i know everyone is jealous

Zodiac descriptions based on people I know

Aries: Stubborn. Very independent, glamorous, makes everyone jealous. Kind of reserved when it comes to feelings but values family. Headstrong and kind of stubborn. Simultaneously mature and childish.

Taurus: Reserved. Kind of dopey but in a good way. Enjoys life, pretty lenient up to a point - after that point they will take no shit. Confident and down to earth. Simultaneously aggressive and laid back.

Gemini: Emotional. Very social, especially with strangers, but gets tired of people sometimes. Impulsive, makes rushed choices, changes their mind a lot. Prone to up-and-down emotions. Simultaneously needy and detached.

Cancer: Protective. Very loving and forgiving. The best at making you feel safe and comfortable. Hides emotions from people they aren’t close to. Makes jokes about stuff that’s hard for them in order to get over it. Family oriented. Caring. Simultaneously loving and hot-headed.

Leo: Confident. Fashionable, funny, not a bad bone in their body. Makes close friends and lasting connections, is very good at keeping friendships. Understanding and non judgemental. Becomes annoyed quickly but is accepting anyway. Simultaneously forgiving and short-fused.

Virgo: Selfless. The best at advice, funny and understanding. Won’t usually take sides and is quickly protective of friends. Pretty reserved and finds humour in the little things. Close to family and over-involved but in a good way. Simultaneously level-headed and turbulent.

Libra: Defensive. Chilled out, loving, lighthearted. Quick to take sides and judgemental but overall friendly. Prone to lying. Usually happy but there’s more to them than they let on. Very loyal, easily manipulated, gullible and understanding. Simultaneously two-faced and open.

Scorpio: Fun-Loving. Excitable, gullible and sarcastic. Loves attention but won’t deliberately seek it. Kind of shy with their feelings, but opens up to close friends. Confident and funny, will always be smiling. Protective. Simultaneously arrogant and shy.

Sagittarius: Conflicted. Social butterfly, is very loud and a little bit ditzy. Knows where they stand on most things. Is always joking around but can be serious when they want to be. Calculated, makes impulsive decisions but thinks about them a lot afterwards. Emotional. Simultaneously jokey and serious.

Capricorn: Laid-Back. Confident, especially among friends. Could talk for England. Makes a lot of jokes and lasting connections, good at long-distance friendships. Kind of flighty and struggles to commit. Wings it a lot. Simultaneously careless and precise.

Aquarius: Adaptable. Very lovable, has at least 2 different circles of friends. Good at cheering people up, hard to hate. Needs to connect more emotionally, tends to be reserved when it comes to personal stuff. Good at maintaining relationships, rarely argues. Simultaneously goofy and mature.

Pisces: Ambitious. Has huge dreams but is hesitant to chase them. Under-appreciates themselves, loyal, good to talk to. Is the kind of person that you call/calls you at midnight just to talk about life. Finds it hard to focus, thinks deeply, is good at relationships. Tends to have a bit of a short fuse but is very forgiving. Simultaneously down-to-earth and dopey.

Monsta X: when they're jealous

Shownu:  so when he’s jealous, he’d try and take it out on something else. Like don’t be surprised if you found his knuckles bruised the next time you see him, bc he would never confront you and tell you that he’s jealous. If he’s witnessing something that’s making him itch to punch a wall, he’d just pull you closer to him and go into ‘alpha bear’ mode, snarling at whoever dares to look at you the wrong way.

Wonho:  lmao you’d be able to tell with this fool, he’d make it so obvious. He’d keep his head down and try to get your attention with his whining if you’re not paying attention to him, but it’s a totally different story when you’re out and someone is ticking him off- esp if it’s a close friend of yours that’s touching you too often. He’d assert himself between you and them, and smile when you playfully smack his arm bc he’s so childish.

Minhyuk:  he takes childish to another level when he’s jealous. Won’t try to act all manly and impress you with his wall punching skills like some of them, but he’d cling on to you and kiss you like his life depends on it. After he whines, he’d just decide he’s had enough of it and kiss you hella hard, not caring where you are and who sees.

