear?”, he laughed minutes after.

“Oh Jesus!”, you laughed and playfully slapped his abdomen. “Yes, you did. I’m not wearing those clothes…Around the clubhouse”

“Oh you stubborn woman!”, he laughed, rolling on the top of you and kissing your once more.

Do you ever feel jealous of people you know?

I think everyone does at some point or another, so try this next time you feel spiteful or jealous: 

       So, say your friend has something(s) in their life that they gained seemingly easily, and they are in no way flaunting this fact, they’re just doing their thing. Maybe it’s a job they got through a friend, maybe they are financially stable, maybe they can eat anything they want and not gain weight, or maybe they found their significant other early on in life. And here you are, without these things. 

Maybe you’re the one who can’t go out to eat with them, because you can’t afford it. Maybe you have to choose which bill you won’t pay this month. Maybe you’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, and never got a reply. Maybe you’re metabolism sucks, and you constantly struggling to feel comfortable in your own body. Maybe you’ve been on dates, and oh my god they were so awful you never want to try again, but you’re so lonely, and seeing them happy together hurts you somewhere inside. 

Maybe you’re life is a struggle, and it’s hard, and it hurts. 

But you don’t want that for your friend, do you? You don’t want them to know what it feels like to not eat for a few days because you’re holding out for that next paycheck. You don’t want them to know how frightening it is to get an eviction notice, or even get a cut off notice for electricity or internet. You don’t want them to be alone, or uncomfortable, or unwell, or unhappy. 

Remember that, okay? 

Remember that as much as you wish that you could have these things, and as much as you envy the ease in which they apparently gained this thing you have been struggling for, that for all this, you wouldn’t wish a hard life on them for all the world. 

i had a dream that bucky went to my high school and he was kicked out of the national honor society because they were like “well we can’t prove he didn’t mean to kill all those people” and i was like :O i know he didn’t!!!!!!!!! and he’s like it’s fine :( and i’m like it’s not fine!!!! now all the other honor societies are gonna do the same thing?? this is outrageous!!! #teambucky!! so all these people got on our side and it was beautiful. i don’t remember how it ended but he had a braid in his hair like thor does and that’s really all that matters


You: “Everyone says I’m a screw up! I do nothing but make things worse! And they’re right! All I do is fuck up!” Stiles: “You know what I think? I think everyone is just jealous, because you get things done! You’ve saved lives! The pack agrees with me! You’re a hero, y/n. No matter what anyone says. Me, Scott, Lydia, Liam, Derek, Kira, Malia, we all see you as a freaking goddess! We all want to be like you. Brave, strong, smart, and….. beautiful.”



“Thank you”, Baz whispers in my ear. We’re curled up in my bed, the room dimly lit by a single lamp. Baz’s fancy suit and tie are lying on the floor, courtesy of me. I think mine’s lying around here somewhere too. It’s half past midnight and I’m exhausted. We danced the night away and basked in the joyous atmosphere of our graduating class, and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages. “For what?” I ask.


Simon came to the ball despite his trauma and everything. He said it was because he wanted to dance with me and make everyone jealous, but I know he also wanted to taste Pritchard’s sandwiches one last time. I smile, even though he can’t see it. “For coming to the ball. And for letting me stay with you”, I reply. We left the ball early and went back to Simon and Penny’s flat. To be honest, I wanted to touch him and feel him and love him as soon as we got through the door. But he was tired and he just wanted to cuddle.


Baz kissed me hard when we got back to my room. It was passionate and fiery but I was so tired. I told him I just wanted to lie together. He listened. So I whispered on and on about how much he meant to me and how much I enjoyed the ball. He only smiled and hugged me closer. I turn around to face him. “You know you’re welcome anytime. I should be thanking you, anyways.” I glimpse a faint smile on his lips in the hazy light. He moves so his head’s on my chest and we’re breathing in sync. We’ve been lying together for hours now, but it never gets old.


I really do love him. How I got lucky enough to be cuddled here with him, I don’t know, but goddamn. I won’t question it.

(thanks @watfordleaversball for hosting this lil event)