Kihyun:  oooh, I wouldn’t wanna make him jealous….he gets really scary. Unlike his usual cheery self, he’d get all quiet and give a death glare- whether it’s pointed at you or the other person, it still gives you chills how quickly his mood soured. He’d ask you to leave right away, not really waiting for a response as he pulls you into his chest, and glaring once again at every direction, so everyone knows you’re his.

Hyungwon:  I don’t really see him as being the jealous type tbh, he’d let you do your own thing and only make himself known when he needs to. If someone said or did something to that’d make him jealous, he won’t hesitate to call them out, being the blunt person he is. He’d put the situation to rest pretty quickly, esp if they made you uncomfortable, and he’d get into a fight if he has to yikes.

Jooheon:  he might laugh it off or he might take off his shirt in .002 seconds, asking for someone to take a swing. Either way, he’d be pretty loud about it. Like he would never have someone disrespect you in any way, so he’d step in and protect your dignity. If you’re just simply not giving him any love, then he’d have no problem pulling you away from work and have your lips focused on his.

I.M:  okay so he’s kinda difficult to place, so it would all depend on the situation and the mood he’s in. He’s more than happy to let you handle yourself bc he knows you’re more than capable of it, but it would make him angry if someone crosses the line with their affection, esp if he’s right there. After quietly leaving the situation, he’d sulk for a little while, and would continue to do so until you console him with some kisses.

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Alright tumblr friends, I’m moving to Florida in July and I am taking a few days to road trip down there with my family! If anyone would like to maybe meet up for an hour as I’m driving through, feel free to message me! Our schedule looks like this:

Monday, July 10
-Drive from Omaha, NE to St. Louis, MO

Tuesday, July 11
-See St. Louis Arch then drive to Georgetown, KY

Wednesday, July 12
-Spend the day at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY

Thursday, July 13
-Drive to Gatlinburg, TN and visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Friday, July 14
-Drive to final destination, Bradenton, FL


 @nervousmemzie said: “Jughead promposal to homecoming?”

A/N: If Jughead doesn’t do cute things in a dorky way then I don’t know what to expect. Also sorry if this is short, I’m writing this at like 3am.

“Do I look okay Betty? Is it too much?” Jughead asks the blonde.

“Juggie, I think you look very handsome.” Betty confirms, trying to calm Jughead’s nerves.

“What if they say no? Or already have a date?” 

“I know for a fact they do not have a date and would be excited to have you ask them.” Betty smiles at him. 

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So yeah. I hate how I draw.

I mean, I can draw (a certain way), but I feel I’m artistically… empty. I’m so jealous of some people who have amazing amazing amazing artstyles (I was about to tag a few, but I won’t, because it would be quite awkward for them and I don’t want to be more of an attention whore that I’m already am right now). I HATE being jealous, but it’s in my nature. I know everyone worked super hard to get to the drawing level they are at, but yet, I can’t shake that feeling of unfairness. I worked hard too, why am I not as good as them?

I have always been drawing, practicing. Some friends even tell me I draw quite a lot. Even my work is related to drawing sometimes (I draw and animate simple things for corporative videos and stuff). I try to improve, etc. But AS SOON as I try new things, I suck at it. It’s normal, I know, but even if I keep trying and testing and finding new ways, I’m not happy about what I’m doing and I kinda want to throw myself by the window. So maybe my personality is the problem, maybe I’m just not a person fit to be patient and tolerant of mistakes and all the jazz. I know I’m super perfectionist (and not in the cool “oh yeah, my biggest flaw is being perfectionist eh eh”, more in the “if I don’t like it, I destroy it and go cry myself to sleep” way).

I try to learn technique in traditional ways (tutorial, observation, etc), but my brain freezes. Like everything in life, I learned drawing by winging it. Random traits, not correcting mistakes, adding a lot of effects over a boring drawing to hide the base of it, etc. So I know I won’t be able to improve like most of the amazing artists around me are. I never been to an art school, and I think that’s why.

*insert long sigh here*

My problems are laughable. But I feel bad because of that, so I needed to vent it out, and this is what it is. Sorry for barfing everything on internet, but at least it gives me the illusion of talking about it to someone, ahah.

I may be drawing tomorrow, while being in a good mood, who knows. But I know this damn feeling will come back, yet again. I’m like that since I’m a child, it’s not going to chant.


Requested by Anon #308

Skye: Well this mission is definitely different from the ones I normally do.
Y/N: What? Never had a hot partner on a mission?
Skye: *laughs* Yeah that’s it. You’re too hot for me Y/N.
Y/N: I knew it everyone feels this way, it’s a gift and a curse.
Skye: What do you mean by everyone?
Y/N: Aw is my girlfriend getting jealous?
Skye: Oh yes. My heart would break if my girlfriend was cheating on me! *laughs*
Y/N: I knew it you love me.
Skye: What? No…as if.
Y/N: Real convincing Skye.
Skye: I’m just curious.
Y/N: Okay then. I haven’t been with a lot of people. Most of my girlfriends were no the type I usually go for nowadays.
Skye: Girlfriends?
Y/N: Yes, girlfriends. Why?
Skye: No reason, what is your type anyway?
Y/N: You.
Skye: What?
Y/N: I never really knew how to tell you. The first time I saw you I instantly liked you and the more we trained together the more that like turned into love.
Skye: What? Why wouldn’t you tell me that?
Y/N: I got nervous. I heard about you and Ward and…
Skye: There is nothing between us. I like yo…
Y/N: Who?
Skye: I tried so hard not to fangirl while first meeting you and when you walked in I couldn’t breathe. You were more beautiful in person. I liked you too.
Y/N: Seriously?
Skye: Yeah. I just never had the courage to tell you.
Y/N: Well one positive thing came out of this mission.
Skye: What’s that?
Y/N: Us. Come on we got to report back to Coulson. *grabs your bags*
Skye: Right. We can discus us later.
Y/N: Hey Skye?
Skye: Yeah?
Y/N: I love you.
Skye: I love you too. *kisses you*
Y/N: There is definitely an us now.
Skye: Good. Now everyone can know you’re off limits.
Y/N: *laughs* I knew you were jealous!
Skye: Shut up…

Short Fuse

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Growing up, your height never bothered you.

You were constantly around short people. Your great-grandmother, your grandmother, and your mother were all well below average height. Your best friend was average height, at best. Short simply surrounded you to the point that it felt normal.

Being around the AOMG crew wasn’t too terribly different. Most of them were average height for men, Kiseok and Sunghwa being a little taller (but Jay made you feel a little better about that, being on the shorter side himself). But the models that they worked with? That was a different story.

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Family Reunion

Artist/Person : Lee GwangMin

Group/Crew : Yelows Mob

Genre : Angst/Smut

Word Count : 1431

Requested:  Can you please do a scenario with Gwangmin? where you are dating and you decides to take him to a family reunion but when you get there your cousin, that you don’t get along with very much starts to flirt with him. You get mad and you call her off💕❤

A/N: I’m sorry that it took so long, but I hope that you enjoy~

The car was silent, besides the soft hum of the radio in the background. We were on your way to your parents house for the annual family reunion. Only my parents and younger sister had met Gwangmin, and we both were anxious about the rest of the family’s reactions. “Baby, you feeling okay?” I asked, looking over as we stopped at a red light. His hands were gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were turning white. “Yeah…just a bit nervous.” I took one of his hands, holding it in my lap, as I leaned over and pecked his cheek. “Don’t worry, baby. I think they’ll love you. At least most of them.” “Most of them? Why not all?” He glanced at her, eyebrows furrowed as he started driving again. “Well, some of the older ones aren’t too fond of integrating, and mixing. Like my maternal grandparents, especially since you’re not perfect with your english.” I felt him tense up, which made me feel a bit guilty for telling him that. “Don’t worry, though. I won’t let what they say affect our time there.“ 

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THEYRE SO CUTE AND SMOL IM SCREAMING the card had smol penguins on it how fitting its so kyoooooooot

and i love those stickers so much omg im sticking them on my laptop after i post this i just wanted to preserve them for the picture

behind them are bird stickers ill put them on my laptop too

Kagehina Fic Rec List!!!

Hey guys! Bobbie here, also anonymouschupacabra on AO3. I’ve gotten a lot requests for kagehina fanfic recommendations so I’ve decided to make a masterlist of my favorite fics (all completed fics) that I’ve read (and I have read a lot.) these just go in order of longest to shortest, not in order of how much i like them because let’s be honest, if they are here i love them all.

Being Seventeen Sucks (Words: 125,028) This fic was so good and very angsty (which I love). It’s a third year fic and there’s a lot of “oh fuck I think I’m gay for my best friend???” and angsty drama between them. And it has Kageyama and Tsukki as friends which is my weakness. But I’m not joking about the angst. It’s really really good, but angsty.

I like the way your clothes smell: (Words: 74,953) Ok obviously this fic had to be here, I mean it’s like THE kagehina fic that everyone has to read. I feel like I don’t even need to give a bit of description because I think everyone knows about it and if you don’t then OMG READ IT RIGHT NOW IT’S AWESOME there’s a reason that it’s super well known.

The Kids Aren’t Alright:  (Words: 69,496) lmao i’m just putting this here cause i’m annoying ( it is mad good though) 

Thaw: (Words: 40,149) I really like this one. It’s a college AU which I love (obviously) It’s another one where Kageyama is like “oh my god am I gayyyy???? for hinata??? a boy??? gay????” and gosh darn it if I don’t just love those. the cliche I know, but the cliche for a reason

change in pressure: (Words: 36,516) this is a really good trans!Hinata fic and I just love it. I love trans!Hinata in general and this is in combination with empath!Kageyama. also pretty angsty, not as much as other fics but really good

Lay us Down: (Words: 32,538) Ok i’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this fic here before and that’s because its SO AMAZING. honestly i read this fic all in one sitting, like I woke up, had some time before I needed to get out of bed, downloaded it all and read the whole fucking thing in one shot on the train. I was fucking crying on the train, weeping like a baby at the end but it hurt so good. it’s inspired by the movie Seeking A Friend For The End of The World but only share some similarities with the movie. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do, but I really do. I think this is the Kagehina fic I’ve recommended the most. But be ready to fucking cry.

Saffron and Cayenne Pepper: (Words: 30,772) I really like this fic. Something about a sexy chef Kageyama teaching Hinata how to cook is so appealing to me. and they’re neighbors (which obviously I love). It’s just sweet and cute, but they fight so it’s very in character for the both of them. 

where the night goes: (Words: 20,821) this is another fic (by an incredible writer who I am so jealous of their talent) that everyone either knows or should know about. It’s a future fic that takes place where they are both 24 and they haven’t seen each other since they’ve graduated high school. and it’s a m a z i n g. seriously it’s so good, this is another fic that I read in one go because I couldn’t put it down. please read it, it’s so beautifully written it made me want to never write again out of shame and jealousy. 

Not Alone : (Words:13,093) I love this fic, for so many reasons. I love future fics. I love drunk confessions. I love hopelessly in love Kageyama. I love them vowing to work out a long distance relationship. but probably most importantly I love kageyama covered in tattoos (another obvious thing). this fic is short and I needed like 100k more words, but it’s perfect and i love it so much.

ok so that’s my Kagehina Fic Rec list…for now. I know that it seems short and that’s only because I only read completed fics. so although i know there are amazing fics that aren’t on this list, that’s because they are either incomplete or in the process of being completed. this list can be updated as more fics are completed but for now, this are my kagehina fic recs. 


Tagged by @julla who is probably singlehandedly responsible for me being kinda into gtop, like, aesthetically at least 😂

A - age: 33 

B - biggest fear: failure in general

C - current time: 12:40pm

D - drink you last had: coffee

E - every day starts with: clearing phone notifications

F - favourite song: current fave is  “Gameshow” by Two Door Cinema Club

G - ghosts, are they real?: IRL is too boring for ghosts to be real

H - home town: US civil war enthusiasts love it

I - in love with:

Originally posted by selva3bd

I am the cookie fuck close your legs before i die from nosebleeding 💦💦

J - jealous of: everyone who knows what they wanna be when they grow up

K - killed someone: i hit a mourning dove with my car once worst day ever my dad’s favorite bird i’m sorry dad

L - last time you cried: today. i’m a fucking wreck rn

M - middle name: means “waterfall” i’m so majestic

N - number of siblings: 3

O - one wish: benevolent aliens

P - person you last called/texted: health insurance rep 😑

Q - question you’re always asked: is that a pager

R - reason to smile: i’m not allergic to peanuts

S - song last sang: “Number 1″ - If you don’t sing along to T.O.P’s lines in this song, you’re LYING yes you do!  Also Taeyang’s parts are so fun. And Daesung’s. Actually this song is a masterpiece and their musical peak IMO. I’m jk, but watch the MV and scream over gtop’s glasses with me and how barely-legal Seungri is trying to give you sex face omg who do you think you are…!

T - time you woke up: 5:12am but I went back to sleep and woke up at 7 hating everything

U - underwear colour: 🌸

V - vacation destination: I wanna go back to Japan *soft ramen tears*

W - worst habit: negative self-talk

X - x rays you’ve had: teeth

Y - your favourite foods: pb, milk, ~~Asian~~, ~~Italian~~, US southern artery clogging stuff (buttermilk biscuits), those gummy spearmint leaves

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[ jealous ]

joshua isn’t one to get jealous but today things might be different;)

It was a late rainy night and you were curled up comfortably next to your boyfriend, Joshua. Just outside the window were spitting raindrops splashing down from the dark sky. The sound of rain against the glass was quite relaxing but not enough for you to fall asleep. You were waiting for a phone call from work to call you in on a night shift. Recently you had gotten a job at the hospital and though it wasn’t your dream it was alright for now. It was your first time doing a night shift but the only thing you would be doing was working at the entry desk. Shifting your cheek on Joshua’s chest you groaned slightly, annoyed that you couldn’t even catch a wink of sleep.

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For @mrsrafaelbarba


I’m sorry for writing to you late. I know I promised to send you a post card when I had the time and it seems that there hasn’t been much time. Conferences are like that I suppose. No matter where in the world you go conferences are always the same, keeping you cooped up inside and listening to everyone drone on.

I really don’t know why you’re jealous. Ok. It is Jamaica, that I understand. But I’m stuck at the hotel in meeting rooms most of the day and then the rest is spent back in my hotel room working on a presentation. Be jealous of the tourists who have time to explore but don’t be jealous of the man who’s here for a conference.

You should know that I’ve been thinking of coming back here. I haven’t even left yet but I am. Only a few more days and then I’ll be back home with you. The idea of returning to Jamaica is tempting me but only if you come with me. A real vacation. Which yes, is surprising coming from me, I know you’re probably laughing at the thought. Although if you decide that you’d like to go somewhere other than Jamaica I’ll take note of it. Anywhere with you shall be perfect.

When we last spoke you said that you missed me and know that I miss you too. I can’t wait to be finished listening to lawyers trying to outdo one another with talk of cases. But I’ll be seeing you soon. I love you.


Jamie Benn Imagine - Third Floor (requested)


“I’m so fucking sick of sitting in these bars every night,” Jamie told me. “I just want a girlfriend, but I can’t get a girl to stick around for me than a night. Which is weird, right? Because aren’t girls usually the ones who want to be in the relationships and avoid the one night stands?” He continued, sipping from his beer as we sat at the bar.

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caped-ace  asked:

2, 7 of the risky ones, and 1 of the REALLY risky ones~♥

2. Screenshot the tabs you have open

7. Tell an embarrassing memory or story

I saw a 5-second vine of Obama doing the ‘whip’ dance thing and started sobbing, actual tears streaming down my face, for half an hour

1.  If you had to hug anyone who would you hug

Chris Hemsworth, because his tiddies would have to press up against me and everyone I know would be jealous and also first hand experience is the best way to do story research for a more accurate tiddie description, which is the goal I strive towards at all times 👌🍼


omg my beta just told me about a dream she had the night before her presentation where she was doing so badly that the audience turned into dinosaurs and tried to eat her and she had to still try to give her presentation while trying to avoid being eaten

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like, what even is dreaming????!?!?! I never remember dreaming, I’m half convinced I don’t dream except I know that everyone dreams, it’s a biological fact.


Harry Styles Pregnant Girlfriend Imagine

[Damn this is cute. I could so see Harry being this loving and affectionate with his pregnant girlfriend.]

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